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born in Ireland, who get what is known as still working 3-5 days a week at 108.
the 'Centenarian's Bounty' – the sum of They and people like Trudi Fletcher are
2,540 euros! certainly a good advert for a long and
active life.
However, the number of people reaching
this great age is increasing very quickly, So how do they do it?
especially in rich countries, where good
We all know that we should take more
diet and medical care are available. So,
exercise, give up smoking, and eat a
if 100 becomes a normal, average life
healthy diet, but here are some more
length, will we soon start seeing people
unusual tips:
reach 120 or even 150? Life expectancy
• Read a magazine upside down. Many
has increased steadily for the last 165
experts think that giving our brains a
years, so there seems to be no reason
challenge helps to keep them healthy.
why this would not be possible. There
• Have the right parents! The genes that
are currently thought to be around 70
are passed to us from our parents have
'supercentenarians' – people over 110 –
a lot to do with how healthy we are.
in the world, mostly in the US and Japan.
Living to 100
• Tell the truth. Research has shown that
Japan is certainly a good place to live if lying causes stress, which is bad for us.
you want to reach 100. With an average • Keep your teeth clean – amazingly, bad
In 2012, the US town of Tubac held of 84.6, according to a United Nations teeth can lead to heart disease, and
an exhibition of new paintings by the report, the only place with a higher life regular brushing could give you more
artist Trudi Fletcher. This collection expectancy is the tiny Mediterranean state than six extra years!
represented an exciting new direction in of Monaco, where citizens can expect to • Be a woman. Many more women than
her artistic style. Nothing unusual in that, live to 86.5. The US, on the other hand, men live to 100. However, the gap is
you might think. But Fletcher was 100 only makes it to 35th on the list, with an now closing quite fast.
years old at the time. average of 79.8, proving that money can't • Eat something red. Red food such as
necessarily buy you a long life. peppers, beetroot and red grapes are
Living to be 100 is still unusual, and
full of health-giving substances.
something to be celebrated and The question is, even if you could
discussed. In Japan, centenarians buy yourself 100 years on this planet, Most of all, though, researchers have
receive a silver cup and a certificate would you really want to? Can you be found that centenarians generally have
from the prime minister. In the US, it's a over 100 and still have fun? Well, take a positive, optimistic view of life. After all,
letter from the president. But perhaps Marge Jetton, riding an exercise bike if you don't have that, there's really not
the luckiest of all 100-year olds are those and lifting weights at 104, or Irving Kahn, much point in living to be 100!

1 Read the text quickly. What ages are mentioned in the article for these people?
1 Trudi Fletcher 2 Marge Jetton 3 Irving Kahn

2 Read the text again and choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
1 It is common / not common / usual to live to 100.
2 Irish people who live to 100 get silver / money / a card.
3 It is impossible / certain / likely that people will live to 150 in the future.
4 Japan has the highest / second highest / 35th highest life expectancy in the world.
5 Centenarians like Marge Jetton and Irving Kahn show that life can be boring / lonely / enjoyable for very old people.
6 It's good for your brain to be turned upside down / exercised / rested.
7 The health of your parents doesn't have much / has no / has a big effect on your own health.
8 Nowadays, more / fewer / the same number of men are living to 100 than in the past.

3 Match the sentence halves.
1 If something represents a new direction, A we are glad about it and want to do something to make the occasion special.
2 If something is to be celebrated, B the age you will probably live to.
3 If someone lives to a great age, C it is very different from what happened before.
4 Your life expectancy is D they show how good or enjoyable it can be.
5 If someone is a good advert for something, E the difference between two things is becoming smaller.
6 If a gap is closing, F he or she lives for many, many years.

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