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Jamiean Camps

Do you like to run? Do you like to feel a rush of adrenaline? Fourteen year old
Jamiean Camps says, Running and Basketball are a part of me. Jamiean has been
running since he was four. He has been running for sport for only two years. His mother
was a long jumper and a hurtles. Jamiean has always liked to run, then about two years
ago his mother suggested track and cross country. Jamiean is from Des Moines, but calls
Iowa City his home town. At the age of 12 Jamiean moved to Iowa City. He has lived
there for about two and half years. He has always had restriction on running because of
his asthma. He pushes himself past his limit, and always tries to work harder than
everyone else. He is also an example student on and off the track field. In his free time
Jamiean likes to help others.He is a smart outgoing child, says his mother. Basketball
has been an aspect of his life. Jamiean has played basketball all his life. He has always
been tall for his age, he stands at 62 with 32 inch vertical. He is always asked, Do you
play basketball. Jamiean is annoyed with how often he is asked this question. The
doctors say Jamiean will be around 65-68, which is average NBA height. Jamieans
dream is to someday be the number one pick in an NBA draft. To reach that goal he just
has to be best he can. Jamiean just needs more confidence in himself, says his friends.
Jamiean strives for success and greatness. He wants to be the best, but to be the best he
needs to get to a good school. He has three schools in mind, Harvard, Michigan State, and
Kansas. No clue why he choose those schools, but they all have a decent basketball
program. Jamiean hasnt really committed to track or cross country, but was encouraged
to join track this year by his friends and family. Jamiean backup plan if sports dont work
out is becoming a Lawyer his reasoning for that is that he likes to argue and get his point
across. This career was suggest by his 4th grade teacher, because he liked to argue and
persuade with other classmates. Jamiean would like to reach these goals to become a
better person and to give back to the world as much as he can. He is planning on donating
most of the money he makes from basketball. Jamiean has always been a nice giving and
caring person, but he wants to do more for the world. Jamiean would also someday win a
Nobel Peace Prize for his life work. Jamiean hopes one day he will make the world a
better place each minute he does something for the community. He wishes to spread his
positivity throughout the world, starting with the United States and then hopefully the rest
of the world.Positivity keeps me going. No matter in what situation you just got too stay
positive, Jamiean says.

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