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William Murphy

Catalin Macarie
Essentials of Business II
24 February 2016

Part 1- Top Ten Things I learned

1) Listen; I have always maintained that communication solves all problems, this is

magnified when working in a learning community of over twenty teammates, each

with various experiences, ideas, and goals. Listening and communication is of the

utmost importance.

2) Confidence; I have aways been a confident person who is not afraid to share ideas or

challenge others ideas if I believe it will be beneficial to all. Not all teammates share

this attribute, but I think the more confidence they have, the more people are willing

to share. And an abundance of ideas and thoughts can only benefit a team project.

3) Push boundaries; Society advances only when willing participants innovate and

create, which is what this course promotes.

4) Prioritize; this class, and anyones first collegiate semester forces them to prioritize

what is important to them, what really matters and what one wants out of their

experience here at UC.

5) Balance; Another macroscopic idea, one must balance school, family, friends, work,

on their own, as a responsible adult. This situation forces you to sink or swim, and is

very helpful.
6) Associating yourself with the right people; If one finds themselves in the right

company, they can maximize success. I have found that to be true over this semester,

by associating myself with the best people, I was able to help myself tremendously.

7) Embrace the process; Through project strategy I reemphasized my belief that one

cannot execute without perfecting the process. It is in fact, the process, that leads to


8) Execution; This is a value I held dearly prior to this class, but Essentials of Business

elevated it in project strategy. As important as process is, it must end in execution and

success to truly come full circle.

9) Urgency; Having a sense of urgency, but not panicking was vital to success in this

course. Making sure one recognizes the importance of getting things done while still

maintaining composure was key.

10) Find a niche; One thing I found to be relevant over and over again, was emphasis on

having pride in Lindner and being a business student at UC. At such a large

university, it is important to feel empowered by your college, and this class helped

with that.

Part 2- Working with a learning community

I have found that over the last semester, working with a learning community was

an incredibly positive experience. Although sometimes things got disorganized, it was all

a very learning opportunity. Going forward into the future and into business, working
with large groups of people will become commonplace. But I believe that project strategy

was the first time many students took on a project of that magnitude with that many

teammates. Doing so required patience, commitment, and trust. That being said, I gained

incredible experiences by cooperating and by taking leading roles in the project, and took

more leadership positions in project innovation. Both working in and leading a team in

these projects have given me a lot to learn from, and I am excited to continue that process

going forward.

Part 3- Conclusion

The biggest takeaway from my first semester at UC was renewed success

academically. In high school, I found that my I slacked my first few years because I was

not use to having to put any effort into school to get an A. I found myself in a hole

because of this, and knew I had to fight to get out of it. Eventually I accomplished that

and found my place at UC, where through my first semester I was committed to my

academics and earned a 3.82 GPA, a mark that I was very proud of and hope to improve

upon in the coming semesters. Additionally, I surrounded myself with good people,

Greek life was a huge part of that, these people are not only great friends but men that

push me to be my best on a daily basis. Because of this, I have nothing but high regards

for those men and other people I met thus far at UC. Among my many experiences first

semester, I pinpoint those as the most vital and important for me and my success overall.