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Archimedes was born in Syracuse, Sicilia Island, Italia at

287 BC. He learnt all things about physic and mathematic in
Alexandria City, Egypt. At that time, King Hierron II led Syracuse.
Hierron II was Archimedes friend. The King was so distrustful
that his golden crown was made from silver mixture. He asked
Archimedes to find out. He thought seriously. When his head
started to be hot, he went down and immersed into a general
bathtub. He watched out and attended to the spilled water.
Suddenly he got the solution of his problem. Then he ran and
forgot to wear his cloth. He said to his wife Eureka! Eureka this
has meaning I have found. And he found Archimedes Theory.

Using his theory he could determine Is the kings crown was

made from pure gold or from mixture between gold and silver?
Then he realized if the gold mixes with silver (silver has density
less than the golds density), based on this theory the gold crown
will have bigger volume and moved out more water than the pure
one. So this case was ended and his crown was made from mixture
not from pure gold. Then he punished the person who as the maker.
The other things he was found: First, lever principle Second,
pulley system and in Mathematic field he found nearest value of
which was between 223/71 to 220/70.

Archimedes was the biggest old scientist, before Newton. He

was a specialist of Mathematic, Physic, Astronomy field, and he
was also an author. But in 212 BC he was killed when the Ancient
Rome destroyed Syracuse.

BY: Rahardian Gusta Patria 18/VIIIB