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Washing a cat
2. Sitting on hot vinyl carseats
3. Tarring roof
4. Chopping wood
5. Poisoning ant hill
6. Cut weeds with poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac
7. Use a blowtorch to remove paint on a wall
8. Clean out a bees nest
9. Cook bacon in a frying pan
10. Make a snowman brrrr!
11. Make a trip to the DMV
12. Go to the police station to pay off your indecent exposure fine
13. Fry chicken (or anything else)!
14. Welding
15. Strip Poker
16. Sand Blasting
17. Riding a bike with the seat taken off
18. Operate a jackhammer
19. bullfighting
20. sliding into home plate
21. playing center on a football team
22. running the high hurdles
23. Bee-keeping in the nude is a definite no-no
24. playing with sharp knives
25. weed whacking, or tending a rose garden
26. poison oak removal
27. saw 2x4s with Miter saw
28. cut stone with a stone saw
27. checking bee hives
28. free hiking in sub freezing temps
29. fry bacon and cook eggs