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Confusion follows after
the reorganisation of

Telangana Today
With authorities
turning a blind eye, the
park has lost its glory P9

As part of Mahaparivarthan programme, prisoners of Karimnagar jail to America
will work at a petrol bunk established by the authorities This assistant professor shares his
journey of struggles and success

ADILABAD happy life to his father 10 years
ago from being a mason after Es-
While a few youngsters get dis- tari was posted as an assistant
heartened by unpleasant solu- professor of KU in 2005.Signifi-
tions, this young lad from cantly, the 39-year-old assistant
Adilabad has fought hard against professor earned post-doctoral
poverty by excelling in academ- fellowship from the University of
ics. Dr Estari Mamidala is work- West Georgia in Atlanta in the
ing as an assistant professor at US through CV Raman fellow-
Metabolic Disorders and Infec- ship provided by University
tious Diseases Research Lab, Grants Commission (UGC). He
which is a part of Department of had schooled and graduated from
Zoology, Kakatiya University a government degree college of
(KU), Warangal. His passion for the town before pursuing post-
studies fetched him international graduation and doctor of philos-
recognition and many awards. ophy in KU.
Estari was always keen on in- Estari bagged awards and fel-
venting something new. His fa- lowships from national and inter-
ther was a mason who struggled national organisations for his
hard to fulfil the needs of the contributions to the field. He has
family and that was what made recently been selected for the
Estari a focus on his academics. prestigious Canada-US Research
He always wanted to extend fi- Academy. He will work along
nancial support to his family and with the scientists of other coun-
so, he didn’t allow his father to tries for a month in a year for
KARIMNAGAR centres apart from the petrol bunk the authorities will be brining 20 take up any construction work three continuous years with the
are being taken up by the depart- more prisoners from Warangal after securing a government job.  help of this title.

risoners of Karimnagar jail ment. While there are a few petrol jail.  “My parents used to be en- He was conferred as American
are all set to run a petrol bunk bunks running by the prisoners in The inmates will be given Rs gaged in construction works to Radiolabelled Young Scientist
right in front of the prison cities like Hyderabad, Warangal, 3,000 as salary every month. make a living. They were some- Award from ASIOA at Boston,
soon. Works are under progress Mahabubnagar and others, the offi- Though the authorities are ex- times unable to generate income USA in 2015.  He was awarded
and the petrol bunk is expected to icials are still counting on for pected to get Rs 95,000 per month in meeting day-to-day expenses. with the Fellow of International
be ready within a month. With a more. According to an agreement towards rent besides commission I even used to draw paintings to Association of Science Impact
vision to bring change in the atti- between Indian Oil Corpo- on sales, they are unable to pay help my father in running the (FIASI).
tude of jailbirds and to make ration Limited and the more salary as according to rules, family,” said Estari. He gifted a — Santosh Padala  
them stay away from com- Department of Pris- prisoners should not be paid more
mitting crimes later, the ons, the oil com- than Rs 100 in a day. Jail Superin-
State Prisoners Depart- THE pany will set up tendent N Shivakumar Goud said
ment is gearing up in INMATES WILL bunks and hand that he is also planning to engage
designing innovative BE GIVEN them over to some of the released prisoners in
concepts under Maha- RS 3,000 AS jails.  the bunk. When asked about the
parivarthan pro- Karimnagar section of inmates, he said that
gramme. SALARY EVERY district jail au- open jail prisoners who have a
As part of this pro- MONTH thorities have good relation with family mem-
gramme, jail authorities provided 1,200 bers would be selected.    
are providing an opportunity square yard land to He informed that they are plan-
for convicts to practice on how to establish a bunk which ning to open five more petrol
lead a normal life. And their inten- was provided to the oil company bunks which includes the reopen
tion is to get them used to it in on 20 years lease. There is a possi- of two closed ones. Negotiations to
order to keep them away from bility to provide employment to 30 reopen closed bunks at Lower
committing crimes later. So, the of- life sentenced prisoners through Manair Dam and another at Ped-
ficials want the prisoners to work this initiative. Only ‘open jail pris- dapalli bypass road in Karimnagar
in a petrol bunk from now. oners’ are eligible to work outside town are ongoing along with the
Establishing small scale indus- the jail and since there are only search for lands.
tries along with a few ayurvedic three such prisoners in district jail, — Raghu Paithari ‘Estari receiving Junior Scientist award.