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304-209-2717 I am a passionate educator that works hard to see student
achievement, while consistently finding many ways to work effectively with my team and maintain open communication. I
can rise to meet any challenge, and feel that I have the grit and
655 East Cobblestone Dr. willingness for hard work that reaps success. Though I have
Midvale, UT 84047 only taught two years, I feel that my passion for my own success
is evident in my want to continually learn and set higher goals. I
EDUCATION would be an asset to this school because of my strong inter-
Bachelors of Science 2015 personal skills, my willingness to learn, and my bright, motivated
University of Utah personality.

Associate of Science 2013
Salt Lake Community College M. Lynn Bennion Elementary 2015-Present
Certified Teacher, 2 Grade

TECHNICAL SKILLS • Sought out ways to support the school and its many needs
through committees, technical skills, personal learning and
 Smart Board development, and creating an aesthetically pleasing
 IOS & Microsoft platforms educational atmosphere.
& software • Collaborated grade-level teacher, as well as many support
 WEEBLY & most online staff including coaches and special education teacher to meet
platforms specific student needs.
• Conducted studies of data and pinpointed standards that
needed reteach or reinforcement, created quizzes and/or exit
tickets to gauge student growth and understanding.
 ESL endorsement
• Documented weekly progress monitoring for all students
 Strong inter-personal
using DIBELS and math fact fluency timed tests.
• Maintained small group instruction almost daily, focusing on
 AVID trained
specific student needs in both reading and math.
 Effective parent • Taught LEAD tutoring after school twice weekly to qualifying
communication 2nd grade students for the last 2 years.
 Creating an array of digital
items for educational Orchard Elementary 2014-2015
supports Student Teacher, 1 Grade

• Taught a class of 25 diverse students, including ESL, ADHD,
COMMITTEE EXPERIENCE and special needs.
• Focused small groups and curriculum based on student’s
 Student Services assessed DIBELS scores.
Council • Helped to create and plan a grade-wide literacy rotation for
 School Improvement focus on each level of student literacy needs.
Plan • Assisted in creating a school-wide social studies project that
 AVID focused on poverty and donations for the Magna Food Bank.
 Character Education • Managed student behavior through the use of class rules and
Representative reward system, differentiated at times for specific student