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Iloilo National High School

Special Science Class

La Paz, Iloilo City Module 4: Lesson 3 - TRANSCENDING

LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH 10 - World Literature

Day 1- Week 3
February 22, 2016

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students must have:
A. identified the characters in the film and distinguished their
How about the Junior and Senior Yes, Maam! We enjoyed and had fun.
relationships and;
promenade? How did it go? Did you
B. answered the Les Miserables quizzes on the websites given.
enjoy it?
II. Thats
Subject Matter
A. References:
Also last week, you watched the
movie Les Miserables we didnt finish it
because of time constraints
but I gave
you a copy of it. So did youmiserables/study
watch it all help/quiz
by yourself? Yes, maam. For me, I will give it ten
because the movie conveyed a very
B. Materials: Manila paper and worksheets
Very good! Do you like the
concise and good interpretation of the
III. In the scale of one to ten, how
Procedure situation of France in 1800s and the
would you rate it and why?
characters excellently portrayed their
roles. Students Activity
Teachers Activity
I believe, you had a better grasp
now than last meeting, so to assess your
(Student will come in the front to lead
understanding please
I have here stand up, let us
a character
the prayer.)
map of Les Miserables.
Good morning, Maam!
(Presentation Class!
the character chart
placed in the Manila paper.)
Please be seated, fix your chairs
and keep
Thisthe unnecessary
time, things
I will give you an on
your desk.
activity to assess your learning.
Everyone please get one fourth. In this
Last week was a productive
activity, you are going to answer the Yes, Maam!
week to all of you, since you had your
quizzes individually that can be found on
SSG election so did you vote wisely and
the link of the websites that I will give
you. You are allowed to go to Wi-Fi
hotspotsVerylike ingood,
the library,
thats ayou canpractice
good also
stay if you have
in choosing thearight
pocket Wi-Fi with a
servant you
to areas to in
ourschool thatsomeday.
country will let you
access the internet. Write only your
score in the paper and be back five
minutes before the class dismissal time.

Please pass your papers and

please dont forget to answer your
Prepared by:
Jolly Anne T. Dumael
West Visayas State University
Bachelor of Secondary Education
Major in English