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SH ANGHAI LIL itl ae artes o New oR’ £0. sonoo™ ew “Fogttight Parade” Shanghai in Lyric by Music by AL DUBIN HARRY WARREN Moderato ——— ——- > Piano pocokrit ane Uke, Ap res Be Ami. BiG Amb ¢ Bai. G Voice f fa aa Og BA # 3 5 ia @ i eee 4 +— 2 Look- in’ for my Shang-hai Lil The stars thathang high o - ver 1a 8 @ em Bring back the mem-ry of a thrill __ 3 * Bae @ @ 8&8 Look- in’ for my Shanghai Lil. > —— ve been look-in’_high,— =. TS And Ive beenlook-in’ low, a >> S - . : =a a wae I learned to_love er, The_lit- tle dev-il was ane eve — SS SHES Ag Em, C7 AD, eri But youd dis-cov-er ——~- fl Fe some-thing on the lev-el, shin-ing in > v= 4 « teas & Oh! I've been try-in’ to for - get ’er, But whats theuse, I nev-erwill, rss FoF PREM FOF ELE ee 5 fa cs aE a ee i Til be look-in’ high, And a > 2am C7 Em Frsses] Ht fe HEH mt ” Fhm7-5 - ‘es Fhm7-5 BE ‘tint 'T find my Shang-hai Lil, re S Bt = A PARADE OF HITS FROM THE WARNER BROS. PICTURE HONEYMOON HOTEL A Bifoty wadhi’ WARREN fhe of a wet-dog| ——P- REFRA\ WAR RY WARREN ALN _———— -—____-E AH! THE MOON. IS HERE RERRAIN pa Se 7 | a Tine noon is_here Ai ond |e _age_here, Copyright MCMXXXII by M. Witmark & Sons, N.Y. International Copyright Secured ALL RIGHTS RESERVED INCLUDING PUBLIC PERFORMANCE FOR PROFIT Made in'U S.A. M.WILTMARK & SONS roa