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CLASS 4 Amanah

LEVEL Intermediate
NUMBER OF PUPILS 30/30 (11 boys and 29 girls)
DAY/DATE 31st March 2016/Thursday
TIME 11.15 12.15
THEME World of Knowledge
TOPIC Unit 6: Care for the Sea

FOCUS SKILL Speaking and Listening skills

CONTENT STANDARD 1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce wo
confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation
LEARNING STANDARD 1.1.3 Able to listen to and recite poems, tongue twister and sing songs, paying atte
pronunciation, rhythm and intonation
LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to;
a) Pronounce simple words through Lets Walk to the Beach song at least 4 o
correctly during class activity.
b) Create simple songs about Care for the Sea at least 5 out of 6 lines correc
work activity.
EDUCATIONAL Verbal intelligence and multiple intelligence

LANGUAGE CONTENT Environment, cleanliness, awareness

MORAL VALUES Take care of our environment

TEACHING AIDS Big pictures, rubbish clip-arts, cups, tags, A3 paper, lyrics, masks.

ASSESSMENT Pronounce words with correct intonation

Stage / Contents Teaching activities Learning activities Notes
Set Big pictures of clean 1. Teacher 1. Pupils E.E;
Induction and dirty beach; pastes observe the
( 5 mins) pictures pictures. Verbal
which show 2. Pupils intelligent
different describe the
environmen pictures. T.A;
t at the 3. Pupils share
beach. their feeling Big
2. Teacher about the pictures
asks pupils environmen
to describe t in the
about the pictures.
pictures. 4. Pupils listen
3. Teacher to teachers
asks about feedback.
Suggested questions; their feeling
when the
What can you see in look at the
the pictures? environmen
t in the
How do you feel when pictures.
you look at the 4. Teacher
pictures? gives
Pre- Clean-ups at beaches; 1. Teacher 1. Pupils E.E;
Listening shows the examine the
and rubbish clip- rubbish clip- Multiple
Speaking arts pasted arts. intelligen
( 10 on the 2. Pupils ce
mins) whiteboard. identify the
2. Teacher cups which T.A;
shows three resemble
cups which the recycle Big
resemble bin. pictures
the recycle 3. Pupils Rubbish
bin. discuss in clip-arts
3. Teacher group and Cups
asks pupils decide the Tags
to discuss correct
within their choice.
group and 4. Few pupils
decide come out,
which cups name the
shall the put rubbish and
the rubbish throw it on
clip-arts. the right
5. Pupils give
the values
of the
4. Teacher 6. Teacher
asks few gives
pupils in feedback.
each group
to come out,
choose the
rubbish clip-
arts, name
the rubbish
Suggested questions; and decide
which cups
In which hole of the they shall
recycle bin shall we throw the
throw drink cans/glass rubbish in.
& plastic bottles/ 5. Teacher
paper? asks pupils
about the
Do you know how to value of the
use recycle bin activity.
correctly now? 6. Teacher
While Sing a song; Walking 1. Teacher 1. Pupils ready E.E;
Listening to the beach change the for sing
and picture of along Multiple
Speaking the dirty session. intelligen
( 15 beach into 2. Half of the ce
mins) the clean pupils hold
beach. the masks T.A;
2. Teacher and act as
Lets take a walk to invites the sea Big
the beach! pupils to creatures. picture
sing along 3. Half of the Lyrics
Walking to the beach, session. pupils act Masks
Walking to the beach, 3. Teacher like they are
Were having fun, asks half of walking at
were having fun. the pupils to the beach.
hold masks 4. Pupils listen
One steps, two steps, of the to the
three steps forward! animal teachers
One steps, two steps, creatures demonstrati
three steps back! and act out. on
Stop! Look.
Were having fun. 4. Teacher 5. Pupils sing
asks half of along with
Suggested questions; other pupils the teacher
to act out and start to
Now since the beach like they are act up.
is clean now, shall we walking at 6. Pupils give
go and talk a walk? the beach. the values
5. Teacher for the
Do you have fun? guides the activity.
pupils on 7. Pupils listen
how to sing to teachers
the song. feedback.
6. Teacher
pupils to
start acting.
7. Teacher
asks pupils
to give
about the
8. Teacher
Post- Exercise; Create 1. Teacher 1. Pupils seat E.E;
Listening simple song about asks pupils at their own
and Care for the Sea to seat at place. Multiple
Speaking their place. 2. Pupils intelligen
( 20 Suggested questions; 2. Teacher receive A3 ce
mins) distributes paper and
Can you create one A3 paper create T.A;
simple song about for each simple song
Care for the Sea? group. about care A3 paper
3. Teacher
asks the for the
I want few groups to pupils to Sea.
present in front of the create 3. Few pupils
class. simple song present
about Care their work.
for the 4. Pupils listen
Sea. to teachers
4. Teacher feedback.
asks few
groups to
their work.
5. Teacher
Closure Moral values of the 1. Teacher 1. Pupils E.E;
( 5 mins) lesson; asks respond to
questions teacher Verbal
Suggested questions; related to questions. intelligen
the topic. 2. Pupils listen ce
What have you learn 2. Teacher to the moral
today? gives moral values.
values from
What are the moral the topic.
values of the lesson?