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Spanish Literature 10/2016

1. A De Armas; Frederick and Antonio Sánchez-Jiménez. NUEVAS SONORAS AVES: CATORCE ESTUDIOS
SOBRE CALDERÓN DE LA BARCA. Madrid: Iberoamericana, Frankfurt am Main, Vervuert, 2015. 282p., wrps.
new. Paperback. ISBN: 9788484898726.

"Nuevas sonoras aves: catorce estudios sobre Calderón de la Barca" contains 14 studies on poet and playwright
Calderón de la Barca. The scholars analyzing Calderón's texts are from Austria, Spain and the United States,
providing fresh, diverse perspectives on the famous dramatist's work. Edited by Frederick A. de Armas and Antonio
(58123) $39.90

2. Adón, Pilar (Madrid, 1971). LAS EFÍMERAS. Barcelona: Galaxia Gutenberg, 2015. 238p., boards, dust jacket.
new. Hardcover. ISBN: 9788416495283.

"Las efímeras" centers around the lives of Dora and Violet Oliver, two sisters who live isolated lives in a house on the
outskirts of a community. Their lifestyles are defined by self-sufficiency and introspection, until they are approached
by a timid man fleeing a cloudy past. Among insects, soil and vegetation, an idyllic day-to-day life turns into an
oppressive trap. "Las efímeras" explores the themes of domination, dependency and the desire to control close
relationships. Author Adón Pilar also wrote "Las hijas de Sara", "Viajes inocentes" and "El mes mas cruel".
(56001) $40.80

Madrid: Fondo de Cultura Economica, 2016. 322p., bibl., wrps. New. Paperback. ISBN: 9788437507422.

"Fugitivos : Antología de la poesía española contemporánea" is an anthology of contemporary Spanish poetry,
featuring poets such as José Ángel Cilleruelo, Pilar González España, Juan Vicente Piqueras, Carlos Marzal, Aurora
Luque, Vicente Valero, Eduardo Moga, Vicente Gallego, Isabel Bono and more.
(59055) $44.90

4. Aguirre, Guillermo (Bilbao, 1984-). EL CIELO QUE NOS TIENE PROMETIDO. Madrid: Editorial
Demipage, 2015. 264p., wrps. new. Paperback. ISBN: 9788494447204.

"El cielo que nos tiene prometido" is a novel about a man and woman who grew up together in rural Spain in the 50s,
and their attempt to flee from a mysterious pursuer. Together they ride in the back a blue Ford Sierra through the
Monegros desert, back to the farm where they first met. Written by Guillermo Aguirre.
(56304) $39.90


5. Albiac, Gabriel. BLUES DE INVIERNO. Almería: Confluencias, (Hispaniola, 9), 2015. 277p., wrps. new.
Paperback. ISBN: 9788494383083.

"Blues de invierno" tells the story of three characters who roam snow-covered, New York in ephemeral flight of
Madrid during the winter. None of them suspect that they're actually pawns in a mathematical game played by an
intelligence service. They search for alcohol and sex, and above all, they try to forget their lives. But instead, they
come across an unthinkable crime. Written by philosopher and writer Gabriel Albiac.
(56300) $44.80

6. Aldanondo Salaverría, Isabel and Gloria Moreno Botella. DERECHO, CINE Y LIBERTAD RELIGIOSA.
Valencia: Tirant Lo Blanch (Cine y Derecho Temática), 2015. 329p., tables, wrps. New. Paperback. ISBN:

"Derecho, cine y libertad religiosa" is a compilation of essays that analyze film as a mode of expression, specifically
examining topics pertaining to religion, including: religious freedom, discrimination, the relationship between
religion and the military, the tension between religious freedom and the freedom of expression, and the portrayal of
(59352) $54.90

7. Allué, Marta (Tarragona, 1957). PERDER LA PIEL. Barcelona: Editorial Planeta, Seix Barral, 2015. 267p.,
wrps. new. Paperback. ISBN: 9788432225062.

"Perder la piel" is the testimony of author Marta Allué's tragic experience: at the age of thirty-four, she had an
accident that deeply burned over 80 percent of her body, making it difficult to return to normal life. Through this
account, she chronicles her return to consciousness, and the nightmares, hallucinations, physical suffering and
mental vicissitudes she endured during a long journey through various national and foreign hospitals, where she
underwent multiple surgeries and seemingly endless rehabilitation sessions. Although she doesn't gloss over any of
her pain, Allué manages to avoid melodrama and writes with clarity and accuracy, documenting her role as a critical
contributor to her health.
(56659) $34.90

(1890-1914). Sevilla: Editorial Renacimiento, (Colección Iluminaciones, Filología, crítica y ensayo, 103), 2015.
360p., photos, illus., facsimiles, bibl., wrps. new. Hardcover. ISBN: 9788416246878.

"Travesías de la modernidad. Prensa y letras en España (1890-1914)" is a collection of essays on the relationship
between the media and literature in Spain in the early 20th century.
(56692) $48.40

9. Alvar Ezquerra, Antonio (coord.). LA BIBLIA POLÍGLOTA COMPLUTENSE EN SU CONTEXTO. Alcalá
de Henares: Universidad de Alcalá, Servicio de Publicaciones, 2016. 379p., photos, illus., facsimiles, color plates,
wrps. New. Paperback. ISBN: 9788416599691.

"La Biblia Políglota Complutense en su contexto" is a detailed study on the history of the Complutensian Polyglot
Bible, the first printed polyglot version of the entire bible, analyzing the technology that made it possible. Written to
commemorate the 500th year anniversary of its printing.
(59070) $79.90


NARRATIVA DE UNAMUNO. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, (Biblioteca Unamuno, 41), 2015.
154p., bibl., wrps. new. Paperback. ISBN: 9788490125120.

"Los espejos del Yo. Existencialismo y metaficción en la narrativa de Unamuno" is an analysis on the work of Miguel
de Unamuno, a Spanish essayist, novelist, poet, playwright, philosopher, professor and rector at the University of
Salamanca. This study, written by Luis Álvarez Castro, specifically examines the presence of existentialism and
meta-fiction in Unamuno's narratives.
(57239) $25.60

11. Alvarez Junco, Jose; et al. MIGUEL DE CERVANTES : DE LA VIDA AL MITO (1616-2016). Madrid:
Biblioteca Nacional de España, Acción Cultural Española, 2016. 282p., boards. new. Hardcover. ISBN:

"Miguel de Cervantes : de la vida al mito (1616-2016)" is a body of work undertaken by the National Library of
Spain and AC/E to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes' death. The work examines
Cervantes' life, work and legacy, taking readers on a journey through the writer's childhood, family life, personal
relationships and military and literary careers, as well as formative events such as his participation in the Battle of
Lepanto and captivity in Algiers. Includes photos of original manuscripts and letters, as well as portraits and
monuments dedicated to this incomparable literary figure. Prologue by José Manuel Lucia Megías.

Prólogo / José Manuel Lucia Megías, Miguel de Cervantes: una vida tras la sombra de un mito / José Manuel Lucía
Megías, Un hombre llamado Miguel de Cervantes, La fortuna visual de Cervantes / Carlos Reyero, Un personaje
llamado Miguel de Cervantes, Cervantes y la identidad nacional / José Álvarez Junco, Un mito llamado Miguel de
Cervantes, Cervantes: la imagen de su vida / Javier Gomá Lanzón.
(58267) $69.90

12. Álvarez Moreno, Raúl. CELESTINA SEGÚN SU LENGUAJE. Madrid: Editorial Pliegos, 2015. 472p., bibl.,
wrps. new. Paperback. ISBN: 9788496045958.

"Celestina según su lenguaje" is a study on language in La Celestina (1499-1502), examining it as a central factor in
the conflict that takes place in the dramatic work. This work is a classic dialogue attributed to Fernando de Rojas,
and is considered to be one of the greatest accomplishments in Spanish literature.
(56305) $54.90

LITERATURA FEMENINA ESPAÑOLA. Sevilla: Iluminaciones, (Colección Renacimiento, 106), 2016. 226p.,
bibl., wrps. New. Paperback. ISBN: 9788416685233.

"Laberintos del género: Muerte, sacrificio y dolor en la literatura femenina española" contains four essays analyzing
death and suffering in the writings of Spanish women writers.
(58940) $42.90

14. Álvarez, María Auxiliadora (Caracas, Venezuela, 1956). PIEDRA EN :U: Barcelona: Editorial Candaya, 2016.
124p., wrps. new. Paperback. ISBN: 9788415934196.

"Piedra en :U:" is a collection of poetry by María Auxiliadora Álvarez (Caracas, Venezuela, 1956).
(57220) $28.40


15. Aparicio, Juan Pedro. LONDON CALLING. Madrid: Páginas de Espuma, (Colección, Literatura, 211), 2015.
175p., illus., wrps. new. Paperback. ISBN: 9788483931837.

"London Calling" is based on a quote by Oscar Wilde, which says "the man who can dominate a conversation in
London can dominate the world". As such, author Juan Pedro Aparicio chronicles life in London throughout a series
of short stories. Aparicio was a recipient of the Castilla y Leon award in Literature in 2012.
(54681) $32.90

16. Arias de Cossío, Ana Maria and Idoia Murga Castro. ESCENOGRAFÍA EN EL EXILIO REPUBLICANO
DE 1939: TEATRO Y DANZA. Sevilla: Renacimiento, (Serie Escena y literatura dramática en el exilio republicano
de 1939. Biblioteca del exilio., Anexos, 25), 2015. 230p., photos, illus., bibl., wrps. new. Paperback. ISBN:

"Escenografía en el exilio republicano de 1939: teatro y danza" is a comprehensive study that provides an overview
of theater and dance performances from exiled Republican artists before, during and after the Spanish Civil War. The
book follows the geographical migration of artists as they settled throughout Europe, the United States, Mexico, the
Caribbean and South America. Figures like Antoni Clavé, Alberto Sánchez, Maruja Mallo, Manuel Fontanals,
Victorina Duran and Joan Junyer were just a few of the key players during the tumultuous Republican exile.

Estudio sobre artistas exiliados republicanos en los terrenos del teatro y de la danza. Ofrece una panorámica de la
labor que los artistas exiliados republicanos llevaron a cabo en los terrenos del teatro y de la danza desde el fin de la
Guerra Civil española y el inicio del franquismo hasta la muerte del dictador. Así, el recorrido geográfico parte de
una Europa en la que los artistas se asentaron entre Toulouse y París, el foco británico y el complejo contexto
soviético. Analiza las intervenciones en América, desde Nueva York a Buenos Aires, pasando por México, El Caribe y
el resto del Cono Sur. Figuras como Antoni Clavé, Alberto Sánchez, Maruja Mallo, Manuel Fontanals, Victorina
Durán y Joan Junyer son sólo algunos de los protagonistas de este ámbito fundamental de la escena del exilio
(58217) $49.90

ESPAÑA, A LOS COMUNISTAS, A FIDEL CASTRO, A STALIN. Madrid: Reino de Cordelia, 2015. 431p.,
photos, wrps. new. Paperback. ISBN: 9788415973546.

"Las cartas de Arrabal" is an epistolary novel containing a collection of letters by Spanish playwright, screenwriter,
film director, novelist and poet Fernando Arrabal to some of the most renowned and important political figures of the
twentieth century, including Franco, Santiago Carrillo, Fidel Castro and Stalin. Editing and foreword by Pollux
(54650) $46.80

18. Arrabal, Fernando. EL CIRCUNSPECTO Prólogo y epílogo de Pollux Hernúñez. Madrid: Reino de Cordelia,
(66), 2016. 171p., photos, illus., wrps. New. Paperback. ISBN: 9788415973768.

"El Circunspecto" is a novel that analyzes and challenges the machismo of fictional character Don Juan, authored by
award-winning writer Fernando Arrabal.
(58946) $39.90


"Lettres à Julius Baltazar". This volume is divided into three parts.90 23. new. Paperback. "Como un paraíso de locos" and "El circunspecto".). (59507) $79. Aullón de Haro. "El regreso del catón" follows protagonists Ottavia Salina and Farag Boswell as they attempt to unravel an ancient mystery. particularly focusing on the Spanish universalist school of the eighteenth century. Madrid: Huerga y Fierro Editores. 600p. genres and authors. boards. film director and novelist Fernando Arrabal. photos. New. photos. ISBN: 9788494528880. "Francisco Ayala de viva voz" is a biography of Spanish writer Francisco Ayala. screenwriter. Autores Españoles e Iberoamericanos.. This account was awarded the Antonio Dominguez Ortiz Biographies Award in 2015. wrps.. 614p. Daniel and Geneviéve Fabry (eds. FRANCISCO AYALA DE VIVA VOZ El escritor en sus entrevistas. New. 2015.. Madrid: Ediciones Sequitur. LA ESTELA DE UN RECUERDO.90 21. Antonio. 362p. Novela de aventuras y una magistral historia de Matilde Asensi (Alicante. "La estela de un recuerdo" recounts a love story that begins in 1931 and ends with the start of the Spanish Civil War. Hardcover. wrps.90 5 . wrps.90 24. Preámbulo y selección Raúl Herrero. Asensi. 2016. (56009) $44. bibl. Arteaga. 264p. "La escuela universalista española del siglo XVIII" is an introduction to the historical evolution of modern humanism. 2015. spanning multiple eras. Sevilla: Fundación José Manuel Lara. Pedro. (58925) $39.. Paperback. boards. 1962). (55208) $44. (54686) $42. Arrabal. 1962). Fundación San Millán de la Cogollla (La Biblia en la Literatura Española). acredora del Premio de Honor de Novela Histórica en el año 2011.19. Paperback. ISBN: 9788415673118.. Written by Matilde Asensi (Alicante. maps. (La Rama Dorada). Barcelona: Editorial Planeta. Matilde. primarily conveyed through personal interviews. Author Almudena de Arteaga is a recipient of the Azorin Award for best novel (2012). boards. Hardcover. new. according to time periods. Fernando. ISBN: 9788408139713. 350p. 255p. (59475) $49. New.. new. "Diez poemas pánicos y un cuento"..90 20. poema cinematográfico".. LA BIBLIA EN LA LITERATURA HISPANOAMERICANA. "Credo quia confusum : Poesía reunida" is an exhaustive collection of poetry by award-winning Spanish playwright. 2016. bibl.90 22. Paperback. 2016. "La biblia en la literatura hispanoamericana" analyzes the Bible's influence on the history of Spanish literature.. Madrid: Editorial Trotta. LA ESCUELA UNIVERSALISTA ESPAÑOLA DEL SIGLO XVIII. ISBN: 9788498796223. EL REGRESO DEL CATÓN. bibl. 2015. CREDO QUIA CONFUSUM : POESÍA REUNIDA Edición. Attala. winner of the Historic Novel's Prize of Honor in 2011.. Barcelona: Planeta. Almudena de. ISBN: 9788415707394. Ayala is one of the most well-known figures in Spain's Generation '27. (Autores españoles e iberoamericanos). Arrabal has also written "Liberté couleur de femme ou Adieu Babylone. ISBN: 9788408145820. illus. Astorga. "Champagne pour tous".

bibl. (59066) $55. Traducción de María Paz Ortuño. 478p. 2015. Susana Leticia. who has also published "Conill de gábia" (2012) and "La mare que et renyava era un robot". Félix de. where she meets Murphy. (58884) $29. New. wrps. "Hipnos" (1996). (59473) $39.90 27. 2016. Dora begins thinking about the chickens. a generation that radically transformed Spanish society and culture. Este volume recoge un conjunto de ensayos sobre la Generación del 14. ISBN: 9788437635606. 330p. 1962-). Luri Lotman. ISBN: 9788494388347. wrps. (59069) $39. 2016. EL IMPRESOR DE VENECIA. new. Prólogo de Félix de Azúa. JOYCE Y LAS GALLINAS Prólogo de Jordi Garcia. Written by Spanish author Anna Ballbona. Paperback. "Diario de un hombre humillado" and "Momentos decisivos". Madrid: Plaza y Valdés.90 26. Báez Ayala. Madrid: Ediciones Cátedra. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama. Hugo. "Relatos" is a collection of short stories by Spanish writer Félix de Azúa. 344p. Azúa. ISBN: 9788490662656. and the way they're always in the background and on the periphery of life. ISBN: 9788416032730. Azpeitia. ISBN: 9788433998163. Felix Guattari and more. (Colección Andanzas). Translated from Catalan to Spanish by María Paz Ortuño... 197p. et al. "El impresor de venecia" is a novel set in 16th century Venice that takes readers on a passionate journey through the Renaissance from the perspective of a legendary printer. New. using the theoretical frameworks of Michel Foucault. 271p.90 29. "Desenmascarando al poder en el teatro breve y mínimo de José Moreno Arenas" explores the power of the short and minimalistic dramas by Spanish dramatist José Moreno Arenas. "Quevedo" (1990).. "La generacion del 14: España ante su modernidad inacabada" is a collection of essays on Generation '14. Azpeitia has also written "Mesalina" (1989).25. New. wrps. Anna. a young man who professes to have two passions: a woman named Joyce and chickens. Fine. Gilles Deleuze. 2016. Azúa is also the author of "Historia de un idiota contada por él mismo". wrps. Aznar. Written by award-winning Spanish author Javier Azpeitia.. Granada: Editorial Alhulia. Ballbona. Paperback. LA GENERACION DEL 14: ESPAÑA ANTE SU MODERNIDAD INACABADA.. (58157) $44. (Narrativas Hispánicas). "Joyce y las gallinas" tells the story of a bored journalist named Dora who takes a trip with her boyfriend to Dublin. Madrid: Tusquets Editores. Javier (Madrid.. wrps.90 28. Paperback.90 6 . DESENMASCARANDO AL PODER EN EL TEATRO BREVE Y MÍNIMO DE JOSÉ MORENO ARENAS. photos. This revelation spurs a desire to change her life -. Paperback. "Adriana en Naxos" (2002) and "Nadie me mata" (2007). graphics.even though she doesn't immediately know how. 2016.. RELATOS Edicion de Mario Crespo López. illus. Paperback.

(colección Visor Poesía..30. ISBN: 9788498285338. Pío (San Sebastián. (56301) $22. (58947) $42. HUMOR. Bastardín Candón. Written between 1950 and 1951. new. PENSAMIENTO CÍNICO Y PODER. LA HISTORIA NO ESTÁ COMPLETA. Paperback. a Republican journalist. 1872).90 31. Editorial UCA (colección monografías). Barcelona: Ediciones Alpha Decay. LA RISA CANÍBAL. 2015. (56318) $44. pensamiento cínico y poder" is a series of essays and commentary on cannibalistic laughter as it relates to politics. wrps. b&w plates. Barba.. New. Cadíz: Universidad de Cadíz. Andrés. wrps. Balló Colell. Originally written in medieval Japanese over a span of twenty-three years. CRÓNICA NATURAL. 2015. ISBN: 9788494489600. Once there. 927). Andrés (Madrid. power and cynicism. flees on foot from Madrid to París. Teresa. (Héroes Modernos). 149p. Candón has been published in national and foreign literary reviews for her works "Léxico del Siglo de Oro en Documentos notariales: Las particiones de bienes del Archivo Histórico Provincial de Cádiz" (2014) and "Vocabulario indígena en la Historia de fray Bernardino de Sahagún" (2015). boards. "Las comedias de José Sanz Pérez" contains three annotated comedies by Spanish poet and dramatist José Sanz Pérez. Set in the time of the Spanish Civil War. new.. 478p. Paperback. its protagonist Luis Goyena. LAS COMEDIAS DE JOSÉ SANZ PÉREZ: ENTRE EL TÓPICO LINGÜÍSTICO Y LA REPRESENTACIÓN DIALECTAL Estudio lingüístico. the manuscript of "Los caprichos de la suerte" was originally part of a series of novels called Saturnalia. with linguistic analysis and notes by Teresa Bastardín Candón. Paperback. bibl. Paperback. However. 2015. ISBN: 9788467046182. 'La risa caníbal. (59051) $49. LOS CAPRICHOS DE LA SUERTE. 2016. this work encapsulates the Buddhist culture of China that Eihei studied during his pilgrimage to monasteries there. wrps. Baroja. with whom he begins a relationship.90 7 . ISBN: 9788498959277. 215p. edición y notas Teresa Bastardín Candón..90 34. Barcelona: Espasa Libros. who decides what we laugh at and how much we can laugh? Why are we afraid when others laugh at certain things? What makes us laugh at someone else? Although thousands of years of history haven't provided conclusive answers to these simple questions. new. 1975). he meets Gloria. Humor. "Crónica natural" is a Spanish translation of The Shôbôgenzô.80 33. wrps.for instance. ISBN: 9788467046038. (57216) $34. Author Andrés Barba specifically examines philosophical questions on the nature of our humor -. 2015. Barba.80 32. 301p. bibl.. considered one of the greatest works by Japanese Zen master Dogen Eihei. "Los caprichos de la suerte" is Spanish writer Pio Baroja's (1872-1956) last novel. 82p. as well as one of the great works of religious and philosophical literature in the world. Prologue by José-Carlos Mainer. Barcelona: Espasa Libros. Barba weaves this book around the premise that humanity nonetheless has much to learn from their laughter. Tánia. photos. their lives are dictated by larger political and economic forces. Madrid: Visor Libros.. "Las sinsombrero: Sin ellas. la historia no está completa" recounts the contributions and memories of important female artists and thinkers of the literary movement known as Generation '27. whose legacy played a major role Spain's cultural development. New.. Hardcover. Winner of XXV Jaime Gil de Biedma Poetry prize. LAS SINSOMBRERO: SIN ELLAS.

Features chapters on interpretations of "Consolatoria".40 38. Paperback. Badajoz: Biblioteca de Extremadura. Sevilla: Renacimiento. 2015. tables. EL QUIJOTE EN EXTREMADURA: ESTUDIOS E INVESTIGACIONES.particularly those written by Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. 2015. CONFLICTOS POLÍTICOS Y CREACIÓN LITERARIA ENTRE SANTILLANA Y GÓMEZ MANRIQUE LA CONSOLATORIA A LA CONDESA DE CASTRO. politician and dramatist Gómez Manrique y de Castilla.." written by Spanish poet. wrps.. Vervuert. (58200) $49. 304p. Poesía y poetas del cuatrocientos" contains ten in-depth studies on 15th and 16th century poets and poems. POESÍA Y POETAS DEL CUATROCIENTOS.. "La recepción y reescritura del mito de Don Quijote en Inglaterra (Siglos XVII-XIX)" is a study that offers an analysis of Don Quijote in the context of Romanticism in 17th to 19th century English novels -. wrps. Benítez Reyes. new. wrps. Beltran. Biblioteca de Extremadura. "Conflictos políticos y creación literaria entre Santillana y Gómez Manrique" is a study on the elegy "Consolatoria. analysis of literary forms and international influences on Castilian literature. Felipe and José Andújar Almansa. LAS FORMAS DE LA LUNA: POEMAS ESCOGIDOS. Vol.90 39. 1979-2016. (ColecciónClásicos Dykinson Serie: Monografías). Madrid: Iberoamericana. (57218) $48. (Medievalia Hispanica. 232p. 260p. 5). Serie Antologías. 2016. and religion as an ideology within the context of the elegy. 10). 2015. introspective and nostalgic poems by renowned Spanish writer Felipe Benítez Reyes. (Col. "Las formas de la luna: poemas escogidos. wrps. 1979-2016" is a collection of reflective. Madrid: Editorial DYKINSON. ISBN: 9788498524529.35. (59488) $34. Paperback. (58196) $29. New. Esther. Paperback. Vicenç.. Vicenç.. (Historia y Literatura. bibl. Beltran. Paperback. bibl.90 8 . The studies consider topics such as sociology. ISBN: 9788416133833. Alcala de Henares: Úniversidad de Alcalá. 80). history.90 37.. ISBN: 9788484899402. 19). 300p.. ISBN: 9788416685141. new. Renacimiento. "Pruébase por escritura. (59078) $49. soldier.90 36. LA RECEPCIÓN Y REESCRITURA DEL MITO DE DON QUIJOTE EN INGLATERRA (SIGLOS XVII-XIX) Prólogo de Pedro Javier Pardo... Bautista Naranjo. 187p. 2016. illus. wrps. PRUÉBASE POR ESCRITURA. (Alborayque libros. ISBN: 9788490856307. Paperback. "El Quijote en Extremadura: estudios e investigaciones" is a volume that unites contributors and researchers from the Biblioteca de Extremadura (BIEx) to reflect on Cervantes within the context of the BIEx community. New. new.

Vervuert. New. Jon (Ribadesella.. 2016. This novel narrates the encounter between these two women.. (59467) $59. 2016. Blanch. Madrid: Universidad de Navarra. LOCURAS DE EUROPA: DIEGO DE SAAVEDRA FAJARDO Y LA GUERRA DE LOS TRIENTA AÑOS. illus. Iberoamericana. New. ISBN: 978849066238.. "Avicularia avicularia". bibl. LA LUJURIA Y LA MUERTE. childhood and adult years. boards. (58945) $39.90 9 . "El peso de tu hijo en oro". (58384) $59. (Colección Perspectivas). EL TEATRO DE VALLE INCLÁN (RETABLO DE LA AVARICIA. Hardcover.. 307p. 245p. This is author Eva Blanch's second novel. wrps. Paperback. LOS CUERNOS DE DON FRIOLERA). 496p. "Siempre hay algo peor".90 41. wrps.. (Publicaciones del Instituto de Estudios Tirsianos). 268p. facsimiles. "Como en un idioma desconocido". ''El teatro de Valle Inclán'' is a textual. ISBN: 9788493258652. poet and monk Tirso de Molina. Blasco Pascual.. New. Paperback. Paperback. "Cervantes : Un hombre que escribe" is an exhaustive biographical investigation into the life of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. (58826) $34.90 44.90 42. "Estromboli" contains eight short stories that ask universal questions.40.90 45. New. ''I've come here to die..her marriage has failed and she has no career. Madrid: Impedimenta. CORAZÓN AMARILLO SANGRE AZUL. eccentric and well-known writer from Barcelona who suddenly shows up to her brother's house and announces. "El castigo más deseado" and "Estrómbolí". Bobes Naves. New. illus. Spain: Difácil. "Prosas y Versos de Tirso de Molina" contains a collection of poems by dramatist. boards. Sónia. bibl. ISBN: 9781938795046. wrps. ''Locuras de Europa'' is an analysis of the satirical political dialogue written near the end of the Thirty Years War. bibl. ESTROMBOLI. new. photos. 2016.. "Una boda en invierno". (58260) $44. bibl. Paperback. 1972). Includes Diego de Saavedra Fajardo's full dialogue. in her forties.90 43. Barcelona: Tusquets Editores (Colección Andanzas). ISBN: 9788484896440. as well as analyses by various specialists focusing on the evolution of poetic style and the originality of prose in de Molina's work. (58948) $39. 2016. 2016. Eva. Edited by Blanca Oteiza. "La Semiología" and "Semiología de la obra dramática literario".. ISBN: 9788416542369. PROSAS Y VERSOS DE TIRSO DE MOLINA.. Paperback.'' The other woman. Boadas. and their obligation to live under limitations. 276p. Written by Maria del Carmen Bobes Naves. ''Corazón amarillo sangre azul'' centers around two women: one is an aging. author of "La Semiótica como teoría lingüistica".. Madrid: IGAS/IDEA. wrps. 205p. Bilbao. 2015. playwright and novelist Valle Inclán's works. Maria del Carmen. CERVANTES : UN HOMBRE QUE ESCRIBE. ontological and semiological analysis of the Spanish poet. is in the midst of a personal crisis -. Javier. Madrid: Arco/Libros-La Muralla. ISBN: 9788476359464. Blanca Oteiza. spanning his lineage. such as: What are the limits of family obligations? What we are willing to do in order to achieve what we want? And to what extent do sacrifices alter these goals? Contents include: "Crónica distanciada de mi último verano".

testamento incluido como si se tratase de cualquier mortal. ISBN: 9788416685356.. "Víctimas mortales por violencia de género" is a statistical and sociological investigation on domestic feminicide in Spain's Balearic Islands. graphics. narrating the events of his life from the cradle to the grave. The work was first published in Mexico in 1792. new.. Tomás.90 49. (Biblioteca Indiana. wrps. 2015. playwright and theater director Federico Garcia Lorca occurred in the early days of the Spanish Civil War. wrps. Written by Spanish narrator and playwright Tomás Borrás. LA ARAÑA DEL OLVIDO.. bibl.90 10 .46. Frankfurt am Main. only to create yet another mystery. Madrid: Escolar y Mayo Editores (Literaturea y Guerra Civil). Sevilla: Editorial Renacimiento. Bonilla. information on victims from the press. makeshift prisons and the horrors of war. wrps. "La araña del olvido" is based on the adventures of this man. (59087) $29. In 1955. specialists and admirers of his work. Hardcover. "Poemas pequeñoburgueses" is a collection of poetry by Spanish novelist and poet Juan Bonilla. Critical edition with annotations by Álvaro López Fernández and Emilio Peral Vega. "Checas de Madrid" is a fictional account of the Spanish Civil War. Bonilla is the winner of the "Brief Library of the Novel Prize" (2003) as well as the "Mario Vargas Llosa Biennial Novel Prize" (2014). who. POEMAS PEQUEÑOBURGUESES. Bolaños. Joaquín. New. This is the story of a daring person determined to uncover an unsolved crime. ''La portentosa vida de la Muerte'' is Franciscan friar Joaquín Bolaños' characterization of death. (56658) $44.. (59456) $39. Bilbao: Astiberri. 1966). (58114) $39.. new. boards. 2015. Trinidad Barrera.90 48. 285p. risked his health and finances to solve the mystery. New. Jaime J Martínez and Gema Areta Marigó. ISBN: 9788416020980.90 47. Esperanza et al. during a stay of nearly two years in Granada. tables. CHECAS DE MADRID Edición crítica de Álvaro López Fernández y Emilio Peral Vega. judicial hearings and statistics on feminicide in the European Union. Trata la historia sobre la muerte cuya trayectoria vital es relatada desde la cuna hasta su fin. 41). Borrás. Obra publicada en México por primera vez en 1972. 2016. Paperback. Paperback. ISBN: 9788483843215. LA PORTENTOSA VIDA DE LA MUERTE. the story chronicles mass hysteria. 169p. 2015. First published in 1939. ISBN: 9788484899358. (59517) $39. VÍCTIMAS MORTALES POR VIOLENCIA DE GÉNERO : ANÁLISIS DE LAS TASAS DE DENUNCIAS Y DE LOS CONDICIONANTES QUE LAS DETERMINAN (2004-2014). The murder of Spanish poet. and remains a mystery with unresolved questions today. illus. Borrás has also authored "Oscuro heroísmo" (1939) and various plays. Bosch Fiol.90 50. an American writer went to Granada to try to solve the crime that the Franco regime hid under a wall of silence. New. based on quantitative and qualitative reseach gathered between 2004 and 2014. 267p. attracting the attention of researchers... 73p. Vervuert.. he eventually chose not to publish a word. Augustine Penón. wrps. illus. distrust. Includes an analysis of the findings. despite great strides. Bolaños tells death's story as if he were a mortal. Paperback. 2016. Juan. Enrique (Málaga. ISBN: 9788416251223. Majorca: Universitat de les illes Balears. 140p. This characterization is a reflection of the paradigms illustrated during the time. Paperback. Bonet. Moreover. Madrid: Iberoamericana.

"También esto pasará" tells the story of Blanca. 126p. ya que no se puede entender a esas primeras monjas de la fundación de Valladolid sin la presencia vital y espiritual de Teresa de Jesús. Paperback. Analiza con detalle la presencia de la madre Teresa de Jesús en Valladolid. Busquets. photos. 313p. Bonald earned the Cervantes prize in 2012. author of "En la estación perpetua" (2000). ISBN: 9788496864955.. focusing on three major themes in his work: politics. wrps.90 11 . (54682) $29. 2015. Antonio. "Francisco Umbral : verdades y contraverdades del cuarto poder" is a collection of essays on Spanish writer Francisco Umbral's journalistic production. Saint Teresa's letters and writings in this volume lend readers a better understanding of the important role Teresa played in the church's development. (58382) $24. (58897) $29.51. 1972). focusing particularly on the community of women she founded under the Carmelite order. 2015. New.. new. Milena (Barcelona. new..90 52. DESAPRENDIZAJES. The volume aims to analyze and reflect upon the Spanish press through Umbral's work.. the Carmelite community of nuns and feminine spirituality in general. Valladolid: Ayuntamiento de Valladolid.90 54. Obra realizada dentro de las investigaciones que el autor ha realizado con motivo del V centenario del nacimiento de Santa Teresa de Jesús y dentro de su línea de trabajo sobre espiritualidad femenina de los siglos XVI al XVIII. Hardcover.90 53. 2015. Cabrera. reject popular notions and correct the errors of history. TAMBIÉN ESTO PASARÁ. (58155) $59. Burrieza Sánchez. (Iluminaciones. FRANCISCO UMBRAL : VERDADES Y CONTRAVERDADES DEL CUARTO PODER. CORTEZA DE ABEDUL. Sevilla: Renacimiento. new. wrps. ISBN: 9788432224577. "Con el aire" (2004) and "Piedras de agua" (2010). Benedicte and Carlos X Ardavín. Paperback. ISBN: 9788490662892. Buron-Brun. "Tierra en el cielo" (2004). boards. Paperback. 104). Barcelona: Seix Barral. This is author Milena Busquet's second novel. El libro encuentra su eje en la presencia de las letras en la vida de las primeras carmelitas incluyendo a Santa Teresa de Jesús. wrps. wrps. Barcelona: Tusquets Editores. Javier. LETRAS DESCALZAS : ESCRITORAS Y LECTORAS EN EL CARMELO DE VALLADOLID. 623p.. Paperback. "Corteza de Abedul" is a collection of poetry by award-winning Spanish writer Antonio Cabrera. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama. (58272) $64. a 40-year-old woman whose mother died after a serious physical and mental deterioration. 2016. "Desaprendizajes" is a collection of original poems by Caballero Bonald that inspires readers to re-imagine the familiar. ISBN: 9788416246991.90 55. la monja más importante en la historia de España. "Letras descalzas : escritoras y lectoras en el Carmelo de Valladolid" is a presentation of Saint Teresa of Jesus's life and work. José Manuel. 172p. women and literature. 2015. called the "barefoot Carmelites". 109p. Her sober burial induces a long reflection on their relationship. new. Caballero Bonald. ISBN: 9788433997883.

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DE CARUSO A CLÉO DE MÉRODE.62. Escritos. 2016. Paperback. (58259) $49. (Biblioteca Filológica Hispana. ISBN: 9788416647491. translation and transcription by Emilia Cortés Ibáñez. Madrid: Visor Libros.. el libro se convierte no sólo en una recopilación temática. "Diario de juventud. Cañas Murillo.). New. (56310) $59. ISBN: 9788498951707. (56311) $54. wrps. Zenobia. the end of the Spanish Civil War. una recopilación creada ex novo. sino también en un excelente muestrario general del articulismo inédito de Camba. this collection also acts as a showcase of Camba's forgotten work. (59380) $69. and were virtually unknown to readers.. SHAKESPEARE Y CERVANTES. De este modo. La Tribuna. and Argentine writer and intellectual Victoria Ocampo. Camba. VICENTE GARCÍA DE LA HUERTA Y SU OBRA (1734-1787). publicó Camba a lo largo de su carrera en La Correspondencia de España. 618. 269p. Because more than half of his writings sat in libraries for decades. bibl. New. Paperback. El Mundo. de las crónicas y los artículos que sobre el mundo de la música. et al. wrps. Calero. TRADUCCIONES. Introduction. (Colección Periplos. ISBN: 9788415673149. photos. "Shakespeare y Cervantes" is a study that draws textual similarites between Shakespeare and Cervantes.. ESCRITOS. bibl. selection. and presents evidence to defend a theory that both of their bodies of works were actually written by Valencian scholar and humanist Juan Luis Vives. (59503) $64. spanning from drama to poetry. Jesús (ed. et al. jazz-bands y cupletistas : crónicas musicales. El Mundo. ABC y El Sol. 2016. Julio. siendo prácticamente desconocidos para la mayor parte de los lectores. bastante completa.90 63. Traducciones" is a collection of memoirs and writings by Spanish writer and poet Zenobia Camprubí. Camprubí. wrps. Paperback. 2016. new. Paperback. TANGOS. ORTEGA Y GASSET: LUCES Y SOMBRAS DEL EXILIO ARGENTINO. 21). Throughout his career. 496p. 170). Francisco. 417p.90 13 . ISBN: 9788416247578.. Campomar. 2015. "Tangos. Paperback. 2015. ABC and El Sol. Más de la mitad permanecían olvidados en las hemerotecas. edition. Madrid: Editorial DYKINSON. Reune una serie de textos del periodista español Julio Camba (1884-1962). bibl. de Caruso a Cléo de Mérode" is a series of texts by Spanish journalist Julio Camba (1884-1962) that contain articles on the vast world of music...90 65. 503p. new. Camba's work was published in Correspondence of Spain. Sevilla: Fundación José Manuel Lara. ISBN: 9788490858011.90 66. JAZZ-BANDS Y CUPLETISTAS : CRÓNICAS MUSICALES. Marta M. wrps. new.. "Ortega y Gasset" is a study on the exile of Spanish essayist and philosopher José Ortega y Gasset in Paris and Buenos Aires. DIARIO DE JUVENTUD. Madrid: Fórcola. Also features chapters on the exiles of other key figures in Genertion '36. en general. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva. La Tribuna.. wrps. most of which were previously unpublished. Includes a comprehensive and updated bibliography. "Vicente García de la Huerta y su obra (1734-1787)" is a study on writer Vicente Garcia de la Huerta's work.90 64.

Frankfurt am Main. desde sus fundamentos antiguos hasta los énfasis que recibió en autores del siglo XVI. (58111) $39. ISBN: 9788490960301.90 14 . Candeloro. 2016.90 70. 390p. New. ISBN: 9788484899129.. nos habla de personajes que empiezan a ser treintañeros y no parecen tener muchas expectativas de que el futuro vaya a sonreírles. FILTRACIONES. 267p. (Anejos de Analecta malacitana. 2015. TEXTO POÉTICO Y VARIANTES DE AUTOR: LA REESCRITURA EN ANTONIO MACHADO. ORÍGENES Y DESARROLLO DE LA GUERRA SANTA EN LA PENÍNSULA IBÉRICA : PALABRAS E IMÁGENES PARA UNA LEGITIMACIÓN (SIGLOS X-XIV). translator and columnist Javier Marías' work. Caparros. 2015. Madrid: Casa de Velázquez (Colección de la Casa de Velázquez. ISBN: 9788415451617. wrps. Madrid: Iberoamericana. "Orígenes y desarrollo de la Guerra Santa en la Península Ibérica" is a study on the history and origins of the crusades in the Iberian Peninsula.. (58193) $39. bibl. Machado was one of the leading figures of the Spanish literary movement known as Generation '98. Paperback. 235p. 17). new.. graphics.. (59027) $59. (58195) $44. ISBN: 9770211934005. "Texto poético y variantes de autor: la reescritura en Antonio Machado" is an analysis of writer Antonio Machado's works. "Retórica del infortunio" analyzes the development of rhetoric about misfortune. 2015. boards. tables. tracing it from ancient times to the 16th century. New. 114p. Servicio de Publicaciones. (Parecos y australes. Paperback. Vervuer. RETÓRICA DEL INFORTUNIO: PERSUASIÓN. Hardcover. Marta. Santiago Palacios Ontalva.. 2016. Caravaggi. "Javier Marías y el enigma del tiempo" is an analysis of time as presented in novelist. maps. Carlos de Ayala Martínez.. JAVIER MARÍAS Y EL ENIGMA DEL TIEMPO. Paperback. Paperback. Giovanni. new. con el contexto de la crisis económica de fondo. 396p. DELEITE Y EJEMPLARIDAD EN EL SIGLO XVI. Sarissa. La obra recupera la preceptiva retórica sobre el infortunio. and J. He wrote "Juan de Mairena" (1936). Volume 154). Antonio. wrps. Written by Sarissa Carneiro. yet hold high expectations that their futures will be bright.90 69. wrps. 102). Written by Antonio Candeloro. La obra es un conjunto de cuatro novelas cortas que.. terminology and iconography from the 10th to the 14th century. ISBN: 9788416551316. who is also the author of "Como la nieve resbaladiza: Javier Marías narratore del tempo". "Filtraciones" is a set of four novellas that follows characters who are approaching their thirties during an economic crisis.67.90 71. bibl. Patrick Henriet. photos. new. (59509) $64.90 68. facsimile. wrps. Carneiro. Malaga: Universidad de Málaga. analyzing its significance. bibl. Murcia: Universidad de Murcia. "Poesías completas" (1936) and "Nuevas canciones" (1924). Barcelona: Caballo de Troya..

(58927) $49. Editorial Planeta. illus. He's forced into slavery and feeds a boiler in a mysterious building the shape of an elephant. facsimiles. wrps. Ilustrada por Celsius Pictor. (59101) $44. New. 107p. Paperback.. wrps. Jesús. Carpentier. "El ocaso de Europa" chronicles the beginning of World War II through a study of articles published in the magazine "Carteles" in 1941. LA TIERRA QUE PISAMOS. (Biblioteca de la Memoria). Paperback. "Los difuntos" tells the story of a man who is found nude in an alley in New York. bajo la coordinación dle escritor Jorge Carrión. 1941. wrps. ISBN: 9788416247486. Pablo. and is illustrated by Celsius Pictor. (Siglo XX. Badajoz: Aristas Martínez. (54649) $36. Carrasco. ISBN: 9788416459230. LA FUERZA DEL DESALIENTO : ÁNGEL GONZÁLEZ Y LA POESÍA DEL MEDIO-SIGLO ESPAÑOL. and a critique of the contradictions that arose from the crisis of Modernism in Spain..90 73. 2016. unscrupulous bankers and other powerful scammers. 6) . The narrative continues to unravel. 17). DIARIOS (2011-2015). "Diarios (2011-2015)" is a collection of diary entries between 2011 and 2015 written by Spanish journalist Ignacio Carrión. new. new. ISBN: 9788432227332. 2015. wrps.. 574p. ISBN: 9788494379437.90 75.. photos. en la Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá en julio de 2016. facsimiles. Alejo. new. 129p. LOS DIFUNTOS. Adaptación literaria llevada a cabo en el taller de escritura "Escribiendo la pantalla".. Barcelona: Seix Barral. wrps. "La fuerza del desaliento : Ángel González y la poesía del medio-siglo español" is an analysis of Ángel González's early poetry. Carrión. 476p. (Colección Pulpas. Paperback. "La tierra que pisamos" is a novel that takes place in 20th century Spain in a small town goverened by military elites. Precuela de la teleserie "Los muertos" (Fox 2010-2011). 2016.90 74.72. bibl. Prologue by Eduardo Becerra. Madrid: Fórcola. ISBN: 9788416685318. 2015. 270p. New. This novel is a prequel to the television series "Los Muertos" (Fox 2010 to 2011). (57215) $44. illustrating Spain as a country full of political betrayals. presenting a hybrid story that merges genres such as steam punk and philosophy. EL OCASO DE EUROPA: CRÓNICAS DE LA REVISTA CARTELES. Paperback.90 76. Through this narrative. Sevilla: Editorial Renacimiento.90 15 .. Jorge. Carriedo Castro. Madrid: Devenir (Ensayo 28). Paperback. author Jesús Carrasco reflects on the way in which people relate to their homeland as a place that both roots and sustains them. Carrión.. photos. illus. 2016. (56016) $39. Ignacio.

which features analyses on ancient texts. ISBN: 97884165515738. slave. Editorial Almed. wrps. LEER Y OÍR LEER Ensayos sobre la lectura en los Siglos de oro. Paperback. "Entre Granada y el Magreb" is a biographical history depicting 17th century Granada and the life and work of Luis del Mármol Carvajal. settler and historian. a soldier. bibl. ISBN: culpa est).. (57225) $29. Castillo Fernández. Paperback. 17). wrps. Granada: Universidad de Granada.77.. (Marginales. tables. focusing on the practices and accessibility of culpa est" collection. Paperback. Carvalho. spy. 231p.. ''Ensayos sobre la lectura en los Siglos de oro'' is an examination of the culture of literature and reading during the Spanish Golden Age. (59104) $39. (Colección textos y pretextos). New. wrps. "El sentimiento de la vista" is a collection of poetry in which poet Miguel Casado expresses how writing is a form of sight. (Colección Historia)..90 78. Madrid: Visor Libros (Colección Visor de Poesía. "Conversaciones en la intemperie" is an award-winning collection of eight literary criticism works written over the course of four years by poet.. wrps. EL SENTIMIENTO DE LA VISTA. "Los paratextos y la edición en el libro medieval y moderno" is a collection of works investigating paratext and editing in Spanish medieval and modern literature. "La poesía del siglo XX en Bolivia" is a volume of important 20th century Bolivian poetry. Casado. LA POESÍA DEL SIGLO XX EN BOLIVIA: DONDE LA NIEVE Y LOS RÍOS SON MÍTICOS: ANTOLOGÍA ESENCIAL Edición de Homero Carvalho.. Vervuert. Valencia: Pre-textos. ENTRE GRANADA Y EL MAGREB : VIDA Y OBRA DEL CRONISTA LUIS DEL MÁRMOL CARVAJAL (1524-1600). ISBN: 9788490661932. translator and critic Walter Cassa. lawyer. Castillo Gómez. graphics. bibl.. Edited by Luis Garcia Montero and Jesus Garcia Sanchez. ISBN: 9788484899570. wrps.90 82.40 80. military auditor. courtier. 571p. Homero. religious and cultural components.. Antonio. Paperback. 292).. 500p. CONVERSACIONES EN LA INTEMPERIE. Javier. 139p. (54629) $42.). New.. Helena (ed.90 16 . (Nuevos Textos sagrados). ISBN: 9788498956863. ISBN: 9788416453931. 143p. Cassara. New. La estafeta del viento. traveler. bibl. new. Miguel. (59025) $49. (59003) $59. 216p. (58837) $29.. Barcelona: Tusquets Editores. Madrid: Iberoamericana. as well as its social. Paperback. illus. 2016. New. 2015. Part of the ". Walter.. LOS PARATEXTOS Y LA EDICIÓN EN EL LIBRO MEDIEVAL Y MODERNO.90 81. 2016. 2016. Carvajal González.90 79. new.. Cassa is also the author of "Juegos Apolíneos" (1998). Zaragoza: Prensas de la Universidad de Zargoza (. wrps. Paperback. 2016. 2015.

wrps. (Singladuras). Camilo José and Adolfo Sotelo Vázquez. Camilo José (Madrid. political alignments. Madrid: Espasa. (58169) $29.83. (Cuadernos de obra fundamental). 2015. Cela. Barcelona: Ediciones Destino. Written by his son. CELA. Edición. linguist and essayist Julio Caro Baroja. new. 1946-). ISBN: 9788416247523. RECUERDO DE DON PIÓ BAROJA. ISBN: 9788492543748. (Contemporanea Narrativa). introducción y notas de Francisco Fuster. SON DOS MILLONES Y SIGUEN CRECIENDO. new. New. Baroja was also one of the most renowned members of the Spanish Generation '98.. 2015. "La forja de un escritor: (1943-1952)" is a collection of 50 articles published in various periodicals (chiefly in Arriba and La Vanguardia Español) from 1943 to 1952. LA FORJA DE UN ESCRITOR: (1943-1952). Madrid: Fórcola Ediciones. 2016. Camilo Jose.. "Viaje a la Alcarria" chronicles Nobel Prize-winning author Camilo Jose Cela's travels in the Alcarria region of Spain. piel adentro" is a biography depicting the hardships prolific author Camilo José Cela had before attaining the Nobel Prize in literature. (56011) $31. 120p.. 109p.. 2016. Paperback. "Centenario de Julio Caro Baroja (1914-1995)" is a brief biography on Spanish anthropologist. Austral. photos. Camilo José. New. New. Volumen 281). Cela. "Cela. Almost 40 years later. Cayón. facsimlies. PIEL ADENTRO Una visión sorprendente del Nobel de Literatura. CENTENARIO DE JULIO CARO BAROJA (1914-1995).90 84. ganador del Premio Nobel de Literatura. 389p. 2015. ISBN: 9788494339356. Paperback.90 85. wrps. Cela Conde. Paperback. Madrid: La Esfera de los Libros.80 88. Spain: La Huerta Grande Editorial (Coleccion Verba Volant 4). Antología con los mejores escritos de Don Pío Baroja. Cembrero. wrps. Paperback. graphics. wrps. Paperback. new. Jose Cela published a sequel to it called "Nuevo viaje a la Alcarria". ISBN: 9788400606797. "Recuerdo de Don Pió Baroja" is an anthology of work by Nobel Prize-winning author Don Pío Baroja. the book has been described as "the most celebrated Spanish travelogue of all times". (52353) $19. analyzing their demographics. Cela Conde. bibl.. author Ignacio Cembrero delves into the country's recent and current legislation regarding Muslims and issues in Muslim communities. VIAJE A LA ALCARRIA. ISBN: 9788423380902. Paperback.90 86. aspirations. (59511) $52.40 17 . (59031) $34. Madrid: Fundación Banco Santander. historian. Camilo José Cela Conde. 2016. b&w plates. wrps. photos. religious practices and relationships with authority figures. wrps. (Colección Imago Mundi..90 87. "La España de Alá" is a study of the Muslim population in Spain. color plates.. photos. Ignacio. maps. ISBN: 9788423342372. illus. Moreover. (58926) $44.. 296p. Introduction and notes by Francisco Fuster. Eles de. 245p. LA ESPAÑA DE ALÁ : CINCO SIGLOS DESPUÉS DE LA RECONQUISTA LOS MUSULMANES HAN VUELTO. First published in 1948. 349p.

New. this work calls for overcoming postmodernity. reality and invention. 1338). Sáez. Serie Estudios). Javier (Ibahernando. Madrid: Espasa. (Colección Pensar en Español.90 94. ISBN: 9788467263534. and loyalty and betrayal. DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA.90 91.90 92.89. new. (57235) $34. "Don Quijote de la Mancha" is the first translation of the Spanish classic into modern Castillian. boards.. Barcelona: Ediciones Destino. 2015. Simultaneously. "Ayer no mas". Miguel de Cervantes. 2016. "Otro mundo" is a novel about the silence. 2 vols. simultaneously.. (58898) $39. it's also a dialogue between what really happened and what we remember. (Colección Áncora y Defín. Miguel de. (54641) $59. dust jacket. Dirigida por Francisco Rico.. 1615. Paperback. Cervantes Saavedra. new. Hardcover. ISBN: 9788437635392. wrps. Paperback. DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA. Miguel de. 2015). 523p. ISBN: 9788416288687. Miguel and Andrés Trapiello.. EL PUNTO CIEGO. Vol. new.90 18 . Barcelona: Piel de Zapa. Cervantes. VOLUMEN COMPLEMENTARIO. "El punto ciego" is a comprehensive essay about literature that provides keys to understanding contemporary narratives. "Poesías" is a compilation of poems by one of the most renowned Spanish writers of all time. boards. Cervera.. Volumen Complementario" is an accompanying volume to "Don Quixote de la Mancha". "Los confines"." Prologue by Mario Vargas Llosa. "El Quijote y la aventura de la libertdad" is a comprehensive analysis of Miguel de Cervantes' "Don Quijote" through the lens of modernism. "Don Quijote de la Mancha. 2016. the analyses of other critics. wrps. written by Andres Trapiello. 2016. Paperback. 137p. Hardcover. Edición del Instituto Cervantes (1605. Gonzálo Ponton and the Center for Editing Spanish Classics. Barcelona: Random House Mondadori. Cerezo Galán. The complementary text is directed by Francisco Rico in collaboration with Joaquín Forradellas. bibl. neglect and humiliation from losses. Madrid: Cátedra. and the creation of great literature that lacks false pretenses and is unapologetic. ISBN: 9788416647552. author of "Don Quixote".90 90. (58223) $39. Gonzálo Pontón y el Centro para la Edición de los Clásicos Españoles. "Al morir don Quijote" and "El final de Sancho Panza y otras suertes. (59470) $59.. Cercas. Cervantes.. 483p. new.00 93. OTRO MUNDO. (Literatura Random House). 147p. bibl. and humor used in the legendary literary work. New. Pedro . wrps. the ideas of ethics and religion. (Colección Letras Hispanas). 1018p. 2015. POESÍAS Edición de Adrián J. con la colaboración de Joaquín Forradellas. (54655) $120. boards. 2016. ISBN: 9788439731177. Alfons. Biblioteca Clásica de la Real Academia Española (Vol. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva. ISBN: 9788423349647. 47). radical and ambitious. 1962). EL QUIJOTE Y LA AVENTURA DE LA LIBERTDAD. Trapiello is also the author of "Los amigos del crimen perfecto". Hardcover..

NEBIROS Edición y epílogo de Victoria Cirlot. Checa Beltrán. ISBN: 9788494256561. wrps. reúne sesenta y siete cartas según Ana Rodríguez Fischer. "Últimas noticias de la escritura" is a personal and unpredictable reflection on writing by Sergio Chejfec. "Epistolario. decided to write Rosa Chacel (Valladolid.. Vervuert. (57244) $31. analyzing the rifts caused by their class differences. confused with nihilistc inner monologues. Madrid: Iberoamericana.1898 -. illus.90 19 . PARIS-AUSTERLITZ. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS DE LA ESCRITURA.. 1994). 1956). to convey her satisfaction. Paperback. (59044) $44. New. new. (Colección Ensayo. (Libros del Tiempo). ISBN: 9788484899525. 2016. boards. ''El debate literario-político en la prensa cultural española (1801-1808)'' is a compilation of previously-unpublished works from early 19th century newspapers. wrps.. José. passing by brothels. edición y notas de Ana Rodríguez Fischer. Sergio (Buenos Aires. Chirbes. 2015. new. Cirlot. After reading the novel "Teresa". Barcelona: Comba. Madrid: Siruela. bars and prostitutes. (Narrativas hispánicas. Chacel. and from the ephemeral minutiae of manuscripts to the evolution of digital writing. translation and more. The novel tells the story of the protagonist walking alone at night through a port city. was quick to answer.. age and education. 2016. says these 67 letters "can be read as a novel". Barcelona: Anagrama. Rodriguez-Fischer. ISBN: 9788494252259. Written in 1950. Chejfec. ISBN: 9788433998026. Rosa & Ana María Moix.Madrid. Rafael. (56871) $36. new. Paperback. 2016. bibl. como una novela en la que se funde una trama vital". EL DEBATE LITERARIO-POLÍTICO EN LA PRENSA CULTURAL ESPAÑOLA (1801-1808). Hardcover. localism vs cosmopolitanism. who is now a professor at the University of Barcelona. women's literature. New. 2015. streets. His narrative journey guides readers through conceptual modalities. boards. featuring literary and political dialogues on topics such as tradition vs reform. "Paris-Austerlitz" tells the story of a young painter from Madrid whose family is part of the Communist Party. wrps. and his past relationship with Michel.80 99. This recent publication celebrates Cirlot's work. 124p. 186p. Paperback. Thus began the exciting collection of letters published in "De mar a mar: epistolario" in their entirety. interest and surprise with the novel as both a reader and emerging writer. Rosa Chacel. Zaragoza: Jekyll & Jill Editores. 6). and commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the author's birth. who was approaching seventy years old and residing in Brazil. 285p. Paperback. language. one of the most outstanding authors in Spanish contemporary literature. Juan Eduardo Cirlot's "Nebiros" was immediately censored by the Spanish government. 555).95. eighteen-year-old Ana Maria Moix (Barcelona. (58843) $38. The youth replays the dissolution of their relationship like a confession to himself. 1947).40 98. (54784) $42. Juan Eduardo.40 97.90 96. popular literature. DE MAR A MAR: EPISTOLARIO.. ISBN: 9788416638741. an older man from Paris.. 333p. These images are perceived by him in a hallucinogenic way.. 153p. Prólogo.

EXPOSTULATIO SPONGIAE: EN DEFENSA DE LOPE DE VEGA. MEMORIAS DEL ESTANQUE. This work has received very limited critical attention. y. se indaga en su rigurosa construcción macrotextual y. esto es. 249p. university professor Pedro de Torres Ramila published "Spongia". boards. Hardcover. a rebuttal was published under the title "Expostulatio Spongiae".100. 2016. Madrid: Gredos.90 104. por el radical giro que supuso en su poética. Colinas.. New. Ana. bibl. asimismo. 479p. bibl. wrps.90 20 . In 1617. (Tiempo de Memoria. new. Cumplido el centenario de su composición. Paperback. among many others. Corbalán Vélez. "Memorias fragmentadas" offers a transatlantic look at the role of women in the resistance against dictators durimg the twentieth century. 2016.. "Tres tratados de armonía" and "Leyendo en las piedras". se profundiza en su estructura de sentido. bringing visibility to the impact of women at the time. Adela and Universidad de Valencia. según la tradición petrarquista. their extensive research offers a translation from Latin to Castilian. que sigue a la perfección el modelo de un auténtico cancionero amoroso. Conde Parrado. photos..90 103. ''Corredor de Fondo: Memorias'' is a memoir by the poet. ISBN: 9788416638734. CORREDOR DE FONDO: MEMORIAS.. seguramente por estar ubicado entre las dos grandes épocas del autor. 399p. wrps. CREACIÓN LÍRICA Y CANCIONERO AMOROSO: UNA LECTURA DE LOS SONETOS ESPIRITUALES DE JUAN RAMÓN JIMÉNEZ. 168p. un libro que ha recibido una muy limitada atención crítica. literary critic and translator Antonio Colinas. ISBN: 9788490662519. bibl. who has also written "El sentido primero de la palabra poética". "Esta obra analiza los 'Sonetos espirituales' de Juan Ramón Jiménez. a collection of 55 sonnets on poet Juan Ramon Jimenez's feelings of closeness with nature and an idealized beloved. "La simiente enterrada". ISBN: 9788437098333. New. Así. in which he describes Barcelona. art critic and intellectual José Corredor-Matheos. In 1618. storyteller. Hardcover. Includes analysis on their military presence and political involvement throughout Spain and Latin America. Valencia: Universitat de València. bibl.. "Expostulatio Spongiae: en defensa de Lope de Vega" is a comprehensive study on the work and controversy of Spanish poet. MEMORIAS FRAGMENTADAS Una mirada transatlántica a la resistencia feminina contra las dictaduras.. (58949) $49. con el encuentro de la amada única y la revelación de la palabra esencial o suficiente. a text that scathingly criticized de Vega's work and private life. New. 113). "Memorias del estanque" is an autobiography by prolific prize-winning Spanish poet. (58219) $34. de una historia de amor que el amante secuencializa subjetivamente". ISBN: 9788484899235. Antonio (León. wrps. 2015. Pedro and Xavier Tubau. Barcelona: Tusquets Editores. Authors Pedro Conde Parrado and Xavier Tubau specifically delve into this latter work.. se propone una lectura del poemario desde nuevas bases analíticas. Paperback. 2016. Corredor-Matheos. (59096) $44. José. new. ISBN: 9788424928964. novelist and playwright Lope de Vega.. (Anejos de la Biblioteca Lope de Vega). which has been historically downplayed.90 102.90 101. which author Nácher Codoñer rectifies through this rigorous deconstruction of the text. its post-war state and polarizing social conditions. Codoñer Nácher. and unveils many of the mysteries of the text and its author.. (58390) $32. boards. Paperback. Madrid: Siruela (Libros del Tiempo). (56698) $59. 541p. también. Madrid: Iberoamericana. "Creación lírica y cancionero amoroso" is an analysis of "Sonetos espirituales". 1946-). provides clarity on the work's significance. 2016.

UN VAGO ESCALOFRIO. HETERODOXIA. (58175) $44. "Un vago escalofrio" is a collection of poetry by Spanish writer Francisco José Cruz.. Francisco José (Alcalá del Río. wrps. José María (dir. Vigo : Editorial Academia del Hispano. Delgado.90 107. new. ISBN: 9788416187201. 1). 78p.90 109. Hardcover. 2015. "Heterodoxia. Madrid: Calambur. women's role in politics and more. 2015. Hardcover.. Espinosa is known as the first surrealist Spanish author. (56652) $49. "Hasta el último hueso. (Poesía.). Josefina. boards. destino y obra. 2016. Curiel. new. Fernando.. AGUSTÍN ESPINOSA: PRIMER SURREALISTA ESPAÑOL Vida.. "A morir no se apprende" (2006). Written by Fernando Delgado. 2015. particularly focusing on his works "Lancelot" and "Crime".90 21 . new. (58495) $19. ISBN: 9788483593523. Paperback. new. 1962). (Biblioteca Contemporánea. (Colección Poesía). exploring topics such as female scientists in Spain during the beginning of the twentieth century. 303p. "Sus ojos en mí" is an award-winning novel (Azorin Award 2015) that narrates the passionate story of Teresa de Jesus. LA RESIDENCIA DE SEÑORITAS Y OTRAS REDES CULTURALES FEMENINAS. specifically analyzing the margins of society at the time. Poemas reunidos 1998-2007" (2007) and "Con la mosca detrás de la oreja" (2011). Rosa María Merino Hernández and María José Turrión. 2015. illus. "Agustín Espinosa: primer surrealista español" is a study on Spanish poet and narrator Agustin Espinosa. new.90 108. ISBN: 9788408138747. Cruz is also the author of "Prehistoria de los ángeles" (1984). "La Residencia de Señoritas y otras redes culturales femeninas" is a collection of essays on female university residences in Spain. marginalidad y maravilla en los siglos de oro" is a collection of essays on Spanish Golden Age heterodoxy in theater. Cruz. "Astillas" is a collection of poetry by Miguel Ángel Curiel. SUS OJOS EN MÍ. Díaz Arenas..105. Ángel. ASTILLAS. poetry and culture. ISBN: 9788490125519.. "Bajo el velar del tiempo" (1987).. MARGINALIDAD Y MARAVILLA EN LOS SIGLOS DE ORO. 2015. Díez Borque. (57039) $24. (58933) $39. 443p. Madrid: Visor Libros. Salamanca: Universidad de Salamanca. boards. ISBN: 9789587168341. 26). Autores Españoles Iberoamericanos. Cuesta Bustillo.. Paperback. New.60 106. Bogotá: Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. (Memoria de mujer. tables. bibl. 260p. (54662) $42. international female support networks. 149). wrps.. Paperback. wrps. Miguel Ángel. wrps. Barcelona: Planeta. ISBN: 9788498951783. bibl. Sevilla. Paperback. Fundación José Ortega y Gasset . 74p.80 110. 225p.

humorism in their poetry. Volumen I" is the first volume from the "Selecta Philologica" collection. VOLUMEN I. ISBN: 9788483593592. new. Written by Luis Mateo Diez. 168).. 654p. MISCELÁNEA TEATRAL ÁUREA. Paperback. Francisco Javier. 186p. Madrid: Calambur. 275p. ISBN: 9788437634791. (Biblioteca litterae. 2015. ISBN: 9788483593639. 2016. wrps. EL REINO DE CELAMA. Barcelona: Galaxia Gutenberg. LOS POETAS DEL 27 : TRADICIONES Y VANGUARDIAS. New.. Díez de Revenga. bibl. "Miscelánea teatral áurea" is a collection of essays on diverse aspects of Golden Age theatre. wrps.. Novela del académico Luis Mateo Díez. Díez. wrps. Madrid: Cátedra. wrps. "Los poetas del 27 : tradiciones y vanguardias" is a volume that analyzes the traditions and artistic tendencies of the Spanish and Latin American avant-guard poets known as Generation '27.90 116. new. (Biblioteca Filológica Hispana. Directed by José María Díez Borque. Díez Borque. Francisco Javier. clarity and dejection of the narrative's characters. Luis Mateo (1942). "Poetas españoles del siglo XXI. Includes chapters on Picasso in relation to the generation. Madrid: Visor Libros.. Díez de Revenga. Paperback. Murcia: Universidad de Murcia. 32). 227p. Barcelona: Calambur. 2015. I). Díez Borque. Francisco Javier Díez de Revenga analyzes exceptional Spanish poetry selections from the beginning of the 21st century.90 113. winner of the Castilla y León de las Letras prize in 2000. humor. (57238) $39.. Paperback. LOS DESAYUNOS DEL CAFÉ BORENES. José María (Director). breaking the reader from everyday emotions to experience the melancholy. bibl. comedy as a vehicle for information and mass culture. (56319) $74.40 115. Paperback. (56873) $44. Diez. 2015..90 22 . centered around themes such as propaganda. ISBN: 9788416551385. Written by Luis Mateo Diez. (Selecta Philologica. a professor at The Complutense University of Madrid. bibl. POETAS ESPAÑOLES DEL SIGLO XXI. new.. (55083) $49.. ISBN: 9788416252848. Rubén Darío.. BIBLIOTECAS Y LIBRERÍAS EN LA ESPAÑA DE CARLOS V.90 114. Luis Mateo. In this volume. Aproximaciones al mapa poético actual.. new. theater and more. boards. Paperback. ISBN: 9788498951684. 2016. ganador del Premio Castilla y León de las Letras en el año 2000.111. "El reino de Celama" is a metaphorical and complex novel that's part of a trilogy about the disappearance of rural cultures. APROXIMACIONES AL MAPA POÉTICO ACTUAL. (54636) $39. "Los desayunos del Café Borenes" contains two fiction stories that together create a game of mirrors. "Bibliotecas y librerías en la España de Carlos V" is a comprehensive study on libraries in Spain under the reign of Carlos V.90 112. 174p. José María. 520p. Paperback. 2015. wrps. 765). (59512) $59. (Letras Hispanicas. new.

José Ortega y Gasset. 6). (56694) $39. new.. Madrid: Centro Dramático Nacional. Incluye la critica desde sus origenes en el "Diario Estranjero" de Francisco Mariano Nipho. Egea.. TALLER DEL AUTOR (1969-1999). Duce García. entre otros.. Pérez-Rasilla Bayo. "Cartas a un poeta joven" is a collection of letters between Spanish author Aquilino Duque and various writers from 1952 to 2005. Contiene algunos nombres fundamentales en la historia de la cultura española como Miguel de Unamuno. wrps. 484p. CARTAS A UN POETA JOVEN : EPISTOLARIO PARA AQUILINO DUQUE (1952-2005). ANTOLOGÍA DE AUTÓMATAS EN LOS LIBROS DE CABALLERÍAS CASTELLANOS. 7). Paperback.90 119. including Miguel de Unamuno. Sevilla: Editorial Universidad de Sevilla. wrps. Cipriano de Rivas.. José Ortega y Gasset. "La otra sentimentalidad". Paperback. New.). ISBN: 9788447217540. Egea was one of the founding fathers of the poetic movement. Fernando and E. pretende ofrecer un panorama amplio de lo que ha sido la critica teatral en España. Volumen I" offers a panorama of Spanish theater and critical analysis of a wide body of works. The volume also features several key Spanish cultural figures. wrps. Doménech. New. (Colección Laboratorio. VOLUMEN I.. VOLUMEN I. Instituto Universitario de Investigación Miguel de Cervantes. HISTORIA Y ANTOLOGÍA DE LA CRÍTICA TEATRAL ESPAÑOLA.117. facsimiles. 274p. Volumen I" is a comprehensive collection of work by Spanish poet Javier Egea. ISBN: 9788498956818.90 118. Paperback. including "Diario Estranjero" by Francisco Mariano Nipho. 840p. (Narrativa.90 120. (58887) $34.40 23 . Javier. hasta el comienzo de la Guerra Civil en 1936. "Antología de autómatas en los libros de caballerías castellanos" is an anthology that presents and analyzes examples of automatons that appear in a vast majority of chivalric romance novels. bibl. Adrriano (ed. Cipriano de Rivas and more. ISBN: 9788490411650. wrps. 2016. 212p. illus.. 2016. "Taller del autor (1969-1999).. (58180) $54. (Colección Antologías. ISBN: 9788492799343. wrps.. (59042) $48. 15). Madrid: Bartleby Editores. Duque Crane. "La sinrazón de la razón : Una lectura del Quijote" offers a modern reading of "Don Quijote". considered to be one of the most important literary figures in the 1980s. new. Paperback. (59082) $39. Paperback. "Historia y antología de la crítica teatral española. 1763-1936. Luciano G. 1763-1936.90 121. LA SINRAZÓN DE LA RAZÓN : UNA LECTURA DEL QUIJOTE Cuarto centenario de la muerte de Cervantes (1616-2016). Jesús. Madrid: Visor Libros. Egido. Alcalá de Henares: Universidad de Alcalá Servicio de Publicaciones. 129p. 2015. 2016. Egido. Written by Luciano G. ISBN: 9788416133956. bibl. 2015. New.

Its author. novelist and poet from Cuenca. ISBN: 9788490441459. 2015. (Bibliotheca Ibero-Americana. essayist and literary critic Azorín's life and work. Lina Meruane and Sandra Lorenzano. ACADEMIAS MORALES DE LAS MUSAS. Friedhelm Schmidt-Welle and Fernando Valls. new. "MicroBerlín: de minificciones y microrrelatos" is a compilation of papers analyzing short fiction presented at the 7th International Congress of Short Fiction (VII Congreso Internacional de Minificción). he later returned to Spain and was arrested and taken to jail. Ottmar. Farré Portales. (58173) $38... 2015. ISBN: 9788416021444. "Senderos de violencia" is a collection of essays in which fourteen critics and five Latin American writers analyze the ways in which contemporary Latin American literature and culture represent violence. and was exiled in France under the protection of Anne of Austria. Cuenca: Ediciones de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. The authors also delve into ongoing debates on migration. new. 314p. Oswaldo (Edit. Madrid: Iberoamericana. Malaga: Ediciones del Genal. (58122) $39. ISBN: 9788484899297. ISBN: 9789498959338.. (656). "Academias morales de las Musas. "Azorín: quince meditaciones sobre su vida y su obra" is a collection of fifteen reflective writings on Spanish novelist. Paperback.. Rodrigo Rey Rosa. (56640) $129. where he died in 1663.40 123. TOMO I Y II Edición crítica y anotada del Instituto Almagro de teatro clásico. (Palabras de América). Paperback. wrps. Vervuert. Bd. Diego Trelles Paz. wrps. 2015. (Ediciones Críticas. historical amnesia. AZORÍN: QUINCE MEDITACIONES SOBRE SU VIDA Y SU OBRA. Enríquez Gómez. aesthetic violence and the construction of dissident memories in a neoliberal era. new. SENDEROS DE VIOLENCIA Latinoamerica y sus narrativas armadas. Peru’s internal conflict during the 80s and 90s and Central America’s civil wars. This is the first critical and annotated modern edition of the work. EN EL NOMBRE DE HOY : REVELACIONES DEL PREMIO DE POESÍA JAIME GIL DE BIEDMA. v.) . Tomo I y II" contains a varied collection of poems and comedies first published in 1642. new. 367p. 16-17). Jose Diego. Paperback. Paperback.90 126. Antonio. (57247) $54. Ette. wrps. Paperback. Despite the dangers. new. Valencia: Albatros Ediciones. 2015. XXV Aniversario del Premio Poesía Jaime Gil de Biedma. Mexican and Colombian narco-narratives. wrps. held at the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institute and the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin in November 2012. wrps. (Colección Visor de poesía.122. Antonio Enriquez Gomez. ISBN: 9788472743229. 2015. 161).. Featured writers include Juan Villoro. 419p. especially examining the military dictatorships of Chile and Argentina. "En el nombre de hoy: revelaciones del Premio de Poesía Jaime Gil de Biedma" is a collection of poems commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Jaime Gil de Biedma prize's incipience. (58218) $28. 933).90 125.80 124. MICROBERLÍN: DE MINIFICCIONES Y MICRORRELATOS. he became a fugitive from the Inquisition.90 24 . Frankfurt am Main. Madrid: Visor libros. was a playwright. Dieter Ingenschay. As a converted Jew. Estrada. 101p. 606p.

2015. Prologue by Pablo García Casado. 460p. (55252) $44. 2015. Alcalá de Henares: Universiad de Alcalá Servicio de publicaciones. Fernández Rodríguez-Escalona. (59085) $59.90 132. Hardcover. 71). Paperback.. new. Guillermo. wrps. Vervuert. tables. EL SÍ DE LAS NIÑAS. CALDERON: Texto.. "La comedia nueva. El sí de las niñas" is an analysis of two comedies that are an essential milestone in the evolution of drama: "The new comedy" and "The Maidens' Consent". boards. ISBN: 9788432225086. Fernández Mallo. Jesús Pérez-Magallón also addresses writer Leandro Fernández de Moratín's life and work. bibl. Madrid: Real Academia Española. LA COMEDIA NUEVA. "Ya nadie se llamará como yo + Poesía reunida (1998-2012)" is the latest collection of poetry by Agustín Fernández Mallo.20 128. Fernández de Moratín.90 131. Fernandez. wrps. 12 POEMAS DE FEDERICO GARCÍA LORCA Ilustrados por Gabriel Pacheco. photos. as well as the context and style he employed.90 25 . NO HAY NACIÓN PARA ESTE SEXO: LA RE(D)PÚBLICA TRANSATLÁNTICA DE LAS LETRAS: ESCRITORAS ESPAÑOLAS Y LATINOAMERICANAS (1824-1936). Pura (ed. "No hay nación para este sexo" is a presentation of Spanish literature written by women. wrps. "Calderon" is a hermeneutic approach to the interpretation of Catholic priest and writer Pedro Calderon de la Barca's literary output and creative process.80 130.).127. ISBN: 9788416599660. new. 354p. wrps. New. Commemorative of Cervantes' 400th anniversary of death. Agustín. as well as an analysis of the cultural and personal networks established between women authors during the formation of the new Latin American states and the re-construction of post-civil war Spain. 2015. Paperback.. 2015.. illus. wrps. Madrid: Iberoamericana. 84). Instituto Universiatrio de Investigación Miguel de Cervantes. "La concepción cervantina del hablar" is an interdisciplinary analysis that explores the relationship between speech and moral position in Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quijote. Santiago. Leandro. Obra Social "La Caixa". ISBN: 9788484898474. 31p. dust jacket. Fernandez Mosquera. Paperback. Hardcover. (56296) $49. YA NADIE SE LLAMARÁ COMO YO + POESÍA REUNIDA (1998-2012). 615p.. Hardcover.. Círculo de Lectores. (58124) $39. ISBN: 9788484898979. (Ediciones de Iberoamericana.80 129. Frankfurt am Main. ISBN: 9788492608836. 2015. (56524) $28. (Biblioteca Clásica de la Real Academia Española. (56686) $48. (Tres Mundos). Includes illustrations by Gabriel Pacheco. Seville: Kalandraka Ediciones Andalucía. Barcelona: Seix Barral.. "12 poemas de Federico García Lorca" is a collection of poetry by Federico García Lorca.. new. LA CONCEPCIÓN CERVANTINA DEL HABLAR : LENGUAJE Y ESCALA DE VALORES EN DON QUIJOTE. reescritura. new. ISBN: 9788467046243. 396p. Federico García Lorca. new. 2016. 408p. significado y representacion. Madrid: Iberoamericana.

. bibl. commemorating the 400th anniversary of his death. who turn out to be agents for a secret intelligence service. illus. ISBN: 9788416246885. "El Quijote a través del espejo" is a compilation of essays on Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. This riotous novel is a hallucinogenic thriller in which author Juan Francisco Ferré not only creates a compelling narrative in a new dimension. ISBN: 9788497474962.. ISBN: 9788416685646. (Anejos n.. Paperback. "El teatro Catalán: En el exilio republicano de 1939" is an investigation into the Catalan dramas that survived under exile during Francisco Franco's dictatorship. looming conspiracies and a game in which he is the puppet. María Jesús. (58919) $44. Santiago. (Narrativas hispánicas. who subject him to various tortures and make him swallow a pill that sinks him deeper into a nightmare world. 2015. "La propia vez" and "Isla Decepcion".. His ordinary life is turned upside down one day when he meets two admirers of his work at a bar. wrps. Juan Francisco. ISBN: 9788494375279. 270p. Juan Francisco (ed. wrps. 82). Franco Durán.90 26 . 227p. "Carlos Bousoño: estudio y antología poética" is an anthology and study of Spanish poet Carlos Bousoño's (1923-2015) work.°28). EL MITO DE ATALANTA E HIPÓMENES : FUENTES GRECOLATINAS Y SU PERVIVENCIA EN LA LITERATURA ESPAÑOLA.. wrps. (57223) $44. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama. Lugo: Real Instituto de Estudios Asturianos. DOMINIO (POESÍA. wrps. 203p. Ferré. bibl.00 135.. 2016. (59298) $44. new. Paperback.90 136. a divorced writer in his forties who lives in Spain with his daughter. EL QUIJOTE A TRAVÉS DEL ESPEJO Edición y prólogo de Juan Francisco Ferré. (59005) $59. "El Rey del Juego" is a novel that features Axel Bocanegra. Sevilla: Biblioteca del Exilio..). (58211) $39. Fombellida. 276p.90 138. Francesc. new. Málaga: Universidad de Málaga. EL REY DEL JUEGO. New... New. 2015. Fombellida also wrote "Montana roja".90 134. ISBN: 9788433997999. as well asa look at the variations of the myths that have been produced throughout history. 347p.133. wrps. Rafael. containing a majority of the poetry he wrote throughout his life. new. The duo proceeds to hold him hostage. Paperback. but also simultaneously addresses Spain's socio-political reality. 552). Fortuño Llorens. Paperback. 1989-2014). ISBN: 9788400100797. Ferré. New.. 423p. medieval and modern Greco-Latin sources that detail the myths of Atalanta and Hippomenes. 2015. Paperback. 2016. and ultimately delivers him to a dwarf and an old mad scientist. wrps. CARLOS BOUSOÑO: ESTUDIO Y ANTOLOGÍA POÉTICA. Axel passes through Kafkaesque territory. (55207) $39. Sevilla: Editorial Renacimiento. Ferré is also the author of Providence (Finalist Herralde Novel Prize 2009) and Karnaval (Herralde Novel Prize 2012). "Dominio" is a collection of poems by Rafael Fombellida. Paperback. EL TEATRO CATALÁN: EN EL EXILIO REPUBLICANO DE 1939. 2016. (Anejos de la Revista de Literatura. Foguet i Boreu. "El mito de Atalanta e Hipómenes" is a historical analysis of the ancient. Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. EDA Libros. bibl.90 137.

ISBN: 9788484898399. Ana M. Franco. 780p. 440p. Biblioteca de Clásicos contemporáneos.90 141. Features chapters that juxtapose Christian and Muslim fashion in the areas of clothes. facsimiles. Paperback... new Christians and Muslims. (59499) $79. Also features chapters on politics. 2016. New. "Identidades cuestionadas" is an analysis of religious identity and relations between different religious groups in the Mediterranean during medieval times. noting the styles of dress. Poncela was part of the Spanish literary movement of Generation '27.. jewelery. illus. New. style and beauty in Spanish royalty during the 13th and 14th century. Freire López.. professional lives. 216p. photos.. [Málaga]: Ediciones Azimut (Colección 5 y acción: Número 2). New. CARTAS DE BUENA AMISTAD: EPISTOLARIO DE EMILIA PARDO BAZÁN A BLANCA DE LOS RÍOS (1893-1919). wrps. Gallud Jardiel. literature and art. Hardcover. undergarments. CÉSAR SIMÓN : POESÍA COMPLETA. "César Simón : Poesía completa" contains the complete works of 19th century poet César Simón.). (58990) $54. bibl. Hardcover. bibl. illus. ISBN: 9788490857342. New. XIV-XVIII). "Moda y Belleza femenina en la corona de castilla durante los siglos XIII y XIV" is a study on femininity.. Paperback. 219p. Vervuert. MODA Y BELLEZA FEMENINA EN LA CORONA DE CASTILLA DURANTE LOS SIGLOS XIII Y XIV. 2016.)... Paperback. Borja et al. photos. IDENTIDADES CUESTIONADAS : COEXISTENCIA Y CONFLICTOS INTERRELIGIOSOS EN EL MEDITERRÁNEO (SS. EL CINE DE JARDIEL PONCELA. skin care and accessories. Enrique. ''Cartas de buena amistad'' is a collection of letters written over the span of twenty-seven years between novelist. Nieves.90 140. bibl. ISBN: 9788494371257. tables.. cosmetics and perfume. Valencia: Editorial Pre-textos. bibl. Vicente (ed. boards. "El cine de Jardiel Poncela" is a detailed study on the life and work of Spanish playwright and novelist Jardiel Poncela. shoes. Gallego. Madrid: Iberoamericana. maps. journalist and essayist Emilia Pardo Bazán and Spanish writer and literary critic Blanca de los Ríos. Fresneda González.139. (59508) $59. photos. hairstyles. literary projects and social concerns. Madrid: Editorial DYKINSON. 2016.. (58956) $39. and Dolores Thion Soriano-Mollá.90 143. (eds. wrps.90 142. old Christians. Valencia: Universitat de Valencia. 447p. The letters discuss the women's personal lives. This edition includes appendices and previously-unpublished poems. New. ISBN: 9788416453412. ISBN: 9788437099187. wrps. dust jacket. (58845) $29.90 27 . 2016. photos. specifically examining the cohabitation of Jews. boards. 2015. facsimiles.

(59105) $49. 2016. Eduardo. "Bulevar de los héroes" (1987). estudia sus aportaciones al teatro. written by Spanish poet Antonio Gamoneda. la vigencia de sus temas y la psicología de sus personajes..90 145. Estos dos conceptos de patria y libertad provienen en Galdós de la tradición de Cádiz de 1812. Paperback. (Derecho histórico). (58268) $44. otros ensayos y papeles.. y encuentran en su obra una defensa frente a los excesos de la intolerancia y de las guerras fratricidas entre españoles. 2016.. ISBN: 9788484899501. ESTADO Y NACIÓN EN UN ESCRITOR CANARIO. estado y nación en un escritor canario. written by Colombian author Eduardo Garcia Aguilar. New. "El viaje triunfal" (1993) and "Tequila coxis" (2003). wrps. Eduardo Galván Rodríguez. Madrid: Iberoamericana. MATERIALES PARA UNA AUTOBIOGRAFÍA FILOSÓFICA Confesiones profesionales. Paperback. LA DRAMATURGIA DE JACINTO BENAVENTE. (Colección Narrativa). 2016). translator. catedrático de Historia del Derecho y las Instituciones de la Universidad de Las Palmas. Vervuert. Eduardo.. 153." author Eduardo Galván Rodríguez provides a thorough examination of Spanish history through writer Benito Pérez Galdós' work. new. the structure of his works. Gamoneda. wrps. 11). illus. bibl. one of the most significant and influential Spanish-language thinkers in the 20th century.144. ''Materiales para una autobiografía filosófica'' is a compilation of personal writings. 2015. PARÍS EXPRÉS : CRÓNICAS PARISINAS DEL SIGLO XXI. Galván Rodríguez. In "España en Galdós: constitución. seguido de Una tarde con mi padre por Ángeles Gaos de Camacho Advertencia y selección de Adolfo Castañón. ESPAÑA EN GALDÓS: CONSTITUCIÓN. 2016. specifically studying his contributions to theater. Paperback. García Aguilar. Madrid: Editorial Verbum. New. "Niñez : antología" is an anthology of poetry exploring the theme of childhood. realiza en esta obra un planteamiento original e inédito: estudiar la idea de nación española a través de la producción de uno de nuestros más célebres novelistas a lo largo de cincuenta y cinco años. the creation of his subjects and psychology of his characters. ISBN: 9788483593653. 2015. told through the lens of freedom and love for Spain. "París exprés" is a personal testimony on the changes that Paris. (58903) $34. La obra reivindica la figura de Benavente. testimonies and other autobiographical materials by philosopher.90 147. France underwent from the 20th to the 21st century. new. Antonio. NIÑEZ : ANTOLOGÍA Selección y Prólogo Amelia Gamoneda Lanza. 180p. 349p. Enrique. Conaculta. wrps.90 148. (58167) $34. 215p. (Serie RESAD Estudios teatrales. wrps. Madrid: Ediciones Antígona. Bonilla Artigas Editores. Paperback. ISBN: 9788490742938. Madrid: Boletín Oficial del Estado. "La dramaturgia de Jacinto Benavente" analyzes Spanish dramatist and Nobel Prize-winner Jacinto Benavente's work. 125p. 430 wrps.90 28 . Paperback.. (58833) $34. ISBN: 9788434022553. marcados durante el siglo XIX por la lucha sin cuartel contra el oponente político. writer and professor José Gaos. José.90 146. ISBN: 9788415906780. Barcelona: Calambur (Poesía. Aguilar has also published works such as "Tierra de Leones" (1986).. Gaos. New. siempre desde una perspectiva de amor por la patria y por la libertad. analiza la estructura de sus obras. Gallud Jardiel.

bibl. "Mientras cantan los pájaros: Antología poética (1946-2006)" is an anthology that brings together a large collection of Spanish poet Pablo García Baena's work. Nobel Prize-winning Spanish novelist. "Cela : retrato de un Nobel" is an exhaustive biography of Camilo José Cela y Truloc. European education and social mobility. (59071) $44. short story writer and essayist associated with the Generation of '36 movement. Baena finds inspiration in everyday reality and the senses. bibl. facsimiles. graphics. SOCIEDAD Y POLÍTICA EN LA ESPAÑA DEL SIGLO XVI. (59501) $59. The authors also provide an in-depth study of the literary giant's lesser-known comedic and satirical works. CELA : RETRATO DE UN NOBEL. 486p. playwright and theater director Federico García Lorca. Gómez Canseco and A. EL TEATRO DE MIGUEL DE CERVANTES. UN LECTOR LLAMADO FEDERICO GARCÍA LORCA. especially delving into the literary influences he discovered in his youth. (58389) $44. New. 140p. ISBN: 9788498951745. García Baena.. "Balada en la muerte de la poesía" is a collection of peoms by Luis García Montero. Paperback. Madrid: Aache Ediciones. "Un invierno propio" (2011) and "Vista Cansada" (2008). respectively. wrps.. Barcelona: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial. tables. García Cano. wrps. García Montero.90 154. 2015. New. 741p. ISBN: 9788415537984. society and politics in 16th century Spain. "Educación. which received the National Poetry award and the National Critics award. new.. bibl. Luis. 2016. sociedad y política en la España del siglo XVI" is an exhuastive study on the effect of humanism on education.90 150.. new. "Un lector llamado Federico García Lorca" is a biography on Spanish poet. Paperback. Luis. Hardcover. Hardcover. New. Francisco. ISBN: 9788481545111. framed through the life and works of Juan de Castilla y Aguayo. Madrid: Visor Libros. and the impact certain books had on his life and career.. (59461) $64. wrps. 2016. "La intimidad de la serpiente" (2001). who has been published in "Habitaciones separadas" (1993). 2016. Montero is also the author of award-winning poetry books such as ''Habitaciones separadas'' (1994) and ''La intimidad de la serpienteo'' (2003). García Marquina. as well as his relationship with contemporary comedians at the time.. 2016. 26).80 151. boards.90 29 . (Colección Visor de poesía). photos. Paperback.. 762). bibl. ISBN: 9788430617814. EL HUMANISTA CORDOBÉS JUAN DE CASTILLA Y AGUAYO. ISBN: 9788498952261. Sáez. Written by Luis García Montero. (colección palabra de honor. Madrid: Editorial VISOR LIBROS. "El teatro de Miguel de Cervantes" is an analysis of Miguel de Cervantes' dramaturgy. wrps. Pablo.149. 639p. García Aguilar. (56647) $39. which is generally neglected by critics. 2015. I. illus. as well as his impact on literature.. BALADA EN LA MUERTE DE LA POESÍA. ISBN: 9788437634531.. Madrid: Ediciones Cátedra.90 153. J. Includes facsimiles of Cela's writings. 61p. This edition was prepared by Felipe Muriel. Córdoba: Universidad de Cordoba.. (Letras hispánicas. New. EDUCACIÓN. Paperback. María Isabel. MIENTRAS CANTAN LOS PÁJAROS: ANTOLOGÍA POÉTICA (1946-2006).90 152. 252p.. García Montero. L. (57232) $29. spurred by the power of the imagination. wrps.. Features a biography of Castilla y Aguayo.

ISBN: 9788416011735. Hardcover. Literatura. Luis. ISBN: 9788416421091. new. 36). one of the most celebrated Spanish writers and philosophers of his time. wrps.. Montero is known as one of the most important literary voices of contemporary Spanish literature. New. new. HISTORIA Y POLÍTICA EN LA FAMILIA DE PASCUAL DUARTE. 194p.90 156. Garrido Ardila. Juan Antonio. (54665) $54.90 30 . 2015.80 157. (Narrativa del Acantilado. Madrid: Astiberri.90 158.. "Historia y política en La familia de Pascual Duarte" is a critical analysis of Camillo José Cela's 1936 work." "El jardin extranjero.. wrps. "Poesía completa (1980-2015)" is a collection of ten books written by Luis Garcia Montero over a period of 35 years. aesthetics and other avant-garde literary concepts in Miguel de Unamuno's novel "Niebla".. (54668) $32. bibl.90 159. (56656) $39. J. Prologue by Jose-Carlos Mainer. 222p. Paperback. "La familia de Pascual Duarte". ISBN: 9788497407113. Santiago. Garcia. Hardcover. (Autores. (Autores. boards. EL UNAMUNO ETERNO. ISBN: 9788415685487. 2016. LA CONSTRUCCIÓN MODERNISTA DE NIEBLA DE UNAMUNO. Barcelona: Tusquets. (57752) $59. textos y temas.. García Porta.155. 2015. This book offers intimate details about both his life and work. Paperback. (58229) $44." "Diario complice. Javier Olivares. Winner of the National Comic Prize in 2015. Barcelona: Editorial Anthropos." "Ademas. Paperback. García Montero. 923p. This selection includes "Poemas de Tristia. A. New. Textos y Temas. (Marginales: nuevos textos sagrados. Barcelona: Acantilado.." "La intimidad de la serpiente.bibl. Garrido Ardila. POESÍA COMPLETA (1980-2015). boards. ISBN: 9788490660775. 558p. and the intersection between the two. new. Antonio. "Las dimensiones finitas" is a first-person narrative of author Antonio García Porta's brief relationship with someone he met under extraordinary circumstances. "Las meninas" is a graphic novel inspired by Diego Velazquez's portrait of Felipe IV's family. wrps. 2015. realism. "La construcción modernista de Niebla de Unamuno" is a study on the parody. Garrido Ardila. wrps. 289). centering especially on its literary and political effects. 37) . Barcelona: Edhasa (Castalia). LAS MENINAS. ISBN: 9788416421039. 2015. positivism. 2015.90 160. new. 185p.." "Habitaciones separadas. Barcelona: Anthropos.. bibl. LAS DIMENSIONES FINITAS." "Completamente viernes.. ''El unamuno eterno'' is an analysis and in-depth portrait of Miguel de Unamuno." "Las flores del frio. Juan Antonio. 262). Literatura. color illus. Prologue by Jane Neville. 269p. and the misunderstanding that can devastate a relationship.." "Vista cansada" and "Un invierno propio". (58886) $34. Paperback.

which she finds points directly back to the police. ISBN: 9788408142935. 27). capturing the mood of post-civil war Spain and cosmopolitan Barcelona. Contents include: Introducción : mediación visual en la "Generación X" española. 2015. 498p. bibl. Paperback. summer holidays and Christmas celebrations throughout the city. Paperback.. ISBN: 9788423348831. Hardcover. framing the urban cultural background of a disenchanted youth. (Publicaciones académicas. "El espejo de Perseo: cultura visual en la narrativa y el cine español" examines how visual culture constructs and interprets fictional worlds in Spanish literature and cinema of the 90s. Yvonne. 24). photos. (54508) $34. featuring contributions from noted scholars such as Helena Buggery. Antonio. an investigator who works on a case in which criminals are interrupting annual celebrations such as carnivals. new.90 31 . 304p. bibl. (54720) $44. new. Gil de Biedma.. wrps. Vigo: Editorial Academia del Hispanismo. EL EXILIO TEATRAL REPUBLICANO DE 1939 EN EUROPA. Barcelona: Destino. Barcelona: Planeta. "El exilio teatral republicano de 1939 en Europa" is a historical account of Spanish Civil War exiles who worked in theater throughout Europe. Samuel Llano and Juan Antonio Cervello (54643) $46..161. Alicia. Mario Martín (edit). boards. ISBN: 9788416187256. ISBN: 9788416246618. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket. DIARIOS 1956-1985. Gijón. Autores Españoles e Iberoamericanos. Biblioteca contemporánea . vol. "Generación X" : desencanto y simulacro en la transmodernidad. "El monstruo ante el espejo : espectáculo y violencia a través de la pantalla". boards. "Genevisión" : la generación visual del cine de los noventa". 2015. wrps. CRIMENES QUE NO OLVIDARE. 365p.. Winner of the Fernando Lara Award for Best Novel in 2015. tables.90 165. Sevilla: Renacimiento. EL ESPEJO DE PERSEO: CULTURA VISUAL EN LA NARRATIVA Y EL CINE ESPAÑOL.90 162.. 2015. "Cine y violencia espectacular : el fenómeno Kronen". new.. Garrido. (56323) $54. The work also aims to understand visual culture as a major form of expression during the late millennium. "El último paraíso" is a historical novel set in Depression-era Detroit and the Soviet Union. Hardcover. Paperback. "Crimenes que no olvidare" follows the story of Petra Delicado. Petra's everyday life is interrupted as she pursues the recurring presence of crime. (Memorias y biografías). "Imagen y violencia distópica en La Naranja Mecánica". (58188) $59.90 163.90 164. 185p. Winner of the Pepe Carvalho Award for Noir Fiction in 2015. 2015. wrps.. Gimenez Bartlett. (Colección Áncora y Delfín. 2015. "Diarios 1956-1985" is a collection of writer Jaime Gil de Biedma's (1929-1990) work. Duncan Wheeler. new. EL ÚLTIMO PARAÍSO. Gil de Biedma is known as one of the greatest Spanish poets of the twentieth century. "Epílogo lúdico" and "La retórica de lo icónico en el espejo de la postmodernidad. 665p. Barcelona: Lumen.. 1313). Gavela Ramos. (Biblioteca del Exilio. Jaime. ISBN: 9788426402516.

1965). The volume draws upon a decade of research conducted on the renowned Spanish classic theater playwright by the Institute of Classical Theatre Almagro. Historias de corsarios. "Las Riendas de la Fortuna. Hardcover.. Rafael.80 167. featuring a complete study on his life and relationships he had with the soldiers in his fleet. boards. new. "Hombres desnudos" is set during troubled times in which men in their 30s lose their jobs and have to resort to working at a striptease club. Presenta una revisión completa de los distintos aspectos que pueden considerarse del escritor Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla (1607-1648). Gómez. Paperback. wrps. autos sacramentales) o compositiva (comedias en colaboración). Winner of Planet Prize in 2015. Barcelona: Editorial Planeta.. 163). and capturing how an economic crisis impacts intimate relationships. (Literatura.90 169. "El universo dramático de Rojas Zorrilla" presents a comprehensive review of Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla's work (1607-1648). piratas y negreros españoles". bibl. (58258) $44. Montero (Madrid. tragedias.90 32 . "Estudio y edición de Gerardo González de Vega" is a biographical account on Captain Domingo de Toral. TALCO Y BRONCE. Gonzalez Cañal. new.. men and women collide with unpredictable consequences. ISBN: 9788408147879. "Talco y Bronce" is set in the turbulent Spain of the early 80s. Madrid: Visor Libros. wrps. The narrative chronicles the love and revenge between two criminals. HOMBRES DESNUDOS. 197p. 307p. Hardcover. friendship. Giménez Bartlett. y la valoración de sus claves dramáticas. Jesús. "Tendencias del diálogo barroco" is a monograph that provides systemic analyses of literary dialogues in works from the second half of the 17th century. Author Gerardo González de Vega has also written "El Demonio Maridiano. wrps. new. (59100) $39. Madrid: Miraguano Ediciones. 2015. Winner of the VIII Logroño Novel Prize. Sevilla: Algaida Editores. Includes modern annotations. ISBN: 9788498951639. (56642) $44. New. Coleccion Fastiginia. EL UNIVERSO DRAMÁTICO DE ROJAS ZORRILLA. innocence and evil. 474p. Desde la biografía a la recepción dentro y fuera de España.. (Biblioteca filológica hispana. (54671) $32.90 170.. Alicia. dust jacket. ISBN: f9788478134458. (57074) $44. Throughout the novel. Antología de historias portuguesas de aventuras ultramarinas" and "Mar Brava. ISBN: 9788490671887. Glez.166. 2015. Paperback. 2016. illus. 2015. Paperback. El volumen responde a las investigaciones sobre Rojas Zorrilla llevadas a cabo por el Instituto Almagro de teatro clásico durante más de una década. told in the spirit of a classic noir novel. ISBN: 9788484488538.80 168. Valladolid: Ediciones Universidad de Valladolid. Gerardo. boards. 222p. uno de los dramaturgos más renombrados del teatro clásico español. el estudio de las obras en su variedad genérica (comedias urbanas y palatinas. when the police inspired less confidence than criminals themselves.. RELACIÓN DE LA VIDA DEL CAPITÁN DOMINGO DE TORAL Y VALDÉS Estudio y edición de Gerardo González de Vega. TENDENCIAS DEL DIÁLOGO BARROCO : (LITERATURA Y PENSAMIENTO DURANTE LA SEGUNDA MITAD DEL SIGLO XVII). providing a social commentary on sex. 2015. 11). Cuentos fantásticos y de terror en la España del Antiguo Régimen". 200p.. González de Vega. new.

González. new. Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. CERVANTES SHAKESPEARE : UNA APROXIMACIÓN COMPARATIVA. Madrid: Publicaciones de la Residencia de Estudiantes. González. contrasting their work and analyzing the factors that constitute their caliber of writing. New. Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial . 1394p.. 130p. This novel is one of the most comprehensive. PEDRO SALINAS / JORGE GUILLÉN: EPISTOLARIO. "El erial y sus islas" is a collection of essays on Spanish literary history by Juan Goytisolo. Written by Belén Gopegui. Juan. 2015.. “Rompiendo algo” (2014). rigorous and deep literary creations that has ever been undertaken.. bibl. Barcelona: Cátedra.. new. Luis (Barcelona. (59001) $39.. "Cervantes Shakespeare" is a comparative study of Cervantes and Shakespeare. "Pedro Salinas / Jorge Guillén: Epistolario" contains 293 letters between Spanish poets Pedro Salinas and Jorge Guillén. "Antagonia" is a monumental tetralogy heralded as a masterpiece in Spanish literature. 2016. 260p. wrps. wrps. 260p. ISBN: 9788437634951. (58936) $54. Paperback. Salamanca: Editorial Confluencias.171. 1963-). (57248) $64. José Manuel. ISBN: 9788490773137. Paperback. 249p. ANTAGONÍA Editorial Anagrama. Juana María (ed.. "El comité de la noche" is a novel about two women in their thirties waging a battle against drug trafficking and the sale of blood and life. wrps. EL ERIAL Y SUS ISLAS.90 33 . Gopegui’s latest title. 479p. 175p. Madrid: Fondo de Cultura Económica. ISBN: 9788493998882. Gopegui. (50830) $43. (54675) $32. Jorge. New. facsimiles... ISBN: 9788494441301. Gorostiza. "Conversaciones con Luis Buñuel" is a collection of interviews with Spanish-Mexican filmmaker Luis Buñuel. 2015. which Luis Goytisolo began writing while he was in prison for his participation in the Communist Party.90 176. wrps.90 175. is a selection of her articles and essays. Paperback. POR ESO SOY FELIZ. new. Goytisolo.). ISBN: 9788439729099. CORRESPONDENCIA CON LEÓN SÁNCHEZ CUESTA 1925-1974. "El padre de Blancanieves" and "Lo real". ISBN: 9788437507293. 1935-). (56302) $29. 2014. illus. CONVERSACIONES CON LUIS BUÑUEL: VIVO. (Letras Hispánicas). author of "Deseo de ser punk". Paperback.90 173. Edited by Antoni Munne. Goytisolo. Madrid: Editorial Síntesis. 2016. Belén (Madrid. Madrid: Literatura Random House. wrps. bibl. new. as well as Spanish librarian León Sánchez Cuesta. 2016.90 172. 1112p. (Colección Literatura). Paperback.00 174. EL COMITÉ DE LA NOCHE.

. author of "Antagonía". in office buildings and health clinics. a su condición de firme hombre de armas e inagotable hombre de letras. 2015. al escritor único y a su vitalidad arrebatada. Barcelona: Tusquets Editores.90 178. ISBN: 9788433998125.. ISBN: 9788430617647. (El espejo y la lámpara. LOS BESOS EN EL PAN.. Barcelona: Editorial Tusquets. Gracia. (58254) $59. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama. "Pensar por ensayos en la España del siglo XX" examines the socio-political changes and cultural crisis in Spain during the 19th and 20th centuries due to the influence of French and English traditions. New. Goytisolo. fidedigna y renovadora de una de las figuras mas importantes de la literatura española. 467p. Gracia. (Memorias y biografías.. Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616). (Narrativas Hispanicas). 1935-). Almudenas. Barcelona: Taurus. This study also includes analyses by more than one hundred Spanish essayists to trace the country's evolution over the last hundred years. indignation. EL ATASCO Y DEMÁS FÁBULAS Prólogo de Ignacio Echevarría. Paperback.90 180. ISBN: 9788490661918. "Las edades de Lulú" is a novel that tells the story of Lulu.. Paperback.90 181. (Colección Andanzas. 2016.a private universe in which time loses value.his everyday life.177. wrps.80 179. 488p. tenderness and tenacity. LAS EDADES DE LULÚ. Paperback. (59374) $39. PENSAR POR ENSAYOS EN LA ESPAÑA DEL SIGLO XX. 868. with the goal of stripping away 400 years of history and legend in order to get closer to his human dimension -. boards. 180p. wrps. new. More than just stories. a 15-year-old girl who succumbs to the carnal attraction of a family friend. these neighbors experience bittersweet moments of unexpected solidarity. (Colección Andanzas). wrps. a su defensa de la mujer y a su afán por entender la existencia como nadie la había entendido hasta entonces: en la encrucijada moderna de la ironía. (58208) $42. and the struggles they face behind closed doors: a family that returns from vacation determined not to change their routine. Firm). ISBN: 9788494190469. rage. (56872) $48. Jordi. "Miguel de Cervantes: la conquista de la ironía" is a biography on one of the most important figures in Spanish literature. Luis (Barcelona. Grandes. "El atasco y demás fábulas" is a collection of stories that were written in a span of over 40 years. illus. Hardcover. new. Grandes. new. a woman who decides to reinvent herself and return to her ancestral land. sentimental nature and quest to understand existence as no one understood it before. they contain aphorisms and puns that serve as a tool of analysis and satirical criticism of the contemporary world. 12). In the barbershop and bar. Almudena. "Los besos en el pan" is a novel that chronicles the stories of people in a neighborhood. She creates a world apart from reality -. new. a newly divorced man heard crying behind a partition. all of which lack animals. 327p. MIGUEL DE CERVANTES: LA CONQUISTA DE LA IRONÍA. sentimentalism and moral lessons. 2015. wrps. 280p. 2016. Written by award-winning Spanish writer Luis Goytisolo. aspira a despojar a Cervantes de los 400 años de historia que le han caído encima para acercarnos a su dimensión humana y sentimental. 2015. a grandmother who sets the Christmas tree up early to cheer up her family... Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616). ISBN: 9786074217056. (55379) $24. Biografía narrativa.90 34 . Jordi and Domingo Ródenas de Moya. Paperback. Bellaterra : Edicions UAB.

. Paperback. 400p. Author Iona Gruia applies this metaphor to works by authors such as Juan Marsé. 105). 164p. ISBN: 9788484725480. 2016. bibl. (58252) $79. new. completando esa visión con la visita a los lugares donde nacieron. Nueva publicación de la Consejería de Cultura propone hacer un viaje a los orígenes del castellano como lengua y como ámbito geográfico donde éste tuvo su cuna. "La cicatriz en la literatura europea contemporánea" is an analysis of contemporary European literature based on the premise that wounds and scars play a fundamental significance in literature. New. (58197) $36. crece y abre su espacio de influencia. ISBN: 9788416396719. Gruia. Hardcover. This linguistic journey is completed with a visit to the places in which the greatest poets and Castilian writers lived. Valladolid : Junta de Castilla y Leon. boards. ISBN: 9788477376187. and the geographic area from which it sprang.90 186. "Memoria y desmemoria del castellano" is a new publication from the Ministry of Culture in Spain that traces the origins of Castilian language. 2015. 328). and the publication of their review "Ibérica".. Features chapters on their lives. HÉLÈNE CIXOUS. que viene a representar la “decantación” de nuestra lengua que. Barcelona: Anagrama. (Iluminaciones. intimacy. LUIS GARCÍA MONTERO.... (Nuevos tiempos. Hélène Cixous. ÁNGELES MORA. con el tiempo. murieron y fueron enterrados los primeros y más grandes poetas y escritores castellanos.182. NORMAN MANEA. ISBN: 9788497186612. wrps. "Victoria Kent y Louise Crane en Nueva York" is an analysis on the lives of two women in New York during Francisco Franco's dictatorship: Victoria Kent. in which everything and anything can be bought with money.80 185. wrps. written by Spanish film director and writer Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón.90 184.90 183. "A los actores" is a study and portrait of famous Spanish actors. friendship. "Los poderosos lo quieren todo" is an ironic comedy that reflects on a society that is dominated by corruption and ambition. photos. Gutiérrez Aragón. Para esta obra hemos diseñado su cubierta. Luis García Montero and Ángeles Mora. and Louise Crane.90 35 . José María (Madrid. new. 327p. ISBN: 9788433997975. Norman Manea. 1978). died and were buried. MEMORIA Y DESMEMORIA DEL CASTELLANO. VICTORIA KENT Y LOUISE CRANE EN NUEVA YORK : UN EXILIO COMPARTIDO. Carmen de la. wrps. bibl. Paperback. LA CICATRIZ EN LA LITERATURA EUROPEA CONTEMPORÁNEA: JUAN MARSÉ. 317p. (57224) $39. wrps. Guelbenzu. (54787) $39. new. Jose. Ioana (Bucarest.. an American philanthropist. Wounds and scars become visible through physical bodies. Sevilla: Renacimiento. Guardia. Paperback. 2015. Madrid: Ediciones Siruela. 2015. 132p. 1944). 550). (59530) $48. cities and histories. (Narrativas Hispánicas. which created a network of Spanish exiles. LOS PODEROSOS LO QUIEREN TODO. Guerrero Martin. 2015. A LOS ACTORES. new. Madrid: Sílex Ediciones. an exiled Spanish lawyer and Republican politician. Manuel.. Paperback.

bibl.90 188. wrps. Gutiérrrez. wrps. cosmopolita" (2009) and "Don Quijote en su periplo universal" (2011). Gutiérrez.. Haro Ibars. Pablo. VOL I Y II. Paperback.90 190. she begins to see the world as she never had before. ISBN: 9788437097940. LA LÍNEA OSCURA. 269p. Paperback. Valencia: Universitat de València. (54645) $69. (58943) $59. This action awakens all of her latent feelings. Captivated by the world of literature. Hans Christian (coord.. "Cultura y memoria 'a la contra'" is a collection of literary theory and critiques by Spanish journalist. 2016. Poesía escogida 1994-2014" is a collection of poetry by Pedro Juan Gutiérrez. "Don Quijote en los cinco continentes" is an analysis of the reception of Cervantes' "Don Quixote" on an international level. (Poesía). (54661) $29. CULTURA Y MEMORIA "A LA CONTRA" : ARTÍCULOS EN LAS REVISTAS TRIUNFO Y TIEMPO DE HISTORIA (1975-1982) Edición y estudio introductorio de Aránzazu Sarría Buil.. photos. ISBN: 9788490441886. illus. She discovers a vibrant and symbolic rebellion that pushes the boundaries of fiction into reality. 2015. who was named one of the greatest young novelists in Spanish literature. Pedro Juan. LITERATURA Y FICCIÓN: "ESTORIAS". aventuras y poesía en la Edad Media" is a monograph of literature and fiction in the Middle Ages.. new. bibl.La Mancha (Humanidades . illus. ISBN: 9788432224713. 2016.187.. Cuenca: Ediciones de la Universidad de Castilla . (58918) $44. DON QUIJOTE EN LOS CINCO CONTINENTES: ACERCA DE LA RECEPCIÓN INTERNACIONAL DE LA NOVELA CERVANTINA. Barcelona: Seix Barral.. 616p.90 36 .. New. illus. 125). Instead of returning it. Marta (edit. she begins to read. ISBN: 9788490742556.. wrps. Paperback. ISBN: 9788494450020. tables. photos. Written by Pablo Gutierrez. new. (Colección Parnaseo. "Literatura y ficción: "estorias". facsimiles. featuring a collection of studies on literary discourse and the poetics of fiction. 337p. AVENTURAS Y POESÍA EN LA EDAD MEDIA. Haro Cortés. 264p. new. 2015. Eduardo. LOS LIBROS REPENTINOS.). New. This study is part of a series that includes the titles "Don Quijote por tierras extranjeras" (2007). "Los libros repentinos" centers around a woman named Reme. Madrid: Editorial Verbum. novelist and poet Eduardo Haro Ibars. "Don Quijote.90 189.90 191. a box of books is accidentally delivered to her doorstep. as well as the different models and narrative constructions in Spanish literature.). "La línea oscura.. wrps. (57229) $39. wrps. Paperback. 25). Paperback. "Los libros repentinos" reflects on the healing and disturbing power of literature. 2015. Hours after the death of her husband. Hagedorn. 2 vols.. POESÍA ESCOGIDA 1994-2014. Madrid: Postmetropolis Editorial.

Madrid: Del Centro Editores. LOS AFECTOS. (56006) $39. Hernández. Paperback. "Meteoro" is a novel about family heritage and the ways it influences relationships with others. Rodolfo. Written as a long confession and an emotional love letter. ISBN: 9788415451563. It's in these strange lands that Hans Ertl tries to realize his wife Paititi's dream of finding the lost city of the Incas. 2015. ISBN: 9788439730637. Luis Buñuel and Francisco Ayala. Hernández. 263p. after the defeat of Germany in World War II. including Juan Ramon Jimenez. The narrative follows Martina. Paperback. "La vida en el Hotel Greco (Antología Poética)" is an anthology of poetry by prolific Spanish poet Rodolfo Häsler. (59103) $74. wrps. Signed by the author. "El origen del microrrelato se sitúa estrechamente vinculado en España con el Modernismo y las Vanguardis. "Los afectos" addresses the gradual disintegration of Ertl. new. art and photography. wrps. 2015. Paperback. wrps. fiction and historical facts to peer into the ties and affections of this unusual family. decided to immigrate to Bolivia. Häsler. "Un centímetro de seda" explores the origins of the Spanish short story in the context of modernism and the avant-garde movement. EL INSTANTE DE PELIGRO.. Finalist of the Herralde Novel Prize. this novel shows just how far and how close you can be to those with whom you share a surname and memories. as she moves from the city to the country with her fiancee Pablo. Includes a selection of work by precursors and pioneers of this brief narrative form. Hasbún is the recipient of the National Santa Cruz de la Sierra Award for Literature. ORÍGENES HISTÓRICOS: MODERNISMO Y VANGUARDIA. Hasbún. Set against the background of a radicalized Latin America in the 50s and 60s. Miguel Ángel. where the cracks and decay in their rural environment begin to show up in their relationship as well. ISBN: 9788415740308. 215p.80 37 . a family of adventurers who. Federico García Lorca. METEORO. Häsler received the Poetry Classroom of Barcelona prize in 1992. Mireya. Barcelona: Anagrama. as well as an exploration of passion. Exciting and full of beauty. 2016. Serie Contrarreloj). ISBN: 9788494432818.. illus. new. the protagonist. undulating emotions. 2015. Ramón Gómez de la Serna.90 193.192. Hernández. Only 100 prints. (54673) $24. (Narrativas Hispánicas).. LA VIDA EN EL HOTEL GRECO (ANTOLOGÍA POÉTICA) Imágenes Benet Rossell. hidden in an inhospitable corner of the Amazon rainforest. como puede comprobarse en esta antología que reuna una cuidada selección de piezas de precursores y pioneros de la narrativa más breve. UN CENTÍMETRO DE SEDA: ANTOLOGÍA DEL MICRORRELATO ESPAÑOL. 78.90 196. 223p. "El instante de peligro" is a reflection about time..90 195. new. new. Luis Buñuel y Francisco Ayala.90 194. Hardcover. Palencia: Menoscuarto. author Rodrigo Hasbún mixes biography." (58214) $29. this novel reflects on the memory of images and the recollection of lived moments. 140p. Federico Garcia Lorca. Dario. boards.. wrps. Barcelona: Random House Mondadori. (Reloj de arena (Palencia. Rodrigo.. relationships and intense. Entre ellos se encuentran Juan Ramón Jiménez. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket. Barcelona: Caballo de Troya. Paperback. Ramon Gomez de la Serna. 2015. ISBN: 9788433998019. 95p. (56657) $39.

). Paperback. José. Hidalgo Bayal.because he doesn't want to. new.40 199. 231p. 470p.. Paperback. 2015. (58187) $39. 2016. ISBN: 9788416020638. Paperback. (Colección Andanzas. Barcelona: Tusquets Editores. (Literatura y Guerra Civil. Awarded the 5th International Award by the Scientific Academy of Hispanics and Spanish Literature Research Review. he reaches a remote village away from the rest of society. 14). new. and eventually they shape his narrative into one about the gradual extinction of language. 2). ISBN: 9788437097077. 285p. 2015. Herrera particularly focuses on the second major phase of his career.. NEMO. 194p. GUERRA CIVIL Edición crítica de Guillermo Ginés Ramiro. ISBN: 9788415175971. wrps. ISBN: 9788490662090. "Educacion artistica y diversidad sexual" explores pedagogical models for incorporating LGBT perspectives into art education curricula. (54782) $59. LUIS BUÑUEL EN SU ARCHIVO DE LOS OLVIDADOS A VIRIDIANA. photos. Amparo Alonso-Sanz (eds. (56326) $52. The locals baptize him as Nemo and commission him to write their story.. bibls. "Nemo" is the story of a man who doesn't speak -. "La Edad Media contemporánea" analyzes references to and influences from the Middle Ages in the contemporary Spanish narrative.90 38 . wrps. New.. (Biblioteca Canon. After wandering in search of a retreat from evil. Madrid: Escolar y Mayo Editores. Gonzalo. 2015. Huerta. Huertas Morales. Madrid: Fondo de Cultura Economica. Javier. Ricard. EDUCACION ARTISTICA Y DIVERSIDAD SEXUAL. Vigo: Academia del Hispanismo. Herrera Petere. 872). Obra galardonada con el V Premio Internacional Academia del Hispanismo de Investigación Científica y Crítica sobre Literatura Española..90 200. 2016. bibl. wrps.197. "Guerra Civil" is a critically-annotated version of José Herrera Petere's collection of forty-one poems on the Spanish Civil War. (59074) $39.. (Colección Tezontle). wrps. (56913) $34. LA EDAD MEDIA CONTEMPORÁNEA: ESTUDIO DE LA NOVELA ESPAÑOLA DE TEMA MEDIEVAL (1990-2012). new. Antonio. ISBN: 9788437507248. But rumors fly about the man. New.90 198. Herrera. Paperback. wrps. Paperback. "Luis Buñuel en su archivo de los olvidados a Viridiana" is a study of Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel's (1900-1983) life and work based on Javier Herrera's deep research of his personal files in the Spanish Film Library of Madrid.90 201. Valencia: Universitat de Valencia.. which spanned from 1950 to 1961 and centered around two great masterpieces: "Los Olvidados" and "Viridiana". Analiza la relevante presencia de la Edad Media en la narrativa española contemporánea. 234p.

Barcelona: Editorial Planeta. CONTAR POR IMÁGENES : LA NARRATIVA DE JUAN BENET. written to remember the leader of one of the largest Spanish militaries.. 1939 Y OTROS ESTUDIOS BREVES SOBRE ANTONIO MACHADO. ISBN: 9788416495030.80 207.. and María Josefa Sanz Fuentes. Paperback. Paperback.. Paperback. Manuel. ISBN: 9788408147510. Clara and Jaime Siles.90 39 .. 233p. ISBN: 9788416685134. 2016. Julián. Imperiale. (59521) $49. illus. Paperback. "Nos vemos en esta vida o en la otra" is a chronicle of the 2004 Madrid train bombings.. New. Ibáñez has also written "El viejo muere". Sevilla: Renacimiento. (59035) $42. facsimiles. Includes new studies and annotations. Paperback. Hardcover. New. 110).90 204. ISBN: 9768499113831. "Movimientos insomnes: antología poética (1964-2014)" features a wide selection of poetry by Clara Janés.. 1939 y otros estudios breves sobre Antonio Machado" is a compilation of diverse studies on the life and works of Spanish poet Antonio Machado. 226p. Madrid: Editorial Cuadernos del Laberinto. wrps. New. (Colección Iluminaciones. (56650) $54. 375p. bibl. "Grupo Salvaje" and "Manu". (58928) $39. "Canino" is a crime novel written by award-winning author Julián Ibáñez. (Colección Estrella Negra. bibl. Issorel. n° 11 . wrps. recounting the last twenty-six days of his life and analyzing a piece he wrote shortly before his death. Es lo que ocurre cuando tratas de escapar de ti mismo: Los problemas simbre acaban dando contigo. ISBN: 9788416685516. photo. 2016. one of the central figures in contemporary Spanish literature.202. illus. 2016. aunque ellos van detrás. Borja: Centro de Estudios Borjanos (Colección "Monografías CESBOR" n. Jabois is also the author of "Irse a madrid". NOS VEMOS EN ESTA VIDA O EN LA OTRA Una historia real de traicíon y violencia. Ibáñez. "La niña vive" and "Gatas salvajes". Jabois. Editorial Renacimiento.. Jacques. Miguel Ángel Pallarés Jímenez. Barcelona: Galaxia Gutenberg.° 19).90 203. 2015. an anonymous work originally published in the 16th century.. Serie Bellón. 2016. New. Hugo Vázquez Bravo. tables.. (59301) $39. This selection was prepared by the poet and critic Jaime Siles. boards. New. CON TODAS LAS COSAS QUE GONÇALO FERNANDES HA FECHO DESPUÉS QUE PARTIÓ DE ESPAÑA Estudio y edición de una crónica anónima de 1505. Janés.. 7). LA CONQUISTA DEL REYNO DE NÁPOLES. "Contar por imágenes" is an analysis of the geographical descriptions and constructions in Spanish writer Juan Benet's novels and stories. 401p. MOVIMIENTOS INSOMNES: ANTOLOGÍA POÉTICA (1964-2014). CANINO Hueyes. ISBN: 9788494535765.90 205. ÚLTIMOS DÍAS EN COLLIOURE. "Últimos Días en Collioure.. wrps. siguiendo tus pasos. bibl. 222p. "Estos días azules y este sol de la infancia". (59297) $29. Stefania. 2016..90 206. illus.. Sevilla: Centro de Estudios Andaluces. boards. written by journalist and writer Manuel Jabois. 215p. Also features a brief biography. bibl. A critical edition of "La Conquista del Reyno de Nápoles". new.

90 213.208. Winner of the Cervantes prize. ISBN: 9788490551400. 93). New. 125p. Barcelona: Galaxia Gutenberg. "Los compañeros" (1997) and "Relación topográfica" (1993). ISBN: 9788416495368. 188p. 2015. 8). This is Jiménez's first novel -. SE LLAMABA CAROLINA. ISBN: 9786079436100. León: Junta de Castilla y León.. (59092) $39. ESTRENOS Y BATALLAS CAMPALES. "Sobre Teresa de Jesús" is a study on Santa Teresa de Jesus' religious devotion and life. ISBN: 9788416291229. as well as subtle but powerful prose.90 40 . sorrow and artificial paradise. 2015. author of "Libros de visitantes" (2007). as well as the story of the narrator's teacher. "Se llamaba Carolina" tells the story of the production of "Hamlet" by street artists in a small Spanish village during the postwar period. Hardcover. 168p. 2016. "La memoria de las cosas" is a book of short stories that looks at familiar objects. ISBN: 9788416034628. José (Langa. author Daniel Jiménez explores the unfathomable depths of existential emptiness. Hardcover. IDEA DE LA CENIZA. new. (Humoristas. new.. Consejo de Cultura y Turismo. Daniel.. Paperback.90 210. 2016. boards. told through the medium of email. Valencina de la Concepcion: Ediciones Espuela de Plata. Cáceres: Editorial Periférica.He was awarded the Dos Passos Prize for best debut novel. wrps. María Virginia (Madrid. D. wrps. 2016. loneliness.90 212. 1930-). Paperback. Written by Spanish poet and essayist José Jiménez Lozano. "Idea de la ceniza" is a novel about love. Jiménez Lozano. México. (58185) $39. loss and intimacy. wrps. new. Jardier Poncela. inviting readers to deepen their understanding of her roles as both a social reformer and mystic. 1971). (56868) $59. new. situations and stories with an entirely new perspective. (Largo recorrido.90 209. wrps. "Cocaína" is a fictional account narrated by a young man who lives between two obsessions: literature and cocaine.. "Estrenos y batallas campales" is a collection of theatrical comedies by Enrique Jardier Poncela about Madrid. Jauregui. (57222) $44.F: Sexto Piso. new. lending insight into the Spanish cultural world of the 30s and 40s. José and Teófanes Egido. 424p. 308p. isolation. This collection features dark and complex characters. Paperback. who had plans to be an actress. Enrique (Madrid. Ávila. Written by Gabriela Jauregui. ISBN: 9788497186629. Jiménez Lozano. boards. Carolina Donat. 235p. (56732) $24. LA MEMORIA DE LAS COSAS.90 211. Paperback.. Through this narrative. (56313) $34. Madrid: Literaria. 2015.. SOBRE TERESA DE JESÚS. COCAÍNA. Jiménez. 1901-1952). Jaua. Gabriela.

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"Noches sin dormir: último invierno en Nueva York" is a literary and artistic perspective on New York City. Includes interviews by the author. 175p. (58172) $39. MEMORIAS DEL GAYPITALISMO: LA CREACIÓN DE LA «MARCA GAY». chueca" is an investigation into the commodification of gay culture for capitalistic gain in Spain. 251p. Lily. new. Llorente. ABRIL-SEPTIEMBRE DE 1937 Intoducción. (59102) $34. Elvira (Cádiz. Paperback. ATLAS DE LA ESPAÑA IMAGINARIA. wrps. Julio. (Foca Investigación 148). Barcelona: Seix Barral. Habla de una ciudad llena de vagabundos y comebasuras.220. 2016.90 224.90 221. New. ISBN: 9788416034703. new. (56636) $44. gente que quiere llorar y no puede (o no le dejan). Shangay. written during the Spanish Civil War in the heart of Spain. Llamazares. dystopian environment designed to raise questions about our current society. new. David. Llop.90 225. ISBN: 9788494528330. 2016. Provides a candid first-hand account of the daily life of the city and its people. wrps. pero también de gente de arriba (de muy arriba) que niega todas esas realidades". Prólogo de Mirta Núñez Díaz-Balart. street riots. 334p. ADIÓS. Lindo. (Narrativa). Sevilla: Ediciones Espuela de Plata.. 103p. wrps. narra historias de gente desesperada. Hardcover. boards. ISBN: 97884164440276. photos. New. In "Atlas de la España imaginaria". Epílogo de Flora García Ivars. wrps. recounting and tracing them to their origins. Paperback. photos. 1962). facsimiles. new. Paperback. Ricardo. 2015. 2015. (Biblioteca abierta). Madrid: Nordica Libros. (56653) $44. photos.. Paperback. hippies. "Adiós. 2016. 194p. ISBN: 9788450413662. literature. CHUECA. ISBN: 9788416328369.90 223. "Novela.. José Carlos. DIARIO DE GUERRA : BARCELONA. Madrid: Ediciones Akal. Paperback. Author Shangay Lily also examines how the AIDS epidemic impacted gay culture. reality and the future. NOCHES SIN DORMIR: ÚLTIMO INVIERNO EN NUEVA YORK. "Madrid: frontera" is an explosive novel that dispels traditional ideas and replaces them with a fantastical. exploring the creation of the "Chueca" brand and its marketing strategies toward a gay population.. 2016. edición y notas de Antonio Rojas Friend. ISBN: 9788432225543. MADRID: FRONTERA. REYES DE ALEJANDRIA. sin voz. Madrid: Alfaguara. wrps.90 42 . 218p. Music. and social media's role on the commodification process. an emblematic Spaniard in the gay community. "Reyes de Alejandria" is the hypnotic story of a man recounting his youth in Barcelona. (59525) $42. (58220) $39.90 222. the disorder of youth. Lezcano. "Diario de guerra" is the previously-unpublished diary of Ricardo Lezcano... author Julio Llamazares finds stories and myths from around Spain. inspired by nights of sleeplessness and creativity. Barcelona: Alrevés. the splendor of eroticism and love all comprise the backdrop of his nostalgic memories.

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Juan de. upon discovering the theory of evolution. selected by Antonio F.. LA PSYCHE. new.80 243. maps. In addition to an identity crisis.. new. happiness.. "En un principio era el hambre: antología esencial 1990-2015" is a collection of poetry by Chantal Maillard. ACERCA DE LA CONQUISTA ÁRABE DE HISPANIA : IMPRECISIONES. Written by Juan Malpartida. (Serie Ensayo). Paperback. wrps. Malpartida. "Un mal poema ensucia el mundo" is a collection of short essays and poetry by Spanish writer Joan Margarit that reflect on the central themes of pain. (57236) $39. ISBN: 9788416160549. 1988-2014. 2016. (Narrativa. undergoes a severe emotional crisis. Valencia: Pre-Textos. Maillard. life and philosophy. Hardcover. Features chapters on the reliability of sources. (Colección Poesía). who was awarded the XLVII International Short Story Award for this novel on June 5th. Paperback. (Serie Lecturas de Historia). friendship. new. bibl. "La mujer de pie" is a reflection on disease. "La Psyche" is a mythological poem in hendecasyllable style written by Juan de Mal Lara in the 16th century. wrps. they also exerience a reverent reflection on time. LA MUJER DE PIE.F: Fuente de Afirmación Hispanista. Maillard. 2015. new. Mal Lara. (59533) $44. 1348).. experiencing a shift in their perception of man in the system of life. 311p.80 45 . EQUÍVOCOS Y PATRAÑAS. wrps. (56654) $48. ISBN: 9788461692699. CAMINO DE CASA.. 1951). Margarit. "Camino de casa" tells the story of someone who. Barcelona: Galaxia Gutenberg.90 240. 2016. aiming to illuminate rational elements behind the conquest. 2015.238. Rodriguez Esteban. Prologue by Virginia Trueba Mira. Maíllo Salgado. D.. 176p.40 239. Paperback.90 241. 1938). 155p. Paperback. 709p. "Acerca de la conquista árabe de Hispania" is a historiography of the Arab conquest of Spain between the 9th and 11th centuries. 2015. ISBN: 9788416601028. dust jacket. boards. wrps. loneliness and love. 233p. loss. ISBN: 9788416453160. Chantal (Bruselas. wrps. the discontinuity of perception and the illusory belief in a self that gives meaning to existence. the northeastern conquest of Spain and the conquistadors. UN MAL POEMA ENSUCIA EL MUNDO Ensayos sobre poesía. México.90 242. new. Chantal. ISBN: 9788437507309. Paperback. Joan (Lleida. as well as relieve the myths and legends surrounding it. EN UN PRINCIPIO ERA EL HAMBRE: ANTOLOGÍA ESENCIAL 1990-2015. (56308) $29. (57212) $84. New. Barcelona: Arpa Editores. Madrid: Adaba Editores. tables. 2015. (54652) $44.. 2015. Felipe. 230p. Juan. Madrid: Fondo de Cultura Económica. The poem was not well-received at the time. ISBN: 9788416252763.

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Ernesto Mallo. "Barcelona negro" is a collection of stories written by Spanish crime novelists. (58822) $32. New. This edition also includes literary theory and criticism by Francisco Gutiérrez Carbajo. "Cartas de amor a Stalin : La paz perpetua" features two plays by contemporary Spanish playwright. New. (59299) $39. wrps. Juan Mayorga. VALLE-INCLÁN Y SU LEYENDA: AL HILO DE EL RUEDO IBÉRICO. Granada: Editorial Comares. Lilian Neuman and Carles Quílez.. ISBN: 9788484899648. wrps. 272p.. Barcelona: Clasicos Castalia. New. ''Una horma para el cuento'' is a collection of essays analyzing Spanish history through 19th century newspaper records. "La noche de la conspiración de la pólvora". Milo Krmpotic. Madrid: Iberoamericana. Diego. New. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama. Mayorga. "La inocencia lesionada" tells the story of Carlos.. Barcelona: Acantilado.. wrps. Juan. Juan Antonio (Barcelona. Monotonías". Paperback. Luisgé (Madrid.. Andreu et al. intentionally written for use in academia..250. Spain. middle-class existence until tragedy strikes his hometown and his life begins to slowly crumble. bibl. Paperback.80 254.90 255. "Voces contemporáneos". Paperback. Teresa Solana. UNA HORMA PARA EL CUENTO: DEL RELATO LEGENDARIO E HISTÓRICO AL CUENTO MODERNO EN LA PRENSA ESPAÑOLA DEL SIGLO XIX. bibl. 2016. (58899) $24. (58907) $26.90 47 . Martín. ISBN: 9788416011933. Empar Fernández. 2015. 1962-). interrupting his idyllic lifestyle.90 252. 2016. wrps. wrps. (Nuevos Tiempos / Policiaca). Rosa Ribas. 1939). Features works by Andreu Martín. BARCELONA NEGRO Edición y prólogo de Ernesto Mallo. 438p. bibl. "Valle-Inclán y su leyenda: al hilo de El ruedo ibérico" contains literary criticism by Diego Martínez Torrón on the complete work of Spanish writer Ramón María del Valle-Inclán. "El amor del revés" is an autobiography by award-winnning Spanish novelist Luisgé Martín. literary critic and author of "La puerta de inglés".. Rebeca and Joaquim Parellada. Paperback. Martín. 2016. centering around the city of Barcelona. CARTAS DE AMOR A STALIN : LA PAZ PERPETUA Edición de Fc. (59464) $39. (Interlingua.90 251. Masoliver Ródenas. LA INOCENCIA LESIONADA. which narrates his struggles as a homosexual. 130p. Written by Juan Antonio Masoliver Ródenas. "La calle Fontanills" and "El ciego en la ventana. Gutiérrez Carbajo. 2016. EL AMOR DEL REVÉS. Carlos Zanón. new. 159p. wrps.. ISBN: 9788416638994. who lives a peaceful. New. Martínez Torrón. 173p. 2016.. Madrid: Ediciones Siruela.90 253. Toni Hill. ISBN: 9788490453056. ISBN: 9788497407076. Paperback. 142). Paperback. 247p. (56874) $59. Martín. ISBN: 9788433998194. Vervuert.

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(Icaria. wrps. New. This contemporary edition was compiled by José María Merino. Barcelona: Seix Barral. and remains one of most important texts in literary history. a Catalonian industrialist who sold weapons to the allies during World War I. Merino. 2016. "Riña de gatos. Madrid: Páginas de Espuma. (56297) $34. boards. (59528) $46.90 264. (novela ganadora del Premio Planeta y del Premio Libro Europeo. Features chapters on transexuality. bibl. illus.. (1986)". Mendoza has also written "Los Soldados de Cataluña" (2015).90 262. Jose Maria. 2016. "Masculinidades disidentes" is an analysis of the plurality of lifestyles. "Los soldados de Cataluña" is a historical novel about the assassination of Savolta Eduardo Mendoza. 282p.90 49 . new. Paperback. (58182) $49. 2015.. Winner of the Seix Barral Biblioteca Breve Award in 2016. 2015. ISBN: 9788498887327. Menendez Salmon. realizada magistralmente por José María Merino. Ricardo (Gijon. (Premio de la Crítica). Mendoza. ISBN: 9788432225581. New... Madrid 1936". (Premio Ciutat de Barcelona). 226). new.. Edición completa y contemporánea. "La ciudad de los prodigios. Seix Barral. illus. "El sistema" is a science fiction novel about a future world whose remaining inhabitants live on an archipelago. Paperback. LOS SOLDADOS DE CATALUÑA. photos. perceptions and representations of non-hegemonic masculinity in Spanish culture and society over the past three decades. new.90 265. MASCULINIDADES DISIDENTES. (54602) $48. EL SECRETO DE LA MODELO EXTRAVIADA. EL SISTEMA. ISBN: 9788432224218. Obra de Eduardo Mendoza. Eduardo (Barcelona. Rafael M. wrps.00 263. (2015)". Mérida Jiménez. homosexual poverty/immigration. Hardcover. 254p. de uno de más importantes textos de la historia literaria. CALILA Y DIMNA. 1971). HIV. Paperback. Mujeres y Culturas. 317p. "El secreto de la modelo extraviada" is a detective novel by award-winning author Eduardo Mendoza. (57932) $44. pitted against roving bands of outcasts who represent social and political disorder.. Madrid 1936". Buenos Aires: Seix Barral. Paperback. 327p. 1943). Mendoza. Eduardo. 160).261.. Barcelona: Editorial Planeta. ISBN: 9789507318719.. (Voces. Clásicas. wrps. autor de "Los Soldados de Cataluña. wrps. ISBN: 9788483931974. Barcelona: Centre Dona i Literatura. 467p. 2016. gay representations in cinema and the murder of transexual Roberto González Onrubia. and contains over one hundred woodcut reproductions from the original edition. "Calila y Dimna" is a collection of 1251 Castilian stories first published eight hundred years ago. "La ciudad de los prodigios" (1986) and "Riña de gatos. Contiene más de cien reproducciones de grabados en madera de una edición del siglo XVI.

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"A flor de piel" tells the story of one woman, two adversaries, twenty-two children, and an adventure that changed the
course of history -- a group of orphans journeyed by sea to bring the newly-discovered smallpox vaccine to overseas
territories, including New Spain and its capital. The leaders of the expedition, Dr. Francisco Xavier Balmis and his
assistant Joseph Salvany, survived storms and shipwrecks, and faced opposition from clergy members, corrupt
officials and greedy individuals who sought to profit at the expense of the poor. This account chronicles one of the
greatest humanitarian achievements in history, which rested on the courage of children who dedicated themselves to
saving the lives of many innocent people. Written by award-winning, Spanish-born author Javier Moro, whose novel
"El Imperio eres tú" won the Planeta Prize in 2011.
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"Al margen de la naturaleza" is an analysis of the persecution of homosexuals under the rule of Spanish dictator
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"Figura en un Paisaje". Foreword by Gustavo Martin Garzo, and editing by Vicente Vives.

Prólogo de Gustavo Martín Garzo, introducción y edición de Vicente Vives. Reúne doce libros del legado lírico del
poeta Aníbal Núñez (1944-1987); "Fábulas domésticas", "Naturaleza no recuperable", "Estampas de Ultramar",
"Definición de Sabia", "Casi sin terminar", "Figura en un Paisaje".
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"Del teatro a la novela" is a study on the theatrical elements -- specifically the significance of costumes -- present in
Cervantes' "Novelas ejemplares", a series of 12 novellas published between 1590 and 1612. This analysis also lends
insight into the relationship between Cervantes' work and his contemporary audience; his identity and personality
development; and the scope of his private and public image.
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"Guardar las Formas" contains 12 short stories that span genres as diverse as horror and humor. The stories
include: "Por Dentro", La Botella", "768.786 euros", "Guardar Silencio", "Los Bienes", "Carta a una Niña de Cuatro
Años (Para que la lea Cuando Alcance los Dieciocho)", "Tantas Veces Criminal", "La Suplantación, "VHS", "Love
Performance", "Los Sentidos" and "Todos y Cada Uno de Ellos, Lugar y Fecha".

Reflexión acerca de la libertad creadora y el uso del lenguaje. "Un hombre se queda encerrado en una casa, mientras
un escritor se encierra en un estilo. Una mujer ve dobles las botellas y el narrador ve dobles los adjetivos. Un
macarra no sabe si a sus vecinos les ha tocado la lotería, pero a él le ha tocado ser un cuento en primera persona.
Una inmigrante recibe en su teléfono móvil tres horas de silencio, y el autor pone los puntos suspensivos. También
hay un anciano moribundo que quema todos sus libros, una carta que una niña leerá cuando sea adulta, un
cuarentón que busca no cometer su crimen, un chaval que se hace un lío con el VHS y un jubilado que, como Alberto
Olmos en este libro, consigna sus encuentros con la vida. De amor se habla hacia atrás y de parejas hay dos
combates. Reúne doce maneras de ponerse por escrito, doce situaciones de riesgo donde la soledad, el dinero, la
tecnología o la muerte nos inspiran terror, empatía, fascinación o estremecimiento".
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"Enrique Vila-Matas: juegos, ficciones, silencios" offers a panoramic study of Enrique Vila-Matas' (Barcelona, 1948)
narrative works and essays. Author Cristina Oñoro identifies three key themes throughout his writings: games, fiction
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also wrote ''Hilo musical'' (winner of ''Nuevo Talento'' by FNAC) and ''La cápsula del tiempo'', which was deemed
book of the year by ''Rockdelux'', and also broke into top ten lists of reputable reviewers such as ''ABC''.
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"Los ángeles feroces" is a fictional story that centers around Alegria, a young woman whose blood is highly sought
after because of its ability to prevent sickness and aging. Written by award-winning author José Ovejero (Madrid,
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"Acerca de un posible testamento" is a collection of previously-unpublished writings, essays and interviews by
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"El Ciervo Aplaudido" is a collection of poetry, including previously-unpublished poems, by contemporary Spanish
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"Diario del anciano averiado" is a first-person account in which author Salvador Pániker discusses his experiences,
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"Las 'Coplas de Mingo Revulgo'" is study on "The Songs of Mingo Revulgo", which consists of 32 novenas or prayers
by Hernando del Pulgar. The analysis is divided into two main parts: "The Songs of Mingo Revulgo", which is
dedicated to the text's satirical elements; and "The Answers and Glosses to Couplets de Mingo Revulgo", which
studies extra-textual materials that accompany the work.

Estudio preliminar, edición crítica y notas Devid Paolini. Investigación de "Las Coplas de Mingo Revulgo" (s. XV,
treinta y dos novenas satíricas glosadas por Hernando del Pulgar.), dividida en dos partes partes principales: "Las
Coplas de Mingo Revulgo", dedicada al texto de la sátira; y "Las respuestas y las glosas a las Coplas de Mingo
Revulgo", se ocupa de los materiales extra-textuales que han acompañado a la obra desde sus primeros momentos.
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detailing those who signed death sentences in exchange for a place in the ranks of officials. Written by author Juan A. (56649) $48. (58112) $39. Miriam (Ed. no. 2015.. "Unamuno". bibl.). NOS VEMOS EN CHICOTE: IMÁGENES DEL CINISMO Y EL SILENCIO EN LA CULTURA FRANQUISTA. Paperback.. new.. all of whom greatly contributed to the expansion of contemporary poetry.40 344. LOS LOCOS DE CERVANTES Y OTROS ESTUDIOS LITERARIOS. novelas.342. is a study by Pedro Ribas on the work of Miguel de Unamuno. Este volumen reconstrue la trayectoria biográfica y recoge gran parte de la producción literaria de José Rivas Panedas (1898-1944). ISBN: 9788484899020. ISBN: 9788447217854.. ISBN: 9788477315735. 2015. a renowned and prolific Spanish essayist. 94). "Poeta ultraísta. José. "Los locos de Cervantes y otros estudios literarios" is a collection of Rogelio Reyes Cano's most significant critical works. 2015. Madrid: Ediciones Endymion.. muchas cartas. un polígrafo que ha escrito ensayos.90 345. UNAMUNO. which brought together celebrities during the war. bibl. playwright. Juan A. POETA ULTRAÍSTA. New. 320p. Ríos Carratalá. Frankfurt am Main. (58204) $44. poet. Publicaciones UA. Ribas. Paperback. 294p. novelist. 309p. wrps.. Paperback.90 64 . new. 587p. Madrid: Iberoamericana. . 345p. bibl. Rogelio. Reyes. 2016. wrps. (Poesía). Pedro. philosopher. Ríos Carratalá. one of the most important poets in ultraist poetry. wrps. 12. Vervuert.40 346. "Punto de ebullición: Antología de la poesía contemporánea en gallego" is a collection of work from fifteen poets born after 1950. EL VASCO UNIVERSAL. POETA EXILIADO: TEXTOS RECUPERADOS. autor español más universal del siglo XX. Unamuno. Sevilla: Renacimiento. PUNTO DE EBULLICIÓN: ANTOLOGÍA DE LA POESÍA CONTEMPORÁNEA EN GALLEGO. uno de los poetas ultraístas más importantes. which reflect on the different fields of philology on Cervantes. professor and rector at the University of Salamanca. Textos recobrados. poesía. new. wrps. artículos de prensa y. new.. (El Fuego nuevo. ISBN: 9788416246830. Madrid: Fondo de Cultura Economica. ISBN: 9788437507262. wrps. Paperback. (Ensayos). "Nos vemos en Chicote: imágenes del cinismo y el silencio en la cultura franquista" is a historical portrait of the representatives of Franco's dictatorship. Paperback.90 343.. this account delves into the cynicism and paradoxes of the era and the pervasive banality of evil. (59038) $59. (Colección Los Cuatro vientos. poeta exiliado: textos recuperados" reconstructs and analyzes the life and work of Jose Rivas Panedas (1898-1944). Sevilla: Editorial Universidad de Sevilla. Named after the Madrid bar "Chicote". (56696) $48.. Reyes Cano. 2015. Rivas Panedas.

GOYA EN LAS LITERATURAS. wrps..90 65 . (58146) $32. Rivero Taravillo. Poesía" (1943-1959). "El último día de Terranova" tells the story of a family bookstore in Newfoundland with deep historical roots. 383p. 134p. Pablo (Gijon. author Manuel Rivas narrates a silent struggle against barbarism. boards. ISBN: 9788420403656... Angela. EL PERIODISMO ES UN CUENTO. Rodicio. Paperback. Manuel. (58953) $49.40 348. mythologist. art critic.. addiction. Antonio. Cirlot authored "Cosmogonía" (1969). who views journalism as a form of activism.. Rivero. facsimiles. illus. Salamanca: Confluencias Editorial (Colección Hispaniola 11).90 350. photos. Barcelona: Alfaguara. "Cirlot : Ser y no ser de un poeta único" is a biography on Juan Eduardo Cirlot. new. wrps. New. Paperback. "Variaciones fonovisuales" (1996) and "En la llama. illus. Leonardo. ÉRASE UNA VEZ EL FIN. (56638) $48. facsimiles.. Hardcover. Ediciones de Historia. CIRLOT : SER Y NO SER DE UN POETA ÚNICO. New. wrps. tedium and the absence of opportunity. ISBN: 9788494476143. Madrid: Alfaguara. (59465) $49.347. b&w plates.. bibl. "44 sonetos de amor" (1971). 446p. 2016. EL ÚLTIMO DÍA DE TERRANOVA. New. Paperback. 2016. Rivas. ISBN: 9788415673231. 2015. wrps. "Goya en las literaturas" is a compilation of studies on the attitudes that different writers adopt toward the art of Francisco de Goya. ISBN: 9788433998040. (56684) $44. hermeneutist. Written by Manuel Rivas. This work commemorates the 100 year anniversary of his birth. new.90 352. Romero Tobar. Novela de uno de los más destacados representantes de la literatura de barrio DC (después de Casavella). Paperback. 2016. Manuel. 1972). Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama. "Orfeo" (1970).. ISBN: 9788420410913.. Madrid: Marcial Pons. new. Paperback. 2015. which was published posthumously in 2016. Rivas. Through this fictional account. abuse. 2016. a 20th century Spanish poet. "El periodismo es un cuento" is a collection of stories that bridge the gap between journalism and literature. DULCINIUM: EL AMOR PERDIDO DE CERVANTES. ISBN: 9788415963806. según Kiko Amat. ''Dulcinium: El amor perdido de Cervantes'' is a literary analysis that explores the possible motivations behind Miguel de Cervantes' creation of the fictional character Dulcinea in Don Quixote. (58944) $39. prejudice. musician and heterodoxical figure. photos. "Érase una vez el fin" is a novel that explores whether the possibility of redemption actually exists in an environment marked by unemployment. squalor. bibl. as well as several other collections of poetry. wrps.90 349. essays and the censored novel "Nebiros". 300p. 275p.90 351. 423p.. Sevilla: Fundación José Manuel Lara.

new. ISBN: 9788437635453. Rubinat Parellada.. (59478) $48.90 66 . as well as an objective examination of the ideas and philosophies present in his novels. no. GÉNERO. "El puto jefe" is a collection of twelve short stories originally published over a 12-month period in the magazine "La Marea".90 357. Ramón . HISTORIA. photos. New. paradoja y carnaval" is an in-depth study of Spanish novelist Luis Landero's narratives. Algete: La Marea.. 103p.90 356. SOMBRAS ESCRITAS QUE PERDURAN: POESÍA (EN LENGUA) ESPAÑOLA DEL SIGLO XX. bibl. Paperback. war. Isaac. ISBN: 9788437635088. (58954) $42. Madrid: Editorial Pliegos. EL PENSAMIENTO CRÍTICO DE RAFAEL SÁNCHEZ FERLOSIO : SOBRE LINGÜÍSTICA. illus... New. 419p. PARADOJA Y CARNAVAL. "La erudición chiflada de Javier Cercas" is an analysis of Javier Cercas' theory of literature. ISBN: 9788460685173.. 2016.. (58942) $54. Rosa Camacho. José Francisco. Paperback.. 2015. Rosón María. "El pensamiento crítico de Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio" is a study on essays written by award-winning Spanish writer Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio. wrps. 2016. bibl. 1). New. Paperback. (59295) $54. bibl. "Arde Troya" and "Mañana de salvo yo". wrps. particularly focusing on the philosophic realm of ethics. "El árbol de la vida". especially delving into the ways in which women constructed their identities. the state. facsimiles. DESDE LA TEORÍA DE LA LITERATURA DEL MATERIALISMO FILOSÓFICO.. "Olivera de Bernuy". Paperback. New. memoria y cultura visual en el primer franquismo" is a study on culture and daily life during Spain's autarkic period (1938-1953). ISBN: 9788460684978. Juan Antonio. Ruiz de Aguirre. Paperback. wrps. 383p. RELIGIÓN Y SOCIEDAD Prólogo de Victora Camps. "El difamador". ISBN: 9788416647682. wrps. MEMORIA Y CULTURA VISUAL EN EL PRIMER FRANQUISMO (MATERIALES COTIDIANOS MÁS ALLÁ DEL ARTE). Alfonso. religion and contemporary society. 2016.. "Luis Landero: Símbolo. bibl. (54646) $22. LUIS LANDERO: SÍMBOLO.90 354. Ruiz Casanova. wrps. LA ERUDICIÓN CHIFLADA DE JAVIER CERCAS: CRÍTICA. 277p. Lleida: Irreductible. Madrid: Ediciones Cátedra. ''Sombras escritas que perduran'' is a collection of poetry following a chronological trajectory from the end of the 19th century to 1970. wrps.. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva. Author Alfonso Ruiz de Aguirre has also written the novels "El baño de la cava". 2015. Ruescas Juárez. 332p. "Género. Madrid: Ediciones Cátedra. bibl. Paperback.. EL PUTO JEFE.90 355.. POLÍTICA. linguistics. 2015.40 358. DE 135 APORÍAS CERCASIANAS. ISBN: 9788496045972. (58265) $42.353. (Colección Razón y Sociedad). 301p. new. (Colección Clinamen.

Paperback. "Ensayos II : Gastos. "Ensayos I : Altos estudios eclesiásticos" is a collection of essays he wrote following these years. new. "La Igualdad en rodaje" is a study of the hegemonic image of masculinity presented in film throughout its history. 2015. disgustos y tiempo perdido" is an exhaustive collection of essays on political and cultural realities in Spain over the last four decades by writer.. bibl. Sánchez Ferlosio. 770p. wrps. Narración. Fernando. photos. ENSAYOS II : GASTOS.. new. New. Rafael. wrps. Barcelona: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial. (Biblioteca filológica hispana. Rafael Sanchez Ferlosio decided to spend 15 years studying grammar. bibl. Paperback. Ferlosio is also the winner of the Cervantes prize. 231p. 2015. 659p. ISBN: 9788408136743. ISBN: 9788499925530. Valencia: Tirant Lo Blanch. ENSAYOS I : ALTOS ESTUDIOS ECLESIÁSTICOS Gramática.. ISBN: 9788499925523. "La estructura simbólico-imaginaria del Quijote" is an analysis that demonstrates the organic unity of imaginary time in Cervantes' "Don Quixote" as the source of its poetic significance. (59084) $69. tables. Sánchez Dragó. Octavio. Ferlosio is known as one of best Spanish prose writers of the twentieth century. EL HUMANISMO MEDIEVAL Y ALFONSO X EL SABIO. "El humanismo medieval y Alfonso X el Sabio" is a detailed yet panoramic investigation into the medieval Spanish "rebirth".90 362. Diversiones. LA ESTRUCTURA SIMBÓLICO-IMAGINARIA DEL QUIJOTE: SISTEMA EXPRESIVO Y VALOR POÉTICO. bibl. (54685) $44. LA CANCIÓN DE ROLDÁN: CRIMEN Y CASTIGO Novela de no ficción. boards. color plates. illus. new. 2015. which he called "higher ecclesiastical studies". Paperback. and gender boundaries and roles. Rafael. 374p. Salazar Benítez.. DISGUSTOS Y TIEMPO PERDIDO Edición al cuidado de Ignacio Echevarría. Paperback.90 67 . In 1955. Paperback. Barcelona : Debate.. This era of solitary study led to a prolific period of writing. facsimiles. Salvador Martínez.359. ISBN: 9788498951615. "La canción de Roldán: crimen y castigo" is a chronicle of the corruption scandal surrounding Spanish politician Luis Roldan's embezzlement of funds and tax evasion in the 1990s. 2015. Salazazr Quintana. Barcelona: Editorial Planeta. H.90 361.. novelist. Luis Carlos.. Sánchez Ferlosio. and has written "El Jarama" and "Industrias y andanzas de Alfanuí". spurred by Alfonso X. Features chapters on the violence against women and homosexuals in cinema.80 364. Paperback. Madrid: Visor Libros. LA IGUALDAD EN RODAJE: MASCULINIDADES.. (59353) $54. 161). New..90 363.. ISBN: 9788416335190. the King of Castile and León. essayist and linguist Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio. 2016. dust jacket. bibl. boards.90 360. (56639) $74. 2016. ENSAYO SOBRE LOS ORÍGENES DEL HUMANISMO VERNÁCULO. with emphasis on patriarchal ideologies. Madrid: Ediciones Polifemo. GENERO Y CINE. ISBN: 9788490864777. 692p. and shows that the fundamental design of the novel is based on a structure of convergences and syntheses that express the narrative's temporality in imaginary forms. (54670) $32. wrps. New. (58952) $89.

90 68 . Barcelona: Tusquets. Paperback. As he begins to cross forbidden lines. Sánchez Ferlosio. 291). 133p. Rafael. Robayna is also the author of "En el cuerpo del mundo" (2004). Barcelona: Tusquets Editores. Paperback. New. "El escudo de Jotán: Cuentos reunidos" is a collection of short fiction written by Spanish author Rafael Sanchez Ferlioso over the course of a half century. ENTRE LOS VIVOS. the other is wealthy and the third is a refugee from the countryside. wrps. 2015. 2016. (58923) $49. wrps.90 370.. hombre (Diarios. Sánchez Robayna. "La sangre que mato tu sonrisa" is a novel set during the Spanish Civil War that follows the experiences of three young men who find themselves in a bombed out Madrid: one is lower class. CONTRA VISCONTI. "Mundo. Sanrune. 282p. ISBN: 9788490628140.365.. holding up a mirror on the underlying anxieties of our time.. "Entre los vivos" narrates the story of young man who loses his job and begins to take refuge in video games and chat rooms. he discovers an intrinsic evil he never knew existed. Andrés (Las Palmas. wrps. 2015. Paperback. wrps. 2001-2007)" is an extensive collection of assorted writings by poet and essayist Andrés Sánchez Robayna. (58147) $24. Paperback. J. 863). (Nuevos textos sagrados. Through this fictional account. Carlos. he discovers previously-undreamed facets in his psyche.. new. His days are endless and boring. Jorge .90 367. "Contra Visconti" is a collection of poetry by Spanish writer J.. 190). EL ESCUDO DE JOTÁN: CUENTOS REUNIDOS. "Cuaderno de las islas" (2011) and "Variaciones sobre el vaso de agua" (2015). Paperback. new. author Ginés Sánchez reveals a gritty story about the loneliness of those struggling to get ahead when they have lost everything. 551p.90 369. 2015. ISBN: 9788490661420. 2015. and when he begins to descend into a private hell. (56651) $28. Jorge Sánchez. (54654) $44. Sánchez Rosillo. Sánchez. Eloy. Ferlioso is well-known as one of the most essential authors in Spanish literature. HOMBRE (DIARIOS. ISBN: 9788437507477.80 366. 2001-2007). new. MUNDO. New. ISBN: 9788494311581. (56885) $39. LA SANGRE QUE MATO TU SONRISA. 257p. "Quien lo diría" is a collection of poems by Eloy Sánchez Rosillo about the wonder and fascination with the evolution of life. Sánchez. Tegueste: Baile del Sol. (56641) $39. (Colección Andanzas. Ginés (1967). Madrid: Amistades Particulares. 119p. ISBN: 9788490661789. ISBN: 9788416320691. año. 15op. "La sombra y la apariencia" (2010). (Colección Poesía. 2015. Madrid: Fondo de Cultura Economica (FCE). wrps. (Contemporánea). wrps.80 368. 1952-). Marginales. Barcelona: Debolsillo. AÑO. new. QUIEN LO DIRÍA. Paperback..

5).80 373. Patricia Esteban Erlés. Andrés Barba and Domingo Villar. Fernando Marías. "Si fuese posible montar en una bruja" is an in-depth criticism and interpretation of the controversial and often-overlooked eighteenth century work that was critical of the Spanish Inquisition.. wrps. Sanz. Paperback. through a series of complex characters whose outer lives are driven by inner desires. (59463) $39. Sanz. ''Auto de fe de Logroño'' by Leandro Fernández de Moratín. Leandro Fernández de Moratín. 2016. (Nuevos Tiempos / Policiaca). Winner of the Herralde Novel Award. Paperback.371.90 372. (Narrativas Hispánicas). wrps. (Altoparlante. New. (56307) $24.90 374. 2015. ISBN: 9788492799923. Marta. "Farándula" is a novel that addresses the fear of changing one's situation and life. Sanz. wrps. Juan Aparicio Belmonte. 1967). new. SI FUESE POSIBLE MONTAR EN UNA BRUJA. Marta (Madrid. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama. and of losing one's place or position in society. new.90 69 . 231p. Jesús Ferrero.. Features works by Marta Sanz. Sanz writes with joy and a touch of cynicism. "Cíngulo y estrella: Cancionero". 2015. Santamaría. (2010) and "Vintage". Paperback. Santander: El Desvelo Ediciones. 195p. (Poesía). "Madrid negro" is a collection of stories written by Spanish crime novelists. 62p. Madrid: Ediciones Siruela. 2015. wrps. 344p. Marta et al. followed by the original text of ''Auto de fe de Logroño''.. ISBN: 9788433998002.. Lorenzo Silva. (2013). MADRID NEGRO Edición y prólogo de Ernesto Mallo. Paperback. Analysis by Alberto Santamaría. Alberto. is a celebratory song of love and its various forms. centering around the city of Madrid. Madrid: Bartleby Editores. (58394) $44. FARÁNDULA. (56293) $34. Berna Conzález Harbour. She is also the author of "Perra mentirosa y Hardcore". CÍNGULO Y ESTRELLA: CANCIONERO. ISBN: 9788416638833. ISBN: 9788494398773. which won the Best Book of Poems prize by the Madrid Critic's Association in 2014. Alfonso Mateo Sagasta. New. Vanessa Monfort. facsimile. Spain. struggles and triumphs. Marta Sanz's fourth collection of poems.

90 377. documenting his arrival and stay in South America. bibl. (59304) $19. En esta edición. In "Sumaria relación". que enmarcan la edición de la misma acompañada de un amplio aparato crítico con profusión de notas. ANTONIO MUÑOZ MOLINA: LA LETRA PEQUEÑA. Joaquín Zuleta Carrandi realiza un completo y pormenorizado estudio preliminar en el que incluye una noticia biográfica de Sarmiento de Gamboa desde su llegada a Indias hasta la aparición de Francis Drake en las costas del Perú. 2016. Pedro and Joaquín Zuleta Carrandi. Written by Xavier Seoane. playwright. Schlueter. new. QUIJO. Paperback. 336p. el catálogo de naves de la expedición y una cronología. decisions and art of Pérez Galdós.. Written by Pedro Schlueter. (58396) $39. Serna.. Paperback. (Biblioteca Indiana. Justo. a novelist. "Pérez Galdós y la música" is a biography focused on music's role in the life. 315p. Eduardo. Scala. 249p. Paperback.80 70 . footnotes. uno de los motivos que llevó al intento de fortificación del estrecho. 2015. Sigue una introducción histórica general y un estudio textual de la Relación. topónimos y notas. (Reino de Cordelia 63). New.90 376. Pamplona: Universidad de Navarra. "Quijo" is an essay by Spanish poet Eduardo Scala on the origins of the Spanish publication known as "El Quijote". El volumen se cierra con prácticos índices y glosarios de personajes citados en el texto. 13).. wrps. Sarmiento de Gamboa.90 379. (58385) $44. Frankfurt am Main.90 378. "Antonio Muñoz Molina: La letra pequeña" is a study on the life and work of award-winning Spanish author and journalist Antonio Muñoz Molina. Pedro (Gran Canaria. PÉREZ GALDÓS Y LA MÚSICA. SUMARIA RELACIÓN . ISBN: 9788494418433. 2016. ISBN: 9788484898894. 2016. Paperback. (58113) $39. as well as a catalogue of ships on his expeditions. new. wrps. wrps. wrps. New. Madrid: Sílex Ediciones. Iberoamericana. including ''Premio de la Crítica Española'' and ''Premio de Poésia Espiral Maior''.. (57246) $34. who has recieved several prestigious awards.. ISBN: 9788494433832. [Madrid]: Turpin Editores.n°. 162p. as well as his role in fortifying the Strait of Magellan upon Francis Drake's arrival in Peru. 1942). writer and Spanish politician..375. bibl. 52p. music director of the series ''Música y palabras''.. New. Madrid: Reino de Cordelia. Madrid. Xavier (A Coruña. 40). Paperback. wrps. 2015. Madrid: Clave Intelectual. (Colección: En 8°. "La dama de las sombras" is a fictionalized biography of poet Rosalía de Castro. Seoane. Vervuert. LA DAMA DE LAS SOMBRAS. 1954). The biographical account is also accompanied by a detailed chronology. ISBN: 9788415973751. author Joaquín Zuleta Carrandi provides a complete and detailed study on Sarmiento de Gamboa's life. ISBN: 9788477379515. practical indexes and glossaries of characters mentioned in the text.

Madrid: Verbum. Paperback. "Donde los escorpiones" is the last book in a series of police novels centered around the characters Bevilacqua and Chamorro.. Josè Luis Serrano (known under the pseudonym elputojacktwist).). ERASMO Y ESPAÑA: 75 AÑOS DE LA OBRA DE MARCEL BATAILLON (1937-2012). Barcelona: Ediciones Destino. Barcelona: Ediciones Destino. reflexive poetry belongs to the country's "poetry of thought" movement. Siles' abstract. 63p. 348p. Josè Luis. (59099) $34. 2015. Madrid: Egales. Serrano. Lorenzo. Paperback.90 382. (59126) $34.. sexuality and friendship in this epistolary novel about two male heterosexual friends who share intimate letters. Serrano Eliseo (coord. new.. 190p. In "Cómo escribí 'Donde los escorpiones'". Paperback.. New. "El alquimista impaciente" (2000). seleccion y epilogo de Martin Rodriguez-Gaona. dust jacket. the Fernando Institution of the Zaragoza Provincial recently brought together national and international experts in the work of Erasmus and the religious currents of the time. ISBN: 9788416491292. bibl. ISBN: 9788423351039. (54585) $45. New. author Lorenzo Silva explains how and why "Donde los escorpiones" was written.. congregando a expertos nacionales e internacionales en la obra de Erasmo y en las corrientes humanistas y religiosas de la época.90 71 . examines notions of love. de Marcel Bataillon que revolucionó los estudios sobre Erasmo y sobre la historia cultural y religiosa en España con motivo del 75 aniversario de la edición de una obra tan fundamental. "La marca del meridiano" (2012) and "Los cuerpos extraños" (2014). Volumen 1371). To mark the 75th anniversary of this fundamental work's publication. (56884) $39.00 383. 270p. known for writing fiction based on experiences of homosexuals in the Spanish-speaking world.90 384. "Cantico de disolucion: poesia 1969-2011" is a collection of poems by Spanish writer Jaime Siles. 2015. Lorenzo. la Institución Fernando el Católico de la Diputación de Zaragoza organiza el coloquio Internacional. CÓMO ESCRIBÍ "DONDE LOS ESCORPIONES". Jaime. wrps. 2016. New. This work is preceeded by "El lejano país de los estanques" (1998). wrps. Siles. LO PEOR DE TODO ES LA LUZ..90 381. (58153) $59. Silva. ISBN: 9788490741504. Zaragoza: Institución Fernando el Católico. boards.380. ISBN: 9788499113289.. (Coleccion de Letras). wrps. 311p. CANTICO DE DISOLUCION: POESIA 1969-2011: POEMAS ESCOGIDOS Edicion. drawing from over 40 years of literary production. DONDE LOS ESCORPIONES. 2016. photos. En 1937 se publicó Erasmo y España. This work is a collection of the content shared during their colloquium. In 1937 "Erasmo y España" revolutionized studies on the cultural and religious history in Spain. Paperback. wrps. Silva. new. Paperback. (Colección Áncora y Delfín. 2015.

. "Música para feos" chronicles the story of Monica and Ramon. (58189) $59. Zaragoza: Prensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza. during which he had four escape attempts. Lorenzo. Soler. 122p. "La Subida el Monte Carmelo" se escribe en una encrucijada: candentes discusiones sobre si verte o no la Biblia a la lengua vernacula y proyectos como la Biblia Poliglota se mezclan con Index prohibitorum.90 387. Isabel (Barcelona.90 388. A week later they meet again and their relationship ensues. (Colección Humanidades. Later. 2016.385. MIGUEL DE CERVANTES: LOS AÑOS DE ARGEL. secretos" is a collection of essays that delve into the "secret" aspects of books. "La traducción bíblica en San Juan de la Cruz" is a biblical translation of Saint John of the Cross's "Ascent of Mount Carmel".90 386. consciente de la polemica. who meet by chance at a night club.80 389. SECRETOS. 267p. Paperback. wrps. Madrid: Trama Editorial.. Written by award-winning author Lorenza Silva (Madrid. Paperback. photos. Alicia. 1964). Paperback. acomete este manual de ascetica a pedido de sus discipulas que no sabian latin y tenian acceso fragmentado a las Escrituras. ISBN: 9788416515233. 438p. persecuciones y hogueras inquisitoriales. LA TRADUCCIÓN BÍBLICA EN SAN JUAN DE LA CRUZ: "SUBIDA AL MONTE CARMELO". wrps. ISBN: 9788423349326. ISBN: 9788494377020.. no. Barcelona: Editorial Planeta. 2015. (55199) $39. New.. (56637) $52. ISBN: 9788416011988. 215p. Silva. Siruela. Silvela.. (58916) $24. new. 2015. ISBN: 9788492755738. New. new. neither of them looking very attractive. 2016. 2015. San Juan de la Cruz.90 72 .118). Girona: Atalanta. Francisco. illus. peeling away layers of complexity and peering into opaque words and metaphors to reveal their true meanings. Neither has had much luck in life either -.. illus.. Barcelona: Acantilado. (58908) $29. Ediciones Destino (Colección Áncora y Delfín.Monica is an underemployed journalist on the verge of 30. 1966). wrps. Silvestre. bibl. facsimiles. Jacobo. Written by 19th century Spanish writer and political figure Francisco Silvela. "Libros. MÚSICA PARA FEOS. LIBROS. new. "Arte de distinguir a los cursis" is a critical investigation on the differences between quality and cliché art. wrps. Paperback.. 71p.. ARTE DE DISTINGUIR A LOS CURSIS. wrps. "Miguel de Cervantes: los años de Argel" is an analysis and study of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra's five years spent in prison. and Ramon is a closed-off enigma in his mid-forties. Monica remembers it was "The only clean and beautiful that I really had". Volumen 1330). bibl. Paperback.

Paperback. ISBN: 9788494405778. Walt Disney and Pete Townshend. Paperback.. "Desde ambas laderas: culturas entre la tradición y la modernidad" is a collection of essays about postmodern reality and cultures that exist between tradition and modernity.. 2015. bibl.. wrps. (58386) $34. Sotelo Vázquez. (Clásicos hispánicos. 10). ISBN: 97884848989917. Includes a theoretical overview that reflects on the ways in which literature ushered in new art. ways of thinking. UNED. ISBN: 9788499612058.90 73 . ISBN: 9788447539550. "La construcción de la modernidad en la literatura española" offers a historical perspective on the evolution of ideas that shaped and influenced Spanish literature over time. New... 158p. including detail about medical processes. 2015. Thomas Mann. Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona.90 391. Torres Villarroel. ENSAYOS BÁRBAROS. new.90 394. Maria Luisa. and forms of expression. Jordi (1963). musicians and more. Diego de (1694-1770.. Paperback. photos. Madrid: Editorial Centro de Estudios Ramón Areces. new. ISBN: 9788461734511. New. Critical edition with introduction and notes by Jaume Garau and Abraham Madroñal. Madrid: Editalo Contigo. Nueva época. including well-known figures such as H.. (56894) $44. Suárez Miramón. wrps. wrps. "La transicion de una española transexual" is an autobiography that centers around the author's experience of a male to female sex change. Vervuert. no.D. DESDE AMBAS LADERAS: CULTURAS ENTRE LA TRADICIÓN Y LA MODERNIDAD. wrps. (57227) $59. tables. Mar.80 393.390. (58215) $64. 337p. LA CONSTRUCCIÓN DE LA MODERNIDAD EN LA LITERATURA ESPAÑOLA. focusing particularly on Diego de Torres Villarroel. LA TRANSICION DE UNA ESPAÑOLA TRANSEXUAL. Tony Judt. 2015. one of the most important writers on the Spanish literary scene at that time. Written by author and journalist Ana Suárez Miramón. 370p. new. 230p. wrps. (54647) $44. authors. Ana. "Ensayos Bárbaros" is a collection of essays inspired by a variety of popular philosophers.90 392. Thoreau. Soler. Paperback. Madrid: Iboamericana. Paperback. Toranzo. bibl. Madrid: Círculo de Tiza. et al. ENCANTO Y TRIUNFO DE AMOR: (Y OTRAS OBRAS INÉDITAS DE ACADEMIAS SALAMANTINAS DE PRINCIPIOS DEL SIGLO XVIII). 2016. "Encanto y triunfo de amor" is a collection of work by Salamancan academics in the eighteenth century. 2015. and among the last representatives of Baroque style writing. 451p.

. wrps. Cádiz: Editorial UCA. ISBN: 9788498951660. chronicles and other journalistic works by Francisco Umbral (Madrid. Madrid: Visor Libros. 2015. polemics and projects. sus polémicas y sus proyectos. Trigueros. wrps. realizada por Marcella Trambaioli. Álvaro Ibáñez Chacón. Paperback. EL TIEMPO REVERSIBLE. Las 122 primeras páginas son un estudio preliminar y la edición crítica del Dr. pero compuesta según los conceptos neoclásicos. especialista de la poesía y el teatro del Siglo de Oro. tragedia ideada al más puro estilo griego. 339p. POLÍTICAS Y ESTRATEGIAS DE LA CRÍTICA: IDEOLOGÍA. 344p. Written by Marcella Trambaioli. Analiza las dimensiones ideológicas de los estudios literarios. Ugalde Quintana. Umbral is considered one of the greatest 20th century Spanish language writers.90 397. CÍANE DE SIRACUSA O LOS BACANALES. (58181) $49. ISBN: 9788498285376. This edition contains an analysis by Dr. filología. new. Madrid: Circulo de Tiza. historiadores de la literatura.. new. (54667) $42. (Biblioteca Filológica Hispana. 1932-2007). a Greek-style tragedy. 166).. y su contexto reprentacional cortesano" is an analysis and study on the work of Lope de Vega. 484p.90 398. Paperback. tratan figuras específicas (filólogos. 2016. bibl. including the Gonzalez Ruano Award for Journalism. wrps. including philologists. Prologue by Antonio Lucaslit.90 396. new. ISBN: 9788461733743. Madrid: Iberoamericana Vervuert. Marcela.395. 2015. Cíane de Siracusa es una composición temprana de Cándido María Trigueros (1736-1798). Umbral. Análisis y estudio de la obra de Lope de Vega. Trambaioli. LA ÉPICA DE AMOR EN LAS COMEDIAS DE AMBIENTACIÓN URBANA DE LOPE DE VEGA. Álvaro Ibáñez Chacón. the National Award in Letters. Paperback. and has been recognized with various awards throughout his career. new. "La épica de amor en las comedias de ambientación urbana de Lope de Vega. and proposes contemporary conceptualizations of literary and cultural criticism in Spain and Latin America. 2015. (58110) $44. addresses specific literary figures. Sergio and Ottmar Ette (Eds. y lingüística).90 74 . 261p. HISTORIAS Y ACTORES DE LOS ESTUDIOS LITERARIOS... literary historians and essayists. (Monografías filosofía. "Políticas y estrategias de la crítica" analyzes the ideological dimensions of literary studies. "El tiempo reversible" is a collection of articles. Cándido María and Álvaro Ibáñez Chacón.). ensayistas) y proponen conceptualizaciones contemporáneas sobre el fenómeno literario y cultural de la crítica en España y América Latina. Francisco. Paperback. the Princess of Asturias Award and the prestigious Cervantes Prize. wrps. Y SU CONTEXTO REPRENTACIONAL CORTESANO. (54684) $49. a specialist on poetry and theater from the Golden Age. "Cíane de Siracusa" is one of Cándido María Trigueros' early works. ISBN: 9788484899419.

a young man and his mother.90 402. bibl. known as Generation '36. She's also well-known for works such as "Las noches de San Juan" (1998.90 75 . "El viaje de las palabras" (2005). New. MISIÓN DEL ÁGRAFO. Prólogo de Isabelo Herreros. [León]: Universidad de León. Y DE SUS FORTUNAS Y ADVERSIDADES Edición de Rosa Navarro Durán. written by 16th century chancellor and humanist Alfonso de Valdés. "Primer vuelo" (2001). 319p. (58203) $39. His body of work includes theater. SANTERA.. Set in the years preceding the Second Republic of Spain. essays. wrps. "Torrente Ballester.. EL INTRUSO DE LA LITERATURA ESPAÑOLA. Paperback. santera" chronicles the political and social upheavals of the era through the adventures of the protagonists.. Obra publicada por primera vez en 1932. Intellectual commentary regarding the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera also weaves itself in and out of the narrative. Valdés... (56014) $39. (58905) $34. wrps. el intruso de la literatura española" is an exhaustive analysis of the life and works of Gonzalo Torrente Ballester. ISBN: 9788497737494. New. Paperback. Usón. from a variety of perspectives and angles. 2016.399. is introduced through a prologue by Isabelo Herreros. who decides to put his Republican ideals into action and lead the revolution in Jaca. wrps. Written by Spanish essayist Antonio Valdecantos. 2015. 2016. Fermín Galán. 1961). and of a fanatical priest in a concentration camp in Croatia during World War II. Sevilla: Renacimiento. faith and finances. author Clara Usón delves into the wounds of the past to address the complexity of human nature and its contradictions. novels and short stories. bibl.90 401. wrps. (57221) $26. "Misión del ágrafo" is a discussion about the role of writing today. ISBN: 9788491043683. Valcárcel Martínez.90 400. TORRENTE BALLESTER. Segovia: Ediciones La Uña Rota. 517p. Alfonso de. who is bent on crusade. ISBN: 9788432225185. ISBN: 9788495291394. y de sus fortunas y adversidades" is a fully annotated version of the controversial Spanish novella "Lazarillo de Tormes". 2016. Ultimately. new. Antonio. Female Lumen Award).. new. Área de Publicaciones. a Spanish writer and member of the literary movement that arose after the civil war. the City of Barcelona Prize and the Bouchon Cultures Award. Biblioteca de Rescate. "Valor" tells the story of a young man in the military. Biblioteca Breve Prize). Madrid: Alianza Editorial. 334p. 157p. Paperback. Simón. TRAS DE TROTERA. "Tras de trotera. "Perseguidoras" (2006) and "Corazón de napalm "(2009. VALOR. Valdecantos.. ISBN: 9788416685066. new. Includes a detailed introduction by Rosa Navarro Durán. (58929) $49. published for the first time in 1932. 162p. The work. Barcelona: Seix Barral. "La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes. 2016. LA VIDA DE LAZARILLO DE TORMES. wrps. Felix. Urabayen. Paperback.80 403. Paperback. Usón was awarded the Critics Prize. Clara (Barcelona. Both characters face situations in which they must take risks and test their courage for the sake of revolution.

Luis Araújo and César López Llera.404.. (56648) $52. Features works by Max Aub. LA CONSTRUCCIÓN DE LA IDENTIDAD LITERARIA DE BERCELIUS A ÁNGEL GONZÁLEZ. Ignacio Aldecoa. ISBN: 9788484898740. Valverde. José María Merino. Paperback. wrps.. dust jacket. ISBN: 9788416291335.90 407. author Vicente Valero reveals the flux of historical families. Written by professor and doctor of Hispanic philology. Javier Marías. Fernando. ciudad del miedo" (César López Llera). Joaquín del Valle-Inclán. 160p. This is Valero's second novel. TRES COMEDIAS DE MIEDO Edición de Francisco Gutiérrez Carbajo. Vallejo. Years later. Cáceres: Editorial Periférica.and their generation's -. SOMBRAS DEL TIEMPO: ESTUDIOS SOBRE EL CUENTO ESPAÑOL CONTEMPORÁNEO (1944-2015). new. He has also written "Los extraños" and "El arte de la fuga". "No perdáis este tren" (Luis Araújo) and "Bagdad. Vicente. 373p. (58914) $34. among others.. (56315) $39. Paperback. lending insight into the aesthetic formation of one of the most important authors of the twentieth century. "La construcción de la identidad literaria de Bercelius a Ángel González" is a literary analysis of Spanish poet Ángel González's work. (Largo Recorrido. ISBN: 9788467045246. Vervuert. Hardcover. the friends reunite again. New. Esther Tusquets. Contents include "Panic" (Alfonso Vallejo). Paperback..90 76 .. Fernando. Valero. political parties and desires. wrps. 414p. bibl. ANTIGUO Y MODERNO. (Letras Hispánicas).adolescence. Madrid: Iberoamericana. 2016. Madrid: Visor Libros. New. Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio. Barcelona: Espasa Libros. 100). boards. Through this story.80 406. united by a central theme of fear. wrps.. photos. Luis Mateo Díez. Madrid: Cátedra.. reflecting on their own -. 2016. RAMÓN DEL VALLE-INCLÁN: GENIAL.90 405. Alfonso. Joaquín del. Valls. wrps. Fernando Valverde. 2016. Valle-Inclán. Juan Eduardo Zúñiga. "Ramón del Valle-Inclán" is a biography on Spanish dramatist and novelist Ramón del Valle-Inclán. bibl. new. Eloy Tizón and Ángel Zapata. LAS TRANSICIONES.90 408. written by his grandson. "Tres comedias de miedo" is a collection of three comedies by three different authors. (58841) $44. (58937) $34. 2015. Includes black and white photos. 116p. and the age of transition on the island of Ibiza where they live.. Paperback. 2015. Cristina Fernández Cubas. ISBN: 9788437635057. bibl. "Las transiciones" is a fictional account that narrates the lives of four young people in the days after Franco's death. ISBN: 9788498951677. "Sombras del tiempo" is a critical analysis of books that comprise the complex literary history of Spain over the last seven decades. New. 716p. Juan José Millás.

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Ana. effort.80 416. reading and literary interpretation. ISBN: 9788416011698. Barcelona: Acantilado. Through this book. 109p. 2015. Written by award-winning author Berta Vias Mahou. luck.90 78 .. "Diálogo y censura en el siglo XVI (España y Portugal)" is a study on censorship and dialogue in the Iberian Peninsula during the 16th century. failure. wrps. Manuel. illus. Vian Herrero. new. wrps. SETECIENTOS MILLONES DE RINOCERONTES. Vilas. 1961). (Narrativa del Acantilado. 264). Winner of the XVII International Poetry of Generation 27 prize.90 418. ISBN: 9788420403632. the protagonist. Paperback. 45). new. (Colección Visor de Poesía. Paperback.90 414. Madrid: Visor Libros. (54719) $34. Vervuert (Colección Historia de América y España. Paperback.. new. 18-year-old Jose Saez is training to be a top bull fighter. traversing the spectrum between kitsch and rancid. Vilas.413.00 417. (58228) $39.. Paperback.. YO SOY EL OTRO. "Yo soy El Otro" is a short novel that takes place in Spain in March. Madrid: Iberoamericana. the most celebrated matador in Spain. María José Vega and Roger Friedlein.90 415.. written between 1980 to 2015. Pedro. ISBN: 9788484898450. madness. (57230) $44. Vias Mahou. "Setecientos millones de rinocerontes" is a surreal novel in which author Manuel Vilas explores madness. 1963. 374p. Berta (Madrid. ISBN: 9788498958980. Paperback. ISBN: 9788416251360. New.. Madrid: Visor Libros. Vera. 259p.. wrps.. talent and identity. addiction. 2015. Manuel Benitez El Cordobes. EL HUNDIMIENTO. he discovers that his face has become that of another man. But one day. 2016. providing perspectives on writing. new. wrps. Vilas. New. Includes two sections of previously-unpublished poems. wrps. DIÁLOGO Y CENSURA EN EL SIGLO XVI (ESPAÑA Y PORTUGAL). (58399) $44. 2016. 640p. wrps. MI PUTO CUÑADO "Ranciofacts 2" Madrid: Caramba. (56655) $39. color illus. absurdity and hallucination in human psychology. (Poesía. Paperback. 238p. 898). "Poesía completa (1980-2015)" is a collection of work by Manuel Vilas. "El hundimiento" is a collection of poetry by Manuel Vilas that's not only an intimate reflection of himself. this story of mirrors and mirages speaks of success. but also of the political and economic problems of Spain. Manuel. POESÍA COMPLETA (1980-2015). Manuel. A bittersweet comedy. ISBN: 9788498959413. Madrid: Alfaguara. 941). "Mi puto cuñado" is a series of comic-like vignettes that both ridicule and celebrate aspects of everyday life. author Pedro Vera brings crude parts of contemporary Spain's national identity to the forefront. 2015. (54539) $25. 2015. 149p.

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