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The Curse of the Werewolf

In most old legends the human became a shape shifter by either being born under
a curse or by being infected from the bite or scratch (like a virus) from anothe
r shape shifter (werewolf). There are also rituals that can be preformed at the
right times and under the right conditions that can allegedly turn the caster in
to a werewolf.
Cursed Werewolf
A cursed werewolf is an individual who have been cursed (usually a family curse)
or bitten by another werewolf. They are involuntary participants in the werewol
f curse. These unlucky souls are believed to have little or no control over thei
r shape shifting ability to transform from human-to-werewolf. Cursed werewolves
are subject to natural phases of the moon's lunar cycle. Once the subject has ch
anged into wolf form the subject's mind blacks out and they will not remember mu
ch, if anything, of the details of the night before. The instincts of the animal
take over and control the actions of the beast.
Magic Werewolf
A magic werewolf is an individual who has obtained the supernatural ability to s
hape shift by crafting magical method such as spells, chants, talismans, charms,
animal skins, etc. These werewolves have entered the changeling path of their o
wn free will. They have chosen to seek out techniques to become a werewolf and a
re willing to attempt the process. Magic werewolves are said to have more contro
l over their ability but are still captives to the natural animal instinct of th
e beast that they are becoming.
Spiritual Werewolf
Spiritual werewolves do not have to change into a werewolf. Spiritual werewolves
acquire the aspects of the animal into their personality. They become the anima
l in spirit. This is often the result of shaman rituals intended to invoke a spi
rit wolf. This change may also take effect because of a dream, prophetic vision
or dream quest. Like magic werewolves the process can also be aided by the use o
f magic spells, incantations, charms, etc.
Ways to Become a Werewolf
Note: These methods are listed as support for the myths and legends of werewolve
s. Many of these methods do not work, but are listed them anyway because they ar
e part of werewolf history.
1. The number one way to become a werewolf is to be bitten or scratched by anoth
er werewolf thereby becoming infected with the werewolf curse. Of course, good l
uck finding a werewolf that is only willing to only slightly injure you instead
of tearing your into a million pieces.
2. Born into a family that has the werewolf curse upon them. Many of these hered
itary curses are alleged to go back thousands of years and usually stem from som
ething horrible that occurred in the family bloodline causing that family to be
cursed. A powerful sorcerer could have applied the curse to the family or a God
or demon could have applied the curse. The only way known to remove this curse i
s to end the family line.
3. Use black magic or enter into a pact with the devil. Throughout the medieval
ages it was believed that werewolves were people who used black magic or make a
blood pact with Satan. It was believed that witches could transform themselves i
nto animals in order to kill their enemies and drink their blood.
4. Infections. The reasoning behind the transmission of the werewolf curse is th
at there is "something" in the bodily fluids (blood, sweat, saliva) of a werewol
f that can be passed on to another carrier just like a disease or virus. A perso
n can knowing or unknowingly become infected by doing any of the following: Eati
ng the brain or flesh of a werewolf - eating the brain of a wolf - drinking wate
r from the paw print of a savage wolf - drinking from a cursed stream - drinking
from a stream where three or more wolves have drunk from recently - eating huma
n flesh - having sex or sexual contact with a werewolf.
5. Use a magic belt. There is a Polish legend that says a witch can transform a
bride and groom into wolves by laying a girdle of human skin across the threshol
d at their wedding feast. Then later, the couple would receive dresses of fur an
d would regain their human shape at will. Magical belts are not uncommon in were
wolf legend. Many types of belts (werewolf skin, wolf skin, human skin, human sk
in of a hanged man) worn by witches and sorcerers were said to be the real power
behind the werewolf transformation. When the person put on the belt they would
transform into the werewolf and when they were ready to become human again they
would release the belt. Destroying the belt, cutting it off or removing it from
the werewolf would result in the werewolf immediately turning back into their na
ked human form. The belts were often crafted with magic symbols engraved into th
e leather and sometimes adorned with human tongues.
6. Incantations and magic ointments. There are so many werewolf incantations tha
t it is almost pointless to start listed them. The incantations are poem soundin
g chants that can be send at different times of the year, often in conjunction w
ith special zodiac events or full moons. Along with the chants ointments, magic
salves, charms and other enchantments can be used to invoke the wolf spirits or
the moon-goddess. The magic salve that was used in these rituals often turned ou
t to contain hallucinogenic plants that would be absorbed into the bloodstream c
ausing effects similar to the drug LSD. The recipes often included ingredients s
uch as fat from children, hemlock, aconite, leaves, cowbane, deadly nightshade,
and bat's blood.
7. Invoking the animal spirit. It was very common in both Norse and Native Ameri
can legends for men to invoke the spirit of the animal. It was believed in Nativ
e American cultures that individuals were called by the wolf spirit to become a
werewolf. The person would have a dream about running with wolves or have a visi
on quest of a spirit wolf. There were rituals that would be taught by the spirit
animal that would allow the person to invoke the animal spirit and transform in
to that particular animal. American Indian shaman (skinwalkers) also had the abi
lity to drape an animal skin overtop of their bodies and take on the powers of t
hat animal. The Native Americans considered werewolves to be spiritual creatures
. Each tribe had a unique set of beliefs. The Norse always had legends of warrio
rs called berserkers who were legendary for their savagery in battle. A berserke
r would wear bear or wolf skins and take on the behavior of that animal. A berse
rker was a feared warrior. Berserkers would fearlessly charge into battle withou
t regard for their own safety. They were burial fighters who seemed not to feel
pain. Many armies who faced berserkers and survived commented on how they seemed
to have supernatural strength and speed. A berserker would never surrender. The
y would fight ferociously until death.
8. Some old fashion bad luck and other werewolf legends. These methods can also
be done accidentally or intentionally to become a werewolf. Being born on the wi
nter solstice or Christmas Eve or Christmas Day - being born on a full moon Frid
ay - being conceived under a new moon - being the elder son of priest - being bo
rn on Friday the 13th - not going to confession for 10 years - wearing, smelling
or eating wolfbane - being murdered on a full moon - attaching Lycanthropous fl
owers to your shirt on a full moon - plucking and eating a Lycanthropous flower
on a full moon - and sleeping at night on Friday while the light of the full moo
n shines in your face.
Author/Source Unknown (Sorry, I can't remember where I got this.)