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Alexander Belozor
Alexander Belozor was born on January 8, 1963 and lives i n

Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. He studied graphic arts Alexander chooses to paint under water for a variety of reasons.
First of all, he says the effects that light creates under water are
in Odessa, Ukraine’s third largest city, and he is famous very interesting to paint. Light travels through water in a
for his unusual art. While most artists work in a studio, different way than when it travels through air and so creates
Alexander prefers working at the bottom of the sea and unusual effects. Secondly, Alexander hopes that his art will show
has become well-known for his amazing paintings which people the beauty of our seas and oceans, which are landscapes
he creates while under water. that most of us have never seen. Finally, Alexander wants to
Alexander often paints in the Black Sea, but he has painted educate people about the need to protect our seas and oceans.
and taken part in many art exhibitions around the world. Through his painting under water, Alexander has seen the
Depending on where he is painting, he dives up to 30 effects of pollution on these natural environments and has made
metres under the sea to paint his pictures; any more than it his aim to inform people of this issue.
30 metres under the sea is too dangerous with the kind of
2 Read the biography again. What five pieces of information
equipment Alexander uses. Painting under water is a race are mentioned?
against the clock as Alexander only has about 40 minutes
his date of birth
painting time before the oxygen in his diving equipment
his education
runs out.
his family life
Time is not the only thing that makes this kind of painting the places he paints
challenging. The colours of the paints change as you go his past jobs
deeper under water and can look totally different once you his colleagues
return to land. Red, for example, turns brown or even
his achievements
black at 30 metres depth. Another problem is the sea water
his reasons for painting
mixing with the paints. To solve this problem, Alexander
covers the canvases he paints on with a waterproof coating
before he dives under water so the paint is not washed 3 Are the sentences true or false?
away by the water. 1 Alexander lives and studied in Kiev, Ukraine. TRUE/FALSE
Alexander has created more than 75 underwater paintings 2 It is not safe for Alexander to dive deeper than 30 metres
and has won many prizes. He holds the Guinness World to paint. TRUE/FALSE
Record for the biggest underwater painting which he 3 Alexander can paint under water for an hour at a time.
created in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt in 2010. The TRUE/FALSE
painting was of a fish in the ocean and measured 80cm x 4 Black paint can look like it is red in deep water.
5 The paint Alexander uses is sometimes washed away by
the sea. TRUE/FALSE
1 Read the biography quickly. What does Alexander do? 6 Alexander has painted the largest underwater painting in
A He is a photographer. the world. TRUE/FALSE
7 Alexander says the way light travels through air creates
B He is an underwater artist.
unusual effects. TRUE/FALSE
C He is a deep sea diving 8 Alexander’s goal is to help protect the environment
teacher. through his art. TRUE/FALSE