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gt bome mw? lf eo, tbcn you tnox' what thc Hocplteltty Horre tn Boonc lr. lbc Hodtruty Ho6c
folks who need a temporary bome, and ls tlre reeult of mery wdrdcrful lolte hclplry ceclr ot$cr anf.

l+ Barn tn Valle Cnrels and bclp tbe

lrt clpating in a bcneftt squarc dance.
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c,es the Apple Barn I would b.

+ --AnYwey,
ln caie yor don't Lnow, the Hospltality Housc lB at 410 E. Ktng St. ln B@Dc, rnd war crcetcd to hsD-
t tlle lncreaslng rcguests for cmerggncy houelng. But tbe Horpltallty lIouse has bic.ome much morc tbea
emergency houelag; lt rerlty b a bome ln q very spectlf way. Now you can flnd out bcst.bout b Horpftetfty
I House by coml'lg on over, Just
Q ray hl or whateiea Uut lust io
4y9 you en ldee bcrc arc mm" og 5q thr;gs tbdt
fo-rmer rsldents, curcnt resldents, votunteers and atitt wouta ULe !o ray ebout $e Hocprtefr* ttogrc (or
about snythlng)
+ Sarah C. Mast

+ "The Hospitallty House is a renovated house that has been made into a warm!
I -house anyone who is without.a. place to go. It is well organlzed and is
comfortable home suitable to
managed in I vcry compassionate,
understanding and knowledgable manner. Tbere are house rules which rnahe iia safe, quiei, supportive teml
porary home for those in needof temporary lodging. More can be learned aout the Hospitdtfty Hodse Uy vislting
+ or by calling 264-123?. I want to urge those who can to volunteer thelr services, thetriime, itreir money, food]
clothing or household goods to this very deserving organization."
t Herbert Hash
"Ever since the,Hospitality House has opened in February it has had pretty near full occupation, helping peo-
ple who are out of a job and need a place to stay, people who have been burned out of their nome anO niiO a
+ place. and other folks who have a temporary need for housing. . . I feel that the house has served an important
need . . ."
t BruceDockery
"l came in to Boone, N,C. on Mother's Dav, I had very little money. I didn't know what my wife and I were ge
ing to do. We found out about the Hospitality House. Th-ey took us inl so we could get on our ieet. They iure have
+ been a blessing to us. I have really met a lot of nlce people while I have beerihere. Our prayerihave been
ans\.\'ered. "
t Francelle Hilley
"l call it a house of hope; there should be one In every city for the tenrporarlly homeless. Such *arm em6
tional support_can keep a-.pgrcon Soingit nothingelse can. Good food and a frlCndty atmosphere will surely
+ spark a ray of hope in us all. A godsend, the Hospltality House was there when my family neeAiO a home."
t Randall B. Nelson
t _ "T!" Hospitality House gave me the opportunlty to regroup my assts and get back on my feet. Besides that,
I made many lastlng friendships. The Hospitatlty House is one of the few worlhwhlle endeavors lelt. I'lt back !i
as it backed me 100%."
+ Donald Groll
t "lt is the faith in humanlty a belief in our fellow'man and hts ablllty to endeavor and achieve stabUity and
commence a new life, that the-populace of Boone has speculated and created a dwelling known as the Hosiitalt.
t ty House. I personally state unequivically, and without compromise, that thls dwelling has sustained my irbjec-
tivity, reaffirmed my faith and given me a priceless state of tranquility to readjust., gither my facultiei, an-d in
+ proper regimentation. arrange my priorities. I commend those involved, known and unknown. This residence
has been both pragmatic end integral ln developing a foundation of intestinal fortitude."
t Llsa M0ler
"The Hospitality House bas been a very nice place, and a very nice envlronment. It has helped me a lot to set
my goals, to help me get on my way. They are real considerate. I love them all."
+ Sarah Dockery
t "The Hospitallty House has beerr a blessing to me. I was down and out and dldn't have any place to g9. So,
was gratelul that the Hospitality House was here to take me in. I have met a lot of people whoiire. "
Karen Porter
+ _ "l can't express in words w!a! my heart feels for this house.
because it's helped me so much. "
I'll aln'ays be glad to do whatever I can to help
t Susle Justlce
"Irt) volunteer work here is immensely rewarding. I look for*,ard to my time here, spending time with my
friends ard attempting to return in kind the love and sharing so freely given. To say think you is not enough,
+ but it trul)'comes from tbe bottom of my heart and with all my love."

t "Our experience since the Hospitality House opened is that there was a need that's been confirmed, and the
support of volunteers and donors h8s been wonderful . . . I certainly hope the square dance can generate more
awareness and support so that we can match the gift of financial support that wCmost recently rieived.,'

Clyde Tester
"I wholeheartedly support the Hospitality House l0o%. I wlsh we would've had something like tbst years
.because ago,
the pollce dePt. has. many tinle8 in the past come in contact people with who needdi somethiirg tite ihe
Hospitalitl'House, t!9 timg tl?y got througlr the red tape of rocial iervices, they didn't needa place
anymore. Of course we're willing to do as much as we c&n gt the police dept., and we carrl, hetping as far as we
can go legally, and we are glsd to know there are agencies like thls who can carry out helftng iurdrer . . . In my
early years as a pollce offloer, eyen before I had any training, I always felt thai Oetng liind"was ,ust cgmmon
:ense . . ."
lv Alma Bryrnt
"Love lor our fellowman, glven freely, one to another is the formula lor eny cn&evor, gnrat or sm8ll, end
t+ our Hospitrlity H_guse is overflowing with it. The gtft of love, Jrom_one strangei to a$othc;;ho tr *pertericing
dif f icultles ln his life, can mean the difference between despair and lhe courage to mate a ncw beginiing.
t There arc t!rcse of us who have the love and support to glve to tbe less,fortunatc but wc can't do it al6ne. We
t need financlal support in order to continue functioning as a temporary home for tlrorc who need us.
.ly,When considering your donation, regardless of the amount, Iook ar.ound end count your ovn btessingr, faml-
love, security, home, etc., and remember no one is immune 0o tragedy, hunger, lonellnees, deipair or
+ destruction as a result of the elements you or your famtly may one day need a Hospitattty House.
Won't you please honor us with your -presence and donations at our fund raislng sguare dance, June lsth, g:00
t p.m. attheAppleBarn."
t .I belleve-lt ls a blesatng by tbe gpirlt of love tn trs all that the flnanctal atpport Dccclsary to crcete rhls eo-
vlronment hac been made aratlable. S$ll yet, eccordlng to the aondltloDs ol tbc- currco0y mtit tnportrnt ttnan-
clal donatlon, lt rem.lns for tbe Hospttatlty Hous, as a fsmily lf tbey cr& !o gtdcrab pie ot ltc own
+ o-peratlng c96!E, frb ls because lhe latest floaDcisl glft donatton (of flm,mo) to tbc Ho.pltdtty Houre lr a
dollar doneted for wery 50 centg the Hospttdity Houre can generete on ltr own. Ald ro tbc'rquri dancc ldce
t cameup.
-beNow, tor a thought llte having a lquare daooe to bec'ome ral mrny coatrlbu&os ol tlnc rnd cffort nced to
madc tn prcparetlon, but I thlnk most folts slU agFee that Do contrtbutlooc ur mmc lmportrnt then urc lct-
lnes f9ne11ted by the folks as th_ey work to mrlelt bappcn, and tbe wlrhtul tbnrghtl foEe rre ttrhfbg rborrt
+ :ryt t+Sy:d ltfe t1 rec happet. Here are some of thos leelln$ and thoughtr lrom-pgoplc wto have bcci wort-
t lng on the squar dance or ar planning to go:
t lVade Dollar
"I'd like to see a big crowd
- people havin' lots of fun."
+ BryanMiller
t "I usually Just like to and listen and
to watch people having a good tlme."
talk to a lew people ... it's fun to watch.them people Jump around, I like
t Red Lyons
"I don't know that I know how
+ "
in high school.
to square dance no\r', but I used to . . . we used to have about one or two a month

+ Tom Glngrlch
I "It's a real fun dance even if you don't know how to do it, because I've been to Equare dances before and I
don't know much about how to square dance but I had a great time-"

+ Stefan Pasti
"Last one I went to at the Apple Barn I had a Sreat time dancing and meeting pcople end talking to friends,
I but \r'hat I enjoyed best was the looks on the faces of the older folks on the benches arougd the edge is they wat-
t ched the dancers . .-. maybe rememberlng times ln the past when it was them out theri, or maybc Just jtaC to
be watching folks who were so easily having such a good tlme . . . "

+ Jude Bevan
"l'm not much for dancing, but I like to go just to talk and to watch people havlng e good tlme."
t Loe Hodges
"It's old time music, what we play, with tunes like Sally Goodin, andwe'll be playlng lor about 3 hours."

+ Randall B. Nelron
"It was either that or an Indian sweat and Alma said she'd kill me if I didn't go."
I AlmaBryent
"Don't you dare mentlon my dre*s in there if you do lt'll probably selfdestruct and I won't be able to go."
+ Hazel Townsend
"I used to enjoy dancing, and I Etill do, but all I can do now is pat my feet to tt."
t Kat Wlggins (6l,| years old)
"I hope that I wlll see some of my friends when I get to the square dance next Saturday."

+ Ray Hlcks
"I don't know much about square dancing, but wlth ple and cake bldding tbe glrls that made 'em carry 'cm in
t and set 'em down onI table, and they got tbeir names on 'em, and then the crler gets one snd calls out the name
t of the girl who made lt, and then the crier he starts lt off with a bid, and tben the guys bid, and the highest bld-
der gets to eat the,pie or cake with the girl who made it . . . I know'd of one boy who lpent 30 days oieaw mlll
work so'd no one else'd 8et to eat the cake his girl m8de cuz a lot of boys lost thelr giil by not biddtng up high
+ enough. . . ."

t Tracy Counclll
"I think that it's great that lolks of a lot of different ages can get together that and have a godd time."
The geed idea ol provldlng cmergenc? lrousing for the homelees bas rcc.lvcd dfts lD mrny torn!, rnd has
+ Srown to bccome . pleoe lor sherlng and rupport cdled tbe Hoapltaltty Houec, vtlcb eu ooly bc dccrtbcd by
words.uch aa bome, family, rld love. I believe nrcb vords merD morc ll e pcrron crtr tGal tbcm. l*t'r get or1
t on Saturday night to the Apple Barn end bc a pErt of that rquarc dancc. And let's elro 1o ovcr to tb{ Hocpttattty
House when se can and bc I psrt of tbet Equarc dr4ce. Sbarlng ss part ol ! trnlly !r idtncc tbat *e cair all dir
{ together. I
Now Jump ln the brook and splash sbout I
+ trout
splash aboutjust llke a
trout trout pretty little I
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