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The Chalice

A publication of First Christian Church of Edmond, OK

Vol. 2 No. 28 July 15, 2010

Do You Have the Time?

by Rev. Chris Shorow, Senior Minister

This Sunday the clock, the rush of day-to-day existence,
we will look time marked by the calendar. Kairos is time
at the story measured by insight and opportunity; time
about Jesus not measured by a stopwatch, but by the
visiting the value of the experience. With so many of
home of us measuring our time, and our worth, by
Mary and the clock, kairos time can be a breath of
Martha. We fresh air. When was the last time you took Join us for
all remember an afternoon off to refresh yourself? What
the way that Martha reacted to Mary’s about Sabbath? Burnout is a real danger in Summer Sunday
apparent lack of work ethic. She was chronos hours. Kairos opportunities can be
sitting around listening to Jesus when she an antidote for the burden of busyness. School for Adults
could be helping out in the kitchen. I can Martha was doing valuable work. Her Sunday mornings at 10 in the Chapel
understand her reaction. Don’t we all get work (chronos) was allowing others to This Sunday, July 18 Rev. Dr. Jerry
a little annoyed at those folks who refuse do their jobs as well. But Mary was also Black will present “The Story of a Re-
to help out? After witnessing all the work doing valuable work (kairos). She was luctant Servant” as we continue our
that goes on around this church, I know spending time with Jesus. Amidst the Summer Sunday School sessions.
that we have many willing Marthas here flutter of activity in our lives, we must spend This summer we are exploring
who can pull off amazing feats of work on valuable time with God, experiencing the story telling through the ages. We
a project. Thanks go out to all of those Kingdom in our midst. After all, Jesus tells are considering many stories from
folks. us repeatedly that “the kingdom is among scripture and how they affect our
So with all of the respect we have for you.” Perhaps that is why we are told to lives and our theology. Is God for all
the Marthas of the world, we are shocked come to the kingdom as a child. I think people or just those who are Christian
to hear Jesus say that Mary has chosen they have insight into that magical time of (or Jewish)? We have special guests
the better way. What about all of the kairos and the Kingdom. and storytellers, as well as some of
work that needs to be done, Jesus? Meanwhile, I’ll see you in the kitchen our own youth telling their story of
The Greeks had two words for time. with Martha, followed by a meaningful discovery. We will meet in the chapel
Chronos and kairos. Chronos (think conversation in the living room with Mary. from 10-11:00 every Sunday during the
chronologically) is the passage of time on

Now Hiring: Nursery Coordinator

10hrs/wk (Primarily Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.)
We value each child and offer a safe environment where they will experience acceptance and God’s love. Caring Nursery
workers help make this commitment a reality. The Nursery Coordinator, while primarily responsible for arranging Sunday
morning nursery care for children of infant and toddler ages, ultimately arranges care for children through age 10 during
any church functions. Application deadline: July 21, 2010 For more information visit
Children Parents
Teachers Sponsors
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Center to have some fun & learn about
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Prayers of the People Happy Birthday!
7/18 Randy Clough, Roger Cole,
Chuck Hague (Suzanne Allison’s brother), VA Hospital 7/19 Hayden Dilg, Courtney
Mathews, Miles Young
OTHERS IN NEED OF PRAYER Arleather Rice, Dean Shipley, Shirley Strasburg, Gary 7/20 Gary Engel, Grace Helms,
Cauthen, Les Lee, John & Lois Street (Madelynn Bartley’s parents), Eric Koegel, Mike Knox, Carly Myrick,
Haynes Phillips (Anna Lisa Stanley’s dad), Jeanne Larimore, Ed Brumback (Ron Beverly Terry
Brumback’s dad), Garry Sloan (former FCC minister of music), Bart & Jennifer 7/21 Becky Garrett, Becky Goza,
Rodr, Kathryn Stephens (Jeff Stephens’ sister), Lorelle Watts, Sharon Luton (Susan Gabriel Robertson
Black’s cousin), Dennis Ward (friend of John & Dot Hammond), Ed Berry, Taylor 7/22 Bennett Fuller, Greg Hunt,
Wheeler, Hank Thomas (Randy Thomas’ brother) Dan McNickle, Caroline
Medley, Mike Prince

Thank You! Our sincere thanks to Diane Davis and Flooring Con-
cepts for donating over half of the tile needed to re-tile

Dee Ann Anderson, Nina
Daylor, Norma Kirsch,
our main church kitchen. It really looks wonderful! We appreciate all the ways her Lauren VanOsdol
crew was accommodating to the needs of both the church and our Child Care Cen- 7/24 Janet Shepard, Katie Taylor
7/25 Emily Adams, Stewart
ter during the renovation process.
Beasley, Darcy Biby, Zachary
Thank you also to the Child Care Center staff for being flexible and great to work
Rodr, Dollie Smith,
with, all while being unable to work in the kitchen for four and one half days.
Elaine Warner
-Karla Mahan, Business Administrator, Jeff Williams, Property Manager,
Terry Kerr, Property Committee Moderator

At 6:00 AM on Sunday, July 18 33 high school

students and 8 sponsors will be
leaving to spend a week in Estes Park, Colorado
on our summer mission trip. It is not a “normal”
mission trip. The participants will not be build-
ing houses or helping the needy, rather they will
spend the week in prayer, study, worship and
hiking the beautiful Rocky Mountains. This year’s
mission trip is anything but “normal.” It is a spiri-
Pediatric First Aid/
tual mission where the participants will be focus- CPR Certification Class
ing on their relationship with God. Please pray
for these participants in the coming week as they Saturday, July 31 8am-2pm
spend the week Encountering God:
Cost: $40 per person
Addy Bowers, Ally Nash, Allyson Cain,
Alyssa Baker, Andrew Cummings, Aubrey For more information contact
Hammond, Beth Anne Kinnaird, Caitlin Aust, Child Care Center Director
Camille Caldwell, Dylan Cummings, Emily Adams, Haley Greenfield, Jake Theobald, Christina Wodarski
Jamie Jekel, Jared Allison, Jordan Thomas, Josh Biby, Katie Taylor, Kelsey Gable,
Kinsey Winters, Lucas Peterson,Lyndsay Parks, Mac Mecoy, Madi Snow, Mary Kate
or 341-2626
Heath, Mitch Holliman, Sarah McCall, Taylor Grant, Trevor Gibson, Tyler Gibson,
Will Shirley, Zach Hanson, David Penland, Greg Bunton, Kaci Taylor, Linda Wilmoth,
Mark Taylor, Rachel Parks, Ryan Bowers, Sarah Douthitt
An Update from the
Worship Finance Committee
Through the first half of the year, our General
at First Christian 8:15, Fund Revenues are 96.9% of Year To Date
9 & 11am Budget and our General Fund Expenses are 98.1% of Year To Date Budget.
2010 General Fund Revenues are slightly less than 2009 General Fund
July 18, 2010
Revenues, but 2010 General Fund Expenses are $46,853.14 greater than 2009
Message: Rev. Chris Shorow
General Fund Expenses, a 10% increase in Expenses. 2010 Building Fund Revenues are
Scripture: Luke 10:38-42
down 15% from 2009. The Year to Date (YTD) Revenue and Expenses are shown below.

July 25, 2010 General Fund Building Fund

Message: Rev. Chris Shorow YTD Actual YTD Actual
Scripture: Luke 11:1-13 Revenue $503,091.70 $123,497.78
Expenses $509,231.36 $136,375.68
Excess/(Shortfall) ($6,144.66) ($12,877.90)
Shelley Regan, Editor Please remember to note on your checks or envelopes to which church accounts you want your contribution credited.
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