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Fone y known as lve€ rnjedaa tlmrted)
Regd. ofi(e:702i ? Wing, Ashoka Chanbe6, Ranla Mars, Ellisbrtdge, Ahmedabad 330 OO5.

Sub: O! of Board Meetins

Thk kto nforfr you that the Board ol Directois ofthe cofrpa^y had puruantrorhe appioval
ol the sharehodere in its EcM heLd on iune 10,2016, had atotted 14,50,000 waiianrs
conv€itibe into equivalent number oI equity shares on preferentialbas s to non-prohotersot
the companyln lti meeting heLd on lune 17,2016,

Totalconslderauon iowards converlible warrants htr been paid and the wa.iant holdeG have
applied for erercirng then rlsht for conve6ion of 14,s0,000 wa(ants into equat number oi

ConsequentLy,ihe Soard of Directors ofth€ Company n iis meeting hetd today i.e. on Frida,
Niakh 31, 2017 irom 5.00 P,M, to 6.30 P.M, ar the Regktered Ottice of the Company, has
$ued and alotred 14,50,000equity5haresolfacevalueol Rs.10ea.h rothe w anr holdeG

No, of equirv shar6 allotted

7,25,000 7,25,000

utuAltrA B I ||SG I Elt G IS lt trt tft tf
{Formerly known as lvee Iniectaa Limited)
Regd. Officei 702, ,A, Wing, Ashoka
Chambers, Rasala Marg, Elljsbri;ge, Ahmedabad 380 006.
Phone: 079 - 65410862 emait: info@viva nzabiosciences.;m
c,r,r, uaiioeiis8ipi;;o'

Subsequent to the above allotment the paid
up share capital of the Company has increased
from Rs. 2,55,00,000 to Rs. 4,00,00,000 divided
into 40,00,000 equity shares of Rs. 10
The allotment of the equity shares shall
be made jn dematerialised form and the equity
so allotted shall rank pari_passu in all respect
with the existing equity shares of the Company.
Please take the same on your record.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

For yivanza giosciences Limited

.--HqrrAql. A.riq4
Harshul K. Shah
DlNr 01955747 ryY{,h
-l Eia

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