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technology-and-weapons-war BY: SOPHIA WIEST
Airplanes were introduced by both
the Germans and the Britain's. An rticle/military-history/9-things-
airplane was a one to two seat pro-
peller plane with an equipped ma- raid-1915-first-world-war WWI Modern
chine gun attached to it. They both
used aircraft at that time, but it was
originally only used for observations. day-in-history/germans-
Later airplanes were used in combat
Prentice hall world history con-
and had little effect on the war.
nections today history book
Poison Gas Convoys

Poison Gas was introduced by the The Convoys were introduced by the Al-
Germans. It was used to blind or lies. This invention is what grouped the
choke enemies, which caused horri- merchant ships together to protect the
ble pain such as leaving burns and war ships. This invention is how the Unit-
blisters. Later that year the Allies be- ed States were brought into war.
gan using this weapon as well. This
type of weaponry became know as
the most dreaded hazards of the war. The U-Boats were first used
by the Germans which
caused a huge amount of
damage to the Allies side.
These boats sunk the mer- Automatic Machine Gun

chant ships that carried sup- The British side introduced the automatic
plies for Britain. Then the Al- machine gun, which was a mounted gun
lies side struck back with that fired bullets continuously . This made
their creation of the Con- war easier because less soldiers would
Also in 1915 the Germans used these voys. have to carry guns.. This invention
large gas filled balloons to bomb the helped create a stalemate, and created a
English Coast . These zeppelins re- difficult pathway so not a lot of people
placed the first tanks , because the could get
tanks moved very slow and broke in.
down easily.