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Is this in your writing? How to fix it!

that Take it out of the sentence and rewrite

the sentence entirely.

Change the word to who/whom

Qualifying words such as: really, Eliminate the word from the sentence
pretty, definitely, quite, slightly, very, and choose a better word.
super, actually, sort of, exactly, mostly,
completely, totally, kind of, absolutely,
particularly, somewhat, nearly,
extremely, personally, just, a lot, so,
Unnecessary personalization such Eliminate the word from the sentence.
as: I think, in my opinion, to be honest,
in my mind, I felt like, I can understand,
I remember, I believe, to me, for me, I
know, I remember, I find, etc.
Extra words Cut out at least 10 word or phrases that
do not any value to your writing.
Pronoun antecedent agreement Make sure the tense is either singular or
having singular and plural in the same plural
Boring words such as: nice, fine, okay, Eliminate the word from the sentence.
bad, etc.
Him/ Her and I such as: Her and I She/He and I. For example: She and I
went to went to the party. Her went to went to the party. She went to the
the party. party.
Comma splice: two independent 1. Add a linking word ( FANBOYS)
clauses joined together with a comma. 2. Semicolon
3. Make it into two sentences
Compliment vs Complement Make sure you are using the right word
based on context.
Compliment: Saying something that is
nice or something that is free

Complement: Things that go together

Compound possessives- such as: My If it is separate ownership: Jacks and
brother and Is house is on Mulberry. My Michaels cars are in the parking lot.
brothers and house is on Mulberry.
If it is the same owner: Jack and
Michaels car is in the parking lot.
Oxford comma Add a common before the and when
listing three or more things
Commas with quotes I like your towel, she said
She told me, I like your towel, before
she handed it to me.
Introductory clause comma After swimming in the pool, Sarah and
Luke went to the ice cream shop
Commas with appositive phrases The part within the commas tell more
about the subject

Erin, my roommate, has a dog.

Literally v. Figuratively Literally- in a literal manner that you
going to do something
Figuratively- metaphorically
Clichs and Overused phrases such These are too vague, eliminate them
as: from your writing!
Plenty of fish of fish in the sea, in the
same boat, a loose cannon, in todays