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PET Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Book

Complete with the correct phrasal verb

1. After he hurt his knee. Brian had to _____________ football.
2. _____________ or we'll be late! (Hurry up.I)
3. Can you _____ me ______ on your way to college?
4. Digital cameras have _____________ in price. I think I could buy one for me.
5. Don't _____ the newspaper _______. I haven't read it yet.
6. Everyone _____________ working when the head teacher walked in.
7. _____________ your homework on Monday morning. I will take it home for correction.
8. He ________ the money ______ at the police station
9. He _____________ knocking but nobody came to the door.
10.Henry and Luke _____________ over some stupid game, but they will soon be friends
11.Her parents _____________ and let her have a mobile phone.
12.I _____________ my old clothes to make room for my new ones.
13.I _____________ the last question on the paper because I didn't have time.
14.I _____________ the spelling in a dictionary. (checked)
15.I always ______ the water jug _____ when it is empty.
16.I can only offer you black coffee as we've _____________ milk.
17.I just _____________ the flu and now my sister has it.
18.I need some new boots. This pair is _____________.
19.I was surprised how well my new girlfriend and my sister got along/on.
20.If you make a mistake and you are writing in ink, just _______ it ________.
21.Joan _____________ in Hong Kong, but he was born in India.
22. _____________! There's a car coming. (be careful)
23.Make sure that you've ________ the heater _______ before you leave the room.
24.My boyfriend and I _____________ before I moved to America.
25.My grandparents ______ me ______ after my parents died.
26.My mother _____________ my baby one day a week.
27.Our car _____________ at the side of the highway in the snowstorm.
28. p_____________ the lights when you leave.
29.Please _____________ your name and address on this form.
30.She _____________ teaching as a career and shes very happy with her decision.
31.Somebody _____________ last night and stole our stereo.
32.Sorry I'm late - l was _____________ in the traffic.
33. _____________ the kitchen when you've finished cooking, please
34.The builders are _____________ with the house. It will be finished very soon.
35.The children are excited because school _____________ in just two weeks time.
36.The children were _____________ at break time as a punishment for behaving badly.
37.The children were all ______________________ the birthday party.
38.The dog _____________ the postman.
39.The firemen had to _____________ the room to rescue the children.
40.The organisation was _____________ some years ago. (started)
41.The plane _____________ four hours late.
42.The reporter ______ all the details _____ in a notebook.
43.The sun was shining when they _____________ for their walk.
44.The television isn't working because it's not _____________!
45.The test was _____________ until the following week as so many students were absent.
46.The woman _____________ when the police told her that her son had died.
47.We don't know where he lives. How can we _____________?
48.We need to _____the bills _____ before the first of the month.
49.Would you like to _____________ in a quiz?