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borther (10)


brother of Kush (3)

9. King of Mithila; Father of Sita, who found her in a furrow (6)
10. Sanskrit scholar and poet who created amcharitmanas (8)
11. Eagle; King of winged creatures (6)
14. Lankan physician, who advised Sanjivani herbs from Kailas mountain in order to cure Laxman (6)
17. brother of monkey king sugriva (4)
18. Brother of Ravana and Shurpanakha (4)
20. Monkey; A hill tribe of Southern India (6)
21. Sage/Rishi who cursed her wife Ahalya to be a stone for her immoral conduct (6)
22. Queen Sumitra's son and Rama's brother (6)
2. Laxman's wife; daughter of King Janak and sister of Sita (6)
3. Brother of Ram and son of Kaikeyi (6)
4. Son of the wind God; Devout of Rama and a leading warrior among monkey tribe (7)
5. Great bird who was killed by Ravana while rescuing Sita (6)
7. Hindu Lord; Rama is considered as eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu (6)
8. Ravana's brother who leaves Lanka to join Rama and later become king of Lanka (10)
12. Demoness (rakshasi) killed by Rama; mother of Mareecha and daughter of Sund Demon (6)
13. Daughter of Janaka; wife of Rama; mother of Luv and Kush (4)
15. Brother of Jatayu (7)
16. Ten headed King of Lanka, who abducted Sita; brother of Vibhishana & father of Indrajit (6)
19. Hero of Ramayana; Son of King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya; Husband of Sita; Brother of Laxman (3)