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The history of the Republic of the Philippines under Marcos administratin lasts for 21
years( 1965 to 1986) covering the presidency of our Late President Ferdinand E.
Marcos. During his time, he proclaimed Martial Law on September 21, 1972, in
which our country was placed under the control of Armed Forces of the Philippines
and the civil rights was suspended. Various reports stated that, through various
orders, such as imposing of curfews, human rights abuses on both men and women,
mass killings and political imprisonment etc., our country was put under the power
of one man, the late President FERDINAND E. MARCOS, the 10 th President of the
Republic of the Philippines. The late President done a lot of improvements for the
country. He made the economy grow. He also concentrated on infrastructure,
building schools, churches and other remarkable institutions. Many said that he
ruled Philippine government in his own rules. Only his words and orders
acknowledged by the Militars. Our countrymen by that time did not exercise their
freedom. They lived their lives like a prison. No freedom of speech, no freedom for
the the media just like today. The agony of his dictatorship was end up in the year
1981 when Martial Law lifted. Marcos administration continued for more several
years, until Peoples Power or Edsa Revolution with the help of other high profiled
officials in the military and in the government. That same day he exiled in Hawaii
until he died. From then on, President Corazon Aquino assumed the position as the
11th President of the Republic of the Philippines. During Aquinos administration,
they charged the Marcos for graft and corruptions. PCGG confiscated some of the so
called ill-gotten wealth of Marcoses. Many more President come and go, but still
Marcos regime still instilled to the heart and mind to some of our countrymen.

Until this date, Marcoses still paving their way in holding government positions.Only
lately, the decision of the court to buried the body of the late President Marcos
creates or triggered again the emotions of people who abuses during Martial Law.
Many comments, rallies here and there to questioned and hope that the court
decision ruled out. But as to my opinion and beliefs, why they should not move on.
Just forget the past and go on with our lives. Live happily without intervention of the
past. Our country cannot solve the problems in obtaining the solutions with another
problems. All of us enjoying now the work done by the past administration of the
dictatator. All that we had now is from his genius mind.