Incorporated in October 1997, the Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (LA WRA) is a tax-exempt non-profit organization consisting of professional and volunteer Wildlife Rehabilitators as well as veterinarians, students. and other citizens with a concern for the welfare of wildlife in louisiana. As a network of Professional Wildlife Rehabilitators. LAWRA is dedicated to the welfare of wild animals and those who care for them. LAWRA fulfills this purpose by: • Providing a referral network and promoting the exchange of information and knowledge. • Serving as a voice for louisiana wildlife rehabilitators in interactions within the wildlife rehabilitation community and with government agencies, facilitating communication between parties. • Promoting and enhancing professionalism of louisiana's Wildlife Rehabilitators. • Educating the general public about louisiana's wildlife and encoumging their respect and appreciation of louisiana's wildlife, and also encouraging their assistance in the preservation of Louisiana wildlife in the face of urban development and the loss of natural habitat. Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association 16925 George O'Neal Rd. Baton Rouge, LA 70817 hltp :/lwww.lawraonline.eom Non-Public Office Contact Number: 985-789-1061

To join, please fill out the following and mail with check to the P.O. Box above. Yearly Membership Categories:
Lifetime Membership . Active Member (Full Benefits) . Family Membership (2 Members-same Ilousehold) S500.00


Library Membership (2 Non-Voting Memberships) S 10.00 Student Member (18 years or older) S8.00 Donations arc accepted in any amount and greatly appreciated. Application
Please list your areas of interest, expertise

LAWRA Membership


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(If Applicable) Rehabilitation Permil Number



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Reha6JlifutIoii Group Affilialion
-How Did ~u Find


E.rnail Address:

Oul.About CAwiiA.?
you feel LAWRA needs 10 work on? Any needs thaI

Wood you like information 00 beCOming a permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator?


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Would yoo be able to help transport injured and orphaned wildlife to lSU and othe1' faCilities across lhe state? (more IntormalO'l will be pl'O\Iided if "yes" is checkecl)

Are their any specific projects


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