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Directed Writing: Article

The Making of A Future World-Class Leader
By: Zulkifli bin Hassan
On the 15th of May 2015, SMK Darul Ehsan organised a leadership
camp at Hutan Lipur Pandan, Kuantan. The camp was attended by all the
Form Five students. Its objective was to enable students to get along well
with each other and help them to develop their self-esteem. At the camp,
the most anticipated time by all was when the best group leader was
announced. As predicted by most, Amir Zulhaqeem Zakaria managed to
get the prestigious award. Hs positive traits made him an ideal choice.
Amir Zulhaqeem Zakaria, popularly known as Caem, is a seventeen
year old student who comes from Jerantut. His fathers name is Zakaria
Abdul Hamid while his mothers name is Halina Hamid. Both his parents
are teachers. He is the oldest among five siblings. He is now studying in
SMK Darul Ehsan and is the head prefect of the school. During his primary
school time, he had studied in four different schools which were situated
in four different states. He had schooled at SK Gua Batu, Sarawak, SK
Kangar in Perlis, SK Ulam Batu in Terengganu and SK Bandar Jerantut in
There were numerous reasons why he was chosen as the best group
leader and one of them is because of his responsibility. He is also a caring
person who always made sure his group members were safe all the time.
He instilled confidence among his group members which led to victory in
the camp debate. As such, it was not surprising that he managed to get
the best speaker award for the camp debate. Additionally, from the 253
students who had attended the camp, Amir Zulhaqeem was voted the
most cooperative. He was always the first to volunteer for any task.
During the final day of the leadership camp, he received awards
from our school principal, Madam Hajjah Norlia bt Mohd Shuhaili. He was
given a certificate of achievement as the best group leader and even went
home with a whooping RM 500, a very handsome sum of money.
People also admired him because of his amazing achievement in his
studies. He did not let achievements to get to his head and earned the
respects of all the participants. Furthermore, he is among the top ten
students in the school and is the head of the students facilitators. Amir
Zulhaqeem also loves to play basketball. Together with his team, he
represented the school in the state basketball tournament. They managed
to win second place for the event.
The students of SMK Darul Ehsan should try to follow Amir
Zulhaqeems footsteps. We know that if this country is to produce more
future leaders, it will help in developing this country to another level. Amir
Zulhaqeem might as well be one of those leaders. This year, he and his
batch members will sit for the SPM examination. Let us pray together that
all of them will succeed and make SMK Darul Ehsan one of the best
schools in this country. Kudos to Amir Zulhaqeem and we wish him good
luck for all his future undertakings.