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Jocelyn Beausire

Piece for Prepared Colander and Three Performers
Monday 6:30 PM
Everyone wears all white and has their hair pulled back
Mov 1: Ready
Person 1:
1. Hold the colander upside-down by the strings and stand facing left.
2. Hold the ends of the strings with one hand about six inches from the end and whisper
them around the circumference of the bowl and the legs.
3. Repeat slowly for 16 long, deliberate strokes.
Person 2:
4. Walk in and kneel across from person one, with the colander between you.
5. Beat a steady mallet roll, gradually increasing in volume and speed

Person 1:
6. Yell and drop the colander, which marks the end of person two’s roll
Mov 2: Served
Person 2:
1. Bring in two chairs and set them up as if around a table, with one on the right and one on
the left.
Person 1 and 2:
2. Sit across from each-other, with the colander between them
Person 2:
3. Lean across and hold the colander by the legs
Person 1:
4. Slide the largest strand up through the colander slowly
5. Slide the second largest strand up
6. Alternate strands and letting the strands hit and swish against the bottom of the colander
7. Tilt the colander sideways and let the swishes overwhelm the sound
Person 2:
8. Slowly stir the strands on the back of the colander with one hand once it is sideways
9. Tap the bottom of the colander with one stick lightly
Person 1:
10. Staring at the audience, cover your mouth and fry on the pitch of the bowl
Person 2:
11. Face back and groan in low voice
Person 1:
12. Turn head to back and resume vocal fry on pitch but louder
Person 2:
13. Continue rustling the strands, but more intensely
Person 1:
14. Turn head to front, cover mouth, and groan into hand.
Person 2:
15. Let the rustling come to a natural stillness
Mov 3: Over
Person 1:
1. Hold holds the colander by the legs
Person 2:
2. Hit the handle of the colander with a stick in one hand slowly and purposefully
3. Begin hitting the colander with the second stick, shortly after the first hit and much more
4. Sing the note of the roll
Person 1:
5. Sing the note of the roll, have microtonal interactions with Person 2 on the same vowel
Person 2:
6. Turn the stick action into a soft roll on a single handle of the colander
7. Once it has gotten very soft, set the sticks down on the chair and sing the note while
walking off stage
Person 1:
8. While still singing the note, hit the bowl with the mallet like a gong, and repeat the pitch
9. Repeat four times, purposefully
10. Drop the sticks on the bowl and stand facing the audience singing