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Ashwini Maurya

250 N University Street, MATH-520 Email:
Purdue University Tel: (517) 802-7757
West Lafayette, IN, 47906 Web: maurya/

RESEARCH Statistical Machine Learning, Bayesian Variable Selection for Big Data, Covariance
INTEREST and Precision Matrix Estimation for High Dimensional Data, and their Computational

POSITIONS Post-Doctoral Researcher 08/2016-Present
Department of Statistics, Purdue University.
Working on Bayesian Fusion Lasso, Robust Bayesian Variable Selection. Implementa-
tion of proposed methods in R.

EDUCATION Ph.D. in Statistics & Probability 08/2011-07/2016
Department of Statistics and Probability, Michigan State University, East Lansing,
Michigan, USA.
GPA: 3.73/4.0.
Thesis: Estimating Covariance Structure in High Dimensions.

Master of Science in Statistics 07/2006-07/2008
Department of Statistics, University of Pune, Pune, India.
GPA: 5.17/6.0 (3rd rank in class of 60 students. )

Bachelor of Science in Statistics 08/2002-07/2005
Minor: Mathematics, Computer Science
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, India.
GPA: 8.3/10.0 (2nd rank among all undergraduate students.)

PUBLICATIONS Peer-referred journal articles

1. Maurya, A. A Well-Conditioned and Sparse Estimation of Covariance and Inverse
Covariance Matrices using a Joint Penalty. Journal of Machine Learning Research,
Volume 17(130), 1-28, 2016.
2. Maurya, A. A joint Convex Penalty for Inverse Covariance Matrix Estimation.
(Journal of the Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Volume 74,15-27, 2014.)

Working papers

3. Maurya A., Song Q., and Cheng, G. Bayesian Permutation Fusion Lasso for High
Dimensional Data Analysis Problems. In progress.
4. Maurya A., Song Q., and Cheng, G. Robust Bayesian Variable Selection using
Huber Loss. In progress.

SOFTWARE & 1. JPEN ( R-package) for estimating a covariance or inverse covariance matrix using
PACKAGES joint penalty.

MSU. Rong Jin).INDUSTRY Associate Consultant May 2010-July 2011 EXPERIENCE Genpact Analytics. Bangalore. Pfizer Scholarship. A conference in the honor of Prof. MSU. Riverside. Ashis Senupta. 2014. Department of Statistics and Probability. graduating class of 2005 in Gorakhur University and Its affiliated Colleges. February 2017. Purdue University. Second Rank Among Class of Graduating Students. Michigan State University. IL. “From Industrial Statistics to Data Science”. March 2016. PROJECTS 1. NY. STT 899. Advisor: Dr. Midwest Statistics Symposium. & 2015 Conference Travel Award. University of Chicago. Member of Marketing Advanced Analytics team. University of Pune (2006-2008). 2014. College of Natural Science. & University of Chicago (Midwest Statistical Symposium 2014). Yorktown Heights. heart and liver. MEMBERSHIP Member of– American Statistical Association International Indian Statistical Association Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Received the best score in terms of least classification error on test data. CA. Best Poster Presentation Award. Graduate Research Fellowship & Travel Awards. 2014 (selected in top 20). West Lafayette. Watson Research Center. India. Course: Directional Data Analysis. 2014. Vijay Nair’s 65th Birthday. Michigan State University 2011. IN. Michigan State University Fall AWARDS 2015. 2015. Large Scale Image Classification The Image Net Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge 2010 data set has more than 106 observations on 900 variables distributed over 150 classes. October. American Statistical Association (IISA Coference 2014). University of Michigan. and 2014. Michigan State University Statistics Symposium 2014. TALKS & Stat-Math Seminar. REFEREE Annals of Statistics Statistics and Probability letters Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. We also develop novel goodness of fit test for testing the appropriateness of the model. 2. Chicago. HONORS & Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. Phase Analysis of Circadian related Genes in two Tissues We propose bivariate statistical modeling of phase expression times to better under- stand the joint characteristics of phase expression times of two tissues viz. Joint Statistical Meeting 2016. 2015. Advisor: Dr. Graduate Academic Conference. International Indian Statistical Association. Summer 2016. POSTERS IBM Thomas J. among all the other projects submitted in class (Course: Machine Learning CSE 847. 2013. .

aspx TEACHING Independent and Recitation Instructor (Fall 2011-Spring 2016) Courses: STT 200. Indian Institute of Business Management and Research. Instructor: Jeff Leak. Got the funding from college of Natural Science at Michigan State. 2014 Michigan State University. SKILLS Statistical Software: R. Academic Assistant (April 2009-April 2010) Course: Probability and Statistics courses for Postgraduate courses.stt. Brian Caffo. Center of Statistical Consulting MSU and few other local institutes.msu. The event page: https://www.WORKSHOPS & Statistics in Applications Symposium 2013. Matlab SAS. 862. Indian Institute of Management. University of Michigan Python Data Structures. Michigan State University. John Hopkins University Python for Everybody. India. India. Invited more than 100 participants from University of Michigan. SELECTED Machine Learning Stochastic Models in Finance COURSES Statistical Genetics Theory of Statistics Data Mining Regression Analysis Time Series Analysis Actuarial Statistics Multivariate Analysis Advanced Topics in Statistics Survival Analysis Computational Statistics Theory of Probability Asymptotic Theory Advanced Algebra Real Analysis Random Fields and Spatial Statistics Convergence of Measures and Stochastic Processes OTHER Coursera COURSES Machine Learning. Instructor: Charles Severance. 2009) Course: Probability and Statistics courses for Undergraduate courses. Pune. Teaching Instructor (August 2008. Roger Peng. and Minitab Data and Processing: Excel. MEETINGS East Lansing I was the key organizer for both the years. Instructor: Andrew Ng. and LATEX Language: C/C++. 201. University of Chicago. Python. University of Michigan Strategic Career Self-Management. 867. by State University of New York . Stanford University Practical Machine Learning. Instructor: Charles Severance. University of Washington and several colleges across Michigan State. 315.