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DEWA Contract No: Substation Name:

Main Contractor: Sub Contractor:
Check List Ref. No: CL - CIVIL - 001 Work Area / Location :
Reference ITP No: ITP - CIVIL - 001 Contractor RFI No:

Accepted Accepted
SN Details of Job to be checked Remarks SN Details of Job to be checked Remarks
Yes / No Yes / No
ENGINEERING STAGE 16 Formation level Field Density Test
Installation of Earthing grid & DEWA TED Electrical
1 Check all RFC dwgs have been issued 17 Design eng. Inspection and approval

Specialized subcontractor (s)approval for Laying of Road base material minimum 200mm or of as
2 Excavation, Shoring, Dewatering and backfilling
18 per soil investigation recommendations.

Soil improvement material, backfilling material Plate Load Test & Field Density Test on Road base
3 approved
19 material and release for blinding

Release certificate / RFI of Water proofing to

CIVIL CONSTRUCTION STAGE 20 concreting works and completed underground services
to start backfilling

All NOCs likes excavation permit from DM

/Authorities, DEWA services, Sewerage, Etisalat, Backfilling material is free from, shells, stones, waste,
1 DU, etc. related authorities prior to start
21 wood and other organic materials.
Approved Method statement for excavation and
2 backfilling
22 Backfilling in layers not exceeding 250 mm
Identification of buried services and actual trial pit
3 reports
23 Field density test at each layer

4 Soil Investigation Reports. 24 Test Reports review

5 Site safety precaution / Manual.

Protection / re routing of existing buried services
6 prior to start excavation
DM approval for Dewatering and disposal of
7 excavated material
Mobilization, Site fencing , sign board Installation,
site surveying, Establishment of bench marks,
8 demarkation and confirmation of DM prior to start

9 Installation of shoring as shown in drawings

Proper slope, safe access for equipment, safe access

for manpower, soil protection, barricading and
10 warning signs to the excavated area during total
process of works.

Certificates / License for all the Machinery works,

11 valid Permits, Valid DL for working at site.

Safe Excavation process and implementation of

12 safety requirements

Inspection of the excavated area to the widths,

13 lengths, depths, levels and slope as shown in RFC
and DM drawings for footings or raft

Ground water table level shall be brought down to

14 minimum 300mm below bottom of blinding level
to release for formation level FDT

Check the formation level and sizes shall be as per

15 RFC drawings.


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