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Bushong: Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology, and

Protection, 8th Edition

Answers to Challenge Questions

Chapter 31: Quality Control

1. a. QA concerns people. A QA program involves monitoring of the patient and the

interpretation of the image.
b. 2.5 mm Al.
c. A feature of the QC program that should be checked semiannually with an image
of the AAPM five-pin insert.
d. The follow-up of patient reports to see that the diagnosis was correct.
e. Measurement used to ensure adequate filtration of the x-ray beam. It should be
checked annually or at any time after a change in tube or tube housing.
f. Council of Radiation Control Program Directors. This is the organization of the
50 directors of state radiation control programs and their staffs. They formulate
state radiation regulations.
g. QA protocol involving 10 actions required to help ensure proper patient
h. Slice thickness.
i. The ability of a radiographic unit to produce a constant radiation output for
various combinations of mA and exposure time resulting in constant mAs.
j. That part of quality assurance that deals with the performance of imaging
2. A protocol to ensure that patients receive optimum imaging care with minimal
radiation exposure.
3. (1) Acceptance testing should be performed on each new piece of radiographic
equipment. (2) Routine performance monitoring of equipment is required
periodically. (3) Preventive maintenance of equipment will prevent the need for
4. Supervising radiologist, QC technologist, medical physicist.
5. An experimental determination of half-value layer is obtained. Referring to Table 31-
3, one can determine whether adequate filtration is present.
6. To ensure that only the anatomy of interest is imaged. This improves image contrast
and limits patient exposure. Prevent the collimator cutting off anatomy of interest.
7. These are variously expressed but basically any misalignment must not exceed + 2%
of the SID along any edge.
8. Pinhole camera, star pattern, slit camera.
9. + 5%.
10. Radiograph a wire mesh test pattern.
11. A soft, line-free cloth and a cleaning solution provided by the manufacturer.
12. Annually.
13. Approximately 4 R/min.
14. Image a bar or hole test pattern.
15. Noise and uniformity should be measured weekly. Semiannual measurements should
be taken to check linearity, spatial resolution, contrast resolution, slice thickness,
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Answers to Challenge Questions 2

couch incrementation, and laser localizer. Patient dose and dose profile
measurements should be taken annually.
16. Preventive maintenance reduces the probability of nonscheduled maintenance.
17. Enough filtration must be provided to produce a required minimum HVL. The
minimum HVL required to ensure adequate x-ray beam filtration varies depending on
the operating kVp. See Table 31-3 for high frequency values.
18. 2% of the SID.
19. When there is a clear or obvious crack, hole, or other penetration through the
protective lead.
20. 105 mm photofluorospot images.

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