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Moisture 5.00 % by weight = 3.95 % by volume

using density figure entered below

Find the minimum velocity for oil in a pipeline to avoid water/oil separation
Interfacial tension ow 25.00 mN/m Horizontal Pipe
Density of Oil o 800.00 kg/m3 Critical Velocity VC

Density of Water w 1025.00 kg/m3 Vertical Pipe

ID of pipe D 10.16 cm Critical Velocity VC

Oil Viscosity 0 5.00 cP or mPaS Moisture % Conversion

Moisture % 12.00 % by volume

Degree of dispersion G 10.00 Ideally 10

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water/oil separation

3.80 m/s

1.27 m/s

% Conversion
14.87 % by weight

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