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CLS Assessment

2015 - 2016 - Clinical Learning Summary Assessment

NURS 151 Practical Nursing Practice 2 (PN, 12-Jan-2016 - 07-May-2016)

Student : Mikkel-Brandon De Leon

Clinical Teacher/Preceptor : Marcia Henry
Program Coordinator : Wendy Chow
Location : Sunnybrook Veterans Centre
Placement Setting : Agency
Unit/Office/Clinic : K3E
I declare that this is my original work and the sources used are acknowledged.

1 Strengths in clinical practice (in relation to course abilities/outcomes).

M.D.L. : I feel that I had been able to strengthen my ability to manage my time and organizational skills in the clinical setting. At the beginning of

placement, I found that it was quite difficult achieve these skills because of not knowing the amount of time it would take for me to complete my daily

nursing tasks. However, after some clinical practice, I was able to time myself for each task, and I was organize my nursing tasks accordingly.

I also feel that I communicate very well with my instructor, primary nurse, colleagues, and patients. I try to ensure that I am very clear and concise

when providing information regarding patients. I make sure that the primary nurse and instructor are not confused of who is administering medication

to the patients. I also communicate to the patient so that they are aware of the nursing tasks that I will be providing for them.

2 Areas of clinical practice to continue to develop.

M.D.L. : Areas that I need to develop is proper body mechanics and my confidence in my ability to do tasks. During care I almost always realize that I

am not using proper body mechanics after completing nursing tasks. I understand that it can put a lot of strain on the body and can cause major

problems later on. I also realize that I am sometimes not confident in my ability to do some of the nursing tasks, and may affect the way I provide my

nursing care to patients.

3 Effective learning strategies in clinical practice.

M.D.L. : In order to improve my body mechanics during care I can review the basic body mechanics sheet provided from Sunnybrook's In-Service-

Learning activity. I will constantly review it before nursing practice so that I keep proper body mechanics in mind while providing nursing care. Also, in

order to be more confident in my nursing abilities I will constantly review and ask instructors about some of the nursing procedures that I may feel

weak in.

M.H. : Reviewed:MH

Submitted Date: 10-Apr-2016 13:19