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STUDENTS NAME: Camilo Sabogal




The propose of this experiment is to show how osmosis function in different

environments, the first environment (water) is with a specific amount of salt and a carrot
inside, we make that to see how osmosis work, and if in 48 hours the solute would be
hypotonic or would be hypertonic depending the variables and also to know if the carrot
absorb the salt or if the carrot release his minerals, the other environment is only water but
with same amount of water and also with a carrot, and also we record the information about
the carrot and the solute.


-We want to see how osmosis work, and how a carrot changed according to osmosis, if it is
placed in hypotonic and hypertonic solutions.

Investigative question:

According to osmosis, what will happen to a carrot if it is in an environment with salt?


The hypothesis is that as soon as the carrot is placed in water with salt, the solute will be
hypertonic because it will have more salt outside the carrot, and after 2 days, the carrot
would have more salt than water because osmosis would happen and the solute will be


a.) Variables:
Constant: time and amount of water.

Dependant: sizes of the carrot

Independent: Fungus, environments temperature,

b.) Procedures:
1. Fill 2 cups with the same amount of h2o (200 milliliters of water in each cup)
2. Add salt to one cup (15gm)
3. Label cup: salt, fresh water
4. Cut the carrot in half
5. Measurement
6. String around the carrot 2 cm from the cut part of the carrot
7. Placed in each cup

c.) Materials

- 2 Cups
- 1 Carrot
- 15g of salt
- 400 ml of water
- 1 string
- 1 metric


amount of
type of water weight of carrot circumference water

B: 40.3gm A: B: 10.8 cm A: B: 200 ml A:

salt water 43.3 gm 11 cm 158 ml

B:85.7 gm A: 0 B: 12.3 cm A: B: 200 ml A:

fresh water gm 0gm 200 ml





salt water
40 freash water



Before After





salt water
6 freash water

Before After


The hypothesis predicted was partially true because the carrot that was inside the
cup with salt first was hypotonic solution, and 2 days after the solution was
hypertonic because the carrot absorb the salt so it was more salt inside than outside,
but the part that predicted bad was about the other carrot, the other carrot absorb as
soon as placed so it absorbed without control, so the 2 day the carrot dont resist
some mucho quantity of water inside so finally it explode.

The result answer the investigative question because show how does osmosis work
and the example of the carrot in fresh water, it makes osmosis but osmosis never
stop so all cell expand until it explode, and also answer the investigative question
because also show how osmosis work in a different environment and the example is
the carrot placed in water with salt because the salt balanced what does the carrot
absorbed, so doesnt let water absorbed without control.

The amount of water change in salt water because it absorbed normally in a

balanced way so the amount of water decrease, but the amount of fresh water stays
the same like the first time because absorbed allot of water but finally explode so
the water fill again the cup, the texture of the carrot was very soft and the sizes
increase in a balanced way.

Many things could affect the results like the time the carrots were inside the cups,
also a thing that affect was that it was with fungus so that living thing could
absorbed water, increase the weight and the circumference, and it dont follow all of
the steps of take it out 2 days after it placed, but the methodology was followed


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