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The following was taken from a book called 'The Vampire Encyclopedia'.

Protection from Vampires

Common means of securing safety from vampiric attack.

Garlic: Most common protective herb, used on windows, doors, around neck, possib
ly under armpits; mixed with water it can be sprinkled or sprayed throughout an
Holly: Placed around house.
Fishnets: Placed on windows or doors or in graves to distract vampires who are o
bsessive about untangling objects.
Seeds: Seeds such as mustard or poppy are sprinkled on yards and walkways.
Grain: Oats, millets, and other grains are sprinkled on yards and walkways.
Holy water: Vials can be thrown at vampires, poured into graves or coffins, or s
prinkled on doors, windows, thresholds, and other areas.
Juniper: Logs kept in house for their antievil powers.
Bells: Constant ringing will drive away the undead.
Candles: An abundance of light deters vampires, especially if candles have been
Incense: Incense of the Latin rite preferred over the Eastern varieties, but bot
h are acceptable and offer powerful protection.
Tar: Crosses are painted with tar on doors and windows.
Knives: Stab the vampire in the heart; also useful against the mara.
Mirrors: Placed on doors because they really annoy vampires when they cannot see
their own reflection in them.
Stakes or pins: Used to impale or pierce, but care must be taken to avoid spurti
ng blood.
Magic or witchcraft: Potent protections, but can be performed only by the traine
Appeasement with blood: Rarely useful, but a method for stalling until help or t
he dawn arrives.
Crosses or crucifixes: The traditional method; the use of such sacramentals can
hold vampires at bay or can render a gravesite useless to them.
Icons: Particularly effective among Byzantine or Orthodox vampires.
Eating of blood bread: A method used in Poland.
Burial of wine: A method used in Transylvania, not known in many other regions.
Drinking blood brandy: A method used in Pomerania.
Consecrated host: This sacramental is hard to come by and should be handled with
care, lest sin of blasphemy cause user more problems than the visits of a vampi
Prayer: Always helpful.