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Tiange (Tina) Cui
I think you are doing a great job at:
1 Asking questions. I found that Tina was able to confidently ask questions to
the inter-professional health care team in order effectively provide safe and
therapeutic care for her patient
2 Administering medications. I found that Tina was able to effectively
administer her medications on time to ensure the maxim therapeutic
effectiveness of the medication can occur. Not only this, she is able to provide
information on what medication she is giving such as the mechanism of
action and possible side effects of the med.
3 Hygiene care. Tina is able to competently provide hygiene care for her
patient. While this may seem like an easy task, it is harder than it looks to
provide hygiene care for a patient while also giving them the dignity, respect,
and choice that they deserve; a task Tina excels in.
I think you could develop further in the following areas:
1 Time management. Tina needs to work on her time management to
effectively provide care for her patient. While she was able to administer
medications to her patient on time, she had to leave other aspects of her
work, such as documentation later in order to achieve it. By working on her
time management, Tina will become a better nurse.
2 Knowledge and skills. Tina needs to work on her basic foundation of
knowledge so she does not need to ask the instructor for help. By doing this,
not only will she become a more effective nurse who can provide therapeutic
care, she will also be able to improve her time management skills.
3 Priority. Tina needs to work on what she has to prioritize first in order to
become a better nurse. I found that she has to prioritize what information she
gets from the MAR or chart that is relevant in order to use it for her
assessment of the patient. By doing this, Tina will become a stronger nurse.
Date: Thursday, November 3, 2016