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The Queen of Autumn has need for a metal compound that is rumored to have

devastating effect on the Gentry. Unfortunately such metal has only been found in
meteorites and in abysmally small quantities. As such, she requires the group to find big
enough quantities of the metal for her to forge weapons to defend her motley. Find big
enough a cache of said metal and she might even enact a contract of bonification with
the other three Courts to repay the group.

Mundane search for the metal (using the internet, public libraries, even the Deep
Web) wields zero results, as the supernatural properties of the compound means that
mortals cannot detect it for what it truly is.

i) An extended Intelligence + Occult - 5 roll is necessary to retrieve

ii) Required number of successes is 50, each roll takes 4 hours, Alchemy
specialties apply;
iii) Using the Mekhet Archives wields a +2 bonus;
iv) Using Gabriels Library requires an exceptional success in order to earn 1
regular success;
v) Using Portos Athenaeum wields a +2 bonus;
vi) Acquiring access to Viennas Athenaeum wields a +5 bonus but requires the
expenditure of a Status: Mysterium point, which can be regained after a
month has been passed;
(1) The Athenaeum at Vienna is substantially better equipped providing a
bonus as described;
(2) Research time is halved while in the Athenaeum, and exceptional
successes halve the time even further;
(3) Getting permission to use the records, going to Vienna, researching and
returning adds 10 days to the time spent researching;
vii) Every 5 successes garner the following information [24 Successes]
(1) The metal has properties akin to Iron (check!)
(2) Heating the metal makes it lose properties (check!)
(3) It is not native to this planet having arrived only in meteorites (check!)
(4) It is theorized that there is a planet that has large quantities of this metal
(5) The planet is over 500 light-years away;
(a) 3 years, 4 months, 1 week, 2 days and 8 hours away, while travelling
at a speed of 150x the speed of light;
(b) Exactly 500 years travelling at the speed of light;
(c) The fastest space-faring vessel of Earth would take millennia to get
The group will have the option to acquire a ship for themselves or secure passage on a
Federation ship. The space port will have a choice of 10 ships:

- Two exploration vessels:

o Lakons Asp Explorer [Size 2; Speed 3; Weapons 2; Armor 2]
o Lakons Diamondback Explorer [Size 1; Speed 3; Weapons 3; Armor 1]
- Two freighters:
o Lakons Type-7 Transporter [Size 2; Speed1; Weapons 1; Armor 1]
o Lakons Keelback [Size 1; Speed 1; Weapons 2; Armor 1]
- One combat craft:
o Core Dynamics Vulture [Size 1; Speed 4; Weapons 3; Armor 2]
- Four multipurpose crafts:
o Falcon DeLacys Python [Size 2; Speed 3; Weapons 3; Armor 2]
o Zorgon Petersons Adder [Size 1; Speed 4; Weapons 2; Armor 1]
o Falcon DeLacys Anaconda [Size 3; Speed 1; Weapons 3; Armor 4]
o Falcon DeLacys Cobra MK IV [Size 1; Speed 2; Weapons 2; Armor 1]
- One passenger craft:
o Saud Krugers Beluga Liner [Size 4; Speed 1; Weapons 2; Armor 2]

Alternatively, they can embark on any one of these 5 ships, which are providing
transportation for passengers:

- USS Yorkshire (Transport Ship) [Size 4; Speed 2; Weapons 0; Armor 2]

- USS Intrepid (Science Vessel) [Size 4; Speed 5; Weapons 3; Armor 3]
- USS Odyssey (Exploration Vessel) [Size 5; Speed 4; Weapons 4; Armor 4]
- USS Equinox (Science Vessel) [Size 4; Speed 3; Weapons 2; Armor 2]
- USS Steamrunner (Heavy Frigate) [Size 5; Speed 3; Weapons 5; Armor 2]

Size 5 ]700m-350m[

Size 4 [350m-175m[

Size 3 [175m-100m[

Size 2 [100m-50m[

Size 1 [50m-25m[

Size 0 [25m-0m]

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