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How to become a Nudist...!!!

Nudists do not just take their clothes off.

A nudist is still a nudist even when clothed.
Nudity is not the one-and-only purpose of a nudist
but it is a way to live a healthier life.

We born naked, but we have to learn to become nudists. It is not hard... we just
have to forget all the lies society taught us.
1st lie: Our bodies, and especially our sexual organs, are indecent.
answer: No part of our body is indecent per se, though some people may use it
to do bad things.
2nd lie: Nudity leads to sexual activity.
answer: Sexy clothes are more stimulating than naked bodies. Sexuality is in
the mind not in the nakedness.
3rd lie: Naked is dirty and unhealthy.
answer: A clean body is hygienic as a clean cloth. Naked skin is healthy, ski
n under clothes is not.
Trying nudism at home:
If you are too shy and insecure to try nudism in a nudist beach or a nudist club
/resort, so you want to start it being alone, then your house is the best place.
1) Sleep nude. If you don't live alone, that's a good way to start. Many teen
s experienced nude sleeping in their early years, and many of them later became
2) After you had a shower do not dress up but keep being nude doing house wor
ks or relax as you do when clothed. 3) Try to undress in your house every tim
e it is warm enough. The more time you spend nude the more you get accustomed to
it, and the more you will enjoy it of course!
Troubles for beginners 1:
If you have never been nude before, except in the bath or shower, you won't feel
at ease all at once: your body and mind need a little time to rearrange feeling
s and thoughts. Take your time, it is not a competition: you may feel good after
few minutes or after few hours or maybe days. Here are some hints to help you.
1) Feeling the air around your private parts may lead to some sexual exciteme
nt. That is a normal thing at first. Don't pay attention to it and keep your min
d busy doing normal things like: study, watch tv, houseworks, reading and so on.
.. Soon your private parts will accustom to the new sensation and it will feel a
2) You always have sexy thoughts when you are naked. That means sex and nudit
y are deeply linked together in your mind. Now you have to educate yourself to c
hange things. Maybe you are afraid that once you'll be accustomed to nudity you
won't have sexual feelings again. That will not happen, nudists have an healthy
sexual life. You have to learn that there is a time and a place to be excited an
d a time and a place not to be: you cannot be excited all the time! A good thing
to do would be contact some nudists and chat with them about it.
3) When you are nude you always feel naked. In this case you may not have a g
ood feeling of your body, your image, your look. Nudism accept all kind of bodie
s because all naked bodies are beautiful. You should stop thinking so much about
your body and simply enjoy life and have a good time. You are what you are: tha
t is fine with nudists!
Trying nudism on a free nudist beach:
If you are not too afraid to be nude in front of others, then a free nudist beac
h is a good place to go. But you have to be careful, in fact free beaches are op
en to everyone, nudist and non nudists, so you may find people that have nothing
to do with nudism. That does not mean you don't have to go, but you have to loo
k around a while before choosing a place to sit on your towel. Do not seat far f
rom other nudists neither too close to them. Anyway if you are a first timer it
is better to sit near nudists than far from anyone.
1) Sit on your towel and remove your clothes (or your swimsuit). The first ti
me it is better if you lay on your stomach, keep a good book from your rucksack
and read it. That is because you may start thinking: "My God, I am naked! My God
, I am naked! I am doing it! I am naked!" and get nervous. A good book will keep
your mind busy and will give time to your body to get accustomed to nudity.
2) When you feel more at ease you may lay on your back and keep reading the b
ook. Now and then you may take a look at the nudists around you: see how they ac
t naturally, quietly, how they are relaxed.
3) After some time you may get up just few seconds maybe to remove sand from
your towel, then sit down again and relax, enjoy your stay.
4) Maybe you would like to have a short walk to wet your feet in the sea. Do
it, then come back soon to your towel.
5) When you will start to forget that you are nude you will be on the good wa
y to become a nudist!
Troubles for beginners 2:
Here are some troubles you may encounter the first time you go to a nudist beach
1) Feeling for the first time the sun and the breeze on your private parts ma
y be sexually exciting. That is normal, don't worry about it: soon your body wil
l accustom to the nakedness. Read a book to distract your mind: the less you thi
nk about it the sooner your excitement will end.
2) People are looking at you. That happens everywhere! Being nude between nud
e people is not different than being clothed between clothed people. Behave in a
good way and you will have no problem.
3) A nudist want to make friend with you, you don't know where to look while
chatting. As a first timer private parts of other nudists may catch your eyes: s
omething that have always been hidden is there and you can look at it. Remember:
look is ok, stare is not. Also remember: when you chat with clothed people your
eyes move and turn on everything is in front of you, but you are accustomed to
it, so you don't pay attention to it. The first time you chat with a nudist inst
ead you feel conscious of where you eyes are glancing. Relax and try to look lik
e if you were talking with a clothed one.
That is all by now! I am sure there are many other things you would like to know
. I will write new pages as soon as I can.