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Cyber Security in Industrial Automation

Industrial control systems for manufacturing and process Test Mark

automation are increasingly implemented within internal
"Functional Safety / Security"
and external company networks. Thus data transfer between
differently safe systems and networks arises, increasing
The test mark "Functional Safety and Security" of TV
susceptibility for attacks and failures. It is necessary to
Rheinland is applied to electronic / programmable
prevent internal and external unauthorized access in order
electronic products, which are applied in safety-related
to ensure the availability and integrity of control systems.
applications. Manufacturers of such products additionally
need to apply measures according to the requirements of
Functional Safety and Security the standard IEC 62443.

Safety-related automation solutions must be functionally Apart from the Functional Safety standards the requirements

safe (Functional Safety). of the following standards are relevant:

The objective of Security is the availability, integrity and IEC 62443-3-3: Industrial communication networks
confidentiality of data and functions. Network and system security - Part 3-3: System security
requirements and security levels.
TV, TUEV and TUV are registered trademarks. Utilisation and application requires prior approval.

In addition to qualifying components against Functional IEC 62443-4-1: Industrial communication networks
Safety, TV Rheinland offers combined product testing -Network and system security - Part 4-1: Product
considering requirements regarding cyber security. development requirements.
IEC 62443-4-2: Industrial communication networks
Requirements of the internationally accepted standard -Network and system security - Part 4-2: Technical security
IEC 62443 and the series of standard EDSA ISASecureTM are requirements for IACS components
considered in terms of a security life cycle as well as the EDSA-311:2010: ISA Security Compliance Institute
functional requirements. -Embedded Device Security Assurance
Functional Security Assessment
EDSA-312:2010: ISA Security Compliance Institute
-Embedded Device Security Assurance
Software Development Security Assessment

Functional Safety Requirements Our Services comprise

The products are adequately reliable and safe in - Product testing and certification acc. to the worldwide
accordance with a defined safety level (Safetey Integrity acknowledged Functional Safety and Security standards.
Level (SIL), Performance Level (PL) etc.) of the relevant - Workshops and Trainings.
standards (for example IEC 61508, EN ISO 13489-1) and - Assessment and qualification of QM-systems.
are suitable to be applied in safety related applications - Threat-, Risk analysis.
in order to protect human beings and the environment - Safety audits of networks.
sufficiently. - Vulnerability scans.

Security Requirements

Sufficient protection against manipulation and

interference in accordance with the defined security level
(Security Level SL 1 to SL4) during the development and
for the integration phase of products.

Workshop and Training

Our workshop and training regarding the topic "Security

for Industrial Automation & Process Control Systems" Why TV Rheinland?
focusses on the development of safety-ensuring
components of a system. Demonstrate your product compliance to standards
IEC 61508 and IEC 62443 by a TV Rheinland
The one day workshop will give participants an overview

about the normative requirements to the architecture of a
system and its implementation and testing. Profit from the knowledge, experiences and the world-
wide acknowledged image as well as acceptability of
The 3-day training will be more detailed: TV Rheinland in the area of Functional Safety and
Problems resulting from the requirements of the relevant
TV, TUEV and TUV are registered trademarks. Utilisation and application requires prior approval.

standards IEC 62443-3-3, IEC 62443-4-1 and IEC 62443-4-
2 will be discussed and solutions shown. All requirements Take advantage of our international network of experts
necessary to develop a functional safe and secure product and one-stop shop service.
will be presented and discussed.
Gain competitive advantages and an increased
The training ends with an exam. The "Security Engineer international market access by test marks and
(TV Rheinland) (SecEng)" certificate will be awarded to certificates of an internatinonally accepted and neutral
succesful exam participants. testing institute.

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