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1. Easy tasks are not always that easy as we think. I thought it to be very
easy to write about my life, my own life. But now I see it is really a hard nut
to crack. Memory often betrays and at times so faded that events of near past
get twisted. But still some twinkles and when framed together that depicts
me, my life.
2. On the outset of 70S, a baby cried at top voice to declare his presence,
and after negotiating a lot of barriers found himself inside the BNA
campus .Today it is me, a Lt Cdr, is expecting to undergo a prestigious
course called JSC.


3. This particular writing is aimed to expose myself in front of Directing


4. It was late afternoon when I began to exist as a loving member of a
respected muslim family. Daulatpur, a well developed thana in the
metropolis Khulna, is my birth place. My father had a corporate job and
served in many places. Since child hood ,I saw my father to move always
with full house complement. So I had the scope to enjoy different culture
and society of our country. This ultimately brought me in contact of friends
from a diversified society. But surely the best one is my only brother, who
despite being a busy Air Force pilot, is constantly in touch with me.

5. I was lucky to enjoy both the taste of a joint and single family.
Whenever my father was posted in Khulna, we stayed jointly with my grand
parents. Again when we were out of Khulna, we had a single family, just the
four of us. This eventually grew self confidence and a sense of give and take
in me.


Gateway to Enlightened Life

6. Though hazy but still the first day at Pathshala is not wiped off my
memory. Due to my fathers unscheduled transfer, I was little late to start. At
6 my father took me to school, that too in baby class. Seeing my other
younger classmates , I got the shock which within a short time pulled me out
of class. My father and the Headmistress tried utmost to convince me but in
vain. Finally, on condition to qualify a test on the next morning, I was
allowed to step in to my desired class , class One. Thanks God that I could
qualify .

Taste of Military Life

7. After a lot of sleepless night and tensed day, which my parents had
more than that of mine, in the middle of 1982, I got my name registered in
Barisal Cadet College. The harsh life of campus converted me from a shy
and introvert boy to a polished and stage free one .As I passed my days in
college, a sense of dignity and confidence helped me to pull me out of my

8. Smoking, the self injuring habit also crawed in me before I stepped

for secondary exam. An amateur of class nine, with blessings of duty free, is
a full time smoker now. This habit along with some more pushed me little
away from study. Though a bit late but still I could recover somehow to
score 700 plus in SSC.

Premier Leadership

9. With regular presence in extra curricular activities and sports, I

represented my College in Inter Cadet College Literary Meet. Though
without significant result but this added a new dimension in my life to work
in a greater sphere. My contribution was duly acknowledged to appoint me
as cultural prefect of the college. Such elevated position further encouraged
my desire to be a lifetime leader. I was flying quite high and enjoying the
time till my father passed away just before HSC.


Choice of Profession

10. Like many others, to enjoy all the movies of the world, I dreamed to
be a cinema hall ticket checker in my boy hood. During my early life my
role model shifted from famous boxer like Md. Ali to a crieketer like Imran
Khan then to singer like Ferdous Wahid and even Tarzan was not out of list.
And I wanted to be all of them. All those childlike feelings perished as I
grew older. Finally I desired to be a graduate from Dhaka University
whereas my parents wanted to see me as a doctor. But the sudden death of
my father did change my world. My mother objected but my search for a
decent and assured job could console her. When I was lucky to get through
the ISSB and final viva at NHQ, she wept but prayed for my success.

Man in white

11. On the first day of 89, I discovered me in white under the gun room.
The scenario of academy was very charming. But, by the grace of seniors, it
look little time to make it a hell for me. They were generous to take me,
without visa and ticket, to India, UK and many other places. There were
always some genius, in our course as well, to invent some new methods and
tools to teach juniors. Such teaching got the flavour of jointness, as we
marched through the BMA gate for ten weeks common military training
with contemporary Army and Air force cadets. The sleepless nights and
drowsy lecture periods could not stop my passing the saluting test in the first

12. On completion of joint training, our real naval hard ship started. The
deadly faces of GIs, PTIs and surely of seniors were always the best
inspiration to reach the end of each term quickly. The felling of lord, as I
was appointed DC, was never expected to die. But it did as I put on the long
cherished shoulder badge of midshipman. I joined BNS UMAR FAROOQ as
a proud man in white. It took little time to turn the white into semi black
with all the dirts of cable locker and RU locker. Even the bilges were
generous to contribute.

The Golden Stripes

13. My shoulder started to glitter as I got, along with the Best in
Profession award, the commission on 01 July 91. Such as achievement were
partly clouded as my practical marks could not help me to earn graduation.
This incident eventually inspired me to cope with the tough training
schedule of Ag S/Lt course and to get Watch Keeping Charge and
Competency Certificate with considerable amount of seniority.


14. As a confirmed Sub Lieutenant, I was appointed on board BNS

TAWHEED. After few months, with a little experience, I was posted to BNS
TAWFIQ and appointed as the Executive Officer. The busy and tough sea
life of 61 PCS laid my foundation for a more professional naval career. It
made me sea worthy and competent to handle odds. After quite a long tenure
in 61 PCS, I was selected and later on qualified to be an agent of SSF. This
added a new dimension in my career. I was even lucky to get training on VIP
protection from Thailand.

15. While serving in SSF, I was selected for course abroad China on
missile. The specialised knowledge on missile gave me an opportunity to be
a proud member of FAC(M), the fierceful fighting arm of BN. Presently I
am appointed as CO onboard BNS DURDAM.

16. My wife Mrs Farhana Mesbah, my daughter Nashrah and me are the
three to make our family a happy one. All of us complement each other to
enjoy the colour of life. My wife has recently become an Architect and my
daughter started to exist with little pause in between. They are always a
source of inspiration to me.


17. In my school life I had fascination for Gardening and Angling. At

times I tried to collect stamps but I was never serious about that. Reading
novels that tells of inner conflicts of mind and listening to music is always
on my priority list. To be truthful my only hobby today is to pass time with
my little kid who is just 6 months old.

18. The story of life never ends until the last breath. There is always some
smooth run again some odds on the way. Without challenge life is dull so I
enjoy facing those. I feel great to born is a respectable family and wish to
make it even better for my off spring.

Chittagong Lt Commander
Mar 2017 Student Officer
PF / 851 / My Life / 01



1. Life is nothing but the span of time containing numerous happenings

of a man which has just passed away. It is indeed a very difficult task to
accommodate all the happenings in a limited frame of words. However it is a
great pleasure for me to cherish the memories of my life which for the first
time I am releasing in public by this short brief.

2. I announced my presence in this earth with a melodious cry on 20 th

August 1971 at our village home in Munshigong. During that time our city
based family was shifted for time being to our village home to escape from
country wide brutal activities of Pakistani rulers. Being the third consecutive
son, my birth did not bring a colourful joy in the family, but later success in
my childhood gave me a bright position in my family. Just after liberation
war our family was again shifted to Dhaka. My whole academic life spent in
Dhaka except my education in Comilla Cadet College. I joined in Bangladesh
Navy on 01 January 1990. Since then I have served in various ships and
establishments of BN and Bangladesh Coast Guard.

3. In this paper, I have introduced my parents, my family members.

Then, I have given a pen picture of my childhood and academic life.
Thereafter, I have elaborated my naval career.


4. The aim of this essay is to give an overview of my life.


My Parents

5. My father Md. Anwar Hossain was a business man. He started his

career as a mid level officer in a renowned private limited company of the
then Pakistan. As the business of that company was taken over by Govt. in
newly borne Bangladesh, my father became jobless and this led him to start
an independent business in early 1972. Till his retirement he was engaged
with business.

6. My mother had always been a housewife. She is a very strong and

determined lady. Her vision was very clear and wide. Quest for knowledge
and education were always the first priority to her. She used to maintain our
big family consisting of us and our number of uncle and aunts. My mother
used to control everything of our family, as my father was always busy with

7. My Bothers and Sisters. I have more two brothers and two sisters. All
of them are established in their respective field. They are married.

8. My Own Family. I got married in February 2000 with Sanjida nick

named Ruma to build a sweet home and row the life together. My wife
although a graduate, is a complete housewife. She attends all the household
problems and take every care of my three tiny children including me. My first
son Saad delighted our family by his birth on 03 November 2001. My first
daughter Suha was born on 19 August 2003 in Germany during my
Specialisation course. My second daughter was born on 23 October 2005. All
my children are keeping our life a busy one. Their presence filled up my
sweet home with joy.


9. I have passed my childhood in Dhaka City area at Mohammadpur. The

area was mostly Bihari dominated even after liberation war. So most of
my friends were Bihari, with whom I used to play in the morning and in
the evening. Mean while I was prepared for schooling in home
environment in the mid seventies.


10. Primary Level. I started my education in a the then modern semi

English school named Kocchi Kacha Kakali School at KG one in
Mohammadpur Dhaka. I had to change the school as our family was again
shifted to Mirpur in 1979. I completed upto class four in Champa Parul School
and upto class seven in Monipur High School.
11. Cadet College. In 1984 I got admission in Comilla Cadet College
and this turned my life to a new dimension. I appeared HSC from this college
in 1987 and HSC in 1989. In SSC I stood 18th in the combined merit list and
in HSC I had to be satisfied with simply star marks.

12. Study in University. In 1991 I got admission in BUET as a naval

cadet. I have passed long five years in BUET. Like the civil students I used to
reside in the Halls and had the opportunity to witness the happenings around
us, which I had missed during my cadet college and naval cadet life. I used
to follow the hard ship of the civil students and it enabled me to take a huge
load of technical study. Ultimately I crossed the barrier of BUET in May 1996
securing 1st class 10th position among 130 students in mechanical
engineering. Time spent in BUET was the best part in my life.


13. Reasons of Choosing Navy as Career. After HSC as cadet college

student I had no other option but to appear for ISSB. I got first call from
navy. I appeared the ISSB, seriously, although I had no intention to join in
armed forces. However I got the green and then consulted with my parents
and relatives. They were divided in their opinions. After lot of discussions I
had chosen navy as my career for no specific good reason, but at least to lid
a honest life which was and is my dream.

14. My Naval Career. I joined navy as an officer cadet on 01 Jan 1990

and was commissioned on 01 July 1992. Before my my commission I was
sent to BUET for obtaining Bachelor in Science in Mechanical Engineering,
which I completed in May 1996. After my watch keeping from BNS ABU BAKR
I was appointed as Engineer Officer of BNS K J ALI in August 1997 then again
as Squadron Engineer of 41/61 PCS in March 1998. In April 1998 I was again
transferred to Bangladesh Coast Guard where I served for four years and
three months. I was transferred to navy again in July 2002 as Senior
Engineer Officer of BNS ALI HAIDER. I have undergone Engineering
Specialisation in Germany from the year 2003 to 2004. On returning from
Germany I was appointed as Engineer Officer of BNS SANGU in Dec 2004. In
March 2005 I was appointed as Group Officer Planning and Estimating
(Mechanical) at BN Dockyard. I served there till I was relieved from my
duties to join Staff College.

15. My Service in Coast Guard. I have served in coast Guard for about
four and a half year. It was a great opportunity to serve in such
organization, functional aspects of which is mostly governed by civil rules.
Just after my joining, coast guard suffered a fatal shock, which hindered its
normal flow of progress. As a staff officer and also as a member of numerous
boards, many a times I had to burn the midnight candle for the office works.
A number of rules and regulations which are being followed in coast guard
were drafted by me. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. I could
widen my knowledge on the bindings of civil rules because of my service in
coast guard. I got full job satisfaction in coast guard.

16. Training Courses Attended. I have undergone several training

courses during my service life. Among which Combat Engineer Officers
Course in USA and Specialisation in Germany are remarkable ones. I have
seen people, their culture, characteristics and many other things besides the
training I have received. In the vacations I used to take my family with me
and travel around the adjacent countries. It gave me and my family huge
ideas on the developed countries.


17. Life is the collection and reflection of all the events and memories,
both of joys and sorrows, of human life. If a man has an average life span of
60 years then my life has already crossed the midway of its orbit. Now there
stands a little scope to shape it more for the betterment of human race,
rather it is the time to implement those which I have gathered in my
experience till now. The amount of labour I have given till now may have to
multiply by numerous factors in the coming days so that I can shape up my
working environment in a place of comfort, where everything will move in the
best possible way or in the way it should ideally be. Only then the people in
our known environment my have the opportunity to drink their life to the lees
and the labour and spending of the government money for my education and
training will be justified.


Lt Cdr BN
15 April 2006 P No 851


Directing Staff