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1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box.

not want listen have not like do belong work not go leave

1 The children ______________________________ to the radio at the

2 Simon ______________________________ getting up really early in the
3 These books are ours, but none of these other things
______________________________ to us.
4 I ______________________________ out this evening until Ive finished all
this work.
5 Hurry up. The last train ______________________________ in five minutes
and I ______________________________ to miss it.
6 Ben ______________________________ his homework upstairs now
because he wants to watch TV later.
7 On Tuesday, Emma ______________________________ dance lessons.
8 Paula ______________________________ for a voluntary organization for
the summer.

2 Read the answers. Then write questions using the prompts.

1 Sam / have / a cold?

No, he doesnt.
2 Stanley / know Louise?
I dont think so.
3 Amy / come out / this evening?
Of course she is.

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4 What / Tom and Sally / do these days?
Oh, same as always.
5 Where / Fiona / come from?
Er New Zealand, I think.
6 Alan and Debra / enjoy school?
Yes, they do.
7 you / talk to someone / on the phone?
Yes, I am. Just a minute.
8 Where / you / like / to sit / in class?
Near the front.

3 Write the past simple and past participle forms of the verbs in the table.

verb past simple past participle


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4 Write sentences using the prompts. Use the past simple or present perfect

1 David / break / his arm / on holiday / a few days ago.

2 They / not eat / lunch / yet.
3 Tracey / already take / her driving test.
4 We / not play tennis / yesterday afternoon.
5 Colin / never / fly / in an aeroplane / in his life.
6 When I / be younger / I / not have / much money.
7 I / not know / Jerry / for long.

5 Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Anna How long (1) ______________ you (know) ______________ Diane?

Tom Oh, about six months. We (2) ______________ (meet) at my brothers
party. He (3) ______________ (be) 16 last July.
Anna (4) ______________ you ______________ (see) her often?
Tom No, I dont. She (5) ____________________________ (not live) near
here any more. She (6) ______________ (visit) three weeks ago, but I
(7) ____________________________ (not see) her since then.
Anna Where (8) ______________ you ______________ (go) when she
(9) ______________ (be) last here?
Tom We (10) ____________________________ (not go) anywhere very
interesting, to be honest.

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6 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

mustnt have to can dont have to might shouldnt couldnt

1 Both Tom and Kelly ______________ play the violin. Theyre really talented.
2 You ______________ dive into the shallow end of the swimming pool. Its
against the rules.
3 James ______________ play football very well when he was a boy. But now
hes a professional player.
4 Tricia ______________ study music at university. But she isnt sure yet.
5 In Britain, you ______________ be 17 before you can take your driving test.
6 You ______________ go to bed so late. Its up to you, but I really think
going to bed early is a good idea.
7 You ______________ come to the cinema if you dont want to, but I think
youll really enjoy the film.

7 Complete the sentences with there and the correct form of the verb be.

1 ______________ some nice teachers at my school.

2 ______________ a party here last weekend?
3 ______________ any milk in the fridge? Im thirsty.
4 ______________ any famous people at last nights film premiere.

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8 Complete the sentences with adjectives in the comparative or superlative

1 Jo is ______________________________ than her sister. Shes 155cm, but

her sisters 150cm.
2 I think Doctor Who is ______________________________ programme on
TV. Its fantastic! No other programme is as good.
3 Well, Emmas not very good at football, but Amys really awful. Amys
______________________________ than Emma!
4 This classroom is quite long, but its ______________________________
than the other classroom. That one was really wide.
5 Sarah has a lot of work to do today. Shes
______________________________ than usual.

9 Complete the sentences with a, an, the or no article ().

1 Emma likes reading ______________ books on ______________ way to

______________ school.
2 Susan has got ______________ cat, but in general, she doesnt like animals.
3 Carrie is ______________ civil servant. She works for ______________
government in ______________ city centre.
4 Id like ______________ sandwich, please. Er Ill have ______________
one on ______________ right, please.

10 Complete the text with the correct quantifiers.

On holiday last summer, we spent (1) ______________ of time on the beach,

but we didnt spend (2) ______________ time sightseeing. To be honest, there
wasnt (3) ______________ to see where we were staying. There were a
(4) ______________ old buildings, but there werent (5) ______________
castles or palaces or (6) ______________ thing like that. In the evenings,
we went out a (7) ______________ times, but mostly, we had
(8) ______________ thing to eat at our hotel and went to bed early.

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11 Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets.

1 Sandra is friendly and Tom is friendly. (both)

2 Gary is lazy and Jemima is lazy. (as as)
3 Snowboarding is quite exciting. Parachuting is very exciting. (less)
4 That bag over there belongs to me. (mine)
5 Wendy only invited a small number of her friends on the trip. (a few)

12 Complete the texts with the correct prepositions.

1 Sophies birthday is (1) ______________ Thursday, but shes having

her party (2) ______________ the following day. You can come
(3) ______________ any time (4) ______________ the evening
(5) ______________ 7pm and 8pm, but please be there (6) ______________
8pm because Sophie will be opening her presents then. (7) ______________
shes opened her presents, there will be a disco (8) ______________ 8.30
(9) ______________ midnight.
2 A new bike shop has just opened (1) ______________ the city centre. Its
(2) ______________ the corner of Murray Street, (3) ______________ door
to Joes Caf. If you go there (4) ______________ bus, the shop is
(5) ______________ the other side of the road from where you get off.
In fact, its (6) ______________ the bus station, so just walk straight
(7) ______________ the road and youll be there. There are some great new
bikes (8) ______________ the shop so come and have a look.

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13 Complete the sentences with verbs in a future form.

1 Have you made plans for this evening?

Yes. I ______________ to the cinema with Dan at 8pm.
2 Has Susie decided what course to take?
Yes. She ______________ a course in art.
3 What do you think about climate change?
I think it ______________ the greatest problem we face this century.
4 Sam looks incredibly fit and has a much better record than all the other
Yes. All the evidence says that he ______________ this race.
5 We havent got any cheese.
Havent we? I ______________ some from the shop.
6 Whens the next train to London?
It ______________ from platform five at six oclock.

14 Write responses using a future form.

1 What is your opinion on the future of space exploration?

2 What do you plan to do when you finish school?
3 I havent got any money and Id like to go out tonight.
4 I need to post this letter and I havent got a stamp.

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15 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 Heres a piece of advice. If I ______________ (be) you, I ______________

(try) to help out more at home.
2 Amys really friendly. She ______________ (help) you if you
______________ (ask) her. So, ask her now!
3 If I ______________ (miss) the bus, I ______________ (not get) to school
on time. So, hurry up!
4 I know its unlikely, but what ______________ you ______________ (say) if
a film star ______________ (ask) you to go on a date?
5 We ______________ (see) you later if you ______________ (come) to the
party. Well probably be there at 9pm.
6 If Jane ______________ (not be) so shy, she ______________ (enjoy) herself

16 Write sentences using the prompts. Use the third conditional.

1 If / know your phone number / I / call / you.

2 Simon / win the match / if / he / play / a bit better.
3 Where / you / go / if / you / not have to be here?
4 If / Jake / find her wallet / Penny / be happy.
5 They / not get lost / if / they / take a compass.
6 If / we / not eat so much / we / not feel ill.

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17 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 Dinner ______________________________ (serve) ten minutes ago.

2 The results ______________________________ (announce) on TV at this
very moment.
3 The prizes ______________________________ (present) later today.
4 The town of Jerez ______________________________ (know) all over the
world for its sherry production.
5 The students ______________________________ (just / tell) the news. They
look pleased.
6 In two hours time, an announcement ______________________________
(make) by the president.
7 Simon looked upset when I saw him. He ____________________________
(must / give) some bad news.

18 Rewrite the sentences in reported speech, beginning as shown.

1 We havent sat down all day, Rory said.

Rory ______________________________________________________
2 Whats your name? Sally asked the new girl.
Sally ______________________________________________________
3 Do you enjoy cycling? Jeff asked.
Jeff _______________________________________________________
4 Were playing tennis later, Wendy told us.
Wendy ____________________________________________________
5 I helped Josh cook lunch yesterday, Sue said.
Sue _______________________________________________________
6 We arent going to leave tomorrow, Pat said.
Pat _______________________________________________________
7 Where did David buy his guitar? asked Ian.
Ian _______________________________________________________

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