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The medical revolution began approximately around the 1800s, until the 20th
century. The purpose was to help and restore a world that was heading to war
destruction. However, before anyoneor anything was able to advance the world
in the topic of medicine, the world was quite a sad place to live in. Anything
was able to conquer and take someones life away in one second bacause the
world didn´t have the technologies and tools at the time.

Discoveries of the medical revolution
It all started with the Birth of Hippocrates. Hippocrates was a greek physician
and is considered the father of the medicine. He first believed and accepted
that diseases result from an imbalance of the four bodily humors. After
Hippocrates came the birth of galen,considered by many to be the most
important contributor to medicine. In 1670, Anton Van Leeuwenhoek refines the
microscope and fashions nearly 500 models. He also is know for discovering
blood cells and observing animal and plant tissues and microorganisms .

1882- First vaccine for rabies
1895- Wilhelm conrad Roentgen discovered X rays.
1899-Felix Hoffman develops aspirins
1922- Insulín was first used to treat diabetes
1935- first vaccine for yellow fever
1964- First Vaccine of measles
1978- First vaccine for meninguitis
1998- First vaccine for lyme disease
2007- Scientist discovered how to use human skin cells to créate ambryotic
stem cells.

Advances of the Medical Revolution
Rhe Medical Revolution initially began to help and explore many different
places where Damage ocurred.It took a while to get started, But once there
was a hope of help in the world. Medinines and advances took off. When the
medicine failed, Inventors took a different approach in orden to gain what they

They infer that the new medicines and cures for things that never seems curable will result from an increase in new technologies and advancements .Doctors and nurses predic that the future will present great things and more opportunities for medical growth.They sought to achieve what the older generations couldn´t .and certain types of medicine. THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE We live in an age when there seems to be a medical breakthrough in the headlines avery few days. New discoveries seem to immediately be put into practice. Hence the Discovery of the well as the improvement and advances in the use of technology. Every new medicine is tested and put through a series of trials before we can put it out to the public for use. We have started to think about the future and what it holds for medicine .