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Purpose Participants Amount Comments Result Date
PETROBRAS Detailing Design Services Procurement, Materials and Equipment 1st - CONSÓRCIO CNO/UTC 373,418,898.22 6/26/2006
REVAP Supply, Construction and Erection, Commissioning, Support to 2nd - IESA 397,749,880.00
Pre-Operations and Maintenance of four (4) months of a REVAP
3rd - TECHINT 405,607,853.20
Propylene Unit and its Interconnections (U-280, TR-28001, SE-
Call for Bid: 2800, TEVAP, EF-47012 and EF-47014 spheres) 4th - SKANSKA 414,515,554.22

Jobsite: São José Dos Campos/SP

PETROBRAS Consolidation of the basic design, preparation of the 1- UTC 458,395,996.20 8/10/2006
REPLAN executive design patterned after PMDS, planning, materials
2- ANDRADE GUTIERREZ 492,724,332.72
and equipment supply, civil construction, manufacturing,
electromechanical assembly, conditioning, technical 3- TECHINT 505,172,650.17
assistance to pre-operations, start of operations and running 516,010,476.17
of project maintenance to the propylene production unit at 4- QUEIROZ GALVÃO
Call for Bid:
0175708.06.8 REPLAN.
5- SKANSKA 531,913,712.00

Jobsite: Paulínia/SP

PETROBRAS Delivery of materials, equipment and services related to 1- CONSÓRCIO CNO/UTC/PROMON 847,386,630.38 11/26/2007
REVAP design execution, materials and equipment supply,
construction and erection, pre-commissioning, support to 909,567,929.81
commissioning and to pre-operations, start and assisted
Call for Bid: operations of the Cracked Naphtha Hydrodesulfurization
3- CONSÓRCIO MPE/SETAL 921,263,594.81
0393633.07.8 Units (U-264); Catalytic Reforming (U-222); Substation
(SE-2640) and Interconnections (off site) of HDS-REVAP

Jobsite: São José dos Campos/SP

PETROBRAS Engineering, supplies, construction, electromechanical 1- UTC 1,169,650,819.70 11/12/2009
REFAP assembly, testing, conditioning, assistance to pre-operations
and to start and assisted operations of the Diesel Treatment 2- GALVÃO 1,208,780,970.54
Undertaking Units (U-0710) - Hydrotreating Diesel Unit lI
Call for Bid: (UHDT II), U-0704 - Hydrogen Generation Unit lI (UGH II) of 1,288,108,336.02
0015714.09.8 REFAP - CONTRACT "0800.0077394.12.2
Formerly: 0800.0001232.11-2" 1,359,504,152.44
Jobsite: Canoas/RS
5- ALUSA 1,368,972,895.84

Imp. 11/11/2015 14:40 1/1

490.ÓRCIO UTC/CNO/MJ 1.12 PETROBRAS Consolidation of basic design. CONSÓRCIO CNO/OAS/UTC 1.341. 11/11/2015 14:40 1/1 .8 4.45 Jobsite: ltaboraí/RJ 5. CONSÓRCIO CAMARGO Call for Bid: technical assistance to pre-operations.QUEIROZ GALVÃO Call for Bid: 3. Jobsite: Araucária/PR Imp.195. conditioning.932.93 3/22/2007 REPAR supply of equipment.821. 2 . CONSÓRCIO OAS/CAMARGO/SETAL 2. 2. CONTRACTS AWARDED TO UTC WITH LOW COMPETITION 11/11/2015 Client/Bidding Purpose Participants Amount Comments Result Date Agency COMPERJ Supply of goods and provision of executive design services. 76 COMPERJ commissioning and testing of PIPE RACK of COMPERJ. 0911838. civil 1 . coke of UDEA (U -32323) units that make up the Gasoline Portfolio of REPAR.877. instruments and materials. GALVÃO 2.969.253. electromechanical assembly. electromechanical assembly. 2. partial 1.130. interconnections.00 8/11/2011 construction. ANDRADE GUTIERREZ 2. executive design. start and operations. civil construction. CORRÊA/PROMON 2561126068 start and operations and maintenance of UHDTl (U-2313).978. UGH (U-23311).