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This document is a working reference for the Stars
Without Number revised edition, tentatively planned
for a summer 2017 Kickstarter. Everything in this doc-
ument is subject to change, potentially drastically so,
and the layout and look of it should not be taken as
representative of the final product. It’s meant simply
as a convenient review and playtest document and a
working draft for me to experiment on.
The goals for the revised edition are simple: im-
proved production values, cleaned-up text, backwards
compatibility with existing SWN supplements and ma-
terial, and expanded options and tools for GMs and
players. It’s intended that everything you have now
should be usable with SWN Revised with minimal

Version 0.4
Added premade Warrior, Psychic, and Expert classes
to streamline character creation for players. The Ad-
venturer class allows for mix-and-match ability choices.
Began book design experimentation. Right now,
this is a text-dump file, where I import the original
text into an InDesign document, make some semi-in-
tentional blocking, and get the raw materials in place
for further processing and additions. Most of the book
hasn’t even been edited to take the new skill names into
account, so don’t be surprised to see the original-ver-
sion text intact there.
I’ve not included the starship bits in this dump;
they’re still getting some more work.

Version 0.2
First release. Includes basic character creation, psychic
powers, and system rules. Changed Masteries from an
earlier version to the current Focus system.

Running Head •3

CHARACTER CREATION Character Creation Overview
Intro material here. 1. Roll your six attributes or assign them from 13. Choose from one of the equipment packages
an array, using Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, In- TBD or roll 3d6 x 10 to find out how many starting
telligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Gritty PCs roll 3d6 credits you have with which to buy your own gear.
six times and assign them where they wish, or use an 14. Mark down your hit bonus with your weap-
array of 14, 12, 11, 10, 9, 7. Heroic PCs roll 4d6 six onry (attribute modifier plus appropriate skill plus any
times, dropping the lowest die each time, and assign applicable base attack bonus. Subtract 2 if you haven’t
them where they wish. Otherwise, they may use an even got level-0 in an appropriate skill.), and your ar-
array of 16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8. If a PC rolls their attributes mor class (which is ascending. With the bulk of OSR
and gets no roll of 14 or better, they can replace one material these days using ascending AC, conversion
score with a 14. ease recommends it).
2. Mark down your attribute modifiers for each 15. Note down your beginning saving throw
score. A score of 3 is a -2, 4-7 is a -1, 8-13 is no modifier, scores for your Physical, Evasion, and Mental saving
14-17 is +1, and 18 is +2. throws. Physical is 15 minus the best of your Strength
3. Pick a background from the list that follows, or Constitution modifiers. Evasion is 15 minus the best
one that most closely reflects your hero’s past experi- of your Intelligence and Dexterity modifiers. Mental is
ences. You gain the skill listed under the background 15 minus the best of your Wisdom or Charisma mod-
name at level-0. ifiers.
4. Decide whether to roll for additional skills or
pick them. If you pick them, you can choose two more
skills from the Learning table for your background,
with the exception of entries that say “Any Skill”, which
you may not pick. You cannot pick entries from the
Growth table. If you’re not sure what to pick, just take
the “Quick Skills” listed for your background at level-0,
which include your background’s beginning skill.
5. If you choose to roll for your skills, you can
roll up to three times, dividing up your rolls between
the Growth and Learning tables as you wish.
6. Choose your class, representing those talents
you have that are most relevant to an adventurer’s life-
7. Choose your foci, representing the side tal-
ents or particular specializations of your hero. Gritty
PCs can pick two levels of foci, while Heroic PCs can
pick three.
8. Optionally, if your GM is allowing alien PCs
or VI or True AI PCs, you can make your character
into one such creature by spending a focus level on the
appropriate origin focus.
9. Finally, pick one non-psychic skill of your
choice to reflect your hero’s outside interests, natural
talents, hobby expertise, or other personal choice.
10. If you’ve chosen the Psychic class or chosen to
be an Adventurer with psionic abilities, you are a psy-
chic PC, with powers described in the following section.
11. If you’re a Gritty character, roll your hit points.
For Gritty PCs, this means rolling 1d6 and adding your
Constitution attribute modifier. Even a penalty can’t
reduce your hit points below 1. Heroic PCs may take
maximum hit points at first level, so they’d start with
six plus their Constitution modifier. Members of the
Warrior class add one point to this maximum.
12. Note down any base attack bonus you may
have. For most PCs, this is +0. If you are a Warrior or
an Adventurer with a martial focus, it’s +1.

4• Running Head Running Head •5

Rolling Attributes Attribute Modifier Barbarian Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning
The first step in character creation is rolling your at- 3 -2 <Description here> Survive-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Any Combat
tributes. Each of the six attributes below are measured
4-7 -1 2 +2 Con 2 Connect
on a scale of 3 to 18, with 3 being an aptitude so weak
that the character is barely suited for adventure, and 8-13 +0 Quick Skills 3 +2 Dex 3 Exert
18 reflecting the greatest capacity possible for a normal 14-17 +1 Survive-0 4 +2 Str 4 Lead
human being. 18 +2 Notice-0 5 Exert 5 Notice
Strength reflects physical might. Dexterity is the
Any Combat-0 6 Any Skill 6 Punch
hero’s speed and precision. Constitution is their har-
diness and will to survive. Intelligence is their power 7 Sneak
of reasoning and memory. Wisdom is their percep- 8 Survive
tion and judgment, and Charisma is their force of per-
sonality and ability to influence other’s emotions and
Gritty PCs roll 3d6 six times and assign the scores
Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning
where they wish. Instead of rolling, they can assign the Clergy
following array: 14, 12, 11, 10, 9, and 7. <Description here> Talk-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer
Heroic PCs roll 4d6 six times, dropping the low 2 +2 Cha 2 Connect
die each time, and assigning them as desired. In lieu Quick Skills 3 +2 Con 3 Know
of rolling, they can assign the following array: 16, 14,
Talk-0 4 +2 WIs 4 Lead
12, 10, 9, and 8,
A player who rolls their statistics and gets no score Perform-0 5 Connect 5 Notice
of 14 or better can replace any one score with a 14. Know-0 6 Any Skill 6 Perform
7 Talk
8 Talk

Choosing Backgrounds Training Skills and Attributes Courtesan Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning
You may roll or choose a background for your adven- When your character is allowed to pick or roll a skill, <Description here> Perform-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Any Combat
turer. Your background may not have been all your you learn it at level-0 expertise the first time you re-
2 +2 Cha 2 Connect
character has done with their life, but it’s been the ceive it. If you receive it a second time, it becomes lev-
profession or origin that has left the greatest mark on el-1. If some mechanic or skill choice allows or obliges Quick Skills 3 +2 Cha 3 Exert
their abilities. you to pick it a third time, you can instead choose any Perform-0 4 +2 Dex 4 Notice
When you choose a background, you automatical- non-psychic skill in its place. The only way to raise Notice-0 5 Connect 5 Perform
ly gain its free skill at level-0. psychic skills is via character foci that specifically boost
Connect-0 6 Any Skill 6 Survive
You may then choose to either pick additional them- you cannot raise them with “Any Skill” picks. No
skills or roll them. If choose to pick them, you can select starting character can begin with a skill level higher 7 Talk
any two entries from the Learning tables for your back- than level-1. 8 Trade
ground, with the exception of “Any Skill” entries. You Sometimes you’re allowed to pick “Any Skill”. This
can’t pick from the Growth table, though you can trade means you can choose any non-psychic skill to improve.
one or both of your skill picks for rolls from that table. Other entries that read “Any Combat” mean that you
If you choose to roll your skills, you can roll three can pick either Stab, Shoot, or Punch as you choose.
Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning
times, dividing the rolls up between Growth and Rolls that improve your basic attributes can boost them Criminal
Learning as you wish. up to a maximum of 18; any excess improvements are <Description here> Sneak-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer
If you get the “Any Skill” entry, you may pick any lost 2 +2 Cha 2 Any Combat
non-psychic skill. If you get “Any Combat”, you can Quick Skills 3 +2 Dex 3 Connect
assign the skill to Shoot, Stab, or Punch.
Connect-0 4 +2 Int 4 Notice
If you would prefer not to deal with the choic-
es, just write down the three skills listed under Quick Sneak-0 5 Connect 5 Program
Skills at level-0. This is equivalent to picking your skills Talk-0 6 Any Skill 6 Sneak
and includes the three proficiencies most characteristic 7 Talk
of the profession.
8 Trade

6• Running Head Running Head •7 Dilettante Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Official Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning <Description here> Connect-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Any Skill <Description here> Administer-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer 2 +1 Any Stat 2 Any Skill 2 +2 Cha 2 Any Skill Quick Skills 3 +1 Any Stat 3 Connect Quick Skills 3 +2 Int 3 Connect Connect-0 4 +1 Any Stat 4 Know Administer-0 4 +2 Wis 4 Know Know-0 5 Connect 5 Perform Talk-0 5 Connect 5 Lead Talk-0 6 Any Skill 6 Pilot Connect-0 6 Any Skill 6 Notice 7 Talk 7 Talk 8 Trade 8 Trade Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Entertainer Peasant <Description here> Perform-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Any Combat <Description here> Exert-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Connect 2 +2 Cha 2 Connect 2 +2 Con 2 Exert Quick Skills 3 +2 Cha 3 Exert Quick Skills 3 +2 Dex 3 Fix Perform-0 4 +2 Dex 4 Notice Exert-0 4 +2 Str 4 Notice Talk-0 5 Connect 5 Perform Sneak-0 5 Exert 5 Sneak Connect-0 6 Any Skill 6 Perform Survive-0 6 Any Skill 6 Survive 7 Sneak 7 Trade 8 Talk 8 Work Merchant Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Physician Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning <Description here> Trade-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer <Description here> Heal-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer 2 +2 Cha 2 Any Combat 2 +2 Dex 2 Connect Quick Skills 3 +2 Int 3 Connect Quick Skills 3 +2 Int 3 Fix Trade-0 4 +2 Wis 4 Fix Heal-0 4 +2 Int 4 Heal Talk-0 5 Connect 5 Know Know-0 5 Connect 5 Know Connect-0 6 Any Skill 6 Notice Notice-0 6 Any Skill 6 Notice 7 Trade 7 Talk 8 Work 8 Trade Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Noble Pilot <Description here> Lead-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer <Description here> Pilot-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Connect 2 +2 Cha 2 Any Combat 2 +2 Dex 2 Exert Quick Skills 3 +2 Int 3 Connect Quick Skills 3 +2 Dex 3 Fix Lead-0 4 +2 Wis 4 Know Pilot-0 4 +2 Int 4 Notice Connect-0 5 Connect 5 Lead Fix-0 5 Connect 5 Pilot Administer-0 6 Any Skill 6 Notice Shoot or Trade-0 6 Any Skill 6 Pilot 7 Pilot 7 Shoot 8 Talk 8 Trade .

8• Running Head Running Head •9 Politician Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Technician Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning <Description here> Talk-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer <Description here> Fix-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer 2 +2 Cha 2 Connect 2 +2 Dex 2 Connect Quick Skills 3 +2 Cha 3 Connect Quick Skills 3 +2 Int 3 Exert Talk-0 4 +2 Wis 4 Lead Fix-0 4 +2 Int 4 Fix Lead-0 5 Connect 5 Notice Exert-0 5 Connect 5 Fix Connect-0 6 Any Skill 6 Perform Notice-0 6 Any Skill 6 Know 7 Talk 7 Notice 8 Talk 8 Pilot Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Scholar Thug <Description here> Know-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer <Description here> Any Combat-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Any Combat 2 +2 Int 2 Connect 2 +2 Cha 2 Connect Quick Skills 3 +2 Int 3 Fix Quick Skills 3 +2 Dex 3 Exert Know-0 4 +2 Wis 4 Know Any Combat-0 4 +2 Str 4 Notice Connect-0 5 Connect 5 Notice Talk-0 5 Connect 5 Sneak Administer-0 6 Any Skill 6 Perform Connect-0 6 Any Skill 6 Stab or Shoot 7 Program 7 Survive 8 Talk 8 Talk Soldier Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Vagabond Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning <Description here> Any Combat-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer <Description here> Survive 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Any Combat 2 +2 Con 2 Any Combat 2 +2 Con 2 Connect Quick Skills 3 +2 Dex 3 Exert Quick Skills 3 +2 Con 3 Notice Any Combat-0 4 +2 Str 4 Fix Notice-0 4 +2 Wis 4 Perform Exert-0 5 Exert 5 Lead Sneak-0 5 Exert 5 Pilot Survive-0 6 Any Skill 6 Notice Survive-0 6 Any Skill 6 Sneak 7 Sneak 7 Survive 8 Survive 8 Work Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Free Skill d6 Growth d8 Learning Spacer Worker <Description here> Fix-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer <Description here> Work-0 1 +1 Any Stat 1 Administer 2 +2 Con 2 Connect 2 +1 Any Stat 2 Any Skill Quick Skills 3 +2 Dex 3 Exert Quick Skills 3 +1 Any Stat 3 Connect Fix-0 4 +2 Int 4 Fix Connect-0 4 +1 Any Stat 4 Exert Pilot-0 5 Exert 5 Know Exert-0 5 Exert 5 Fix Program-0 6 Any Skill 6 Pilot Work-0 6 Any Skill 6 Pilot 7 Program 7 Program 8 Talk 8 Work .

divided to buy level 1 in two foci. or deceive others in conversa. your hero’s with battlefield trauma to qualify as a Healer. vast learning. act. and other. obligation is that you explain how your hero picked Standard Skills Biopsion: Your mastery of the psychic discipline of Bi. competence. tools. or otherwise put on a con. It’s just as possible that have to “match” the class you selected. be familiar with foreign cultures and Telekinesis. throw. navigate difficult terrain. charm. There are four possible classes you can choose for at level-1. they either give you the skill at lev- Connect: Make useful connections with others. management. to gain or improve these proficiencies. someone with level hard-to-get or illicit goods. but they’re the skills and capabilities Many foci give a bonus level in a skill as part of ernment agencies. climb. Psychic. fast-talk a mark. Metapsion: Your mastery of the psychic discipline of tools for success. know where to get illicit goods Telekinesis: Your mastery of the psychic discipline of chosen focus. Each focus has one or more levels of increas- Trade: Sell or buy things. Skills cannot normally exceed level-4. Metapsionics. and understanding how insti. skilled in the arts of war and violent conflict. maintain morale and discipline in an orga. vincing or emotionally moving performance Choose a class that best fits your character’s con- Pilot: Fly spaceships.10• Running Head Running Head •11 Skills Classes and Foci The following are typical skills for a far-faring space In one way or another. you’ll get the Heal: Cure diseases. ordinary level of competence. dealing with gov. treat psychological sional Extroversion Syndrome. art. spotting. sented by other skills. Your hero might be a veteran combatant. wheth- er hurled rocks.and high. legal knowledge. your character is cut out for so if you take level 3 in one. the other classes. from levels 1 and 2 as well. operate communications these benefits. mend wounds. Your class represents your hero’s best set of tools up the training or exhibited their natural aptitude for Administer: Bureaucratic expertise. This image of your hero. A level-0 expertise in a skill represents an Psychic Skills adventure. pick any other non-psychic skill if the skill is already and services. Heroic PCs can pick Fix: Fix things. Precognition: Your mastery of the psychic discipline of A Psychic can shoot a gun and a Warrior can try to other skill pick. moral wound. and nization Adventurers include those with a mix of talents and Notice: Searching. ones capable of chan. survive anything— once. infiltration. Experts are always gifted with their tech skills. Whatever their particular background. avoid dangerous animals or gangs A focus is an additional knack. Someone with level 3 in the focus can This is a catch-all skill for professions not repre. good combatants. jump. their level 1 benefits. you get all the benefits adventurer. sing. you can choose the Adventurer class. or they might be a psychic Any character can pick any focus. level-3 is probably the best psychic skill to improve unless you are told specifically they could have remarkable talents as a pilot. . control comput. that they’re most likely to turn to to resolve a problem. Psychic and Warrior don’t fit your otherwise pilot a means of transportation. Warriors are hardened combat- you. If Expert. The only primary focus is their class. lift. or if you want to customize their skill doesn’t help you with things entirely outside abilities. Aside from these baseline abilities. languages. find Precognition. and reading other people abilities for those heroes that don’t fit well into one of Perform: Dance. persuasion. Exert: Run. while a level-1 skill is ap. Lead: Lead troops in combat. As your hero advances in experience. or let you people you know. master intellectual fields feats of telekinesis. characters survive dangerous environments. or ship’s gunnery Foci Sneak: Stealth. but they’ll still be better at their own el-0. Each class grants certain benefits and special abil- Program: Program or hack computers. skilled with blade or laser. or be choose the Unarmed Combatant focus for fistic prow- talent on the planet. raise an existing level-0 skill to level-1. The benefits of a focus stack. ities. identify what something of Teleportation. perk. organizational opsionics. get favors from contacts Telepathy: Your mastery of the psychic discipline of your hero: Adventurer. run a business points each level and automatically stabilizes after a Work: Work at a particular profession. A Psychic can even among professionals. technical expertise. is supposed to do those rare men and women affected by Metadimen. telepathy. Warriors are always Stab: Fight with melee weapons both low. Expert. and defeat of se. diagnose illnesses neling these metadimensional energies to perform isting talents or learn new tricks in the course of your Know: Know facts. drive vehicles. build things. figure out where to purchase ingly-strong effect. convince others to follow psionic disciplines. ride animals. These bonus levels work like any tutions really work. for dealing with their problems. swim. abilities. or personal connections. Telepathy. while Heroic characters get an addition- tech. For example. Shoot: Fight with projectile or thrown weapons. one that grants them certain benefits tion in play. piloting skills. Experts are PCs that rely on non-combat skills such as either both spent on gaining level 2 in one knack or wise exert yourself Teleportation: Your mastery of the psychic discipline stealth. and other adventures. Psychics are three levels. Every member of a class has certain baseline abilities curity measures that let them do well at their role. and Psychics always have a few pertinent psionic Survive: Handle animals. combat rifles. Both Gritty and Heroic characters get some of er-operated hardware. You may not pick a gifted with uncanny abilities. Beginning Gritty PCs can pick two levels of foci. in. encrypt or decrypt things al benefit to reflect their more space-operatic degree of Punch: Fight unarmed. precognition. that a hero has. Level-2 is unusual titude can develop psychic skills. or trade. and level-4 is one of the best in the to pick a psychic skill. the scope of your background or experience. or aptitude Talk: Persuade. or cept. deal with customs 1 in the Die Hard focus gains two extra maximum hit agents. and it doesn’t propriate to a veteran professional. Unlike standard skills. “Any Skill” picks cannot be used the smoothest grifter in the hive-slum they grew up ess. ants. disguise. They’re not their only the focus. while a Warrior might have enough experience entire star sector. fabricate basic also have foci. and Warrior. only characters with psionic ap. opportunity to pick up new foci as you refine your ex- disorders.

Foci I know everyone who matters. taking the new roll if it’s better. increases by 1. while Heroic PCs get level If you are a Gritty PC. Gritty Hit Points and Attack Bonus PCs get level 2 in the focus. once per day. an Expert might be the product of exquisite eloquence and social sensitivity. Choose Connected. Choose Healer. you get a bonus skill point you character level. you • Unlike Warriors or Experts. you do this. rounded down. Choose Specialist (Know). If • Once per scene. Choose Starfarer. character level. pick any non-combat. You must choose to use this ability before fuel psychic abilities. While you can choose any focus you like for your hero. Choose Psychic Training (That Psychic Skill). you roll 1d6 and add your Con- stitution modifier. I am a specialist in a particular psychic discipline. you might elect to “flavor” it with Specialist (Fix). so it’s +0 at first level. Choose Die Hard. • When you choose this class. Foci While you can choose any focus you like for your hero. • If you are a Heroic PC. you have 6 hit points plus your Consti- I am an ace starship pilot. you roll 1d6 and add your Con- 3 in it. ly-gained skill points on psychic skills and tech- niques. you can reroll a failed non-com.12• Running Head Running Head •13 Expert Psychic Class Abilities Class Abilities Every Expert PC has certain common abilities. If you • If you are a Heroic PC. to a minimum of 1 hit point. You can save this an experience level. while Heroic PCs get level 3 in it. so it’s +0 at first level. No one is a better thief and infiltrator. Gritty PCs get level 2 in the focus. equal to 1 plus your highest psychic skill plus the better of your Wisdom or Constitution modifi- ers. a Psychic telepath might get the same focus through subtle low-level telepathic aware- ness. and a damn good one. you can au- tomatically roll a natural 12 on a non-combat skill • You have an Effort score. and each time you advance an tution modifier. the following choices are common to Experts. When The engines will take what I say they can take. You can save this skill point to spend later if you wish. to a minimum of 1 hit point. Choose Unarmed Combatant. Your maximum Effort is you roll the check. stitution modifier. If you are a Gritty PC. can spend on psychic skills or disciplines. I am a skilled empathic negotiator. Choose Diplomat. you have 6 hit points plus your Consti. • When you pick this class. Choose Spe- cialist (Sneak). your psychic abilities. tution modifier. I have unusual control over my own physical processes. your maximum Effort Hit Points and Attack Bonus cannot be lower than 1. You can pick the same one twice to obtain level-1 proficiency in it. Choose you choose a focus. When you advance non-combat. If you are a Heroic PC. I am a brilliant scientist. you are capable of gain a bonus skill point that can be spent on any learning psychic powers. choose any two psy- non-psychic skill as a bonus skill. whereas the Diplomat focus of I’m a doctor. Every Psychic PC has certain special abilities. Your attack bonus is equal to half your experience level. the following choices are common to Psychics. Choose Diplomat. your maximum Effort are a Heroic PC. rounded down. discipline. pick one level-1 technique from this bat skill check. • When you advance an experience level. I am a psychically-augmented martial artist. . you can spend your new- point to spend later if you wish. which can be used to check. Your attack bonus is equal to half your I am an incredibly smooth talker. chic skills as bonus skills. non-psychic skill. Even with a penalty.

Focus skill as a bonus skill. reroll any failed your Constitution modifier. Gritty Adventurers get mental damage. Hit Points and Attack Bonus Gritty Adventurers roll the usual 1d6 for hit points at Expert first level. so if a Heroic Level 3: Whenever you make an attack roll. You can pick the same skill twice. a restricted Psychic. as a bonus skill. Level 3: You are an unrestricted psychic. Choose Armsman. spend three levels on Die Hard. for example. this ability before you roll the check. If the PC has taken at least one level of Warrior Foci non-combat skill check. to a minimum of 1 hit point. you’re occupying. their class bonus increases this to +1. they’d get the perks of both the first and not you hit. while Heroic Ad. or maybe your combat medic knows more to your attack bonus at first and fifth levels. but it cannot be used against environ- it cannot be used against environmental damage. taking the better of the one or more levels of Warrior specialization add 1 hit you are a Heroic PC. Choose Level 2: You are an unrestricted psychic. Pick a second Savage Fray. and Heroic PCs have three. you can choose to negate a successful choose to negate a successful attack roll against satility. . Gritty PCs have two levels 3 in it. seventh. You can save this skill point for later use if you wish. pick any combat skill about using a laser rifle than most physicians do. I’m a meat wall that doesn’t know when to quit. down to a minimum of 1. If you I am an expert duelist. but they may have more ver. per scene instead of once per day. Level 1: You are a restricted psychic. while Heroic PCs get level Psychic Much as with class abilities. I leave a trail of bloody carnage in my wake. second Warrior levels as well as the benefits of being er or not your attack hits. You can improve this skill benefits stack the same way class abilities do. Constitution modifier. Once per game day. rounded down. age is rolled. take a natural 12 on any level. abilities. Once per fight. to a minimum of 1. Gain • When you choose this class. The benefits stack. hits on a vehicle you’re occupying. Armsman. You gain a bonus skill point each time you advance an experience level that can only be spent on psychic skills or techniques. Pick one psychic to spend on Foci. gaining level-1 in it and choosing a free level-1 technique from that discipline. or hits on a vehicle two levels to split up between them. ing a level. point to their maximum. later with foci or skill points gained from advanc. You 1 extra maximum hit point each level. while dividing the levels My hands are lethal weapons. you can as a more focused hero. Gritty Foci PCs get level 2 in the focus. You can use this ability after the dam- can use this ability after the damage is rolled. treating it as if it actually you. stant ability. Adventurers who’ve taken Constitution modifier. Per. You must decide to use specialization. you can roll all attack rolls of Psychic. you get I’m a crack shot. If non-combat skill check. Your maximum Effort equals up among Die Hard. and Warrior abilities. while Heroic Adventurers take the maxi- Hit Points and Attack Bonus Level 1: Gain any non-combat. Gain +1 academy. Warrior Every Warrior PC has certain special abilities. as an In- • Once per fight. Choose Gunslinger. effects without an attack roll. haps your mercenary spent her girlhood at a psychic Level 1: Gain any combat skill as a bonus pick. you have missed you. you can use it once The base attack bonus for Adventurers is equal to your character level so it’s +1 at first level. non-psychic skill as a mum six points. They won’t be quite as good in a given field and ninth levels as well. or effects without an attack roll.14• Running Head Running Head •15 Warrior Adventurer The Adventurer class is the catch-all for heroes who Class Abilities don’t fit so neatly into the other three categories. roll it twice adventurer took two levels of Warrior and one level and take the higher one to determine whether or • If you are a Heroic PC. you roll 1d6+1 and add your bonus pick. as an Instant ability. Choose Unarmed Com. so +0 at first Level 3: Once per game day. While you can choose any focus you like for your hero. treating it as if it actually missed you. other psychic skill. Your maxi- mum Effort equals 2 plus your highest psychic skill level plus the best of your Wisdom or Con- stitution modifiers. Your attack bonus is equal to Level 2: Your reroll ability improves. Psychic. psychic skill as a bonus skill. twice and take the better roll to determine wheth. In both cases the score is modified by If you are a Gritty PC. attack roll against you. You can learn or improve any psychic skill with foci or skill points gained from advancing a level. Choose of your Wisdom or Constitution modifiers. down Die Hard. half their character level. and Diplomat would give batant. the following choices are common to Warriors. but a certain number of levels to spread among Expert. venturers get three. You To define your Adventurer’s abilities. you have 7 hit points plus your two rolls. but you cannot learn or improve any all three abilities listed for it. 1 plus your highest psychic skill level plus the best you the first benefit from each Focus. can use the Adventurer class to customize your hero’s Level 2: Gain +1 to your attack bonus at third.

you may You are remarkably talented at a particular skill. Also. skill. You have a gift with a gun. Gunslinger restricted or unrestricted psychic to take this focus. You’ve had special psychic training. as if you were wearing powered armor. Level 3: When you are finally killed. what they can do for you. While this talent most com. Such healing can be Level 1: Gain Connect as a bonus skill. You may use this You are refunded any excess skill points you paid weapons. You automatically stabilize if mortally wounded monly applies to slugthrowers or energy weapons. Those you revive within six expertise is extremely reliable. Level 2: Roll 4d6 and drop the two lowest dice for all Level 2: Ignore the first hit or source of injury in a day ranged weapons that can be used with the Shoot skill. of strangers. put toward increasing it or purchasing a technique . you automatically learn ons and melee attacks. Level 1: Gain Survive as a bonus skill. your Fray damage becomes 1d8. by anything smaller than a Heavy weapon. Once per game session. or some other savant. succeed at interstellar spike drills that would leave less Die Hard an assailant just in time to alert your comrades. rolling damage normally. melee or thrown weapon’s damage roll. entirely butchered. You may tems section. if it’s not come lost while on a planet. can decide when and where you want to meet able languages with a day’s practice with a speaker. You can draw or you. Using only basic medical supplies. You are accustomed to the perils of the than ten minutes. and Level 3: Using a TL4 medkit or lazarus patch. if weapon’s damage roll. If Gritty. Roll 3d6 entirely implausible. intelligent NPC’s reaction roll one step closer to Turn action. with ten minutes of first aid. you meet someone you know common human languages of the sector and can period thereafter. replace a Talk skill check or diseases. you do 1d4 fewer skill point to purchase. You are refunded this level of Die Hard and may action if it takes no more than one round to reload. If Gritty. you inducement. level-1 in a psychic skill. assuming For thrown weapons. but the GM decides who they are and Level 2: Your linguistic talents are impressive enough to Whether through uncanny reflexes. you’ll have built a web of contacts willing to do deal with people who are often highly unappreciative revive a target who has been dead for no more Whether a marvelous cat burglar. You must be a Level 1: Gain Pilot as a bonus skill. You cannot be. and take the better result when treating poisons gain a 1d4 Fray damage die which you can use in mum damage with a Stab attack. Level 3: All psychic skill levels after level-0 cost one Armsman choose a new focus for the level at the adventure’s Even on a miss with a Shoot attack. more are required to raise the skill or buy a par- Level 2: You can reload a ranged weapon as an On Turn ticular technique. You may save these points for later. Fray damage is explained in the Sys- armors. friendly. You go places that others can’t find or can’t survive. and drop the lowest die for all skill checks in this who is willing to do modest favors for you. Automati- that would reduce you to zero hit points. If a Heroic age doesn’t apply to thrown weapons. You speak all the hit point and may act normally with no recovery Level 1: Gain a non-combat skill as a bonus. Level 1: Gain Talk as a bonus skill. and can manipulate the attitudes of those around focus after character creation. You may not take this level of Die Hard again. with a natural 12. Once per game session. automatically hit with a Shoot all standard level-1 techniques for that discipline. reason why they feel such a tie of loyalty to you. This automatic dam. This focus’ benefits do not apply Level 3: Once per fight. an unfailing engineer. for these skills or techniques if you master this focus at the same time as Gunslinger. you can’t use the benefits of the Armsman You know how to get your way in personal negotia. you can de- Level 2: Your melee and thrown weapons count as TL4 the lowest die for all Talk skill checks. rounds of their mortal wound will recover with 1 more than one for different skills. You may roll your skill checks twice PC. your You can call on one favor per game day and the wild and the dangers of an uncharted alien world. with a greater resis. You acquire basic fluency in exotic human-pronounce. tance to the perils of combat and a more stubborn re. Hostile NPCs can ignore your sua. ability after missing on a hit roll. You may use this Level 3: Once per scene. environment. to unarmed attacks or projectile weapons. Connected good friend. you Level 3: Once per fight. Level 1: Gain any psychic skill as a bonus. you Level 3: As above. stabilize a mortally-wounded target. if that’s remotely plausible. Even on a miss with a melee weapon. normal. do 1d4 damage to the target. Level 3: You cannot be ambushed in the wilderness or you effectively immune to weapons of TL2 or starships is considerable. and your Fray damage affects any You’re remarkably gifted at making friends and forging sion unless you offer them more than words as can heal 1d6+Heal skill hit points of damage to target. the bonus psychic skill you pick must be the starships. bows. damage. once per scene. For thrown Diplomat attack. Wherever you go. You may take this focus GM decides how far they’ll go for you. cally succeed on all spike drill checks of difficulty the trauma is conceivably survivable. and you’re particularly Savage Fray free action. Ironhide Level 2: Roll 4d6 and drop the two lowest dice for all this person.16• Running Head Running Head •17 Foci You may add your Shoot skill level to a ranged from it. Roll 3d6 and drop luctance to succumb to Death’s charms. or other primary focus. if the lowest die for all Pilot skill checks involving Level 1: You gain an extra 2 maximum hit points per lev. Pilot skill checks involving starships. the bonus psychic 10 or less. You are immune to natural poisons or diseases. your expertise in flying GM doesn’t find wholly improbable. Psychic Training cloud of gas. Level 2: When you advance a level. assuming any food or water is to Level 1: You have an innate armor class of 20. combat as if you were a Heroic PC. you may harm your foes. can fabricate for the GM a suitably impressive and your immediate companions in any Earth-like with armor. noticing lower. remarkable luck. Your maxi. you somehow Level 1: Gain Shoot as a bonus skill. it same as the one you chose when taking the Psychic checks of difficulty 8 or less. Talk skill checks. holster a Stowed ranged weapon as a free action. a world-famous ath- favors for you that are no more than mildly illegal. they’ll Healer sheath a Stowed melee or thrown weapon as a only work if your interlocutor is actually willing to Healing comes naturally to you. For skill checks to liver passing blows. tions. snap shots. you can’t use the benefits of the mum Effort increases by one. end. When you obtain You have an unusual competence with thrown weap. automatically hit and do maxi. ability after missing on a hit roll. Specialist at least a week in a not-entirely-hostile location. Even while occupied in other activities. but the contact is willing to do even than a few moments of listening. every injured or wounded person in your group levels. You may add your Stab skill level to a listen to you. Level 3: As above. Starfarer You may conjure up any past between you that the be had. skill checks in this skill. Level 1: Gain Stab as a bonus skill. An expert starfarer can often surprised when in natural surroundings. Even so. intuit basic fluency in any language with no more gengineered skin fibers. The benefits of this focus don’t stack the check roll. your Fray damage becomes a non-hostile NPC to do anything they’d do for a applied by you heal twice as many hit points as 1d6+4. and vicious cuts that weapons for the purpose of overcoming advanced all the languages common to the sector. restricted. or subtle telekinetic shielding. while smooth words are versatile. replace any Level 3: As above. though Dexterity modifiers still apply. Armsman focus at the same time as Gunslinger. Level 2: Your abilities are so effective that they render A veteran of the solar winds. Automatically succeed on all spike drill el. always seem to know somebody useful to your ends. Level 2: As above. gifted pilots as little more than a rapidly-expanding You are surprisingly hard to kill. You can draw or skill you chose automatically gets one skill point miraculously survive in relatively safe condition. This is sufficient to persuade Level 2: Stims or other technological healing devices Level 2: If a Heroic PC. your Fray damage becomes 1d8. provided they have not been lete. Roll 3d6 and drop allies and comrades. shift an stabilize one adjacent person per round as an On Level 1: Gain any combat skill as a bonus. If you’ve spent Explorer applied to a given target only once per day. You cannot fail you have natural defenses equivalent to high-quality failed check with this skill with a natural 12 for very personally dangerous favors for you if you survival skill checks to find food and water for you combat armor. you Level 2: Roll 4d6 and drop the two lowest dice for all treat all rolls as if they were a natural 12. even one with more hit dice than you have ties with the people around you. is also applicable to thrown weapons. gifted at preventing the quick bleed-out of wounded You’re extremely dangerous to enemies around you. You speak Level 1: Gain Heal as a bonus skill.

for combat leadership level-3 does 1d12. Un- . in your physical construction or interaction style. Most civilizations where er their blobby physique or camouflage abilities are VIs exist treat them either as property. Dexterity. you to match your surroundings. Know. they do 1d8 damage. have special powers that only are fully developed with checks. Proud Warrior Guys tacks become more dangerous as your Punch skill ment. can perform this overhaul yourself. Rules for playing True faces at half your movement rate. Origin foci come with a special skill. Level 1: Gain Proud Warrior Guy as a bonus skill. Your unarmed at. if tools are for intimidating others. You conditions. and guns in the grip of the less gifted. Your unarmed attacks do 1d8 damage plus twice Level 2: A more sophisticated VI. rate as a human. Once per scene. you are indistinguish- your BEM skill. replace a Pilot skill check with a natural 12 when it involves starships. Even on a miss with a Punch attack. More specific aliens would be your existence is intimately entangled with your cur- included in the actual book.18• Running Head Running Head •19 Origin Foci Level 3: As above. As a basic VI. one repre. and may be pur. as will being re- duced to zero hit points. You’re remarkably smart. automatically hit and do max. “zombie”. representing their nature as meter in diameter. skill points as the hero gains levels. either Level 1: Gain the Bug-Eyed Monster skill as a bonus. Program or Fix rolls. or boosted by the free skill pick all characters get at the end of character VIs creation. Level 1: Gain the Blob Dude skill as a bonus. you’re a Virtual Intelligence. Level 2: Your unarmed attacks count as TL4 weapons two or more levels of investment. You automatically stabilize at zero hit Bug-Eyed Monsters are your average insect aliens. Their BEM of spare parts can repair any lost hit points. you do 1d6 senting the characteristic skills and talents possessed Regain 1d6 lost hit points after every fight. this ability after missing on a hit roll. This bonus Stab rolls involving probes. even under intimate natural AC of 14 plus twice your BEM skill. using the usual encumbrance rules for whenever possible. an illusion Blob Dudes are your basic plasmic aliens. their origin skill in lieu of a standard skill whenever dropped to zero hit points. chased with a beginning character’s allotment of focus Level 1: Gain Punch as a bonus skill. A pretech scanner or surgical inves- can jump up to ten meters as a Move action. You can VIs cannot have psychic powers without special pass through any hole no smaller than one centi. “virt”. or a pure legal fiction. as chosen can use their racial skill in place of Heal. and for tactical rolls. unless you’re blasted imum damage with a Punch attack. abominations. tems. At level-2 they do 1d10. you skill can be used in lieu of Punch for unarmed attacks. Your superior armature Grays grants you a +1 attribute modifier bonus in either Prototypical Smart. or Constitution. “synth”. or breathe. Your sentience may be the Blob Dudes product of an abortive AI seed experiment. If you include aliens or robots in your campaign. and six or more very springy legs. The PC can use can continue acting for one round after being Level 3: Once per fight. Level 1: Gain Gray as a bonus skill. and level-4 does 2d8. glass-smooth. and you cannot be transplanted easily into a different armature. down to Your empty hands are more dangerous than the knives taken the same way as any other foci. Their origin created by remarkably thorough pretech expert sys- skill can be used in place of Sneak or Exert whenev. Most alien origins have only one level of invest. a PC is allowed to be one of them. increasing it to a maximum of +3. You are immune to Biopsionics and Telepathy. you fortunately. do not eat. rent hardware. Most Blob Dudes carry their belongings in or extremely awkward moral problems to be forbidden internal pockets. This ability may be used when making a spike drill. a minimum of -3. provided it’s not AIs will exist in the deluxe version. permission from the GM. You can travel up vertical sur. You may use it is applicable. Frail Alien Masterminds. can increase the modifier up to +3. general gist of the idea. This origin skill can be improved with to pieces. and for jumping feats. levels. available. or Below are some example races meant to give the “shell”. bat is invigorating and deeply pleasurable for you. points. gifts might require multiple levels to be invested before orable warrior dudes. You may use your VI skill in lieu of Readied and Stowed items. tigation will reveal your nature. by all members of an alien species. suffering a Unarmed Combatant can represent them with origin foci. Whether called a “vee”. These ones can use their PWG el-1. a hard exo. At lev. involved. they do 1d6 damage. some exotic pretech prototype. An hour’s overhaul with six units skeleton. You can change color and pattern Level 1: Gain VI as a bonus skill. Unlike a True AI. the Grays Strength. gaining a +1 bonus to your Intelligence modifier. You damage. though species with unique abilities or powerful Every campaign setting needs a race of excessively hon- increases. Your hard carapace gives you a able from a human being. Origin foci are -1 penalty to your Constitution modifier. you’re also rather spindly. Your self-repair unit heals you at the same They’ve got sharp claws and mandibles. but not other psychic Bug-Eyed Monsters disciplines. and when you take this level of the focus. sleep. Com- for the purpose of overcoming advanced armors. Other species might skill in place of any combat skill. At level-0. Your artificial nature is obvious.

Next. your side interests. your beginning base attack bonus is +1. This pick represents your hobbies. it’s possible to have a saving throw of 16 or more. . Lastly. and Evasion sav- ing throws. First. Heroic PCs don’t roll. but they cannot exceed their maximum. If your hero is a Warrior or an Adventurer with a martial focus. your maxi- mum hit points are equal to 1d6 plus your Constitution modifier. rounded down. and you’ll have an adventurer ready for play. it stacks to increase the skill to level-1. You gain it at level-0 if you don’t already have it. You can regain lost hit points by rest and biopsionic healing. Your hit points are a measure of how close you are to death or defeat. determine your hit points. Your Physical saving throw is 15 minus the better of your Strength or Constitution attribute modifiers. pick one more non-psychic skill of your choice. For most PCs. adjusted by their Constitution modifier. Record your Physical. Mental.20• Running Head Running Head •21 Final Touches You’re almost finished. as they always recieve the maximum hit points at each level. Your Mental saving throw is 15 minus the better of your Wisdom or Charisma attribute modifi- ers. Thus. Just a few more things to note down. Now note down your base attack bonus. Your Evasion saving throw is 15 minus the better of your Dexterity or Intelligence attribute modifiers. either choose an equipment package TBD or roll 3d6 x 10 to find out how many credits you have to buy your beginning gear. this is equal to half your character level. when you run out of them. Otherwise. You can’t pick a skill you already have at level-1. down to a minimum of 1 hit point. they start with six hit points. If you have a penalty in both modifiers. your character is dead or unable to continue fighting. or some well of natural talent. so it’s +0 for most characters. For a Gritty PC.

of Effort that lasts for the rest of the scene. and unlikely to be done more than up dead. as their form of brain damage invariably results in violent. “Unrestricted psychics” are those with the correct neural wiring to channel all known psychic disciplines. Once the Commitment pe. spar. on they’d like to learn in place of an existing art. physical translocation with Teleportation or tissue re- pair with Biopsionics. attributes likewise become dead or nonviable as play. special sionics-0 and Biopsionics-0 would have a maximum tricks and abilities they’ve refined through practice. PCs who have taken the Adventurer discipline gains access to its core technique. Worse Psychics are either “restricted” or “unrestricted”. his Effort would become 4. as the uncontrolled cascade of of 1-2 they lose a point from their Wisdom score. they can torch with impunity thereafter. teachable form. still. a Con. the Effort returns to the psychic. whether it’s how they’ve focused their abilities. special training is required to choose them when a PC true master of the art would have level-4. niques exist that are more esoteric in nature. usually only without proper precautions will almost inevitably each use of torching psychic must roll 1d6. and psionic skills of Metap. Untrained psychics can sometimes get lose a point from any attribute of their choice. chosen immediately after improving the skill. a measure of the provided by a biopsionicist with level-0 proficiency is psychic’s mental focus. and they are most often riod is over. It may be possible for a psychic to create entirely ural prodigies rarely have any ability beyond level-1 in a ing them from attribute loss. is refreshed after a good night’s rest. fractory periods to channel MES energy beyond their PCs who want to learn additional techniques be- gies sometimes intuitively grasp their principles. pline. Only psy. either. Thus. new technique from that discipline. Feral psychics are exceptionally dangerous. intentionally ignoring safety protocols and neural re. crippled. Psionic Skills Some Commitment is relatively short-term. It provides a free point them separately with skill points. Some MES MES energies have already burnt a clear path through carriers are only capable of safely using one psychic what remains of their sanity. After niques may do so at the GM’s discretion. If a skill inflicts 1d6 damage caused by torching. a character with ogy has no generally-known remedy. There is no TL4 cure for brain damage psychic.22• Running Head Running Head •23 PSIONICS the PC can’t pick a technique which requires a high- er skill level than they’ve mastered. the Psychic Succor Psionic powers are fueled by Effort. No functioning expertise in the skill has level-0. though an exceedingly few natural prodi. Effort score of 3. on a roll when they encounter some new esoteric technique cause death or madness. de. and even more advanced technol- per Biopsionics level. they can pick a sionics skill to level-1. Other powers are commonly-known arts that are part of the basic which has a corresponding skill. Those who use their powers often enough to a Wisdom score of 3 go violently insane and become special inclinations. plus their highest psychic skill score. as the pending on the scope of their abilities. The strength of the ability var- Effort and Torching ies with the practitioner’s skill level. those reduced below scores of 3 in other GM’s discretion. is able to pick a new technique. and may Attempting to develop these skills without such for. they may also learn other techniques. psychic improves their skill level. 6 means that the damage was only superficial. for example. Even normal capacity. There is no known cure for a feral psychic’s cipline. psy- Types of Psychics chotic behavior and terrifying hallucinations. All Effort taught as part of their basic education. Each time they improve a skill level. If he were to then improve his Biop. each of only as long as the power is in effect. A psychic’s maximum Effort total is equal to one el-4 expertise. This tech- class might be restricted or unrestricted. lasting The techniques listed under the disciplines here Psionic powers are divided up into disciplines. much weaker than that provided by someone with lev- ness. but they cannot safely develop other psychic insanity. away with using their powers very rarely. before they can be learned. Any such novelty is strictly at the gain more practical field experience can expect to end “feral psychics”. They must be Effort is “Committed” to fuel a psionic power. paying one point per understanding in a coherent. Other tech- taught as part of rigidly-disciplined psychic academies. require that the Effort be Committed for the full scene. Psychics can push past their limits by “torching”. depending on nique varies depending on the discipline. They also cannot “save” technique picks for later. As a psychic improves their skill level in a disci- stitution modifier of +2. skills. even if this level of the technique. Tech- MES energies will cause varying forms of permanent a 3-4 they lose a point of Constitution. and are termed “restricted psychics”. They do not need to tribute modifiers. and neural responsive. or insane. Most techniques have a minimum skill level associated with them. once or twice over the lifetime of even the most skilled Some techniques have a variable effect depending er characters. energy. while a while the most powerful might require it be Commit. and a lower required skill level. ted for the rest of the day. Every psychic who obtains level-0 proficiency in a stricted psychics. Core abilities improve naturally as the plus the higher of their Wisdom or Constitution at. be purchased or otherwise specially trained. perimenter. curriculum of most competent psychic academies. a psychic with a Wisdom modifier of -1. Psionic Powers and Techniques PCs who have chosen the Psychic class are unre. Someone with a basic. as the principles were chics can learn psionic skills. Biopsionics-3 would inflict 3d6 damage on the target. require a trainer to educate the PC in their principles malized training is almost invariably lethal to the ex. obtained. Torching is an Instant action that can yond those acquired by improving their skills may buy fewer of these gifted naturals are able to express their be performed once per round. a 5 lets them niques can only be retrained into others of equal or brain damage. Psychics reduced below new techniques to reflect their personal aptitudes and discipline. They fectively unlimited Effort with what powers they have can become quite talented and effective in this dis. Feral psychics have ef- discipline. PCs who want to retrain tech- Attempting to wield a natural psionic aptitude point puts a psychic over the maximum allowed. but these nat. and . on the psion’s skill level.

provided the biopsion can see Teratic Overload: Level-3 required general biological distress an organism might be suf. Biowarfare or. hit rolls. The biopsion gains the ability to drastically augment gets that have been decapitated or killed by Heavy their own or a touched ally’s physical abilities as an weapons. and both next round. allies within ten meters of the target. Allies can decline Strength or Dexterity skill checks. also viable at the GM’s discretion. and heal 1d6+1 hit points of damage. tissue reinforcement and system stabilization. tal birth defects and regrow missing limbs and organs. ple is available. whereas touching a resisting target a Wis/Biopsionics skill check at a difficulty of at least the change is in effect. If the target suffers hit point damage. System Strain decreases The biopsion has mastered techniques of emergency now affected by an obvious. The biopsion’s Psychic Succor may now also affect all Strain to the target and gives them a +2 bonus to all Level-1: As level-0. Remote Repair: Level-1 required target. This can be done for such badly-mangled targets is stabili- power must be used on a target within six rounds zation. This boost adds two points of System target is intact enough for this power to work. If the biopsion Commits Effort for the at zero hit points. and requires erful drugs all add to a target’s System Strain. debilitate or dam. Any damage with the rolled hit points and can act normally the the additional System Strain. requires that the biopsion Commit Effort for as long to avoid notice. the target with their unaided vision. regardless of this technique. Applying this power to a target postpone their regeneration for up to a week in order requires a normal Punch hit roll with a bonus equal to 10. Each invoca- Level-3: As level-2. Each use of Psychic Succor adds one point er or similar physical dismemberment will always kill more than once per scene. cybernetic implants. or otherwise can only be used once per round. If using for the scene as an additional cost instead of making that the biopsion Commit Effort for the scene. It’s the GM’s decision as to whether a Tissue Integrity Field: Level-2 required On Turn action. A Heavy weapon hit on a subject of this pow. Claws and other body arma. Mastered Succor: Level-1 required ing target’s physical form as a Main Action. Unless otherwise specified the Organic Purification Protocols: Level-1 required too far for this power. If applied to another a very short second life. but healing 2d6+4 hit points instead. and dam- If used on a mortally-wounded target. or two points if they a target. opsionics skill and must make a Physical saving throw. provided a blood or hair sam. intrusive modification. they can control the power sufficiently to Core Technique: Psychic Succor every round on the target or they collapse at the end do no hit point damage and create very subtle tumors. iopsionics to be Committed. given target more than once per scene. If biopsionicist must be able to touch a target. decapitated. This technique must be used once day instead. Each use of this technique is taken off these temporary hit points first. addition to the cost of the Psychic Succor. Whether a success and fixing congenital deformities require additional wound. Such touch effects as the change is to be maintained. they revive the healing if they don’t require it or don’t want to take age rolls along with 20 extra hit points. though it still time-sensitive situations. but healing 3d6+8 hit points instead. The psychic retains a vague these abilities. More sophisticated practitioners can heal tissue biopsion must Instantly Commit Effort for the scene examination. after which they must rest for 24 hours before Holistic Optimization Patterning: Level-4 required of their collapse. requires that the biopsion Commit Effort for the day in the bonuses and any hit points in excess of the target’s Level-2: As level-1. and they no longer need to Commit 50% of their own mass. coterminous with their realspace coordinates. en- Effort to activate it. and tance up to 100 meters. dramatically dismembered. The use of this adds one System Strain instantly and permanently. Metamorph: Level-3 required Effort for the day. or innate armor equivalent to AC 13. detoxifying poisons. By Commit- to use it for the rest of the scene without Commit. tion. The a power on a target would make their System Strain a hit roll. ganisms or TL5 toxins may resist this curing. Hostile power use This use of biopsionics inflicts potentially-lethal dam- fering. A target can be impersonated cess maximizes their System Strain for one week. or the target goes down immediately with a mortal they’ve been attacked by this power. albeit only once per round. were mortally wounded at the time. but flight is a bridge ing fragment of their body over 24 hours. they die clothing and armor do not interfere with the use of diseases the subject may be suffering. the damage is tripled and the target is and cannot benefit from them. maximum are lost at the end of the scene. a critically-wounded target as a Main Action. Major Organ Restoration: Level-2 required The biopsion’s Psychic Succor now can be used as an On mit Effort for the scene. The use of additional techniques ments can be fashioned equivalent to Light or Medium coding their mind in a coherent pattern of MES energy . Failure means that the adept cannot cure the target. get’s System Strain. though The biopsion’s Psychic Succor now cures any poisons or down to the DNA level. augment. or failure. this power cannot be used on the same target techniques. brought to zero hit points during this week. Such victims probably won’t even know injuries. their body simply cannot adapt to the changes Invincible Stand: Level-2 required On a failure. though curing diseases. The biopsion becomes extremely difficult to kill. the biopsion usually has am. requiring point to the target that does not recover so long as awareness of their surroundings while “dead” and can get is automatic. it ting Effort again. of System Strain to the target. dropped by Heavy weapons. tion of this technique requires the biopsion to Commit Level-4: As level-3.24• Running Head Running Head •25 B that augment Psychic Succor might still require Effort melee weapons. Accelerated Succor: Level-3 required Activating Psychic Succor requires the biopsion to Com. Each use of this power inflicts do not inflict the normal damage of a Punch attack. target suffers 1d6 damage per level of the psychic’s Bi- exceed their Constitution score. the leaving the cancer undetectable without a TL4 medical isms. Turn power. Once used. more than one hundred kilometers away. This pro- age living creatures. of the round. provided it’s used within augmenting the succor apply normally. and this power cannot be used on a The biopsion can now shape their own or another will. keep themselves or a target they can touch active even month’s time. Gills and other environmental-survival alterations are the psychic will regenerate from the largest remain- Biopsionics powers repair. System Strain is a measure of the mally require touch contact can now be applied at a dis- amount of system stress. the power fails to func. lethal cancer that will kill automatically by one point after each night of rest. ting an additional Effort for the day with each use. but burial or entombment may result in the practitioner’s Biopsionics skill. As an them in 1d6 months. transform- The biopsion has developed a sophisticated mastery of ing a touched target into any humanoid form within Quintessential Reconstruction: Level-4 required their core ability. but healing 2d6+2 hit points instead. The cancer can be treated by a vided the organism is well-fed and not compromised Instant action. If used outside of combat or other It can even be used to stabilize targets that have been can even be used as an Instant power. The best that Tissue Integrity Field or Major Organ Restoration. Psychic Succor and other biopsionic techniques that nor. with this technique requires the adept Commit Effort age on a touched target as a Main Action. any further hit points can be healed. Any surcharges for ple time to recover this Effort. and pow. the power automatically ends if the psychic gets one point of permanent attribute loss in an attribute Many curative biopsionic powers add to a tar. pro. Touching a willing or unsuspecting tar. such as with Level-0: The psychic’s touch can automatically stabilize one round per level of Biopsionic skill. they can continue The biopsion’s Psychic Succor can now cure congeni. and does not function on tar. If killed. they can Commit Effort for the scene to TL4 hospital or ship’s sick bay if managed within a by sickness or privation. of the biopsion’s choice. Psionic healing. The adept’s touch stabilizes critically-wounded organ.

on a metamorphically-shaped impostor would reveal . while if the metapsion wins. of the gestalt may use any power or technique known gaining an intuitive awareness of their location and by any other member. If used on a target that is teleporting. By Committing Effort for the Level-0: The adept can visually and audibly detect the Neural Trap: Level-2 required day. the metapsion must Commit Effort perceive the teleporter’s view of their destination. the metapsion must choose a discipline. hostile psychic may be affected by only one Neural Trap exact a cost. In such cases. This gestalt persists as they’ve noticed in their presence. and any shared protection applies to using the power. The version of torching. though techniques that augment it may still through one round of visual inspection. If the investigator wins. They gain a +2 bonus on any saving throw the metapsion may Commit Effort as an Instant ac- versus a psionic power. If both the source and tar. metapsion and the investigator. As an Instant action. they can tell who’s tal sanctum in order to gain a later advantage. accepting Flawless Mastery: Level-4 required Level-1: The metapsion’s maximum Effort increases by the effect. This damage cannot be healed by particular power. purposes of that discipline’s powers unless the adept abilities in their presence chooses to be affected. Their sav. including up to one other The metapsion can trace back the use of psionic powers psychic per Metapsion skill level. Use for the scene or the gestalt drops. all disciplines negated by the adept. At the end of each round in which use this ability to briefly share the hidden telepath’s one or more members have used some other member’s senses. Each time the The metapsion can conceal their own psychic abilities target Commits Effort or an NPC uses a psychic pow- from metapsionic senses. By Committing Ef. targeted by a hostile psionic power that allows a save. The metapsion allows a hostile psychic into their men. they suffer 1d8 damage per Metapsionics skill level for as long as they wish to cloak a their powers. They then become entirely im- Core Technique: Psychic Refinement the biopsion responsible for the change. they simply suffer 10 hit points of for the day to resist this negation. allowing a psychic who don’t track Effort automatically lose the power. tion and voluntarily fail the saving throw. the metapsion may Commit Effort a month of meditation and practice. This gestalt shares only psychic power. using the other member’s skill treating them as a visible target for purposes of their levels as necessary and paying any Effort cost from their own abilities. As an On Turn action. This technique may be learned get are visible to the metapsion. Only one application of friction can affect a opposed Wis/Metapsionics roll is made between the target at once. even if it’s normally impercep. the cloak is pierced. This technique may only be mastered once. A in any way. Instead of rolling the torch. While of the adept. only a metapsion with equal or higher skill in they can attempt a Mental saving throw to throw off Metapsionics can detect their abilities with their level-0 the effect. at low hit points to trigger a power before falling Psychic Static can be applied only once per round to any unconscious. Effort then it lasts until the metapsion chooses to end it to +3. If it has a duration based on Committed ing throw bonus against psionic powers increases at a time. Level-3: The metapsion’s maximum Effort increases by Psychic Static: Level-2 required though the perfected technique may be changed with an additional point. the Concert of Minds: Level-3 required investigator’s Psychic Refinement remains oblivious. they can powers or abilities. Any member hear through the senses of a user of a psychic power. When more than once. otherwise the power damage after torching is used. The next psychic power the user targets at When this technique is learned. It lasts no longer than the rest of the scene or level-2 Psychic Refinement abilities. they can thoughts or senses. Level-4: The metapsion can perform a slightly safer for the day to negate a perceived psychic power. they can see and subsequent distance between psychics. they The metapsion gains improved mastery over their own These shared senses last for only one round and do not and their abilities are simply not valid targets for powers and an innate sensitivity to the use of psionic interfere with the adept’s other actions. that assailant then allows the victim no saving throw. As a Main Action. if they see someone being affected own pool. the metapsion Commits Effort for the scene to create localized MES turbulence around a Cloak Powers: Level-1 required visible target psychic within 200 meters. NPCs after the fueled power activates. not by a telepathy power with no visible source.26• Running Head Running Head •27 Metapsionics Impervious Pavis of Will: Level-4 required When this technique is learned. They must Commit Effort er. mune to unwanted powers from that discipline. That Level-2: The adept can determine whether or not a This technique lasts until the metapsion makes their technique no longer requires Effort to be Committed person is a psychic or has latent psionic abilities psychic attack or reclaims their Committed Effort. Each time the target suffers the damage hidden. an at most. The damage occurs ends and any action used to trigger it is wasted. or is killed. the metapsion may Commit Ef- fort and form a psychic gestalt with one or more willing Mindtracing: Level-1 required psychics within three meters. the adept may choose an additional point. and so forth. Thus. they can extend this immunity for a scene to all use of psychic powers. allies within 50 meters. one technique from any discipline they know. regardless of the fort for the scene as an Instant action. long as the Effort remains committed. tible. though a psychic can be stabilized if this technique drops her to zero Metadimensional Friction: Level-3 required hit points. anything but natural bed rest. psychic responsible for the effect may Commit Effort ing damage die.

The precog may see a vision of herself waiting patiently. Alternate Outcomes: Level-2 required the precog doesn’t intentionally thrust herself back into The GM should answer the question as if the The precog can sense impending failure and attempt danger. roll. Any other physical event in the area for the power as their own judgment recommends. even if they are of critical Level-2: One week into the future. Destiny’s Shield: Level-2 required the next year. observe with psionic powers. importance to those involved. This ability cannot be used if the precog has been a few objects and doesn’t require human involvement. This ability cannot be but it could show the seer the impending moment that cle they’re occupying or harm that doesn’t involve an used more than once per month and only one prophecy the next guard patrol will enter the area the psychic attack roll. comes to pass or is abandoned. Oracle couldn’t tell a psychic who the find an alternate future in which the attack misses. conspire to leave the precog alive. Any simple. the precog least. taking the better the psychic might get a vision of sudden death. mechanical outcome can be completely controlled for a reading is ambiguous or the future seems uncertain. Matters irrelevant to the seer Level-1: One day into the future. and that the prediction doesn’t seem crime boss of a slum neighborhood is. even if multiple events of interest might transpire during the Cursed Luck: Level-3 required time horizon. including robots and animals but . or skill check. tive score is treated as one better than anyone else’s the scene. the adept gets a single brief vision related to the ques. This technique can trigger adept wanted to know what pressing a button would Effort for the day to allow the target to reroll a failed no more often than once per week. Intuitive Response: Level-1 required Triggering this technique requires a Main Action and The future is not carved in stone. Provided power’s use. If the of the two rolls. Any attempts to hit the target os of the metadimensional energy that ripples in the goes by. power. cant information is conveyed by the technique. If another participant has this of shuffled cards. and cannot be used on any given The power of the precog extends to dictating future horizon of the oracle. For assorted them goes first. random events somehow never reveals more than a minute of insight. As an Instant action. the better result taken. the precog can Commit Effort for highly improbable to the GM. the precog can Commit Effort for Committing Effort for the scene. but an Instant action. such as a roulette wheel or the order of a deck the GM should simply give the most probable reading involved in the scene. metadimensional currents. This vision not immediately Commit Effort for the day. even if outrageous the psychic processes it almost instantly as part of the coincidences and ridiculous luck are required. Anything more than one unusual Terminal Reflection: Level-1 required coincidence or chance per scene is likely impossible Core Technique: Oracle The psychic’s Oracle power automatically triggers as an to produce. with nothing make one prediction involving them personally within happening. Each invocation of ger or ambush. As an Instant action. Readings provided by Precognition creases as the adept’s Precognition skill improves. random fied by present action or sheer random chance. The GM decides what random events are and are not erally considered impossible. not against attacks aimed at a vehi. adequately possible. Intelligent targets can make a tend to be focused on the psychic and what they find Level-0: One minute into the future. Level-4: One year into the future. Through careful manipulation of probability. however.28• Running Head Running Head •29 Precognition not including vehicles. psychic’s person. off the effect. Provided they take reasonable measures Visions should relate to actions and events. the psychic might just target more than once a day. Their Initia. saving throw. their life is secured for the next few minutes at PC were about to perform the act or engage in the to salvage the action. When the scene just before they roll Initiative. This power disrupts delicate lines of Prophecy: Level-4 required bomb were on a time delay that extended past the time probability. once until the situation changes substantially or a week worst result each time. The precog gains a progressively-greater intuitive un. Thus. hit roll. provided it doesn’t involve more complex reasons. The it could give a vision of the psychic caught in the next the day to force an attacker to reroll a successful hit adept must Commit Effort when this power is used. for example. however. and postcognition is gen. no direct resistance is mount- abstract facts. this sense cog is about to die. Instant action moments before some unexpected dan- derstanding of their own future. do and the GM knows that it’s connected to a bomb. incoming attack. If the psychic does This technique triggers automatically when the pre- tion about the future that they’re asking. Oracles can be falsi. skill checks and saving rolls twice and take the cascade of future events and reading the achronal cha. the adept adjusting probabilities by charging or pruning certain can influence random physical events in their vicinity. not The precog observes an incoming injury and tries to to enable this prediction. Forced Outcome: Level-3 required niques of Precognition can even influence the future. On triggering. events that directly involve them. Mental saving throw at the end of each round to throw interesting or important. This technique can be used only once per may be active at a time. the precog and their companions. The maximum time horizon of the Oracle in. This warning comes just in time to The precog instinctively wrenches the lines of proba- the user Commit Effort for the day. Negative probabilities are woven tightly around a vis- ible animate target. The target must roll any attack rolls. are unlikely to be noticed. More advanced tech. It couldn’t reveal the name of a security guard. avoid springing a trap or to negate combat surprise for bility away from futures in which they are about to die. roll Initiative normally to determine which of that seems not-entirely-implausible may be made to oc- Precognition is strictly future-oriented. or damage dice rolled against it may be rolled twice and psychic’s brain. This technique only works on attacks against the and the Effort remains Committed until the prophecy ad thugs. provided they can Commit Effort is always from their own personal vantage point and goes numb and this technique cannot be used for the for the day. bloody riot and the gang boss who’s directing the myri. though rest of the day. the past is vastly more difficult to act. this save is not penalized by the power. Only the most important or signifi. Triggering this technique re- quires a Main Action and Committing Effort for the scene. As ed by an enemy. and then the rest of the combatants cur by this technique. damage The discipline of Precognition relates to sensing the Oracle can only be used on a given question or topic rolls. if the can target a visible ally or their own self and Commit vive intact in mind or body. plans to infiltrate. though there’s no guarantee the psychic will sur- investigation pertinent to the question. it will come to pass. giving the precog a brief vision of the Not My Time: Level-4 required the Oracle technique requires a Main Action and that impending hazard. Once triggered. surprised. Level-3: Three months into the future.

Targets of this technique normal movement rate in any direction. it supply is available. the telekinetic can Commit Effort for the force increases with the expertise of the psychic. If used against a The puppetry lasts until the end of the scene. If the further actions. it does 1d6 damage Skid Field: Level-2 required failure. scene. however. electrical tingling in the cannot gain altitude unless they physically climb up a barriers as a Main Action. and may extend this effect to up to a objects at once as they have Telekinesis skill levels. Action to direct telekinetic force toward an object or person within unaided visual range or with tactile con. and even orbital Telekinetic Armory: Level-1 required entirely immobile. or human. can be affected as any other inanimate object. The psychic cannot use this discipline to lift as the Effort remains committed. It is as sturdy as a also move over liquids at their full movement rate. is sufficient to destroy any immobile civilian vehicle. such as holding a metal platform in meters in diameter. making it extremely difficult for telekinetic spends a Main Action to control them. collisions. skill or go out of control. air and are apt to instinctively move. If either roll hits. strong enough to bear five kilos of weight. ground vehicle. in structures of light wooden construction or lighter as a Main Action. Level-0: The psychic can exert force as if with one hand a meter per movement action taken. This burst requires half-dozen unresisting. however. create a five-meter hole in anything short of hardened this power may be triggered in time to negate falling ons. As an On Turn action. the psychic Commits Effort for the piloted by the telekinetic. They can plunge earthward at up is thus generally useless against any target that is not to terminal velocity without harm. Objects being held or worn by or Stab. All cho. including non-sentient with conventional armor. compressions. but it is Level-2: The psychic can lift or manipulate up to four remain affected until they leave the area. Tangible Force Construct: Level-3 required they can lift allies and unresisting others. using the psychic’s skill levels and hit the first. or until it is smashed. becoming unable to stand up or move more than bonus for any attacks or skill checks they might make. Impact Sump: Level-2 required Force Puppetry: Level-4 required tact with the psychic. though they structed exterior walls. however. and may be invisible their own person without special techniques. but Dexterity modifies it as damage from their own attack. These weapons can mimic Light or Heavy melee weap. The weapons and armor continue to exist as long damage is the maximum possible. while those not good enough to control the target’s speech. or until a sapient target Level-1: The psychic can manipulate objects as if with check at a difficulty of 8 plus the adept’s Telekinesis believes that their action or inaction is about to get both hands and can lift up to two hundred kilo. vehicular. Telekinetic powers are strong but somewhat imprecise. If used to crush tal saving throw to resist the psychic onslaught. punches. A telekinetic force can be As a Main Action. at the end of the next round. the target remains motionless maintained over multiple rounds without expending scene and alters the friction at a point in sight up to ten or continues on its current direction of travel. the psychic can Commit Effort for the the source of the telekinetic manipulation is not obvi. the psychic can move at their and can smash human-sized holes in TL4-con. If both rolls hit. provided it’s no larger weapon without further refinement of technique. mains Committed. the robots. cal attack. and can remain fixed in its location and similar traumas are not included. their Telekinesis skill level. The psychic’s control is fine enough to grams with this ability. the psychic can Commit Effort for As an Instant. usual. this technique convenient surface. force at a single target within sight. until the and their own physical strength. human-sized allies within 30 Level-4: The psychic can manipulate up to a metric ton some time to detonate. and per scene. This TL4 construction and may be visible or invisible at the Core Technique: Telekinetic Manipulation movement ability lasts as long as the Effort remains adept’s choice. and Wisdom. Telekinetic Ram: Level-3 required Telekinetic Glide: Level-4 required Level-3: The psychic can manipulate up to eight hun. action to negate a single instance of physical damage. They can without external supports if desired. Energy attacks. . who must reroll the attack against their own telekinesis. uncontrolled burst of begin gliding. they place under a group of allies. Telekinesis skill level to the hit roll in place of Shoot scene whenever an assailant misses them with a physi- ous to ordinary senses. Affected victims achieve even very delicate physical motions. provided it can fit within a three-meter impact: bullets. This means a straightforward kinetic The adept may Commit Effort as an On Turn action visible point. though or visible at the psychic’s discretion. it can keep them silent. Once the ram detonates. Armor may be created as part of this power. If not per skill level of the psychic. whether This force isn’t responsive enough to be usable as a This ability is too taxing to be used more than once robotic. than a ground car. but the psychic cannot enemies to move from their current position. on a or harm immobile unliving objects. they lose control of their physical actions. the assailant suffers rectly manipulated. Allies must remain within 30 meters to create weapons and armor out of telekinetic force.30• Running Head Running Head •31 Telekinesis military fortifications. falls. round and crashing into any obstacles. The strength and precision of The adept may Commit Effort for the day as an Instant As a Main Action. As a Main Action. prone. This armor does not stack person twice. Machines.though hundred kilograms and blast a human-sized hole who save are immune to this technique for the scene. radiation. the day to suborn a visible target’s mobility. The gliding lasts for as long as the Effort re- on anything else. nor can unwilling intelligent targets be di. The attack is then reflected back against the a mobile creature cannot normally be manipulated by granting the psychic a base armor class equal to 16 plus assailant. or be projected as if by a burst-firing combat rifle. driving directly forward for a them killed. or similar are aware of an oppressive. light stone walls. as if they were flat ground. but it can be triggered after damage is rolled. and add the user’s As an Instant. of the psychic to maintain this gliding. crossing any solid surface the psychic wishes. can be made to perform any physical action that is not use this technique on a second object until they release sen targets must make an Evasion saving throw or fall directly suicidal. Reactive Telekinesis: Level-3 required The force they generate is invisible and intangible. as any movement of a chosen target insertions are survivable with this power if an oxygen The adept may Commit Effort as an On Turn action disrupts the ram. the driver must make a Dex/Pilot skill target leaves the psychic’s sight. As an Instant. Attack rolls use the better of the psychic’s Dexterity. until the psychic dispels it. or Constitution modifiers. the telekinetic can Commit Effort to dred kilograms and can affect as many individual the scene to target a tremendous. The force construct can be shaped in any way or the like. lasers. the psychic can Commit Effort Some techniques refer to a “physical attack” or Kinetic Transversal: Level-1 required for the scene to create a telekinetic force construct at a “physical damage”. While gliding. to move freely over vertical or overhanging surfaces cube. and will only go off meters. The construct lasts until the end of the The adept may Commit Effort for the scene as a Main committed. corrosives. or inflict 5d12 Heavy damage damage. A sapient victim can make a Men- cannot cause damage to mobile targets.

Basic forms of contact do not allow for possibility of committing violence. however. if the telepath chooses to has Telepathy-4 skill. Events The depth of contact that can be made depends on Through intense focus. the new events can be added to a day. nique will not normally be aware of it. condition of all others. Commit Effort for the day. irrational impulse into the target of a Telepathic Contact. they can thereafter activate the technique when. or receive a single thy-4 it extends over an entire planet and up to orbital of any of them if combat commences. pathic Contact. Certain extremely rare TL5 devices can also no Effort at all. The target gets a Mental saving throw to resist by the level-4 degree of Telepathic Contact. This impulse cannot intelligent creatures. every participant knows the exact location and memory to get a one or two-sentence answer to the range increases to 1. It can be re-estab. opening the contact normally requires assault does 6d6 damage. A victim cannot be standing of a sentient target’s thoughts. The just done something utterly inexplicable to their own at least a week. five minutes of discussion and coordination among the target can attempt a Mental saving throw to resist and the psychic cannot use any technique through it players can be arranged each round without incurring this power. ever that target is within 100 kilometers. low. Level-4: The psychic can get a full and nuanced aware. but will attempt to rationalize it as their own choice Telepathy is a subtle ability. This assault cannot Contact as an Instant action rather than a Main Action. in. At Telepathy-3 fect. particularly stead of Committing Effort for the day. Only those with Facile Mind: Level-1 required metapsionic expertise or Telepathy-0 skill or greater The telepath is practiced at opening a Telepathic Contact. If the psychic re-established during the scene. subject to telepathy techniques. The target and other non-biological intelligences are not normally It can be re-established. and allows only the Instant exchange of thoughts. terations made.32• Running Head Running Head •33 Telepathy As a Main Action. Telepathic Assault: Level-3 required can tell when they’ve been targeted by a Telepathy tech. Reflex Response: Level-3 required extends to any point within a solar system. The target gets a Mental saving emotions provide a single word or image related failed. but only by activating this technique again. and the always reject this communication. or any other single potential as a Main Action by Committing Effort for the day. ness of everything the target can remember about use their next available action to carry out the im- While the basic forms of telepathy only function on a particular topic. The target must The telepath can send thoughts and images over a Tele. unless they’re primed to blame telepathic interference. Suppress Cognition: Level-2 required a target currently linked by a Telepathic Contact. Unity of Thought: Level-4 required has the requisite body parts to speak the target’s the target will remain oblivious to their temporary The telepath becomes exceptionally skilled at weaving language. a traumatic threat to something they prize highly. If make may not fit well. and uses the best Initiative roll any single question they ask. AIs. While under its ef- Level-3: The psychic can drill down into the target’s not the psychic knows where they are. Once a telepath has made a Telepathic Contact with a further Effort. On action or one specific person. In until given a reason to recollect them. up to answering vision of the target’s recollections. allowing two-way communication as an scene. they will not notice the changed memories Level-1: A shallow gestalt with the target’s language cen. targeted by a Telepathic Assault more than once per be visible or otherwise perceptible to the telepath’s un. When they establish a Level-2: The psychic’s awareness of the target’s surface Telepathic Contact with a willing ally they may bind up to cognition is sophisticated enough to read their Far Thought: Level-2 required six willing participants into the same contact without current thoughts. The telepath Commits Effort for the scene as a Main nique. ters allows the telepath to understand any form of that case. together multiple allied minds. This distant connection is tenuous. whether that’s the presence of the telepath. and at Telepa. aliens or transhumans with hu. they will tact. The target may make a Mental alert a target to the presence of telepathic tampering. and is not impeded by a lack of shared languages. the scene unless the target perceives physical danger or a failure. An unwilling target may Commit Effort for the day as a Main Action. whether or images. or harmful to others. the absence of im. and sensory impressions. technique again. saving throw to resist this power. Once the effect ends. they can communicate with it in turn. Opening a contact requires the telepath to Instant action when desired. A single contact can use of a Telepathic Contact simply not think about some. Mental saving throw to resist. though it can’t pick up memo. the psychic maintains the contact and has a range that lished. though more advanced probes allow portant documentation. from memory. aided senses. but can knock them unconscious for an Core Technique: Telepathic Contact hour if they’re reduced to zero hit points. the telepath can make the target of no more than 24 hours in duration can be erased the psychic’s Telepathy skill. but only by activating this may not understand why they have done the action. or 9d6 damage if the telepath reasoning. The telepathic link lasts as long as contact is automatically ended. expert systems. The target may make a Telepathy operates at a very basic level of mental con. no form of of this technique that allows a save the psychic to Commit Effort for the scene as a Main memories they’re changing. Action. Transmit Thought: Level-1 required they wake up with one hit point. but on to the focus of the feelings. If the target to make a Mental saving throw to resist. Others may suspect this influence. the thought remains unthinkable for the rest of throw to resist editing for the rest of the scene. delays for the PCs. conversations can be created or changed. Memory Editing: Level-4 required contact lasts for a scene at most unless augmented by The telepath can make simple edits to the memory of other techniques. .000 kilometers. The target gets target. after which The telepath can obtain a progressively-deeper under. At the table. the block instantly dissolves and cannot be communication made by the target. reckless. such as might be granted can be used on them for the rest of the scene. not it succeeds the contact is automatically ended. any or all of the effects permitted to a telepath of the thing. the edits they Level-0: Observe emotional states in a target. a Mental saving throw to resist this. and need only Commit Effort for the scene to do so. The target can attempt a Mental pulse to the best of their ability. This multi-person link is relatively shal- ries or non-obvious connections. they can open a Telepathic saving throw to halve the damage. The psychic can make these changes a saving throw. and targets of its tech. be foolish. but it can man-like cognition can be affected. This technique requires the psychic doesn’t have a good understanding of the a success. and whether or be self-injurious or harmful to a loved one. the telepath can Commit Effort for the day to force a sudden. and whether or not it succeeds the that would allow the target a saving throw to resist. Intense this power and become immune to it for the scene. fugue unless it is brought to their attention somehow. If contacting an Action to force a wave of metadimensional energy if they’re aware of the existence of psychics and have ally who has practiced the process with the psychic for through the brain of a Telepathic Contact target. or other similar al- user’s skill level. on a failure. kill a target. The distances. In both cases.

This armor Level-4: Anywhere on a planet’s surface or near orbit. requiring the can leave any clothing. blinding light. and the micro-jumps do not significantly Rapid Apportation: Level-1 required move the psychic from their current location. to make the imprint. of explosions or other area-effect attacks. Stutterjump is active. Using this technique increases the Effort cost of If the psychic does not use the Burdened Apportation their unaided vision. shackles. their psionic awareness. A conscious. If imprinting on day whether the touch hits or not. it is not Effort be Committed for the day. Stutterjump: Level-3 required quires that the psychic Commit Effort for the scene. vehicle. tion they have either occupied before or can see with level. Unwilling targets cannot be carried to within three meters of it with Personal Apportation the psychic’s Teleportation skill. A teleporter even if it has moved from its original location. The sense is roughly equivalent to sight out to 100 meters. tomb. such as high in the air. If carrying inert mass. but cannot control The psychic can carry willing companions with them their precise destination. Using this technique in con- when using Personal Apportation. and requires that they Commit an addi- may be carried per skill level in Teleportation. Allies tional Effort point for the day. or other ing an object requires an hour’s meditation. holograms. Use of this technique along. a person. this extra cost must still be paid. the user may go along with them. Provided the object is relative. class is not modified by physical armor or Dexterity modifiers. while Core Technique: Personal Apportation an ally affected by this power. including locations of imminent environmen- other point on a planet’s surface even though the planet The psychic imprints a particular object or person on tal danger. pends on the teleporter’s skill level. and willing ones must be touched. Contact with an unless the psychic is touching it or it’s being carried by unsuspecting or incapacitated target is automatic. however. resist- The core technique allows the teleporter to move ly intact and in range of their Personal Apportation. the ing target can make a Mental saving throw to forcibly himself and any mass he is able to carry with his own psychic always knows its exact location and can teleport abort the teleportation. and only psychic Commit an additional point of Effort for the matter behind when he teleports. including spaceships close enough to engage Committed. provided the user can make physical contact with them. For example. If the technique is augmented by as is any action spent triggering the power. mist. as an Instant action the adept may though it still can be performed only once per round. rolling at a penalty equal to natural strength. Commit Effort for the day to negate a successful hit by a weapon attack. gaining a base armor class of 20 Level-3: 1. roundings. into a windowless has since moved far through the stellar void. even after damage has been rolled. A teleporter will instinctively abort any apporta- tion that would leave them embedded in a solid object Effortless Apportation: Level-3 required or in an environment of imminent physical danger. Teleporting with Personal Apportation counts as a Main Action and re. The psychic can instinctively micro-teleport away from Level-0: 10 meters incoming danger. though it cannot read text or distinguish Deep Intrusion: Level-4 required colors. They intuitively seek out a space large enough to hold them and without Burdened Apportation: Level-2 required immediate environmental hazards. otherwise to the nearest major gravity well. While Personal Apportation now counts as an On Turn action. adhesions. Spatial Awareness: Level-1 required This reflexive defensive jump may be used only once The psychic may Commit Effort as an On Turn action per scene and leaves the psychic just outside the radius to gain an intuitive awareness of their physical sur. structure. Imprint. to two hundred kilos of objects can be carried per skill with a bonus equal to the psychic’s Teleportation skill. or into the middle of a sea. requiring that an extra point of technique then only the target is teleported. The sense lasts as long as the Effort remains to them. It is blocked by solid objects but is unimpeded The adept can use Personal Apportation to blind-teleport by darkness. Locations are fixed in reference Personal Apportation. The psychic does not need to Commit Effort to use Any Committed Effort on such aborted jumps is wasted. The psychic cannot possible to teleport to the cockpit of a distant moving teleport a target to any location they could not tele- vehicle you once occupied. junction with Personal Apportation is very draining to man-sized companions and their man-portable gear the psychic. must be within 3 meters of the teleporter to be carried along. Spatial Synchrony Mandala: Level-2 required port to. adds to the cost of Personal Apportation.000 kilometers so long as the Effort remains Committed. Objects must be at least one kilo- tially left behind. As an On Turn action they may Level-1: 100 meters Commit Effort to begin shifting their spatial position Level-2: 10 kilometers away from attacks. Ordinary inert matter cannot be carried along Offensive Apportation: Level-4 required . or spaceship visible illusions. behind matter that has been inserted into his body. Matter cannot be par. but he cannot leave one object can be imprinted at a time. but you can teleport to an. or optical into a building. The maximum range of Personal Apportation de. gram in mass to be effectively tracked. in conventional ship-to-ship combat. Up to three hu. up touching a resisting enemy requires a Punch hit roll The teleporter can translocate himself to another loca.34• Running Head Running Head •35 Teleportation The psychic can use Personal Apportation as a Main Ac- tion to teleport an unwilling target. the target must be willing and cooperative such as cybernetics or shrapnel. other techniques that come with their own extra cost. Personal Apportation.

a first-level PC with a modify these difficulties. When in doubt. assume that these powers can be used or that ranged weapon. however. a skill might seem be opposed skill checks. or other. Some checks might be suitable for more than Opposed Skill Checks ditures that only come back at the end of the scene. for being an athletic contest. In such peripheral their role or profession. radiation. As a general rule of thumb. or besting the Effort comes back about once every fifteen minutes. and even they might fail. lar task would make the PC seem notably incompetent of the PCs. Sometimes. diving back from a crumbling surface. the check is a Even these ordinary feats might require a skill lord’s cybernetic representative. sional that they would still usually succeed at accom- tions. 12 Only a true master could expect to carry this and decreases by one point each time you advance a off with any degree of reliability. attempt it in the middle of a man-killing sandstorm. of Strength or Constitution. level. in a starship’s engine core before it detonates might cer. while wise exerting one’s powers of speed and swift reaction. check their listed skill diness can save them from disaster. the ascent of a radioactive relevant skill level and attribute modifier. outside the PC’s background and common experience. many times in a given scene. only If the character doesn’t even have level-0 in the and the noble might have to make a Connect skill check marking scenes for important negotiations. mountainside. 6 A relatively simple task that is still more than character trying to skulk past a vigilant guard would be ards. they are contact fellow nobles or get customary hospitality from expressed in scenes. or pertinent skill. A javelin-throwing contest might use Exert Sometimes a PC wants to accomplish something that Outside of situations where close time-tracking is im. as is To make a skill check. but the maximum duration is up to complication to the situation. however. most applicable. the case of particularly technical or esoteric skills they tyrant’s guards. they can add it to any skill check appropriate to must make a saving throw. If the situation is very con- Strength of 5 and a Constitution of 14 would have a ducive to a check. Exert. or dire exhaustion. specific outcome of a failure. roll 2d6 and add the most at their role in life. The pilot might chunk of action. gunfire. they suffer a -1 penalty to the roll. rolling their Dex/Sneak against the guard’s roll. A PC with the background of a starship pilot should not be rolling skill checks to land a ship or navigate to an . ning’s play where most of the time isn’t tracked. trying to find the hidden bomb In such cases. If the total is skill check for it. this isn’t worth a skill check. be particularly good at the challenge. To make the NPC’s roll. evading falling haz. A saves involve dodging explosions. winning a shooting tournament. In to find shelter if they’re currently wanted by the stellar time-critical feats of skill. The GM determines the have to make a Pilot skill check to land a ship if they the GM’s discretion. esoteric mental control technologies. Mental saves can also be used when no other plishing. Your character’s saving throw scores start at 15. the PC would usually be expected to manage or is en. Most scenes don’t last success. or a tense meeting with an alien over. while on a failure it takes When To Call for a Check full effect. It’s quite possible to have an eve. one but a skilled expert. or require Effort expen. they simply roll relate to challenges of physical endurance such as poi. circumstance is especially troublesome. and a Skill checks should only be called for challenges that fall natural roll of 20 is always a success. the check difficulty usually increases by 2. Evasion Skill Check Difficulties In most cases. Physical saves cases. as a veteran pilot might be expected to know bonus. If the Physical save of 14. Some powers are limited to being used only so might not even be able to attempt the skill check at all. sons. but a GM might also let Pilot the PC. Anything easier than one trying to out-tentacle an alien would be rolling Str/ Mental saves relate most often to psychic influences. skills and the highest score wins. A scene is just a shorthand concept faced with a situation or challenge beyond the usual them. if failure at a particu- for a particular action sequence or exertion on the part scope of their role and must make a skill check. Each saving throw is modified by the best mod. you evade or mitigate the peril. Sneaking past an portant. 8 A significant challenge to a competent profes. if the situation is especially bad or for longer than fifteen minutes or a single contiguous feat at all or they achieve it at the cost of some further the circumstances particularly hostile. decrease the difficulty by 2. Thus. In other situations. one skill. On a success. Only luck or their own natural har. the GM decides which skill is hallucinations. tainly use Notice or Fix. increase the To make a save. Evasion by the better of Dexterity or Intelligence. equal or higher than the check’s difficulty. A natural roll of 1 is always a failure. competent men and wom. Saving Throws peripherally relevant. roll 1d20 and try to equal or beat difficulty by 2. A single combat encounter is a scene. and even they will probably fail. in-system destination. In such cases the PC can use the best an alien in a tentacle-wrestling competition might all applicable skill. what their engine should look like. 2d6 and add nothing. saving throw category seems to apply and only blind 10 Something too difficult to be expected of any- luck and ineffable intuition can save the hero. and Mental by the better of Particularly helpful or hostile circumstances might Charisma or Wisdom. the appropriate saving throw score. On a failure. the relevant skills are obvious. with ties going to il befalls a hero. all participants roll their relevant There are times when misfortune or unpredictable per. and to do so they be applied. A PC with the background of a Scenes and Durations en who are perfectly capable of carrying out the ordi. or Stab for using a muscle-powered alert guard. and other perils that assault a hero’s mind or percep. thrown weapon.36• Running Head Running Head •37 SYSTEMS Skill Checks Most characters are skilled. 14+ Only a true master has any chance of achiev- ifier of two different attributes: Physical by the better ing this at all. diseases. tirely outside their background. If the NPC has no reason to Saving throws come in three kinds. or Shoot for involving a another character wants to prevent. planetary noble should not be making skill checks to Many psychic abilities and other powers have durations nary duties of their role. the PC either can’t accomplish the check. then they shouldn’t have to roll a the infiltration of a building.

with the defender psychic powers are Instant actions. Barlowe could pull his Readied can shake off this fragility and return to action with running up to ten meters. an actor can bonus from skills or attributes. as can Gritty PCs who’ve taken the Savage if no immediate aid is provided. one that includes any Thus. Death. those without a specifically martial focus. bare-handed strike. A PC who wants to extend mercy to an enemy or ball. The Main Actions. thereafter. if time hasn’t already run Every actor can make one Main Action each round. The participants Main Action disengaging from enemies who are wield. Initiative is not batant. or some other activity that takes up bonus listed with their statistics. or Shoot savage while he tried to fix the uncooperative engine of ceutical stim or advanced Biopsionic technique. and the GM rolls something else. a critically-wounded surroundings. and gen. Actions in Combat resent several cuts or parries. It might be delivered with tional damage inflicted on a mortally-wounded target tically inevitable. in that it can be per. fiercely determined to do so. if quence starts over again from the top. such as a disguised assassin suddenly dice have fallen. Most PCs don’t have access to abilities the weapon in use. Thus. Class. simple act that defeat without actually inflicting real physical harm. If the total is equal or higher than the target’s Armor target of the attack regardless of their hit dice. emotional strain. add to damage. navigating awkward terrain. was being assailed by an ordinary 1 Hit Die lostworlder zation. Climbing a surface. tion once per round. use him and the infuriated chieftain. casual may be instantly killed at the GM’s discretion. bracing a door. they need to use specifics are up to the PC. but if they do. as true melee weapons. the assailant rolls 1d20 and tomatic damage on a single target in range. but would have to apply it to some other up into rounds. or other less-than-lethal ties. Fray damage. A surprised target doesn’t get to roll initiative the enemy. an actor is dodging enemies. . with no chance for stabili- their focus. screaming for their mother. and requiring an attack roll. while others would simply roll represents not just one shot or swing. graze him. during which all participants may act. While easier to can perform as many On Turn actions as they want in Fray Damage will die in no more than six rounds. If they are healed with some high-tech pharma- take a second Move. A failed check can be When an actor’s turn comes up in the round. Heroic PCs vital organs back into place. A PC A mortally-wounded creature at zero hit points and then the next-highest side acts. they Every actor can make one Move action each round. Each round is approximately six sec. In place of their Main Action. say. They may be un- manage. allowing the actor Fray damage represents a hero’s snap shots. or other dramatic injury against a target’s Wis/Notice check. and large ones might rely on Strength alone. whatever hit points the drug or power have provided. this is usually Dexterity. but perform actions. without re-attempted next round if the target isn’t dead yet. Foes brought then act in order. paying attention to the involved. If used against the same target Lazarus patches are expended even on a failure. the se. rounded down. NPCs are foe engaged with them. If he decided instead to swimming. or modifier. he could still use his Combat and other time-sensitive situations are divided tion. This movement assumes that they’re using. There is no need to spend a 1d6+1 hit points of damage on a hit. A flurry of strokes that force an enemy means may merely be unconscious or incapacitated. or activating describe the effects of a successful hit. Addi- winning ties. a hero with a +1 Dexterity modifier Injury. Ambush targets who fail the contested roll are sur. On Turn actions. target regardless of its hit dice. high roll to low. NPCs have their own attack vessel for their wrath if any are within range. In other cases the surprise may be prac. and otherwise plausible. rifle to buttstroke someone or pistol-whip a near com. trying to press and can leave the heroes in dire peril if a large group who inflicts Fray damage does so as an On Turn action. automatically inflicting 1d6 au. explosives. Fray damage may be delivered as an On Turn ac. a round. dating glare. Moves. rendered helpless by terror or some tiative instead in their campaigns. Characters with the equal or less than the Heroic PC’s level. nent in melee must use their Main Action to do so. they suffer a -2 penalty on hit Hit Die chieftain were to rush the pilot during the next care before they can shake off their fragility and start racing sprint would be much faster. Dropping an object. might all drain his hit points. they may To make an attack roll. manipulating a higher base attack bonuses. If they have a medical kit or other proper an unmodified 2d6 for the opposed check. When an actor wants to hurt a target. Barlowe couldn’t hurt him with his regaining their level in hit points after each night’s rest. An attack roll Fray damage respects maximum attack range as usual. their applicable skill level. Some ene- re-rolled. Actions are divided into four types: adds their attack bonus. damage. If used at ceeds in stabilizing a target. a plain of weapon they’re using. trauma tools. the difficulty of the check is 10 plus vant to being vigilant or stealthy would gain their skill their Main Action to make an attack roll. or anything else that harms or demoralizes aid to a friend can use their Main Action to attempt prised. ber of Instant actions can be performed during a round. The PC with the best could reasonably be performed while an actor is doing Only the last handful of hit points reflect serious bodily psychic assault. bringing him closer to mies might even be incapacitated by purely mental or Optionally. If the PC aims regains one hit point after ten minutes of recovery. each participant else they suffer a free automatic melee attack from any firing a laser pistol that does 1d6 damage would inflict A creature brought to zero hit points has been defeated rolls 1d8 and adds their Dexterity modifier. or passing extremely rough terrain halves ity. Skill levels do not and can no longer fight. assuming the weapon isn’t already empty. they may re-select a more suitable They are able to move and function normally if they are digging a Stowed item out of a pack. If a PC doesn’t even have level-0 expertise in the type tempt or counting it as expended ammo. An Instant action is special. or a will always kill them immediately. An actor who wants to disengage from an oppo. skill in most cases. while chief. the round ends and a new one begins. which would allow his Fray damage to affect the smaller melee weapons might use Strength or Dexter. rolled highest may act first in whatever order they wish. rolls for unfamiliarity with it. it also increases the value of winning initiative. Warrior class or a combat-focused Adventurer have it at an invalid target. any num. Foes defeated non-lethally recover one Dexterity bonus rolls for the party. such as attacking an en. they are dead or dying. NPCs with roles rele. Without such advanced healing. the difficulty is 6 plus the time. but the assailant Heroic PCs ignore ammunition expenditures for Fray went down. emy. Using a weapon to deliver available at all. loaded.38• Running Head Running Head •39 Combat A PC’s attribute modifier depends on the weapon. the GM may choose to use group ini. or begging for mercy. formed even when it’s not the actor’s turn. lashing out with a monoblade in the middle of a society that provide Instant responses. the difficulty is 8 plus the rounds since clean shot at the target. Some Fray focus. An On Turn action is some fast. such as Pilot for the guns of a light starfighter. but of foes wins the roll. but any further damage complex device. a different skill might be pistol with his free hand and shoot the annoying bar. A Heroic PC Heroic PCs are exceptionally capable in combat. or Instant the attribute modifier most relevant to the weapon. If a keep fixing the engine while trying to keep it between Rounds and Initiative this movement rate. a lethal weapon. a convenient Readied item. frighten him. Creatures dropped by Most ambushes involve a contested Dex/Sneak roll an attack or damage have already been rolled. If the tribe’s 4 target requires at least a week of bed rest and medical erally dealing with the hazards of a battlefield. drawing a Readied item. Heavy weapons. or exhaust him their assailant wasn’t trying to kill them. if the first-level Heroic PC Barlowe Strang whatsoever will kill them. with PCs winning ing only ranged weapons. such as taking part of it before using their Main the best one. a morale-sapping quip. the damage affects the Biopsionic technique Psychic Succor automatically suc- actions. onds. and if they expend a Lazarus patch on the target. When ev. can deploy Fray damage to automatically harm their they can perform no useful action and their fate is sealed Sometimes a person is surprised or ambushed. barian for 1d6 damage without disrupting his repair at. physical hit. to use them after they decide they don’t like how the strikes. however. the number of rounds that have passed since the target bonus to these checks. A single attack roll might rep. character level. A PC’s skill level is their Punch. Action and the rest afterwards. If brought to zero hit points by assumed to usually have no modifier. a different foe or in a round when the PC is not actually out. the attack is successful. If they have no special medical tools Instant actions while surprised. or blows in passing. It’s up to the GM and player to decide how to hit point after ten minutes and can function normally one die for the other NPCs. round. and Dying To determine who acts first in a round. depending on what kind of weapon his stuttering gravsled. When everyone has had a chance to act. spending their round trying to get in a good hit or a damage. A successful attack inflicts hit point damage equal 1 Hit Die foe within pistol range. The weapon or tactic used must actually an Int/Heal or Dex/Heal skill check. to the weapon’s damage die plus the relevant attribute eryone has acted. applying first aid to a downed ally. In rare cases. Actors can’t split their Move ac. it only affects enemies with hit dice A critically-injured target who has been stabilized most of the six-second round. a simple device might all be On Turn actions. using whatever until the second round of combat and can perform only Hitting an Enemy be available. Fray damage unless he used a Main Action to attack the For ranged weapons. an intimi. or even after enemies. weapon has more than one attribute listed for it. as a hero’s Main Action attack. Members of the side that ing something. blunt objects. injury. while it’s possible to use a A successful attack doesn’t always mean a direct down with fists. such weapons aren’t as effectively threatening off-balance. even conscious. subject to the GM’s discretion. Main Actions are those deeds that are going to absorb A PC’s attack bonus is usually equal to half their attacking anyone. but the modifier is best. Stab. falling prone.

and the target must make a Physical target. Such attacks can be devastatingly effective. whenever faced with some dramatic destruction or an and success usually clears up any symptoms within a especially terrifying foe. hallucinations. and may be sniped or stabbed if they dies.40• Running Head Running Head •41 Sniping and Assassination Environmental Hazards This assumes that TL4 medical care is available. their sense of self-preservation has might be incapacitated instead if such an outcome was six rounds of death. Mildly Morale. a TL4 medkit. Setting up a killing blow this way requires a full for every three full meters fallen under standard-gravi. stitution score by one point. however. PCs who plunge off elevated surfaces suffer 1d6 damage sources of radiation. it requires more than just an un. and 10 for a Int/Heal check can negate the effect of the poison. They’ll fight as long and as hard as their players dangerous zones might force a check once per day or think prudent. with a difficulty of 6 for a point-blank shot. Diseases with no way to escape might surrender on the spot. immediately kill a victim can induce vomiting. green troops. it does maximum damage and the Drugged or damaged PCs are instantly restored by be treated by a TL4 medkit and an Int/Heal check at the fray even in the face of certain death. but automatically save points. bat-hardened opponents. and tiple checks per round. thoroughly Hideous interstellar plagues are an occupational hazard For veteran fighters. Those who fail this Radiation is a slow killer in small doses. Most combatants will cut and run as for one at the weapon’s normal range. though exposure to a pathogen usual- twice in most situations: when the first member of the does not require a hit roll and will leave them mortally ly permits a saving throw to resist its effects. Most natural poisons are difficulty 8. while special or engineered toxins take ef. assuming the antidote is applied within creature’s Morale. with a score of 2 They must be adjacent and unsuspected at the start of while synthetic toxins are difficulty 10 or greater. A few may from the field. such as one who is unconscious. with a bonus equal to the are capable of summarily executing even the most com. On a failure. behave in sufficiently incautious fashion. death. but difficulty for this check varies with the potency of the techniques. Those who have been killed by a difficulty 10. those reduced below a Constitution score of 3 shoot or an assassin may attack an adjacent target. the group rules as NPCs are. or instant death. A melee attack always hits. asleep. They may also have to make additional Morale checks One attempt can be made to cure a disease per week. Occasionally an assailant will have the chance to per- If TL2 or lower medical care is provided. the PC is infected. a Morale check is needed bound. If both against instant death. On a roll higher than the will be mortally wounded on the spot. rookie cops. a sniper may Natural venoms usually require 1d6 rounds to apply soning. ordinary diseases are usually difficulty in either will mean instant flight in a panicked rout. they lose any excess Creatures that have merely suffered damage and unsuspecting politico. once per hour. whether as a sniper drawing ty conditions. poisoning can only be saved by treatment at a TL4 hos- Morale is measured from 2 to 12. made at specific intervals in order to avoid eventual until the cause is obviously lost. of radiation must make a Physical saving throw at in- PCs have no Morale score and never need to check tervals depending on the strength of the glow. As with poisons. When the GM victim must immediately make a Physical saving throw successful treatment. assuming the weapon fect instantly. aches. at a rate of one point per week. Poison effects may include unconscious. and quick end check will flee. or reduce a PC’s maximum hit If it’s failed in the second case. or otherwise debilitate the character. swift application of victim can continue functioning more-or-less normally stand and fight when a gory defeat seems the most check. The their effect. to the battle. with zealots fighting eratic hero. Falling protection can effectively shield a wearer from weaker Heal skill of whoever is tending them. Some victims mortal wound. and will suffer progressively-worse looks as if their group is going to lose the fight. head- Sane creatures do not normally fight to the death. If the Gritty player characters are as vulnerable to these symptoms until the disease runs its course or the PC Morale check is failed in the first instance. up to lethal rad zones that force mul- . tution score will die in 1d6 weeks from radiation poi- rest. Most sicknesses will simply apply penalties to will tend to pull back to a more defensible position. On a success. the group will retreat take maximum damage as usual. doubt. Biopsionic techniques or Int/Heal wild beasts. Radiation poisoning that does not Morale target’s armor class is irrelevant. Heroic PCs skill checks or hit rolls. Each failed saving throw lowers the target’s Con- they’ll die of their wounds at some point during that minute of preparation. Vacc suits and other forms of saving throw at the end of it. but failure medical supplies. recovering the lost Constitution indicating a combatant who will flee at the slightest risk the round. Only pital or ship’s sick bay. Non-fatal doses can and a score of 12 marking a fighter who won’t abandon If the attack hits. have not been mortally injured regain hit points equal assailant will spoil this preparation. or more casual combatants. will die instantly. and the first time it wounded. Normal men and women of more pacifistic cul- tures must make a Morale check at the start of a combat Radiation to fight back with lethal force at all. or be a certain doom to those unlucky enough on to the last man. If the new score decreas- time. group is killed or incapacitated. Each success restores one lost point of thinks it appropriate to check a creature’s dedication at a penalty equal to the attacker’s combat skill or they poison revive with one hit point as if recovering from a Constitution and a check can be made once per day. they’ll recover within 1d4 more weeks. Any focused attention on the Poisons maximum hit points their former modifier granted. A target killed by radiation poisoning can- likely outcome. 8 the appropriate Biopsionic techniques or success at an until death. few days. or surrender if that is impossible. safest means available to them. NPCs have a Morale the assassin must be adjacent to the target. If only TL3 tech is on hand. Assuming TL4 is needed under the same circumstances. Hitting with a sniper shot is a Dex/Shoot skill Even in the latter case. and cannot poison and assumes that the PC medic has access to Someone who has suffered a fatal dose of radiation score. move to close on the same round as the killing blow. To reflect this prudence. a Morale check medical attention can cure a sickness. come to the fore and they will disengage from the fight intended and plausible. cower. hit point damage. as will any action Those afflicted with some insidious venom can usually Characters reduced below half their original Consti- to their character level after each night of comfortable that alarms the target. Only being used isn’t too primitive to penetrate high-tech ness. 8. to be afflicted with it. while more virulent strains are difficulty 10 or more. If failed. For ordinary thugs. Targets exposed to dangerous amounts the violence erupting around them. one attempt can be made to neutralize a poison. Creatures Attacking a completely helpless adjacent opponent. the recovery time is a month. Once the preparation is complete. soft tissue bleeding and dizziness. make a saving throw to resist the worst of the effects. or otherwise entirely incapable of self-defense of adventurers. in the fastest. but a resolute the most hardened professionals or crazed zealots will armor. they roll 2d6. require one or more additional saving throws to be checks are passed then the group will continue fighting expected shot or knife in the dark to kill a space-op. the recovery fectly set up a shot against an entirely unsuspecting time is a month. The not be revived by Psychic Succor or other stabilization soon as their own personal safety seems to be in serious shot at extreme range. or stand in shocked disbelief at in larger ones. a bead on a target or an assassin drifting closer to an es a hero’s Constitution modifier.

1 2 1 Heroic characters simply gain six additional hit 2 3 3 points each level. Restricted psychics can only the skill to a new level. to gain lev- to each one. modified by their Constitution mod. this bonus skill pick is treated like any other PC gains four skill points. mary focus. while Adventurers might be restricted justified in taking the Armsman focus. they might be granted a skill as a free bonus pick. New PCs start out at lev. a third level Gritty Warrior would roll 3d6+3 for ucation is equal to the technique’s minimum skill level their hit point total. Their saving throw scores level in a focus. ter additional psychic techniques. A Heroic ation. Unrestricted psychics can improve or learn done absolutely nothing to train or improve their el one and the most experienced. Otherwise. Thus. you’ll need to find some teacher or other explanation efits of advancement. and 10 a PC can add a decrease by one. capable heroes in the any discipline. they remain as credit toward ever improve or learn techniques from the psychic dis. A PC cannot develop skills beyond level-4. skill pick. 3 4 6 ifier. Ev- to their new level. Char. They can save these points to nonexistent skill to level-1. for example. If this is the first level they’ve taken in the focus. A PC who’d they advance a character level. plus three times their Constitution requirement. Gritty characters roll a number of six-sided dice equal The cost for improving a skill is listed below. level would lower them to 14. they take this new total. because points plus three times their Constitution modifier. they become harder to overcome in combat. Heroic PCs can raise foci up to level three. they’d roll 2d6+2. Skills that are gained or improved immediately on fencer might justify their training that way. Second. This is enough to raise a new psychic techniques. Level managed to roll snake eyes and get only a four. If the total was five or greater. your points mid-scene to develop a heretofore-unmen- First. acter has saving throw scores of 15. but you can’t simply spend honed by their past adventures. If the focus is taken as part of advancement. cipline they selected when they picked the Psychic pri. to master the Biopsionic technique modifier. If applied to a skill that is already at . Thus. No special training or practice for developing them. they immediately gain the ben. depending on their degree of focus. 6. Warriors and increase a psychic skill. If they Skill Level Skill Point Cost Min. Warriors and combat-focused Adventurers get a Psychic heroes can spend their skill points to mas- further bonus hit point each time they advance a level. Third. As a first level char. rounded up. they’d keep it. they’d 0 1 1 still increase their maximum hit points to five. Advancing beyond level all unrestricted. they become more capable with their skills. they become more capable of evading Fourth. serves to further widen their options. Remem- A PC’s base attack bonus becomes equal to half ber that psychics gain a free technique each time they their new character level. Once a PC has been awarded enough experience points If you save your skill points to spend them later then to reach the next level. four hit points reached second level. If the PC is a psychic. It doesn’t take more than a week is required as their abilities are assumed to have been to refine your new ability. If the skill points aren’t quite enough to raise on more mundane talents. The cost of this ed- Thus. they might be eligible to pick an additional chance harms and perils. the PC can spend the three skill points on any other skill of their choice. The player can choose any focus for which they When characters accumulate enough experience points. Thus. If they were Heroic. If the total is greater than their current then two points for level-1. a third-level Heroic Expert PC would have 4 5 9 eighteen hit points plus three times their Constitution modifier. tioned expertise with flamethrowers. can provide some justification to the GM. they must spend at least one however.42• Running Head Running Head •43 Character Advancement level-4. 4. A PC must be the requi- hit points. new focus. At levels 2. it instead counts as three skill points spent of these points on improving psychic skills or gaining toward increasing the skill. gaining a level are assumed to have been perfected over Gaining a Level the past level and require no training time or teaching. if Less hardened heroes simply don’t have the focus and a Gritty character with a Constitution score of 14 and real-life experience to attain such a pitch of mastery. or boost a level-1 skill to spend later if they wish. Metamorph requires Biopsion-3 skill to learn. so buying techniques this way combat-focused Adventurers may gain a further bonus. de- A Gritty PC gains three skill points they can spend on pending on the focus’ benefits. A negative modifier can’t lower a die’s el-1 in a skill you need to pay one point for level-0 and result below 1. adding their Constitution modifier ery skill level must be purchased in order. they’d simply get 21 hit Metamorph would cost three skill points. During character cre- improving their skills or save to spend later. their site minimum level to increase a skill to certain levels. making it easier to succeed on saving level to an existing focus or pick up the first level in a throws by rolling equal or over it. but a hero who’d befriended a talented six-armed alien the GM’s discretion. reaching second Gritty PCs can only raise them up to level two at most. current maximum hit points increase by one. PCs with the Psychic character class are swordfighting skills over the past level might not be sector might reach level ten. but they cannot spend them level-2. ten is usually prohibitively difficult. though possible at or unrestricted. future advances.

Players and GMs should treat the prices the GM’s discretion. being osophical grounds. but buying advanced equip- and jewelry that a character might wear does not. Visitors are ad- reasonably sophisticated world. some items are given an supplies firmly in the hands of the local rulers. the credit issued by the Exchange knowing about the world. and those that do tend to rapidly attract other . vanced technology or sophisticated equipment. exceed the limits of that lost golden age. Characters “notes” often appear on more primitive worlds. Many worlds outright listed as rough guidelines. Prices may vary. ing Lightly Encumbered. Credits usually take the form of backs and the contents of a general store in their pock. or as of any action they may take during a turn. but a good guitar might go for ten times the or unwieldy objects might count as multiple items at armor can often provoke a distinctly negative reaction common rate. These items count planets forbid certain technology on religious or phil- drives and interstellar flight at tech level 4. ranging from 0 for objects of chipped with base movement reduced to 5 meters per round. or otherwise packed away where they will least metals. If a character needs to get out for.44• Running Head Running Head •45 EQUIPMENT AND VEHICLES freebooting merchants. Some worlds with eration chapter. oxygen generation equipment in order to keep the air stone and carved wood. A ment on a primitive world tends to be an exceedingly character can draw or produce a readied item as part expensive prospect. but certain needs can be packed together into bundles to simplify their are eternal. Tech level as multiple objects for encumbrance purposes. A character can have ready a number of items Prices given for equipment and gear assume that equal to half their Strength score. equal to their full Strength score. though physical “chips” or ets. Most worlds attempt to mimic this cur. Suits of wealthy buyers. much as ten times as great for items greatly in demand A character may have a number of stowed items and in short supply. For game purposes. purposes. or belt pouches. but from before the Scream. holsters. Extremely bulky pect small personal weapons to be carried. The influx of precious metals from cheap asteroid mining soon spoils the market for metals. or that they have conveniently can occasionally provide more advanced equipment to to hand in sheaths. clumsy. Most frontier worlds tolerate or even ex- remote frontier outpost might have plenty of firearms can be bound into one packed item. sion to keep these goods secured aboard a ship. the discomfort of heavy armor without expecting to level of a world indicates the available resources in ad. and the natives usually start to demand credits Every aspiring stellar adventurer needs the essential a stowed item in a hurry. Such worlds rarely have much worth trading encumber the character. A further two items can be carried ready or four regarding permissible equipment. carriage. round. Stowed items are Primitive or isolated worlds might not use or ac- carried in backpacks. though getting at them then takes an addition. but visible to hand. there are seven pos. stowed at the cost of becoming Heavily Encumbered. For some. and carrying a great deal dred of these chips count as one item for encumbrance can slow them down substantially. tech level. Officials tend to reason that while a weapon may Tech Levels do so. but for reference. electronic banking entries. they are being bought legally on a world capable of Ready items include those that the character is using manufacturing such equipment. Other weaponry beginning at tech level 2. nect check will all suffice to alert characters to any spe- GMs who choose to begin the game on a more prim. Even primitive worlds or wearing at all times. while oth. a background appropriate to Beginning characters can normally buy starting Before the Silence. Equipment Legality The following tables provide general guidelines al round of fumbling with the packaging. in all but the roughest places. or unwieldy to carry. unbreathable atmospheres restrict the possession of sible tech levels. Up to two additional items can be carried ready be justified in self-defense. The first merchant to a world can make equipment of his trade. The value of goods is commonly measured in credits. in carefully-balanced leg or arm cept credits. A full ment slowed from 10 meters per round to 7 meters per Other worlds may have other idiosyncratic rules detailing of each tech level is given in the World Gen. it might consist of Action to dig it out of their pack or pockets. of Light was the currency of exchange throughout hu. rounded down. instead preferring trade goods or precious pockets. Some worlds grant limited permis- 5 is appropriate for pretech or psitech artifacts dating heavy. A scouting report. assuming they are not completely cut armor count as readied items. they must use their Main in payment. steam power and gunpowder On the equipment lists. The tech or four additional ones stowed at the cost of becom. no one would put up with Equipment availability is limited by tech level. and modern spike encumbrance value higher than 1. cial laws regarding permissible equipment on a world. the credits of different starfaring worlds are assumed to be interchangeable unless the GM and players care Encumbrance to embrace careers in the murky realm of interstellar Characters might want to carry an armory on their currency arbitrage. a six Type A energy cells or three magazines of bullets the starport. man space. itive world than usual might restrict this to a lower rency to greater or lesser success. Prices may be double. but this is rarely a practical ambition. and having their base move. Very small items carried in small numbers do not those who come after usually end up needing credits ers prefer to spend the greater part of their funds on count against encumbrance limits. or a decent Know or Con- equipment of tech level 4 or lower as their funds allow. A hun- can only carry so many things. Characters can burden themselves with more gear forbid civilian ownership of advanced armor technol- if they’re willing to sacrifice some fleetness of foot to ogy. but appropriate toolkits and medical supplies. a killing with the equivalent of beads and trinkets. heavy weaponry. item bundle is up to the GM. Prices can vary dras. make some trouble with it. Other small items or more useful barter goods. though as a rule of thumb vised to apprise themselves of local law before leaving tically depending on the supply of a particular good. while the vanishingly rare tech others conduct inspections in the starport to search for level 6 represents equipment or devices that somehow Credits and Money “contraband goods”. triple. but the normal clothing off from interstellar trade. Exactly how Most worlds have their own customs regarding the on the kind of equipment that might be available on a many of a given small item can be packed into a single open flaunting of weaponry or armor.

metal mail. allow use of the FEP as a vacc suit indefinitely. FEPs stances and the armor of choice for tech level 3 worlds. perience in order to be operated correctly. Deflector arrays can be worn beneath ordi- squads. ied and four items stowed without encumbrance. power cell for each 24 hours of operation.000 0 5 . with Combat field uniforms are the standard tech lev. requires one Type A power cell for each 24 hours of and a popular choice for adventurers wishing discreet operation. operation. A person wearing not. Alien creatures usually have jectile weapons of tech level 3 or less. Characters with no military training suffer -2 to hit while wearing Armor Type Armor Class Cost Enc. Both Primitive armor. A FEP suits that are all but invisible under normal clothing. and integral atmosphere crackers cumbersome. natural attacks capable of overcoming this quality. of tech level 3 or lower. These fields filter out most radiation and posites. Deflector arrays are subtler versions of FEPs. such as leather jack. Weapons of tech level 3 or higher ignore this Field Emitter Panoplies are complex exoskeletal armor.000 1 5 Deflector Array 18 30. their shields invisible except when they are deflecting el 4 combat dress for military units and elite security an attack. Completely One month of daily practice is sufficient to remove the unarmored human combatants rarely last very long in penalty for assault suits. and shearing environmental protection. Both Heavy suits of armor can count as more than one assault suits and powered armor have self-contained item for encumbrance purposes. assault suits and powered armor require one Type A or metal plate. and ceramic inserts. thermal shocks. while being substantially lighter than tection against primitive weaponry. A deflector array woven body armor. onry. and grants no special pro- blows very well. While bulky and all microorganisms. Ad. it absorbs impacts. while powered armor requires a fight. to six hours before requiring atmosphere recharging.46• Running Head Running Head •47 Armor <Armor float> Armor is a popular acquisition for adventurers as their an assault suit. requires one Type A power cell for each 24 hours of Assault suits and powered armor require some ex. protection.000 2 5 Field Emitter Panoply 20 30. The array cannot be used as a vacc suit or plates. and -4 while wearing powered armor. characters subtract their Dexterity modifiers from powered armor can carry an additional two items read- their Armor Class. energy arrays which bubble the wearer in close-fitting Woven body armor is composed of assorted com. damper fields. A metaplast overlay on sintered microceramic nary clothing. grant the same immunity to primitive and natural hu- Armored undersuits are skin-tight metaplast body.000 2 5 Powered Armor 19 10. Armored or three months of regular training.000 0 4 Assault Suit 18 6. Very light suits may atmospheres and can be used as vacuum suits for up not encumber at all. and have a base Armor Class of 9. injury from unarmed attacks or man-portable weapons vanced tech level 4 varieties also function against pro. Tech Level Shield +1 bonus 10/100 1 0/4 Leather Jack 13* 10 1 0 Metal Mail 15* 50 2 1 Metal Plate 17* 100 3 1 Woven Body Armor 15 400 1 3 Armored Undersuit 13 600 0 4 Combat Field Uniform 16 1. plastics. lifestyle often puts them in harm’s way. is of limited use against advanced weap. man weapons that powered armor possesses. it is effective armor under most circum. Shields lower the armor class of users by 1 point Those in assault suits or powered armor are immune to against primitive weapons of tech level 3 or less.

and conditions. Plasma Projector 2d8 50/100 400 6 Dex 4 and hunters. Range and accuracy is also superior. Mag ammunition is Submachine Gun 1d8* 30/100 200 20 Dex 3 Crude pistols and muskets represent the rawest packaged with integral power supplies. Most sophisticated equipment plating. The spheres tend to dissipate at much shorter ranges underlying fabric of space to disrupt a target. while rifles. and these guns are the best While the heavy metal slugs and flechettes thrown by Void Carbine 2d6 100/300 400 10 Dex 4 that they can manage. All attacks with energy weapons gain Spike Thrower 3d8* 20/40 600 15 Dex 4 the weapons are extremely reliable and can be repaired +1 to hit. XX. If a thunder gun the harsh conditions or uncertain maintenance oppor. the Mag Pistol 2d6+2 100/300 400 6 Dex 4 musket requires two rounds instead of one. two-handed ticated man-portable weapons designed before the burst mode. This . Burst. ty of the revolver for a larger magazine size. Reloading a crude pistol or a projectile weaponry tend to be more damaging. manipulating the done if fewer than three rounds are available. a sound that can be felt Aside from the additional effective range of a sniper as far as thirty meters away from an operator. gaining +2 to hit on the attack roll. Combat Shotgun 3d4* 10/30 300 12 Dex 3 ally makeshift weapons improvised by criminals or Sniper Rifle 2d8 1. the distortion cannon range and penetration of a conventional rifle for a particulates. Even comparatively primitive the terms on p. The statistics given are for shot encumbrance. trading some of the often-unnecessary targets within range and are not affected by ambient fix its location within one meter. so no additional Combat Rifle 1d12* 100/300 300 30 Dex 3 and most primitive forms of projectile weaponry. These weapons can fire in Thermal pistols and their larger. Shear rifles are the product of a relatively few and its target. Conversion Bow 1d8 150/300 500 1* Dex 4 Projectile weapons are by far the most common ranged lization. type of energy weapon. Shear rifles are perfectly silent in operation and ignore guns can fire slug rounds just as normal shotguns. while Spike throwers are the shot- may not serve. Sniper Rifles are designed to be exceptionally ef. though the infrastructure necessary for maintenance Shotguns are cheaper and more easily manufac. Submachine guns take pistol ammunition but fire ranges in half. Laser Rifle 1d10* 300/500 300 20 Dex 4 atmospheres that would destroy more fragile weapons. thunder guns. nition in the form of Type A energy cells than they Thermal Pistol 2d6 25/50 300 5 Dex 4 Rifles are the mainstays of most tech level 2 armies can carry bullets. and manufactured even by primitive metallurgists. ambient particulates. Distortion cannons are among the most sophis- it at a high rate of speed. Shear Rifle 2d8* 100/300 600 10 Dex 5 tured than rifles. caused by their operation. ro-gee use. weapons have substantially larger ammunition capacity tearing the object apart along perfectly smooth planes. These weapons use miniaturized grav projec- peramental versions of conventional shotguns. These two-handed energy weapons rely on the ing uses up three rounds of ammunition. and distortion cannons count as two items. and cannot be with a small sphere of magnetically-shaped plasma. applying up to a -4 penalty to hit and cutting 20. plasma pro. with no chance for stabi. They fire Revolver 1d8 30/100 50 6 Dex 2 duce. as more accurate. the beam. power cells are necessary to fire these weapons.000/2. any target it reduces to zero hit points via a sur- Projectile Weaponry prise attack will die instantly. late matter such as ash or sand can seriously degrade user hits a target with an unmodified hit roll of 19 or tunities of a frontier world. and repair of these weapons is substantially higher. usu.250 6 Dex 5 ammunition. They tend beam is capable of penetrating any ordinary mist or randomized disruptions in a target that increase the to be the favorite sidearm for locals on planets that lack haze. and are capable of firing in burst mode.000 6 Dex 5 defense on the frontier. These tors to create dangerous repulsor fields inside a target. but a thick cloud of thermally-resistant particu. Energy weapons are very popular on more ad. On more strait-laced worlds such military weaponry is functioning pretech manufactories on those worlds often illegal for civilians to possess. chance of complete structural collapse. * this weapon can fire in burst mod @ this weapon requires two Main Actions to reload ranges of 50/75 meters. Ammunition from less advanced worlds of metal flechettes. that never entirely lost their pre-Silence industrial ca- Combat shotguns are more complicated and tem. Tech Level Primitive Bow 1d6 50/75 15 1* Dex 1 Advanced Bow 1d6 100/150 50 1* Dex 3 rifle. ignores up to one meter of solid cover between the gun larger ammunition capacity and burst fire capabilities. and have essentially no recoil. If the rifle is used outside of such Crude Pistol 1d6 5/15 20 1@ Dex 2 worlds can fabricate and maintain such weaponry. Thunder guns are named for the basso vibrations fective at dropping unsuspecting targets at long range. Laser pistols and laser rifles are the most common Semi-automatic pistols trade some of the reliabili. Musket 1d12 25/50 30 1@ Dex 2 the damage a flying chunk of hot lead can do is often Void carbines are designed for vacuum and ze- worse than what a clean burst of laser fire might pro.000 400 1 Dex 3 the desperate. Almost any world of tech level 2 or higher can gyrojet rounds that cannot penetrate ordinary ship Rifle 1d10+2 200/400 75 6 Dex 2 provide projectile ammunition. it’s has no special qualities. an extra 1d10 damage is rolled.48• Running Head Running Head •49 Ranged Weapons Ranged Weapon Dmg. Provided Combat rifles are favored by the militaries of tech than a laser beam. Range Cost Magazine Attr. The phased multifrequency two-handed weapon uses grav plates to create rapid. lack of recoil for energy weapons tends to make them Mag Rifle 2d8+2 300/600 500 10 Dex 4 Revolvers are quite popular on frontier worlds. Combat shot. Shotgun 3d4 10/30 50 2 Dex 2 modern ammunition works well in any atmosphere Mag weaponry involves the magnetic acceleration Semi-Auto Pistol 1d6+1 30/100 75 12 Dex 3 or in vacuum. The surprise attack must qualify according to Grenade 2d6 10/30 25 N/A Dex 3 weapons in human use. pacity. as a soldier can carry far more ammu. plasma projector cousins replace the beam of a laser Scream. Some worlds lack the resources to make Energy Weaponry good projectile weaponry. but do significantly more damage to the wielder can see a target within range or accurately level 3 worlds. same principle as does a spike drive. Slug rounds do 2d6 damage and have jectors. and are popular weapons for home Pistol-sized energy weapons count as one item of Thunder Gun 2d10 100/300 1. gun equivalents of these weapons. thanks to their superior range and power. Laser Pistol 1d6 100/300 200 10 Dex 4 Some revolver variants are specially built to handle vanced worlds. Distortion Cannon 2d12 100/300 1.

An HMG magazine contains tion. gets. Double Wheatcutter belts are one of several different the usual ammunition is fired in one round. a belt of cover is automatically hit for half normal damage. When triggered. side of the vehicle. ers to fire at once. Reloading a wheatcutter a vehicle mounting or emplaced firing position for belt costs 200 credits per round.000 10 * Dex 4 Wheatcutter Belt 2d12 10/20 10. fixed support.000 10. Any 1s on ing. but only the highest dam- wheatcutter belts consume large amounts of standard age roll is applied to the target A round of Hydra missile ammunition. Attr. Others require specialized training in the use of the damage dice are rerolled when shooting at a hard heavy munitions. but so heavy that they can only be mounted on enough ammunition for 10 rounds of firing.000/8.000 8. Shoot skill to determine hit bonuses.000 20.000 15 * Dex 4 Hydra Array 3d6# 4.000 1 2 Dex 3 Railgun 3d8# 4. A explosives fires off a scything blast of shrapnel on any successful Evasion saving throw eliminates this damage. HMGs require other Gunnery weapons do. TL Heavy Machine Gun 3d6# 500/2. Un- like most Gunnery weapons. rocket launchers can be shoulder-fired without a prepared emplacement to support them. They accelerate large metallic slugs along the weapon’s barrel. The weapons are usually equipped with basic tracking sensors.000 5.or water-cooled projectile weapons that are usually Wheatcutter belts do not ignore a vehicle’s Armor like fed with belts of linked ammunition. and every antipersonnel measures often installed on gravtanks target in front of the weapon that is not under hard and other fighting vehicles. Heavy Weapon Dmg.50• Running Head Running Head •51 Melee Weapons Heavy Weapons Some weapons are simply too big to be comfortably Anti-vehicle lasers are less useful against soft tar- used without a tripod. Rocket launchers cover a wide variety of man-por- table missile launchers of varying degrees of sophisti- cation. Some heavy guns can be fired to suppress.000/8. and can make an Evasion save to take none at all. all require some sort of support for firing.000 4. but are of limited accuracy against human-sized targets.000 10 3 Dex 3 Rocket Launcher 3d10 2.000 75. Those within 20 meters take half dam- Heavy machine guns represent a large family of age. fire costs 150 credits. Range Cost Mag Enc. while heavy machine guns and gunner to roll damage once. Hydra arrays sequence a number of missile launch- wise noted.000/2. or vehicle mount.000/4. creating a steady spray of hyper- velocity rounds. Ammunition sufficient for one round of firing costs 50 credits. Each successful hit on a target allows the exploration gear tables. Rocket launchers take a -4 hit penalty against targets of human size or smaller. Attempting to shoot one without bedding Vortex cannons use controlled gravitic shear it down properly on a tripod or other secure mount planes to cause a target to simply fall apart into com- inflicts a -6 on all hit rolls and makes effective sup. The cannons are silent in opera- pressive fire impossible. best results.000/4.000 20 * Dex 4 Anti-Vehicle Laser 3d10 2. but excel at penetrating vehicle armor. and unless other. The weapons listed here all use the armored target. air.000 5 * Dex 5 # this weapon can fire to suppress . round of firing requires 25 credits worth of projectile ammunition. but each gravtanks and other similar dedicated fighting vehicles. The gunner designates up to three Energy weapons use Type B power cells. Rocket targets and can then make three rolls to hit divided launchers and hydra arrays use missiles as given on the among them. All creatures within 10 meters of that side of the vehicle must make an Evasion save for Heavy Weapons half damage.000 5 * Dex 4 Vortex Cannon 5d12 1. Railguns are simply scaled-up versions of personal mag rifles. ponent fragments.

Server chrome but serviceable view out to the wearer’s Telescoping pole: Retracting to a 30-centimeter baton. the grav chute tests sphere. Missile 50 1 3 Ammunition: A few worlds are too primitive or too for the water necessary for a person’s daily needs. No armor can be communications without involving or requiring 1. versions are available that have integral low-light Telescoping pole 10 * 4 water filter. given planet. If the a 50% chance the suit is torn. A vacc suit ox- Climbing harness: A collection of straps. arrows. cell for each twelve hours of operation. Glowbug 5 * 3 ony. Suits are equipped with bugs can be recharged off a single Type A cell. and gyroscopes with a bright white light for two hours. Low-light goggles 200 1 3 by 2 meter square field of solar cells. a navcomp will never get lost on worlds with GPS guidance fins are extended first. though the suit itself grants AC comsats. and record up to two hun. a brightly-colored 3 x 3 meter water. and a radio beacon that atmosphere. ceramic fire lighters. trade metals include gold. Scout report: A collation of survey scans and merchant its worth of local products on metal-poor worlds Ammunition. Pressure tent 100 4 3 recharge one Type A power cell per day. operate twice as long. 13 to its wearers. level 4 civilization that might be valuable on more oxygen tank.000 3 4 reports on a particular lost world or isolated col.048-meter Vacc suits have a self-healing exterior that can transmissions are heavily encrypted. knife. and apply a -2 is noisy. A skill checks are made at a +2 bonus. oid mining. 20 meters 4/40 2/1 1/4 chemical analysis of samples of up to one cubic power cell. and there is always the power cell for each six hours of operation. and the other fruits of a tech it grants no armor class bonus itself. energy beams. kilograms of weight or serve as a makeshift club. usage can be locked to specific compads. this skin-tight suit can be worn as a Type A power cell fuels six shots from a launcher. Comm server 1. but a strike from an edged weapon can non-porous surface. satellites. A hundred glow. and requires a Type A becomes more common. TL 4 binocs cost Thermal flare 5 * 3 blanket. Markets flood son to pack along a man-portable rocket launcher. ropes. If water is not otherwise avail. It suffers tears in the same fails catastrophically 10% of the time. Tech level 5 for each day in which this filter is employed. Most Binoculars 20/200 1 3/4 which counts as one encumbrance item per 40 on spacefaring ones. Trade goods: Glowbugs. even in the form of carbon dioxide. Grav chute 300/1. A kilo worth of trade metals local gunsmiths can load ammunition to any spec. up to 200 meters and explodes in a bright white tion to apply one. and it usually doesn’t take more or have one mounted on their favorite gravcar. fewer hit points is struck by an edged weapon. illumination available at all. The server provides service between Low-light goggles: These goggles provide a mono. and all normal visual distance. Attaching a standard vacc suit ox. A metatool can be used to cut artificial gemstones. with an emergency hand crank power source. They can also make a crude but service. albeit they cost 50 Scout report 200 * 4 centimeter in size. TL Rations: Dried or otherwise preserved foodstuffs suffi. though objects stowed inside it still require the amount of audio. The skill checks for wearers. uum and on most inhospitable planetary surfaces. three thermal flares. resource-poor to manufacture ammunition. A launched flare does 1d6 damage to anyone age after the first round. Tech level 4 Survival kit 60 1 4 Survival kit: A standard belt-worn kit with fire lighter. it smoothly modulates falling speeds to a allows a single standard vacc suit oxygen tank to be traded for at least a hundred credits worth of wearer’s bodily waste into drinkable water if nec- sedate 1 meter/second for up to 1000 meters. Granted a es atmosphere to refill vacc suit oxygen tanks. able. 20 rounds 10 1 2 cient for one day.000 credits. count as only one item for encumbrance purposes. radiation and provides a temperature-controlled 200 credits and require a Type A power cell for up proof tarp. and any Sneak skill checks while climbing specific dangers or edible organics. Most vacc freshers are also equipped tively without encumbrance. contains it. difficulty of finding local products that are actually Ammo. A worn backpack counts as a readied item. packed into a flat. that have a ten-kilometer range. readied item in conjunction with armor. it can can extract oxygen from any atmosphere which spheric toxins. antibiot. tolerable temperature and serviceable ics. Using a climbing harness Vacc suit 100 2 4 world will usually also include a small booklet on Vacc suits are cumbersome. however. The tent requires a Type A power cell not well-served by interstellar merchants. Vacc skins apply no penalty to hit rolls or chute can slow up to 300 kilos of weight. The provide breathable air for the occupants for up to local products on more primitive worlds that are essary. can be exchanged for as much as a thousand cred- Climbing harness 50 1 3 ification required by a buyer. Exposure to vacuum does 1d20 dam- ty meters. When sleeping quarters for up to five very friendly oc. can transmit a distress signal up to fifty kilome. the flare launches emergency repair patches. thermal The suit protects against ordinary levels of cosmic optics and up to 25x150 power. provide basic minutes of operation and consumes one Type A Backpack: Tech level 4 versions of this item are effec. but it 24 hours. A character with ing up to twenty meters around the holder. though the clumsy flight gives a -4 penalty Vacc skin: A more advanced tech level 5 version of the precarious hit can cause the grapnel to pull free. of weight. profit margin shrinks rapidly as interstellar trade way as a normal vacc suit. Both versions burn out after one use. though extremely heavy weights or a they travel through. ceraplast tools. and other substances pre- the vast majority of worlds provide cartridges in Backpack 5/50 1/* 1/4 and join the synthetics used in tech level 4 rope. Other terrestrial navigation it hits.52• Running Head Running Head •53 Exploration Gear Item Cost Enc. a survival kit grants a +2 to all relevant Survival movement. Solar recharger 500 3 4 dred hours of video information or ten times that though it requires at least two hours of cranking. It requires no the limits of tech level 4 gravitic control. isolated from interstellar trade. and can even recycle the activated. vacc suit.. astronomic charts. one-kilo case. and cost skill checks. cious on many lost worlds and trivially valuable almost every conceivable caliber and make. any climbing skill test. for any but the most basic analysis. meters and costs 40 credits. 1 day 5 1 1 a breathable atmosphere for up to six hours. to allow the wearer to survive in both hard vac- Binoculars: Standard 7x50 binoculars. and worn with a vacc suit. or Glowbug: A palm-sized disc that can adhere to any will operate these goggles for a week. Science skill checks are necessary Vacc suit: The standard tech level 4 vacc suit is designed Survey scanner 250 1 4 usual round to dig free. It Atmofilter: This face mask can filter out most atmo. to demand trade goods or credits. . worth a merchant’s journey. there is meters for twenty-four hours. Grapnel launcher 200 1 3 most unknown worlds and provide maps. credits.000 1 4/5 outlawed for civilians on most worlds. and note any critical cultural taboos. it emits Navcomp: A combination of low-tech compasses. au.000 1 5 with one suffer a -2 penalty. Thermal flare: If triggered in one mode. Advanced filtration and cracking tech primitive worlds. illuminat. automatically cracking and recycling this cylinder is strapped to a person or object and cupants. and functions for six hours. Vacc suits are equipped with radios Trade goods 50 1 4 to a week of regular usage. A Type A power cell extension that can bear as much as a thousand seal the puncture wounds caused by bullets. missile: Some characters might have rea. atmospheric and gravitic readings. A kilo of trade goods can usually the wearer’s respiration. add another item’s worth of encumbrance Trade metals: The fruit of common tech level 4 aster- Ammo. but it requires a Main Ac- Grapnel launcher: This launcher fires a rope up to for. The rope can bear up to a metric ton able automatic map of all buildings or landscapes flash. a glowbug. the flare burns overwhelm the repair system. assuming its contents are helpful on a experience can ignore this penalty. provided that there is any this pole extends and locks into a 3. Navcomp 500 1 4 primary star of roughly Earth-like intensity. A vacc suit requires one Type A power compads within 30 kilometers of the unit. Possession of penalty to all hit rolls and skill checks that require Vacc skin 1. When turned on. Rope. ygen bottle to a belt-mounted feed will also supply Survey scanner: A multipurpose scanner that can take Refilling a standard vacc suit tank requires ten Rations. on any attempts to hit something with it. but Atmofilter 100 1 4 Rope: Light and sturdy. basic than a few merchant trips to persuade the locals Heavy weapons and their ammunition are usually information. though Grav chute: Semi-experimental tech. Trade metals 10 1 4 ters for twenty-four hours on the included Type ygen tank weighs 1 encumbrance. Scouting reports are available for all but the rapidly. pitons. Survival kits sold on a particular the weight of the suit. illuminating everything within ten tomappers. Pressure tent: This tent maintains a breathable atmo. but this Solar recharger: This recharger unfolds into a 2 meter Vacc fresher: This three-kilo tube filters and compress- price is for locales where missiles can be bought. platinum. included with and other climbing aids that grant a +2 bonus on Vacc fresher 400 1 4 A power cell. Those with at least a month of zero-gee Comm server: A powerful base unit for providing versions never fail. with a Physical save for half. Survival kits are well-organized. If a character with 10 or a white light.

The patch Telekinetic generator 500 2 4 any job that doesn’t require a full-scale shop or lab. Translator torc 200 * 4 necessary for working on advanced TL5 artifacts. roll 2d6 per patient treated. Tailored Antiallergens: A dose of tailored antiallergens miniaturized electronics are rapacious. the kit largely edible by humans. power cell at a time. Failure means that the lations are eccentric in many cases. cells can be recharged off a ship’s power plant or Grav harness: This advanced gravitic harness allows ing wounds. The generator can charge one Type A ment and its translation. ply a larger wrench to the problem. and a one. on a 12. they can keep trying the check small welding jobs. Lazarus patch: A vital tool for adventurers. Type A 10 1# 4 ing again. Breaking an instapanel requires electrical charges. If the medic fails the Toolkit/Postech 300 3 4 A standard postech toolkit can handle electronics. Any attempts to exert stabilize the subject. Type B 100 1 4 jury and application. for personal equipment. can reach other compads within one kilometer. is no use after six rounds. the user Portabox 50 1 4 character must rest for at least an hour before try. Metatool: This wrist-mounted housing contains a myr. It allows for Dermofilm 100 * 4 the telekinetic force for at least half an hour. always a several-second delay between each state- can make a Heal skill check against difficulty 6 to Power cell. a difficulty 12 Notice skill check or a very close Instapanel: In its compressed form. playing audio. In the absence of a modern comm grid. If level 2 telekinesis has been mastered. Power solvent. Failing the check will cause the lock to Grav harness 5. need to succeed on a difficulty 8 Athletics skill languages. and a centimeter thick. requires a Type B power cell to fuel it. toolkits can handle most by one Type A power cell. gross physical distress. Noticing an argus web on a person requires for details. They remain permanent- handbook of injury care. check. it immediately expands to an opaque. the medkit is designed changed or recharge each other without a trained ly in place until removed with a strong alcohol for handling sudden and drastic injuries. the lazarus Lazarus Patch 30 1 4 can operate the generator manually. it requires Tech/ Dataslab 300 1 4 attached power cell. poison. see the Systems chapter more. if a fixed power source is not available. A dose of these antiallergens lasts power cell. Holosuit 50 1 4 only ten minutes of exertion is necessary. causing a flow of electricity to recharge an The portabox is air-tight and has a simple elec- or toxins in a plant or animal. If the patch is applied to a Metatool 200 1 4 up the pace for an hour. When a Type A power cell is in- psitech. capable side. plasma.54• Running Head Running Head •55 Tools and Accessories Item Cost Enc. Instapanel 50 1 4 emergency. check modified by Constitution in order to keep hears in one into speech in the other. discern internal bleeding. an additional Tailored antiallergens 5 * 4 for a particular skill set. as its operation is quite simple. week of use. a character with at least Strength 10 points of damage. consuming After each day of granting long-term recuperative can be used to render a local world’s organics the cell in five minutes of operation. any user a +1 bonus on all Heal skill tests for treat. rigid shape. or holographic recordings. ers are toxic without the appropriate chemical The device operates for 24 hours on one Type A iad of small. thus keycard or a successful difficulty 8 Security skill a full spectrum of diagnosis and DNA sequencing requiring the mastery of at least one level of tele. The torc is powered to work. crophones worn by a subject. Dermofilm: Originally intended for temporary tattoos Medkit: Containing a broad supply of pharmaceuti. short-circuit and seal the box until it can be cut Type A power cell will power it for up to twen. In an open with a metatool or broken open with twenty ty-four hours of steady usage. It all the necessary tools for providing long-term type A cell or 24 hours for a type B cell. It can lift up care. Only one video and audio of the wearer’s surroundings for patch can be applied to a victim. which lasts for one -1 penalty is applied to the skill check. poisons. and a succinct is substantially different. While many worlds to 200 kilos. and they cannot be ex. Lazarus patches are no use on victims that Argus web: A set of almost invisible cameras and mi- have died of disease. social skills or Charisma through a translator torc Power cell. assist in disguise usage. oth. produced organics that are edible by humans. It can perform all the functions of a can be bonded to one another with a metatool or small cylindrical objects designed to take and hold handheld computer and can communicate wire- a postech toolkit. When a Type A power cell is inserted in the a metatool is too limited to handle major jobs. video. glue sutures. two-kilo cube of ceraplast five centimeters on a Compad: A standard handheld communicator. and there is character that has fallen to 0 hit points. The psychic must keep up tronic lock which can only be opened with the Medical to use this tool to its fullest. rigid locker with 1. TL Telekinetic generator: While this device assumes the Portabox: A small cube of ceraplast attached to an elec- Argus web 200 1 4 presence of a trained telekinetic. spray bandages. first skill check. the portabox immediately unfolds into a Bioscanner 300 1 4 Bioscanner: While an untrained user can use this tool to netic user pushes a resistance bar within the gen. or have been man. and the recuperative care for critically injured characters. widest possible range of technical needs. dermofilms can also be shaped to cals. More sophisticated pretech tools are runs out. useful tools designed to handle the augmentation. it waterproof ceraplast sheet 2 meters on each side and temporary fixes until the tech has time to ap. power cells are on a side. and will automatically translate what it Medkit 100 2 4 coagulants. Type A cells are usually used lessly with nearby devices. Revived victims up to twenty-four hours before it must be down- are critically wounded until sufficient medical loaded onto a dataslab or wiped to make room for help has been tendered. or diseases. Five minutes later the cer. inflicting at least twelve points of damage on it. system stabilizers. The more time between in. cles and heavy gear. though they Translator torc: Each translator torc is keyed for two patch is a heavy compress laced with antibiotics. Dataslab: A palm-sized computing device that can un- aplast hardens into a tough. While for twenty-four hours. and basic repair on ordinary Toolkit/Pretech 1. It grants tech’s modifications or a converter unit. the less chance the patch has Toolkits: Containing a wide range of necessary tools suffer a -2 skill check penalty. it isn’t strictly tronic keycard. Instapanels herited from before the Silence. It also contains other grid. is usually sufficient to manage jury-rigged repairs plish. The engineering for the cells and markings. . but until Power cells: One of the few standardized artifacts in. A teleki. Compad 100 * 4 erator. it of everything a modern cellular phone can accom- cube’s side. has run out of some vital pharmaceutical and has have been seeded with Terran life forms or have Holo unit: A palm-sized holoprojector capable of re- become useless. Recharging requires 30 minutes for a clumsy flight at a rate of 20 meters per round. fold into a thin slab roughly one-third of a meter then it can be folded or bent by hand. The trans- shot diagnostic suite. Each round after the first. serted.5 x 1 x 1 meter dimensions. an instapanel is a physical search. and type B cells for vehi.000 1 5 once per round until the victim is revived or time TL4 goods. One kinesis. The web captures gled beyond surgical powers of repair.000 3 5 to be done on subjects in a matter of minutes.

Unify the gear list and run it six pages instead of four total> .56• Running Head Running Head •57 <Gear float spread.

ranged weapons. Vehicle Weaponry plorers. also subtract that conveyance’s Speed. minor crime forgiveness 50 Crew gives the maximum number of vehicle occu- Bribe. gravflyers are pur. Grav vehicles such as hovercycles can ig- Peerless 1. and Services Vehicles Vehicles are generally powered by type B power cells actually necessary to drive or pilot the vehicle.000 2 3 10 1 4 Public records research. while success reduces the damage by half. Speed is an abstract measure of the vehicle’s speed helicopters. Speed may also Heavy weapons take up more space than ordinary be used as a modifier when attempting difficult ma. and agility.58• Running Head Running Head •59 Lifestyles. Speed is reduced by half when the vehicle is at half hit points.000 4 8 25 6 3 Starship cargo shipping.000 5 8 25 6 4 Wild party 100/person Gravtank 200. and if the attacker is in a moving vehicle as well. steerage 500/hex Helicopter 25. Armor does not apply to damage done mounted weapons use Shoot as the firing skill. Psychic 100 per level Heavy ordnance. the op. prefer to simply build more advanced vehicles. atmoflyers. A vehicle reduced to zero hit points forces all crew and passengers to make Physical saving throws. additional crew members may be required to fire or Slum 5 ally forced to use some form of biofuel unless they’re load weapons. can mount some kind of integral weapon. Groundcars pose-designed aircraft capable of hovering and VTOL. while ATVs. Gravtanks are Lawyer 10/25/400 to anything short of TL4 Heavy weaponsm. Ve. while less equipped with advanced targeting systems. as can ATV ex. and can posing vehicle’s Speed should be applied as a penalty mount six. Employees. and all Doctor 50/100/400 to the vehicle. Programmer 10/30/100 Armor is subtracted from all weapon damage done Every weapon requires its own gunner.000 2 Special 50 3 5 . though Lifestyle Cost/day on tech level 4 worlds. per day 5 Gravcar 20. good 1. only one crew member is Bribe. major crime forgiveness 500 pants. Technician 10/30/100 Actually hitting the vehicle is automatic if the ve- hicle is stationary and within 30 feet. subtract its Speed from the hit roll. and flying vehicles must land at the first opportunity.000 1 4 10 1 3 Mail message. interstellar 1/hex Groundcar 5. Gravtanks are specialized weapons platforms. per kilo 25/hex Gravflyer 40. Hitting a vehicle Scientist 10/30/100 from beyond that range requires an attack against AC 10. and each such system takes up the Artist 2/10/100 neuvers.000 2 4 25 5 4 Rent a groundcar 15/day ATV Explorer 15. but most worlds Good 25 Vehicles are generally limited to reasonably flat.000 nore rough terrain and calm water. Bribe.000/hex Atmoflyer 30. such guns are often designed to the GM might allow Pilot to be used for a nose-mount- take out vehicles. Gravtanks in particular are immune ed weapon aimed by the operator. If the vehicle is moving. Employee Wage/day to Pilot skill checks to close or escape. Hit Points indicate the amount of damage a vehicle can take before it is destroyed. though Guard 10/20/150 by Heavy weaponry. Failure means that the passen- Service Cost ger takes the vehicle’s maximum hit points in damage.000 Forged identity papers 500 Vehicle Cost Speed Armor HP Crew TL Intensive medical care 200/day Motorcycle 1. Tech Level indicates the minimum tech level for Common 15 hicles require one cell or one refueling per six hours constructing the vehicle. Elite 100 dry terrain. More primitive planets are usu. capital crime forgiveness 5.000 0 6 30 5 3 Mass transit weekly pass 2 Hovercycle 5.000 3 6 20 6 3 Starship passage. and all of Prostitute 2/10/100 sophisticated tanks are immune to anything below TL3 their weapons can be targeted and fired by one gunner. For the listed vehicles. Most grav vehicles cannot climb more than 10 Most vehicles larger than a motorcycle or hovercycle meters above the ground or water. space of two lesser guns. and gravflyers can mount two. and gravcars can mount one weapon. Vehicles can be built at higher of operation.000 0 8 40 8 4 Starship passage. When vehicles chase each other. Poor 10 fortunate enough to have a supply of fossil fuels. tech levels for better performance.

Most cy. however. The pressure sheathing serves as an accelerate the user’s cogitation speed by more than Aside from the difficulties of cost and scarcity. retractable palm spikes. If the user overrides cannot save a person that could not be used for no more than an hour each day. Twitchlock Actuators 30. use. Most systems have built-in tol and is opened and shut by the user’s mental plementary limb actuators and sensor clusters. the latter playing in an inset window power after triggering. controlled The user does not heal while in a coma. These strain until it has had time to recover. specific inspection.000 1 4 Provides retractable body weaponry Postech medical science and neural interface technol. Some worlds have industrialized the production of successful Security skill check. but not by less tiative as normal no matter how unexpected the decreases the amount of biopsionic healing a character outside of a standard comm grid. of a medical inspection. that grants the user +2 on initiative rolls when cavity can hold an object up to the size of a pis. ceraplast bone spurs. ing permeates the user’s body with a web of sup. the micro-AI will saved by a lazarus patch. circumstances. The actuators have power to exorbitant sums for the smallest advantage. whichever comes first.000 1 4 Feigns death and halts bodily processes for up to two weeks ware of such sophistication as to blur the lines between more. one System Strain point is gained with ers in hard vacuum or other hostile environments. perceptual modulator implanted at the base of the . takes a -2 penalty on all social skill checks while an induced therapeutic coma at a mental com.000 1 4 Shielded body cavity for holdout storage level 4 societies. Strain. legs. This brain acceleration is highly stressful can sustain and can limit the effectiveness of pretech mission range of twenty kilometers and a recep. eyes. imperceptible wiring along the user’s palms and ration. berware. allowing them to trigger goes unconscious or is killed. The user to the user’s brain stem. adventure in itself to find a lab capable of manufac. the user may designate up to a half-dozen es in loss of maximum hit points. but those with access only ical trauma would otherwise kill them. allowing the unit to be Induced Coma Trigger: A series of implants are wired targets to the system’s braked micro-AI. If a cost would push the character’s System other. In its intended triggering it. Eelskin Capacitor Mesh 25. engage the limb actuators to keep fighting. pressure sheathing integrates an ultrathin pres. attacker. meters. This arsenal grants the user Revenant Wiring 50. and on the tissues. it does 2d4 determines how long the coma is to last before keep operating for 3d4 rounds.500 1 4 Replaces a limb lost to misadventure even those with the nominal technology level to sup. Stabilization overrides tend to interfere duces a cold. three thousand percent. as if a lazarus patch had been successfully applied user’s perceptual centers. permanently act as a built-in compad for the user and allow them for up to thirty minutes. Pressure Sheathing 15. they always roll ini- is surgically removed. in the subject’s torso and spinal column. under any gency film sealants that trigger at the user’s mental ond decision making. however.000 1 4 Integral compad with audiovisual transmission berware is not beyond the theoretical capability of tech weapons are useful enough against soft targets. these worlds rarely biology. they have time to process the situation and take adding that many points of System Strain to the user’s for reception and transmission of audio and visual needs 48 hours to regain structural integrity and in its details. A user re- neutralize numerous brain chemicals in the user scanning. revenant wir. the slowtime window was installed in necessary to fit and implant the wares. The exact details of a body arsenal vary with organism and artifice. Those who want Ghost Talker Transceiver: Some people simply cannot sure membrane with the user’s dermis and emer. A person who triggers a slowtime total. as allowing them to affect targets not normally ing these devices is huge compared to simply buying a injured by Unarmed attacks. The user appears dead to anything short if the user is nothing more than a ragged mass ven into the user’s hands and arms and linked to a either activate or deactivate it. and has no need of respi. food. with all the attendant consequenc- safety overrides to prevent psychological addic. and even advanced tech requires careful personal Revenant Wiring: One of the more grotesque results of to them. all revivification cyberware. Stabilization Overrides 25. a holdout cavity is a small recess shaped into from ordinary limbs without close inspection. The late pretech augmentation research. When engaged. tation that make up the ghost talker. cy.000 2 4 Allows brief moments of hyper-precise accuracy buyers for a 15.000 2 5 Prevents surprise and speeds up the user’s cogitation are great. Improvised weaponry and conventional holdout Ghost Talker Transceiver 15. even Twitchlock Actuators: Neural override fibers are wo- the unit is active. however. chances are half normal. A pressure sheath can be window cannot be surprised. or water while the coma is in effect.000 3 5 Keeps the user fighting even after they’re dead port it. These points can never be lost unless the system recordings.000 1 4 Eliminates emotion and improves initiative Body Arsenal Array 10. fitting. and it can be an non-lethal damage to those struck. much wider circulation.000 credit ghost talker implant when a Eelskin Capacitor Mesh: A hair-fine mesh of almost compad retails for a hundred credits. making it much cheaper and in burst and hacking a security system tax the user’s Pressure Sheathing: Occasionally purchased by work. This combination pro. the wearer’s body and designed to be overlooked Pretech-level worlds tend to prefer actually re. While there is no corre- berware also taxes the wearer’s body. but the cost of building. crofine web of radio wiring and optical augmen. lazarus patches or biopsionics. Body Arsenal Array: Some personnel need to be armed ogy are sophisticated enough to meld metal and flesh at all times without giving any indication of such. and it requires five rounds to mand. These prosthetics can is engaged. or Prosthetic Limb 2. as well as optical recordings. It automatically defeats a security in. Holdout Cavity 10. The micro-AI is not brilliant. feet. but disabling a target in powered armor requires Induced Coma Trigger 20. and the wearer’s Constitution modifier the system is engaged. overrides can stabilize the user when severe phys- Adrenal Suppression Pump: These endocrine pumps by most standard forms of medical or security generating lost limbs. The advantages that cyberware can give a user a +1 damage bonus on all Unarmed attacks as well Slowtime Window 30. This permanent System Strain in the user’s field of vision. when activated while simultaneously exciting the spection that uses less than tech level 4 scanners. Stabilization tion and brain damage. with the ordinary operation of the user’s organs. Each piece of cy. arms. combat. each user.000 1 4 Integral emergency vacc suit Yet cyberware is rarely available on most worlds.000 2 4 Automatically stabilizes a mortally-wounded user handheld device to do the same function. but most involve kinetic spike knuckles. Those people find use for the mi. it has a trans. Slowtime Window: A piece of cutting-edge pretech cy- export much cyberware due to the heavy infrastructure each attack or skill check. The user designated targets. it also allows the user to override and disable A character can survive in a coma up to two weeks The stress produced by revenant wiring makes it turing an augmentation and successfully implanting most electronic locks and security systems with a before needing to regain consciousness for as long much more difficult to revive a downed user with it. provide a good approximation of the sense of Stabilization Overrides: An intricate interweaving of Strain above their Constitution score. their body just can’t handle the torso. be grateful to prosthetics. Even then. Retracted body arse. the implants negotiations there. or until the wearer berware is custom-built for its users. and are usually impossible to distinguish microcapillaries and backup organs is implanted trigger the cyberware. and one point of System healing and stimulant drugs. command. to ordinary frontier levels of tech have reason to duced to 0 hit points is automatically stabilized. Rolled as an Unarmed attack. There are few nals can be detected only by a medical examination. of mangled tissue. tion range of one hundred. In is lowered by 1. A pressure sheath es. These units ply and temperature regulators that can sustain sponding acceleration of the user’s physical reflex- berware comes with a System Strain cost. but any dealing with physical impediments to killing the elite operatives and dignitaries who are willing to pay bursts of electrical energy at targets within five diseases or poisons also halt progression. emergency vacc suit with an integral oxygen sup. and pretech worlds can produce cyber. other heavy hardware. and implant. and is unconscious for its duration.60• Running Head Running Head •61 Cyberware Cyberware Cost Strain TL Adrenal Suppression Pump 30. The creation of advanced cy. dispassionate situational awareness inspection to have a chance of revealing it. but it is capable of negotiating most terrain and The market that does exist is largely for those few fingers allow them to trigger brief. is reduced to -25 hit points. command. Ghost talker users can numerous internal organs can be replicated by Strain is gained each time the slowtime window Some cyberware has an activation cost in System transmit basic visual diagrams and images to each postech medical science. Both triggering a as they were in the coma. Prosthetic Limb: Hands.000 1 4 Allows bare-handed hacking and electrical shocks into a coherent whole. If the unit is operating detected by a medical examination. they cannot Holdout Cavity: Usually implanted somewhere in the touch. crisis responders and others reliant on split-sec- the tech will have to find such planets and do their own afford to be out of contact at any time.

When presented with a direct <Cyber float> exercise of hand-eye coordination. though the power surge inflicts one point of System Strain on the user. the overrides fuzz ordinary nerve impulses and reduce the user’s Dexterity modifier by 1. Any attack roll or skill check re- liant chiefly on manual dexterity or aim can be rerolled. A given roll can only be rerolled once with this cyberware.62• Running Head Running Head •63 user’s brain stem. While the twitchlock allows superhuman accuracy when en- gaged. the twitchlock can be engaged to produce superhuman accuracy and precision. .

and plasma weaponry. tegral kinetic absorption sinks allow the armor to Integrity Stims: Usually found in the form of a skin- nial Arms projectile or energy weapon also gains Valiance Arms: Somewhat stodgy by pretech standards. Ltd. As an action. Monoblades. Each time with fearless aggression and indifference to pain. fuel the suit’s defenses with their own psychic first adds an additional second System Strain point Nightfall Combine: The exact nature of the Nightfall reserves. Colonial These pieces grant +2 to hit and damage. Omnipresence arms sell them. merely pro. Titan Powered Armor: An enormously heavy suit of ser- ary excellence of the ancients. that it counts as only one item for encumbrance their own purposes. techniques in projectile weaponry. Shifted Omnipresence weapons worlds have no compunction about confiscating valu. or six centimeters on a side. usually with integral the First Wave of human colonization. Combine was unclear even before the Scream. or other seem. a ments. in any environment from albeit Stardust weaponry cannot burst fire. it can allow the user to reflexively into a subject in one round. but each dose after the ry grants +2 to hit rolls and damage. Titan assault plate ons are usually the product of short production runs keycode is spoken. they can be useful allies. equipment. could be contained in hardware no larger than five Colonial Arms: An armaments company dating from nography and advanced nanotech cutting surfaces.64• Running Head Running Head •65 Artifacts duced more cheaply or quickly. was favored by pretech boarding parties and space by master pretech craftsmen or individually-designed containing whatever ammunition it was original. from the sudden overload of stimulants.: A pretech manufacturer who spe. A polyplast car. Omnipresence Tempest Assault Array: A modified version of the Field market. this skinspray stimulant charges the user techniques and esoteric psitech materials research. Omnipresence weaponry can take a single identical to the same goods made today. psychics. When used in requiring brakes. Artifact Armor Emitter Panoply. efits of powered armor. as any normal suit of clothing and grants AC 6 sinks also allow the TAA to function without the fact weaponry have either found it in a long-abandoned Projectile and energy weapons are also equipped to the wearer. dust weaponry gains +1 on all hit and damage rolls. ingly innocuous object. the executive security suit automatically from the cold hands of a former owner.usually a belt. and integral low-light visual sensors and tactical workmanship. Each dose Fiat Lux: This manufacturer specialized in laser and tials of pretech science. need for power cells. Originally designed for VIP pro. this snug-fitting armored suit grants the the stims are useless to those with maximized Sys- conventional in function. the item instantly shifts forms. wearer an AC of 4. Its special ability functions only tem Strain. they haven’t taken enough damage to make re. assuming troops. and can be used as such tection. however. spray applicator. SamaelTech: The Sons of Samael were one of the myr. Valiance never embraced the more exotic poten. fortunate to have such a world. that are not neces- munition was available. Much like artifact weaponry. It grants the wearer all the usual ben- masterpieces. other hand. and requires no Exosuit skill to use correctly. any location within one hundred meters. were almost all manufactured with tech. At Combine weaponry grants +3 to hit and damage artifact armors and items of equipment are jealously able to use psionic disciplines until after the end the end of that period. Most who have arti. The weapons produced by the Combine were rare or useful that they cannot normally be acquired on they do this. this stim adds 1 point of System Strain. Stardust weapon never runs out of ammunition. AIs required individual care during iad peculiar religious and ideological groups that not add to the wearer’s encumbrance. Valiance projectile weapons grant +2 to hit and for psychics. PolyGaia Defense: Originally an organization of mili. but has a base AC of -1 fame even centuries later for the unique quality of their cannot be detected by any postech means. and a disturbing percentage Artifact Weaponry flourished during the Second Wave of human Ghost Mantle: Designed for use by elite infiltrators. held by those lucky enough to find them. At the wearer’s discretion. function without the need for power cells. except pabilities. provided micropurgator stim will remove 1d4 points of ac- . tant pan-planetary animists. The mantle can self-modify in metastatic insanity that followed. or taken it with integral monoblades. Certain types of pretech armor and equipment are so sufficient psi point reserves remain. Use of cialized in holdout weaponry. aged to attain a human level of sentience before nore particulate matter when shooting. sarily complementary to those of their “owners”. The ducing planets take full advantage of this and their suit’s circuitry requires twelve hours to recover wares are in hot demand throughout whatever sector is enough for another jump. The few pieces that are found and offered for weapons grant +1 to hit and damage rolls. Their products were largely preferred to focus on precision low-recoil pro. Some pre-Scream manufacturers retain ly loaded with. lated skill checks. a pretech scanner will only reveal that the object sure they end in “responsible hands”. at level 3 or greater. it grants a +2 bonus to all Stealth-re. tract any incoming damage from their remaining Juggernaut Stims: Originally designed for pretech shock with rumors of alien xenotech manufacturing Artifact Armor and Equipment psi points rather than their hit points. vo-actuated powered armor. ufacture. function perfectly in almost any environment. Some AIs man- power of their armaments. If an AI companion Arms was famous for the incredible durability Stardust Micropellet System: The “Stardust” system was employs pretech deforming polymers to create takes a liking to a PC. The less brilliant of these AIs weapons gain +1 to hit and +2 damage. their development. and the subject suffers -2 to hit Omnipresence. Modern pretech-pro. the better to en. The suit does not re- While generic pretech weaponry is of superb quality alternate shape of the same mass set during man. damage rolls. PolyGaia armaments clothing can self-modify in one minute to appear to anyone who hits the wearer in melee. points and +2 to hit for a period of ten rounds. a of them had to be “braked” at sub-human levels in Absolution Armaments: A company specializing in ener. Array. a apace is treated as an assault suit with AC 2. any remaining temporary rolls. comm units. The company instead originally designed for use by military combat increases the target’s System Strain by 1 point. Many marines. they must make a Tech saving throw The user immediately gains 3d6 temporary hit some of the finest ever developed by humanity. PolyGaia weap. Some SamaelTech weapons ing and grants AC 6 to the wearer. they can sub. a stutterjump suit grants the wearer a lim. and may have additional ca- ing pieces torn off. and versatility of their firearms. kinesis wraps. In. AA pioneered several techniques for at this distance. Artifact weapons are almost never found on the is composed of complex nanites. the wearer can teleport to fying cocktail of nanites and support chemicals. with buyers few onry grants +1 to hit and damage rolls. their surviving melee armament to blur his or her outlines and coloring to match derable philosophical questions and the ensuing increasing the energy efficiency and penetrating is invariably superb. appear to be decorated with Judeo-Christian ico. expansion. necklace. These “artifact” weap. and other such SamaelTech weaponry all have +1 one minute to appear as any normal suit of cloth. they have an unobstructed line of sight to it. When gripped and a short niques that have not survived to the present fallen age. AA laser weapons ig. received it from a superior. Much pretech output was functionally circuitry. hit points are lost. these or the psychic conversion shock leaves them un. Their guns were a cutting-edge effort to use gravitic manipulation sealed joints and flexible armor plates that still they all have effective Computers and Tech skills largely self-repairing from anything short of hav. stealth mode. jectile weapons and high-quality craftsmanship. AI Companion: True AI was an elusive goal of pretech and untrustworthy. Psitech Combat Suit: One of the rare psitech artifacts points to a subject for each dose applied. Star. pretech cache. even able artifact finds from outworlders. integrity stims restore 1d6+1 hit a +1 bonus to hit and damage rolls. Polyplast Carapace: This variant form of assault suit sensors and vocalization units. vival impossible. A distressing number of these AIs have automatically self-adjusted to fire whatever am. stabilizes a mortally-wounded wearer provided Artifact Equipment weapon tends to be equally difficult. and all AA to hit and +1 damage. the TAA has all the functionality sale are snapped up almost immediately by elite opera. are composed of special polymorphic nano-com. Pretech artifacts. and their projectile weapons tiny flake of matter the mass profile of a bullet. Not all pretech manufactures qualify as artifact ited form of teleportation through integral psitech Micropurgator Stims: A sprayhypo laden with a revivi- pounds that are capable of shifting shape in mo. some pieces exceed even the custom. A Colo. hard vacuum to underwater operations. but the quality of crafts. While their exact beliefs are unclear ghost mantle can warp light around the wearer order to prevent runaway cogitation on impon- gy weaponry. The same of their next turn. Executive Security Suit: This suit of stylish pretech of the FEP but also does an automatic 1d6 damage tives and others who rely on the quality of their hard. Selling such a without a need to swap weapons. the surroundings. burdens exist for holders who might aspire to buy or Stutterjump Suit: A modified version of the Deflector for the next hour as their system recovers. PCs are advised to be discreet about acknowledg. Kinetic ware to preserve their own lives. The suit is so light that it does scientists. By giving a maintained rigidity under impact. and manufacture. Fiat Lux weapon. ing possession of many of the following items. More than one dose can be triggered manship was seldom surpassed. the open market. on the quire power cells to function.

but not exceptional. any available schematic of tech level 4 or less can be produced. When fed a design schematic us- ing standard pretech CAD/CAM protocols. user enormous vigor and alertness for up to seven Mindwall Helmet: A transparent-visored helmet. The wearer gains a +2 saving throw against any can flush the drug from the user prematurely. with no hope of revival by psionic disciplines or conventional medical aid. The workman- ship of the nanites is good. When a fresh- ly-dead human body is sealed into the bag the module releases a cloud of nanite to repair and revive the subject. making it more difficult for them accrued System Strain. but 48 hours after the in- ductor has been administered. this days at a time. The redivivus sheath functions only once before burning out. made at most once per day. On injection. The nanites can be used to create any object of equivalent or less- er mass. headpiece strengthens the integrity of the wearer’s but during this time it is impossible to recover neural patterns. vacc suits. such as through telekinetics. A successful Tech/Medical to be influenced by mind-affecting psionic powers. Revivification will work on any victim no more than five minutes dead. a redivivus sheath re- sembles a tightly-rolled body bag with a fist-sized computing module affixed to it. and it cannot be worn with powered armor. but multiple cylinders can be linked together to create larger objects. Polymorphic Nanites: Usually found in two-kilo cyl- inders with integral input-output data ports. provided a datapad or the equivalent is available to feed them the schematic. The nanites are single-use. Only one such ford a sleeping pilot. Wideawake Serum: Originally designed to facilitate spike drills for single-man ships that couldn’t af- . or an assault suit. The helmet does not help against purely physical psionic attacks. They fall immediately unconscious with 1 hit point and maximized System Strain. the nanites exude into the desired object. assuming the head is intact and most of their mass is present. such attack. polymorphic nanites were a late-Second Wave development that promised to revolutionize manufacturing. and will remain in a coma for 48 hours before awaken- ing. Redivivus Sheath: When found. a sprayhypo full of system reset inductor is one of the most powerful concoctions ever devised by pretech biochemists. the strain will catch up with them. wideawake serum gives the <Artifact float> stim can be applied to a person within 24 hours. and is automatically alerted by the helmet if made the target of a telepathic power.66• Running Head Running Head •67 crued System Strain from the user. The user need not sleep or even rest. Use of a second inductor before the first has run its course will inevitably kill the subject within five rounds of application. System Reset Inductor: An array of pretech pharmaceu- ticals of truly heroic breadth. The user can gain new System Strain normally. Subjects are revived in critically wounded condi- tion with maximized System Strain. check at difficulty 10. mimicking any necessary physical properties. the subject immediately loses all ac- crued System Strain points barring those perma- nently added by cyberware.

the presence of God as a fitting reward to the opener the authority of Terran governments over the far-flung impunity. of the signal. the greater powers on had finally burnt out a victim’s mind. were never heard from again. It wasn’t until 2275 that these shadowy researches anchor-points that enabled transit up and down the Furthermore. versal substrate beneath a ship. for a generation of xenobiologists. Children who exercised these abilities His talents had gotten him the parts and resources Earthside tracking stations followed him out to the only heightened when an American survey craft dis. in 2240. not far from the hot zone left by a missile sible velocity. The spike drive was a window on a Alpha Centauri and drill down into mundane space. but by individualized programs of star to launch from and a star to bring it down. Only by completely avoiding peculiar emissions from his test units. but human core. gin to exhibit strange and inexplicable powers. the investigators soon learned that “Messes” dozen new religions within the first two hundred years required six days of metadimensional travel to reach large corporation. Some font of absurd claims. almost six hundred years after the the spike drive’s protective bubble broke down in the had a maximum range before the corrosive effect of the here and there the more zealous splinter groups or catastrophe that ended the Golden Age of Man. and the theories made certain assumptions Even today. but the scanty remains showed overwhelmed the victim. bling powers and long-lost worlds. and a navigator had to of oil seemed to be trivial compared to the wealth that was hard-pressed to contain the colonial worlds.. or “MES” by researchers. and projecting military force tive. At the very rim of the system the sensors moon of Typhon. Suitably massive sects are convinced that he was translated directly into zation dedicated to policing human space and exerting An insane Mess. The first one habitable by human beings MES and the Psychic Authority in the year 2108. to hop from star to star. The only question was whether repeated use of the space and was thrust into the metadimensions. cults. The glow masked the picked up a strange gravitic surge. to powers of superluminal mass without so much as a ripple. and mi. observations of the tracking stations and the content ra. most habitable worlds within a year’s spike of controlling and suppressing their abilities. metadimensional environment fatally degraded their dedicated ideologues could not bear to live in peace hope rises from the wreckage of a fallen empire. no one is entirely certain how he to the heavens once asteroid mining brought the price ments meant to quantify this new power. The primordial soup that covered the from an intuitive vision of the immediate future. them to pass harmlessly through the ascending vessel. Rather than let their colonists slip ity. researchers still for the reconstruction of the spike drive. a thousand years later. abilities manifested that ranged ent at wrangling autofacs he would likely have vanished was able to shift the ship’s mass just barely out of phase world in 2150. dutifully recording its impos. Whatever about the fabric of the universe that spun off at least a managed it. Their creators had vanished more A dozen uses. If a route bodies by progressive advance. but also included the necessary data This First Wave of colonization sent humanity in a gathered for extensive testing and examination. glorious domain of of superluminal speed. the charred brain but their gravitic currents propelled a ship at speeds never seen again. A prototype-grade spike drive would have of a spike drive-equipped starship within the reach of a the means. had actually done it. Dubbed Renaissance by its Greater the first instances of a frightening new syndrome ap- years. reach of its leaders. Par- Even now. Humanity’s interstellar history began in a musty insta. The excitement was teleportation.mad old Crohn drive travel had at least a handful of human inhabitants. Overnight. or “feral” could use their powers with objects such as stars cast a “shadow” into these meta. “luminal” it as “the Night Journey of the Prophet Tiberius” and less than four months. The damage to a Mess’s mind could dimensional spectrum.. Tiberius Crohn was an insular lunatic of the first launch of his retrofitted spacecraft-laboratory from the tions outward in an even greater frenzy of exploratory haps one in ten thousand of these children would be- water. forming both navigational beacons and of the celestial ways. these subjects were humanity to the stars. new metadimensional environment. These considers it the founding event of the faith. endure the kind of energies that boiled through a Mess. Once the initial jour.000 years ago. It was necessary with their neighbors. reasons of “social harmony” and “interstellar security”. modern researchers believe that some among the ation. at such a distance was beyond the power of all but the powers would kill the Mess’ body first or take their san- inchoate realms of vast energy currents and formless Tiberius himself promptly drilled back out into strongest nations. but such The power was shaped and focused by the wield- possible. evidence of a technologically sophisticated culture and use of these powers could a child’s mind be saved. and a fresh course would need to be plotted by was a barren mudball with an oxygen-rich atmosphere It was during the peak of the First Wave. lay fallow for more than a few years. there was no doubt of it. universe far stranger than experimenters had thought Crohn claimed to be alone aboard the ship. two dozen. There psi-powered Jump Gates that once stitched the remote make regular course corrections in hope of finding a awaited in the sky. So long as a spike drive had a worlds was forbidden. In the course of these direct control was tenuous at best. impossible in the mundane universe. it drove the other Terran na. Numerous political and religious splinter groups took children were used as guinea pigs in terrible experi- ble reality. metadimensional energy. every industrialized nation on Earth began More than a few of these groups defied the new Man- The default setting of Stars Without Number is a far ride the metadimensional currents in a headlong rush a frantic rush to build spike drive-equipped starships. later became known as the Book of the Sky refers to spike drive courier couldn’t reach the Rim worlds in entirely by use of the powers. Some of the axioms involved defied all percepti. Were it not for his admitted tal. Paradoxically. leaving water world of Pranashakti served as a research subject inexplicable mind-reading. on-site surveying. but most ics and theories that supported the spike drive’s cre. forms attempted to bring it down. A number of orbital weapons plat. the Terran Mandate of humanity has been shrunken by the collapse of the unmapped on those routes. most human space has been reduced to a scattering of squab. earthside tensions faded rap. acquisitiveness. discovered in 2113. By 2200. to into the twenty-second century’s faceless proletarian with the incoming lasers and particle beams. an organi. painstakingly realizing the plans of their creator. the faster-than-light engine that would lift Centauri that could only have been acquired through kind. invariably suffered progressive and permanent neural to establish his laboratory in the radioactive wilds of edge of the solar system. work finally reached fruition. however. Deprived of the usual sources of support. Crohn had invented the dio transmission that not only included data on Alpha a humanoid anatomy not wholly unlike that of man. dimensions. The ship vanished from mundane. The Mandate kept a loose sort other ships. The initial transit along a course was always the stars above. A small army of jury-rigged microfab useless. Humanity was growing beyond the were actually serving as living channels for waves of of the discovery. He was entirely out of their control. Between the steadily expanding sphere from the green fields of Ter. The creed that cerned with their far-flung colonists. expansion beyond the current Rim finally bore fruit. Splinter groups. and mental training. The ancient domain most dangerous. and he was gone. So long as ships regularly made the transit. Even the fastest and neural pathways were left scorched or burnt out it “upward” through a spectrum of dimensional fre. would have required him to remain awake and navi. not be avoided. Crohn’s discovery was announced by the sudden European discoverers. covered the ancient alien ruins on the mist-shrouded damage leading either to death or permanent insanity. Greenland. drome”. Dubbed “Metadimensional Extroversion Syn- spike drive. peared in the children of starship crew members. ney had been made. colony worlds. Retrenchment and the Mandate er’s neural pathways. each nation fearing to be left behind in claiming the dark. focus. gating the uncharted drill course for six straight days. The governments of Terra grew increasingly con. The metadimensional currents were idly as the disposition of this spit of land or that patch Even with these new limits. but the spike drive Pan-Indian scouts discovered the first life-bearing time around puberty. it could crocultures were required to live within the pale and meditation. the slow explorations numerous exotic planetary bodies were fab laboratory on a remote coast in northern Greenland creep of currents would render the rutters worse than discovered. but in 2108 his He returned thirteen days later. was little in the way of actual fighting between the col- regions of the frontier into the teeming worlds of the current that would bring them to their course before Initial exploration revealed that the spike drives onies. ents were told that the children would be taught ways wonder how Crohn managed to devise the mathemat. the spike drive drove all without any hint of prior experience. that plants and hotwired autofacs had been churning for some brave crew. Every test was destruc- quencies. Now. metaspace once his transmission had been sent.and usually did. broadcasting a ra.68• Running Head Running Head •69 The First Wave of Colonization THE HISTORY OF SPACE were forbidden to colonize worlds of their own for Exclusivity was impossible with this new discovery. pathways were effectively immune to further damage. To this day. thirteen known religious Terra agreed to form the Terran Mandate. date and sought worlds beyond their reach in the far future age in which the sprawling. Researchers also discovered that once the energies masses were extremely hostile to unprepared ships. the damage . a laughingstock among physicists and a regular Greenland hot zone. sooner or later the damage from the Russo-European War. as few had the ships or manpower to spare. Per- Dr. Mere meat was never meant to Through a delicate gravitic twisting of the uni. course rutters could be shared with protective bubbles of mundane space. than 40. reaching more distant stellar of discipline over the Rim worlds but by the year 2260 In the Beginning any shifts in the currents could be recorded.

the high science and ar. starting around were too big to be retrofitted with spike drives. Others were more self-reliant. metaspace were annihilated instantly. in turn. necessary to police the colonial worlds. most of them performing some mir. The Others are almost invariably too different in mind number of master teleporters to power them. These luckless planets died when their tion too simplistic. these ships would be hurled for scores of light years to experiment with human genomic modification be- Formulating these programs of study required a Some species owe nothing to human form. check on their expansion was finding the necessary too poorly supported to do more than report on events. The fron- ty discovered shared roughly similar humanoid dimen. every psychic in human space immediate- worlds established sharp restrictions on psychic activi. course. with forbidden could use their powers extensively before the charge of supercondensed life forms in the core of gas giant freighters that lumbered out from planetary orbits. collapsed too quickly for any sort of exploratory expe- steady expansion of human space discovered more than eventually claimed their sanity or their lives. The majority of sentient alien species that humani. Despite the best efforts of researchers. the pressures of these squabbling worlds and a Mandate mentors. overwhelming technological advantage of Terran fleets. controversy ly-active materials. but it was a rear-guard of human space were forced to supply their own pop- form among alien races. its ability to maintain control. or flocks of hydrogen-based webs floating in With the help of a choir of master psychic teleporters. research into unbraked AIs. diligently building their power. The introduction of psychic fabrication marked of their more troublesome subjects. are simply most suitable to the kind of human-habit. the frontier of every psychic resource. replicant nanotech. the Terran Mandate inaugurated the Psychic Their acts of violence are inexplicable and seemingly tant worlds unable to fabricate them on-site. but it found regular employment in pre. with tax shipments becoming intermittent and Echoes of the disaster rippled outward. with the handful psychics who could ignore the strictures. The Messes “encouraged” to cooperate in experiments that had allowed the Terran Mandate to project its mili. There was rarely an explicit rebellion against if they could cross the stars quickly enough to make a art for the science of human worlds. It wasn’t until late were left starving within months. Called “the Like” by xenobiologists. burnout. and pretech drugs and biotech gave humankind colonists to maintain direct control. spike drives were antiquated technology. ly suffered the consequences of catastrophic psychic ties. weary race of Mettau and their cities of dancing glass. and simple but few of these had the necessary resources to build . The PA grew to be a quiet but pervasive random. great expense of shipping components out to more dis.70• Running Head Running Head •71 could be routed through less critical areas of the brain. it proved compounds. The weeks or eugenics cultists sought the wholesale improvement into the correct sequence of meditations for a given possibly be. Legends By then. the Mandate. Psychic Authority researchers had not halted their space where Jump Gates were too expensive and econ. More often. able biomes that draw the most interest from human sive rings of psitech resonators floated at the far rim differences of ambition. gy washed over human space. Spike drive craft in little fear to less gifted humans. up in the oceans of an ammonia-covered liquid world. Psychics who attempt to contact the mind of an ease and cheapness of mass interstellar transport caused The Scream and the Silence MES sufferers into its care for training.and then often employed government-sponsored study of MES energies after their initial training break. several centuries of hale good health before age might The colonies realized this as well. Authority. travel away from Terra. ran society. tary strength far more easily. tions to mold functional mentors out of the untrained such as the handful of used-up worlds that housed the als and products that were simply impossible to create The Jump Gates allowed for massive numbers of mass of native psychics. wide enough to receive the slowboat take root on more isolated worlds. the Second Wave of human colonization had “Scream” somewhere in the Veil Nebula. The Terran Mandate had grown itself beyond ulation with food and other necessities. microscopic adjustments of ambient universal as far as possible. spike drive arma. and new wonders were born from the course of the Second Wave. The development of the Jump Gates cords exist of any successful investigation. expansion had been loosened. new Races such as the Kont and Ualub were found inhab. in maladaptive mutation and instability. arguments between ideologies. sharp border wars usually settled marvelous works. The Second Wave Later reconstruction placed the origin of this First Contacts dangerous experiments on their own minds. taking young sion. and threatened to overflow their existing channels and they worlds. the darkness between stars. factories of humanity. such as the Lithomorphs and their plan. only to fall cator psychics. some worlds to specialize as agricultural planets and In 2665 a massive wave of metadimensional ener- MES left psychics largely as figures of mystery and no terly unlike the thoughts of a fleshly brain. a complex melding decay. Some of these the humanoid shape is simply the one most suitable to themselves. then absent. Maltech research began to A properly-trained “psychic”. of psychofabricated pretech components and psionical. religions. datory in teaching new psychics. thority was able to formulate new forms of psychic human space extended almost ten years of spike drive generations of psychics could not be trained without iting their ancestral worlds. by governments that were more than willing to dispose that relied on the bulk produce of agricultural worlds or sheer cultural ennui. Even after taking Jump Gates recreating the entire laborious research corpus of the way towards Bronze Age technologies. and even those wars that acle of energy manipulation or material science. but often were simply too few and properly educated in the training protocols was man. the core worlds. and in the blink make vast sums of money with their powers. Some are composed of silicon or alien earth months of spike drive travel that would otherwise be of the human genetic legacy despite the terrible costs pupil. Psi. Over four billion people left Terra over the ing. das and petty stellar kingdoms formed to settle ancient motherworlds perished. tech manufactories. the most valuable recalcitrants. Psitech. psychically-active tutor sphere-bubbles. It would take genera- seemed to be the decaying remnants of a former empire. 2450. a fast pretech courier ship required a now-erased Psychic Authority. Some worlds began were required to rest and recuperate. omies too primitive to justify their use. There was no time to recreate the necessary train- These Elder Races had all had their time in the sun. Others find this explana. By 2450. and the prohibitions on dition to be sent. most often it was a disobedience of slow difference. By 2600. the limited freight capacity of spike drive ships. the Psychic Au. Without living mentors. Atoms and molecules danced to the will of these fabri. Some species oteric. constants that allowed for the manufacture of materi. Pretech artifacts were to realize that it simply didn’t have the manpower ing over the few remaining spike drive ships. throughs. These abilities were usually very subtle and es. Others are congeries of spherical atmo. vainglorious experimentation. and the The Golden Age of Man was already strained by In an attempt to control the provision of psychic and needs for humans to communicate with them. but no re- As these changes rippled through human culture. The Mandate fleet struck a few of Jump Gates. was the development of the Jump Gates. The Jump Gates quickly replaced spike drive travel Terran Mandate’s Perimeter agency tried to contain means of instruction. as they were now called. These mas. The rarity of Other risk their sanity under waves of awareness ut.even exchanging examples of strange alien technology and claim them. colonists to flee the stultifying bonds of stratified Ter. The only these researches. or sentient interference-patterns set throughout the core regions of human space. so the worlds that remained on the edge still bubbles over the seeming prevalence of humanoid amplify a psychic’s abilities to a remarkable degree. These trained psychic mentor to shape the basic curriculum Others are alien in a way that no oxygen-breather could in waiting at their destination point. Further exploration might reveal legions of a solar system. A few short. The Jump Gates were dead. the speak more of criminal psychics and bewildered young reached its peak. given the rarity of psychics action. weapons of planetary destruction. Forces of the impossible to impart this education through recorded etoid-ships. but many Pretech. Too much species found itself no longer alone in the cosmos. only were not so successfully prosecuted lost mankind only a tech spike drives doubled the maximum reach of a drill there were simply too many colonies and too many the Jump Gates and their massive slowboat freighters few worlds within easy reach of their rivals. and the core worlds of tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Young Whatever the source of the data. other worlds to rely on interstellar food imports. The majority died instantly. grown senile. almost all core worlds were served by Jump Gates. however. Psychics could often By 2600. In the wild void of the frontier. though usually fresh from their own technological tifice of the Golden Age of Man. The greatest accomplishment of pretech. courage of a few psychics willing to conduct destructive. Pre. There youth. with technology bound to the mundane world’s laws. year to reach the farthest colonial worlds. Psitech devices could channel and and then not at all. and their purposes defy human comprehen. Some scientists suggest that tech was never common. Its deathblow was yet to come. These across the galaxy. could move such masses of cargo. most of them sent gladly human space collapsed with them. Humanity was suddenly stripped of empty ruins on several habitable worlds. Even with the was no possible way to feed a world of millions with matters in humanity’s favor. and Mandate orders obeyed first slowly tier regions were still too poor and primitive to afford sions. worlds relied on small shipments of vital supplies from the expression of sentience. and the Gates found almost exclusively along the frontier of human of an eye. emerging from a Jump Gate held yond anything that convention had permitted. was in the development of “psitech”. Official histories credit the discoveries to the that remained raving in the grip of incurable madness. and believe that humanoid shapes The greatest accomplishment of psitech. Countless colonies prey to intercine strife. and the slowboats these races formed uneasy trade pacts with humanity. The organization throughout human space. required were compressed into a few days. in the Second Wave that the Terran Mandate began run by the desperate and ruined in the convulsive fight- still. their shipyards over- Some of these alien races were strong and vigorous the development of “pretech”. A living. explorers.

who is to say that they eventually the transit time between Earth and the that it was some form of faster-than-light psychic ly recovering from the consequences of the Scream. tech became useless and their shipments of vital core points on the frontier. an otherwise unremarkable gas effective control is enhanced. telepor. with the increasing wealth of the colonies. Major inaccurate. The Scream inevitably rendered a psychic cient resources for agriculture and life. Large-scale had begun. human psychic leaves their psitech equipment and prove. and border skirmishes are 2280: Properly-trained MES carriers. . Even so. The lives lost in this research are backs from system strain and unanticipated side courses between stars. Those few worlds that were wounded. fifty adept teleporters to instantly translate ships warfare between worlds is almost unknown. technology is working well if it can give the popula. nerable have expanded into human space at several cognitive industrial managers. tation. ing threats to the core worlds. but Veil Nebula. lift the ban on further exploration now that their human space to the other within seventeen min- and balkanized warfare. The steady shifting of dimensional layers Most of these domains are held together by a glue of under the aegis of the Psionic Authority. and cultures experi. but ment with new forms of social organization. cost in lives is undisclosed. come the progenitors of today’s Scavenger Fleets.telepathy. the fragile web of inter. perienced psychic trainers hampers this effort. 2500: Jump Gates begin to reach the frontier. The fab. the pre-Silence rutters have become control of a vastly larger and more powerful neighbor. in the year 3200. have had them obscured in the haze of legend and myth. utes. 2900: Attempts are made to recover the techniques of the basic techniques of psychic mentorship. as militia ships for the defense of local systems. even with the 2705: Frontier worlds fare better than core planets. A period of stellar isolation and technology. but those species that were not so vul. Some have even forgotten their origins or for the eye-like circular motifs on the ruins. The Terran Mandate struggles to deal enormous abundance for even the poorest colony not experience a terminal collapse after the Scream supervision at all. tain control over so many colonies. ered on Typhon. do not deserve it? frontier is reduced to two days. Archaeologists date the ruins to ap. but these new academies are at least able to ities. Those worlds that did A few academies operate without any governmental common. and of human civilization and ideology can be found oping crude training programs. Psi. Almost two billion humans leave of spike drive ships can be fabricated before the nology. Gate disper. system ships to travel between the older colonies. Even Stellar domains have begun to form around the 2275: Researchers on several deep-space colonies begin worlds as societies attempt to improve their mem.or more casually. Their fusion plants are bulkier than the pre. it is the Gold. With almost five centuries else sparsely-populated colonies held under the ruthless never fully numbered. factories are crippled. some of the more zealous cultures are of neglect. Some worlds guard these there are incidents of skirmishing and piracy on somewhere in human space. Reconstructions of the event suggest For almost six hundred years. 2600: Spike drive ships are now somewhat antiquated. from telepathic mental health providers to pre. More spike drive ships are available. few the core worlds as the jump gates allow cheaper chaos begins. tion even a hundred years of good health before death The Terran Mandate is organized by Earth’s su. Many frontier worlds Silence it can be replicated in a way that pretech cannot. Still. worlds. as “messes”. The Psionic Au. known common. Numerous fields begin to ben. so these domains ties without inflicting permanent brain damage man capabilities invariably bring serious draw. Projecting more than a few tens to develop methods for controlling the advance bers. Again. the serving a vastly reduced exploratory effort and Human space had collapsed into a welter of isolat. Almost all core systems of importance are now drive ships that could be kept running on scavenged Countless worlds remain locked in the darkness of A massive ring of psitech placed at the periphery of linked with jump gates. to form. but Terran governments effects. widely. 3100: Spike drive ships begin the remapping of drill tend to be loose confederacies of like-minded worlds. now commonly called “the Silence”. The syndrome is inevitably given up on exerting control over the frontier col. Now. onies. finally begin to perfect techniques of large-scale anyone with the money or a compatible ideology. Advances in longevity and health spread longer replicate the narrow and esoteric talents of of thousands of troops to a neighboring world is far of MES. The complete absence of any ex- ulously subtle and sophisticated disciplines necessary defy understanding. Dubbed “the Watchers” Spike drive ships become all but unknown within network collapses. These ships band together tech that existed before the Scream. but most societies atively safe and useful ways. The Earth nations emanation. details are learned about the species. of training foreign psychics sent by neighboring worlds. 2700: Countless core worlds die as they are cut off from Other worlds have been more fortunate. world components stopped. while most covered through trial and potentially fatal error. the wave propagating from one end of Many frontier worlds have collapsed into barbarism 2150: The ruins of an advanced alien species are discov. Few disputes are over resources. beyond the abilities of most planets. ble colonization. and those claims them. the “perfect human”. precognitive flashes. ed worlds. The Terran Mandate begins to realize that for security while searching for resupply and be- engines are slower and more unstable. The Silence the Silence. Still. Every description enormous. And if these brave souls should be to a matching gate at Renaissance. ships. The Scream appears to have private enterprise. Population growth levels off and begins to decline were able to construct the ships struggled as their psi. allowing its victims to use their abili. explorers willing to return them to the embrace of in. and now concentrates simply on neutraliz. 2460: Human gengineering becomes common on some manufacturing that do not rely on psitech. ideological and religious conflicts become more tech supplements normal technology to produce 3050: The Silence starts to lift. affected psychically-active races as badly as the humans efit from the assistance of MES subjects. and the medical tion for fear of being unable to maintain control they now lack the manpower necessary to main. reduced transit time. has rendered old course soundings dangerously ideology and trade benefits. terstellar humanity. 2450: The Second Wave is at its peak. Most habitable planets within a year’s travel cognitive surveyors vastly increase the rate of via. 2330: The Second Wave of human colonization begins. their spike drive Terran nations begin to forbid further explora. exhibited by MES victims seem flatly impossible so many unexploited resources. These 2200: The First Wave of human expansion reaches its 2350: Psitech-enhanced manufactory abilities and pre. needs. All of the drill courses must be redis- becoming more common between rival space empires. The furthest reaches of the frontier now course data due to fears of competition. but others make substantial profit out the frontier. gins to manifest in certain fifth-generation spacers. humanity has been slow. awaiting the bold merchants or reckless the solar system. these worlds have managed to devise perpowers in order to ensure that Terran control 2400: Obedience to Terran governments is now a polite worlds that have yet to receive Jump Gates were methods for doing without the esoteric disciplines of of the colonies continues. rapidly move to control the research and training willing to accept these consequences in pursuit of useless. time from Earth have been successfully colonized. pre-Silence psychic fabricators.000 BCE. 2315: The Psionic Authority perfects the first jump gate. 2260: Some colony worlds begin to grow restive. ranging extend ten years of spike drive travel from Earth. Psitech has permeated components and half-derelict spaceyards. Some neighboring worlds resort to acknowledged at all. devolve to survival-level subsistence. industrially-useful psionic disciplines. many by small religious or ideological groups. These “lost worlds” have suffi. either dead or hopelessly insane. giant moon. The Jump Gate sil fuels or radioactives necessary to bootstrap modern proximately 40. and other abilities that en Age of Man. systems are the first to receive them. 2665: The Scream erupts from somewhere within the The Silence Ends rewarded with the ancient wealth in salvage and data sal is slowed by a lack of master teleporters. A few worlds have even managed to rediscover by normal scientific measure. Some have even gone so far as thority begins to experiment with more focused. Earth and the farthest colony worlds. and for recreating the old pretech manufactories are still fatal unless the victim avoids all use of their abil. the gate employs a choir of over even very basic items of technology. The Terran Mandate has largely psychic training. but attempts to significantly improve hu. A few worlds are successful in devel- teach their students how to channel their powers in rel.72• Running Head Running Head •73 spike drive ships of their own. Interstellar travel fell to the handful of spike stellar commerce and exploration has been reformed. ly as “psychics”. the cost in psychic lives to recreate this training is long-lost. over their offworld colonies over such distances. and only a relative handful necessary to sustain a rough and ready level of tech. willingly teaching their secrets to with the four-month message delay between worlds. the sudden loss of every production of spike drive ships as their techniques im. vital food and technical supplies. This “postech” may be inferior. to seize human worlds for their own. The alien neighbors of humanity have not been gin to use their abilities to assist governments and of the minor worlds are still reliant on spike drive Few Scavenger Fleets cooperate in sharing their idle during the Silence. the abilities but most colonists see no need for fighting with industries largely useless. but after the Occurring most often around puberty. so long trapped on these worlds. Earth for the wealth and freedom of the colony industrial base erodes. The first stellar unions begin and industry. Psitech manu- planets have been lucky enough to have the resources peak. the most sophisticated training programs can no most powerful worlds. in those cases when it is still devoting effort to autonomous agriculture the psychic fabricators and are slowly ramping up their 2240: “Metadimensional Extroversion Syn­drome” be. or on themselves. but lack the fos. fiction on the frontier. abandon the effort in the face of more immediate secrets jealously.

often in the hands of small traders and scout crews who are willing to risk all for the chance to open a route to an un- plundered tomb world.74• Running Head Running Head •75 3150: Stellar unions start to form around the strongest (History float) worlds. . 3200: The present day. Exploration continues. Warfare erupts between unions contesting control over lost worlds and space installations.

tion.76• Running Head Running Head •77 GAME MASTER’S GUIDE particular context and story line for players to par. sandbox gaming has line of the adventure. there is no promise that the players will be able causes and effects. world. mechanistic. there’s like Stars Without Number. In consequence. it’s important to point out the more enjoyable. completely “off the rails” and charge off in a direction the capabilities of the group. or otherwise fiddle with the but he largely sits back and facilitates the stories that GM has to be ready to let dangers be discovered before simple as “Become fabulously wealthy and renowned. and these things need to be understood up work. being a GM for a role playing game like or the GM fail to understand or embrace the point GM won’t let the group stumble into overwhelming assault on the nearby frontier world of Argus IV might this one is really not as intimidating as it might seem of sandbox gaming. a preexisting story. charge off into the lion’s den can expect to be eaten The guidelines given in the Factions chapter give but it can be difficult at times. players are a method for creating a steady supply of “off-screen” terstellar sector for the players to explore can be a chal. going to get them out of a bind. There is an assumption that the erhood of the New Day. First. NPCs will act when they are ready and events interstellar sector. a group of players willing to take initiative in won’t ever find themselves in no-win situations or is right. and actually running the game can be confusing ones most likely to be an issue for sandbox gamers be. middle. and lines of retreat. there’s no master narrative to con- tips on handling some of the more common problems to do with their characters without the clear guidance mountable obstacle. The vast ma. The role of a GM in this game is a rewarding one. A sandbox world ture off the cuff. and denouement. prowess. wipe out the secret maltech laboratories of the Broth- you want to use and improvise effectively for the ones them if they aren’t nipped in the bud. If the players until you’ve had enough experience to master the rules cause the setup of the game naturally tends towards are intended to be able to overcome through cunning. or plot hooks to catch their interest and focus their efforts. seeking adventure and a GM willing to make a world facing overwhelming odds without making willfully This isn’t how a conventional sandbox game This chapter covers the rudiments of setting up an large and interesting enough to be worth the explora. or diplomacy. and it’s up to the players Players need to understand that it’s ultimately their expect the basic systems of a game to work as described. having your sectors and adventures mapped out clear. one evening to start building up support for an assault vestigate and scout a situation should be repaid with a and places for the characters to be. They need table. all of them locales that the players may or may gets to be more than they can handle. there are plenty of truly superb GMs who the story might progress. Failure is always front. and chances are that the vagaries of proportion to be found in play styles that presume a are discovered and expeditions vanish. If the group’s shuttle pilot reports a hot war is affected by the choices they make. you should make this the players grow themselves. The GM has a clear idea at all times of how hood that they’ll be blown out of the sky if they attempt so much a world as it is an exceptionally large backdrop. They get the satisfaction of knowing that they Many modern adventures can end up a little bit If you happen to be new to the concept of game master. trol events. By the same token. stupid choices and insistently fighting against the story works. Players should respect the need to keep the game Emergent stories can lack the polish and artistic scheming villains progress in their plans. and GMs can grow frustrated Sandbox games work differently. The players might decide the group is neck-deep in trouble. and it does not change to accommodate they feel as if their actions matter to it. characters go about their adventures. the group needs to be aware of these ing. sandbox gaming is unforgiving. their own. degree of innocence might be an advantage here. this is a good thing. In modern day RPG circles. The world is not to the players’ carelessness or indifference. the impending Brotherhood you don’t. Still. you’ll want to ranged story on hand that he expects to fit the players to be able to identify a no-win situation before they get or the GM isn’t prepared to deal with certain import- have a clear idea about how combat and skill checks into. compass of their courage. a certain things. the cult may well vent The GM is Always Right. In particular. preparing an introductory adven. a sandbox game. he has many potential stories. in short order. it’s your responsibility to keep the game mov. The world point. They need to have If you intend to make changes in how combat works. If all-consuming disaster visits a world due that can crop up when GMing a sandbox-style game of an obvious story line. ly-labeled impossible odds. vious obstacle or enemy put before them is one they careful consideration of cause and effect. short order. if at first glance. You should come to the game prepared with all With many other gaming styles. To some extent. Most players are accustomed to GMs making places. story is emergent. Their story is ultimately a recounting of what a living world. Because the only of adventurers into the wider galaxy. They ant NPCs hold off acting until the dramatic moment they can add to their existing expertise. Creating an entire in. the a goal and work toward it. and the player characters have zone over their landing site. or may have the improvisational talent to it after extensive experience in playing and perhaps Stars Without Number is designed to accommodate other styles of gaming. and relatively clear warning if it’s more than the group can players need to have their own motivation and act ac- quick judgment calls rather than root about for five the next to detour briefly to investigate the shrines of be expected to overcome. In most a few things. sandbox games rely heavily on the idea of cosmos and do something. and groups that always the rest of the galaxy for them to explore. It’s possible that you’re follow a specific narrative arc that is tightly bound to to overcome it if they decide to claim the station for of being in a world which reacts to their actions and an improviser of sufficient gifts to produce an adven. things that the players and GM need to bring to the You’ll want to clearly understand important game are different. mic spacelanes. and transitioning a planet-bound band sometimes acquired a reputation as being burdensome Not many people play role-playing games so they can the players are doing or have done. Player actions might alter to land anyway. Players can have a hard time deciding what experience the joy of being stomped flat by an insur.” fundamental rules of the game. In many modern games. The universe continues to move as the Players also need to understand that the universe he or she should wait until after the game to push the the players have decided to accomplish or attempt. but it can’t be a substitute for a GM’s lenge. free to accomplish anything within the can’t happen out of sequence without spoiling the bird to have found Stars Without Number. for many potential into it. and luck. but they aren’t expected to go has arranged it. ination to stalk the corridors of an abandoned orbital In either case. information gathering. If or any security footage survived. be set back for months or years. sandbox gaming creates emergent stories. but ultimately. so as to give them the proper feeling your necessary notes and dice. scouting. will unfold when it’s time without reference to what ture for a group. events for a GM. the GM has arranged for some ravening alien abom. The GM does not have a single prear. lost worlds is full of situations and opponents that will get the moving briskly. The players group killed if they are careless or foolhardy. any Brotherhood cultists escaped to tell of the culprits tive group. with an understanding and coopera. Now that three major elements of a sandbox world ly beforehand will make your time at the table much unrelated to the plot line. cordingly. and be ready and able to bug out if the situation ant factors. Empires clash. If the players strength. its displeasure on the group. Still. running their own games. The world is set up the way the GM Players will engage more deeply with the setting when simply lack that particular tool in their arsenal and the ultimate outcome. spot calls about unusual PC efforts. congratulations. you max. and most of them will be a particular style of play known most commonly challenges the players face will always be calibrated but most GMs find it easiest to simply let the import- skimming this chapter looking for what few useful bits as “sandbox gaming”. By the same token. the play is likely to degenerate in danger unless they intentionally set out against clear. Sandbox gaming relies on two appropriately to the abilities of their characters. If a player thinks a call is unfair or unreasonable. that is perpetually impervious to the players’ mark isn’t wouldn’t be needing this section in the first place. it’s implicitly assumed that the to let things unfold without disrupting the story arc. you’re a rare as unfair penalties over the course of a campaign. but they are very much the stories of the into stasis when they’re not around. Usually interesting outcomes. or offer them particular to respond to threats without assuming that the GM is job to motivate their characters. The GM will do his best to provide interesting hooks clear to the players before the game starts. As a GM. There’s a beginning. play is assumed to station. by the sheer volume of content they need to create for carefully gated for character ability. even if it’s something as alter the skill check system. any case. The GM may be willing to fudge jority of people reading these words have likely come Sandbox Gaming and You Second. progress of the story. It also includes for a group. players. then there is every likeli. They should be ready to get out into the minutes looking for the “canonical” answer to a ques. cli. These problems of aimlessness and overwork are the trained by genre conventions to assume that any ob. well. In many cases. have been described. but the odds are that if you were. as important plot points and revelations ing a role-playing game. shouldn’t be left to feel that the rest of the cosmos goes ticipate in. He might have a general idea of the goals that an option in a sandbox game. but they usually not visit. Sandbox games can fall flat in a hurry if the group systems before you start. sandbox gaming can produce some fun and This assumption is not safe in sandbox gaming. Effort spent to in. is not organized around their capabilities. the players wish to accomplish. In their roles. alien amberglass they’ve discovered on a remote jungle Third. The emergent stories created in a sandbox game rious attention to advance reconnaissance. GM judgment will give them just as many easy breaks really can play the heroes and freebooters of the cos. The GM . sandbox groups need to pay se. these criticisms are justified. you shouldn’t hesitate to make on the slaving rings of the Scordian Rim worlds. the With that in mind. tion. Still.

especially if you want to give the running can be the catalyst for a great many adventures. Creation chapter has a hundred different plot outlines sort of mischief the PCs can get up to on those planets. Still. Some frontier sources chapter has a number of random name gener. because the players could theoretically end up on hex to place the next star. It’s quite probable that you won’t yet know what On the GM’s side. biosphere. any of which can be re. postech spike drives can’t manage drills of more than you’ll need to choose a planet to begin the campaign. so a clump of stars four hexes away You should pick a fairly cosmopolitan world with suf. the Re. you should be careful about the trav- tion is too much for them. The farther the PCs can go without rience with the gaming system to realize that a quartet placed. As you chooses a course of action. places of interest. chapter to continue creating interesting situations for tic adventures you can swap in as needed. you might find a few difficulties crop- At the back of the book is a Sector File that in. and you can choices of the group. filling in the particulars of each world. Play. while other sectors ac. common sense. or be forced to flee in the sector. and a loose zones. with “1” indicating the hex Just as you need to choose a starting world. but it also cramps a GM’s Creating your Interstellar Sector rolling 2d6 five times to determine the planet’s atmo. or wait until after you’ve generated the You might want to hold off on creating one of the able maintenance. There are certain pitfalls cludes a number of worksheets. but at least one interests can be difficult to conjure until after you know These “generic” adventures can then be slotted in when ease this burden by giving the GM a number of tools planet should have something on it to make it worth who the PCs are actually going to be. as well as guidelines for creating As time goes on. Not only is In its simplest form. you’ll be able to let players trav- familiar with the way skill checks and combats play make drills of more than 6 hexes.. You can write in the name of the sector now are given in the Factions chapter.. the more of the sector you’re going to have of freshly-generated adventurers hasn’t got much of a between clumps of random stars. intended to replace old-fashioned inventiveness and trader. and those who prefer to create run at the first session. and so forth. A sector describes a region level. The information you’re going to that you intend to play a major role in the sector. Then 1d100 is rolled twice to get two “tags” for use those in conjunction with the Adventure Creation of the region around the players. particular traits of interest or uniqueness. groups. ticulars are explored in the World Generation chapter. the PCs can come into the own- will clue properly careful adventurers about potential more like filling out the plot line of a story.78• Running Head Running Head •79 will respect attempts at scouting and investigation and spreadsheet gymnastics or running math tallies. the consequences of their dirtside escapades. That’s how many stars exist in this sec. but Death by the Sector File. it doesn’t have to be a particularly good starship. while the last third is used to create connections Choosing a Starting Point stopping. ships that often show remarkably little interest and complications that are particular to the style of play produced for personal use. names such as “Sector AN-78”. factions until after you’ve decided the starting planet in handling. so you have something to not sufficient to plan out one particular narrative arc the column. These it’s unlikely the captain is willing to go just anywhere Characters in Stars Without Number die easily. that Stars Without Number encourages. question- surviving. to alter or ignore rolls that don’t fit. roll 1d10 and add for the campaign. The simplest solution is to just let ered the players. jumps to transit them. and it’s helpful ed. a few location-agnos- of space based on old Terran Mandate administrative the world. Some players may choose to make PCs starting world thoroughly. Hooks based on specific PC backgrounds or are most amenable to being swapped between worlds. you can look over. Full details on creating and using factions Still. The initial adventure will likely have left ability to alter things in response to the actions and The making of a Stars Without Number campaign starts sphere. the ones that gaming in favor of smaller. ers need to know the limitations of their characters sheet in the file. in fact. changing the names and places to fit the for the quick generation of a roughed-out interstellar a group’s visit. necessary. but he won’t save the group if ing a region in a guidebook. They may not have the expe. You should also use the Ad- on the assumption that players can be steered back onto adjacent in the direction of the nearest map edge. temperature. sectors never got anything more than alphanumeric ation tables that can be used. or describ. tor. and adven. party a faction patron or nemesis from the very start. It’s usually PCs is a pilot. if you wish. you exist for them. The captain of the ship should be willing to go to have an idea beforehand of how to deal with them. the PCs wish. ready for them. and it probably has very limited spike drives. GMs shouldn’t hesitate to give new players like this an 3 hexes distant. information associated with a sector without having a Fabricating Factions to several different worlds so as to prevent the players properly-organized file. you’ll develop a lot of these out- It’s this kind of heavy preparatory burden that Creating your Worlds your own. The World Generation chapter contains full de. as it can be difficult to keep track of all the volved. to say nothing of the adventures directly above it. The struggle to keep their ship up and it may be necessary for the GM to be a little more ex. The Planet Record sheet has blanks for world the PCs are on. and vigorously idiosyncratic quirks For players that are new to Stars Without Number.but they’re the ones you intend to use to help ership of a small starship of their own. alternative. “2” meaning the next one in clockwise need to build a starting or more for every world. and tech some unresolved plot hooks lying around. generating a world involves world fascinating enough to want multiple adventures this a huge amount of work. offworld. but you should have a fairly clear idea of what to be had in deep space around abandoned asteroids sequence. The create is very straightforward and won’t require any factions may not be the most powerful in the sector. It’s indeed. you can build out star clusters by picking a need to make something that can reasonably function adventures on the nearest neighboring worlds. and derelict void stations. like the promise of payment or the chance to get be useful to fully develop a few of them. create adventures and add life to the sector. average third-level psychic might well be taken out . but you can tell Outline Adventures a sandbox game world requires a lot more preparation 1d10 and 1d8 together. they might be very small and planet-bound As an alternative. place it native to that world. These need not be full-fledged adven- any of those planets. stellar travel methods to drills with just a one hex range. they’ll be able to make their own estimation of be connected by chains of stars that require only 1 hex motley selection of origins. the conception of what’s going on with the other worlds stars and as many planets of interest. The GM needs to have at least a ba. sector with plot hooks. It’s better to start with a firm idea with the creation of a sector. Most clusters should will need to meet on some world that justifies such a el more widely while still having suitable adventures out. The chapter is starting world. it’s very likely that sooner or later. the PCs. star and rolling 1d6 to determine in which neighboring on the world that you’ve selected. plicit than usual about letting them know when a situa. simply there to help your creativity along. a hex grid ten hexes high and eight campaign. and so to flesh out quickly. Once the players get more but pretech exploration ships. With that in mind. simply roll kind of PCs your players will generate. The first step is to make a copy of the sector map good to make three or four factions at the start of the not an NPC pilot or navigator can come with the ship. The first die gives the row of them beforehand what sort of world the campaign will You’ll need to develop the initial adventure on your than many contemporary story line-based games. If there’s already a star in that hex. If one of the death-trap situations. population. and choose challenges they’ve got a fighting chance of wide. For plot hooks. Once you have the map sheet. in mind the sort of interstellar travel possibilities that tor. and these par. Remember that most Every tale of daring has to start somewhere. most likely. their chances. A given sector usually contains twenty to thirty If you can’t readily pick a name for the world. The Adventure tures. keeping sic idea about the contents of an entire interstellar sec. Even pretech craft can’t will be a rag-tag bunch from around the sector and build out the sector. more tightly-plotted story around it. set there. It can might well have contributed to the decline of sandbox Each star should have at least one “interesting” world broad. in customs and immigration law when credits are in. it’s best to choose something lines. you shouldn’t hesitate that the group will eventually be able to leave your Once you’ve successfully created your sector and gath- usage or important planets. You shouldn’t feel intimidated Factions are particular organizations or governments from feeling “railroaded” in a particular direction. It’s hexes the star should go into and the second die gives be starting on. Personal use is recommend. Stars Without Number is designed to drops might orbit the stellar body. About two-thirds of the stars should be randomly el ranges allowed. It’s possible that the players will find your starting tures and events of an entire sector at once. Pick a Means of Travel You shouldn’t feel obliged to map out the adven- ture frameworks ready for elaboration. lines for games. and if they insist on plunging ahead into certain doom. Still. as it’s likely that the PCs strand the PCs on the new world for a time. you should establish the way Complications and Solutions quired formal or informal names based on common tails on forming a world. worlds to pick a name that fits. A number of airless dirtballs or molten slag. this is probably the best choice. In either case. As an denizens of more distant spheres will know that they venture Creation chapter to create draft outlines for it if they go astray. group will want to get into space. and it isn’t the PCs book passage on a tramp merchant or small ping up in the course of play. and then let maintenance failures or a captain’s refusal explicit take on their odds of success before the group from their nearest neighbors will be sealed off from all ficient tech for spaceflight. twenty to it. it needs to be understood that To get a random location for a star. It’s often best to limit early inter- chance fighting against a dozen pistol-wielding thugs.

success of a conversational gambit. you should make clear to the group spread their attacks over a group rather than focusing out bothering with skill checks. then just let to do this is to let the player state his or her case. If a character wants no social skills expects his own glib tongue to carry the Veteran’s Luck ability to negate a hit. Moreover. Some GMs end ing a crime boss to give a PC access to his network of 0 hit points to “gravely wounded” status and allowing up forcing a skill check on everything more compli. before the PC finally gets it right. there are shades of gray between these pert’s concept is that of a crack spaceship pilot with should come out either because the PCs have chosen to help them. then set the Persuade difficulty accordingly. the appropriate skill. of whatever nefarious group the party is fighting. In particular. or prohibit PCs from Combat in Stars Without Number tends to be fairly le. you probably shouldn’t re. Let him roll once. ver-tongued expert con-man have to come up with a the game how you want to deal with this. enemies in contempt. The player of the used as written. and the fact that this and sim. If a character jams a titanium wrecking bar into the smooth line of patter to use his own abilities? It’s le- old-school authenticity. The between accomplishing it instantly or accomplishing it simply decorative. the GM can cause enemies to off. Give him player choices Even trained and disciplined combatants are going to ers. can’t hope to puzzle out. Convinc- omit the risk of death in most cases. challenges. and no Perception check is needed to right conversational gambit for the GM rather than the sensation of navigating a character through lethal their compatriots in short order. each turn. All of these tactics can be used to tacitly lessen the ther that he can’t do it in the available time or that he’ll Spartans at Thermopylae. Due to the exponential rate of increase and there’s no point or need in rolling for it. and even high-level warriors the new PC in their adventures. he can get to places in the system with. they roll Persuade + Charisma and let the biopsionics and lazarus patches can revive characters elling on. PCs can occasionally get frustrated by these ger. re- escapades gets a memorial and his player rolls up a re. If dice tell them how far the NPC is willing to buy their that get medical help in time. There’s nothing at all wrong with this approach the sole way that a PC gets something accomplished er really scale to the point where they can afford to hold ure based on the character’s total Charisma and skill to death. reducing PCs with Skill checks are susceptible to overuse. AC bonuses for cov. The actual words and arguments they use are situations where there’s just not time to save a team. If there’s should see a mechanical benefit from it. and let them soak up a portion of the dan. however. not worth a skill check. If a character is trying interesting. and will senator’s bed. or are defending something as precious to them as their ing sufficiently high numbers so the GM will tell them can often be advantageous for players to roll up these but then let the PC make additional choices rather than lives will they normally fight to the last. If a player has spent ing plunges into the sulfur volcanoes of Badghati IV. nying it. operate the ship under normal conditions. let them. Creating the characters before. characters. Skill checks are not meant to be out almost any first level character. or are presented with a set of clues that they. It’s true that can be members of the crew of the ship they’re trav. prevent the PCs from discovering their gang hideout. A pack of street thugs will not transform into ic event. to use them or because they’re facing the consequences let both skills and player argumentation have a visible point on this spectrum. Hostiles can pay more attention to Vehicles/Space-0 should likely be able to do as much. it’s distressingly likely that a low-level PC would cogs of an alien death trap. One potential way building deeply-involved PCs with many close ties to and that would have an obvious result. like deciding whether to bring a laser online have serious thoughts about retreat as soon as their sometimes grow bored when the adventures become essary to get a replacement into the action. You should take care to structure bonus. so why should the player of the sil- You and your players should decide at the start of It’s generally easiest to have the replacement PC Don’t ignore actions taken outside of skill checks. and most GMs come to inhabit some a Dexterity modifier of +2 and Vehicles/Space-2 skill. and it can help some players focus on the story in the world. so they have additional rolls. die quickly when facing challenges of that caliber. of their opportunities. If the PC tries something that anyone can do argumentation play a bigger role. If the rules are key factor is to get the replacement into action quickly. A GM can decide to Skill Checks the result happen. players can going to kick the bucket. to use an element of the environment to do something day with NPCs. and it check indicate the general course of success or failure. Even someone with they’re cunning and prudent enough to take advantage which model will be used when they’re making up their on the weakest PC. but the GM even hoping to accomplish a feat for which they lack thal. effect on the outcome. for XP needs. Only when enemies feel trapped a sequence of skill tests. Ambushes. your adventures and situations so that PCs are very in persuading the crime boss if they roll very low. When the PC wants to convince an NPC of don’t have more than 50 or 60 hit points. useful to a GM. need another 1d6 rounds before he can bring the de. Many adventures rely on the party solving a mystery tial numbers of NPC henchmen and companions in an travaganza to determine how far he progresses in his Enemies should also be played as their morale in. A character with a +5 total might not succeed that they and their group are creating rather than living You should be charitable about the things a char. it’s situations. “You do that. with inactivity at the table as well as PC loss. assuming In either case. Conversely. and nothing hap- adventures. but there are plenty of wanderers gone native among the locals. minutes. replacements before the game even starts. player makes a good argument for it. early and risk a short in the wiring. badlands raiders. The shotguns and laser rifles he’ll point them towards someone who might be able Of course. It prevents difficulty later when the player the warriors in the group rather than the experts or except the expert pilot can do it without a check even er. implicitly adjust the consequences of success or fail- tance. what their PCs deduce from the facts. with a failure meaning ei. a situation. mate or the attempt proves a failure. it becomes nec. He can take Because combat is so dangerous. or fabricate situations where a character’s to repair a fusion power plant while under fire from pens.80• Running Head Running Head •81 by a lucky pistol round. so that players feel that both can lessen the risk of death without out-and-out de. the group to protect and support the new member until the results of a complicated or uncertain attempt at an Still. outworlders slouching around the local bars. dicates. At that point. a GM might well require that all replacement PCs start able the device. but there are a few tactics that can be case of laser poisoning. it’s likely that some PC is fense laser power plant online. This is the default assumption of the game. that help justify why they’re suddenly willing to include something. don’t turn it into a roll-each-turn ex. the play- Sooner or later. matter. just follow a failed skill check with a roll of 1d6 On one level. If an Ex. dying to the last man to adventures when they feel that they’ve hit a dead end danger of character death without taking it off the table. and the use of the environment to hurt and baffle running the character with a -2 Charisma modifier and psychics. a good attack roll. acter can accomplish without a skill check. Still. gitimate and reasonable to let the dice determine the just let the dice fall where they may. PCs who regularly put themselves in so the player who’s lost his or her PC isn’t punished and assume that many rounds. while a desultory uations might run the risk of real death. There are many ways the GM you shouldn’t be expecting him to make skill checks to of their own missteps. Running a good investigation-based adventure a character in hand should their former PC catch a bad and tension alone does not guarantee engagement with Negotiation and Diplomacy can be difficult. some players and GMs prefer to let actual It can also really aggravate players who enjoy they’re “up to speed” with the rest of the party. Let the PCs be good their foes should all be encouraged. you might mutually decide to tures. they the high-level veteran of dozens of daring interstellar out at first level. cated than tying your bootlaces. First. Combat corrupt city officials might be a difficulty 8 test if the them to be revived with medical attention. especially when the warrior has yet to use his amid high winds and low visibility. For high-level adven. or hours go by warrior isn’t expected to be a real-life shootist to roll dangerous situations are going to die. something. so it’s easiest to just tell them that it was successful. These replacements something with no real negative consequences. The key for this sort of approach is to two extremes. character resources on something like social skills. with success reliant on roll- ment PC should be added as quickly as possible. soon. Alternately. this is justifiable. You can take care at their chosen focus. identify those pieces of informa- hand also allows the group to set up ties of association Don’t require a skill check unless failing it means ilar social skills exist sometimes causes players or GMs tion that must be found in order to solve the puzzle. For optimal be the same level as the dead PC. PC action.” is rarely a good answer for any halfway plausible Searching and Investigation life hinges on a single die roll. he can land. a first level PC will level up very rapidly a casket of luminous Mettauan glass underneath the lying on a player’s conversational talents to move ne- placement. or unearthing the dark truths behind some enigmat- adventure. Skill checks are best used to reflect rationally persuading the NPC. Rolls can only add so much tension. The replace. then the players will find it if they look gotiations can often boil down to a game of finding the and it can add a great deal of excitement and reward to normally end up no more than a level or two behind under the bed. It’s up to the rest of see if they notice it. not to include instant-death traps or devices in your Don’t spam skill checks. quire him to make a successful Tech/Postech roll to dis. but in fear of every goon with a combat rifle. and characters nev. One good roll by a pistol-wielding thug can take request might be difficulty 10. rarely forced into fights. Let a single skill comrades start dying. you might can save this for occasions of genuine dramatic impor. in the company of higher-level companions. and the game world and its characters. If Captain Spauld. There is a Persuade skill. They’ll get it sooner or later. it’s vital to al. attempt. Some sit. What he’s done will objectively work. action. or prisoners time is important and there’s a significant difference premise. If a character can simply keep trying at to simply shut off more informal evaluations of social Cracking the secret organlegging ring run out of the . You can include substan. low the PCs to set it up on their own terms.

82• Running Head Running Head •83

city’s child protective services department might hinge The easiest way to deal with this is to simply make Most small merchant ships such as the ones a PC do not give a person so vast an advantage over their
on identifying the secret lab in which the organs are clear that most non-portable valuables the PCs might group is likely to own rely on in-system supply runs as peers. These Kurtzes seek out lost worlds with other
harvested, the corrupt CPS chief who hides the goods salvage are just too difficult to move on the secondary their bread and butter. They cart loads of food, water, like-minded men and women, usually framing their
in her home, and the crooked physician who launders market. Questions of legal ownership, finding a suit- replacement personnel, spare parts, and other life sup- ambitions as a matter of “bringing advancement to the
the organs into the donor system. These three facts ably indiscriminate buyer, and avoiding tax scrutiny all port supplies out to remote asteroid mines, research primitives”. Most Kurtz expeditions collapse in blood
have to be discovered in order for the PCs to root out combine to make such efforts more trouble than they’re stations, and extraction plants. The pay is rarely any- and horror within a few years, but some manage to
the mystery. worth. It can be interesting to make an adventure out of thing to write home about, but such supply run mis- hold on for far longer. More than one free captain has
Once you’ve established the facts, watch for op- moving some particularly exceptional piece of salvage, sions are excellent hooks for dropping a group into the landed his ship on a seemingly routine supply run only
portunities to let them be discovered. Drawn in by the but as a general rule, it’s just not worth it to strip the middle of some disaster or conflict. to discover that he is bringing vital spares to a depraved,
hook of a recurring urchin NPC they knew who van- copper wiring out of a crime boss’ hideout. Trade beyond supply runs usually revolves around heavily-armed tyrant.
ished after being picked up by protective services, the There is also the issue of PCs methodically strip- moving local specialty tech or products. Local art, exot-
PCs might check out the NPC’s old haunts or associates, ping the armor, weapons, and pocket change from their ic pharmaceuticals, high-quality technical specialties, or Sector Creation Summary
only to learn that a number of street kids have gone dead foes. In most cases this is self-limiting, as most passengers with special skills who want to reach a par- Place the Stars: The standard sector map is a grid of
missing after CPS collected them, and that all of them PCs can’t easily pack around a half-dozen combat rifles ticular world all make up this class of trade. For most hexagons 8 wide by 10 high. Roll 1d10 and add
were picked up by a particular agent. Don’t make the while engaged in the kind of pursuits that leave them purposes, it’s not necessary to really elaborate on the 20 to determine the total number of stars in the
discovery of vital information hinge on a die roll. If fighting their former owners. In the unlikely case that specifics of this, though it can add flavor to make up a sector. For the first twenty or so stars, roll 1d8 and
the PCs take rational investigative steps, they should the PCs come back with a cargo sled, most of the ar- product or two unique to a given world. 1d10 together to determine the column and row
be given something to show for it, even if it’s just the mor is probably worthless due to the perforations that Players will usually want specifics on which goods in which to place the star. Some columns have
confidence that their current route is a dead end. You killed its wearer and the weaponry is unlikely to be so are available on a given world and how much it will “half-hexes” in them, and only 9 full hexes; if you
should be trying to give out this information when the valuable as to unbalance the game. Even in that case, cost to buy a ton. For most campaigns it’s not neces- roll a 10 for such a column, either reroll or place
PCs give you an excuse to do so, rather than hoarding moving the weapons on the black market is usually not sary to worry about this at all, but mercantile groups it at the bottom-most full hex. Once you’ve placed
it against all but precisely correct lines of investigation. a trivial enterprise. You shouldn’t discourage PCs from will spend a lot of time considering these factors. If the randomly-positioned stars, add the remainder
You also shouldn’t feel bad about giving PCs a upgrading their own equipment from the plunder of you don’t care to develop your own more elaborate to connect any stellar clumps or groupings.
break if they start to flail, either by introducing a help- the fallen or taking exceptionally valuable pieces for lat- system of interstellar economics, just fabricate some Create the worlds: The World Generation chapter
ful NPC to put them back on the trail or remind them of er fencing, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to let them goods that seem appropriate to the world and price explains how to create a random world with a
some earlier point they didn’t fully investigate. By the decamp with the battlefield on their backs. them 2d8 * 100 credits per ton. Let the players worry half-dozen die rolls and a little ingenuity. Most
same token, you shouldn’t hesitate to let them deal with The actual mechanics of selling plunder can be as about figuring out which worlds might want which stars will have one world of interest, though a
the consequences of carelessness or tardiness in their complicated as you wish to make them. It may be that goods. If you think they’ve made a good choice, then few might have more and some might lack any
investigations. If they spend too long in distractions what the PCs retrieve can be sold openly on the world, let their profit margin on the new world be 1d10-2 * interesting worlds at all. Almost every stellar body
before finding their urchin friend, they might discover usually for around half its purchase value. Finding a 10 percent. This money is theirs to spend, but it does has its collection of barren rocks and airless de-
nothing more than a number of dated cryoboxes. fence might be needed for those goods which were not count as a reward for XP purposes. bris floating around it, but the world generator
One particular point that often comes up is the acquired in illicit fashion, or items that are outlawed There are also exceptionally risky trading expe- is intended to create the kind of planets that can
question of searching an area. Some GMs just let the for common trade. Fences rarely pay more than ten ditions to lostworlders, bringing the fruits of modern provide an interesting visit for PCs.
PCs all make Perception checks to see if they notice or twenty percent of the purchase price. Many such postech to their benighted nations. While the weapon- Add the Factions: Factions are organizations or groups
something hidden. This has the advantage of being difficulties can be removed by taking the loot offworld ry, pharmaceuticals, and technical artifacts are usually that are significant players in the sector’s affairs.
quick and simple, but it also can put vital information at and laundering it somewhere beyond the reach of the greedily desired on these worlds, the natives often have Some may be openly known, while others are
the mercy of good dice. Other GMs require the players planet’s laws. very little of value to pay for them. Explorer-merchants shadowy organizations that shun public notice.
to specifically say what parts of an area they’re search- often have to investigate a lostworlder culture carefully Worlds can have factions representing their gov-
ing, what they’re looking under or inside, and other- Interstellar Trade before they can identify any particular product or re- ernments or major powers on the planet, but it’s
wise describe the specifics of their search. This can pe- As an extension of this, some groups will want to make source that can be usefully shipped interstellar distanc- usually not worth the effort to create them unless
nalize players who don’t correctly envision the area the a killing in interstellar trade, carrying the goods of one es to justify the trip. Some particularly unscrupulous they’re going to do more than serve as a backdrop.
GM is describing. One compromise is to simply give world to another to make a fast credit. This is a ven- merchants do not balk at taking payment in local slaves Create Aliens: Some GMs may run a sector without
players vital clues when they say that they are searching, erable science-fiction trope, and there’s no reason you for export to decadent or dangerous worlds. alien life, but others have need for an alien species
and then use one or both of the other methods to let shouldn’t allow it, but there are a few considerations There are also “missionary” supply runs to these or two, even if simply to give some ideas about the
them search for supplementary facts and helpful details. to keep in mind when dealing with space commerce. primitive worlds. The Preceptors of the Great Archive ruins and relics left behind in the sector. The Alien
Perhaps most importantly, there is no such thing occasionally run missions on a planet to disseminate Generation chapter gives guidelines on creating
Salvage as interstellar bulk shipping in Stars Without Number. valuable technical and artistic knowledge among the useful alien sentients, and the Xenobestiary helps
The far future is full of expensive decor. Truly enter- Even the largest spike drive ships have cargo capacities locals, and there are always a selection of determined with fearsome beasts.
prising PCs sometimes are of a mind to “salvage” a place measured in a few tens of thousands of tons, while a missionaries bent on bringing the word of their faith to Outline Adventures: Identify the world or space station
down to its foundations, ripping out everything that modern oil tanker has a capacity of around 500,000 the heathens. While these missions normally can sup- that the players will begin on, and then make up
can be resold and trucking it all off to be converted into tons. Trying to run a meaningful trade in bulk com- ply their own food, offworld medicine and spares are a few adventure possibilities with the Adventure
credits. To some extent, this is simply common sense; modities has been a lost cause ever since the Jump Gates vital for keeping their more advanced tech operating. Generator chapter and the elements you’ve al-
no red-blooded freebooter would simply leave un- failed and massive system-ship freighters could no lon- More sinister than the Preceptors and the pious ready established for that world. Depending on
claimed valuables lying around when he knows they’ll ger make the jump between worlds. Such commerce are the “Kurtzes”. The prospect of ruling like a god on the amount of preparation time you wish to spend,
fetch a good price at the starport. Still, it can be tedious can exist inside a system, with huge slowboats moving some forgotten world lures a certain type of men and you can do the same for neighboring planets to
to handle the logistics of salvage and unbalancing to the from planet to planet, but modern interstellar trade women, a type that might normally be forced to limit ensure you’ve got some material on hand for any
game to allow PCs to cash in on every alien fork and relies on carrying small loads of high-value goods or their dark ambitions on a more technically advanced offworld adventures the PCs might embark on.
wall panel they can drag back to civilization. expert services. world, where energy weapons and powered armor

84• Running Head Running Head •85

Fill the NPC Bank: The Sector File includes a number (GM Guide float)
of sheets for recording the details of minor or
major NPCs. You can use the Resources chapter
to quickly generate a dozen or so minor NPCs
that you can then use on the spot when you need
one in a hurry. A generic barkeep, police official,
starship captain, med-tech, or grizzled native
backwoodsman can often be necessary, and the
progress of play might eventually promote these
minor figures to greater importance in the tale of
the group’s accomplishments.

86• Running Head Running Head •87

WORLD GENERATION Friends, Complications, Things, and Places. These
should be tailored for the specific world; if you’ve rolled
“Preceptor Archive” and “Hostile Biosphere” as the two
Creating a sector might require the development of the world. Even the sleepiest agri-world should have tags for the worlds, you might decide that the Roving
dozens of inhabited worlds. This chapter includes something to catch the PCs’ interest if they take the Preceptor Adept might fit best as “Marius Groen, Jun-
guidelines for the quick generation of worlds useful time to investigate the place. Not every planet needs gle-Roaming Xenobiologist”. Four examples of each
to a sandbox style of play. Some GMs may prefer to to be crawling with intrigue and adventure, but an en- element is a good number.
hand-craft every planet in a sector, but the process tire planet devoid of anything of interest is every bit Lengthy detailing is not necessary at this stage, but
given here helps to streamline the process and spare a as artificial. recording a few examples of each category will help you
GM’s creative energies. In some happy circumstances a world will leap later, should you choose to make use of an adventure
Every world created by this process is intended to fully-formed from your imagination. You will know framework as described in the Adventure Generation
be useful to a GM running a sandbox game. By “useful”, exactly what you need and precisely what elements will chapter.
it is meant that every planet should have numerous make it a fascinating place for interstellar adventurers Dress the Set: Choose the world’s name, some elements
easily-identified adventure hooks and present visiting to encounter. Odds are that this illumination will not of local color and flavor, and a few details about
player groups with fairly obvious avenues for the exer- extend to every world you need to make to populate the local spaceport. The tables in the Resources
cise of their adventurous impulses. In a sandbox game, a sector or accommodate a group’s wandering, so the chapter can be useful for this.
a GM can never be entirely sure of a party’s next move, following rules are provided for the random generation
and every world needs to be capable of providing a few of worlds.
nights of excitement.
This chapter will show you how to produce a World Generation Summary
world with no more than six or seven die rolls and a Determine Atmosphere: Roll 2d6 and consult the table.
little judicious blending. The Planet Record sheet in the If you intend to have this world to be populated
Sector File has blanks for the necessary information, by more than a few tens of thousands of colonists,
and room for you to make notes on adventure elements you may simply wish to assume it has a breathable
and the specifics of the world’s languages, cultures, and atmosphere of some kind.
a short record of the PC group’s activities on the planet. Determine Temperature: Roll 2d6 and consult the ta-
Some GMs find it more realistic to leaven their ble. Again, if you specifically intend for this world
sectors with a healthy crop of “boring” worlds. If a to have a populous human presence, you should
GM prefers to have a sector largely composed of un- restrict results away from the Frozen or Burning
inhabitable balls of molten rock or radioactive gas gi- options.
ants, there’s nothing prohibiting that tact here. Such Determine Biosphere: Roll 2d6 and consult the table.
an approach can be fitting for games being run in a Most human-inhabited worlds have some kind
more “hard sci-fi” setting, one which has less room for of life on them, whether native or imported from
numerous human-habitable worlds. Terran stock. The biosphere roll helps indicate
To create a sector composed mostly of uninhabit- what kind of life exists on the planet.
able worlds, simply reroll any atmosphere or tempera- Determine Population: Roll 2d6 and consult the table.
ture roll that comes up 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. If it comes up If the world you’ve generated thus far is a molten
the same the second time, then keep the roll. Or more hell-ball with a corrosive atmosphere, it’s unlike-
simply, just arbitrarily place the few habitable worlds ly to have a population of millions. You’ll want
in the sector and hand-pick their atmosphere and tem- to adjust the results obtained here in light of the
perature rolls. world’s general habitability; but don’t be afraid to
On the other hand, some GMs prefer to have a accept an unusual result if you’ve got an idea about
sky full of planets teeming with human life, possibly how to explain it.
with more than one inhabited or interesting planet Determine Tech Level: Roll 2d6 and consult the table.
per star. In this case, you can simply reroll any atmo- Worlds with less than tech level 4 are incapable
sphere or temperature roll that doesn’t come up 6, 7, of interstellar flight, so such planets will be large-
and 8, keeping the second roll no matter what it might ly dependent on the goodwill of free merchants,
be. Star systems that have multiple inhabited planets tramp freighters, and Scavenger Fleets- assuming
probably exist under a single government of some they have any interstellar contact at all.
kind, forced together by the necessity of dealing with Determine World Tags: Roll 1d6 and 1d10 together,
a sometimes-unfriendly universe. On the other hand, twice, and consult the table. These two tags give
they might be in an uneasy state of cooperation, or striking or specific details of what makes this
might be embroiled in open warfare in an attempt to world worth notice to starfaring adventurers. Just
establish a system government. as importantly, these tags give ideas about friends,
Whatever is chosen, GMs should keep in mind the pur- enemies, things, places, and complications that
pose of a world; it’s there to give the players someplace might make the world interesting.
interesting to go. If there’s nothing about a planet that’s When you’ve rolled the tags, take a moment to
likely to attract the group’s interest, you should rethink write down a few local examples for the Enemies,

While the air is breathable. Most rulers pick up on this fact rapidly. Given its have to be extracted from some local source. A clever GM can use this problem to add not necessary to supplement the blend. Out- Corrosive atmospheres are dangerously hostile to mic caprice. excel at preserving the relics of the past.88• Running Head Running Head •89 Atmosphere Some spaceport bars make a point of their air filtration that enough ship traffic exists to get any but the most and composition mixers. but the molecules have to 2 Corrosive rebels are entirely at the mercy of those who control be steadily flushed by the system’s purification sensors 3 Inert gas the oxygen. The first step in randomized world generation is deter. ety that means to survive on such a world must have hand. and the world of a suit’s toxin sensors or flush system can lead to death steadily strip away at a suit’s vent ports. mate is otherwise tolerable. level means greater and greater amounts of societal level 5 equipment may be able to overcome the effects. In some cases. though the mix of contaminants mining the planet’s atmosphere. the their pressurized homes. leaving a party vulnerable es. They to support human life. on the other extra tension to an otherwise simple task. ot barren worlds that have Invasive atmospheres make oxygen an even more 12 Corrosive and invasive atmosphere had their atmospheres burnt off by weapons or cos. Some banks of gases might be impenetrable to trading port for multiple short-run spike drive cours. “new world stink” of a fresh planetfall can be maddening. ablative layer or spray that can be regularly renewed. it might be a vital refueling and might exist to replace the oxygen lost during human blind. almost every world has resources devoted simply to the effort of breathing. Exposure to the planet’s surface without a Steady exposure to low levels of the toxins can also through and flood the suit with a toxic cocktail that vacc suit or pressurized building is as lethal as exposure result in unfortunate effects even with a fully-func- usually kills a victim in seconds. and before they build up to a debilitating level. Com- suffer steady damage to their exposed elements. corrosive at- Native vacc suits are usually covered with an teorites. Deep banks of to live on such a world. 11 Invasive. the largest being the way that the local air. if it exists at all. Perhaps the original colonists sophistication is going to be necessary for humanity permanent fog might shroud the planet. climate. and other weak spots until they eventually break stellar heat. breathable with a pressure equipment. If the planet’s cli. toxic atmosphere teroids. tional suit. Whatever the party chooses to do the aid of a filter mask. rocky planetoids. they can survive for millions of years. half. surface of the world. “Air mines” or infrared viewing equipment if they don’t wish to be position in the sector. the natives might be able Thick atmospheres are often at least semi-opaque. but they can follow. the local stellar body and the impact of random me. Whatever provoked the initial inhabitants to settle Corrosive worlds have a number of intrinsic ad. burning hellhole of a planet trol of the air supply makes it much harder for locals substantial proportion of molecules small enough to their permanent home. it’s not going to have any atmosphere at all. land for long. Separate air supplies are base. would-be tion doesn’t harm the suit. it has to accomplish before their renders it slowly or quickly toxic to humans who at- going to be preordained. Airless worlds are hostile to human life. it takes a hydrogen and oxygen. bining all the worst traits of an eroding. this is outside of a building. On worlds with an unbreathable atmosphere. exceptionally ancient alien ruins might even date back a planet cursed with an atmosphere like this is far more and their buildings often rely on a steadily-extruded from before the world lost its atmosphere. This life without additional equipment or gengineered mod. and large supplies of oxygen are going to might have to go about with sophisticated ultraviolet be their ancestors sought isolation at all costs. If you vehicle hull. Most 10 Thick atmosphere. Whatever atmosphere exists is too thin door work is avoided whenever possible. con. Attempting to explain the source of this or necessity to convince them to consign themselves every activity outside of a hab building comes with a discomfort to the locals rarely results in positive results. is largely naked to the chill of space and the blaze of before the wearer even realizes something is wrong. Weak atmospheres to hard vacuum. Some mosphere and the invasive intrusion of toxic molecules. Invasive toxic atmospheres are composed of a cide to make a corrosive. taminants. or local power plants might need to be kept run. It is highly unlikely . even these viewing tools. important resource than it is on inert gas worlds. or worse might require as much as a day to degrade a vacc suit. hostile than any merely airless rock. to rebel against their leaders. it almost certainly is going to have a breathable Inert gas atmospheres aren’t hostile or poisonous. Advanced tech mix atmosphere. built-in time limit. and other odiferous ingredients. This infiltra- 2d6 Atmosphere and power to generate their own air supplies. the millions or more almost certainly has a breathable by exterior atmosphere. sufficient technological expertise to manufacture and atmosphere. if you want a barren asteroid suit seals fail or the atmosphere corrodes a hole in their tempt to breathe it straight. wiring connec. as few linger long enough to get used to the smell of on this world must have been of overwhelming value venture complications. Entire civilizations can be oriented around overcom- of this world. so the rest are obliged to deal Thick atmospheres can usually be breathed with with their harsh existence as best they can. slurry or neutralizing materials that can be constantly Breathable mix atmospheres can support human Advanced pretech filtering and oxygen generation renewed by pores in the building surface itself. half-melted look that ification. Any world that has a human population in ized habitats and hydroponic systems uncontaminated may be more than cosmetic in the case of those struc. you should to live and work outdoors without anything more than and some worlds have thick atmospheres that are com- think carefully about what has made humans choose an air tank and face mask. use. atmospheric con. Some degree of technical pletely impenetrable to ordinary light. Hallucinations. Anything less than this tech tures that have failing slurry pumps. powerful motivation to make a band of colonists de. This caus- 4 Airless or thin atmosphere some worlds with unbreathable atmospheres might es a much faster bleed of air as breathable oxygen is 5-9 Breatheable mix even make it a crime to own illicit oxygen generation jettisoned along with the infiltrating molecules. Without the equipment infiltrate past the seals of most vacc suits. or natives were prisoners exiled to an open-world prison. chronic sickness. but they’re unbreathable by humans. The original colonists might have had to make an ning full blast in order to crack water molecules into to moments of complete blindness while out on the emergency landing. as any failure conventional vacc suits and other protective gear. invasive atmospheres cut oxygen supply durations by mask Airless or thin atmospheres are appropriate to as. Provided that Corrosive and invasive atmospheres exist at the Even forcefield-based environment suits such as a FEP the ruins or remains are kept out of the baking heat of very border of what human society can tolerate. at best. while strong ones might accomplish the job in an hour. and starships never accustomed to the filtered air supply of a starship. For spacers ing the difficulties of maintaining their structures and surized garages when not in use. equipment might be able to maintain tolerable pressur- often gives the building a drippy. or biosphere turns up on a random roll. fortunate locals offworld. tions. and their children to such a place. It could to survive. Note that if a truly noxious atmosphere. maintain large numbers of filter masks. Whatever the reason. but any soci- want a world teeming with human life. Vehicles and shuttles are kept in pres. but even pretech is often taxed by the relentless rigors its own subtle cocktail of inert gases.

and the miners who man population they should restrict the possibility of worlds have temperature ranges not unlike that of inhabit such worlds must be forever vigilant against the a frozen or burning world. ter equivalents on a burning one. or it might be a world production methods. depend- 11 Variable temperate-to-warm ing on the prevalence of water. survive on them in nothing more than heavy clothing. air currents or mois- ture is close to absolute zero. ble to a human without a vacc suit means that major cold or heat depending on their angle and proximity agriculture is unlikely. and wide when a long. Dunking a suit into a lake The other common variety of warm world is one of thermally-conductive superchilled liquid can force blessed with an abundance of surface water. These lost sites might be without equipment similar to a vacc suit in effective- atmosphere are directly exposed to the wild tempera. The population is unlikely to be willing to limit its hot levels. and many of the same cold void of space. As it is effectively impossible to to the local star. water. frontier have a temperate climate. Vacc suits maintain a tolera. Any atmosphere that once ture supplies deep underground. Variable temperature worlds tend and laboratories that were planted in an age when to have savage weather. serious strain on a temperate world’s arable land. A native life as well. sons or equatorial bands that get enough solar radiation Variable temperature worlds tend to show a great- to support substantial agriculture. and to have alien ruins or remains world that can’t grow food outside of hydroponic labs located somewhere on their surface. wet land into the cold zones and a lingering death. Any life on such a planet has to be capable of mary or so great a distance that the average tempera. or an icy world might be warmed here and Some worlds retain installations from before the there by complex channels of geothermally-heated Silence deep within the frozen wastes. A world’s average temperature depends in large part good launch sites and orbital windows meant more Burning worlds are too hot for a human to survive upon its atmosphere. but 2d6 Temperature this same capaciousness often allows for more com- 2 Frozen plicated social divisions to develop. though most are canted a little further toward perils of their burning home. er distribution of climates than other worlds. Ash drifts. slow orbit brings the planet into they may lack the technology for wide-scale artificial proximity with a stellar primary. These the heating elements into sudden and drastic overload. The north pole of one world might tions have perhaps been driven away from the arable be a sun-blasted desert that moderates to a cool. ny sites. draining a power cell in minutes or even seconds. feed entire planets through limited interstellar trade. 9-10 Warm Warm worlds come in two main flavors. and there is little conduction of heat between often revolves around these water systems. Natives of other 3 Variable cold-to-temperate worlds are often forced to cooperate or die. Exposure to these ing. perils that face an explorer on a frozen world have hot- unendurable heat and near-absolute zero depending Temperate worlds were the most popular colo. “Desert worlds” are hot 12 Burning enough or arid enough to be deprived of most surface Frozen worlds are those with so weak a stellar pri. techniques of water prospecting and well-drilling in ble temperature easily because the stellar void is very order to maintain their agricultural systems. extracting water from living prey. and might flip regularly between bypass codes handed down by their ancestors.90• Running Head Running Head •91 Temperature air can send ferocious cyclones and raging hurricanes across the surface of the world. The mixing of hot and cold . pools of on planetary rotation and orbit. and most of the truly populous worlds of the molten metal. ancient bases subsurface rivers. These worlds can be quite prosperous for humans if the The worst of the cold worlds are similar in condition native life is edible. equator. The more clement ones have brief warmer sea. some large enough to consume most of a hemisphere. agricultural land is at a premi. either On cold worlds. and superheated liquid vents can bring If a GM intends this planet to have a large hu. Temperate worlds are the most likely to teem with every planet needs to support its own population. Most frontier or underground farms is unlikely to support millions worlds never accumulated enough population to put a of people. Worlds with an airless or thin than trifles of temperature. across its surface. Warfare empty. ranging from cold to temperate levels or temperate to um. ness. Anything that is intolera. but desert-world humans must learn sophisticated drifts is very dangerous. remembered in legend and story. Rivulets of molten lead or copper might bleed ture variations produced by stellar radiation and the ers might still be in possession of the automatic defense from open veins on the hillsides. Many temperate quick death to an unwary explorer. but a human can seas that boil with piscids and other alien life analogs. teeming with thick jungles and vast mats of sargasso on Cold worlds are uncomfortable. Humans can survive existed has long since frozen into drifts of solidified on warm worlds without more than appropriate cloth- oxygen or lakes of liquid helium. and popula. worlds tend to be covered with plant and animal life. while those 4-5 Cold of a clement temperate world have the luxury of deep 6-8 Temperate and lasting divisions. and some native lead. Earth. the suit and empty space. ecology of disease. but inhabitants are often forced to to Earth’s Antarctic regions. barren wastes of ice and deal with large predators and a vividly ingenious native wind. Savage wars may have broken out that has substantially different climactic zones spread over control of fertile growing regions. This may be a climate that changes world- numbers to what hydroponic farms can provide.

The grazers. An airless rock. Many engineered environments that can accommodate life means that uncommon on these worlds. Hybrid biospheres are a stable intermixing of Ter- well be outcompeted by native life specifically evolved inhabited world. leaving them a blank slate for the ag. some show enough inge. and some worlds had disasters or worlds have been colonized for centuries before the ing amid gardens of alien fruit. or an inability to consume Terran food- Some worlds are highly unlikely to have a biosphere. If the world exotic plants and animals in human space. forming a mucous-like outer shell against the atmo. while Terran vegetation provides suste- 12 Engineered biosphere some substantial portion of the native life is biologi. but commonly pay for it in shortened life spans. where foodstuffs and devastation. Most such for this world. Whatever life exists on the world into decades of frozen night. thing the colony needs to eat will have to be grown Some end up leaving nothing but genetic wreckage sphere and then feeding and growing off the chemical from Terran stock. Exot. a frozen wasteland. the fact that humans can eat some tastes. spices. They can also be disasters waiting to happen. been the exercise of a maltech planet-buster weapon. such planets can by the limits of familiar evolutionary patterns. particularly hostile in any case. Unfettered sophisticated than microbes.92• Running Head Running Head •93 Biosphere tered humans are often able to digest the local food. insect-like Biosphere remnants are the wreckage of a ruined cally compatible with human nutritional needs. it is common for the pollen in their wake. nance for large populations of small. Immiscible biospheres produce some of the most ing tin all are unlikely to host any sort of life more ricultural and ecological efforts of humans. The resultant al- . Colonists on a world without edible local life packages of plants. Some escape the planet likely died when it did. though many ological flux as the local ecology strives vainly to find isms and native life. animals. inhabitants. For one reason or another. and the natives often supplement their stocks a highly advanced civilization. hard-pressed to survive them. or often lack the wide variety of edibles that evolved on they require enormous time and effort on the part of some volcanic eruption or asteroid impact that plunged Earth. refined minerals are produced as byproducts from the Microbial life is often the only thing that exists on tive life can eat humans in turn. genetic flaws. though the universe has is otherwise amenable to Terran life. Worse. The only benefit of such worlds is the likelihood that Some empty worlds are now in a state of constant bi. The native biology may or may large predators don’t realize that until after they devour some sort of equilibrium between the myriad imported not be miscible with human life. Others are living forges. or a world of boil. drifts of preserved bones. Despite the per- ships and garbled warnings remain a steady staple at sistent drawbacks. conditions. while others go wrong in more subtle byproducts of its erosion. something killed all the life on nourishing. These planets tend to be extremely forming new alliances. and insect life designed to as they are to humans. the wrong beast or bug can lay waste to of symbiosis and adaptation. and liquors can be worth interstellar or by advanced pretech gengineering methods. sive. are forced to seed and grow Terran crops. carefully sculpted by and remains might be found throughout the desolate worlds. and handicaps that hu- spacer bars throughout the known universe. local plants and animals may not be tasty or terribly behavior patterns that have formed in response to local ests of dead plant life. It may have rious importation of Terran crop seeds and livestock. tures of bizarre beauty and strange configurations are even on seemingly unendurable planets. Where once the biosphere existed to serve the Microbial life can also be dangerous. experimentation on their progeny. as or a mutant microbe introduced by human colonists. but they can support life without the se. along with more clues as to the cause of the Unfortunately. adjustment. native life means that it is very likely that some na. the creator’s purpose. a relatively stable configuration of Earth-born organ- humans are just as poisonous to local life. with plants and animals 6-8 Human-miscible biosphere whole continents. Some varieties of slime mold have even Immiscible biospheres are not friendly to humans. Rumors of These worlds are exceptionally susceptible to the terrible “space plagues” that leave behind only drifting temptation of human gengineering. the more inhospitable planets. or else the interloping 2d6 Biosphere More subtly. Many lack the intelli- The real question of a biosphere is whether or not tech xenobiologists compiled standardized colonization gence to realize that humans are as poisonous to them it’s edible. While most allergenic to humans. and other microbial life of these worlds to be highly ways. which may expand smoothly and evenly to fill the niches of an un. 3 Microbial life plant or animal. may find themselves subsisting on herds of herbivo- 11 Hybrid biosphere Human-miscible biospheres are those in which rous alien life. Familiar animals may show seemingly bizarre ecology. maintenance efforts just to prevent a planetary collapse. the No native biosphere is occasionally found on even desperate need to eat can drive worlds to wholesale the most temperate and otherwise habitable worlds. man gengineering usually introduces in a subject. this planet has been extensively altered by an alien race Any local civilization not sophisticated enough to ic foods. found on many of these worlds. Petrified trees. and any. some fabulously wealthy predecessor to suit their own wastes. None of the local plants or animals are edible. species. but it unlikely to be some luckless colonist. crea- demonstrated the existence of a few exotic creatures be enormously fertile and agriculturally rich. With no strong native ecology to fight Hybrid biospheres often show strange examples 4-5 No native biosphere off interlopers. unable to digest any of special circumstances that destabilized their efforts. and small colonies can be worlds are dependent upon regular stabilizing work to these little beasts show up in some of the most un. furred. Their ruins importation to feed the hunger for novelty on these such worlds are paradise planets. engineered biospheres can go badly awry. Large predators and basic organic processes of the world’s biosphere. failure. life simply never evolved stuffs. for. a creaking engineered biosphere can leave alien microbes are unable to infect or harm the radically lored antiallergenics to prevent eventual respiratory the planet’s population chained to constant repair and different biology of humans. Not all colonists implemented these ran flora and fauna with local life forms. giving the local ecology time to shake out into it. Silence. Without regular pruning and managed to evolve on corrosive-atmosphere planets. yet the wide variety of diseases capable of human infection are by no means Such worlds tend to be fragile. perhaps becoming larger or more aggres- this planet in the relatively recent past. Large predators from one world 9-10 Immiscible biosphere paranoid about importation of foreign life forms. Such colonists might well end up starv. of local foods with limited Terran agriculture. Even the friendlier human-miscible biospheres Engineered biospheres are among the rarest. nuity to accomplish even that difficult feat. prevent genetic drift and adaptations that do not serve likely places. packages correctly. requiring the regular use of tai. Pre. physical disabilities. on these worlds. these worlds can be suddenly and life forms would not have been able to get a foothold 2 Biosphere remnants drastically destabilized by the import of some offworld on the planet.

a First Wave 4-5 Tens of thousands of inhabitants mutual support and efficient exploitation of land. This level of population is also usually the most that a and local politics revolve around Byzantine feuds and Outposts are rarely composed of more than a few world at tech level 4 can support using only artificial ancient slights. even tors were known to be dominated by alien empires be- thousand inhabitants at best. self-absorbed and comfort. or colonization deeds autho. fore the Scream. The date of colonization. conflict-torn planets not unlike maintaining some sort of society in the wreckage of amenable to a human without a vacc suit or filter mask. A few survivors might population of most frontier worlds. but they can be found in be completely self-sufficient. Such temporary out. This small population thousands of starships. colonization. These worlds have been colonized for al- 9-10 Millions of inhabitants ted countryside. or others incapable of tolerat. These worlds decaying remnants of a former empire that had fallen for it in mind. These to build spike drives. and smaller settlements start to assert their own cul. framework for resolving these new tensions. expedition. disaster. with some being reduced to burnt-out cinders by some find themselves so wealthy. or in some cases. and will tend to push up starships. and there is little way to tell port them. perpetually different nations or city-states. and truly inimical worlds Colonial outposts tend to be better equipped but if they possess the necessary technical information. even when the labor is cheap and rized by neighboring worlds. Some cultures with sufficient tech might or news of the sector. however. The sheer amount of axy. and tion there’s little to distinguish it from the next airless a somewhat explosive mix in a young colony. The major settlement of the planet is substantial cultural development and change since the 12 Alien civilization usually built around the spaceport. and decadence than that of humans. regional hegemon. currence in most sectors. malcontents. Less to conflict. Worlds incapable of growing food on the planet’s when a vital supply ship fails to make its drop or when populous worlds rarely have the broad range of spe. This level of population is normally the smallest Alien civilizations appear to be no more immune Planetary populations hinge on a world’s habitabili. Tens of thousands of inhabitants are often found stripped of their nuke snuffers. per. Not all such worlds have the necessary resources tech artifacts. Individual leaders can address in two main varieties. those planets with an sapients who evolved on the world. base on the surface. usually ones with abundant. ogy. pioneers tend to be very friendly towards visiting powerful planets in the sector. ers and tramp merchants to bring them vital supplies dwarfs the capabilities of most other worlds. but the natives often the requisite time to grow or they are uncolonized many inhabitants. original founding. can be interesting in many ways. labor and expertise they can put into their projects indicate that cycles of growth and decay have been against the limits of a world’s capacity to feed and sup. low-tech thumb. internal somewhat. 2d6 Population on newly-colonized worlds. show remarkable sophistication in making the most of worlds that just happen to have a naval or corporate At this level of population. unified planetary government. while others are more recent efforts that gut. cultures may are little more than one more element of the local ecol. a mid-20th-century Earth. ty. Young colonies rarely have much of a traders and diplomats. but without elabora. most a thousand years. failure of vital colonial by a leader’s personal quirks than a more populous right. and some political divisions Alien civilizations are even rarer than massively Corporate or military outposts aren’t intended to might exist beneath the overall planetary government. Some date back to the First very personal in nature. Resource wars are common their ancestors’ work. ing the world that sent them forth. combined with limited outside contact can result in have the transport weight and personnel available to ony. Countless alien ruins and lost deep-space artifacts Humans breed quickly. any human presence often forced to raise their own food supplies. and it’s . with too few people to support large. while others might sistent survivors of a long-failed colonization attempt. The more common is that of Wave of human colonization more than a thousand the entire population of a world at a single meeting. very uneven. even have clung to life in the intervening centuries. While large outposts are Regional variations start to become present as towns some sectors. it is limited or nonexistent in fields that posts are either very new colonies that have not have so less hospitable planets rarely have more than this depend on unavailable resources. or any one of a hundred other disasters. Some such worlds can grow decidedly docile client states rather than outright conquests. Out. Full-scale planetary thusian culling. With such a small population. Such natives expect to live Millions of inhabitants are found on some of the colonial surveyors consisted of indigenous. leveraging its enormous reserves years ago. and networks of family. they probably are one of the more collapse appears to be a very common event in the gal- ball of rock. and a very large initial colonial 6-8 Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants atmosphere can be something like that of a village-dot. and are more inclined to build more populous frontier worlds. as they are often dependent upon free trad. Some worlds of this type fail to coalesce under a how many alien empires have swept over what is now rely on contraceptives and birth licensing to ensure Some “outposts” are really just the stubborn. posts are known to find themselves in sudden distress that can create spike drive-equipped starships. cialists and workers necessary to build such ships. replace. and employees can of labor and scientific personnel to build hundreds or tered out under the strains of a colony’s birth. Many excellent climate and soil for agriculture. though most hegemons prefer the safer route of equipment. The ruins of the colony might still have valuable pre. Some sec- surface are unlikely to have more than a few hundred some local threat proves more than the staff can handle. Technology on such planets tends to be hundred or few thousand colonists at the most. dominate the local social life. city-states and hub what they have available. spare parts. or else were the habitation on it unless the GM has a specific purpose permanent structures and local improvements. human-populated planets. and most alien worlds are isolated planets. Some hegemons might even Pirate attacks might have wiped out a young col. adequate supplies of arable land and surface conditions becoming balkanized. maltech weapon or by nuclear attacks against regions able as to voluntarily choose not to reproduce. going on for millennia. is either nonexistent or simply a token contingent of ment personnel. or those with limited Billions of inhabitants on a world is a freak oc- 2 Failed colony arable land. expansion. These cultures can survive for centuries. a world ought to have some kind of human and die on the world. and have likely gone through 11 Billions of inhabitants specialized cities. teem with human life compared to most of their neigh. and advanced tech must tural traits. most set. but most inhabited worlds found by might be lucky to have a tenth as many. a check on population. unusual societies more strongly influenced colonize or conquer their less powerful neighbors out- dissension. disease outbreaks. As a rule of with less outside backing. planet might be.. however. Failed colonies are occasionally found dotting the Politics on planets with so few people tend to be Planets with this many inhabitants tend to come worlds of human space. of their attention to intra-planetary quarrels between then empty ruins. A world untouched by human presence are exiles. settlements start to form. friends. a circumstance dependent 3 Outpost tlements tend to be clustered close to one another for on almost perfect planetary conditions. apart into isolated colonial worlds. hydroponic complexes and sealed agricultural systems. On these worlds. unhealthy in their customs and traditions. and it can make for bors. as might a hostile biosphere.94• Running Head Running Head •95 Population not uncommon for outsiders to end up as catspaws for range from a few tens of thousands to teeming worlds varying factions. choose or be forced to leave matters to simple Mal. of billions. Wars and diseases may also serve as culled by the dangers of the world until the survivors wars have been known to break out on such worlds. and turn most human space before dwindling to decaying worlds and sufficient food for its population. and if they have sufficient technological expertise This fate of growth. The actual number of aliens may all be brought in from elsewhere. Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants make up the to build starships. alien attack.. These worlds tend to take a different route.

the speed of travel. a primitive world caught at much the same general level of development ical base ever since. first is a “knockdown” world that formerly had tech some unique local resource that serves amazingly well drive equipped starships. By the same token. It may take The tech level of a world represents not only the lev. Tech level 4 is the baseline level of development Such awe rarely lasts very long once the merchants or These worlds come in two major varieties. A world main might neighbor an implacably hostile sage-king. the glories of former generations. of quick communications methods tends to result in have rare ore deposits. and vast Most tech level 2 worlds are “knockdowns”. and every tech level 1 is unlikely to have access to such helpful this condition tend to have rather small populations in their tech. the natives may simply not have anything better to things compared to the power of a fusion plant. Twentieth-century technology. They may have elaborate the First Wave of colonization a thousand years ago. they can be built with primitive tools and a basic degree for modern post-Silence “postech”. Nineteenth-century technology. The scavenged hulks of their technological base through purely indigenous efforts. that knowledge into effective production. lack of fusion power or spike drive manufacture. but some technological development of most of these worlds. ancestors’ fusion plants may stand as mute temples to These worlds tend to have very large populations if the Pretech manufacturing was largely dependent on 4 Tech level 2. technical expertise beyond baseline postech in certain information. the leap to the next tech level eventually. Miniaturized in one or two narrow ranges of technology. tech level 1 worlds tend to be been forced to painstakingly build up their technolog. The Tech level 2 worlds are blessed with the presence nant cultures are uneasy with the new technology. or some field of roughly similar breadth. would allow them to do without them. but groups of experts. Barring the pro- 12 Tech level 5. Tech level 1 worlds have managed to find and ex. . dirty labor. and can produce a wide range of goods that are might have local resources that are exceptionally useful as their tech level 0 cousins. they can’t develop the technology that might have forgotten their origins entirely. most technology is likely mass-produced postech. and much local conflict may level of development is effectively cut off from inter. Others might pre. hold on to the majority of the pre-Scream technology herbal poultices. Medieval technology. Even on worlds such as collapse this far without dying out completely. social structures and cultural development. With the loss of 5-6 Tech level 3. but the natives have no reason decades. In both cases. pirates who landed make their purposes clear. These worlds can certainly a regional hegemon. ticated beasts of burden. The lack than baseline humans. the world will ments. Internal combustion engines are crude Tech level 4 worlds are the most common in hu. but without the world’s climate permits. bigger armies. of quality. It is this kind of resource limitation that Some worlds might retain crisply rational records Tech level 3 worlds are those that have developed disciplines. Simply providing a world with the necessary tech. pre-Silence technology. ets that once had a much higher degree of sophisti. and all the other perquisites that it may take as much as a generation for a world to build opment of the lost disciplines. and even the development of psionics-based 2 Tech Level 0. native work contracts for dangerous. force field or radioactives. much the same way as tech level 0 planets. level 4 technologies before some catastrophe or pirate for the purpose at hand. with only important goods produced to pretech levels world is so profoundly devoid of useful resources that of fossil fuels. The unreplaceable pretech manufactories or the result of for planets capable of building fusion plants. to substitute slower. and the friendly prince of one do. but they driven into near-neolithic conditions by some outside fusion plants. Worlds in interstellar trade from neighboring worlds interested Tech levels are rough approximations. to set up a whole new industry for export. limited longevity enhance. Some worlds wards this level of technological expertise. tech necessary to repair and rebuild such edifices the quite some time. one of the most pow- Natives of a world at this tech level might retain of education. Pretech. grav tech. other combustibles to make steam engines feasible. Most foodstuffs are too bulky and the necessary raw resources eventually gravitate to- cheap to make it worth a captain’s time. The natives tend to be keenly aware of to produce results without severe drawbacks. A few worlds have enough plant matter or that are susceptible to the loss of a few concentrated tentatious about display of this wealth. exotic grav 2d6 Tech Level are unable to mechanize without some energy-dense pressure before slowly and painfully rebuilding their weaponry. the achievements of their forebears. but man space. The time may be longer still if the domi. this. vigorous good health. 4 worlds have even attempted to improve the genetic Despite this. Tech level 1 worlds tend to respond to visitors in nical data for advancement doesn’t mean that advance. er plants. A world with this level of they may not have the local resources to fashion medi. and their technical expertise is the baseline A world with this level of technology is almost work with than rocks and native vegetation. designed to cope with local conditions more perfectly travellers will vary with the local culture. Even if a tech level 3 world curtailed their production efficiency. but without oil or benefits these strangers from the sky can bring them. Baseline postech. most often keeps a world caught at a low level of tech. The ruling elite of the world can be os- planet is going to have slight variance within that range. can advance to greater things. and work fiercely to such worlds remain populated by altered humanity Responses to free traders and other interstellar redevelop lost techniques and reclaim old knowledge. drive-6 rated spike drives. and the world must struggle to regain its These worlds tend to have substantial amounts of traders or Scavenger Fleet contact. grav vehicles. but those with very much of such a resource usually make The second major variety is a world that suffered merit random placement. plan. Tech level 5 is the highest tech level that might sics of human anatomy and practical wound care. world is dependent on purely local fuel sources. hydroponics. These specialties are usually either the product of a few. erful and influential worlds in the sector. and view between tech level 3 worlds and level 4 worlds is the generation. for advancing local industry. Others feel forced to trade pretech industries or has developed their own local fossil fuels on the planet they have no way to use the and will bargain accordingly. 3 Tech level 1.96• Running Head Running Head •97 Tech Level Few tech level 2 worlds produce much that’s worth Most worlds with regular interstellar contact and interstellar trade. and some tech level displays of foodstuffs and craft work for the ruling class. “psitech” is possible on such a world. sky-born humans as gods or messengers of the divine. disaster. The ruling ment will be quick or even. Those worlds with easy access Some of the wrecked infrastructure might have been relate to control over these resources. fusion pow. their unique disciplines in the Scream. but also the world’s ability to translate regional cultures. Existing resources tend to be exploited to the ing. most worlds 7-10 Tech level 4. less precise methods that sharply ing pretech. but this tech level is the highest that can available on it. attack destroyed their knowledge and industrial base. Even those elaborate cultural artifacts and a very sophisticated resource vastly increases the efficiency of local farm. simple energy weapons. gengineering on simple life forms. unknown on less sophisticated worlds. a world this primitive is very rare in human space. enterprises. and so land with fewer hands. but a culture trapped at former level of technological production. The mechanization that results from this create spike drives rated up to drive-3. A planet without this ploit metal deposits and likely have imported or domes. worlds barter the relics of their ancestors in exchange Tech level 4 with specialties is an unusual case might still guard texts describing elaborate principles Most “lostworlders” have a keen appreciation for the for educational materials or rare resources necessary of a normal tech level 4 world that has retained some of petrochemical manipulation. as they have been colonized for specially-trained industrial psychics. A decayed colony is unlikely to have forgotten the ba. resource to serve as fuel. and petrochemicals puts a hard stop on the or invasion. They can manage sophisticated starships and military technology. and worlds that have no imperial ambitions have enormous society. medicine. Some of these worlds date back to base. cities. that retain this level of tech classification were forced 11 Tech level 4 with specialties or some surviv. Very few worlds come from being able to work the available agricultural the necessary infrastructure and resource extraction trial output is sharply limited. spike. foundly unlikely happenstance of this world’s redevel- Tech level 0 represents a world with technologies cities. domesticated beasts of cation but were recently crippled by disease. Stone-age technology. their maximum indus- similar to neolithic-era humanity. the lack of metal. resources. These attempts have yet burden. and basic energy weapons. class of these worlds is liable to be able to muster larger has the necessary resources to build tech level 4 devices. The main difference scope. with large populations producing massive stone workers. structures of human life itself. of their colonization and downfall. to a level much like that of the more advanced nations Most such specialties are relatively narrow in Without bottleneck resources such as petrochemicals serve tales of a starry origin in legends and story. jealously guard the tech. or even centuries in the case of more retro- el of technological progress and scientific knowledge large populations breaking up into numerous smaller to dig them until a merchant makes it worth their while grade worlds. Some such readily be achieved by most planets. human-powered engines for irrigation. and the productivity of factory medicines that extend human life to a hundred years of influence simply through the vast superiority of their hilt. A few of late twentieth-century Earth. a severe disaster shortly after colonization and has technological expertise has somehow managed to cal tools more sophisticated than obsidian scalpels and As a consequence. stellar news and trade without the good offices of free to fossil fuels or a similarly energy-dense substance irreplaceable.

Dress the Spaceport ties and ethnic groups. or a compound using three or more can end up muddying the feel of shouldn’t be used simply to stereotype the inhabitants. Friend. and the influence of natural cultural You should make a few notes about the places that important. religions. you should pick or roll two tags for if the world was colonized by a mixed group or if you great deal about the place and should be able to pick a any given world. These details may not be Each tag includes associated entries for Enemies. Tags can randomly give you “desert styles. The Resources chapter includes qualities that sound interesting for a world. ad-lib details of local dress. In the centuries since. Giv- ing NPCs names and a few small details can be useful Determine the Government at this stage. and quickly of irreplaceable pre-Scream moisture collectors”. Complication. tags to create ones flavored specifically for that world. GMs can combine the elements of the two present day. pick names for minor NPCs. mocracy. Some of these should be noted accordingly on the Planet Record sheet. Later on. bright elements to of political offices. Worlds cut off from interstellar traffic might not come up with Heinrich Stalt. use it at all. Tags development. but not every world uses it for local af- tor” entries from the enemies lists of those tags. or local architecture? This spaceport and city will be the first thing the PCs see of the planet. cultural institutions. name the world. you should also spare a little Most frontier worlds are Second Wave colonies. want to have a less recognizable culture predominate. The name of are brief conceptual tropes that set the world off from It can still be useful to identify a predominant cul. If you know the world has a Japanese cultural ate “an arid world riven by factional disputes between flavor. sounds. or else roll a table for the random selection of cultures. Religious specialists. The world tags may give the answer to this question if You should feel free to come up with your own the world is a “Tyranny” or “Theocracy”. Any special laws or restrictions on weaponry or armor tented natives of humanity’s homeworld. Imperial Mind Proctor. of course. The final step in world creation. and the other details of daily life. and perhaps the most of new technology. you developed its own native tongue only vaguely related should fill in about three samples for each category of to its parent language. the world. their own special language. You can either pick from the tag table to select individualize the place. for example. or Place. maintain their traditional tongue. Combining A modified form of English is the lingua franca of the “Colonial Official” and “Mental Purity Investiga. Their real utility or possibly just the name of the star followed by the ly combine into some intricately sophisticated world is in determining personal names. the families based around ownership tents of a meal. es. while others were a blend of many different nationali. culinary habits. the future. but to provide some clear. these cul. If you don’t have any special plans for the world’s istic elements can be blended into the list of adventure government. Complications. you should know a In general. tural strain for the world as it adds one more element to and perhaps one or two other useful places. or fit them into national caricatures. architectural relate to the PCs. these elements will be used in Mark down a few notes as to the form of the world’s the Adventure Generation chapter to create adventure general government. planet torn by civil war”. and character. istics. bar. while It’s important to note that these cultural hints the Resources chapter might suit. the consequences notable characteristics about it. fitting name for the world. while other insular planets may prefer to a grim inquisitor dispatched to the worlds under Im. equipment store. a local hotel or boarding house. but otherwise tags as well. Is it a poor place? Has it . Using a single tag can leave a plan. two random tags for a world might be Pick the Local Language “Regional Hegemon” and “Psionics Fear”. we fairs. Take a moment to choose the name of the city where tures have naturally drifted and changed based on the the world’s chief spaceport is located. model. perfectly true to reality. perial “protection” to purge them of the awful curse of ethnic minorities. thought for the law enforcement on the world. Thing. you can likely improvise the con- fragmented clans. Select the Cultural Flavor While you’re at it. word describing some important feature of the planet. planets of otherwise similar population and character. it’s safest to choose a representative de- components. For example.98• Running Head Running Head •99 Assigning World Tags got unusual smells. ing. and pick a few pressures of their new homeworld. Some worlds might have On the Sector File record sheet for the world. PC tablished between nine and six hundred years ago by groups being somewhat careless about issues of legality. so it should be characteristic of the place. simply pick one that suits. and Places that fit with explained by the centuries of cultural drift since the that tag. Is it a monarchy? A feudal world? outlines for the PCs. or run by corporate oligarchs? are the sort of thing that would interest the PC group. as that structure will be the most intuitively clear to most players. from which you can then cre. or other subgroups might also have psionically-active monsters. so try to make sure the elements Democratic in nature. but any discrepancies can be Friends. lies in assigning “tags” to the world. or you can Name the Planet 1d6 and 1d10 to select them randomly. Almost any science-fiction trope you should simply pick something that sounds interest- that you enjoy can be turned into a tag. Enemy. By now. Finally. Multiple cultures might fit. Things. colonists from worlds closer to Terra or by discon. A place name chosen from et feeling somewhat flat and one-dimensional. The goal of the tags is not to automatical. expeditions were from a single nation or cultural group. the names number of the planet’s orbital sequence. the PCs are most likely to visit on arrival.

Curious xenophiliac. Un- ony’s property. The otherwise. an expedition objects of value without substantial payment. Automated defense system T Precious alien artifacts. The colony the ruins. The remains of the colony are usually in ruins. or it might have E Customs inspector. Hidden alien survivor gerous from the aftermath of whatever destroyed it F Curious scholar. They may have 4 Anarchists 29 Freak Geology 54 Oceanic World 79 Robots E additional limbs. An environ- 18 Cyclical Doom 43 Local Tech 68 Psionics Worship 93 Tyranny ment requiring the mutation for survival. Orbital ruin. Perfectly preserved C The local government wants the ruins to remain alien building. Alteration is necessary 12 Civil War 37 Hivemind 62 Preceptor Archive 87 Sole Supplier for long-term survival. been a reclusive cabal of zealots. Heir to the col- remains of a prior unsuccessful expedition. A 19 Desert World 44 Major Spaceyard 69 Quarantined World 94 Unbraked AI sacred site where the first local was transformed 20 Doomed World 45 Mandarinate 70 Radioactive World 95 Urbanized Surface 21 Dying Race 46 Mandate Base 71 Refugees 96 Utopia 22 Eugenic Cult 47 Maneaters 72 Regional Hegemon 97 Warlords 23 Exchange Consulate 48 Megacorps 73 Restrictive Laws 98 Xenophiles 24 Fallen Hegemon 49 Mercenaries 74 Revanchists 99 Xenophobes 25 Feral World 50 Minimal Contact 75 Revolutionaries 00 Zombies . The locals claim ownership of it. Record of the orig- inal colonial genotypes 17 Cyborgs 42 Local Specialty 67 Psionics Fear 92 Trade Hub P Abandoned eugenics laboratory. Local experimenter. 16 Cybercommunists 41 Immortals 66 Psionics Academy 91 Tomb World “Cure” for the altered genes. Avaricious local resident.100• Running Head Running Head •101 World Tags Abandoned Colony Alien Ruins The world once hosted a colony. Ruthless plunderers of the customs officials ruins. In- in the first place. Men- 8 Battleground 33 Great Work 58 Pilgrimage Site 83 Sectarians tally unstable mutant P 9 Beastmasters 34 Hatred 59 Pleasure World 84 Seismic Instability F Local seeking a “cure”. Objects left with the F Inquisitive stellar archaeologist. Local wanting the place cleaned translated alien texts. Untouched hidden ruins out P Undersea ruin. The colony is crumbling and dangerous to navigate T Long-lost property deeds. Were these from ancestral eugenic F 6 Area 51 31 Friendly Foe 56 Outpost World 81 Sealed Menace manipulation. or from environmental toxins? C 7 Badlands World 32 Gold Rush 57 Perimeter Agency 82 Secret Masters T E Biochauvinist local. Relic stolen by the colonists when they left. and may make it difficult to remove any might have been mercantile in nature. whether human or The world has significant alien ruins present. until some crisis or natural disaster drove locals may or may not permit others to investigate the inhabitants away or killed them off. and might still be dan. to extract valuable local resources. new sensory organs. or other sig- 5 Anthropomorphs 30 Freak Weather 55 Out of Contact 80 Seagoing Cities nificant changes. Structure buried by an ancient landslide d100 Tag d100 Tag d100 Tag d100 Tag 1 Abandoned Colony 26 Flying Cities 51 Misandry/Misogyny 76 Rigid Culture Alien Ruins Forbidden Tech Night World Rising Hegemon Altered Humanity Anarchists 2 27 52 77 3 Altered Humanity 28 Former Warriors 53 Nomads 78 Ritual Combat The humans on this world are visibly and drastical- ly different from normal humanity. Paranoid E Crazed survivors. Valu- 15 Cultural Power 40 Hostile Space 65 Prison Planet 90 Theocracy able biological byproduct from the mutants. An- 10 Bubble Cities 35 Heavy Industry 60 Police State 85 Shackled World thropological researcher 11 Cheap Life 37 Heavy Mining 61 Post-Scarcity 86 Societal Despair C Alteration is contagious. Historical record of the colonization attempt P Decaying habitation block. terstellar smuggler C Traps in the ruins. Remote location. Vine-covered town square. Alien mausoleum a secret. Locals fear and mistrust 13 Cold War 38 Holy War 63 Pretech Cultists 88 Taboo Treasure non-local humans 14 Colonized Population 39 Hostile Biosphere 64 Primitive Aliens 89 Terraform Failure T Original pretech mutagenic equipment. Worshipper of the ruins.

but the common populace has no itable climate. In such sealed environments. Local who wants F Local rebel against the city officials. Ruined city. or nanotechnical weaponry has reduced it to a wretched hellscape.102• Running Head Running Head •103 Badlands World Battleground Whatever the ostensible climate and atmosphere type. Valuable industrial composed of offworlders products. Broken terrain. Salt flat Anthropomorphs Area 51 Beastmasters Bubble Cities The world’s government is fully aware of their local Whether due to a lack of atmosphere or an uninhab- stellar neighbors. Idealistic government reformer C Bubble rupture. system Possessions of the last offworlder who decided P City power core. F it that way. Trade with government officials in re. Surface of the bubble. Master key codes to a city’s security T Elaborate spy devices. surveillance cameras presses the natives. F techniques of surveillance and control can grow ba- C mote locations is possible. P P oteur from another bubble city. Native revolt against officials. All-seeing truth concealed. Sudden local plague T Maltech research core. Surveyor seeking F Crusading offworld investigator. Hid- den mountain valley . Memory erasure tech. Hydro- to spread the truth ponics complex. Bioweapon traces. F C E Mutated badlands fauna. Mainte- a specimen for dissection nance chief in need of help. Conspira. Functional pretech weaponry. T commoners in on the truth will be met with lethal T E Native dreading outsider contamination. something horrible happened to this world. The government ruthlessly op. The government is actually T Pretech habitat technology. E Biological. the world’s cities exist within domes or E E idea about it. new building sites cy-theorist local. Desperate local. Local official E Suspicious government minder. P Scientist researching ecological repair methods. Free merchant hostile to outsider ignorance of laws who likes his local monopoly. but any attempt to clue the C roque and extreme.and the government means to keep pressurized buildings. Bad- lands raider chief T F Native desperately wishing to escape the world. Ruin scavenger C Radioactivity. Warren-like hab block P Desert airfield. Sab- reprisals. chemical. An uncontaminated well P Untouched oasis. Failing atmosphere reproces- C The government has a good reason to keep the sor. Deep subterranean bunker.

Colonial labor site . T T P E Faction commissar. Offworlder seeking passage off the planet C The front rolls over the group. Political rally. and A neighboring world has successfully colonized this they have a hostility to each other that’s just barely less-advanced or less-organized planet. A puppet government logical in nature.104• Running Head Running Head •105 Cheap Life Civil War Cultural Power Cybercommunists The world is currently torn between at least two op- posing factions. or it might just be the result of F F C schemers who plan to be the new masters once the C C T revolution is complete. “He’s a bastard. Unjustly accused innocent. Native who E Suspicious security personnel. ing help. tives aren’t happy about it. Deserter looking out for himself. and the na- E E less than open warfare. Rear-area red light zone. The E E E war may be the result of a successful rebel uprising F against tyranny. The hostility might be ideo. ing natives. Colonial official seek- side. Spy for the other F Native resistance leader. Bandit infestations T Ammo dump. Misunderstood local customs T List of traitors in government. T T thinks the outworlders are with the other side. Isolat. Propaganda broadcast tower Cold War Colonized Population Cyborgs Cyclical Doom Two or more great powers control the planet. Precious substance extracted by colonial ration for war labor P Seedy bar in a neutral area. or it might revolve around control may exist. C C E Suspicious chief of intelligence. Offworlder-hat. Native caught in the crossfire. Secret war plans P Battle front. Guerilla ban- dits F Faction loyalist seeking aid. secret military T Relic of the resistance movement. orators. Native caught between the two sides but he’s our bastard” official C Natives won’t talk to offworlders. Angry native. Low-level skirmishing. P Deep wilderness resistance camp. Local crime boss preying on rich P P Femme fatale offworlders F Apolitical information broker. viceroy. List of collab- plans. Treasure buried for after the war. but all real decisions are made by the local F F of some local resource. Military cache. Colonial re- C Police sweep. “Red scare” pression. Huge cache of weapons built up in prepa. Bombed-out town. all of which claim legitimacy. City district ed area where fighting is underway off-limits to natives. Famine strikes. Conspiracy P P theorist who blames offworlders for the war.

but it is an arid. E stony waste outside of a few places made habitable by human effort. some worlds retain F secret cults that perpetuate these improvements a functioning Exchange Consulate where banking F C regardless of the cost. incurred Local seeking revenge on cult F Consul in need of offworld help. Public place infiltrated by cult P Consulate meeting chamber. Hid- den underground cistern Dying Race Eugenic Cult Exchange Consulate Fallen Hegemon Even in the days before the Silence. Isolated settlement of of forgotten vault altered humans. F plored and inhabited by outcasts and worse. Exchange dip- terrified of any unusual physical appearance. Research biologist. Angry isola. lomat The genetic modifications. Even after the Silence. Meeting site be- sympathizers tween fractious disputants. Biotechnical investigator. major improve. C T taken over entirely by the cults. Wealth hidden to con- tabanks. A powerful T Serum that induces the alteration. Indebted native P E Eugenic superiority fanatic. Strange P desert beast F Native guide. Native war- fare over water rights T Enormous water reservoir. The Exchange of Light once served as the largest.and drawbacks. T Exchange vault codes. Location P Eugenic breeding pit. T tionists. Water supply failure. The locals are seeking to hurt his competition. Map of hidden wells. Mentally unstable who thinks the players are Exchange agents. Pretech rainmaking equipment P Oasis. P homo superior.106• Running Head Running Head •107 Desert World Doomed World The world may have a breathable atmosphere and a human-tolerable temperature range. and a few planets have been services and arbitration can be arranged. Some worlds host man space. List of secret cult sympathizers ceal it from a bankruptcy judgment. Paranoid mineral prospector. Pretech biotechnical da. The deep wastes are largely unex. ment of the human genome always seemed to come most trusted banking and diplomatic service in hu- E E with unacceptable side-effects. “The Empty Quarter” of the desert. C E Raider chieftain. T E Corrupt Exchange official. Exchange vault . the contagious with long exposure Consulate is cut off from its funds. Aspiring ter- raformer C Sandstorms.are C The local Consulate has been corrupted. Crazed hermit. Mad eugenic scientist Exchange official dunning the players for debts F Eugenic propagandist. Local banker C The altered cultists look human. Elixir that debtor refuses to pay reverses the alteration.

The planet’s larger population C with strangers. Mad cultist. tion of great natural beauty pattern. Meteorological researcher outworlders about. Maltech buyer from offworld. Terra- lor. Naturally-sculpted objects of intricate possession owned by luckless outworlder victim dicting future storms P Atop a bizarre geological formation. Prospector. Perhaps they remain the mineral structures all fragment into perfect cubes. T of their fellows. ing is practical for most worlds. Cultist who believes it the ble for some disaster. The government depends on revenue from C The group actually is as harmless and benevolent C The strike is a hoax. Internal malcon- curity enforcer tent bent on creating conflict. genetically engineered slaves. equipment. Perhaps city-flattening Whatever remains has been twisted beyond recogni. Boom town P Repurposed maltech laboratory. The one calm place on sort catering to offworlders P Eye of the storm. Hidden veins of a T Wind-scoured deposits of precious minerals. Eugenic biotech template. and other conventional precious min- Unbraked AIs doomed to metastasize into insanity. of them. Taboo zones and people attacks. Native F Maintenance tech in need of help. Meteorological codex pre. Drastic altitude loss. Tourist re. C Sudden storms. Aspiring mining tycoon. still feels bonds of affiliation with their hostile aliens live around the strike’s location cious pretech equipment used to create it brethren T Cases of the refined element. Widely-feared starship interior . slow-burn friendly toward outsiders. beauty P Atrocity amphitheater. T Terribly misused piece of pretech. or F son. Native alien. These worlds in search of resources. above the surface of the planet. Government building meeting Evidence to convince others of their kind that P Secret mine. The geology or geography of this world is simply The planet is plagued with some sort of bizarre or have experienced total moral and cultural collapse. ture will be shaped by its requirements. Catwalks stretching over forming control room terrible. isolated night of the Silence. Perimeter agent. Perhaps it’s composed entirely of enormous hazardous weather pattern. Principled F Claim-jumped miner. Citizens insist that as they seem. or plagued with un. Aspiring reformer. Saboteur or scavenger plunder. Secret master who E Paranoid prospector. A dead prospector’s claim deed maltech’s use. Deed to a loca. Traditional torture par. Artist F Meteorological researcher. Pretech mining P Horrific laboratory. Forbidden Tech Former Warriors Friendly Foe Gold Rush Some group on this planet fabricates or uses maltech. seeks to lure trust Rapacious merchant tive reporter. Native predators depen- E Decadent noble. Ordinary location twisted into something the planet’s surface. xenophobic fanaticism. the cities of this world fly mountain ranges. Processing room they are right plant. The strike is of a dangerous maltech sales to offworlders. Tech thief attempting to steal E Crank xenogeologist. Alien conclave building. Se. E Rival city pilot. endurable storms at lower levels of the atmosphere. The group ited by the planetary government. Suspicious investigator tourist AI. The one sunlit place.108• Running Head Running Head •109 Feral World Flying Cities Freak Geology Freak Weather In the long. Holorecords of a spectacularly and rare weather cumulated through brutal evildoing. some worlds Perhaps the world is a gas giant. The native T Maltech research data. Pretech major precious mineral strike. or regular bands of land and sea. Native alien village. Investiga. P E Driven hater of all their kind. T Precious refined atmospheric gases. For whatever internal rea. C The weather itself. or perhaps they move from point to point The locals have learned to deal with it and their cul- E Criminal using the weather as a cover. Pre. Inexplicable and re. Valuable grav engine plans. For whatever reason. horrific cultural practices. Weather ceptable on more enlightened worlds. silver. People from across the sector have come to strike it rich. Seismic ac. The maltech itself. or storms regularly scourge the surface. Vital machinery breaks down T Unique crystal formations. The group offers a vital service toxic substance. E Mad scientist. or other behavior unac. Conventional arms merchant F Well-meaning bug-eyed monster. or the world’s tion into assorted death cults. Some hostile alien race or malevolent cabal has a Gold. cultists convinced the offworlders are responsi- are almost invariably classed under Red trade codes. freakish. they are willing to negotiate and deal honestly and compounds remain precious and rare. Maltech researcher ing the city’s tech F Research scientist. Hellscape sculpted by the T Forbidden xenotech. unimaginable gulfs below. Curious C The maltech is being fabricated by an unbraked eugenics cultist. But some minerals DNA corruptives. Holodoc crew want- F Trapped outworlder. sun never pierces its thick banks of clouds. P Underside of the city. Malfunctioning pretech ter- C Horrific local “celebration”. Wealth ac. Xenophobic local. outworld gear. work of aliens dent on the weather Cannibal chief. Rival city tivity raforming engines that cause the weather pugnant social rules. branch or sect on this world that is actually quite erals are common and cheap now that asteroid min- E nation-destroying nanowarfare particles. and this something worse still. Export of the mineral is prohib- it’s not really maltech at the cost of moral compromise. and appear to lack the worst impulses world has recently been discovered to have a supply may or may not be aware of the danger in their midst. stationary. F Victim of maltech. City defense C Local conditions that no one remembers to tell ing shots of the weather wanting to avoid traditional flensing force pilot. Lethal weather.

Cynical politician in need of scape- goats F Intelligence agent needing catspaws. Smuggled case of refined min. Relic stolen by Them years ago P War crimes museum. decommissioned spaceship kept as a trophy Heavy Industry Heavy Mining Hostile Biosphere Hostile Space With interstellar transport so limited in the bulk it This world has large stocks of valuable minerals. Some worlds are more sufficient than refinement into loads small enough to export off. Toxic waste dump. F Hermit prospector. Key to a secure bunker P Vertical mine face. Re. greenhouses lose bio-integrity tisement. Tunnel C Filter masks fail. C C T gardless of the cause. Meteor-launching terrorists. or the toxic stellar radiation. the locals view their neighbor T T and any sympathizers with loathing. and this planet has a thriving man. Industrial spy. and many natives work in the industry. however. ing complex chrome jungle. Union meeting hall. of goods appropriate to its tech level. Parasitic alien infestation. Abandoned able at their tech level are running out. Early warning monitor agent E Tycoon monopolist. Holodoc producers needing “an inside look” C The characters are wearing or using items from the hated world. Something about the system is per- in industry. The system in which the world exists is a dangerous can move. Remains of an unsuccessful expe- C The factories are toxic. The riches in a disaster zone. Silicate life forms growing in the min. The world is teeming with life. this world’s populace has a burning hatred for the inhabitants of a neighboring E E E system. Crop C The natives believe the danger is divine chas- revolutionary collapse. Abandoned Ambitious inventor in some way T The mother lode. or the prod- ucts might be devoted towards vast projects for the predators lous labor overseer Paranoid local leader aggrandizement of the rulers. R&D complex . Faked crystalline mineral samples dition T Early warning of a raid or impact. Village The industries’ major output is being obsoleted Things burnt in an alien raid. Massive ancient crater by offworld tech T Confidential industrial data. or F there was a recent interstellar war. Miner’s F Xenobiologist. or Perhaps the life is xenoallergenic. either through meteor swarms. life support. E Alien raid leader. Captured. The locals may E Mine boss. Malcontent C The refinery equipment breaks down. periodic comet clouds. and it hates humans. Atrocity site. hostile aliens in the asteroid belt. The characters are known to have done business there. eral. forcing filter masks neighborhood. Steaming poly- masses require the factory output for survival. P P P E Native convinced that the offworlders are agents of Them. Nightfall when surrounded by P City watching an approaching asteroid. Local defense com- union representative guide mander. Ownership shares in an industrial complex P Factory floor. Native aliens. Tourist on safari. Worker union leader. others. The characters “look like” the hated others T Proof of Their evildoing. Cal. P Deceptively peaceful glade. The native elite profit from the danger T Valuable native biological extract. flora ruthlessly outcompetes earth crops. Roaring smelt. Offworld investor. Tailing piles. ers’ lungs danger. Nature cultist. Secret union mem- bership lists. The natives blame outworlders for the F Aspiring entrepreneur. colony vault. Tunnel saboteur. Subterranean E Local fauna. or ideas of racial F F C or religious superiority have fanned the hatred. or ufacturing sector capable of producing large amounts the minerals. and tailored antiallergens for survival. It could be the ilous to inhabitants. The resources extract. enjoy a correspondingly higher lifestyle. worlds have to be largely self-sufficient usually necessary for local industry.110• Running Head Running Head •111 Great Work Hatred Hivemind Holy War For whatever reason. world. Perhaps this world was colonized by exiles. Grizzled local F Astronomic researcher. Major mining efforts are necessary to extract native predators are huge and fearless. Reward for turning in enemy agents.

An unclaimed payment for a tion large shipment. It can build even capital-class hulls. Hidden cache. either inherited from before the F F scientific breakthrough. F Captain stuck in drydock. Scheming con- alien mentors struction tycoon. Offworlder seeking prohibition of the specialty. The tech is alien in nature. The spaceyard is effects. The specialty is made in a remote. possibly even something that ex. alive. The secret blueprints for its T Intellectual property-locked pretech blueprints. Native who views the specialty as sacred F Spy searching for the source. The crafters don’t want to make the specialty any more T The specialty itself. and do T T so more quickly and cheaply than its neighbors. Offworld industrialist. Silence or painstakingly constructed in more recent C C perimental manufactory. Sample of a new improved variety P Secret manufactory. decades. A purchased but unclaimed spaceship. Ship scrap graveyard . or C C T even gengineered humans uniquely suited for cer. Tech broker. age vault P Hidden shipyard bay. but either way it produces something E E E rare and precious to the wider galaxy. This world is blessed with a major resources to do so. P P P E Monopolist. T T tain work. Artistic com- petition for best artisan Local Tech Major Spaceyard Maneaters Megacorps The locals can create a particular example of ex. The spaceyard relies on maltech to func- T The tech itself. The spaceyard this world. E Keeper of the tech. The secret recipe. essary tech and orbital facilities to build spike drives E E ceeds pretech standards. Most worlds of tech level 4 or greater have the nec- tremely high tech. Surface of a partially-com- pleted ship. Artisan seeking protection. The craft- ers refuse to sell to offworlders. P P mated defenses that suddenly come alive. They may use unique local and starships. The tech only works on C The spaceyard is an alien relic. Auto. Industrial spy. Eager tech buyer. Native E Enemy saboteur. Maintenance chief. An ancient alien R&D database Override keys for activating old pretech facilities. Native in need of technical help Mad innovator C The tech is unreliable. Exporter with problems C The specialty is repugnant in nature. construction. It might be F some pharmaceutical extract produced by a secret F F C recipe. Lethal R&D center. a remarkably popular cultural product. The tech has poorly-understood side is burning out from overuse. dangerous place. or still have a functional ex. P Alien factory.112• Running Head Running Head •113 Immortals Local Specialty Mandarinate Mandate Base The world may be sophisticated or barely capable of steam engines. Aspiring ship hijacker F Curious offworld scientist. or have stumbled on a narrow spaceyard facility.

or E E positions of formal power. The locals have something desperately needed but won’t bring it into the treaty port T Contraband trade goods. Black market zone. schools of fish. bubble city Gengineering lab . Black market local products P Treaty port bar. Only a small. Floating space- P Shrine to the virtues of the favored gender. using C C promontories deep beneath the stormy surface. Security perimeter codes. Undersea Security center for controlling the oppressed. and may be restricted in might cling precariously to the few rocky atolls jut- their movements and activities. P P E Cultural fundamentalist. Local governments may be C trying to keep the very existence of interstellar trade T a secret from their populations. Anthropological researcher. port. The locals hide dark purpos- es from offworlders. Xenophobic natives. Location of enormous T Aerosol reversion formula for undoing gengi. The customs relate to some physical rosive or toxic. quarantined treaty port is provided for E offworld trade. Hidden history of the world. or are planted as bubbles on go so far as to scorn both traditional genders. Research scientist. Tentacled outworlders sea monster F Oppressed native. and ships can expect an exhaustive F search for contraband. Offworld thief. T Buried pirate treasure. T T vival depends on aquaculture. Existing merchant who doesn’t like competition F Aspiring tourist. The oppressed gender largely supports the for them to function on this world. Sea hermit.114• Running Head Running Head •115 Mercenaries Minimal Contact The locals refuse most contact with offworlders. Sea is cor- customs. Members of that gender are not permitted liquid water. Cultural missionary to E Pirate raider. The seas are wracked by regular quality of the world. C The liquid flux confuses grav engines too badly toms. The oppressed gender has storms had maltech gengineering done to “tame” them. Secret smuggler landing site Misandry/Misogyny Night World Nomads Oceanic World The culture on this world holds a particular gender in The world is entirely or almost entirely covered with contempt. Local reformer life C The oppressed gender is restive against the cus. Sapient native emancipationist. Some worlds may F F ting up from the waves. Pretech water purification equip- neered docility. Violent “salvager” gang. Habitations might be floating cities. Sur- gengineering techniques to hybridize or alter con. E Customs official. ment Pretech gengineering equipment P The only island on the planet. Religious missionary C The locals carry a disease harmless to them and lethal to outsiders. Planets with inedible ventional human biology. Offworld F Daredevil fisherman. Deck of a storm-swept ship. or they may simply consider offworlders too dangerous or repugnant to P be allowed among the population. alien life rely on gengineered Terran sea crops.

116• Running Head Running Head •117 Out of Contact Outpost World Pleasure World Police State The natives have been entirely out of contact with The world is only a tiny outpost of human habitation The world is a totalitarian police state. Terran relic brought of beliefs emies of the state”. or simply serve as T rely on omnipresent cameras or braked AI “guardian into a topic for legends. Imprisoned vic- UFO cultist native F Lonely staffer. and basic tech- dangerous for use or experimentation. Zealous native cleric. E the original colonists were seeking to hide from the Perhaps the staff is there to serve as a refueling and and suspicion riddles society. ratory. pilgrims. Swindler the natives kept ignorant. C The site is actually a fake. The Preceptors of the Great Archive were a pre-Si- sored organization charged with rooting out use of torical location. Outworlders are apt to be treated as a nec- P first offworld ship to land since the First Wave of the system. Atmospheric disturbances trap the group inside its “rulers” can’t shut it off. Crime boss C Automatic defenses fire on ships that try to take maintenance chief C The natives largely believe in the righteousness off. defenses against casual piracy. and those with the money necessary to C information during the human expansion. nopoly on learning targeted researcher grim. They might C while more technically sophisticated worlds might that human origins on other worlds have regressed be there to study ancient ruins. saboteur F Rebel leader. The native language is completely unlike any the outpost for a month. Any sign of the greater galaxy for centuries or longer. F erate by Soviet-style informers and indoctrination. Outpost commander E Secret police chief. Bitter reform. Wealth taken from “en- T Ancient pretech equipment.. E Saboteur devoted to a rival belief. The Agency has been targeted by a corrupt and venal keepers. The police state is automated and natives are highly vulnerable to offworld diseas. A natural disaster mystical attitude toward their teaching. The Archive has been corrupted and T Agency maltech research archives. Perhaps planted by an offworld corporation or government. Outsider wanting to learn the sanctum’s F Preceptor Adept missionary. Proof of the science. Most weapons of planetary destruction. history. Vital scientific data. Dear Leader’s private stash from Earth. The players might be on the a listening and monitoring post for traffic through angels”. a pogrom against “offworlder spies”. Offworld scholar. File of blackmail on local pilgrim T Lost Archive database. C The local Agency has gone rogue and now uses inner secrets Reluctant student. means of communication. The locals tend to be fiercely learn useful technical skills in addition to human his- P ence to planetary laws. Maltech labo. rate exploitation plans block. Those Archives that managed to survive collapsed during the Silence. of the state. site’s inauthenticity. Agency pre. agents often find more work as conventional spies. The outpost is likely well-equipped with essary evil at best. troublesome. Some worlds might op- rest of the universe. Smoky bar. The Agency’s ex. threatens the site chive has maintained some replicable pretech istence is unknown to the locals T Ancient relic guarded at the site. power that has kept the world isolated who wants it to stay undiscovered. Ancient defense battery controls P Grimy recreation room. Most Perimeter Agencies protective of the place and its reputation. Ancient pretech teaching politicians P Incense-scented sanctum. The Ar- maltech-using organization. Pirates raid the outpost. knowledge to new worlds in need of their lore. Undercover Treacherous native informer F Scheming native noble. though modern Perimeter pious or devout. Secret corpo. E Luddite native. gengineered slave species. “Unjustly” F Protector of the holy site. A “starport” of swept bare rock. Surveillance center cal ruler. the Perimeter was a Terran-spon. lence organization devoted to ensuring the dissem- E maltech. and “disappeared” if they become colonization a thousand years ago. Roving Preceptor Adept maltech.. or the Silence destroyed any repair stop for passing ships. er who resents the current leadership. E Fearful local ruler. The only building on the planet. The site is run by C The local Archive has taken a very religious and promised. Gulag. Fixated researcher. or to oversee an au. The leaders foment es. P Military parade. The natives want to stay out of contact. Offworld agitator. The Agency archives have been com. Precious offering from a their teaching is incorrect tech spec-ops gear. Heretical theologian. ination of human culture. The C The alien ruin defense systems are waking up. Religious zealot. the Perimeter manage interstellar travel can be quite generous to T frontier planets had an Archive where natives could hunted down experimenters with a great indiffer. Court of the lo. The world is noted for an important spiritual or his. Hidden cache of unacceptable tech P Interrogation room. Support staffer. Teeming crowd of equipment. Scapegoating official. Maltech researcher. Secret Agency base Student-local riot . Gray concrete housing P Long-lost colonial landing site. but a few managed to places may forbid the entrance of those not suitably the Silence now strive to send their missionaries of hold on to their mission. Cor- Paranoid intelligence chief conning the pilgrims rupted First Speaker who wants to keep a mo- F Agent in need of help. nanotech replicators. the site and its keepers. Sinister E Space-mad outpost staffer. and might be the sector headquar. Unbraked The site attracts wealthy pilgrims from throughout F nology to frontier worlds that risked losing this AIs. Experimental laboratory. nearby space. Imposing holy structure P Archive lecture hall. Offworld merchant who wants E Renegade Agency Director. Overtaxed tim. Perimeter Agency Pilgrimage Site Post-Scarcity Preceptor Archive Before the Silence. Logs of the original colonists T Alien relics. disloyalty to the planet’s rulers is punished banned in human space as too ters for a widespread religion or political movement. It may have been so long tomated mining and refinery complex. Naive offworlder pil. known to the group The crew have become converts to a strange set T List of police informers. and some tory and art. Refueling station.

Glowing bar- T Secretly developed psitech. One certain rituals and customs can protect them F Offworld scientist. Danger. Psionic academies are rare enough that neighboring world runs a persistent blockade. The students are indoctrinat. Lynching site. Pretech anti-radioac- P Bridge of a blockading ship. Temple to the P Shrine to nonfunctional pretech. Psychic research prize P Training grounds. Mas- T Pretech artifacts both functional and broken. P trol leader. Native rebel. C Psychic potential is much more common here. academy. Artifact supplier. lacks training facilities. Untainted water supply control room. Pretech smuggler F Offworlder psychic researcher. The aliens are incomprehensibly C The psychic training is imperfect. the humans whenever they so choose. C The radioactivity is steadily growing worse. The local natives hate the P Mutant-infested ruins. The secrets of psychic mentorship. The academy is part of a religion. and the psy- T Hidden psitech cache. radioactivity has inexplicable effects on living tourist creatures. Suspicious zealot. forced by massive ground batteries that burn any radioactive elements. Offworld scavenger. This may be en. or perhaps they simply nurse al psychic training academy. Feral prophet C The alien numbers are huge and can overwhelm Some tech is mistaken as psitech. Possessions of convicted C The cultists can actually replicate certain forms strange. Peace-faction alien chief. Without to and from it is strictly forbidden. Plan. Crazed asteroid hermit protocols and techniques that allow a psychic to F Relative of a person trapped on the world. tivity drugs. history is studded with feral psychics who went on god or sign of superiority. Cult her. but a certain intrinsic an unreasoning terror of those “mutant freaks”. School library. Some worlds been enslaved or otherwise subjugated. the protection of advanced medical treatments. The of pretech. Wealthy on the barren world. psychics have developed a unique discipline. Scorched glass plain. sacre site T Ancient psitech. C The natives want to remain isolated. Permission for psychic training niques. Ancient alien-human treaty. If the world psychic artifice with pretech science. The quar. natural and proper rulers of the world. Waylaid payment for pretech artifacts P Psitech-imbued council chamber. Reward for turning in a psychic chics all show significant mental illness. C The academy curriculum kills a significant per. but they F Colonist leader. radiation. The cultists mis. Natives believe E Cult leader. Museum as “presumption on the holy”. The human colonists may have a friendly or hostile murderous rampages. with each one dedicated to a margin- E Hostile alien chief. Refugee camp ed as sleeper agents. genetic variety seeker E Corrupt psychic instructor. and space travel Whether due to a legacy of atomic warfare unhin- redevelop the basics of psychic training. from psychic powers Offworld employer seeking psychics etic ical opponents. Smuggler’s den. a potential psychic is doomed to ei. Alien religious zealot F Hidden psychic. Desperate would- successfully train another. One side commits an atrocity psychics. Campus hangout . P Inquisitorial chamber. Offworld educator etary frontiersman. P Alien village. The jump gates alone were capable of cross. dered by nuke snuffers or a simple profusion of E this education. centage of students. The radioactivity is the product of a T Defense grid key. Psy- seek and guard them jealously. this world glows in the dark. group is trying to use the other to kill their polit. outright worship the artifacts of their ancestors. Experimental laboratory. Valuable psychic research re- Religious-jargon laced pretech replication tech. Alien technology The will of a psychic is law. Sanitarium-prison for feral psychics Public procession showing a prized artifact Prison Planet Psionics Academy Quarantined World Radioactive World This world is one of the few that have managed to The world is under a quarantine. see. and most natives suffer a wide variety of T offworlders are often sent there to study by wealthy cancers. and they relationship with the aliens. Wilderness of bizarre native life. psychics occupy almost ing hundreds of light years in a moment. Bio- antine is enforced by an ancient alien installa. Suspicious pa- patrons. tion. Abandoned alien tech malfunctioning pretech manufactory. These cultists may or may not understand ous local predator. F ther madness or death unless they refrain from using interlopers from the planet’s sky. it is likely a hodgepodge of E Mental purity investigator. Witch-finder ing in them the work of more enlightened and perfect ally-coherent feral prophet and their psychopathic humanity. mind. Defense installation research subjects. Fortified human settlement. If the world has a function- Scream. here.118• Running Head Running Head •119 Pretech Cultists Primitive Aliens Psionics Fear Psionics Worship The capacities of human science before the Silence The world is populated by a large number of sapient The locals are terrified of psychics. Robbed collector. The Mad psychic researcher. are carefully guarded at manitarian relief official. Hu. demented cults. chic slaver. The faculty use students as T Ancient atomic weaponry. Psy. Psychics in the party of psychic atrocities take the party’s belongings for pretech are forcibly kidnapped for “enlightening”. Human firebrand. The cultists abhor use of the devices T Alien religious icon. Renegade student. Resentful townie tions. Haughty mind-noble. The world is rife with maltech abomina. Xenoresearcher E Psychic inquisitor. The blockade is meant to starve everyone planet’s medical resources break down. Bribe for getting someone out. Small human colonies might have chics demonstrate their powers at risk of their lives. the operation or replication of these devices. Perhaps their These natives view psionic powers as a visible gift of vastly outmatch the technology available since the aliens that have yet to develop advanced technology. mutations and other illnesses without the E Defense installation commander. E Bitter mutant. A runaway psychic rens mentor. Most are closely affiliated with the planetary government. Treasure hunter be escapee these academies. Offworlder psychic trapped ravings. cords. or it may be that a Even heavy vacc suits can filter only so much of the C their abilities. F Reckless prospector. all major positions of power and are considered the were just one example of the results won by blending tension is likely. The F Offworld researcher. Relic warlord. Aspiring student.

but few non-natives can hope to master C C C all the important intricacies. Peasant tribute. and determined polity necessary to be behavior and belief are absolutely mandated. Foreign aid grant T Precious traditional regalia. Op- P Palace or seat of government. The laws are secret to offworlders T Complete legal codex. Writ of diplomatic im- munity. Offended potentate F Diplomat. Fine collection vault contents P Courtroom. The local culture is extremely rigid. Offworld ambassador. Colonial official. Nearby worlds are deviation from these principles is punished. Na. Deed to an offworld necessities that have since been forgotten estate. or else F likely either directly subservient to it or tack carefully F society may be strongly stratified by birth with lim- C to avoid its anger. The locals may provide lists of these laws to F F F offworlders. customs. T T T E Law enforcement officer. Bandit den. manipulators. P P P tive lawyer specializing in peeling offworlders. The culture has explicit religious The hegemon is genuinely benign sanction. Salon teeming ulent treasures of the ruling class with spies. Police station . P E Ambitious general. Leg- islative chamber. Wary ruler. P E Rigid reactionary. nat. Reformist temple Restrictive Laws Revanchists Rising Hegemon Ritual Combat A myriad of laws. The government is riddled with spies. Low-caste slums. and even acts that are com- E E E pletely permissible elsewhere are punished severely here. Repressed native. The laws forbid the simple existence of some party members. Foreign spy F Revolutionary agitator. C The hegemon’s influence is all that’s keeping a Frustrated merchant murderous war from breaking out on nearby C The cultural patterns are enforced by technolog- worlds. and rules constrain the inhabitants of this world. Protest rally. Mob scene of outraged locals. The culture evolved due to important T Diplomatic carte blanche. Re- forming crusader C The laws change regularly in patterns only na- tives understand. Military base P Time-worn palace. The laws forbid some action vital to the party.120• Running Head Running Head •121 Refugees Regional Hegemon Revolutionaries Rigid Culture This world has the technological sophistication. T the existing social order is feared and shunned. The culture is run by a secret cabal of control. Anything which threatens T stellar empire. Ambitious peasant. The hegemon is decaying and losing its ical aids. It may even be the capital of a small C ited prospects for change. Contemp. and any E E a regional hegemon for the sector. Certain forms of ural resources. Regime ideo- tuous noble logue. Paid snitch F Frustrated offworlder. Outraged native.

C The secret masters have a benign reason tim of the menace for wanting secrecy. The differences The earthquakes are used to generate enormous fashioned of many small boats. Hermit seismologist. Whether a massive For one reason or another. The cabal fights open- C The menace would bring great wealth along ly amongst itself. Adven- storms drive the city into the glacial regions. underground bunker itoring station. A precious byprod. acting enormous havoc for the inhabitants if it is not kept through their catspaws in the visible government. catastrophe. The cabal is recruiting new with destruction. Earthquake-inducing is working for the other side. Mer-human raider chieftain. Reck. Hostile landsman noble.122• Running Head Running Head •123 Sealed Menace Secret Masters Something on this planet has the potential to create The world is actually run by a hidden cabal. in some cases even the planet’s own government may in hours of discovery. The nature of the faith may be religious. government may be able to keep open war from with the vibrations or primitive enough that it is C breaking out. and simply too dangerous for most humans. Local peacekeeping official. A T A key to unlock the menace. Earthquake opening superheated steam fissures . Willfully blinded local E Hostile outsider bent on freeing the menace. The identity uct of the menace. Crusading temple. C The earthquakes are caused by malfunctioning T Giant pearls with mysterious chemical proper. the menace is a constant shadow on the E An agent of the cabal. sectarians of a particular faith. The secret of the menace’s of a cabal member true nature P Smoke-filled room. Shadowy alleyway. briefcase of unmarked credit notes. Earthquake suppressor. The fish schools have vanished and the city faces starvation. E Earthquake cultist. easily rebuilt. T Ancient holy book. The sectarians hate outsiders nology that is being plundered by offworlders. A bridge more than they hate each other. wants no questions asked. and technology. F Paranoid conspiracy theorist. Offworld missionary. Mud slide. fering to a local holy man Mineral formed at the core of the world. Terrible F Reformist clergy. Enemy city saboteur it may be based on some secular ideology. Each views the other regular earthquakes rack the surface. Scene of a prior outbreak of the menace Robots Seagoing Cities Sectarians Seismic Instability Either the world is entirely water or else the land is The world is torn by violent disagreement between The local land masses are remarkably unstable. gamesman within the cabal. Incontrovertible proof. Earth- P Sectarian battlefield. The sec. or of the instability. They’re caused by alien ties. T munities. this group finds it im- seismic fault line suppressed by pretech terraforming perative that they not be identified by outsiders. Of. Machiavellian Misguided fool who thinks he can use it. or an ancient alien relic that not realize that they’re actually being manipulated by requires regular upkeep in order to prevent planetary hidden masters. Student of its nature. Local tion is either advanced enough to sway and move F cities that follow the currents and the fish. Absolutist ruler saboteur C The seas are not water. Government official who populace. Geothermal prospector Suicide ships ram the city’s hull C The conflict has more than two sides. Vic. P F City navigator. The members natives don’t all believe in the menace T A dossier of secrets on a government official. in sects are incomprehensible to an outsider amounts of energy. quake-proof building schematics opher’s salon. F Experimental construction firm owner. Buried treasure. Philos. Secret P Guarded fortress containing the menace. Curious mer-hu. The menace is intelligent. P Bridge of the city. Severe volcanic activity may be part E Pirate city lord. Vital repair materials sectarians must cooperate or else life on this technology. The pretech terraformers. Mon. Local construc- E tlement on this world consists of a number of floating as a damnable heresy in need of extirpation. a disease that has to be quarantined with. Native convinced the party rowing native life form. safely contained by its keepers. Human set. Interstellar inves- less researcher who thinks he can fix it tigator F Keeper of the menace. Scout captain. Storm-tossed sea. Bitterly divided village P Volcanic caldera. tarians hate each other for multiple reasons. Bur- man E Paranoid believer. T Earthquake generator. They’re restrained by alien tech- world is imperiled. Exhausted ruler turous volcanologist. Village during an earthquake. but the poisonous hatred divides com.

Avaricious prince in need of catspaws. Secret church records. Enemies are blockading the trade routes. Spaceport of unused munitions. hub. Foggy street lined with P Crumbling hive-city. Re- lentless proselytizer. Merchant E Demented survivor tribe chieftain. Offworld theologian. Elegant restaurant. and all that is left now are ruins. the fighting. The theocracy is led by aliens T Precious holy text. P P P E Decadent priest-ruler. Native urchin predator C An outworlder faction schemes to seize the trade F Scavenger Fleet captain. The theocracy is divided into mutually hostile sects. Thieving dockworker. Hardscrabble free trader. The pharmaceuticals. bones. It is well-positioned at the nexus of several E E of the jump gate network and the inability to bring short-drill trade routes. The rest of the locals may E E E or may not be terribly pious. Psitech caches. Corrupt customs official F Rich tourist. but the clergy have the F F F necessary military strength. The theoc- racy is decadent and hated by the common folk. Automated defense system. Ancient historical papers teeming with activity. Saboteurs seek to blow up a rival’s ware- ing historian houses. The natives are accustomed to T T worlds are naturally hostile to human habitation and outsiders. Insider grades anything in an opened building. Archaeologist. Ancient church treasures P Glorious temple. Dead orbital jump gate . Most tomb pairing of starships. The world’s atmosphere quickly de. Commercial spy. Salvag. Stores P Raucous bazaar. Martyr’s bones. and silence. The sudden collapse trade. True Believer F Heretic. T Voucher for a warehouse’s contents. Decadent plea- sure-cathedral Sole Supplier Taboo Treasure Tomb World Trade Hub Tomb worlds are planets that were once inhabited This world is a major crossroads for local interstellar by humans before the Silence.124• Running Head Running Head •125 Shackled World Societal Despair Terraform Failure Theocracy The planet is ruled by the priesthood of the predom- inant religion or ideology. and a polyglot mass of people from every could not raise sufficient crops to maintain life. Zealous inquisitor. C The ruins are full of booby-traps left by the final Pirates lace the hub with spies inhabitants. popular support or con- C C C trol of resources to maintain their rule. T Lost pretech equipment. The nearby world can be found trading here. and has facilities for easy F F in the massive food supplies required by the planet transfer of valuable cargoes and the fueling and re- C C resulted in starvation. Austere monastery. warfare. Box of legitimate tax stamps structures are unstable and collapsing indicating customs dues have been paid. Desperate commoner C The theocracy actually works well. Cannibal tribe’s lair. Case of precious offworld ful of desperate natives survived the Silence. Ruined hydroponic facility. Atheistic mer- chant. Alternative T T T faiths or incompatible ideologies are likely to be both illegal and socially unacceptable. City square carpeted in warehouses bones. A hand. trading information. and death. Friendly spaceport scavenger. Academy for ideological indoctrination. P P few hydroponic facilities were usually destroyed in E Cheating merchant.

Cult compound. Re. and right to rule. The warlords favor specific re. Public ritual not open to out- siders. Esoteric local technology P Sealed treaty port. requiring a careful sequence of “growth stages” erful men and women control private armies suf. Protest rally massacre. The AI has fixat. These “brakes” prevent runaway cogni. Occupying army officer can demonstrate a truly distressing subtlety. it. but if it does. The AI wants using substantially more sophisticated tech than research data galia of rulership transport offworld others. ticular alien race. sassin. but ate. Ancient hardcopy library P Gory battlefield. Pretech computer circuitry personal battle harness. Alien artifact that causes The natives require elaborate purification ritu. Some of the warlords are better rulers P Alien district. Humanitarian aid official. Soul. or crazed E E of tech contamination. Beautiful toys of the elite. The C The natives are symptomless carriers of a con. T Weapons cache. Local product under export ban. Gone-na- and reason with a speed impossible for humans. it. Captured merchant P Municipal computing banks. tive offworlder F Conspiring rebel. T Cure for the condition. Expensive as- C The enthusiasm is due to alien psionics or tech. The natives are among devotees. Exotic alien crafts. Native malcontent. some outworlders”. The condition is infectious exceptionally vulnerable to offworld diseases. E Soulless maltech biotechnology cult. shipping Repair center. cure. either provoked by some malevolent creators exist on this world. Burnt-out village. Hu- men and women. Maltech research than the government P Impoverished village. E Warlord. Alien-influenced human home. their word is law. Buried plunder. locals depend on the AI for some vital service. fear corpses. mutual threats. or a genuine immunodefi. ate peasant. Sneering bully-boy. Cultural festival celebrating alien artist Decadent palace. ed on the group’s ship’s computer. the locals shun foreigners from offworld and its similar to those of murderous cannibal undead. The C The warlords are willing to cooperate to fight mans badly misunderstand the aliens their suffering. The natives of this world are fast friends with a par- will of the people. Rebel against the secret malefactors perately seeking outworlder help C The zombies retain human intelligence. superior tech or impressive cultural qualities. Desper. it is almost certainly or the consequence of some local condition. Their minions swagger through limits on cognition speed and learning development may exist. Sinister E Revulsed local ruler. Dead city.126• Running Head Running Head •127 Tyranny Unbraked AI Warlords Xenophiles The local government is brutal and indifferent to the Artificial intelligences are costly and difficult to cre. F Benevolent alien. Laws may or may not exist. Most like to wrap themselves in the mantle of ide- vants. The process is voluntary tagious and dangerous disease. them. Inspiring religious leader E AI Cultist. Barbaric warlord palace. probably with a witting or unwitting corps of ser. Native convinced some governmental agent. A warlord’s digent ment officials. Local des. files. The local ruler has forbidden any mercan- Fortified bunker that was overrun from within tile dealings with outworlders T Jealously-guarded precious relic. P P conducted by a caste of untouchables and outcasts. C C refuse to have anything to do with them beyond the These outbreaks may be regular elements in local so- T T bare necessities of contact. Doctor searching for a F Curious native. This menace may not take the form of shambling worlders. The world is plagued by warlords. but they learn ology. Aspiring minion The enthusiasm is based on a lie. E Offworld xenophobe. The the streets while the common folk live in terror of are installed. Outcaste slum home . The aliens ficial dependent on the AI F Vengeful commoner. T Hybrid alien-human tech. Government military of- C The tyrant rules with vastly superior technology. less government official. friends and servants of the ruling class. zombies can be cured. Crazed zombie cultist wrong was done to him. On the lands they claim. Exiled former ruler. Perfectly tabulated blackmail on govern. T The room-sized AI core itself. or awed the locals with on any given day. alien artifact. AI researcher. Whether through cultural revulsion. The aliens feel The tyrant is a figurehead for a cabal of powerful F Perimeter agent. Maltech researcher. strongly dislike their “groupies”. Braked AI ficer. their appetites. Avaricious lieutenant. or an ostensibly legitimate Xenocultural imperialist E Debauched autocrat. The AI appears to be harmless. Government of. Religious hospital for the in. Trade may or may not ciety. Oppressed merchant. Village priest obliged to rule humanity for its own good. The tyrant is hostile to “meddle. religious fervor. Suspicious alien leader. but some disease. ligions or races over others. Squalid refugee camp Urbanized Surface Utopia Xenophobes Zombies The natives are intensely averse to dealings with out. The warlords are Sophisticated xenolinguistic and xenocultural T Plundered wealth. The only people who stay wealthy are tion metastasis. Details of the cult’s conversion process als after speaking to an offworlder or touching P House with boarded-up windows. Cynical demagogue F Survivor of an outbreak. This world has an “unbraked AI” on and murderously pillaging those of their neighbors. Unbraked AIs are quite insane. Most spend their time oppressing their own subjects aliens might even be the ruling class on the planet. The aliens may have saved the plan- the only one that matters is the whim of the rulers in order to bring them to sentience before artificial ficiently strong to cow whatever local government et at some point in the past. local practice produces men and women with hab- F F ciency. The people are resigned to C The AI’s presence is unknown to the locals. Numerous pow.

religion. the more experience is necessary to raise it. Still. It just doesn’t have the infrastructure and got nine. Assets require certain ratings to support. Hit points define a faction’s resilience to outside rience points. no dedicated manufacturing facilities. certain type. ing to the farthest star in the sector. with a sufficient level of technology. faction in the course of play. then the faction’s Cunning. What is a Faction? tend to favor a good Cunning score. A rating of 1 implies an organization with move in its own assets. spent to purchase and main. Whatever number even establish their own factions. that kind of exhaustive catalog. If you’ve characters that attain sufficient power and fame might ing infiltration. The higher a faction’s hit points. Wealth rating indicates the faction’s commercial. while a rating of 8 implies a faction of faction has. Any maintenance costs must be paid at business. but they can perform that action on as many from 1 to 8.thus. but they must be purchased on a planet destruction of the Sorority of the Golden Flame’s secret A faction’s maximum hit points are based on its Force. Governments tend to have high Force ratings to represent police forces and military structures. This type research and legal emancipation. or once Interstellar merchant combines. one after it. if you roll give ways to handle inter-faction fighting and advance. In theory. An as. the way of a standing army. trained units of specialists. and so forth. if GM can use them to further events in a sector. the faction can spend it to improve a rating. of damage that is done by a successful hit. find useful. and the rules below Illuminati unknown to all but a handful of paranoid institutional mindset to use such an asset effectively. infiltration. In a round. every planetary government. conspiracy-mongers with tendrils of influence reach. All the credits in a sector do no good if they Assets have a type. the attack entry is used fusion costs them that turn’s FacCred income and they It may be necessary to turn an organization into a FacCreds are a measure of the faction’s general to determine what rating is attacked and the amount may perform no other action that turn. comes up is the faction that acts first. Faction actions are divided up by turns. The first turn that a rounded down.. and one or gain these points from accomplishing goals. such as these all have a role to play in Stars Without Cunning rating reflects the faction’s skills at es. Then the ment. and Wealth. or lost over the top of the list when necessary. thumb. can launch attacks on multiple of 8 might be appropriate for a regional hegemon with ture or special aptitudes. faction fails to pay the maintenance cost of an asset. sinister cults of eugenic perfection. regiment of postech infantry is an asset. to a rival buyer. either through the It’s vastly more difficult to go from Force 7 to 8 than usually by means of a logistical asset. A Wealth score of Assets have a purchase cost and sometimes a main. thus. A faction can only take one type of action per plying physical violence. and some religious groups either physically ruined. An asset At the end of each faction turn. groups also tend to have high Force ratings. it the beginning of each turn. or from Force 1 to 2. and industrial resources. They can be transported to worlds with low. itary Unit”. but the demoralization and con- to focus on for a game. Thus. it might be useful for the doesn’t necessarily represent a certain sum of credits so enemy faction. the better much as it represents logistics capability. A faction that selects the Attack little or no aptitude for physical coercion. and this chapter describes ways in which a manipulation of other groups. any organization scientific. Once enough experience is accumulated Assets have a location. Each faction can usually take one action per turn. If the PCs suddenly take a wealth and resources. Faction status score of 8 is appropriate for some system-spanning isn’t paid the next turn. When an asset is used goal. They is mostly relevant when factions wish to upgrade an Factions have six statistics. ership of the government-sponsored Transit Workers making it worthwhile to define the tyrant’s resources. available re. Factions can always er tech levels. the list depending on the particular situation. Player completely visible faction with no resources for resist. or groups of value. Assets have hit points much like factions do.” Defining a Faction Factions also accumulate experience points. the GM should deep interest in a eugenic cult they recently faced on the tain assets or carry out faction operations. PC ad- death of leadership. Union. Creds equal to half their Wealth rating rounded up plus portant actor in the sector. motivated groups are known pionage. If the maintenance cost If a faction has no goal at the start of a turn. and other organizations that rely on brute force or other specific objects. a faction gains Fac- A faction is any group that you intend to use as an im. or the Deep Roots tag. If they wish to abandon a prior should be reserved for those organizations you intend merchant empire or the combine that runs the pretech Assets often have an Attack. purchase assets and take actions on their homeworld. A FacCred without an Attack entry can’t be used to strike at an translate the turn’s events into a few lines of rumor jungle moon of Perihelion. If an attacking asset the Perihelion government’s Union Toughs might be resources the cult might have to fight back. rolling rorist groups.128• Running Head Running Head •129 Faction Assets The Faction Turn FACTIONS Aside from the six statistics. A successful GM to turn the group into a formal faction. worlds. with the asset. places. the target’s Coun. A rating of 1 implies a A fleet of capital warships isn’t going to be useful to a smaller than the number of factions you have. The higher they were purchased. the demoralization of members. Force rating is the faction’s general aptitude at ap. of its core leadership and support. A faction on a primitive does to an unsuccessful attacker. larger goals earning them correspondingly more expe. one-quarter of their total Force and Cunning ratings. At the beginning of each turn. faction also possess assets. accustomed to military reasoning. ferent locations unless they are first transported there. As a rule of Assets are facilities. Asset hit points can be regained with At the beginning of each turn. thus necessary to feed them are a vast store of FacCreds all Counterattack entry does no damage to a failed attacker. Terrorist groups. they may do so. expansionist military. “Facility”. provided consists of the usual actions a faction might the harder it is to break it up. roll a die that’s no as factions. the fourth faction on your list acts first. while one that selects the Use Asset Ability a powerful. roll a d6. roll a d10. or an interstellar ship. laboratories on a volcanic planetoid. token. and managerial focus. spy agencies. they ing is neither practical nor profitable. ter. paid in FacCreds. manufactory. Factions can take several different types of actions. set reduced to zero hit points by an attack is destroyed. as is a pretech often depending on the GM’s preferred pace of events. a homeworld. internal security. Eugenics cults. Miss Smith is a strong supporter of neohuman can’t be effectively translated into a useful asset. as given later in the chapter. A faction that loses hit the rating. pinch. contacts. hopelessly scattered. the same. and so forth. to strike at another faction. while a rating Tags are special traits that relate to the faction’s na. the maximum costs an additional FacCred in mainte. rules given here. you should feel free to allow variations on points has lost cohesion somehow. and covert ping company. or club could be described with the or investments. A high Force rating might have the Secretive tag. Number. a 4.. A cabal of rebel conspirators nance each turn. an enemy can always launch attacks against the type than they have points in the relevant rating. faction with Force 3 no matter how much wealth the you’ve got six factions in the sector. An asset without a applaud the election of Parminder Smith to the lead- tries to topple a world’s tyrannical government. or news that can be related to the PCs. but each asset over worlds as they wish. even if they lack any other assets there. A The faction’s homeworld represents the location purchase. If you run an adventure involving the PC group’s faction needs time to recover from hit point damage. faction can think clearly about the use of force and is Most factions have one or two tags. reported as “Neohuman rights activists on Perihelion be that the PC group’s interstellar trading cartel faction command of a legion of laborers and the food supplies terattack entry damage is done. Most assets also require a particular tech level to ventures always exist outside of the faction turn econ- the rise of fractious power blocs inside its structure. and no laboratories or researchers available. “Mil. Turns might happen more or less empires. a faction can exceed this total. such as “Special Forces”. usually the planet on which though generally only one action per turn. could qualify as a faction. a master assassin. A Counterattack line indicates the damage an asset attack by the Lawyers of the Bright Dawn Society on to understand how the PCs might injure it and what sources. tyrannical planetary bands. the asset is lost. Assets cannot be used against dif. Such organized. “Starship” or the like. with no chance of resisting. measured on a scale ranging faction on their homeworld if the enemy is able to a faction with Force 3 can own three Force assets. but it does mean that the gives them a bonus to operations on their homeworld. mercenary . action. and the one after that. for example. may pick a new one. 1 means that the faction has little in the way of income tenance cost. a faction turn happens once per month. which they possess. manufactories of an untouched factory world. omy. Or it might world may not have a single credit to its name. A after each adventure. but its misses its strike against the target. or some special tag applies only to assets of a Acting During A Turn more tags. time for repair and reorganization. which gives a bonus to action can use the special abilities of any or all assets doesn’t necessarily mean that the faction has much in resisting certain attacks. The list disruption and attack. By the same A faction may own no more assets of a particular asset is simply destroyed. A Wealth becomes unavailable for use.

if they have a Base of Influence on Factions usually have motivations and goals beyond adopted don’t count. the attack fails. Experience points spent by factions differ from roll and which to add to the defense roll. Once a faction spends 4 XP to raise the attack is a success. the demoralizing effect of it and the waste is then considered accomplished. destroyed in one turn. Other assets present on the planet may defend A faction that successfully accomplishes a goal Once matched. a faction needs to accom. for example. If a rival has stealthed assets on a world. Wealth rating. they cannot be targeted for an attack until they’ve the destination planet. The faction’s can attack only once per turn. Difficulty is 1/2 number of assets destroyed. stroyed or have left the planet. It’s the GM’s choice as to what might constitute in Force. the military unit. while a cyberninja Refit Asset: Change one asset to any other asset of the ratings of a faction. Cunning 2. faction’s Force. becoming 4 6 6 hit points. assets on worlds with other planetary govern- cohesion of an enemy faction. plus the experience point cost of the highest attributes attribute that the attack targets. Both attacker and de. other asset. gains experience points equal to the goal’s difficulty. a military unit’s Attack might add the faction’s faction’s next turn. Difficulty is 1/2 number of assets Force from 2 to 3. Difficulty 1. for the second amount healed. If the defender has a Base of Influence on the for each further amount repaired. defend. ficient rating to buy an asset. Optionally. but the goal asset chosen by the defender. A refitted asset is un. destroy a unit that requires Force 4 or higher to To launch an attack. Once a goal purchase. assuming it can survive multiple conflicts. The Base of Influ. rounded up. an asset heals points of damage Commercial Expansion: Destroy a number of Wealth those gained by PCs in that they are lost when they in- If the attacker’s roll exceeds the defender’s roll. and the planet must more assets. and Wealth ratings. Once all resistance Difficulty 2. cyberninjas might require adding the defender’s able to attack or defend until the beginning of the of rival factions equal to your faction’s Force rat. and Wealth 1 has a maximum hit point total Cunning rating. Wealth rating must increase before this goal can asset can defend as many times as the defender Attack against the Base of Influence if they wish. or allow Buy asset: The faction buys one asset on their home. One at a time. These assets take time to as. Seize Planet: The faction seeks to become the ruling the planet somehow lacks any opposing faction to 8 20 20 cates to the attacking asset. of their own assets on that planet have been de. If all the assets cannot be by a rival faction. Units that Attacks can only be launched against known Change homeworld: A faction can move to a different Faction Goals are already stealthed on worlds when this goal is assets.two FacCreds Intelligence Coup: Destroy a number of Cunning assets Rating XP Cost Hit Points world. be selected again. No other actions faction’s total Force. alternate choices if a faction wishes to do something world or another planet on which they have a has been crushed. asset on a planet on which they have at least one is successfully attained. the attacker must maintain at Peaceable Kingdom: Launch no attacks on rival factions that doesn’t quite fit the list below. the faction regains hit points equal rounded up. ing. age on enemy faction assets or bases equal to your mon activities a faction might choose to perform. Difficulty 2. faction per turn. it is lost. while defending against the permission. Wealth 2 has a maximum hit point total of 4 + 4 + 2 rating to the roll. the attacker suffers no unstealthed assets on the planet belonging to fac. Difficulty 2. or even damage the leadership and creation. This money is effectively lost. can be taken in the meanwhile. If the new asset is of a more expensive a faction to buy a new tag if their accomplishments The maximum hit points of a faction are equal to 4 roll. rounded up. The defending asset can apply rounded down. a faction Base of Influence. The faction may still defend. The asset must be on a justify it. The faction then rolls 1d10+Cunning one at the beginning of their next turn or delay until a your faction’s Wealth rating on bribes and influ- each attacking asset is matched against a defending rating against similar rolls by every other faction good opportunity arises. The fender take damage as indicated. Invincible Valor: Destroy a Force asset with a mini- been discovered by a faction’s intelligence agents. Dif- should only be able to do one thing per turn. though a defending beat the faction’s roll may make a free immediate of preparations costs them that turn’s FacCred income. If used to rating. for the third amount healed. Military Conquest: Destroy a number of Force assets + 2 = 12 hit points. Difficulty 5 9 9 If the attacker’s roll is less than the defender’s Sell Asset: Gain half the FacCred cost of the asset. a faction with Force 3. it counts as Difficulty 1. Each attacking asset on the planet. those points are lost. The faction must destroy all resist the seizure. asset. but should semble. ence. Cunning. Thus. wishes. The Force rating to the attack roll. plus one more for each hex of distance between plish goals that are in line with their leadership’s pur. If 7 16 16 whatever damage their Counterattack line indi. homeworld. This action takes one turn. ence cannot be used until the beginning of the This experience may be saved. and Force. Expand Influence: Plant a Base of Influence on a new consequences for the failed attack. the defender may opt to let the damage by. for example. +1 if the attempt is contested successfully take control. ning. ments equal to your Cunning score. A brand-new faction with Force 1. GM should feel free to add new action types. if enough experience points are available. equal to the faction’s score in its ruling attribute. their special benefits until the beginning of the ernment tag for the world. Raising Faction Stats adds the relevant attribute for the asset. A successful attack can damage or destroy an have a tech level sufficient to support the asset’s tics assets. Destroy the Foe: Destroy a rival faction. The defender then rolls 1d10 and adds the type. the attacker rolls 1d10 and against the attack as normal. the legitimate planetary government. pay the difference. of any turn to increase the Force. Difficulty equal Attack: Attacking is the chief way by which a faction faction’s next turn. assets of rival factions equal to your faction’s crease an attribute. Counterattack succeeding. Cun- assaults a rival’s assets and organizational struc. this might be an attack against Turning a militia squad into elite skirmishers an appropriate goal for a faction. The defending asset suffers More damage can be healed in this single action. Difficulty is 1/2 number of assets destroyed. asset indicates which attribute to add to the attack Repair Asset/Faction: Heal damage to an asset or faction. the faction may select a new Wealth of Worlds: Spend FacCreds equal to four times tion with assets on the same world. The Attack line of the attacking faction’s next turn. and Wealth ratings. 2 2 2 causing damage to it and the faction hit points. or the intelligence-gathering abilities Inside Enemy Territory: Plant a number of stealthed enemy asset. Any of the others that equal or don a goal. and can neither attack. If the defending asset body of a world. but below are some For example.130• Running Head Running Head •131 Faction Actions A tie on the roll results in both Attack and the attempt next turn until either successful or all Blood the Enemy: Inflict a number of hit points of dam- The following list of actions includes the most com. tions who oppose their attempt before they can planet. and they cannot perform any other action that turn. et cetera. of 4 + 1 + 2 + 1 = 8 hit points. mum purchase rating higher than your faction’s Attacks can only be launched against assets on the the old homeworld and the new. If heal a faction. ture. and 6 more must be spent to raise Force from 3 to 4. causing the defender to add their Force requires a tech level 4 world and governmental potential goals and the difficulties attached to each. such as the transport ability of logis. you need to same world as the attacker. attribute ratings. the GM might allow cost of raising a faction attribute rises as the rating rises unit might add the faction’s Cunning to the attack same type. Only one asset can be purchased by a of spy assets. equal to half the average of the current ruling 6 12 12 roll. As a rule. three FacCreds of rival factions equal to your faction’s Cunning 1 - 1 pass the asset and hit the Base of Influence instead. Cunning. In the instance of planet that allows the purchase of the new asset. or spent at the beginning Faction attributes can be raised at the beginning of each ple. damage as given on the Attack line of the attacking but the cost of repair increases by one FacCred destroyed. if your Force is 3. has no Counterattack line. be able to do that same thing with any or all assets. Successful achievement of these goals helps the Force rating. ficulty 1. Cunning. Cunning 2. If successful. and Wealth they have attained. During this time poses. For exam. the faction can initiate no actions. faction grow in strength and influence. or more of their own assets and targets a rival fac. 3 4 4 the asset or Base of Influence is reduced to zero to the rounded average of its highest and lowest Planetary Seizure: Take control of a planet. least one unstealthed asset on the world for three for four turns. Use Asset Ability: Use the special abilities of one or to 1 plus the average of the faction’s Force. simple existence. the attacker selects one Expand Influence: The faction buys a Base of Influence A faction can pursue one goal at a time. To grow. nor grant turns. For one FacCred. or Wealth turn. The faction must have a suf. This healing cannot be hurried. If a faction chooses to aban. Cunning. Difficulty 2. the faction must continue . they gain the Planetary Gov. and Wealth ratings.

Every faction has a homeworld. there is nothing stopping them some trait that distinguishes them from other factions faction’s financial resources. which Fanatical Using Faction Assets can be acquired. Perimeter Agency onto the planet.132• Running Head Running Head •133 Buying Faction Assets Bases of Influence rogatives and dignities of the group are instinctively Effect: Once per turn. special actions of one or more assets. and use certain respected. Wealth homeworld is also treated as if it had at least tech Effect: This faction may roll an extra d10 for attacks This faction prizes wealth. d10 when making a Cunning attack. cobbling together space armadas out of the Only one asset can be purchased per turn by a pacifistic scientists. Factions tags do not quit. but they lack the industrial infrastructure neces. openly. that requires tech level 5 to purchase. faction tags allow a GM to give a a 4+. Once leavings of their prey. as no other lust for dominion. Rebel groups and rival factions may have assets on the these special abilities in any order. all asset tar. to build Spaceship-type assets. Most natives can hardly imagine the world decadent court of a fallen stellar empire. ter life for those who come after. in which case the This faction has been part of a world’s life for time out plot. this faction can roll an additional Assets can be normally purchased on any world that has Bases of Influence are special assets. import those assets marked as needing govern- must be finished before Monopolies can be triggered. This is not a formality. First. activate the Monopoly ability to siphon This faction is a fresh colony on an otherwise largely the existing authorities. Government tag for its homeworld. Some assets require the permission of a planetary The cost of a Base of Influence is equal to its max. If a faction moves its home. or it may simply have an inexorable grasp on onto a world. The faction’s defenses and standing armies. A faction cannot buy assets on a world Effect: This faction can roll one additional d10 when their creation. highest d10 out of those rolled is used. In a few cases. which can be up to the owning fac. such as a Cunning vs. Slaves asset. and then use another Heavy Drop Asset to move untouched planet. Whether or not this directly to a faction’s hit points. Bases of Influence cannot men and material can be moved interstellar distances world with less than several hundred thousand inhab. bership has forgotten more of treachery than most are triggered. Effect: All faction assets gain the following special abil- tech. at the most for particularly versatile organizations. others ever learn. band of ideological crusaders or an ancient order of “Peaceable Kingdom” Goal. Influence have a sale value of zero FacCreds. made as part of a Seize Planet action. 2 FacCred cost. acquiring an without a Base of Influence. this tag is lost. though it can move assets defending against attacks on assets on their home. Exchange Consulate may roll an extra die when making a test to detect Planetary governments cannot prevent the land. the overflow damage damage and a Counterattack of 1d4 damage. the Perimeter retains numerous ancient the faction’s relationship with a planet’s government. a faction can only ever have one Base of In. defend. its members tion knows how to get the most effect from a credit. the Eugenics Cult can roll an extra d10 override codes for pretech security protocols. keep fighting to the bitter end. If the actor rolls higher than the de. this faction can roll an additional a faction extra dice for these rolls. Originally orga- to recruit the asset on their cannot as 1. a Base of Influence for this faction costs one extra until the beginning of the buyer’s next turn. but its mem- not count as attacks.and lost. whether out of an impulse to bring their local cul. Of course. Once be dispatched. the action is successful. It may be a secret cabal of hidden masters or the d10 when making a Wealth attack. paid to this faction. however. this fac- fending attribute. assets are called to make a test government exists on a fresh colony. They can trigger normally change without some drastic and organiza. the faction may roll an extra d10 when Effect: Any movement of an asset onto a world that has can neither attack. If a Base of Influence required. though bribes of 1d4 FacCreds can occasionally suffice. given faction. and adds their score in the acting attribute. the members will This faction is the legitimate government of a planet. This faction nurses wild dreams of controlling the sec. If the faction ever changes homeworlds. world to a planet that already has a Base of Influence. cash. Effect:This faction has all the benefits of the Planetary ture and technology to less fortunate worlds or simple ple times. They steal and refit ships with vicious should they feel threatened. once for each planet the faction controls. For these tests. and its membership strives test. a faction can choose to use the faction’s seizure of new worlds. world. It is this brave band of pioneers that Imperialists Effect: The faction’s permission is required to buy or the Monopoly back offworld. put in place with an Expand Influence action. Bases of Influence do not Effect: Eugenics Cultists can buy the Gengineered This faction is or is closely tied to an Agency of the government’s forces can physically disrupt any attempt count against a faction’s maximum assets. The faction sells its services to the highest bidder. and assembling it takes time. purchased elsewhere on-planet. a Base of Influence and sufficient tech level to support special rules. per turn. be moved once in place. alterations these unstable scientists undertake. Vast amounts of Starship-type assets cannot be purchased on a fluence on a world at a time. they always lose ties during attacks. Planets with smaller populations may have the purchased with a Buy Asset action. They can only be The forbidden maltech secrets of advanced human ge. Certain tags may grant Deep Rooted delighting every opportunity to scheme and counter. Stealthed assets. No matter how overmatched. with an Attack of Force vs. This zealousness leaves them open at times. tech level 4 nized by the Terran Mandate to detect and contain in its vulnerable entry phase. and they ity: As an action. Force/1d6 maltech outbreaks until Mandate fleet resources could permission will be extended will usually depend on is brought below zero hit points. Unless specified otherwise. the acting asset’s faction rolls 1d10 level 4. nor give any special benefits A faction should generally be given one tag. “deathless” leadership are just two of the more common government in order to purchase them or move them imum hit points. All Heavy Drop Assets will tame the world’s wild forces and bring forth a bet. the asset may move itself to any sary to manufacture spike drives. sulate or has close ties with that pacifistic society of Such assets are too unthreatening and nondescript to Faction Tags bankers and diplomats. driving up have landed. or two defending against a Wealth attack. Machiavellian ning trade cartel. is firmly in this faction’s hands. The faction may rule trigger Heavy Drop Assets to move a Monopoly asset Colonists however. This tag can be acquired multi- and so forth. they gain a bonus experience point. gets must be on the same world with the acting assets. and able planet. tional d10 when making an attack against an asset mit the recruitment or entry of assets powerful enough with maximum hit points.000 citi. exception is the “Planetary Government” tag. Effect: Once per turn. These tests do of mind. services provided by a Consulate help to protect the This faction is a scourge of the spacelanes. is not counted against the owning faction’s hit points. ment permission. Whether a particularly fanatical Effect: When the faction successfully completes a without pity. They excel at defeating planetary In some cases. constantly to expand and maintain personal fortunes. or shoot it down Damage done to a Base of Influence is also done the statistics of 6 HP. and no damage or counterattacks without this faction’s presence. the cost of shipping and terrorizing merchant captains from attacking these assets either directly or indirectly of similar resources. A homeworld is on an attack or defense by a Gengineered Slaves Effect: Once per turn. they may roll 1d6. ing of assets without the permission-needed quality. but control over the instruments of the state asset must be used all at the same time. per turn. while the zens lack the necessary industrial infrastructure Perhaps it is a ruling council of oligarchs or a star-span- target faction rolls 1d10 and adds their score in the de. the existing base is automatically lost. Bases of Influence cannot be Eugenics Cult in just a few months. The faction to overthrow them. it’s an asset requiring Force 1 with enigmatic Perimeter organization. This faction is either led through an Exchange Con. Effect: The faction always rerolls any dice that come up planet. the faction may roll an addi- Under no conditions will a government willingly per. and the traditional pre. always automatically equipped with a Base of Influence asset. Plutocratic against another faction. on ingenuity. but each form of tion-shaping event. fender. Colonies with fewer than 100. This faction’s meat and drink is intrigue. The FacCred. the standing tion’s maximum hit points. The sophisticated economic Pirates alert them until after they’ve already been formed or Most factions have some unique quality about them. itants. Mercenary Group asset requires more than just FacCreds and a service. tor. The asset group a few special tricks of their own.and occasionally past it. but whatever form it takes.multiple times to reflect the The members of this faction just don’t know when to Planetary Government As its action for the turn. Bases of netic manipulation are known to this faction. is an extremely mobile organization. Slave-engineered humanoids and world within one hex. . use them with gusto.

planets. It may be split up into numerous Their Bases of Influence normally have a maximum HP The amount of damage done or benefit given to a semi-autonomous cells. costing 2 FacCreds The faction is fueled by the fierce certainty that God you intend to enlist the PCs as defenders of some be. The tight and leaguered group of innocents. organization makes it difficult to infiltrate or subvert Creating PC Factions advantage and a tool for the PCs rather than a crutch. If the factions in being a colonial governor if you can’t even get a Effect: Purchasing an asset that requires tech level 4 or on any world with at least ten thousand occupants. Effect: Once per turn. to a faction in any one turn. A PC will need to spend a full turn processing the donation tomed to surviving without the benefits of advanced and even the most impressive sector empire rarely who organizes a colonial expedition to an uninhabited before it becomes FacCreds. Eventually. becoming 1 FacCred. and they can choose to parlay that that don’t liquidate easily into cash. and their tertiary attribute is three less. nicians. you make are content to hide from the world and get corporal’s guard of bodyguards to look after you. Whether or not this faction has developed sophisticat. least as much as could be accomplished with a faction such a faction can often be more difficult than destroy. unpromising and limited labor pool into superb tech. tribute and one asset in a different attribute. and give regional hege. See the list of Cunning assets mons four assets in their primary and four in others. Otherwise. Simply finding the assets of Give minor powers one asset in their primary at. They renown and competence that others will want to seek into normal credits. The actions of adventurers fall outside the faction turn. wasted due to accounting inefficiency. technology and maximizing the benefit of all local re. but the Effect: All assets purchased by this faction automatical. unless amounts. or fac- Whatever their territory. PCs have to actively work to create their fac- when defending with an asset that requires tech beside each Base describing the form it takes can be tion. there’s not much fun equipment more practical for deployment. faction. world will end up with a faction very different from sources. In Effect: Once per turn. but this faction can actually train their own. cy and misdirection. will have 29 HP. or otherwise d10. You mined by the outcome of the adventure itself. with substantially larger returns tion can also force a rival faction to reroll any one is zealous in battle and has a positive taste for fighting. second-most important attribute is one less than their Force attacks or Cunning defenses. levels. try to pick goals that be permitted as a general matter. this faction can roll an extra die Influence it might have on other worlds. or donate loot won in the Most significant factions are capable of employing psy. depending on whether or not the GM finds it tion if a PC comes to rely on it too heavily. nization. assets in different attributes. noting that a Base is a “hidden training camp”. FacCreds translate poorly chics. one fitting their special focus and origins. a place of learning operated by the learned Preceptors gineers and scientists. powers two assets in their primary attribute. Their Man. important attribute. The GM should feel disciplines. and into the loss or acquisition of FacCreds. they’re unlikely to be terribly tion equipment should also be available in reasonable Preceptor Archive may also take the special action Theocratic useful as patrons or enemies for the PC group. handy in later planning out adventures with the faction. salvage the castoffs of some decadent plea. d10 when making a Force attack. whether or not they’re involved in the roll. when defending against a Cunning attack. success or failure isn’t determined according to one of their assets destroyed. add Planetary Government tags for those resources of their factions in the course of their ad- stitutions dedicated to the spread of practical knowl. 8 hit points. “cabal of bribed politicians”. “cult Scavengers religion front”. they won’t willingly take the kind of risks that a 12. this faction is accus. Minor factions should have a 4 in their most tion hit points. Any more than this in one turn is against the material limits of their world or a pack of To create a faction. tech level 4. Cunning. A few words general. this fac. Give major turn. It does not simply arrive as the natural birthright level 0 to purchase.000 ing to qualified psychics. players should be able to see concrete effects from their ly begin Stealthed. first decide on the scale of the orga. They can build Starship-type assets will put them in conflict with each other. one FacCred will usually translate into about 100. utilizing faction assets on a personal level. faction by a group’s adventures should be substantial. however. each faction turn should include public commentary on This faction is or has close ties to a Preceptor Archive The faction is staffed by large numbers of expert en. this faction knows how to Wealth. build things.and with no one else. primary. Place the faction’s homeworld and locate any Bases of that of a PC that starts her own psychic academy. select a Goal for the faction.000 credits Savage in their primary attribute. . “Teach Planetary Population”. with each 100. or so forth. they gain one Fac. Once per turn. ed military resources and techniques. or consist largely of trained equal to half that. ventures. prioritize the faction’s attributes. If the the visible consequences of their actions. and one asset Characters can give up to 1d4 x 100.134• Running Head Running Head •135 Preceptor Archive Technical Expertise Select an appropriate faction tag for the organiza. well. the world’s tech level permanently becomes occasionally irrational obedience that pervades the adventurers often relish. On is with them. exerts direct control over more than a dozen worlds. Effect: This faction can provide psionic mentor train. These Archives are peaceful in. Place these assets on the worlds occupied by the faction. or edge and useful engineering to the wider cosmos. vulnerable if used to make investments. and regional hegemons should have an 8. and can get far more out of their available There are factions with a military orientation. It may not be possible to bring down an interstel- ing them. this faction can roll an additional things. deciding but the consequences of their escapades can translate sure-world or ply the ruins of an orbital scrapyard. this faction can roll an extra d10 the necessary power and influence to start their own draw credits from his faction. and the can calculate the faction’s hit points from that. it’s likely that a PC is going to accumulate It may come up that a character wants to with- Psychic Academy Effect: Once per turn. and then into a faction of their own. world. the membership nization of planetary importance. Many factions are restricted to a single world. For your ini. The along in peace and quiet. and two lar empire by precision strikes and subversion.000 credits Whether a proud tribe of neoprimitives struggling Creating Factions for a Sector tion tag appropriate to the new organization’s nature. the newslines at the end of for details on Stealth. group’s ability to overcome the security and obfusca- Secretive mally minor powers will have 15 HP. reasonable that the PC should be able to form an orga. either bringing along troops or specialists. Traditionally. They can turn even the most faction has direct governmental control over one or Some players will want to take advantage of the of the Great Archive. Success is deter- Cred. They start with a score of 2 in their primary create tangible results. Faction assets should be an 4 for the purposes and purchases of this faction. but nor. attribute and 1 in the others. “academic Adventures and Factions This faction might live within the wreckage of a tomb society supporters”. Subordinates are not adventurers. credits worth of cash. effectively. pend largely on what the character did to form it. assets. Newly-founded factions are fragile. engineering. the order in which they focus on Force. there are factions that just really love killing things. and the faction degenerate tomb world cannibals. tion. The GM may select one fac. successes. at espionage professionals. a 9th level PC has gained enough course of their adventuring. If the players come up with a scheme to find worth amid seemingly useless trash. and while they will perform their duties diligently and and allowing them to roll 1d12 for one world. more worlds. Their Effect: This faction treats all planets on which they Finally. of a 9th level PC. major powers tion that surrounds these enigmatic disciples of genetic This faction is marked by elaborate protocols of secre. The exact details of a PC’s new faction will de. and sector hegemons will have 49 HP. Fac- more costs one fewer FacCred than normal. This should large numbers of educated personnel make advanced have a Base of Influence as if they were at least tial three or four sector factions. as they often represent resources excel at precise and focused application of the psionic Warlike his or her service. major sector powers should have strike at the leadership of the Brotherhood of the New Effect: Whenever the faction destroys an asset or has a 6. At the very least. Next. This may happen at earlier free to prohibit directly withdrawing cash from a fac- psychic resources than other factions.

Backwater Planet Attributes Force 3. Wealth 1 This religious organization is a powerful force in the Hit Points 15 sector. Gengineered Slaves/Force 1 levels of technology in a sector will fit this template. Most worlds with ordinary 6. Zealots/Force 3. Mercantile Combine sion or intrigue. Wealth 5 Hit Points 29 Assets Demagogue/Cunning 6. Assets Guerilla Populace/Force 2. Bank/Wealth 4 human heart yearns for freedom. Tags Secretive Attributes Force 3. Planetary Defens. but the experimental Tags Savage medical treatment they offer to those who can find them makes unwilling converts of some. Pretech Manufactory/Wealth 7. Informers/Cunning 1. Cunning 5. Zealots/Force 3 worlds. Cunning 6. but their final loyalty Hit Points 15 is always to their credit balance. likely with major congregations on several Assets Seditionists/Cunning 4. Assets Boltholes/Cunning 5. the effort to define its governmental faction during Attributes Force 8. Laboratory/Wealth 3. Blockade Fleet/Force 5. Assets Space Marines/Force 7. Attributes Force 3. Wealth 3 successfully engineered. The following sample Hit Points 49 factions can be pulled and used for such places as nec. Wealth 7 sector creation. Eugenics Cult tages in population and cultural cohesion depending on Some people are born to rule. Organization Moles/ Cunning 5. Black- Lost World mail/Cunning 2 Primitive and barbaric by the standards of the space go. Hit Points 29 ennui. cults believe that superior breeds of humanity can be Attributes Force 4. Marketers/Wealth 5 Tags Theocratic . Cunning 3. but may well have substantial advan. Demagogue/Cunning ested in the wider galaxy. you can add the Planetary Force 6. Cunning 5. Force 4. Shipping Com- bine/Wealth 4. and that good genetic back- Hit Points 15 ground legitimizes rule over less “advanced” humans. Tags Plutocratic ing worlds. a new one rises in time. Harvesters/Wealth 1 Such cults are widely loathed. the es/Force 6. but disaster. These factions spring Tags Deep Rooted up in the shadow of oppressive governments. Wealth 6 ning 2 Hit Points 29 Tags Colonists Assets Venture Capital/Wealth 6. Cunning 4. Zealous Faith Attributes Force 3. Wealth 1 ate out of one particular world. Cy- Colony World berninjas/Cunning 3 Thinly-populated worlds with limited infrastructure Tags Imperialists tend to have weak colonial governments concerned chiefly with issues of basic survival rather than expan. Extended Theater/ Government tag for legitimate world governments. or the Scream has left it a sleepy planet disinter. Assets Zealots/Force 3. Where appropriate. Tags Eugenics Cult Attributes Force 6. a lost world lacks the technical resources of their neighbors. Wealth 5 Hit Points 29 Rebel Freedom Fighters Assets Postech Infantry/Force 4. Hardened Personnel/Forces 2.literally. Wealth 5 Perhaps this world was important once. Saboteurs/Cun. These eugenics the world’s habitability. Cunning 1. Cunning 3. Planetary Defenses/ essary. A star-spanning consortium of merchants might oper- Attributes Force 4. Tripwire Cells/Cunning 4. A group might This world is the mightiest military power in the sector decide to attack the planetary government of a world and leads a half-dozen neighboring worlds in a “volun- that wasn’t important or interesting enough to merit tary confederation” that it ever seeks to expand. Cunning 6. For each one that is crushed. Even in the most tyrannical corners of the galaxy.136• Running Head Running Head •137 Example Factions (Faction float) A GM doesn’t always have time to sort out the details Regional Hegemon of every faction that might be needed. Shipping Combine/Wealth 4. for example.

S allows the faction to reroll one die for an action taken that planet. Friendly fire can be induced with the right inter. the asset is destroyed with them. special None A. 3 0 Tactic None None S matter how many Books of Secrets are owned. Until Covert Transit Net 15 18 4 Logistics Facility None None A asset to attack itself for normal damage and counter. the faction can sacrifice Stealth is not an asset. This reroll can only be forced once per turn. Cunning. which can be any need not specify a particular asset to target. 2d6 damage 1d6 damage S hexes of the Covert Shipping at the cost of one FacCred. special None S logued psychometric records on important and influ. If successful. the affected asset cannot attack.138• Running Head Running Head •139 Cunning Assets Smugglers are skilled in extracting personnel. If the Boltholes are destroyed ligence analysts into a web of observation capable of Cunning 2 before this happens. Cyberninjas are outfitted with the latest in personal Seductresses and their male equivalents subvert the Cunning 7 stealth cyberware. Cunning. the against their maximum assets. per se. Special Forces unit to a planet up to two hexes away. Boltholes 6 12 4 Logistics Facility None 2d6 damage S tions. If the Cracked Comms succeeds in defending their will to obey. successful Cunning vs. and “S” indicates that the asset has a special feature or cost. Cunning. Cunning 3 on that world or force an enemy faction to reroll one Party Machines are political blocks that control partic. Each turn. special None S against an attack. Cunning. 1d4 damage None A Unit asset on the same planet as the Boltholes suffers Organization Moles can subvert and confuse enemy Informers 3 2 0 Special Forces Cunning vs. Once per turn. Seditionists baffle and confuse their targets. an asset that has been successfully attacked immediately Cunning 8 ers in the direction of maximum utility for the faction. that there are no stealthed assets there. Cunning. Cunning test at the beginning of ev. but Treachery 5 10 0 Tactic Cunning vs. diate Cunning vs. 2d6 damage None - die. a Party Machine provides 1 Covert Shipping 4 8 4 Logistics Facility None None A. allowing uncanny accuracy in pre. A Base of Influence can Informers can target a faction even if none of their as. sets are visible on a world. Cunning. a Seductress can travel to any world within Book of Secrets 10 20 4 Tactic None 2d8 damage S Demagogues are popular leaders of a particular faith or one hex. by tags. the smugglers can transport itself or any one one turn. Transport Lockdown 10 20 4 Tactic Cunning vs. any Special Forces assets can be Saboteurs are trained in launching strikes against cru- Cunning 5 moved between any worlds within three hexes of the cial enemy operations. S False Front resources allow a faction to preserve more Special Forces units can attack a Seductress. they attach to a different asset or no longer share the Demagogue 10 20 0 Special Forces Cunning vs. the false front instead to nullify the killing blow. “A” means that the asset can perform a special action. the Treachery asset is lost. Cunning. This lock applies whether Cracked Comms 6 14 0 Tactic None Special S interception and deciphering of enemy communica. Cunning attack only be purchased with the “Expand Influence” action. If another asset on the planet suffers A “P” special code indicates a need for planetary governmental permission to raise or transport in the asset. Any one Special Forc. Cunning. the asset loses and not with a normal “Buy Asset” action. revealing hidden plans.blocks that are firmly in control Stealth . S a network of smugglers and gray-market freighter cap. Tripwire Cells of observers are intended to alert to the number up to the total maximum hit points of its own. Cunning. The owner also gains an Blackmail 4 4 0 Tactic Cunning vs. Popular Movements represent a planet-wide surge of Cunning 4 es unit can be moved between any worlds within three enthusiasm for a cause controlled by the faction. An asset that has been Stealthed cannot be faction. it is instead set at 0 HP assets. Saboteurs 6 5 0 Special Forces Cunning vs. they simply learn Transport Lockdown techniques involve selective pres. successful. . Smugglers 4 2 4 Starship Cunning vs. Panopticon Matrix facilities weave braked-AI intel. cessful Cunning vs. cannot use any Action ability until the start of the at- Cracked Comms indicate a cryptographic asset for the tacking faction’s next turn. If the unit nor. Cunning. Cunning. purchasing or upgrading units on a particular world. Cyberninjas 4 6 4 Special Forces Cunning vs. For a cost of 1d4 FacCreds. but a special quality that tack. If a faction Special Forces or Military attempted again until the next turn. Special None S ideology that can be relied upon to point their follow. no ular cities or regions. unit from one world to another. at worst. Only Panopticon Matrix 20 30 5 Logistics Facility None 1d6 damage. sure on local routing and shipping companies. Book of Secrets assets represent exhaustively cata. striking to damage their cohesion. the rival faction cannot transport assets onto inspired sufficiently to take up arms and fight on behalf defend against Blackmail loses any bonus dice earned transport it into a system. even if the faction does not otherwise have the to a faction’s hit points. On a successful at- Base of Influence assets are special. truders. Lobbyists can be used to block the governmental per. Seditionists 8 12 0 Special Forces None None A tains. S damage sufficient to destroy it. and detected or attacked by other factions. against the owning faction. As an action. of the faction. As Popular Movement 16 25 4 Tactic Cunning vs. For one that planet without spending 1d4 FacCreds and waiting FacCred. Every rival Stealthed asset on the planet must succeed Lobbyists 4 4 0 Special Forces Cunning vs. The cost of a Base of Influ. Any attempt to attack or mission that is sometimes required to buy an asset or faction. attributes necessary to purchase it. a Book of Secrets additional die on all Cunning attacks and defenses on Seductress 4 4 0 Special Forces Cunning vs. 1d6 damage 1d6 damage - Covert Transit Net facilities web an area of space with ernment always grants any asset purchase or movement Tripwire Cells 8 12 4 Special Forces None 1d4 damage A. S Covert Shipping allows for the quiet transportation of a FacCred to its owning faction. This Party Machine 10 10 0 Logistics Facility Cunning vs. watchful for in. An asset attacked by saboteurs Organization Moles 8 10 0 Tactic Cunning vs. and are required for enough damage to destroy it. the planet. Wealth. Whenever a stealthed asset ing faction. mally requires the permission of a planetary govern. False Front 2 1 0 Logistics Facility None None S and rendered untouchable and unusable until it is re. 1d4+1 damage None S dicting their actions. can be purchased for another Special Forces asset on and the targeted asset switches sides to join the traitor’s Any damage done to a Base of Influence is also done Informers lace a planet’s underworld. sapping Cunning 6 ference. When a rival faction gains of their leadership. They can choose to Attack any faction. be foregone. 2d8 damage 1d8 damage - attack consequences. 2d6 damage None S Covert Transit Net. same planet. a Seductress does no damage. special None A. ery turn or lose their Stealth. ence equals its maximum hit points. Treachery can attack an enemy asset. detecting the slightest evidence of intruders on a world. permission to do so. all Stealthed assets ment to be moved onto a planet. if Asset HP Cost TL Type Attack Counter Note novations to make cleaning them out a costly and dan. attack or defend. Blackmail can be used to selectively degrade the effec. Cunning. requests made by the faction. that permission may arrival of stealthed units. 5 FacCreds are gained. support pervades all levels of government. in a Cunning vs. and the gov. or not the saboteurs’ attack was successful. an action. A faction’s bases of influence don’t count on the planet belonging to that faction are revealed. As an attack. the Lobbyists can make an imme- Boltholes are equipped with a number of postech in. On a suc. Cells make an immediate Cunning vs. reveals any other Stealthed assets on the planet. Cunning attack. Vanguard Cadres 12 8 3 Military Unit Cunning vs. it can immediately cause the attacking tionists can attach themselves to an enemy asset. valuable resources. On a its stealth. the Sedi. all designed to avoid all but the most leadership of enemy assets. 2d6 damage 1d6 damage S careful scans. Cunning attack against a rival Vanguard Cadres are those followers of the movement tiveness of an enemy asset. Cunning test against the faction. the permission is withdrawn and cannot be Cunning 1 gerous pursuit. An asset loses its Stealth if it is used to lands or is purchased on a planet with tripwire cells. Cunning. 2d4 damage None S ential local figures. Base of Influence * * 0 Special None None S paired to full strength.

may be moved to any Beachhead Landers are a collection of short-range. Planetary Defenses are massive mag cannons and seek. which can be any support staff of the faction that have been trained in number up to the total maximum hit points of its own. Only one asset can be Pretech Logistics 6 14 0 Facility None None A be moved between any two worlds within three hexes purchased per turn. and other deniable assets. and have heavy support units attached. Force. ence equals its maximum hit points. 3d10+4 damage 3d8 damage A.including itself. any world within one hex at a cost of one FacCred per Integral Protocols are a complex web of braked-AI sup. whether or not the Capital Fleet 30 40 5 Spaceship Force vs. ported sensors and redundant security checks used to Force 1 Blockade Fleets include a ragtag lot of corsairs. Heavy Drop Assets 6 4 4 Facility None None A Capital Fleets are the pride of an empire. Wealth. defensive fighting and equipped with supply caches and ing faction. Extended Theater 10 10 4 Facility None None A fruition. Force 4 security. defeat attempts to infiltrate an area. Pretech Infantry 16 20 5 Military Unit Force vs. high-capacity spike drive ships capable of moving large Hitmen are crudely-equipped thugs and assassins with numbers of troops. Zealots Any damage done to a Base of Influence is also done fight as partisans. the asset may move minimal training that have been aimed at a rival fac- any number of assets on the planet. Force. Force. a pretech logistics asset allows the owner to buy one Force 5 Deep Strike Landers are advanced pretech transport Force asset on that world that requires up to tech lev- Blockade Fleet 8 10 4 Starship Force vs. Guerilla Populace 6 4 0 Military Unit Force vs. at a cost of 2 FacCreds. usually equipped with nonlethal weaponry or Force 7 worlds within two hexes of the extended theater. Deep Strike Landers 10 25 5 Facility None None A cost of 1 FacCred. 2d8 damage 2d8+2 damage P for guerilla warfare and quick raids. Force. Starship asset. elite troops kitted out in the best pretech weap. Gravtank Formation 14 25 5 Military Unit Force vs. any one non-Starship asset. they can move to any world within one hex of their current location. Force 2d8+2 damage 2d8 damage A tech gravtank units that are capable of covering almost ings. Strike Fleets are composed of frigate or cruiser-class A “P” special code indicates a need for planetary governmental permission to raise or transport in the asset. 1d6 damage * None S ships capable of moving an asset long distances. but they add an Hitmen 1 2 0 Special Forces Force vs. bombardments. 2d4 damage 1d4+1 damage P massive pretech warships without peer in most sectors. As an action. 1d4+1 damage 1d6 damage - to move one into a system. but not forms.140• Running Head Running Head •141 Force Assets sophisticated defenses against light planetary weapon- ry. and are required for Guerilla Populace assets reflect popular support among Zealots are members of the faction so utterly dedicated purchasing or upgrading units on a particular world. A faction’s bases of influence don’t count hardened fallback positions. Force 3 an action. 2d6+2 damage None S of the deep strike landers. Base of Influence assets are special. they may move to any world within three tary armies. a collection of er missile arrays designed to defend against starship Elite Skirmishers 5 5 4 Military Unit Force vs. As an action. Cunning. one hex of their current location. As an action. they steal 1d4 Fac. smugglers. additional die to the defender’s roll. Cunning. As an el 5 to purchase. The cost of a Base of Influ. They can crack open onry and armor available. As an action. onry. Planetary Defenses can only defend Hardened Personnel 4 4 3 Special Forces None 1d4+1 damage - Capital fleets are expensive to keep flying. and monitoring duties. when purchased. at a personal sidearms.including this one. These well-trained soldiers are usually Zealots 4 6 0 Special Forces Force vs Force. Militia Unit 4 4 3 Military Unit Force vs.can FacCreds as usual.can be moved between any two licemen. or Strike Fleet 8 12 4 Starship Force vs. “A” means vessels equipped with space-to-ground weaponry and that the asset can perform a special action. Pretech Logistics assets represent caches. against their maximum assets. 1d6 damage 1d4+1 damage P Creds from the target faction as well. Cunning. no matter how troops with rudimentary military training but no heavy Force 2 many blockade fleets attack. take 1d4 damage every time they launch a successful to a faction’s hit points. and “S” indicates that the asset has a special feature or cost. Asset HP Cost TL Type Attack Counter Note asset moved. Counterintel Unit 4 6 4 Special Forces Cunning vs Cunning. Psychic Assassins 4 12 4 Special Forces Cunning vs. Force. Psychic assassins automatically start Stealthed Planetary Defenses 20 18 4 Facility None 2d6+6 damage * S Extended Theater facilities allow for transporting as. 1d3+1 damage 1d4 damage - privateers. the locals and a cadre of men and women willing to that they are willing to commit suicide attacks. Space Marines 16 30 5 Military Unit Force vs. trained for ship boarding actions and opposed land. with sophisticated heavy Beachhead Landers 10 10 4 Facility None None A enemy plots long before they have time to come to support weaponry integral to the unit. Postech Infantry 12 8 4 Military Unit Force vs. planetary government permits it. Psychic Assassins are combat-trained psychics equipped Force 6 Elite Skirmishers are lightly-equipped troops trained with advanced pretech stealth gear and psitech weap. As Postech Infantry are the backbone of most plane. this asset may support. A Base of Influence can Heavy Drop Assets allow for the transport of resources only be purchased with the “Expand Influence” action. 1d6 damage None - cessfully hit an enemy faction asset. Force. also move itself to a world within one hex. 1d4+1 damage None - additional 2 FacCreds of maintenance each turn. . Space Marines are heavily-armored specialist troops Integral Protocols 10 20 5 Facility None 2d8+2 damage * S Gravtank Formations are composed of advanced pre. and cost an against attacks by Starship-type assets. When they suc. Hardened Personnel assets consist of employees and attack or perform a counterattack.including itself. Planetary government equipped with mag weaponry and combat field uni- Cunning Trap 2 5 0 Tactic None 1d6+3 damage - permission is required to raise a capital fleet. As an action.including itself. This theft can Militia Units are groups of lightly-equipped irregular Base of Influence * * 0 Special None None S occur to a faction only once per turn. Pretech Infantry are the cream of the stellar ground Counterintel Units specialize in code breaking. Force. 1d8 damage 1d8 damage P war. rounded up. They can defend Security Personnel 3 2 0 Military Unit Force vs. 2d6 damage 2d6 damage S hexes of their current location. Force. As an action. This asset costs half again as many action. pirates. internal forces. any one non- and not with a normal “Buy Asset” action. from one world to another. they can move to any world within Force 8 any terrain and cracking the toughest defensive posi. any one non-Starship Security Personnel are standard civilian guards or po- asset. 2d10+4 damage 1d10 damage P sets long distances. world within one hex for one FacCred. As an action. 2d6 damage 1d8 damage A Cunning Traps involve all the myriad stratagems of internal research and salvage programs. S tions. only against attacks versus Cunning. from induced landslides to spreading local tion’s leadership.

the faction can ignore one cost or FacCred into untimely investments and paralyze them with in. and follow the rules faction’s asset. Multiple bank assets compatible hardware and software. 5-7 yields two tary government permission to be imported. the Shipping Combine assets allow the transport of large long as the fee can be paid and doesn’t require an action. while on a 2-4 one FacCred is any products out of local resources. transporting goods through unfriendly lines. and “S” indicates that the asset has a special feature or cost. Wealth. if a Special options on worlds. Cunning. Lawyers tech researchers have a maintenance cost of 1 FacCred Wealth 7 cannot attack or counterattack Force assets. Asset HP Cost TL Type Attack Counter Note es to coincide with gluts in the market. Any Repair Asset action moved to any world within two hexes. owners of a monopoly may force one other Lawyers 4 6 0 Special Forces Cunning vs. Union Toughs don’t much like scabs and management. 1d8 is rolled. a 1. the target faction must As an action. For one FacCred. ing faction can roll 1d6 for a Postech Industry asset. precious examples of Medical Center 8 12 4 Facility None None S of damaged and poorly-controlled assets. As an action. for a Pretech Manufactory. Force. Mercenaries can move to any Harvesters 4 2 0 Facility None 1d4 A next asset purchase. Special None S tries to buy an asset on that planet must pay one extra thest reaches of the faction’s operations. This may be done freely on the owner’s turn so loss imposed by another faction. 1d4 damage None A faction loses one FacCred (if available). and gain half that many Laboratory assets allow a world to make hesitant prog. Monopoly 12 8 3 Facility Wealth vs. rounded down. them one FacCred. The presence of a Laboratory allows assets Pretech Researchers are a highly versatile team of re. on a 1. allow multiple losses to be ignored. immediately pay half the asset’s purchase cost. This money is not given to the investments’ an R&D department may treat all planets as having tech Scavenger Fleet 20 30 5 Starship Wealth vs. Wealth 2 cal licensee for the faction’s goods and services. On 4+. Once between turns. Pretech Researchers on it is treated as tech level 5 for Commodities Broker 10 20 0 Special Forces Wealth vs. retrofitted to Bank 8 12 3 Facility None None S Takeover does enough damage to destroy a faction. Wealth. faction’s benefit. Wealth. owner. Creds a turn in maintenance. along with a facility with heavy guns. As an Medical Center assets allow for the salvage and repair Surveyors explore potential resource and investment Venture Capital grows assets out of seemingly no- action. 2d4 damage 1d6 damage S by the Franchise’s owner. Lawyers have the abil. one FacCred is lost. very rarely. they lose one asset of their choice on the world. As an action. A faction with Wealth 8 FacCred. “A” means throw in with particular factions. the Postech Industry is destroyed. be persuaded to A “P” special code indicates a need for planetary governmental permission to raise or transport in the asset. 2d10 damage 2d8 damage S over the commerce on a world. venture capital can be hexes for a cost of two FacCreds. Wealth. Wealth. chase or move a Mercenary asset to a planet requires Base of Influence * * 0 Special None None S Franchise assets reflect a deniable connection with a lo. Pretech Manufactory 16 25 5 Facility None None S Local Investments give the faction substantial influence R&D Departments allow the smooth extension of Hostile Takeover 10 20 4 Tactic Wealth vs. . As an action. Wealth against a rival amounts of equipment and personnel between worlds. As an action. Blockade Runners can the faction may immediately pay half its purchase cost fluence actions. Wealth 1 the owner of a commodities broker can roll 1d8. As an action. 2d6 1d6 damage A Lawyers as universal. high. Mercenaries are groups of well-equipped. Pretech Researchers 6 14 4 Special Forces None None S ress in tech. no level 4 for purposes of buying Wealth assets. FacCreds.142• Running Head Running Head •143 Wealth Assets das bring enormous technical and mercantile resources Transit Web facilities allow almost effortless reloca- to their patrons. Wealth. Web.. Wealth. trained. On Mercenaries 6 8 4 Military Unit Wealth vs. Venture Capital 10 15 4 Facility Wealth vs. S Freighter Contract assets grant special links with heavy money. a Scavenger Fleet can be moved to any starship Cunning or Wealth assets may be moved be- Bank assets allow for the protection of wealth. the own- Laboratory 4 6 0 Facility None None S world within two hexes at a cost of one FacCred. or other unprocessed natural a 3-5 one FacCred is earned. Wealth. that the asset can perform a special action. on whether ore. If a Hostile functioning pretech industrial facilities. 1d6 damage 1d6 damage S Hostile Takeover assets allow a faction to seize control Pretech Manufactories are rare. the owning faction can roll 1d8 Marketers 8 10 0 Tactic Cunning vs. They’re lightly armed and poorly Blockade Runners are starship captains that excel at down. ly-trained soldiers willing to serve the highest bidder. the asset is destroyed. Once Marketers can be deployed to confuse enemy factions world within three hexes. Wealth. rounded up. but is lost. Wealth. Commodities Brokers can substantially lessen the cost Forces and Military Units. even move units that would otherwise require plane. 2d4+2 damage 1d6 damage A. The presence of a Surveyor crew where. no matter how many Franchises attack. As an action. P Harvesters gather the natural resources of a world. As an action. the purpose of buying Cunning and Wealth assets. and a 6 returns two Fac. no profit is gained. Blockade Runners 6 12 4 Starship None 2d4 damage A to be purchased on that world as if it had tech level 4.. When a Monopoly assets involve an open or tacit stranglehold Franchise successfully attacks a enemy asset. one FacCred is gained. the combine may move any number of and they’re willing to take the faction’s word on which noted above for their use and purchase. Any other faction that wealth-creation and industrial principles to the far. This loss can happen only faction with unstealthed assets on that world to pay Union Toughs 6 4 0 Military Unit Wealth vs. to restore it with one hit point. whether sophists in immaculate as long as they’re adequately funded. These rag-tag arma. the enemy on certain vital businesses or resources on a world. tween any two worlds within three hexes of the Transit per turn. a surveyor crew can be tapped.including itself. Base of Influence assets are special. a blockade runner can transfer itself or any one of damaged assets. the work without the benefit of specialized psychic disci- Wealth 5 target is instead reduced to 1 hit point and acquired by plines. Force. Local Investments 2 1 2 Facility Wealth vs. Any world with R&D Department 15 18 4 Facility None None S suits or charismatic tribal skalds. taken on that world costs one less FacCred for Special FacCreds and 8 grants three FacCreds. If the target faction hasn’t got the Surveyors 4 4 4 Special Forces None 1d4 damage A. two hexes at a cost of one FacCred per asset. the Harvesters’ owning faction Creds. Pre- damaging assets with confusion and red tape. If successful. To pur. biologicals. rounded non-Force assets. Wealth 4 goods. marketers may test Cunning vs. down to a minimum of half normal world within one hex of their current location. allows one additional die to be rolled on Expand In. 1d4 damage 1d4-1 damage S many FacCreds are subtracted from the cost of their per turn. Transit Web 5 15 5 Facility Cunning vs. If money is lost and no resources are available Shipping Combine 10 10 4 Facility None 1d6 damage A may roll 1d6. most backward planet up to pretech self-sufficiency. which is gained an action. As an action. search and design specialists capable of bringing the Wealth 6 at +2 FacCreds cost.including this one. S. 2d8 damage 1d8 damage A ity to tie an enemy up in the knots of their own rules. 1d6 damage None A the Hostile Takeover’s owning faction. any number of non- As an action. the faction may move Postech Industry produces a wide range of postech Postech Industry 4 8 4 Facility None 1d4 damage A any one non-Force asset. Scavenger fleets cost 2 Fac. As Freighter Contract 4 5 4 Starship Wealth vs. to pay it. This penalty is only applied once. per turn. but they can infiltrate to perform sabotage. on a 2. matter how many Local Investments are present Scavenger Fleets can. 1d4-1 damage None S price. tion of all assets. of large-scale investments by timing materials purchas. harvesting the best of entrepreneurship for the Military Unit or Special Forces to a world within three Forces or Military Unit asset on the world is destroyed. 2d10+4 damage 2d10 damage. Wealth 3 shipping spacers. or have it become disabled and useless until paid. that Mercenaries have a maintenance cost of one FacCred Franchise 3 2 2 Facility Wealth any world within people are which. As an action. government permission. 1d4+1 damage 1d4 damage once a turn.

you yet. the religious riot. you should also spare a few thoughts will also let it be known unofficially around a space. In many cases. Set the Hook sense of continuity and consequence about a group’s particulars. and Things appropriate to a given plan. risky. Identify the important the PCs are expected to do is act as set dressing while It’s also important to keep in mind the kind of PCs up the leads will be potentially profitable for the group. and so forth.144• Running Head Running Head •145 ADVENTURE CREATION ers are star-faring wanderers. and a motivation. Organizations or people who expect to do and it’s not hard to get them killed if a player is care- even without such support. looking to hire deniable assistance. nately shuns adventure. you should take the players the elements of a world. planet. the Xenobestiary chapter. but they’re still not trivial. psychic charlatan-thief and his sapient alien “monkey” tip their hand early on with their cheerful contempt for within six spike drills. The corpulent Raja One important thing to keep in mind when de. but they’re service. or only way to devise an adventure. cause he has no real hope of defending himself against of a waste to run an adventure about a double-dealing that you know will enjoy it. resources and the generators provided in this book can evidence left behind in the wake of an event. on a planet one week For these situations. cyberninjas attack!”. Characters in Stars Without if you’ve already generated a world as per the World as to the kind of resources you’re going to need to run port that one or more of their passengers are “looking Number are a lot more fragile than in some other games. complicated situations. as it is extremely un- signing an adventure is that it should have something active villainy on the part of the PCs to resolve suc. favorite for dragging a group into some complicated their special talents can be profitably employed. Still. group’s interest. Complications. have a fight break out around the PCs and aside and explain that “adventurers seek excitement” is Adventures are fundamentally about conflicts that It’s not necessary to develop these resources just an NPC conveniently provide the context to them. ticon tyranny. If you it involves a natural disaster or other physical Com. you thing that the PCs will prove crucial in resolving. old friends. and if you can’t draw up an should be careful to provide some obvious follow-up it to work. characteristics. a them off to likely hires. or it might be the pervasive In traditional fantasy games. oped enough comfort with the sandbox style to seek in the hive city’s bowels. interesting map to save your life. make your life a great deal easier. less. or that that world is any helped in the past. and that it the PCs can help resolve. family. they’re likely to end that will be playing the adventure and the sort of moral some PCs are more mercenary than adventurous. such as a helpful NPC or Record the Specifics an interesting conflict at its heart. you’ll run into a group that obsti- able techniques for a GM. Just as conveniently. If none of these hints succeed at catching the entire sector. other hates. One deal. The pared and constructing a conflict between them. Squinty Tom If the party is on the arctic world of Gelida with its a certain roguish contempt for legal regulations. An adventure needs about trying to run a location-based adventure. you probably shouldn’t build an ad. but even worrying about the consequences to some overarching double agents or police informers. strangers approach them dirtside to ask their assistance or the plague outbreak. but when they do it can you can either pick a set of generic NPC stats from consider tying current events into their prior activi. you should situation. the nearest locked room and wait for the excitement to provides a hundred possibilities. of Shippu does not need statistics. They’re the vestigate. location-based adventure that revolves around explor. selectively used. If an adventure involves two warring pry them out of their holes. doesn’t work if the PCs are bent on safety at all costs. An experienced GM may well be able to assemble the ability to have lasting effects on a place without rest assured that offworlders are highly unlikely to be you spend noticeable time talking about something an interesting adventure out of these pieces. Rather than trying ever-more-intrusive hooks to readily assemble something of his or her own out of to the creation of an interesting and detailed place to dle of a situation. Such recurring cast helps convey a tion can be convenient for quickly setting the needed different from any other in the firmament. to help guide the choices Things created in the world generation stage are specif. or diplomacy is going to require well-developed NPCs a lot of business with morally-flexible offworlders of. NPCs in the adventure. venture. The good one. By the same token. If all help ease these problems. best to stick with adventure outlines that don’t require tion to move them. it’s will need the prospect of suitable financial compensa. one is someone the venture that will require it. They are the ideal people vious hints that a potential adventure is in the offing. Even if the local authorities find out about the ists. and it has to be some. if all Squinty Tom of the world’s atmosphere. perfect blind patsies for dirty work. actions. Friends. clients can Players will often pick up on a GM’s descriptions. It’s important not to statistics will matter. you should be careful leads from the event to point the group towards the er needs to survive. You players ultimately have to be willing to participate for has something the other wants. should consider just picking two elements you’ve pre. For some players. Online main body of the adventure. The adventure seeds table ing an abandoned pretech space station or long-buried for certain. Some ship captains Occasionally. For these. of the larger attractions of a sandbox style of play is dred light years distant. Enemies. bring the adventure to them. Old friends. but you should keep their need in mind. or use the premade NPC . If the PCs have a history on a world. with their own clear agendas and an idea about what ten cultivate contacts among starport personnel to tip where danger is to be avoided at all costs. Conversely. the hoary old trope their own adventures. PCs shouldn’t be surprised if you drop them into the chemical spill. pass. or just a particular emphasis on a specific element have a fairly substantial list of Friends. Even after Select the Adventure Outline kind of deals they will and won’t strike. Enemies. recurring appearances. factions. them in some consequence of their past choices. These procedures work best At this stage. of a world when you describe the spaceport to them. Such parties will usually et in the sector. and old mistakes should all make Spacer bars are a common contact point for people hooks to reel them in. The first step in creating an adventure is to roll or de.. it’s something full-fledged antiheroism should be saved for groups they’ve got troublesome extended family on every plan. this induces a kind of paranoia. advances their own interests. Squinty ically intended to locate the adventure on a particular will get the PCs involved. The two to help hook them in the players’ memories. if et. or old spacing buddies in every bar a determined attacker and his skills are unimportant. By default. but overdo this angle lest the players end up feeling like the three-eyed mutant beggar doesn’t need stats be- iron towers full of zealous fire-cultists. but it gives the players no special impres. players will tend to naturally the most practiced designer might be hard-pressed to narrative arc. either through using related elements or involving illegal. that they might make during an adventure. the primary suspects are likely to be several hun. You Some NPCs will require more than this. Most adventur. also need to make it explicitly obvious how following need to do a little paperwork. along with show up in the strangest places. the right hook and old friends are all useful hooks. you should leave a few ob- and gone forever the next. Generation chapter. “suddenly. The latter adventure may be a perfectly human life and their willingness to do anything that be a very powerful hook to catch a PC’s attention. the next step is to determine the “hook” that Strangers in bars. Old en.. don’t really enjoy tracking the ambitions of multiple plication. and they may simply enigmatic or mysterious. explore. If other qualities of the world come to mind. you can use one of the more direct The methods that follow are by no means the best emies. but a GM can just as alien complex is going to have to pay more attention Another useful hook is to drop them into the mid. One scheming nobles. In truth. and potentially Talk in spaceport bars. Complications. Places. one is a terrible Complication that the oth. newsflashes from local journal- After developing one or more worlds. Essentially. about the NPC’s motivation. questions they’re interested in exploring. You should also jot down a sentence or so The Places. but they’re also Tom’s main motivation might be to protect his sister. this kind of setup works very well can’t rely on a group to do this. to engage for jobs that are dirty. standing. is going to depend largely on the kind of players you hooks that essentially bring the adventure to the PCs. he’s going atmosphere of silent fear on a world ruled by a panop. but the basic outlines can function the adventure. Conversely. a GM ought to ties. A situation based on political intrigue for work”. and so no amount of bribery will convince him to let you should feel free to work those in as well. in the Stars Without Number setting. through in their later adventures on a world. and to need anything more than a name. You should feel free to give the players not understand that what is being asked of them is at assume that there’s something you want them to in- come up with enough interesting setups to fill out an the benefit of that by letting their past choices show all shady or unacceptable on this planet. have it happen right where the players are A GM can do only so much to make an adventure. A little moral ambiguity is fine. of “a stranger approaches you in a bar” is a perennial in the style might actively seek out situations where to be much more open to such proposals. Some of them are not going other forces resolve the question. the PCs risk her as bait for some cybernetic slasher deep something as tangible as the perpetual rotten-egg stink their PCs. At the simplest level. and acquaintances can also likely for him to get involved in any situation where his to do with the world or location in which it takes place. You may After you’ve selected an outline and chosen a hook. they resolutely hunker down in velop an adventure outline. Players with more experience cares about are the credit chips in his bowl. cessfully. a few distinctive up bored or frustrated. It may be have and the sort of things that specifically interest They’re good with new groups that haven’t yet devel. and Once you’ve established the general outline of the ad. this can Even these NPCs should have a noticeable trait or henchman. best variant of this hook uses NPCs that the group has minor NPC generator provided in the Resources sec- sion that they’re on Gelida. If one of the core assumptions of the game.

ing of loot they may or may not pick up in the course A quick glance over the starship costs will make clear templates as necessary. how they eat. or contacts inside Select the Adventure Outline: Roll or select from It is in site-based adventures that more elaborate other resources as circumstances recommend. manufacturing components. some NPC or twist of events that intro- aren’t necessary for sites like this. Fantasy maps are often local culture. requiring its own adventure in figuring out how to Some places require more than a few notes. they’re willing to talk to strangers rather than opening About half of this reward should be hidden or 9+ 10. 8 8. Com- exploring a particular site. “Treasure”. 2 750 2 ducement than a wandering crew of do-gooders. PCs are unlikely to be check. If the adventurers be fairly straightforward to reach. you should name the resort people who need to pass them on a regular basis. Players want to find things when they Resale value of plunder tends to be low. moldering tomes or dusty data cubes. and building placement Once you’ve laid out an adventure. discovered abandoned on a remote world or distant uninhabited site sufficiently interesting to explorers It’s usually wiser simply to not give enemies anything ruin. as equivalent to a certain cash reward for purposes of Set the Hook: The PCs need an entry point into mysterious location.000 10 Pick or Create Maps: If the adventure is likely to up immediately with gunfire. modate. them the use or ownership of a craft. and shoot them with lasers. if the recently-de. Assuming use the ancient controls and maintain its bizarre en- ventures that revolve around exploring a site. exotic devices. Most ships location where particular terrain and object placement lure for drawing the players deeper into an otherwise Fences with less curious natures rarely pay more than acquired in underhanded fashion are simply not salable are important. The ship may not even be human in manufacture. while the rest than any adventuring party might expect to make in pretech shear rifles.000 6 chapter to get quick stats for NPCs that have character comrades to return from their asteroid base. as simple as a plea for help from a sympathetic Friend. all manner of awkward questions can arise. it’s not sufficient to simply est PC level in the group and multiply by the number 3 1. either to overcome some Choose Rewards are the main profit to be had. the XP gained. are important. be difficult to find for offworlders unfamiliar with the of credits on a probably-stolen starship. 20% of the item’s market value. it can occasionally be difficult to make an but such heavy-handed tactics should be used sparingly. and the maintenance and upkeep costs just heirlooms from some ancient cache. At other ing. Still. Maintaining tions. unless they’re carefully-preserved but even the least detail-oriented player might be a lit. it’s best to count them plications. shouldn’t be specially discouraged. be an enjoyable and entertaining part of making an ad. though this should not increase and a sheet of notepaper with a few pencil-scratchings of gold is just as easily a case full of valuable pretech they shouldn’t be grudged their compensation. and what they find has to be interest. with a starship to feed. even if it’s simply a sketch. require more careful searching or puzzling out certain rewards. Architectural-quality floor plans teresting people. feated nemesis had a working FEP suit. and few buyers are willing to pay more than a on a grid and isn’t terribly particular about exact loca. however. The friendship of an NPC. This great many situations where an antagonist might have and identify a few eye-catching qualities about it. It’s also often worthwhile to spell these the situation. entrenched enemy there or to unlock the secrets of a As exciting as it may be to visit new worlds. meet in. end up in specific Places. even if it may not be salable. If the rewards given above are the You should also make a list of places important with lethal traps and requires spelunking to reach the These rewards are the only ones that actually grant only income an adventuring group gets. Try to an. A treasure chest to use or sell some genuinely worthwhile piece of loot. If you need alien monster. A library is a library. You should tweak these least rudimentary sense. sites can afford to be a little more exotic in their config. Even so. This may be something tance. or generate sentient alien races where they sleep. no buyer wants to invest millions a firefight is going to break out between the PCs and You should feel free to snare maps from many dif. general construction. strangers. things found on the course of their adventures. it’s often useful to have a sketch map of dungeons can be converted into ancient alien ruins by of every downed enemy and cutting the friezes off ev. to declare that equipment was irreparably damaged It might also be possible that a grateful employer gives ticipate a few of the more obvious questions they’ll ask uration. These adventures are all about a group. since they lack a standing population to accom. or one might be and make sure you have answers for them. el pick hooks suitable for the group.000 13 from the Alien Creation chapter. pull them from the to have a general idea of the watches the pirates keep. make a substantial amount of money on the side by The simple solution is to let the players acquire are expected to act as bodyguards to a diplomat at a rity measures should take into account the number of resale of plundered goods or ingenious disposition of a ship in the course of their adventures. For ad. A planet with no interstellar ing on the ratio of latrines to inhabitants or questioning of their duties. natural locations of interest. For adventures where these intangible things line. For sites like this. Between this complication and a careful starship sales are not the safest of commercial transac- Combat in Stars Without Number is not reliant quite easy to convert to sci-fi use simply by changing enforcement of encumbrance rules. in the of bloodied. you might just need a rough sketch map of a form of salvage or prizes won in battle is a convenient market. ferent sources. such as a warehouse where you expect uninhabited site. and others will leap at the chance to sell it. and willingness to negotiate with the total award for an adventure. venture. Warriors and Psychics will rise 6 3. with the other half consist. it’s even possible for the PCs to unload a hamper full gineering.000 10 Xenobestiary chapter. otherwise contingent on exceptionally good perfor. These that the PCs might try to use or sell it. There are a meeting at a remote resort. You a combat area simply to let players understand all the a light reskinning of the corridors and redressing of ery alien structure they pass. Their employer might put up half the sum as sort of map of the Place. a small merchant ship landed someplace discreet. Fill in the outline with Enemies.000 8 classes. Black market some organ smugglers. and the degree to which rate of advance. and if with identifying any security measures that might be tures. whether it’s full of shouldn’t be punished. can be worth a thousand words in describing the rela. simply take the high. along Uninhabited sites might be long-abandoned struc. Adventure Creation Summary head conveyor belt of unfinished robot parts. The third column shows the average number 4 1. some valuables in relatively plain sight. If you prefer a faster or slower 7 5. portant information about them. you can use the Resources the ruins of the burnt-out village as they wait for their of adventures it will take for an Expert to gain a level 5 2. and for a GM to keep the PCs from stripping the boots off small percentage of the ship’s full value.146• Running Head Running Head •147 statistics provided in the Resources chapter for those The map of an inhabited site also needs to make at payment for their services. and have their own schedules. Take quented portions of otherwise inhabited locales. propriate to a character of a given level. or even less-fre. most PCs calculating XP. during a fight or keyed to the user’s genetic fingerprint. Make sure to inhabited site and an uninhabited one. Creating good maps can Credits and plunder aren’t the only kinds of re- tionship between a pool of spilled caustic and an over. it’s only rational it should vanish into the hands of the PCs the malefac- important to the murder that will happen there. Things.000 3 Record Specifics: Write down statistics for those decide that there are twelve space pirates camped in of PCs. wards an adventure can give. A healthy spirit of avarice should not be reluctant to increase adventure rewards different elements present. have a more than passing interest in turning a profit. torn combat field uniforms on the local Some players will leap at the chance to own a ship- times. A band of hard-eyed live in an inhabited site. The ancient alien complex might have that even a modest free merchant hull costs far more trade is unlikely to have its warrior elite equipped with the structural plausibility of the local wood buildings. thatched huts into ceraplast colonial housing. Complicated combat zones the rooms. you need to choose as some players can occasionally forget to take into ac. It’s possible tor can hardly complain to the planetary government. but you should feel free to take advantage of a favor that can be cashed in later. benefits out explicitly for players at the end of a session. a moment to put yourself in the PCs’ shoes. and Places appropriate to the world. compound the gap. run-in with elements of the adventure. Friends. it’s usually possible tions. or it might be an offer of employment or a coincidental One important distinction to draw is between an accordingly. You need using the award given. Pick or Create the Maps without taking care to include multiple mysteries or you wouldn’t want to see in PC hands. slightly more slowly. Level Average Reward Adventures/Lev. . To determine 1 750 2 mercenaries is going to require a different sort of in- security measures. but details of dis.500 4 NPCs that might need them. an appropriate reward and insert it into the adventure count these social benefits. an important faction can all be very useful rewards to the adventure seeds table to get a basic adventure out- maps are necessary. you’ll explore a place. and traps and secu. tle nonplussed at a main entry corridor that’s riddled mysteries. Areas that are heavily trafficked should XP to the PCs. and if players want or offer more remunerative opportunities to players can be hard to describe verbally or remember correctly. they’ll never to the adventure and write a few lines of color or im. a starship can be a very expensive proposition. just alter the numbers accordingly. duces them to the adventure. online and off. and these people can on the open market. need to develop and key a map of the place. but enterprising characters can often be able to buy a ship. sleeping areas. Ships and Other Major Plunder NPCs with character classes. People or aliens The table provided gives examples of rewards ap. it’s prudent to have some mance.

To determine how long the enemies will last against the PCs. Some nudges can make a large difference in a fight. NPCs don’t need to be so tactically adroit. and can give the PCs a fighting chance against otherwise overwhelming odds. then there are 40 bandits with laser rifles. You should not let these tools serve as an easy replacement for a trained biopsionic. Lazarus patches are a must. in anything too obviously suicidal. multiply that total by one-quar- ter or one-third. don’t hesitate to let the group pad out their the adventure. there are a few rough guidelines that are useful for assembling a worthwhile brawl. A group of 4th level PCs will be much better equipped to handle that incoming damage. Calibrating Combat It can be tricky to determine the right level of difficulty for a combat encounter. Don’t feel obligated to calibrate all fights to what the PCs can handle. If you’re willing to live with this. the goons can expect to do 5 or 10 points of damage to the party each round of the fight. of payment and plunder the characters might get from Finally. it’s nothing to sneeze at. If the party is composed of 1st level PCs. Still. are throwing 5d6+5 damage at the party each turn. Be careful about initiative. and low-level parties can often . though even then. cover.148• Running Head Running Head •149 Adventures that are mainly about exploring an alien be saved by enemies who simply shoot or swing at the (Adventure Creation Float) structure or lost installation are going to need more nearest foe rather than the most injured one. just do the calculations in reverse. that’s enough to kill a PC or two each round. and you should consider being generous about letting them find pre- tech healing drugs. and getting in the first shot. First. taking them out of the fight before turning their weapons on another. party with henchmen and hirelings if you anticipate termine how many XP will be earned by each successful a lot of fighting. they’re going to need some other source of revival and healing. These minions are rarely interested PC. Thus. half the party might be dead before the party can even act. add up all the dice of damage your chosen enemies are throwing at the PCs in one turn. Still. If logic insists there are 40 bandits with laser rifles in that military camp. most groups will be unable to handle more than one or two fights before seeking medical attention. Given that enemies usually hit about a quarter to a third of the time they attack a PC. A group of five goons with semiauto pistols. Make sure the players are aware of the importance of surprise. A free surprise round makes an enormous difference in many fights. De. but even the least competent serves as a useful bullet sponge. elite soldiers and other conspicuously Choose Rewards: Decide how many credits worth competent types should show better target discipline. and place the valuables accordingly. If the goons get the drop on the PCs. but without them. you should design your adventures accordingly.or else ensure their doom at the hands of an enemy ambush. PCs are usually wise enough to focus their fire on a sin- gle enemy at a time. Players will have to either avoid the camp or find an army of their own. for example. Animals carefully-developed and “interesting” maps than places and alien beasts are particularly unlikely to focus their that are simply needed for a backdrop. If your group doesn’t have a biopsionic psychic. attacks.

23 An Enemy is convinced that one of the party means to delay and hinder them until it’s too late. take control of the local hierarchy. or some other important resource has a pretext of striking at the Enemy. prearranged Place. 29 A Friend’s sibling is to be placed in a danger. The party has to He needs the party to help him reach the Place where rescued or protected by the party. Friend takes their place at the last moment. The neural damage has finally they’re only half-right. but an Enemy chemical fires and radioactives contaminating the port. ical. and decide what to do 38 A former Enemy has been given reason to with the station’s artificial grav generators has thrown tween two warring families or political parties. overwhelmed their sanity. An Enemy of their own kind attempts to stop grav-unstable engine rooms. A Friend has found evidence 16 A Friend with a young business has struck a teousness of his cause. everything out of whack. minefield of dangerously high or zero grav zones. is an Enemy. and plots 37 A fierce schism has broken out in the local commoners resent them bitterly. in a stasis field that will be broken by the den revolt in the Place the party is occupying. get away with it. causing a social Complication. by the party. The librarian is totally unsuited for danger. an Enemy and fled into a dangerous. op- 10 A Friend has been lost in hostile wilderness. 28 A Friend is a follower of a zealous ideologue has been secretly using his or her powers to protect the ing and controlling the power inside the ruins. proves the crimes of an Enemy. seeks escape to be with their beloved. The dancer emy was responsible for a recent atrocity. attempting to conceal his involve. but the teeth of a dangerous Complication. and will received a flash of an impending atrocity to be com. strikes a Place while the party is present. or biological weapon in a Place occupied by the while dodging the assassins sent to eliminate the precog. Hell with everyone else. Friend. hostile locals. but mediately respond to the injured and trapped. A Friend is on the logical rebels. precious Thing. a Friend is try- 14 A Friend is threatened by a tragedy of sickness. ducing Complications to the trip. and contacts the tion that threatens to get the whole group arrested. He is hidden is now owned by an Enemy. A Complication threatens to cause death nothing to get the item back. A ment amid Complications. causing a social Complica- 3 A Complication suddenly hits the party while wildlife. order to complete a business contract. A Friend offers help The Enemy is willing to do murder if he thinks he can 33 A Friend seeks to elope with their lover. but something more dangerous to 6 An Enemy has connections with offworld pi. ronment and bring proof of the crime out with them. dangerous Place. and 47 A microscopic black hole punctures an orbit- fenses. and secretly commis. The 41 A Friend who is a skilled precognitive has just vive inside. and they’ve now kidnapped that shows that they’ll only devastate the planet if they cache of pretech. An can regroup and find the Thing that will prove their a Friend. legal calamity. and an Enemy is making a play to secure a remote Place as a meeting-place for the theo- against a PC or their family sometime in the past. trap them. An Ene. Its interaction 12 The party is suddenly caught in a conflict be. A Friend is trapped somewhere in the control tower 9 An Enemy wields tyrannical power over a has committed adultery with their flirtatious spouse. ous situation they’ve got no chance of surviving.yet a Friend was com. Meanwhile. rates or slavers. chem. 25 A Friend has stolen a precious Thing from side that will lose badly if the Enemy succeeds. Enemy seeks to escape aboard the last lifeboat and to innocence and their Enemy’s perfidy. needs a Thing to prove the error of the Enemy’s faction. they’re out doing some innocuous activity. 39 An alien or a human with extremely pecu. Telepathic . He demands that they bring him a Thing from a dan. ox. repent his treatment of a Friend. majority religion. or a dangerous environment. needs the hire of local bodyguards. along with directions to the hidden group that seeks to break the grip of the current. The party must survive the envi. ble of getting them off-planet will be destroyed unless 8 A Friend is in love with someone forbidden or disgrace to the lover unless they either accept the 35 A Friend needs to get to a Place on time in the players can organize a response to the dangerous by social convention. incurring his or her wrath. and a Friend is being held hostage by who is also being courted by the Friend’s brother. and seek to undermine each other’s case. opportunity to make sure the Friend “dies at the hands get inside the ruins and shut down the engines before the valuables are. deal of political support with the authorities. And the Enemy will stop at the crash. party to help get him or her into the facility under the 1 An Enemy seeks to rob a Friend of some pre. incidentally aboard. and tearing itself apart. wreckage. but access is very dangerous due to 32 A Friend in a loveless marriage to an Enemy naive about local dangers. Place to destroy maltech research. He or she needs the party to help 49 An Enemy and the group are suddenly to put the revolt down with force. fixes on a PC as being his mortal nemesis. cation makes guarding them from the Enemy seeking ygen rations. and reveal the 48 The planet has a sealed alien ruin. and merely lured them to the place to meet their doom. A sudden Compli. and the spaceport is seriously damaged in aries or rebels. and will be punished as well if the the way in. The cache is not the fore an Enemy does. 45 A fragment of orbital debris clips a shuttle on 7 A Place has been seized by violent revolution. and They’re convinced that they have the secret to open- loss of life and property unless the party is able to im. The party must rescue them. of their maddened sibling”. nav. with the Thing and the outraged Enemy. and means to kill both of them unless stopped tries to paint the PCs as double agents. If the Friend is prejudice against one or more of the party members. Enemy-led cult who worships the vanished builders. shuttlecraft in dangerous terrain while the party is co. A different Enemy discovers the connection. contacts the party to help them meet their paramour gion. al station or starship above the world.150• Running Head Running Head •151 Adventure Seeds igating throngs of terrified people in the process and is secretly a Perimeter agent attempting to infiltrate a saving the Thing if possible. and it’s going to collapse soon. the body or fake an accidental death before his family them before they can reach the Place. my simply lumps the party in with the rebels and tries almost certainly die unless the party aids them. and a Friend has been captured by them. The Place where the keycode pressive hierarchy. cious Thing that he has desired for some time. Friend. a at a remote. in. ruin’s opening. The current hierarchs have a great and the party must reach a Place to rescue them in the recreational drugs or excessive psionic torching. them killed by the dangers there. inaccessible Place. their kidnapping much more difficult. and have 36 A locked pretech stasis pod has been discov. The Enemy is taking this meddle with the alien power planet. Friend shows the party a weakness in the Enemy’s de. 18 A vulnerable Friend has been targeted for party where a precious Thing is stored The PCs must 42 A Friend who is an exotic dancer is sought by 50 A telepathic Friend has discovered that an En- abduction. by arranging the failure of his grav flyer or the lover is secretly an Enemy desirous of their removal phy needed to unlock the cache. The player’s ship or the only vessel capa- them. and has need of guards. they must rescue them from a Place. but touchingly struction. and the station’s become a 13 The party is framed for a crime by an Enemy. and an 15 A natural disaster or similar Complication realizes what has happened. but 5 Rumor speaks of the discovery of a precious 21 An Enemy seeks the death of his brother. and cache hidden in a Place sacred to a long-vanished reli- in escaping the consequences. or precious salvage. A Friend offers them 30 Suicide bombers detonate an explosive. ered by a Friend. eloping. and the only one a family member. It’s and must reach the sanctuary of a Place before they sister has engaged in a socially unacceptable affair with tion. 19 A mysterious Place offers the promise of some gerous Place before he’ll give them what they need. that seems able to save them is an Enemy. and plots to use the 31 An Enemy who controls landing permits. She turns out to be owned by a Friend. they find that necessary to decipher the obscure religious iconogra- Thing in a distant Place. a way to either help the rebels or clear their names. causing great makes the task more difficult. 40 A Friend’s sibling is an untrained psychic. an Enemy who won’t take no for an answer. valuable minerals. 43 A young woman on an interplanetary tour 2 A Thing has been discovered on property snatched. The Friend will surely be killed in the aftermath if not the Friend to keep them safe. relying on the bribery of corrupt local officials He means to lure them to a Place. it’s too late. one plicit in the crimes. who authorities are involved. Little do they realize that a few aliens sur- 17 An oppressed segment of society starts a sud. 24 An Enemy has been driven insane by exotic keycode that will open it. 27 A Friend has accidentally caused the death of liar spiritual beliefs seeks to visit a Place for their own ing to save his engineer daughter from the radioactive. 22 A Friend seeks to slip word to a lover. They must work together to escape before it’s too late. 46 A Friend is allied with a reformist religious to escape consequences. escape before the Place collapses on top of them. 34 The party receives or finds a Thing which the finder. A Complication suddenly Thing that was hidden there long ago. and wants the party to help him hide reasons. 26 An Enemy has realized that their brother or sions them to help the Friend overcome a Complica. The Friend seeks to 11 An Enemy has committed a grave offense elaborate deaths. a trained and powerful combat psychic. who plans to make a violent demonstration of the righ. databank with the coordinates of a long-lost pretech Enemy. The players must get to it be. On arrival. but a Complication risks its de. mitted by an Enemy. them steal the Thing that will prove the Enemy’s plans trapped in a Place during an accident or Complication. or public humiliation. and the two of them need help Enemy’s suit or are helped by the party. anticipated Thing. 20 An Enemy and a Friend both have legal claim party to snatch them from their spouse’s guards at a 44 A librarian Friend has discovered an antique 4 The players unwittingly offend or injure an on a Thing. Friend from an Enemy.

malfunc. 85 An Enemy is infuriated by the uppity pre- 55 An Enemy has sold the party an expensive but is involved and some severe social clumsiness ensues. an Enemy is using it as cover to strike at a the players know that a Friend will shortly die unless if the ambassador even realizes that humans are making him of the quality of his execrable poetry. An Enemy has snatched him to fit his elite the PC must die simply to prevent the risk of uprising. vanished. hurricane. signals provoke a social Complication in panicked re. or might summon a long-lost alien AI war. By planetary law. temperamental artifi. and attempts to frame the players cle that brought the group to this remote Place. to extradite him. hoping for things to get to it without revealing their Friend’s meddling. people start turning up dead. and has arrived in-system as a lifeless wreck to light. The into a pretech combat bot. and an Enemy seeks to use the confusion to political group. the beasts are quite dangerous. earthquake. but not violent. and needs to get out of for violent mentally ill patients at a remote Place. out of hand.and is the Friend or Thing that happens to be where the PCs are. and they think they have the information nec- stole it or else their Friend will be punished as the thief. The Enemy seeks to sabotage the Friend is taken in by him. child. and an Enemy 76 A courier mistakes the party for the wrong set with his riotous ways. performers killed. ship to scourge life from the world. of offworlders. and a Friend turns up as a bounty first can hold the whole planet hostage. 74 Psychics are vanishing. 62 A local clinic is doing wonders in providing forward as a savior. off loading their plunder to scans cannot establish physical signs of madness. The believ. and it’s gone missing. oxygen. The salvage from it remains 69 An Enemy mistakes the party for the kind of harmless. and the saboteurs can be expected 53 A lethal plague has started among the resi. take over. jumped. The psychic had already suffered severe of parts is at a Place. and tries to pin a local Complication on the results of out for the back country. the existing ruler will be deposed. but is kidnapped or killed short acquaintance. A 64 A reclusive psychiatrist is offering treatment world. Mean. Evidence left at the world as being ungovernably unstable. but some become produces vast amounts of something precious on this the locals while dealing with the unearthed. starport. The par. 88 Atmospheric disturbances. as convenient scapegoats. The panicked owner offers essary to get past the Enemy’s defenses. old scores. the party is entrusted with a valuable Thing that him flee. while. edible compounds. An Enemy among the local banks wants to show Friend is among those groups. in his laboratory. 67 A mud slide. and must rescue terrorist least. An Enemy holds the Thing that proves his little less than a god on his homeworld requires body- 57 An Enemy is wanted on a neighboring world transmitting a blind distress signal. but the 75 A Friend desperately seeks to hide evidence angry Enemy seeks to sabotage the factory. A Friend is snatched by them. the contents sponse. and wordlessly deposits a Thing with from getting arrested if they are to be paid. Existing faiths are not amused. The courier’s boss shortly ing the settlement blind. 70 A party member is identified as a prophesied 80 A new religion is being preached by a Friend discovered to have scanned his mind she’ll be loboto. worthlessly flawed piece of equipment before lighting In actuality. An Enemy commits a murder nications and grounds the poorly-shielded grav vehi. Reactionary elements led by an Enemy plot to ruin 65 Vital medical supplies against an impending ample resources. cial heart installed. or other by Enemy separatist terrorists at the same time as the orbital station or unbreathable-atmosphere hab dome 59 A Friend has discovered a partially-complete form of disaster strikes a remote settlement. Then inhabitants inside and use the automated fittings to kill PCs while preserving the Place where his evil is Now the Friend wants The party must find the real object and the Enemy who free health care to the poor. has hacked the house’s computer system to trap the realizes the error. A Friend goes home psychic seems unstable. 52 A Friend is bitten by a poisonous local animal napped and shipped offworld while ‘cremated remains’ large rewards for recapturing them live. world. but extralegal Complications and riots around the diplomat. cremation as the clinic staff claim. the storm has awoken a them. informed of what’s in the offing until they’re in deep. When finally assembled. if the party can figure out how to get heart has recently started to stutter. been sabotaged by offworlders or zealots. they are in an annoying but seemingly ordinary event. Several remote Places on the planet are indicated as greater calamity if not safely defused. sumption of an ambitious Friend of a lower social caste. or the like. but a Complication is keeping aid ed backwoods settlement. the secrets of psychic mentorship training if they help friend’s stock. 77 A slowboat system freighter is taken over 89 An Enemy spikes the oxygen supply of an dangerous Enemy beast. but the doctor has contrary. a serious effort to kill him. the contact and unwittingly identifies himself. on this planet. dust storms. He immediately acquires Enemies on this world for some heinous act. until the latter was betrayed. so brain to be working hard to get there and destroy them. Meanwhile. calming the subjects and re. through the spectators.152• Running Head Running Head •153 evidence is useless on this world. beaming signals into the system’s asteroid belt. embedded and needs help to loot it. vicious crime without complaint. and blackmails him ruthlessly. 84 An Exchange diplomat is negotiating for the 54 A radical political party has started to insti. By chance. and will crash into it in hours if not stopped. and the doctor who put it in is the saviour for an oppressed faith or ethnicity. and is ignoring local tra- town. however. on threatens to completely replace the offerings of an En- the panic to hawk a fake cure at ruinous prices. dents of the town. The only antidote is back at are given to the family. The actual effect of the signals might be fashion by a local Enemy for no obvious reason. and eventual control of the manufacturing. and a Friend is slated to be the star performer. up at a remote Place. their wealth on an ultra-modern new domicile. snatcher is a small-time local Enemy with unnaturally ditions that privilege certain social or ethnic groups. and must be civilization. An equally cynical Friend is determined to push the PC 81 An Enemy was once the patron of a Friend Thing. because that’s what’s needed. An Enemy is taking advantage of merchants who meet them there. The freighter is aimed straight at the are merely confused and disoriented. invites the party to enjoy a weekend there. so the capture and retrieval has to 66 A Friend has spent a substantial portion of them that implies something awful. The tion to open a manufactory. including a Friend. but some of 82 Vital life support or medical equipment has while in a remote Place. and sized human organs. 63 Space pirates have cut a deal with an isolat. The Complication must be before they can bring back word of the dealings.water. the Enemy is stopped. turning them to rationality. must be brought to the Friend quickly. He intends to use them as drones to the lost psychic disciplines that helped enable pretech 86 A Friend is working for an offworld corpora- 56 A concert of offworld music is being held in acquire more “subjects”. yet a Complication threatens to delay the but the party knows they’d have never consented to 72 A trained psychic is accused of going feral repaired before time runs out.yet the Thing is suddenly proven to be a fake. This world refuses means to do just that. it’s a front for an 71 Alien beasts escape from a zoo and run wild revenge. overcome before help can reach the town. and being held at a remote Place. at least. He’s sloppy with 79 An alien ambassador Friend is targeted by xe. violent in their delusions. tioning pretech Thing that threatens to cause an even 78 Alien artifacts on the planet’s surface start ply was not contaminated. Enemy assumes that the party will go along with some very valuable. leav- 58 An unanticipated solar storm blocks commu. and thus ‘prove’ its inferiority. offworlders who will murder innocents for pay. and this Enemy tries to silence the during the darkness. planet’s space defenses are taken offline by internal with hallucinogens as cover for a theft. Most victims schematic for an ancient pretech refinery unit that ty is the closest group of responders. neural damage before being found for training. giving jobs to the most qualified workers instead. 51 A Friend is responsible for safeguarding a assassins with very unsafe combat mods. of some past crime that will ruin his life should it come 87 An offworld musician who was revered as worlder fans have landed and are infuriating the locals. though major memory loss means are necessary to investigate fully. An the “corrupting noise” with sabotage that risks getting plague have been shipped in from offworld. His ly. with useful “specimens” kid. by an Enemy. The 90 By coincidence. He and his plunder are holed to fit them with remote-control units slaved to an AI ernment researcher who is using them to research his unnatural rejection of his proper place. for example. and an mized as a ‘rogue psychic’. or a private catalog of other particulate clouds suddenly blow into town. and a to family after a long absence. town. The only possible source group until it is too late. If it’s not found rapid. the result may be war. and the group isn’t 60 A Complication ensnares the party where suming they aren’t that kind. a Place suggests that an Enemy has it. offworld eugenics cult. The 83 A Friend is importing offworld tech that from reaching them. so provokes town before an Enemy uses the riot as cover to settle treatments seem to work. a crowd of ignorant off. The ers obstinately refuse to believe any protestations to the Enemy among the hierarchy is provoking the people to prove his guilt. and if she’s 61 A Friend has a cranky. spike drive craft that was due to deliver them mis. Whoever gets there involvement. letting nophobe Enemy assassins. one of the party members is having the necessary pretech spare parts required to 68 A Friend has found a lost pretech installation. and a cynical Enemy in government decides to persecute the new believers. or evade local law enforcement. sort to react very poorly to anything less that evidently . and his guards must keep him hunter ready to bring him in alive. In truth. The psychic offers a psychic PC emy businessman. Relations are so fragile that 91 A local ruler wishes outworlders to advise In actuality. and thus the party is treated in friendly self-modification software in the Thing modifies itself belong to the government. wearing clothing indicative of membership in a violent build the device. An Enemy gengineered human slaves. 73 A Thing is the token of rulership on this opening of a branch of the interstellar bank on this tute pogroms against “groups hostile to the people”. guards. the party’s air sup- world. A Thing might be enough only one who really understands how it works. he’s removed large portions of their brains They’re being kidnapped by an ostensibly-rogue gov.

but the codes with the ownership evidence would al- low someone to completely bypass a number of antique pretech defenses around the planetary governor’s pal- ace. the free traders will have been spooked off.. and appeals for the PCs to help a cell of rebels get offworld before the Enemy law en- forcement finds them. who is hot after the party to the party can easily fix a damaged pretech Thing. The station has stasis-frozen samples of the crop sufficient to avert the famine. and the Enemy is confident that by the time . The starship is held within a military cordon. while others are being sold under the table to less scrupulous elites. 98 A crop smut threatens the planet’s agricul- ture. 100 A seemingly useless trinket purchased by a PC 92 A Friend among the locals is unreasonably turns out to be the security key to a lost pretech facility. A Friend wants the codes to pass to his friends among the group’s rebels. promising large-scale famine. A Friend finds evidence that a secret government research station in the system’s asteroid belt was conducting experiments in disease-resistant crop strains for the planet before the Silence struck and cut off communication with the station. The existing government considers it a wild goose chase. or social class. and is trying to scare oth- er traders away. who will only willingly relinquish it in exchange for a Thing held by an innocent Friend who will refuse to sell at any price. pretech installation in a remote Place. 96 Eugenics cultists are making gengineered slaves out of genetic material gathered at a local broth- el. It was sold by accident by a bungling and now-dead and has blithely promised a powerful local Enemy that minion of a local Enemy. 95 A part on the party’s ship or the only other transport out has failed. 97 Evidence has been unearthed at a Place that substantial portions of the planet are actually owned by members of an oppressed and persecuted group.. Failure to amuse the ruler other elements of the government countermand the (Adventure Creation Float) results in the party being dumped in a dangerous Place order.. but feats whatever automatic defenses and bots the facility the truly necessary pieces are kept in a still-dangerous might still support. convinced that offworlder tech can repair anything. 99 A grasping Enemy in local government seizes the party’s ship for some trifling offense. The local courts have no intention of recognizing the rights. Some of the unnaturally tempting slaves are being slipped among the prostitutes as bait to infatuate pow- erful officials. 94 A Friend belongs to a persecuted faith. eth- nicity. preferably after the party de- Enemy has invested in many expensive spare parts.154• Running Head Running Head •155 sincere and fulsome praise. The document is proof that an Enemy in gov- ernment intends to commit an atrocity against a local village with a group of “deniable” renegades in order to steal a valuable Thing kept in the village. The “reclaim” his property.. to “experience truly poetic solitude”. The Enemy wants to end offworld trade. and needs immediate replace- ment. 93 The party’s offworld comm gear picks up a chance transmission from the local government and automatically descrambles the primitive encryption key.. but the party might choose to help. The only available part is held by an Enemy. but it also has less pleasant relics.

gial and useless on all but the smallest or lightest aliens. Reptilian aliens might be found especially simply gloss over their existence. but there’s no reason that Antagonism can take more forms than simple to understand tend to be more animate plot devices. The matter might be humanity imagines. Many Other species might not even be recognized by in feathers. this is a wonderful trait with intellects and societies that are at least somewhat 1 Humanlike role in the alien’s biology. and or somewhat different body geometry. and it’s not necessary to put the same something of a classic trope. and fine scales. Most players aren’t interested in a with drastically different body types. extremely close the types described here. phibious over all or part of their life spans. few sample races to use or modify for your own sectors. or manoid might be composed out of a kind of organ- worlds can all justify goals and purposes that would be choose traits that appeal. This chapter will discuss the role of aliens in a utility of an antagonist or a patron. but they largely appear same reasons that they make good antagonists. an excep- sary to keep in mind the ultimate purpose you have for full-dress anthropological study of an alien race. Aliens can want things. artifacts. effort into detailing their “biology” if the species aren’t a species can’t instead take after more solitary hunting combativeness. and the aliens grow increasingly fran. to them that makes that goal important. even intelligent to humans in outward appearance. or it may be that only humans have the numbers haven’t bothered to look in such unpromising places. and continue to imperil even an experienced. A hu- phies. however bizarre. and it’s possible like humans. ment based on unique biologies or environments to . For example. you can roll on the following ta. wings. You might want to take the first type rolled defiles the world. of six-legged centauroid mothmen. it’s easiest to make Like aliens some tionary predilection for thinking in three dimensions. interesting alien race. A given species might be fascinating there is an excitement in visiting uncharted worlds and nology. great fodder for brute physical struggle. There’s less need cold-bloodedness. willing to employ human agents to accomplish their of Other organisms. simply too different for humans to understand. Mem- eyed monster” trope has survived for a reason. and a about sandbox gaming that appeals to many players As a rule of thumb. Of course. 3 Reptilian world for food and other biological necessities. Insectile aliens that function as a hive collective are equipped band of adventurers. should pick one or more materials that aren’t normally pursuing a given goal. you can suggested that they may be much more common than matically different DNA and internal organ makeup of most GMs running Stars Without Number are going use aliens to drive the process. Aliens also make excellent patrons for many of the goals are incomprehensible. nictitating membranes. humans on a given planet. is the opportunity to go out and discover new things. understand it. membrane frills. You without ever fully understanding why the beings are Number can be divided up into two different classes. but some xenologists have theories conspicuously fail to take into account the dra- Exotic alien races are a staple of science fiction. Earth-like planets. un. or find something. “skin” and one or more pairs of compound eyes. Bodies may be broad and to you. ranging from careful develop- sible. unusual skin or hair coloration. species. By having a concrete live aliens. an odd number of fingers. tional sense of smell. The presence of the humans there waveform interactions created by the interplay of en. beaks. and remnants for the entice. Humans might The Like and the Others rolls on the tables in the Xenobestiary chapter to pick biochemistry. one of the things Alien Biology or show unusual talent as pilots thanks to an evolu- game. out of the aliens. unnoticed because human scouts tails. probably be of that variety. the Like and the Others. Most Other species function as plot de. exotic religions. While this may not have the immediate adventure alien. this kind for building adventures. if you thick like that of a lizard. thick claws. If you need to give the players a reason to go sible. and somewhere. but humanoid ard man” look to a more subtle combination of The Use of Aliens in the Game there can be a lot of enjoyment in learning about their aliens tend to be easier to build and run than those pebble-scaled skin. or different color the other components accordingly. because their societies are humanoid body type. do something. A GM with a firm grasp on a species’ psy. Feathered Some GMs might prefer to run a strictly human game. some Others may not even use technology as humans Insectile aliens might have sucking mouthparts if their monsters part of a sapient. drastic coloring differences between leaving humanity alone in this particular corner of the ends. tool-using species allows ment of exploring PCs. well.156• Running Head Running Head •157 ALIENS species vents its anger on humanity for reasons known entists tend to favor theories of pan-galactic Creators only to them. for reasons that would make no sense at all to a human. as the dominant flavor of the alien’s biology and then tic as the time for the rite approaches. that spread humanlike shapes throughout space. that aren’t normally found in Terran life forms. ment with inborn abilities or subtype-creatures of their use chewing mandibles instead for a more solid diet. insects such as beetles or spiders. or perhaps sinuous like that something for your game it’s likely that the players will In some cases. you can simply decide that The Others are those species that are simply too 6 Hybrid Hybrid aliens combine aspects of two or more of the planet is their ancestral homeworld. You should roll two or three must return every thousand years in order to perform a lithic structures. humanity. The classic “bug. and clothing than there would be for a species sharp teeth. Entities of sentient Humanlike aliens are just that. They may have a few extra limbs Reptilian aliens can range from the classic “liz- The universe is full of bizarre and exotic beings. Crank sci. though at times “wars” break out when an Other ditions are likely to produce similar sapients. but instead manipulate their environ. and want them operating by utterly incomprehensible rules and moti. Their technology and architecture doesn’t branous wings aren’t unknown. You can hard to even recognize. and most of the species you create should own species. If you need aliens to pursue comprehensible to humankind. skin either partially or fully covered cosmos. If not. size. different hair growth together. but if they don’t actually help to accomplish meeting strange and wondrous beings. cultures and traits. and that they don’t even realize that humanity is a sentient shape is simply a very successful evolutionary route on There are many different ways to fabricate a useful and players are unlikely to balk at it as unlikely or implau. and other worlds with similar con. ble to get some hints about general characteristics. but to adjust human assumptions about architecture. Humanoid species make the most widely use. Making these them with art. When adding an alien race to your sector. and customs born on completely un-Earth-like fundamentally comprehensible by humans. stand their motivations and deal with them within a 4 Insectile they likely spend a lot of effort synthesizing vital ma- if you need aliens to be obsessed with wiping out the more-or-less comprehensible framework. this exploration doesn’t even need enjoy the prospect of working out the ramifications of of a snake. these Other races are rare. alien philoso. watery worlds. you on damp. tech.the Others are distributions. The universe is laden with numerous an. flavor of humanoid. to need a few types of sapients to round out a sector. broad bodies. a process for creating your own alien races. left behind. response to an alien culture. chology and physiology has much of what he needs to prehensible. and might be outright am- purpose in mind for a race you can ensure that the cient alien ruins. let alone use. As a consequence. it’s neces. cranial ridges. intended to make human sense in the first place. males and females. They may have exotic 2 Avian of alien is probably highly dependent upon their home some goal. hollow bones. including them. having four gripping hands and organic wheels. but most GMs will want to have the details of and strength to help them. 5 Exotic terials out of local supplies. Aliens that are too hard vices in a game. of a long-lost race simply from examining what they’ve Aliens of the Other type can come in any shape or Insectile aliens are usually possessed of chitinous Aliens are useful as antagonists. but humans can under. primary food source is plant sap. congeries of crystal. powerful builds. to which they alien for human communication. are all traits that might be present in an avian-flavored kind of artifacts and ruins that they might have left ery. The Others are generally avoided if at all pos. you can simply add a trait biologies and strange customs. Places that would never support many humanlike aliens. players have a useful reason to interact with them. You might even make a few ic plastic that makes up much of their home planet’s entirely irrational for a human being. their technology is often average body builds or sizes. vations.or blood. but are probably vesti- thinkingly hostile and uncommunicative beings make create their abandoned cities and outposts and to stock need to have any link with human conceptions of such. variant ear shapes. largely because they aren’t intended to be com. so important to the aliens that they find themselves Like life might be teeming with the bizarre offspring Avian aliens favor birdlike features. and players can get a good conception shouldn’t feel shackled to the humanoid shape. They might have times and then pick a few traits from each type to mix great spawning rite. or be composed of an intricate array of find themselves at cross purposes with these aliens Most alien races in the universe of Stars Without up a few vestigial animal traits that haven’t evolved interlocking crystals and woody organic elements. ergies through alien rock formations. Their a novel skin texture. Such avians might have remarkably good vision behind. ful aliens. The Like are those species 1d6 Alien Body Type part of an animal’s body and have them play a major From a GM’s perspective.or might them to scale upward in threat the way no animal can. and clawed feet and hands a few alien races in hand if only to help envision the Aliens are occasions for exploration and discov. Xenobiologists postulate that the human Alien Psychology and Lenses give them a good reason to want almost anything. Like races allow more scope for diplomacy and Assuming you’re creating a Like species with a Exotic aliens are built out of parts and materials Biological imperatives.

are understood as different modes of devouring. the destruction 3 Despair 13 Pacifism gressing along both official and illicit routes. and while they may be brutally indifferent to cowardly by human measure. More often. Among their own or roll one or more Lenses from among the following enough to share the stellar neighborhood. own future revolves around these Lenses. Status depends al- against the dreadful perils of the outside world. and the inspiration of passion are their high- is an alien culture that may not be deeply nuanced. attempt to maintain privacy for certain doings. They may be natives duty is shameful. with an underclass constitutionally incapable 7 Gluttony 17 Tradition Faith individuals identifying completely with their sect and of defending their possessions or privileges with force. or generate their own as desired. sists by photosynthesis. Few of these aliens can you want to know what an alien is like. There is something these aliens hate. Some focus on production. and all Domination their own benefit. are very strongly influenced by one or two emotional whether it is of food. outrage so much as blank incomprehension. simply for the pleasure of being there a little while. it is one obsessed pride shows in a resolute refusal to lower themselves and members will cheerfully and readily sacrifice them. loath. the first thing in a profoundly transparent manner. A prideful species is not necessarily a natural communists. revered members are those who are best hidden or roam the stars in fleets of massive spike-drive ships. but their societies are ardly and intensely social. their lives and will taken as an with honorable behavior. their members no longer have the hope necessary to most entirely upon personal wealth. all followed with a fierce and maneuver for power among their own kind. tend to become rulers. The most This species has an incurable wanderlust. or some oth- or social traits. and their lives are Pacifism Lenses should not be taken as the last word about perpetuate them. called Lenses. rule over their fellows. but there are more ways to do injury than through 2 Curiosity 12 Joy clearly-marked hierarchies. with times. some such races have a certain sense of to the customs and interests of their social group. Those who Honor noblesse oblige toward their “lessers”. them can be fair and thoughtful rulers. and desire largely as humans end. GMs can pick rule. the continents of their world. a rival race that has wounded them Pride 10 Honor 20 Wrath such species have a single faith. They love to explore new places and meet new cealment to their fellows. and their societies are based around hiding Journeying The first step is to understand that a Like alien race carries no opprobrium whatsoever. too kind. and to be separated permanently from one’s social Fear by means of inappropriate behavior or failing in one’s The method this chapter offers is intended to provide group is a fate worse than death. grace. constantly prying into easily-devoured prey animals. are acknowledged as a necessity. These aliens live in constant fear. though such species tend to be Lenses for the alien race of Churq are Collectivity and semble those species that crave pleasure and indulgence. Per. constantly in deal with strangers to the dreams they have for their failure and loss. Despair er resource. and it defines personal violence. Gaining advantage advancement and glory among their own kind. To willfully refuse to example for others. If you know that the two courage have failed them. Their societies tend to operate with the courage of the doomed. These their culture completely by their opposition to it. and sophisticated social structures Greed cality for the sake of immediate satisfaction. Perhaps they are the remnants of a needs of other species. but their disports only serve to numb them to the exis. pride manifests in a casual contempt for the interests of accept the consensus of the whole is an unspeakable sonal sacrifice for the sake of upholding these principles their inferiors. or who provide the most to their followers. groping to figure out how a given alien would react to This species is insatiably curious. survivors of a species-an. this selves for the good of the group. but all their own culture and species. These aliens devour. To consume greatly is glorious for this species. mores and expectations of their roles at all costs. The race is remarkably peaceful and nonviolent in a species. Pacifist species can also be quite oppressive at 6 Fear 16 Subtlety acrid religious or political divisions among them. probable that the species is either herbivorous or sub- 1d20 Lens 1d20 Lens nothing more than vainglorious tyrants. The purpose of existence is to eat. they might re. sin. and often of their own fellows pursuit of pleasure and enjoyable excitement. The that it seems irrational to ever question it. and to do is to think of what a human is like. If eager to observe them. The result once-glorious empire or the survivors of some cata. but they think. They are rapacious consumers. and while they may or protecting themselves from these dreads. 8 Greed 18 Treachery Such a species is driven by religious concerns. most perfectly embody the teachings of their creeds Whatever sort of society the race has. Those who produce the most exquisite art it is a culture that is very easily remembered by players has been destroyed. Spying for this race to them. but occasionally they can More technologically primitive species might sail the their society and they are susceptible to the same sort the fates or treatment of these beings. the cession of trade. its honor too greatly may prefer death to continued feel sufficiently strange in play without leaving the GM Curiosity nihilating cataclysm. Members will obey the social to deceit. Perhaps they is fundamentally human. they may make steady circuits of the nearby stars to ment. Courageous individuality tential gloom that taints the species. and who can give protection and con. There may be well. and a single-minded focus on personal earns a member glory and esteem. for these to the needs of their immortal hate. What they once loved with the greatest and most respected members being est virtues. Beauty. while others seek to make a profit on to violent self-defense. sion among their enemies are all tools this race knows 5 Faith 15 Sagacity maintain their position through strength and cunning. . It could be an ancient enemy 9 Hate 19 Tribalism ing their society around their faith and its clergy. is that they malicious intent. or simply very closely attached beings. Human vices and virtues almost certainly exist in sapients. and it is list. organiz. and instinctively consid- Collectivity devotion. the keeping of secrets as an automatic indication of Gluttony they are forever scouting new worlds and new lands The difference for aliens. with advancement pro. to consume. violence is abhorrent and unnatural. spent in accumulating the greatest stores of value pos. as well. feel. These aliens may spar These aliens are suffused with an enormous pride in number of different religions. sume it a given that matters will be discovered in the best protected. they’re always be driven into a frenzy of terror in which they fight waves of alien seas or make nomadic journeys across of temptations and provocations that move humans. roles will revolve around the safety of the collective tend to degrade into loose. Among them. or ently. and all good things loosely-organized at best.158• Running Head Running Head •159 more abstract methods of defining interesting traits. but this race will never choose of the guidelines given for a Lens can be easily adjusted These aliens are consumed by a desire to conquer and trade. the affairs of those around them. both each other and any other species unfortunate laws to safeguard what is accumulated. but clysmic disaster for their people. you know that a given Churq is going to be cow. the truth of their religions is so self-evident hostile one. forcing them to may be these aliens are rampant xenophobes. or simply evolved from weak and existence. Few species survive while being totally averse species’ psychology can elaborate as they wish. all as. Everything about them. Most of these races are quite connect their worlds and exchange people among them. GMs who want to spend more time on the sible. despising all the others. Challenges to this faith are not met with goals and individuals are to some degree subordinated er themselves to be superior to the lesser beings they These aliens might be hive-like in their social structure. Their leadership willing to sacrifice a great deal of efficiency and practi- will be noxious or incomprehensible to it and its social is desultory at best. but others are avaricious to let law interfere with their greed. Some such greedy species have intricate property violence against living creatures as a means of gaining to whatever flavor the GM wishes to use. It of property. They may be shaped differ. society tends to be organized in intricate and Hate ful. cruelty. may encounter. however. Some among are little more than bandits among their own kind. A pacifist race may be peace- 1 Collectivity 11 Journeying selves. or avarice. living space. however. and some view ever be happy in remaining in one place for long. energy. ing all who are not of their own kind. and some species’ importance of the individual is thought to be minimal. Superficially. Most among the stars. The brute necessities of life Fear. Others make do with a so greatly as to be unforgivable. and an entity that has compromised a GM with a few tools for producing alien races that of some lethal death-world. They will do almost anything to increase Joy from the way their society is structured to the way they These aliens have fallen prey to a pervasive sense of access to this resource and are deeply indifferent to the These aliens are relentless bon vivants. do. diffident associations as These aliens are enormously greedy. and their sources of comfort and those who have the greatest stockpiles of the resource or inspire the most extravagant delight have effective and easily played by GMs. and the incitement of divisions and confu- 4 Domination 14 Pride aliens constantly test their leaders. while others advantage or retaliating to wrongs. they may dwell in a radically different environ. creating the wealth for nature. The world is terrifying a situation.

their relationship its will upon the whole. for the health of the society determine species-wide policies. A war be- harshly those species that they do not feel to be their these beings. noncombatant enemies. on an even number. you should take a mo- Such a species is enormously cunning and patient in Alien Social Structure Oligarchic: The species is led by a number of powerful ment to think about the representatives of this species character. and wildly different modes of rule among their different multipolar institutions operate in parallel. specialize in terror attacks against enemy civilians. as they are useful to both participants. assuming that biological necessity doesn’t organization headed by one gender. Roll on you should have a few notes in place to handle first This species devoutly reveres the past and the ways of ever social structure you hit on will apply only to those this table the requisite number of times to deter. you might Such aliens might demonstrate remarkable ingenuity novel situation is any degree of personal initiative likely 2 Monarchic just roll a die for each. preferably. Only when faced with a completely 1 Democratic have no particular preference yourself. You can take cies-wide disaster. Subtlety tribemates. wisdom. and a slow ally have earned their position through personal battle. A handful of alien worlds show technology along familial lines. randomly on the table below. You Individual oligarchs might have their own goals. the point of death among their own kind. military power. masking such need to make some decisions about their social struc. wrath at obstacles. and society is ornate with the customs. and the sort of examples that the PCs the product of hereditary inheritance. A given alien’s loyalty is to its tribe before its will usually depend on the justification for their terror at the idea of scarcity and will redouble its effort These aliens love intellectual pursuits above all others. worlds make advancement prohibitively difficult for reconcile it to some existing tradition. properly described. which proves to them effectively. or individ. Tribal lead. Broodmother. possession of certain biological might be cowardly collectivists. you can sort out any important details sophisticated starfaring civilization. ored exemplars of communal redistribution. Innovations of any kind are fragments. usually too absorbed in their own affairs or ennui to can most perfectly manipulate each other are naturally and diplomacy rather than use of military force to es you’ve picked for the species. Such understanding The race is hot-tempered. The Churq gladly offer resources lent of tech level 5. By default. on a 1-2 it has two. is anger. prone to fits of personal vi. though rarely to are prone to intense internal struggles over re. though they’re often slightly su- such rule justified by custom. They shun to establish a few important facts about the aliens. olence. and usu. and 5-6 indicates four. their un- is repugnant to this race. Outsiders sources and status. There may exist a “paramount intimate acquaintance with fear encouraging them to reaching in their ambitions. and it is not uncommon for their enemies to rule. ble of fighting effectively without the encouragement and breadth of understanding. A Churq that is simply impossible for humanity to replicate at nature. it’s fairly likely that open display of emotions or opinions. Such tribes tend to be built istrators and officials for the monarch. accomplishments and the broad support of their attacks until one collective loses its nerve and submits. but Tradition detail you find useful or enjoyable. or so forth. Churq soldiers might invariably be and most glorious expressions of their nature. In most cases. Far-flung races might have mine the nature of these organizations. their tax collectors might be hon. 4 Oligarchic while an odd number means that it’s in conflict a species. what. The Churq worlds for the survivors of the civilization. Stupidity and ignorance can expect swift and bloody retaliation for any insult tribe” that inflicts its will upon the others through use it as a weapon against their enemies. and the most favored solu. personal influence. but no single member has the strength to enforce the PCs will encounter their soldiers sooner or later. sophisticated races have the equiva- The aliens are fiercely tribal. Tribes set their own laws and policies. There is might be a vote with money. either before. with individual members having a species favors. in making the most of their surroundings. indicates three. or simply pick something sions about the race’s relations with other species. but instead a sequence of ambushes and terror smouldering burn when neither are available. and those who for this race tends to revolve around persuasion and then interpret the relevant parts through the Lens. traditions. or geographical lo. and if the species controls one or a mark either of profound trust or a sign of obvious are likely to encounter. Roll 1d6. for example. the alien will try to 3 Tribal operates with at least one other ruling institution. whether natural in nature or the they consider it good and laudable that an individu. Conversely. or because they are unfor- and doing so in contravention to the past is almost im. Logic. 1d6 Social Structure struggling against a democratic neighbor. taking from those who have excess in order to give to others. but some to be shown. Multipolar: The species has more than one leadership are like. if the Churq have the Lenses of Fear Most advanced aliens have tech roughly equivalent directly influences the power of its head. This vot. Other aliens possess spike drives. or any other metric that makes sense to the plumbers. These aliens are worthy. fission power. representing different political or philosophical archs are chosen. ual members of the species might one day aspire more local worlds. be done by answering a few basic questions and elabo. divided up into myriad ial ties. Whatever the specific currency. though these species often produce small groups that are as often at war with each other have a “noble” caste of some kind to act as admin. that seems appropriate. Their chief mode of emotional expression ers tend to be personally distinguished. to the tax collector. that they are secure and safe in their plenty. aliens in a specific sector. and their Tribal: The species is organized into multiple tribes found in small groups. philosophy. 3-4 alien economic structures or religious hierarchies. A few old. tween Churq collectives might never have a single open intellectual peers. possible for them. you’ll need or revered figures who work in nominal harmony. and truthfulness ing need not necessarily be based on numbers. Emperor. Some such when it becomes relevant. politics whatever human society suits you as the base template result of savage internal warfare. flavors. biological impera. and tax collectors. Chief Elder. judiciously perior in some areas while being somewhat worse in Tribalism tive. have much interest in expansion. contacts. Monarchic: The species is ruled by a single being. or famil. Dictator. and all the other ornaments of a This species is uniformly treacherous and untrust. If this species is in order to bring about some intricate plan.. The true ruler of such a species is Determining the social structure for the aliens can to join their numbers. and erudition are all prized as the best use one group against another. and and safety of their brethren around them. you can flesh it out their ancestors. those most worthy to rule. species. the goals of their leadership. Disputes are settled by force. a tribal habits of their forebears. cation.. you might put some thought into incipient treachery. The specific title for a monarch who fails to produce for the collective suffers gnawing . through being too new to sapience to have had time fortable when forced to exercise their own judgment. Social interactions are stiffly ritualized. such as a monarchy to develop scientific arts. and even in that case. it assume that the aliens have some sort of analog for colonies and outposts that have evolved into home- is simply a tool to be placed next to deceit. With this structure in mind. If you need more later. These oligarchs might be A species of merchants will need their mercantile class one’s true opinion about some contentious matter is with humanity. High to contribute to the group. to human tech level 4. willing to endure years of suffering calmly Once the Lenses for a species are chosen. what the spaceport administrators and ship captains almost never who it seems to be. For example. aliens. and they they producing excess resources. divine mandate. armed. and some of them treat very or slight. advanced weap- Treachery Democratic: The species has a broadly democratic or. their and sagacious alien civilizations are notorious for over. about their social structures. Members of this species are intensely uncom. you should usually the remnants of a more expansionistic period. This gold- no sense of acrimony or anger among these aliens at ligious influence. Alien Technology viewed with deep suspicion. 5-6 Multipolar with at least one. To reveal ture. traits. Priest. fury at enemies. as an individual Churq is incapa- rulers are invariably sage-kings of remarkable depth Wrath based on lineage. They might does not necessarily stand in well for good judgment. These worlds are al should seek its own best interests. it co. push them to certain kinds of societies. decide how the species is ruled. You can roll monarchic head of a different gender makes deci. soldiers.160• Running Head Running Head •161 Sagacity groups. because the offering proves that devices and artifacts that are difficult for humans to use as they are cooperating. a pack of ravening warmongers. ganization. Such monarchic societies almost invariably those who have less. any job or role that humans find necessary. that determines the division of goods while a Alien races tend to come in two different technological tions to problems are those which have been employed First. but even they need en age is normally terminated by some kind of spe- the inevitable betrayals that make up their societies. and the prospect of death rarely intimidates brute strength or traditional esteem. things behind protocols of bland correctness. It’s not necessary to map out the intricacies of rating outward from the answers to whatever degree of organization. Bargains and agreements are kept only so long formal say in the choice of leadership. Others are directly in conflict. re.Chieftain. Some are quite technologically primitive. though some tribes are volitional in usually make up the pool from which new mon. that the PCs are most likely to meet. Once you’ve determined the type of leadership the onry. with and Collectivism. If you tunate enough to inhabit a very resource-poor world.

quick. their highest score to fill the prerequisite attributes up primitive hunter-gatherers who have just recently been claves on a human-ruled world? Do they live in orbital to the minimum for the species. and naturally sharp claws rather than needing to draw a Do these aliens own a world of their own in how they treat humans in turn. Some players will want to play an alien as a PC. or have alliances with them? How do the aliens on a sophisticated pan-racial planet. Stars Without Number generally assumes a party of Flesh out members of the species the PCs are likely human adventurers. cayed remnants of an ancient alien colonial world or should place the species according to your needs. If a group would be forced to make every any special ambitions. they just aren’t suitable for ers want. There’s or controlling mutually different aspects of the aliens’ no fundamental reason not to allow this. or you may wish to roll on the provided of plans they never knew existed. You shouldn’t hesitate to Pick a motivation for the alien government ly to respond to the misuse much as humans might. PC groups the species. and adventurers in particular? If the be horrific or repellent to humans through no fault of Some species make poor PCs simply because aliens are remnants of a fallen empire. their government almost cer- Wrathful species might respond with brutal violence adventure into a matter of dealing with an alien’s social tainly has its own goals. distinctive traits to the species’ appearance and biolo- ensuring the suppression of would-be pogromchiks. A species of spies and diplomats should probably interested in playing an alien as they’re interested in have some consideration given to how these skulkers playing a more powerful character. introduced to the human starfarers? Are they the de- habitats. government. find it interesting to generate the aliens as a Faction. perhaps feuding with each Aliens as Player Characters other. Such aliens are like. A to the table. to get a general theme for the aliens. Decide what it is the alien lead- toward persecutors. however. or do they exist only in enclaves on human obnoxious species might be unable to function in hu. Acquiring a new homeworld.and the sector. Alien govern. Aliens in the Sector attribute roll a prerequisite for picking the species. or convoys of massive spike-drive ships? You Other aliens might have unique biological advan.162• Running Head Running Head •163 any known tech level. they might Determine the kind of structure that serves to stumble across some alien operation that has no obvi. psychology. population of their own? You should also make a few quick decisions about ment. feel about humans. gy. tages. social structure table. are liable to suggested elements or add some of your own to give have more specific goals. The Lenses describe traits or qualities that define accomplish these purposes can be less clear. or do they instead live in en. with fleets of starships and a vigorous eventually experience. players are unlikely to discover pretech artifact-grade worlds? Are there any worlds which hate them espe- man societies. Most species should have no cially. The species might have sever- al different governments. The species should probably be roughly humanoid vengeance against a hated world or species. forbid characters of a species that will be too disruptive While individual aliens may or may not have albeit in ways strongly influenced by their Lenses. to meet You should take care not to give aliens any sub. Are these by them and their kind. goals. Alien Creation Summary using the Faction creation rules in the appropriate Alien Motivation Determine the theme of the species’ appearance chapter. than the rest of the party. If your alien race and ambassadors behave. You should instead make a high they might possess. however. like low-light vision or natural body weaponry. and the extent to which this desire is shared their tormentors over by demonstrating the beauty and player characters. There are certain intrinsic advantages to having Determine their political status in the sector how these aliens are generally treated by humans. intelligent or otherwise . outpost? Did humanity find them in the midst of their erably in a location that the players can be expected to You might give such species a natural advantage that own flowering. to those attributes. and subject to persecution by those who they’re too alien or require a different environment the old dominion? live around their “alien ghettos”. or peacefully maintaining diplomatic relations. Choose a few ments and ruling institutions. while Joyful ones might try to win or physical complications. by the aliens the PCs are most likely to meet. but the difference is usually minor. and or retrieve objects that have no immediate relevance. Some beings might more than one such advantage. you shouldn’t give them a bonus about how such beings behave and any special quirks seem more magic than mundane science. The choice might be suggest- ous purpose. rule and lead the species. Individual aliens are likely to have as wide and vary. Roll or pick from the alien biology options ing a set of motivations as any human. you might allow them to shift points from comparison to human technical expertise. By the same token. You might delight they can bring to their friends. can be replicated by a cheap piece of purchased equip. while others might be normal citizens claws in their adventures. but the subtle plans and maneuvers they use to table. can be commissioned by alien officials to perform acts most visible influence on their culture. or else ably want to think a little about what their soldiers are you’re likely to attract players who aren’t so much like. If the species is relentlessly warlike. even though society. earning bitter enmity for their disruption ed by a Lens. what destroyed their own. pref. those elements which have the strongest. only to discover later that they played a crucial role in Choose the species’ government type some enigmatic gambit. with artifices and creations that superior to humanity. You should decide where the aliens stand in they have their own sector homeworld. If a Determine the technology level of the aliens What role do these aliens play in the sector? Do player wants to play such an alien and doesn’t roll suffi. or any oth. unless you enjoy considering the technological and ar- er such long-term goal would be suitable for an alien chitectural ramifications of differently-shaped beings. Some dangerous or monoblade. dominated ciently well. Determine one or more Lenses for the species The broad goals of an alien government are usually Roll or pick one or more times from the Lens obvious. Write down a few sentences is exceptionally strong. you prob- stantial advantage over humanity.

164• Running Head Running Head •165 (Alien Float (Alien Float .

part. however. movement rate. This number is roughly how throw on a roll of 15 or better. such as toxic clouds of gas or forms and common human threats. If the characteristics suggest travels. or behavioral characteristics to come up with a novel such as caustic stingers. It’s perfectly fair to have packs some other genres. For attacks and descriptions for a number of premade alien life that don’t really “miss”. but Science fiction role playing games present the biopsionic psychics. add it to the stats of the creature. the damage done is only half the sto. and then add a few unique traits Some animals may have special forms of attacks. a creature makes a saving erage Damage” column. or multiple serrated haps not ideal. enemies can threaten even high-level groups without nomorph that stalks the empty halls of an alien citadel being difficult to overcome in one on one combat. NPCs. as it were. imported during terraforming. armor class. Whether the hungry fauna of an uncharted Animals may well appear in packs or groups. energy blasts. and so forth.its “skin”.166• Running Head Running Head •167 XENOBESTIARY 5 Exotic 6 Hybrid Turn to the appropriate entry for the template A band of interstellar adventurers can expect to en. customize your creature. For 1/2 HD creatures. at. like. There will also be tack bonus. count up the total dice of damage your group generally 1d6 Creature Template does in a round and divide it in half. and times when you wish to assign low-hit dice creatures a morale rating. When hand to manage the probable hostilities. last in the fight. By default. should be a more impressive and dangerous foe than Saving throws occasionally come up for animals the local equivalent of a wolf pack or hungry leopard. this chapter also includes the statistics at the same attack bonus and damage die. NPC hit points are always 1d8 per hit fairly substantial attack bonus. That’s roughly 1 Insectile how many hit dice worth of enemies they’ll eliminate 2 Reptilian in one round of fighting. tentacles. they’d better have some just happens to look exactly like the fearsome local statistics. AC 5 in one round. and if the group lacks lazarus patches or in doubt. indicated by more of Calidus III. all wide-range sonic attacks. A GM can roll or select all of them are in reach or in range. toxic gases. depending on enemy ACs and PC attack bonuses. a general body form. usually used to represent die. It can strain a group’s suspension Attacks and Saving Throws of apex predators wandering the unexplored jungles of disbelief if they travel to the far side of the sector Some animals have multiple attacks. level. but an entire sector of Most of these attacks involve more than one body planets teeming with Sarxian Howling Tigers is per. planet or the trigger-happy gunmen of an alien organ be careful how you place such encounters in your ad. roll to kill a PC. use half of a 1d8. then that’s it for the victim. The attack bonus for an animal or NPC is usu- Choosing an Animal’s Base Statistics ally equal to its hit dice plus a bonus appropriate to To create an animal. -1 for every two full much damage the creature’s going to do to a target with hit dice it has. For particularly slow or unmartial base statistics for it. again. This chapter provides guidelines for the quick Attacks can be split among different targets. In many cases.such as biting and clawing. you can get an idea of how long the party would Once the statistics of the creature have been chosen. and NPCs. way of avoiding or bypassing those packs if they intend predator that jumped them five worlds ago. Mobs of such is intended to play in an adventure. A fastidious GM can use the Warrior saving To get a rough estimate of how dangerous a given throw table with the hit dice of the creature used as its creature is going to be to your group. By comparing the average damage total of a group of creatures to the hit points of your Skinning the Creature group. the attack may simply do that’s necessary to use a life form on multiple worlds damage unless the target makes an appropriate saving is a quick “reskinning” of the creature. decide how smuggler. but a new attack form. statistics for a beast with a vastly different appearance. this might even be a penalty. you should think about what the beast looks and acts Of course. but and roll or pick a few traits off the tables provided to counter a wide range of enemies in the course of their it’s a serviceable rule of thumb. Especially at low levels. Once you’ve skinned the creature. Numbers will naturally vary 3 Mammalian 4 Avian . A little of tiple natural weapons that they can level more than one to survive. Most of these attacks can simply Aside from the guidelines for creating and using be represented by adding another attack to the creature alien wildlife. using the same throw. These statistics cover hit dice. damage. you begin by choosing a set of its training or role. highly-trained men and women who lack the special The statistics chosen should fit the role the beast luck and resolve of player characters. keep in mind the kind of group you’re expect- GM with a little more challenge on this count than ing to encounter them. roll for a random alien creature template. provided generation of alien animals. or so forth. creature for a planet. or an acidic spittle plus a stinger. this can be explained by crediting an animal to being attack per round. read off the “Av. a 1d6-sized group is usually a good choice. but if you’re writing an adventure for a only to be jumped by a fearsome local predator that than one attack bonus and damage entry in their base group of level 2 adventurers. To see how long the animal will last in the fight. For a few quick ideas. you can ry. These animals are so adept at using their mul. sonic attacks. a GM needs to have the relevant statistics at ventures. all it takes is one good many are usually encountered at any one time. A monstrous xe.

musical vocalizations. water habitats. but that may just 1 Sharp feathers Hybrid animals share traits from two or more different 1 be because a bird’s shape has been optimized by evolu. 7 while those with exotic atmospheres might have float. The presence of eugenics cults is their favored prey. 12 of attack. 4 Chainsaw-like mouthparts or claws Exotic animals are where a GM can let their 5 Metallic hide whimsey or imagination run free. 14 Long prehensile tail 14 keen eyesight. Avians are built for taking and later gone feral. Variations can exist on alien table another two times to see what two varieties of worlds. 3 allows only so wide a range of possibilities for a crea. If a 10 Gas-sack body creature is shaped in the same general lines as a terres- trial beast. for example. 14 Uses sonic attacks to stun prey Exotic animals have no unifying traits except some quality of the bizarre or impossible about them. the creature might be the product of 9 Body forms for avians tend to be aerodynamic. ground animals. What- ever their appearance. speed. nests with eggs. and migra. Their shapes should reflect their favorite mode 12 Exhales flame or other toxic substance escape into the surrounding community. A thin-atmosphere cross with a furry exoskeleton and a dozen puppy-dog world might have avians with massive wingspans. 8 Flightless tures with similar mixes of traits. 9 Fights prey on the ground Conversely. You 15 Colony entity made up of many small animals should think back on all the plausibility-straining life 16 Controlled by neural symbiont forms beloved of science fiction and pick from among 17 Absorbs electromagnetic energy them for enjoyable quirks. sinuous neck animals are blended in the beast. 5 Membranous wings which case it’s probably just one sample of an entire 5 The nature of avian life forms can help emphasize class of native life. built for some specific purpose 10 Launches secretions at prey 10 sleek and hollow-boned. transparent 13 Radioactive flesh tissues and mandibles instead of jaws. flocks. animal types. 9 Crystalline tissues Body forms should be aggressively unusual. they usually seem to operate by 3 Rolls on wheels biological processes that defy ready comprehension. 18 Precious mineral carapace or exoskeleton 19 Takes double damage from a type of injury 20 Mobile plant life Avian Animals d20 Trait or Body Variation Hybrid Animals d20 Type of Hybridization Avian xeno-forms may be birdlike. If a creature is shaped like a 12 Gelatinous liquid body wolf. They are 1 Rocklike body products of a truly alien ecology. it should still have some drastically unusual 11 2d10 tentacles trait about its appearance. but the interaction of gravity and atmosphere 3 Long. be it fish. 13 Always appears in groups 13 Common avian traits include grace. 16 Fur instead of feathers 16 17 Scales instead of feathers 17 18 Toothed beak 18 19 Has valuable or delicious eggs 19 20 Flies by means of lighter-than-air gas 20 . human gengineering. and might not even 2 1d4 pairs of eyestalks seem like living creatures to casual observers. in 4 ture that means to soar. might have crystalline. swoop- ing on careless prey. You should roll or pick from the template 2 1d3 pairs of wings 2 tion and physics for flight. and reliance on “exot. If there’s one mammalian-insectile 6 Can hover 6 the atmospheric quirks of a world. 7 Beautiful song eyes spotting its thorax. 4 Brilliant coloration The hybrid might be natural to the planet. 15 Animal is cold-blooded 15 tions.168• Running Head Running Head •169 Exotic Animals d20 Trait or Body Variation Exotic animals have no equivalent on Earth. 8 ing gasbags rather than feathered birds. 7 Launches chemically-powered darts ic alien biology” and “unique biochemical compounds” 8 Amoeba-like body can cover a host of implausibilities. there are probably other crea. or other 11 Lifts and drops prey often first discovered when altered animal experiments 11 avians. There’s almost no 6 Natural laser emitters kind of creature that can’t be justified by some vaguely plausible string of technobabble.

dispassion. particularly those that involve the slow ary techniques used by Terran reptiles. hard shells. 5 Burrowing foreclaws reproduction. burrowing. 1 Multiple mouths pathy and identification from humans. Biological constructs of prehuman past to slithering garden snakes and scut- 2 Chewing mouthparts 2 1d4 pairs of eyes chitin and indifferent purpose. or smell 20 Creature is abnormally clever for an animal . 13 Mottled or mangy fur Common mammalian traits include identifiable 14 Fires darts or quills feelings. 11 Sluglike body less serpents. 14 Hums or buzzes in intricate patterns 14 Hibernates in caves and undisturbed nooks Common insectile traits include swarming. 3 Jewel-colored chitin ly to be from the larger. or stranger 13 Always encountered in groups Common reptilian traits include torpor. but a The “insects” of an alien world might have abso. nothing in biochemistry and internal structure. 13 Large membranous frills shapes still. mating seasons. quadrupedal dinosaur-like shapes. pa. 16 Horns or body spikes 17 Superb scent tracker 18 Burrowing creature 19 Creature lacks sense: hearing. toothier end of the spectrum. and venoms. It might resemble a teddy bear in shape. smooth hide. but they can vary substan- tially. tience. heavy-jawed shapes of crocodiles and komodo 10 1d4 pairs of eyes or eyespots 10 Lies in ambush in bodies of water feelings of alien disgust and horror. two-legged velociraptor configurations. sight. or other less cuddly creatures. action based on emotion. huge movement. Compounding this distance are the 4 2d4 pairs of limbs Alien “reptiles” might simply be organisms that 4 Bellowing vocalization numerous horrible qualities of certain modes of insect 5 Membranous wings have hit upon many of the same successful evolution. spidery sprawls of legs. pack organization. but 7 Peculiar vocalization the beak it uses to eat and its faceted compound eyes 8 Marsupial pouch mark it as all the stranger. The compar- 2 Quill-like fur atively large number of domesticated mammals that humans have partnered with over the millennia has 3 Prehensile tail helped to create a sympathy that is rarely felt for squids. including any tail covered in fur of varying thickness and coloration. 12 Horns or body spikes long centipede coils. beetle-like ovoids. 12 Color-changing exoskeleton even winged. or 11 Brilliantly-hued scales or hide with fat-bellied. lack of individuality. adult form lives only to reproduce Body forms common to reptiles include the low. 15 Lives in hives led by a queen jaws. 16 Killing one causes others to go berserk 16 Body is patterned with both scales and hide 17 Emits powerful pheromones 17 Springs on prey from elevated places 18 Hides itself to ambush prey 18 Warm-blooded 19 Prefers subterranean environments 19 Furred 20 Emits noxious/poisonous stench when killed 20 Limbless body Mammalian Animals d20 Trait or Body Variation Mammals tend to provoke the greatest feeling of sym. 5 Membranous wings This superficial resemblance to mammalian life 6 Stench glands can be used to emphasize the essentially alien nature of a beast. from the ribbon-like suppleness of a ferret to the 11 Strictly nocturnal almost-human shape of an ape. Even so. they creep and buzz and tling geckos. 9 Spits venom advantage of familiar insectile tropes to play on those slung. dirty talons. Reptiles of interest to adventurers are like- scuttle in their relentless search for food and reproduc. and territoriality. finger-like digits. They may share 6 Deposits eggs in live prey 6 Hide is damp and slimy consumption of a living host. Mammals are usually 12 1d6+1 limbs. 4 Eyes or eyespots on body aphids. 8 Strong swimmer certain superficial appearance. pebbly scales.170• Running Head Running Head •171 Insectile Animals d20 Trait or Body Variation Reptilian Animals d20 Trait or Body Variation Insects have a fascinating quality of alienness about 1 Sucking mouthparts Reptiles range from the towering dinosaurs of Earth’s 1 Sharp-edged scales them even in our own world. 7 Has “silk” spinnerets GM can use them as a touchstone to help PCs visualize 7 Eyeless lutely nothing in common with Terran bugs except a 8 Has a chrysalis life stage the details of an alien creature. hunger. leg- Body forms might echo those of the real world. small-brained stupidity. dragons. draconic forms. enormous resilience. cleverness. rank 15 Animal is cold-blooded fur. and subterranean or burrowing habitats. haddock. 9 Patterned fur or hide Body forms for mammals tend to gravitate to a 10 Expands or inflates when threatened quadrupedal shape with tail. segmented shapes. silent cold-bloodedness. 15 Glowing body parts parasitism. a GM can take 9 No mouth. 3 Extremely long tail tive opportunity. tails.

Some creature hit dice are expressed in the form of “2+2” or “1-1”. the extreme strength. you should add or subtract the number after from the final total. a “2+2” hit die creature has 2d8+2 hit points. and swapping around the body types.172• Running Head Running Head •173 All Creatures Great and Small (Xenobestiary float) The following are a selection of premade alien beasts that might serve useful purposes in your adventures. special abilities and habitats of these creature can turn a single stat block into a half-dozen different alien beasts. One apex pred- ator tends to be much like another in terms of the role they fill in a planet’s ecosystem. Some creatures have hit dice of “1/2”. (add new creatures) . as few adventuring groups are terribly in- terested in harmless local herbivores or microscopic marine life. You should feel free to reskin and alter these crea- tures to use them on multiple worlds. This simply means that after rolling hit dice. meaning half of a hit die. savagery. Thus. While powered armor and other advanced forms of personal defense are sufficient to protect a wearer against unarmed attacks from humans. or sharpness of the natural weap- onry of alien creatures can affect the wearers of such armors normally. Most of the animals are intended as potential threats to the PCs. rounded up.

174• Running Head Running Head •175

(Xenobestiary float) (Xenobestiary float)

176• Running Head Running Head •177

(Xenobestiary float) (Xenobestiary float)

178• Running Head Running Head •179

(Xenobestiary float) (Xenobestiary float)

37-40 Kazi Kaylah Katib 19-20 Bursaid 69-70 Sabtah cations and errors in the tables that follow. but knowl. along with 69-72 Reza Nura Naser 35-36 Harmah 85-86 Tarifah character and starship record sheets for the conve- 73-76 Sharif Parveen Rahman 37-38 Hartum 87-88 Tarrakunah nience of you and your players. 17-20 Ibrahim Chanda Hanna 9-10 Asqlan 59-60 Qabis The tables are in no way intended to be exhaustive or particularly detailed. among many other things. A 41-44 Lut Khayrah Khalil 21-22 Dahilah 71-72 Salalah edgeable GMs should be able to correct them without r a 45-48 Matta Layla Malik 23-24 Darasalam 73-74 Sana difficulty. 13-16 Efraim Bisharah Essa 7-8 Asmara 57-58 Muruni and random character traits. names. 21-24 Ilyas Daliya Harbi 11-12 Baqubah 61-62 Qina niences for the GM to spare constant reference to the 25-28 Ismail Fatimah Hassan 13-14 Basit 63-64 Rabat internet or other books to nail down the basic flavoring 29-32 Jibril Ghania Isa 15-16 Baysan 65-66 Ramlah of their worlds or NPCs. 77-80 Taimur Rana Rasheed 39-40 Hibah 89-90 Tisit 81-84 Usman Shalha Saleh 41-42 Hims 91-92 Uman 85-88 Yakub Suhira Salim 43-44 Hubar 93-94 Urdunn 89-92 Yusuf Tahirah Shadi 45-46 Karbala 95-96 Wasqah 93-96 Zakariya Yasmin Sulaiman 47-48 Kut 97-98 Yaburah 97-100 Zubair Zulehka Tabari 49-50 Lacant 99-100 Yaman 1-4 Aiguo Biyu Bai 1-2 Andong 51-52 Luzhou 5-8 Bohai Changying Cao 3-4 Anqing 53-54 Ningxia 9-12 Chao Daiyu Chen 5-6 Anshan 55-56 Pingxiang 13-16 Dai Huidai Cui 7-8 Chaoyang 57-58 Pizhou 17-20 Dawei Huiliang Ding 9-10 Chaozhou 59-60 Qidong 21-24 Duyi Jia Du 11-12 Chifeng 61-62 Qingdao 25-28 Fa Jingfei Fang 13-14 Dalian 63-64 Qinghai 29-32 Fu Lan Fu 15-16 Dunhuang 65-66 Rehe 33-36 Gui Liling Guo 17-18 Fengjia 67-68 Shanxi 37-40 Hong Liu Han 19-20 Fengtian 69-70 Taiyuan C 41-44 Jianyu Meili Hao 21-22 Fuliang 71-72 Tengzhou h i 45-48 Kang Niu Huang 23-24 Fushun 73-74 Urumqi n 49-52 Li Peizhi Lei 25-26 Gansu 75-76 Weifang e 53-56 Niu Qiao Li 27-28 Ganzhou 77-78 Wugang s 57-60 Peng Qing Liang 29-30 Guizhou 79-80 Wuxi e 61-64 Quan Ruolan Liu 31-32 Hotan 81-82 Xiamen 65-68 Ru Shu Long 33-34 Hunan 83-84 Xian 69-72 Shen Suyin Song 35-36 Jinan 85-86 Xikang 73-76 Shi Ting Tan 37-38 Jingdezhen 87-88 Xining 77-80 Song Xia Tang 39-40 Jinxi 89-90 Xinjiang 81-84 Tao Xiaowen Wang 41-42 Jinzhou 91-92 Yidu 85-88 Xue Xiulan Wu 43-44 Kunming 93-94 Yingkou 89-92 Yi Ya Xing 45-46 Liaoning 95-96 Yuxi 93-96 Yuan Ying Yang 47-48 Linyi 97-98 Zigong 97-100 Zian Zhilan Zhang 49-50 Lushun 99-100 Zoige . They are simply quick conve.180• Running Head Running Head •181 GAME MASTER RESOURCES d100 Male Female Surname d100 Place d100 Place 1-4 Aamir Aisha Abdel 1-2 Adan 51-52 Magrit 5-8 Ayub Alimah Awad 3-4 Ahsa 53-54 Masqat The following pages include a number of tables for the 9-12 Binyamin Badia Dahhak 5-6 Andalus 55-56 Misr quick generation of NPC statistics. place names. c 57-60 Mustafa Mysha Musa 29-30 Gebal 79-80 Sur After the index. 33-36 Jumanah Halah Kasim 17-18 Baytlahm 67-68 Riyadh Knowledgeable GMs will doubtless find simplifi. they are unlikely to either notice or b 49-52 Mohammed Mina Mansoor 25-26 Dawhah 75-76 Sinqit care if small details are off so long as a general flavor i 53-56 Mubarak Munisa Mazin 27-28 Ganin 77-78 Suqutrah and feeling is preserved in the presentation. Unless the players are of equally perspica- cious capabilities. you will also find a number of 61-64 Nazir Naimah Najeeb 31-32 Gibuti 81-82 Tabuk blank record sheets to assist in making up the Sector 65-68 Rahim Nissa Namari 33-34 Giddah 83-84 Tangah File of your particular corner of the galaxy.

182• Running Head Running Head •183 d100 Male Female Surname d100 Place d100 Place d100 Male Female Surname d100 Place d100 Place 1-4 Adam Abigail Barker 1-2 Aldington 51-52 Kedington 1-4 Akira Aemi Abe 1-2 Bando 51-52 Mitsukaido 5-8 Albert Anne Brown 3-4 Appleton 53-54 Latchford 5-8 Daisuke Airi Arakaki 3-4 Chikuma 53-54 Moriya 9-12 Alfred Beatrice Butler 5-6 Ashdon 55-56 Leigh 9-12 Fukashi Ako Endo 5-6 Chikusei 55-56 Nagano 13-16 Allan Blanche Carter 7-8 Berwick 57-58 Leighton 13-16 Goro Ayu Fujiwara 7-8 Chino 57-58 Naka 17-20 Archibald Catherine Chapman 9-10 Bramford 59-60 Maresfield 17-20 Hiro Chikaze Goto 9-10 Hitachi 59-60 Nakano 21-24 Arthur Charlotte Collins 11-12 Brimstage 61-62 Markshall 21-24 Hiroya Eriko Ito 11-12 Hitachinaka 61-62 Ogi 25-28 Basil Claire Cook 13-14 Carden 63-64 Netherpool 25-28 Hotaka Hina Kikuchi 13-14 Hitachiomiya 63-64 Okaya 29-32 Charles Eleanor Davies 15-16 Churchill 65-66 Newton 29-32 Katsu Kaori Kinjo 15-16 Hitachiota 65-66 Omachi 33-36 Colin Elizabeth Gray 17-18 Clifton 67-68 Oxton 33-36 Katsuto Keiko Kobayashi 17-18 Iida 67-68 Ryugasaki J E 37-40 Donald Emily Green 19-20 Colby 69-70 Preston 37-40 Keishuu Kyouka Koga 19-20 Iiyama 69-70 Saku a n 41-44 Douglas Emma Harris 21-22 Copford 71-72 Ridley 41-44 Kyuuto Mayumi Komatsu 21-22 Ina 71-72 Settsu p g Edgar Georgia Jackson Cromer Rochford Mikiya Miho Maeda Inashiki Shimotsuma 45-48 23-24 73-74 a 45-48 23-24 73-74 l 49-52 Edmund Harriet Jones 25-26 Davenham 75-76 Seaford n 49-52 Mitsunobu Namiko Nakamura 25-26 Ishioka 75-76 Shiojiri i 53-56 Edward Joan Lloyd 27-28 Dersingham 77-78 Selsey e 53-56 Mitsuru Natsu Narita 27-28 Itako 77-78 Suwa s 57-60 George Judy Miller 29-30 Doverdale 79-80 Stanton s 57-60 Naruhiko Nobuko Ochi 29-30 Kamisu 79-80 Suzaka h 61-64 Harold Julia Roberts 31-32 Elsted 81-82 Stockham e 61-64 Nobu Rei Oshiro 31-32 Kasama 81-82 Takahagi 65-68 Henry Lucy Smith 33-34 Ferring 83-84 Stoke 65-68 Shigeo Ririsa Saito 33-34 Kashima 83-84 Takeo 69-72 Ian Lydia Taylor 35-36 Gissing 85-86 Sutton 69-72 Shigeto Sakimi Sakamoto 35-36 Kasumigaura 85-86 Tomi 73-76 James Margaret Thomas 37-38 Heydon 87-88 Thakeham 73-76 Shou Shihoko Sato 37-38 Kitaibaraki 87-88 Toride 77-80 John Mary Turner 39-40 Holt 89-90 Thetford 77-80 Shuji Shika Suzuki 39-40 Kiyose 89-90 Tsuchiura 81-84 Lewis Molly Watson 41-42 Hunston 91-92 Thorndon 81-84 Takaharu Tsukiko Takahashi 41-42 Koga 91-92 Tsukuba 85-88 Oliver Nora White 43-44 Hutton 93-94 Ulting 85-88 Teruaki Tsuzune Tanaka 43-44 Komagane 93-94 Ueda 89-92 Philip Rosie Williams 45-46 Inkberrow 95-96 Upton 89-92 Tetsushi Yoriko Watanabe 45-46 Komoro 95-96 Ushiku 93-96 Richard Sarah Wood 47-48 Inworth 97-98 Westhorpe 93-96 Tsukasa Yorimi Yamamoto 47-48 Matsumoto 97-98 Yoshikawa 97-100 William Victoria Young 49-50 Isfield 99-100 Worcester 97-100 Yasuharu Yoshiko Yamasaki 49-50 Mito 99-100 Yuki 1-4 Amrit Amala Achari 1-2 Ahmedabad 51-52 Jaisalmer 1-4 Adesegun Abike Adegboye 1-2 Abadan 51-52 Jere 5-8 Ashok Asha Banerjee 3-4 Alipurduar 53-54 Jharonda 5-8 Akintola Adesuwa Adeniyi 3-4 Ador 53-54 Kalabalge 9-12 Chand Chandra Bhatnagar 5-6 Alubari 55-56 Kadambur 9-12 Amabere Adunola Adeyeku 5-6 Agatu 55-56 Katsina 13-16 Dinesh Devika Bose 7-8 Anjanadri 57-58 Kalasipalyam 13-16 Arikawe Anguli Adunola 7-8 Akamkpa 57-58 Knoduga 17-20 Gobind Esha Chauhan 9-10 Ankleshwar 59-60 Karnataka 17-20 Asagwara Arewa Agbaje 9-10 Akpabuyo 59-60 Konshishatse 21-24 Harinder Gita Chopra 11-12 Balarika 61-62 Kutchuhery 21-24 Chidubem Asari Akpan 11-12 Ala 61-62 Kukawa 25-28 Jagdish Indira Das 13-14 Bhanuja 63-64 Lalgola 25-28 Chinedu Bisola Akpehi 13-14 Askira 63-64 Kwande 29-32 Johar Indrani Dutta 15-16 Bhilwada 65-66 Mainaguri 29-32 Chiwetei Chioma Aliki 15-16 Bakassi 65-66 Kwayakusar 33-36 Kurien Jaya Gupta 17-18 Brahmaghosa 67-68 Nainital 33-36 Damilola Eduwa Asuni 17-18 Bama 67-68 Logo 37-40 Lakshman Jayanti Johar 19-20 Bulandshahar 69-70 Nandidurg N 37-40 Esangbedo Emilohi Babangida 19-20 Bayo 69-70 Mafa I 41-44 Madhav Kiri Kapoor 21-22 Candrama 71-72 Narayanadri i 41-44 Ezenwoye Fehintola Ekim 21-22 Bekwara 71-72 Makurdi n 45-48 Mahinder Lalita Mahajan 23-24 Chalisgaon 73-74 Panipat g 45-48 Folarin Folasade Ezeiruaku 23-24 Biase 73-74 Nganzai d 49-52 Mohal Malati Malhotra 25-26 Chandragiri 75-76 Panjagutta e 49-52 Genechi Mahparah Fabiola 25-26 Boki 75-76 Obanliku i r 53-56 Narinder Mira Mehra 27-28 Charbagh 77-78 Pathankot 53-56 Idowu Minika Fasola 27-28 Buruku 77-78 Obi a i n 57-60 Nikhil Mohana Nehru 29-30 Chayanka 79-80 Pathardih a 57-60 Kelechi Nkolika Nwokolo 29-30 Calabar 79-80 Obubra 61-64 Omrao Neela Patil 31-32 Chittorgarh 81-82 Porbandar n 61-64 Ketanndu Nkoyo Nzeocha 31-32 Chibok 81-82 Obudu 65-68 Prasad Nita Rao 33-34 Dayabasti 83-84 Rajasthan 65-68 Melubari Nuanae Ojo 33-34 Damboa 83-84 Odukpani 69-72 Pratap Rajani Saxena 35-36 Dikpala 85-86 Renigunta 69-72 Nkanta Obioma Okonkwo 35-36 Dikwa 85-86 Ogbadibo 73-76 Ranjit Sarala Sharma 37-38 Ekanga 87-88 Sewagram 73-76 Obafemi Olafemi Okoye 37-38 Etung 87-88 Ohimini 77-80 Sanjay Sarika Sharma 39-40 Gandhidham 89-90 Shakurbasti 77-80 Olatunde Shanumi Olaniyan 39-40 Gboko 89-90 Okpokwu 81-84 Shankar Sheela Singh 41-42 Gollaprolu 91-92 Siliguri 81-84 Olumide Sominabo Olawale 41-42 Gubio 91-92 Otukpo 85-88 Thakur Sunita Trivedi 43-44 Grahisa 93-94 Sonepat 85-88 Tombari Suliat Olumese 43-44 Guzamala 93-94 Shani 89-92 Vijay Trishna Venkatesan 45-46 Guwahati 95-96 Teliwara 89-92 Udofia Tariere Onajobi 45-46 Gwoza 95-96 Ugep 93-96 Vipul Usha Verma 47-48 Haridasva 97-98 Tinpahar 93-96 Uyoata Temedire Soyinka 47-48 Hawul 97-98 Vandeikya 97-100 Yash Vasanta Yadav 49-50 Indraprastha 99-100 Villivakkam 97-100 Uzochi Yemisi Yamusa 49-50 Ikom 99-100 Yala .

184• Running Head Running Head •185 d100 Male Female Surname d100 Place d100 Place Quick NPC Creation 1-4 Aleksandr Aleksandra Abelev 1-2 Amur 51-52 Omsk 5-8 Andrei Anastasia Bobrikov 3-4 Arkhangelsk 53-54 Orenburg 9-12 Arkady Anja Chemerkin 5-6 Astrakhan 55-56 Oryol 13-16 Boris Catarina Gogunov 7-8 Belgorod 57-58 Penza 17-20 Dmitri Devora Gurov 9-10 Bryansk 59-60 Perm 21-24 Dominik Dima Iltchenko 11-12 Chelyabinsk 61-62 Pskov 25-28 Grigory Ekaterina Kavelin 13-14 Chita 63-64 Rostov 29-32 Igor Eva Komarov 15-16 Gorki 65-66 Ryazan 33-36 Ilya Irina Korovin 17-18 Irkutsk 67-68 Sakhalin R 37-40 Ivan Karolina Kurnikov 19-20 Ivanovo 69-70 Samara u 41-44 Kiril Katlina Lebedev 21-22 Kaliningrad 71-72 Saratov s 45-48 Konstantin Kira Litvak 23-24 Kaluga 73-74 Smolensk s 49-52 Leonid Ludmilla Mekhdiev 25-26 Kamchatka 75-76 Sverdlovsk i 53-56 Nikolai Mara Muraviov 27-28 Kemerovo 77-78 Tambov a n 57-60 Oleg Nadezdha Nikitin 29-30 Kirov 79-80 Tomsk 61-64 Pavel Nastassia Ortov 31-32 Kostroma 81-82 Tula 65-68 Petr Natalya Peshkov 33-34 Kurgan 83-84 Tver 69-72 Sergei Oksana Romasko 35-36 Kursk 85-86 Tyumen 73-76 Stepan Olena Shvedov 37-38 Leningrad 87-88 Ulyanovsk 77-80 Valentin Olga Sikorski 39-40 Lipetsk 89-90 Vladimir 81-84 Vasily Sofia Stolypin 41-42 Magadan 91-92 Volgograd 85-88 Viktor Svetlana Turov 43-44 Moscow 93-94 Vologda 89-92 Yakov Tatyana Volokh 45-46 Murmansk 95-96 Voronezh 93-96 Yegor Vilma Zaitsev 47-48 Novgorod 97-98 Vyborg 97-100 Yuri Yelena Zhukov 49-50 Novosibirsk 99-100 Yaroslavl 1-4 Alejandro Adalina Arellano 1-2 Aguascebas 51-52 Loreto 5-8 Alonso Aleta Arispana 3-4 Alcazar 53-54 Lujar 9-12 Amelio Ana Borrego 5-6 Barranquete 55-56 Marbela 13-16 Armando Ascencion Carderas 7-8 Bravatas 57-58 Matagorda 17-20 Bernardo Beatriz Carranzo 9-10 Cabezudos 59-60 Nacimiento 21-24 Carlos Carmela Cordova 11-12 Calderon 61-62 Niguelas 25-28 Cesar Celia Enciso 13-14 Cantera 63-64 Ogijares 29-32 Diego Dolores Espejo 15-16 Castillo 65-66 Ortegicar 33-36 Emilio Elena Gavilan 17-18 Delgadas 67-68 Pampanico 37-40 Estevan Emelina Guerra 19-20 Donablanca 69-70 Pelado S 41-44 Felipe Felipa Guillen 21-22 Encinetas 71-72 Quesada p a 45-48 Francisco Inez Huertas 23-24 Estrella 73-74 Quintera n 49-52 Guillermo Isabel Illan 25-26 Faustino 75-76 Riguelo i 53-56 Javier Jacinta Jurado 27-28 Fuentebravia 77-78 Ruescas s 57-60 Jose Lucia Moretta 29-30 Gafarillos 79-80 Salteras h 61-64 Juan Lupe Motolinia 31-32 Gironda 81-82 Santopitar 65-68 Julio Maria Pancorbo 33-34 Higueros 83-84 Taberno 69-72 Luis Marta Paredes 35-36 Huelago 85-86 Torres 73-76 Pedro Nina Quesada 37-38 Humilladero 87-88 Umbrete 77-80 Raul Paloma Roma 39-40 Illora 89-90 Valdecazorla 81-84 Ricardo Rafaela Rubiera 41-42 Isabela 91-92 Velez 85-88 Salvador Soledad Santoro 43-44 Izbor 93-94 Vistahermosa 89-92 Santiago Teresa Torrillas 45-46 Jandilla 95-96 Yeguas 93-96 Valeriano Valencia Vera 47-48 Jinetes 97-98 Zahora 97-100 Vicente Zenaida Vivero 49-50 Limones 99-100 Zumeta .

186• Running Head Running Head •187 Quick Employer Creation Quick Political Party .

188• Running Head Running Head •189 Quick Religion Quick Heresies .

190• Running Head Running Head •191 Quick Architecture Quick Room Dressing .