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Instructor: Karin Wall Email:
Office hours: By appointment Course Website:

Course Description:
This course is intended to provide educators with the resources and strategies to
implement content that incorporates First Nation, Metis, and Inuit perspectives into
their classrooms. Aboriginal perspectives play an important part in the history of
Canada and as educators, it is our job to acknowledge that history and present those
perspectives to our students. By the end of this course you will be more equipped to
introduce FNMI content into your unit and lesson plans across multiple disciplines.

Course Outcomes:
 Critically assess and explore various resources with Aboriginal perspectives.
 Be able to confidently share these resources with others. (And eventually
 Make curriculum connections that allow the incorporation of FNMI content.
 Understand how Aboriginal perspectives contribute to literature.

Schedule/Breakdown of Course:
Timeline Content Assignments/Activities
WEEK ONE: May 1 - 7 Introductions Flipgrid introduction video
WEEK TWO: May 8 - 14 Grade K-4 Literature Focus
WEEK THREE: May 15 - 21 Grade K-4 Literature Focus Reading 1
WEEK FOUR: May 22 - 28 Grade 5-9 Literature Focus
WEEK FIVE: May 29 – June Grade 5-9 Literature Focus Reading 2
4 (2)
WEEK SIX: June 5 - 11 Grade 10-12 Literature Reading 3
WEEK SEVEN: June 12 - 18 Course conclusion All assignments must be in
Final Week by the end of this week.

Course Materials:
It is expected that educators will have access to these resources through their school,
library, or local stores. This course is intended to get teachers using literature in their
classrooms and purchasing these resources would greatly benefit your purpose.

Course Assignments:
1. Lesson Activities x5 (25%) – each worth 5%
2. Selective Readings x3 (30%) – each reading worth 10%
3. Book Presentations (30%)
4. Mini Lesson (15%)
All assignments must be completed and are necessary in order to successfully
complete this course. Due dates are firm unless prior arrangements have been made
beforehand. It is not recommended to extend any assignments as this course is only
7 weeks long and no assignments will be accepted past the final date. These
assignments are not extensive or very long and are mostly meant to get teachers
reading and searching for content. More in depth assignment details will be provided
for the Presentation and Mini lesson.

Assignment Descriptions:
1. Lesson Activities – 5 small assignments worth 5% each (25%)
 These activities will be done throughout the course and most will consist of
short Flipgrid responses with a specific question.
 Activities will take place during week 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7.
 You will be provided with the topic and relevant criteria within the lessons.

2. Selective Readings – 3 readings at each literature focus level worth 10% each
 For each grade level, research and choose one book to read a small excerpt
from the text. Please try to find a book that I have not focused on in my
lessons. You may choose from the book list I provide, however, it would be
greatly beneficial to the course if you chose a unique text. If you are
struggling to find a book, I encourage you to email me early so I can help you
find an appropriate text.
 I would like to not have repeats of texts and will have a comments section
available for students to put which text they have chosen. If you see that
another classmate has chosen that text, you must choose another. Those who
sign up first are at an advantage, so choose early and think ahead!
 Explain why you chose this reading and how you feel it incorporates an
Aboriginal perspective. Your explanation should also include how you would
attempt to integrate this book into your classroom.
 You may choose whatever format of response you prefer. (Audio, video, text,
etc.) Length of response will be dependent upon your chosen book. This is
meant to be a short snapshot and should essentially be about a page or 3
minutes maximum in length. Please ensure that your file format is able to be
uploaded to the class edmodo account.
 Each reading assignment will be due the last Sunday of the week we cover
that material. For example, we focus on grades K-4 and 5-9 literature for two
week, these submissions would be due at the end of the second week (May
21st and June 4th, respectfully).

3. Book Presentations – 30%
 You will have the opportunity to choose a book (any grade level) and create a
presentation. These presentations must be more detailed than your selective
responses. However, you may choose a text from one of your three choices if
you wish.
 Your presentation will require you to explore the book from the perspective of
educator and student. Some questions to consider:
o What makes this a good resource?
o What audience is being targeted?
o Would this book provide a respectful and relevant connection to
Aboriginal individuals?
o What curriculum connections can you make with this text?
o Does the book have any difficult or sensitive material? Should
considerations be made prior to reading this text to students?
o How would you use this book in a classroom?
o If you were a student would you like to read this book?
 You may choose to do a Prezi, slideshow, video, or other media format of
presentation. You must choose a format that allows you to incorporate audio.
 The full description for this assignment can be found under the assignment
tab on our course page.

4. Mini Lesson – 15%
 This mini lesson will require you to create a 30 minute lesson that would
accompany a book of your choice at the grade level of your choice. It should
include GLO’s and SLO’s from the curriculum and content should be
appropriate for the age level you choose.
 You must include an activity with your book. Reading the book is not
considered the actual activity. The activity must encompass the full 30
minutes. The goal of this assignment is to create a quick, easy to use lesson
plan that other educators can use or adapt. Make sure you are specific enough
that anyone else would be able to use this plan without extra instructions.
 Your lesson plan may be formatted in any way you are familiar with, as long as
it meets all the necessary criteria. This lesson may only be submitted as a
written document (no video or audio).
 The full description for this assignment can be found under the assignment
tab on our course page.

Course Grading:
This course is a pass/fail. If you fail an assignment or do not meet all the
requirements, I will allow you the opportunity to resubmit and try for a pass. If
assignments are not in before the final due date, you will not be able to pass the