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Consult a lawyer and find out the possible consequences of such an

(I) Who would be held liable for the disappearance of the beauty queen?
(II) What measures can be undertaken by organizers of a high profile
event to prevent such kind of incident? Discuss your findings in class.
I. Criminal Liability - the abductors of Ms. Sofia Feldman
NOTE: Specific penalty cannot be determined due to insufficient facts.
Administrative Liability the Security Personnel tasked with securing the
contestants well being.
BASIS: By virtue of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of
Republic Act. 5487.
Sec. 4, RULE X Professional Conduct and Ethics
Sanction. Any private security agency operator or guard who violates
the creeds, ethical standards and codes as set forth in the preceding
sections, shall be subject to the penalties provided in these implementing
rules and regulations.
Sec. 1, RULE XVII, Administrative Sanctions
Policy. Corollary to Section 2 Presidential Decree 1919 dated 28 April
1984, the Chief, PNP or his authorized representative may impose, after
confirming any 57 violation of republic Act 5487, its amendments and
implementing rules and regulations, the penalty of suspension, or
cancellation of the license/accreditation of any private/government security
or training personnel; provided that in cases of violations committed by
any private security/detective agency, company guard force or private
security training institution, the administrative penalty which may be
imposed shall only be administrative fine or cancellation of license without
prejudice to any criminal action against the violator.
Sec. 3, RULE XVII, Administrative Sanctions
SECTION 3. Classification of offenses. - The following terms shall be
construed to mean as indicated which shall likewise refer to the individual
person as private security or security training personnel:
a. Light Offenses shall include, but not limited to:
(1) those related to uniforms except those falling under paragraph c(1)
(2) use of profane languages;
(3) acts of discourteousness;
(4) failure to notify/call the nearest PNP Station in case of disorders,
riots or strikes and other emergency cases;
(5) late or failure to maintain and/or submit records/reports;
(6) violation of Section 1, Rule X of these rules and regulations
otherwise not specifically falling under this and paragraphs b and c of
this rule; and
(7) all acts prejudicial to good conduct, behavior, morals and similar
acts, pursuant to existing laws, rules and regulations.

b. Less grave offenses shall include, but not limited to:

(1) not having in possession his/her license to exercise profession, duty
detail order and/or firearms license (when carrying firearms), while
performing private security service;
(2) use of uniform not appropriate for ones ranks or position;
(3) leaving his post without being properly relieved, thus exposing the
lives and properties he is supposed to protect from danger;
(4) indiscriminate firing of firearm not in connection with the
performance of duty;
(5) other similar offenses pursuant to existing laws, rules and

c. Grave offenses shall include, but likewise not limited to:

(1) Using uniform other than that prescribed under these rules;
(2) using personally owned or unlicensed firearm during tour of duty;
(3) allowing the use/lending issued firearms to unauthorized persons;
(4) assisting, abetting or protecting criminals during or off duty;
(5) providing confidential information to unauthorized persons;
(6) refusal to provide information to authorized persons;
(7) illegal search; 58
(8) taking alcoholic beverages or being drunk while on guard duty;
(9) abuse or acting beyond the scope of authority;
(10) misrepresentation in the submission of documents for renewal of
(11) other similar offense pursuant to existing laws, rules and
regulations. d. Fake License - a document issued by and/or secured from
sources other than the SAGSD.

II. This is a Hypothetical Question that does not require legal bases.