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CET: Verbal reasoning

It makes an ass out of you and me
Reasoning basics
Reasoning basics
Fact / Premise

Opinion / Judgment




Fact / Premise
Amitabh is the highest paid actor

Taj Mahal is in Washington DC

A cow has 10 legs

Symbiosis has 25 faculty members

She is the tallest girl

Chetan Bhagat has written 25 books

Fact / Premise

Def T/ F Same for


Past action
Present activity
Opinion / Judgment
Amitabh is a well paid actor

Taj Mahal is a beautiful monument

A cow is a holy animal

Symbiosis is a good college

She is a tall girl

Chetan Bhagat is a good author

Opinion / Judgment

Probability Varies from

Not Verifiable T/ F person to person

Characteristics :
Authors opinion
Conclusion example
Times of India headline :
Monsoons would hit Mumbai by 18th June (may be some
drops of water here)

Reader : Fact
TOI : Opinion (prediction)

TOI says : MET says : Monsoons would hit Mumbai by

18th June (may be some drops of water here)
Reader : Fact
TOI : Fact
MET : Conclusion

Taj Mahal is in
Amitabh is the highest
Washington DC
paid actor
therefore a beautiful
hence a good actor.

A cow has 10 legs Symbiosis has 25 faculty

therefore it is a holy members hence it is a
animal. good college.

Chetan Bhagat has

written 25 books
therefore he is a good
Conclusion : Definition

A Conclusion has four parts to it :

Fact + Judgment

Judgment is derived from the


Though the Fact is verifiable

the Judgment is verifiable

This verifiable judgment is

known as a conclusion
What are assumptions ?
Assumptions are statements based on the Fact which
help derive a conclusion

There are clouds in the sky

Therefore I will carry an umbrella

It might rain
Importance of assumptions

They are there just everywhere ..

They are a part of every decision taken ..

They are the ones that determine correct or

incorrect reasoning .

Decisions are right coz they are right ..

Companies fail or succeed based on them ..

Some templates
Assumptions could be :
All people will read it
At least some would abide by it
The desired result would be achieved
This problem exists
Eg. A notice in a hospital Keep silence
Some templates
Many people would read it
Some would respond to it
Some could be interested in my product
The adv could lead to the sales of my product

Advice (should/ought): assumption

The person needs advice
The person would listen to my advice
Some templates
When a person or an organization is blamed :
They are responsible for the action

When a shock or surprise is expressed :

The opposite can be assumed
Assumption examples
Statement : Enjoy your challenges an advertisement
of a car brand
Assumptions : People like to enjoy challenges
People will buy the car

Statement : What a waste of effort,time and money?

After three brilliant issues, you follow up with this issue
on Kabas.
Assumptions : Money is spent in bringing the issue on
The issue on Kabas is not brilliant
Any amount of time can be spent in
bringing a brilliant issue.
Assumption examples
Statement : When you are starting a business of your
own, giving your 100 % is not enough Anil told the
Assumption : One can do more than 100 %
Trainees would give more than 100 %

Statement : Stop endorsing cold drinks, they are

harmful to health
Assumptions : People are suffering from health
problems due to consumption of
cold drinks
Endorsement leads to an increase in
consumption of a product

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