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April 3, 2017

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

For seven long years, we have been suffering from the rising costs of
Empower Texans
To our dismay, the repeal and replace plan put forward by U.S. House
Speaker Paul Ryan did nothing to address the core regulatory
infrastructure of Obamacare, which means that American families would
still see health care costs continue to rise until at least 2026. This is

Grassroots conservatives worked tirelessly to give Republicans the House,

the Senate, and you, Sir, the Presidency. They did so based upon several
promises a major promise being the full repeal of Obamacare. AHCA
doesn't fulfill that promise.

In opposing the AHCA, the House Freedom Caucus was doing what their
supporters and constituents hired them at the ballot box to do to fully
repeal Obamacare, get the federal government out of our health care,
and put us on a path to a more affordable, free market-based, patient-
centered health care system.

With a bad take it or leave it bill on the table, the Freedom Caucus
rightly believed they had a responsibility to protect both the GOP and the
Trump Administration from the political fallout that would surely come in
2018 and 2020 when angry voters realized their healthcare costs did not
go down and health care access did not improve. The Freedom Caucus
had the promises they made back home and the long-term good of the
American people on their minds and in their hearts when they opposed
the AHCA.

This is what we sent those members of Congress to D.C. to do.

Mr. President, the Freedom Caucus is not the problem the D.C. Swamp
from whence this retain and reform bill came from is the problem.

You, the Freedom Caucus, and Senate conservatives are the most
dedicated to draining the DC Swamp. For this reason, we urge you to
work with, and ally with, the House Freedom Caucus, not actively attack
it, and undermine it. They and Senate conservatives are speaking for so
many of us who labor in the constitutional conservative trenches every
We, the House Freedom Caucus, and Senate conservatives, are your
greatest allies should you sincerely aim to end the decades of Big
Government cronyism in D.C.

Mr. President, Texas grassroots conservatives are praying for your

success as you work to rebuild our nation. Lets do it together.


JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America

Trayce Bradford, President, Texas Eagle Forum
Cathie Adams, Board Member, Eagle Forum, past President Texas Eagle
Dana Hodges, State Director, Concerned Women for America/Texas
Michael Quinn Sullivan President, Empower Texans
Jared Woodfill, President, Conservative Republicans of Texas
Tim Lambert, Founder & President, Texas Home School Coalition
Debbie Terry, Chairman, Texas Legislative Prayer Caucus & State GOP
Committeewoman, SD 12
Julie McCarty, President, NE Tarrant TEA Party
Suezette Griffin, President, Clear Lake TEA Party
Mary Huls, Past President & current Executive Committee member, Clear
Lake TEA Party
Dale Huls, Executive Committee Member, Clear Lake TEA Party
Ken Emanuelson, Founder, Grassroots Texans Network
Dr. Dwayne Collins, Chairman, Edom TEA Party; Trump National Delegate
Ray Myers, Chairman, Kaufman County TEA Party, Trump Strike Force
Toni Fabry, Chairman, Frisco TEA Party
Tom Fabry, Treasurer, Frisco TEA Party
Bill Hussey, Founder & Past President, Llano TEA Party
Stacy McMahan, Exec. Director/President, East Texans for Liberty
Matt Long, President, Fredericksburg TEA Party of Texas
Bill Bingham, Spokesman, Bryan/College Station Tea Party
Dean Wright, Director, New Revolution Now; Austin TEA Party
Robin Lennon, President, Kingwood TEA Party
Jim Lennon, Director, Kingwood TEA Party
Jackie King, Founder, Conservative Society of Navarro County
Pastor Jeff Harris, Chaplain, TEA Party Conservatives of Temple
Larry Young, Spokesman, Leon County TEA Party
Maggie Wright, Founding member, past President, Texas Patriots TEA
Pat Tibbs, President, Montgomery County TEA Party PAC
Larry Korkmas, President, TFIRE
Peter Batura, Vice-President, TFIRE
Sandra Kindt, President, Washington County Tea Party, GOP County Chair
Washington County
Teresa Beckmeyer, GOP County Chair, Mitchell County
Mike Openshaw, Co-founder, North Texas Tea Party
Allen Tharp, President, San Antonio Tea Party
Don Kirchoff, Chair, San Antonio TEA Party Federal Legislation Action
Tracy Vincent, GOP County Chair, Gregg County
Sue Evenwell, State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 1
Vicki Slaton, State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 2
Mark Ramsay, State GOP Executive Committeeman, SD 7
Karl Voigtsberger, State GOP Executive Committeeman, SD 8
Shelly Pritchard, State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 9
Jeremy Blosser, State GOP Executive Committeeman, SD 10
Tanya Robertson, State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 11
Virginian Prodan, ESQ., State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 16
Terri Dubose, State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 19
Scott Stratton, State GOP Executive Committeeman, SD 19 & Precinct
1110 Chair
Janie Melendez, State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 20
Naomi Narvaiz, State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 21
Denise DeLara, State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 22
Pastor Stephen Broden, State GOP Executive Committeeman, SD 23
Marian Phillips, State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 23
Jack P. Barcroft, State GOP Executive Committeeman, SD 24 & GOP
County Chair, Coryell County Edom TEA Party
Rhonda Lacy, State GOP Executive Committeewoman, SD 31
Marian Knowlton, GOP County Chair, Atascosa County & Secretary, Texas
Republican County Chairmens Association
Miranda Milsap, Election Judge, Precinct 5, Cass County
Don Laffere, GOP County Chair, Uvalde County
Monica McBride, GOP Chair, Brewster County; President, West of the
Pecos GOP Women
Jack Dubose, GOP County Chair, Real County
Tammy Blair, GOP County Chair, Cherokee County
Eileen Collins, GOP County Chair, Cass County
Lorie Medina, TXTeaPartyMOM, Frisco Grassroots Organizer
Judy J. Brady, Charter member, Central Texas TEA Party
Marcia Daughtrey, Vice Chairman, Smith County Republican Party
Sharon Guthrie, Secretary, Smith County GOP; GOP Chair, Prec. 71
Tomie Hodges, Black Conservatives Cass County Patriots
Mark Still, Rusk County Constitutional Conservatives
Rene Poe, Founding Member, Hood County TEA Party
Mike Olcott, Co-Founder, Parker County Conservatives
Mary Joe Cason, Organizer, Kaufmann County TEA Party
John Tweedell, Convention of States - Texas Coordinator
Pastor Greg Young, Host, Nationally Syndicated Radio, Chosen Generation
Dr. Laura Pressley, Laura Pressley, Founder Save Our Texas Vote Coalition
Russell Ramsland, Founder, Park Cites/Preston Hollow Leadership Forum
Liz Theiss, Founder, Stop the Magnet
Deborah Bailey, San Angelo TEA Party
Kelly Canon, Leader, SE Tarrant Tea Party
Evelyn Montalvo, Sugar Land Tea Party
Barry A. Schlech, Ph.D., A Founder/Past President, Texas Patriots Tea Party
George Rodriguez, El Conservador, Broadcast Activist
Craig Cosgray, A Founder, Highland Lakes TEA Party
George Pangborn, President, Highland Lakes Tea Party
Jan Shedd, Events Chairman/Webmaster, Kaufman County TEA Party
Suzanne Guggenheim, Tea Party Patriots State Coordinator South Texas
Dave Eagle, Vice President, Hood County Tea Party; Hood County GOP
Prec. 4 Chairman
Pamela Engstrom, Wylie Grassroots Conservatives Leader
Jeremiah Hunter, Chair, We the People Longview TEA Party
Elwood Smith, Chair, TEA Party Conservatives of Temple
Judy Kent, President, Republican Women of Northeast Texas
Keith W. Kelly, A Founder/Past President, Texas Patriots Tea Party;
President, We -the People of Texas - PAC
Dr. Ivette Lozano, President, Dallas County Republican Assembly
Nancy Dillard, President, Denton County Conservative Coalition
David Lambertsen, Project Fort Worth Tarrant, Texas