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Crew News

March 31, 2017

Updates/Need-To-Know Coming This Week:
Welcome back! We didn t waste any time
getting to work this week and our crew did some Math: This week we will finish up our
amazing work. We started our Geometry Unit, Geometry Unit, and we will be focusing on
learning about quadrilaterals and working to find area and perimeter and the Distributive
the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles. Property. We will be taking that Unit Test
We also started a few book groups for guided the Monday or Tuesday before Spring
reading, which the students are excited about. As Break.
discussed at PTC, we are hitting cursive pretty
hard and the students are writing more and more Literacy: We will NOT be having
of their work in cursive. Comprehension of Vocabulary Quizzes this
Friday we enjoyed Harry Potter day. Students week due to our SAGE testing schedule.
dressed up and we took a Sorting Hat Quiz to Instead, we will be practicing and taking
accompany a writing activity! So fun! those tests.
You will notice on the Save the Date list we
are starting our SAGE testing this week with
Spelling: New spelling words coming
Language Arts and Writing. Those tests will start
home in the Homework Packet. I have
Wednesday and Thursday morning promptly at
uploaded the spelling lists onto Spelling
8:30am. Please help you student get to bed early
the night before so they are well rested and ready City (
to rock and roll.
Weather has been a little tricky recently so also
make sure your student has what he or she needs
to be outside.

Save the Date

Wednesday & Thursday, April 5-6 ‒
Language Arts & Writing SAGE Our ability to focus and work independently has
8:30am been amazing this week! We are still working on
quiet transitions.
Tuesday, April 11 ‒ Full Day before
Spring Break
This Week’s Class Goal:
April 12-16 ‒ SPRING BREAK

We will have less than 4 redo
transitions all week.