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Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel
you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

During the preliminary task i built skills in time management and
was able to keep up to date with my music magazine. This then
enabled to me to keep my work neat and professional. During
research and planning this gave me simple knowledge i need to
know to create a magazine fit for the hip hop genre. It also helped
me understand more about the distribution of my magazine and
what content i would include for my niche audiences, and how
much i would charge people for the product. In contrast to the
preliminary task where we did not carry out any research and
planning it made it extremely difficult to come up with content
ideas for the appropriate target audience. Furthermore knowing the
basic magazine conventions allowed me to include specific things in
my magazine. I had my own knowledge on photoshop and using it
for the preliminary task allowed me to build up skills with text,
paragraphing and shapes. During the production of my preliminary
task the use of a range of presentation softwares was poor,
however i expanded the range and used a number of new softwares
to present each task. I had problems with using scribd however,
when embedding the document onto blogger some of the
presentation was cut off. To resolve this i had to change the
composition of the text and the font size.There are lots of different
sub genres for a music magazine, it was a possibility to go deeper
into a genre or keep it simple. I chose to keep the hip hop genre
simple and not stereotypical, I didn’t include ‘gangsters’, ‘gold
jewellery’ etc. I think it was important to challenge the stereotypes,
i chose a white female on my front cover. Racism, and gender
equality is a sensitive subject in modern day society, by including a
female i tried to equalise the genders that are included in hip hop