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Interdisciplinary Science Project Reflection



Below is the assessment rubric that you will be marked against,

circle the grade that you believe that you should achieve for the
three aspects.

Levels Criterion 1 Criterion 2 Criterion 3 Criterion 4

Self-motivation and Working within a Self-reflection Scientific

perseverance team Thought

3 Approaches the project Collaborates and Shows a thorough Goes above and beyond
with self-motivation and communicates in a awareness of their own in using the scientific
follows it through to group situation and strengths andprocess by taking extra
completion. integrates the views of weaknesses and gives steps for completeness
others. thoughtful consideration
to their learning

2 Completes the project Exchanges some views Shows limitedInclude some parts of the
but sometimes lacks but requires guidance to awareness of their own scientific process.
self-motivation. collaborate with others. strengths andMinimal content and
weaknesses and gives description is present is
some consideration to various parts.
their learning experience.

1 Lacks perseverance and Makes little or no Shows no awareness of Does not show an
motivation. attempt to collaborate in their own strengths and understanding of the
a group situation. weaknesses and gives scientific process
no consideration to their
learning experience.

Justify your, self-assessed grade for each of the criteria

Criterion 1:

Criterion 2:
Criterion 3:

Criterion 4:

What have you learnt about yourself during this project?

What were your positive experiences during this project?

What were your negative experiences during this project?