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with DIOP
Songs: Mo l jiyn yo, is a song performed for twins whose birth is customarily
1. DEh Blah Ny Wisseh an occasion for special ritual ceremonies. r Mta, which show no
(Traditional Klao song, Liberia) specific contextual associations, relates to the different virtues of three
friends. - Notes by Akin Euba
Arranged by: Baye Mahanta Diop & Dawn Padmore
Dawn Padmore: Vocals With r Mta & Mo l jiyn yo, Baye added a touch of Senegalese
Baye Mahanta Diop: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, traditional stringed instrumentals to accompany the sweet melodies with
and Percussion inflections that are natural to the vocal rhythm of Yoruba, as with many
West African languages.

2. r Mta r Mta and Mo l jiyn yo, under the title Six Yoruba Songs, were
(Traditional Yoruba song, Nigeria) originally arranged for voice and piano by Akin Euba, among four
others. Akin Euba (b. 1935) is a revered Nigerian composer, pianist and
Arranged Baye Mahanta Diop & Dawn Padmore ethnomusicologist. His works include music for dance, dramas, poetry
based on arrangement by Akin Euba readings, and opera, CHAKA. He was Professor and Director of the
Dawn Padmore: Vocals Centre for Cultural Studies at the University of Lagos; retired Andrew W.
Baye Mahanta Diop: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Mellon Professor, Emeritus at University of Pittsburg. He is founder of
the Centre for Intercultural Music Arts, London.
and Percussion
4. Onipa Beye
3. Mo l jiyn yo (song is written in the Twi language, Ghana)
(Traditional Yoruba song, Nigeria) Composed by J.H. Kwabena Nketia
Arrangement by Baye Mahanta Diop & Arrangement by Baye Mahanta Diop
Dawn Padmore & Dawn Padmore
based on arrangement by Akin Euba Dawn Padmore: Vocals
Dawn Padmore: Vocals Baye Mahanta Diop: Acoustic Guitar
Baye Mahanta Diop: Acoustic Guitar
From Sandukwom, a collection of songs composed by Joseph Hanson
r Mta & Mo l jiyn yo belong to the repertoire of Yoruba traditional music.
Kwabena Nketia. The collection refers to a song (Edwom) combined with
Although collected from the Egba area of Yoruba country, they are probably
or accompanied by a harmonic instrument. Born in 1921, J. H. Kwabena
known in other Yoruba communities. In the traditional context, these songs
Nketia is a Ghanaian composer and ethnomusicologist, he is considered
would normally be accompanied by Yoruba instruments (including talking
drums). Some of the songs are clearly identified with special social context. one of Africas premier musicologist and a living legend.
Translations: Treachery of the Badan people brought war to them.
I will flaunt my friends like an Ondere bird.
1. DEh Blah Ny Wisseh
Oh Blacksmith Wisseh, the deil is finishing your children Oh. 3. Mo l jiyn yo
Ever since Wisseh went to blacksmith(went to work) I can eat pounded yams (I am ready)
The devil is finishing your children. I can eat pounded yam, like a person from the country
I can eat yam dumpling like the Sango* worshipers
This song teaches husbands who do not give their families the proper I can hold two babies on my back like an older relative.
protection by being constantly away from home. This child is yours, this child is for everyone

In this folktale, Wisseh is used as an example. He was guilty of going Taiwo** is yours, he is for everyone
to work and not returning home on time to be with his family. To Kehinde*** is yours, he is for everyone
teach him a lesson, the jeni (devil) goes to his house and eats all of his *Sango is the god of lightening
children, except for the prettiest daughter who is hidden in the attic **Taiwo is the name usually given to the first twin to be born
by the mother. The wife informs her husband by sending a message ***Kehinde is the name usually given to the second twin to be born.
through a melody written in parallel thirds. Wisseh hears the song,
runs home to find the devil sitting there, with his belly full. Wisseh Translations of Ore Meta & Mo le jiyan yo by Akin Euba
splits the stomach of the devil, all the children are found alive, and
the story ends happily. Translation and story background by the 4. Onipa Beye Bio
University of Liberia Chorus Archives. Man does all he can (when he is alive)
Owura, he did all he could, he did all he could.
Special thanks to William Ponder Man does all he can.

2. r Mta Owura had beauty, Owura had wealth

Three friends, three friends. One says sleep on his mat, one says sleep Owura had strength, Owura had wisdom
on his floor; one says sleep on his chest. Now, where is Owura? We are looking for him.
Where is he? He has gone to the other side.
I quickly went to the one who said sleep on my chest.
Man does all he can.
I have been to the River Ogun, I have been to the lagoon,
I have consulted the water spirits; Translation by J. H. Kwabena Nketia
Small palm trees contribute to plan; work contributes to a
mans death.
All songs are traditional and are arranged by Series, where she performed a program of West Kofo the Wonderman, talking drum master;
Baye Mahanta Diop & Dawn Padmore, African songs in collaboration with a line-up Malian master kora player Yacouba Sissoko;
except where noted. of internationally renowned musicians. The Baye Mahanta Diop, lead guitarist of Cheikh Los
Recorded and mixed at Soundwork performance was a top weekend pick in the Le Ndiguel Band; scholars and composers, Akin
Recording Studio, Astoria, NY New York Times Arts section, and received a Euba, Kwabena Nketia, Haleem El-Dabh, Bongani
Sound Engineer: Kamilo Kratc positive review from the popular opera blog, Voce
Ndodan-Breen, Fred O, and Chandler Carter.
Photography of Dawn Padmore by di Meche, which referred to her as one who sings
Competitions won include the Austrian American
Pascal Sacleux with a generosity of spirit and lovely tone.
Ms. Padmores Toronto debut recital was reviewed Society Competition (DE), the Metropolitan Opera
Photography of Baye Mahanta Diop provided
by Baye Mahanta Diop by the Toronto Star as a series of musical Guild Competition Midwest District Winner, and
confections smartly wrapped in a silky soprano. the Delaware Symphony Concerto Competition.
As a featured soloist in the world premiere of
Special thanks to: Akin Eubas opera, Orunmilas Voices, with the Baye Mahanta Diop, guitarist, composer,
Ira Siff, Mamadou Yade, William Ponder, Jefferson Performing Arts Society Orchestra, arranger and recorded artist, who is known for
Julia Clarke, and Tanu Henry. Ms. Padmores performance was considered a his agility and ability to create nuanced sounds
highlight of the evening(New Orleans Times- inspired by the traditional music of his home
ABOUT Picayune). Ms. Padmore was invited to sing at the country, Senegal.
Dawn & Baye inauguration of the Republic of Liberias President,
In the summer of 2016, Dawn Padmore & Baye Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the first female African
Born and raised in Fatick, Senegal and a self-
Mahanta Diop collaborated on arrangements of president, and performed for Nobel Peace Prize
Laureate Bishop Desmond Tutu in Minneapolis taught musician, at the age of 12, Diop began
longtime West African songs of her repertoire,
as part of the annual National Youth Leadership learning to play the guitar by building his own
creating a new tradi-moderne sound, that
Councils conference. an oil can and string. After a year, his uncle
capture the sounds of West Africa.
bought him an acoustic guitar, and he took to the
Dawn Padmore, Liberian-born soprano, a She has performed internationally in Africa, instrument, later adding electric guitar. He honed
versatile classical artist, is known for presenting Europe, the Caribbean and North America. his skills by playing with bands in hotels.
diverse repertoire to listeners internationally. Festivals include the Festival of Sacred and
Referred to as a resonating soprano by Bernard Profane Music in Martinique and the annual Considered one of the best young guitarists on
Holland, music critic of The New York Times, Ms. New Music Indaba Festival in Grahamstown, the scene by The Guardian UK, Baye has served
Padmore has performed in acclaimed venues South Africa. Ms. Padmore has also performed
as lead guitarist for internationally renowned
such as Carnegie Hall; the Kennedy Center as a soloist with the Minnesota Orchestra, St.
artist Cheikh Los Band Ndiguel, and has shared
(Washington DC); and, the Miller Theater (New Paul Civic Orchestra (MN) and the Delaware
Symphony. She was a young studio artist with the the stage with several stellar performing artists
York City), renowned for its presentation of music
by contemporary composers. Des Moines Metro Opera Company. such as Papa Wemba, Manu Dibango, Abdou
Diop, and a host of top Cape Verdian musicians.
She was most recently featured as part of the Ms. Padmore has collaborated with a range of He has toured with Cheikh Lo, in North America,
acclaimed New York City Salon/Sanctuary notable musicians and composers including Europe, Asia, and the United States of America.

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