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So last December I wrote down everything that I had bought that month. A pair of
white boots, for example. They were in the sale and I told myself I'd 'saved' £50 by
buying them at a reduced price. But guess what? I've never worn them – not once!
Next on the list: a cake tin the shape of a heart. OK, I made a pretty cake, but round
cakes are pretty too. Further down the list: a toy for my dog, a lamp, three pairs of
earrings …. I could go on. I still have that list, and when I feel like giving up and going
shopping, it keeps me strong.
And that's why I decided to have a year without buying anything new. I can't say it's
always been easy, but it's certainly been interesting, and I've learned a lot about
myself, and about other people. So, as this experiment comes to an end, I have some
messages for a few of them:
To my dad: Thank you so much for buying me a new laptop for my birthday. Some
people may say that's cheating, but it's the best present I've ever had!
To my friend Rob: Thank you for encouraging me to be creative. You helped me
make a kitchen table out of wood that we found. Now all my friends want one like it!
To my now ex-friend (you know who you are!): Next time someone spends hours
making special biscuits and a beautiful hand-made card for your birthday, don't look

My year with disappointed and say 'I was hoping for a new handbag.'
To my sister: You really don't need to feel guilty about buying all those new clothes

no shopping
this year when you knew I couldn't (well, OK, maybe just a bit guilty!).
So was it worth it? Yes, definitely. I've learned to think a lot more carefully about what
I buy, and that's a good thing.
21 December Did I save money? Well yes, but not as much as I expected because I allowed myself
to buy experiences, just not things, and with all the extra time I had from not going
Well, it’s almost over! For eleven months and ten
shopping, I was able to go to the cinema and the theatre more often than usual.
days, my credit card has stayed in a locked drawer
in my study and I have bought nothing except And what about the environment? One person's efforts don't make much difference,
food, bus tickets, soap, cleaning products and a obviously, but then again, they're better than nothing. Because I couldn't buy petrol,
second-hand bicycle. I've become used to using public transport and cycling, and I don't intend to go back
to driving any time soon.
I can hardly believe it's more than a year now
since I watched a TV programme about how much And would I do it again? Hmm, not sure about that. I must admit that there were
our society wastes and how terrible that is for the times when the whole thing seemed very silly, for example, when I forgot to take my
environment. That programme made me take a sunglasses on holiday and couldn't just go and buy a new pair. I hope that this year
good look at my own life and decide that I needed has taught me what I needed to know, but perhaps I will make that list again each
to change my ways. December, just to make sure.

1 Put the phrases in the correct order to make sentences about the blog. 3 Find words in the blog that match
1 shopping for / a year / Lucy decided / to stop these definitions.
2 think more / her year with no shopping / what she buys / made her / carefully 1 bought from someone who has
about used the thing already
2 a time when a shop sells things
2 Read the blog. Are the sentences true or false? more cheaply than usual
1 Lucy hasn't bought anything this year. TRUE/FALSE 3 something you do to see what
2 She wanted to do something for the environment. TRUE/FALSE happens as a result
3 In the past, she used to buy lots of things she didn't need. TRUE/FALSE 4 good at thinking of ideas for
4 She bought a kitchen table because she really needed one. TRUE/FALSE making things
5 Her friend liked the biscuits she made for her birthday. TRUE/FALSE 5 feeling bad because you have
done something wrong
6 This year she spent more money on going out than she did before. TRUE/FALSE
7 She is looking forward to being able to drive again. TRUE/FALSE
8 Lucy will definitely not have another year with no shopping. TRUE/FALSE

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