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Pagani Huayra
Technology with Style |
VOLUME 01 | ISSUE 01 | march 2013

Objects of desire

Sonys 84-
Inch 4K TV
Ultra-High resolutions
make it to your living room

Empulse R
Electric superbikes
become practical

Playstation 4
Sony reveals only the
controller. What gives?
Geek vs. Wild
With these tools at your disposal,
even nature is no match
Srivatsa Krishna
Are pen type inputs the future for tablet input? Heres a comparison
Robert Sovereign-Smith

Technology with style

W elcome to a brand new initiative from
all of us at Team Digit (or is it team
dgt?). Over the years, weve stuck to core
technology, because thats been the area of our
expertise. However, there is so much more to
the geek world than just technology. As true
geeks, were the first to admit that perhaps
90 per cent of everything we find cool in life
is technology-centric, but that doesnt mean
were like horses with blinders. Some of us like
fine wine, motorcycles, cars, and all sorts of

20|Geek vs. Wild

With these tools at your disposal,
things that any modern man (or woman) finds
exciting. The idea behind this lifestyle supple-
ment is to supplement these needs. Dgt is the
steroids you use when a workout isnt enough,
even nature is no match or perhaps the dessert you might still crave, no
matter how nourishing a meal Digits always
GREED | TBA been. We hope you enjoy this launch issue, and
10 | Things on the horizon look forward to your feedback to make sure we
A sneak-peek at the some of the more exciting To- improve it every month going forward.
Be-Announced gadgets that might just be making
their way into our lives over the coming months.

GREED | Examined
14 | The root of all evil
In this section we dissect anything fast, shiny,
powerful and geeky that catches our fancy.

March 2013
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18 | Movies, books and some culture with details

In this section, we put stuff through the grinder and 9.9 Mediaworx Pvt. Ltd.
closely examine what comes out; everything except Published by 9.9 Mediaworx
gadgets, because theres more to life than just that. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted in
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02 | Meet the Pagani Huayra Credits

The people behind this book
07 | Photo of the month
08 | The pen is mightier than the touch? Editorial
Executive Editor: Robert Sovereign-Smith
11 | Honda Urban SUV Concept Features Editor: Siddharth Parwatay
Manager, Test Centre: Jayesh Shinde
16 | Check out the IdeaPad Yoga Senior Reviewer: Nimish Sawant
Reviewer: Anirudh Regidi
22 | Return of the side-scrollers Intern: Siddhant Sharma
& MORE > Design
Sr. Creative Director: Jayan K Narayanan
Sr. Art Director: Anil VK
Asst. Art Directors: Atul Deshmukh & Anil T
Visualiser: Baiju NV
Cover Design by: Anil VK | Imaging by: Peterson PJ Designer: Peterson PJ

March 2013 | dgt 1


Your initiation into the world of dgt starts here.
Pagani Huayra:
On Paper
Named after the Aymaran God of
wind, the cars design is inspired
by the subtle grace of a gentle
Pagani Huayra:
A car this special requires an
engine that is as special. The AMG
tuned heart of this car is one of
Join us as we delve through a list of some of breeze rustling the leaves of a tree the most advanced in the world.
and the tremendous power of a The perfect blend of pure power
the hottest products that have been launched true hurricane. and on-demand performance.
this month.

Pagani Huayra When you buy this car what you get isnt just a vehicle. Its the product of
almost a decade of hard work and research. Each part has been machined
Launch to perfection and every superfluous ounce has been chopped from it with
of the clinical precision. This isnt just a car, this is a hand-crafted work of art, a
primal beast just waiting to unleash its raw power in an earth-shattering roar
Month and a gut-wrenching surge of acceleration.

Next gen shell

With a carbon-titanium
composite shell, the Pagani
Adjustable flaps
takes traditional manufacturing
Four independently
materials to the next level
adjustable flaps keep this
beast on the ground

Aluminium Rims
It takes five days of hard
labour to produce these
gorgeus, aluminium rims
Engine: AMG-M158 V12 twin-
turbo | Displacement: 5980
cc | Power: 730bhp | Torque:
1000Nm | Gearbox: Transverse,
sequential, seven-speed gearbox
| Dry Weight: 1350 Kg | Weight
Distribution: 44 (front):56 (rear)
Price: `6,99,92,000

2 dgt | March 2013

Launch pad DESIRE

Huawei Q10
Ascend Mate With the Q10, BlackBerry have done
the impossible. Theyve reinvented the
Featuring one of the largest screens on a wheel and come up with something
phone (at 6.1 inches) and a huge, 4050 mAh that might just be better.
battery, this phone isnt just large, its massive. Specifications
For such a seemingly unwieldy device, the OS: BB10 OS | Chipset: TI OMAP 4470
interface has been fine-tuned for the comfort | Display: 3.1-inch, 720x720 super
AMOLED | Camera: 8MP | RAM: 2GB |
of one-handed operation. Battery: 2100 mAh | Weight: 138g
Price: TBA
OS: Android 4.1 | Chipset: 1.5GHz quad -core
Hi-Silicon K3V2 + Intel XMM6260 | Display:
6.1-inch, 720p IPS | Camera: 8MP (rear); 1MP
(front) | RAM: 2GB | Battery: 4050mAh |
Weight: 198g | Thickness: 9.9mm
Price: `38,000

The Camera Suzuki

The phone features an
excellent 8MP camera
with 1080p recoridng
The Boulevard C90T B.O.S.S. addition
is Suzukis latest entrant to the cruiser
market. Specially designed for comfort
and long-range travel, the bike features
large, integrated saddle-bags.

Engine: 1462cc, 4-stroke, V-twin | Power:
77.8 hp | Torque: 96.6 lb-ft | Brakes: 330
mm front disc, 275 mm rear disc | Width: 39
inches | Fuel tank: 18 litres
Price: `7,54,110 (excluding taxes)

March 2013 | dgt 3

DESIRE Launch pad

Chromebook Pixel
Featuring a screen with a resolution that Display
At 239ppi, this gorgeous
is unmatched by any other device of display has the highest
its type, Google brings a class-leading pixel density on any
display and cutting-edge industrial laptop to date

design to the masses with this latest

Chromebook. With this device Google
has officially proclaimed that the
ChromeOS has come of age.

Screen: 12.85-inches,
2560x1700 | Brightness: 400nit
| Weight: 1.52 kg | Processor:
Intel Core i5 - 3427U | Graphics:
Intel HD4000 | Memory: 4GB
RAM | SSD: 32-64GB
Price: `70,000 (approx.)
Glass Touchpad
One of only a few device
on the market with a
galss touchpad, the Pixel
offers exceptional contro

Philips Fidelio
Exquisite sound in an exquisite package. The
Philips Fidelio range is just what your home
needs when all you want is a subtle, elegant,
but no nonsense sound system to go with your
iDevice. Crafted from wood and taking full
advantage of Philips SoundSphere technology
these are some truly sublime speakers.

Drivers: 20mm tweeter, 125mm sub-woofer
| Power: 2x50W | Dimensions: 265mm
(diameter)x410mm (height) | Weight: 12kg
| Accessories: Charging cradle, Remote
Control, 3.5mm stereo cable, Power Cord
Price: `37,000 (approx.)

4 dgt | March 2013

Launch pad DESIRE

Martian Victory
Not exactly a hands-free accessory for your
phone, the Martian Victory is a voice-enabled
Bluetooth device that can be paired with your
phone to give you on-the-fly notifications and
quick access to your calls and messages.
This watch is one for the purists, a classic
design with modern functionality, a traditional
clock face with a nice and clear OLED screen.
Available in a variety of shapes and sizes,
there is one for everyone.
Sony Bravia KD-
Specifications 84X9005
Screen: 0.7-inch monochrome, single-line
OLED | Strap: Leather | Control: Voice Sporting a humongous, 84 inch, 3D ready display that supports
commands, two physical buttons | Misc. a 4k resolution, this badass TV is just dying for a place in your
features: Leash mode, Siri activation (iOS living room.
only), remote shutter release, etc.
Price: `16,000 (approx.) Size: 84-inch | Screen resolution: 3840x2160 | Audio: 10-drivers,
50 Watts
Price: `1,346,625 (excluding taxes)

A tiny, but essential
OLED adorns the face
of the watch. Perfect for
SensoTouch 3D
those quick updates.

A shave from one of the most advanced

razors ever made is what your scraggy
cheek is dying for. The easy-grip
handle and GyroFlex head aim to put
this device head and shoulders above
the competition.
Price: `25,000 (approx.)

March 2013 | dgt 5


Meant for those who hold their cameras
Holga SLFT-IP4
Add a dash of fun to your iPhone 4
So you love your underwater or 4S with this rotary-dial shaped
and the addiction of photography in the adventure sports as much as your Holga 10-in-1 filter which has
highest possible regards... Sony NEX 6? Well, then Nauticam dual-image lens, macro lens, red/
has an aluminum housing with green soft filters, triple image lens
patented lens attachment and so on. All you have to do to
mechanism to allow you to access each of the 10 filters is to
shoot upto 100 metres below rotate the dial.
sea level. Time to spruce up that Price: `1,375
underwater photography album!
Price: `91,000

Nikon D7100
The latest entrant to Nikons DX-format range of DSLRs the D7100 is an
update to the D7000 and fits comfortably between the mid-range D5200
and the enthusiast D600. It features a brand new 24MP APS-C CMOS
sensor, a whopping 51-point AF with 15 cross-type AF points and a burst
rate of 7 frames per second!

Contextual navigation
The i-Button located
on the bottom left of Dual mode-dials
the rear side brings up The mode dial will take
contextual menus which you to the PSAM, Auto,
can be tweaked two User modes. Below
the mode dial, you have
another dial to set the
drive modes. A lock
prevents accidental

Sensor: 24 MP APS-C
CMOS | ISO: 100 - 6400
| AF Points: 51-point
AF with 15 cross-type
AF | Image Processor:
EXPEED 3 | Screen:
1228k dot | Max.
Video Resolution:
(60,50,25,24 fps)
Price: `92,000
(body only)
Sturdy body
Weather-resistant magnesium-
alloy and polycarbonate body
certify its build-quality chops

6 dgt | March 2013


Launch Specifications
Sensor: 12MP 2/3-inch
X-Trans CMOS II | Focal
Length (35mm equiv): 28-

Sony 70-400 mm
112mm | Aperture: f/2.0-11
(Wide), f/2.8-11 (telephoto) |
ISO: 100-12800
Price: `49,740

f/4-5.6 SSM G Fujifilm X20

A 5.7x telephoto lens for Sony Alpha series This drool-worthy, retro-designed, enthusiast level compact is
DSLTs, having 18 lens elements divided into just the camera that you need to fall in love with photography all
12 groups with a 9-blade circular aperture over again, and again!
housed in a lovely silver body. An ideal
companion on your wildlife safari trips!

Specifications Olympus XZ-10

Lens Type: Telephoto Zoom | Focal Length A gorgeous upgrade to the XZ-2 with a
(35mm equiv): 105 - 600mm| Aperture fast aperture of f/1.8-2.7 for the wide and
(wide): F/4-5.6 | Aperture (telephoto): f/22- telephoto ends. Shoots in RAW as well.
32 | Magnification: 0.27x| Weight: 1500 gram
Price: `1,09,130 Specifications
Sensor: 12MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS | Optical
Zoom: 5x | Aperture: f/1.8-2.7 | Screen:
3-inch 920k dot touchscreen
Price: `22,000


A site you should bookmark for
its wonderful compilation of
photography related articles, videos, references to
popular photography sites and much more.
Japan after the wave
Pine trees uprooted during the tsunami lay strewn over
the beach. Shot at Rikuzentakata in Japan, this photo won
( the 3rd prize in the World Press Photo Awards for General
ZmtM0c) News category.
This photography
channel on YouTube
does it all gear review, Daniel Berehulak
camera and lens shootouts, tips and tricks, film Daniel is an Australian photographer based
camera face-offs and more. But they do it in their in New Delhi working for the Getty Images
own goofy, fun and in completely eccentric ways News Service. He covers South Asia and has
with dollops of humour added in. A photography previously won World Press Photo awards in
channel like no other. 2008 and 2011.

March 2013 | dgt 7

Desire or silicon ones found on the general everyday
styluses). It works with a bunch of applications
like Goodnotes, Noteshelf, Notesplus Notebinder,

Writepad, PhatPad etc. I tried it with the first three
and found it to be outstanding. There is occasion-
ally some lag, but otherwise it works like a charm
and is unarguably the best pen solution in the
Srivatsa Krishna
Author is an IAS officer.
market for the iPad today. Cregle is also working
Views are personal. on an iPen 2, which will have pressure sensitivity
Twitter: @srivatsakrishna and work with iMacs too. This successor is due for
release by Fall 2013. All in all, it is perhaps iPads
best accessory in the market today for genuine and
detailed writing. Price: $89. (
The second device is the Targus iNotebook,
which is a leather case with an in-built sensor
and a regular full sized A5 paper notebook. This
exciting new device, gives iPad users the option to
write or draw on paper and transfer it to the tablet
wirelessly. The Bluetooth-enabled writing receiver

The pen is
that communicates with the included stylus/pen
to transfer the handwriting works fairly flaw-
lessly but does have occasional drops. Both are

mightier than
built with an internal rechargeable battery and
are charged with the included mini USB cable,
which is convenient. There is a free iNotebook app

the touch
downloadable from the Apple App store, which
puts all the pieces together and transfers it wire-
lessly to the iPad as you write. The quality of the
pen is a bit tacky and the nib kept falling off, but

rom the days of the Newton and Palm Pilot, overall works very well once you get the hang of
I have been an admirer (nay sucker?) for it. Targus iNotebook is a good device and the best
the written word, via the stylus, and this part of it is that it allows writing on regular, not
according to me is the single biggest handicap of any specialized, paper and the conversion is pretty
modern touch devices. To each his own and one accurate, though the product is a tad expensive.
mans meat is indeed anothers poison and there is $179 (
no gainsaying the fact that many from Gen X (or is For those particular about pressure sen-
it Gen Z now?) type as fast as one can write, if not sitivity the Bluetooth based Pogo Connect
faster with the same felicity. Thus when one comes is absolutely fabulous. It is not very precise
across devices that allows one to write and when Targus iNotebook like the iPen, but has an excellent brush like
iNotebook wirelessly transmits
the experience is as close to the real world of pen handwritten notes, drawings, and feel to it and the body is made of high quality
and paper, then it is cause to celebrate. The three sketches to your iPad aluminum, though the Bluetooth button is
devices that this column discusses today come placed where one can accidentally turn it on
closest in todays digital era to writing with pen and palm rejection is good, not extraordinary.
and paper and the experience is truly scintillating. It works brilliantly with Procreate, Artstudio
It gives hope for the pen to be truly mightier than and SketchbookPro. I did have some trouble
the touch, especially when in their second avatars with PDF Pen and Noteshelf, but that was soon
all of them, they improve on these products. corrected itself with a software upgrade. The
The biggest issue while writing on an iPad Pogo Connect has an excellent feel and a good
is the absence of genuine palm rejection (the drag against the screen and no proprietary
softwares ability to ignore the palm resting on the charger, all of which make it a compelling buy.
screen while writing) and a good fine tip which $79 (
can mimic everyday pen and paper writing. Kick- I am one of those who write a lot, with
starter funded Cregles iPen- the only stylus which regular pen and pencil on paper and am also a
comes with the i prefix- comes closest to the real tablet person. I use both iPad and Galaxy and
world writing experience and takes care of both find that the above three accessories are a fabu-
these issues remarkably. It consists of a sensor that lous for the serious writer or artist on a digital
cregles iPen
fits into the charging slot of the iPad (but not iPad Theres an iPen 2 on the way too. notebook. Their next iterations will truly prove
4) and a pen with a pointed tip (not the rubberised So keep your eyes peeled. that the pen is mightier than the touch!

8 dgt | March 2013

Must Watch Videos
Worlds best Parkour, freerunning
If you like to see people

jumping around, check out
these professional daredevils
perform acrobatic stunts in
public. Please dont try this at
home! Bored out of your wits? Cant think of any fun
thing to do? Worry not, well take that burden
off your shoulders in our Things To Do section
Real-life Portal turret and fulfill your appetite for satisfaction every
Valve, the creators of the
game Portal were gifted a month. Read on!
Motorized Portal 2 turret by
WETA workshop. See it being
unboxed and started up here:

Worlds largest panorama

Game of Thrones:
A picture of Londons skyline
just broke the record for being
the worlds largest panoramic

Wedding Cards
photo. The picture spans
320 billion pixels and is over
30,000 times the resolution of
a normal photo. See it being
captured here:
This is something straight out of a nerds bucketlist. Ever since
HBO released the Game of Thrones series in the summer of 2011,
it has successfully filled the vacuum left behind by Peter Jacksons
Must Play theatrical adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkiens fantasy epic, The Lord of
the Rings, sending deprived nerds all over the globe in fantasy-lit
Vector (Android and iOS) ecstasy. It has also propelled the series sexagenarian author,
This is an arcade-style, free G.R.R. Martin, into a household name in a neighbourhood full of
running game which has your nerds and wannabe nerds, one would imagine.
game character running, If one had to take their GoT obsession to the next level, the
vaulting, climbing while its
artist(s) of Nimbi Designs have something that fits their bill
being chased by his enemy the
Big Brother. perfectly. Check out the Targaryen design below there are more
than just one in the series. For what better way to announce a GOT-
themed wedding ceremony than sending GOT-inspired wedding
Tupsu (Android and iOS) cards? Apart from the fact that every marriage in mythical
Tupsu is a World of Goo-esque,
Westeros is aimed at strengthening political allegiances and
physics based, atmospheric
puzzler where you control a almost always end in disaster, not just divorce we sincerely hope
furry little blob monster with the real-life couples opting for this ultimate geek salute have a
sticky and stretchy eyes. Dont fairy-tale finish long into their matrimony.
stretch anything else, as it
wont hesitate to bite you!

Waking Mars (Android and iOS)

This is an innovative and
engaging adventure game
which focuses on re-
awekening life on Mars. It
adds the elements of survival
and exploration on the
sleeping planet as you may
sometimes get trapped in caves in the game
and will require to cultivate plants in order to
save yourself. This game is a must try as it is
very refreshing and different.

March 2013 | dgt 9


This section is essentially a sneak-peek
at the some of the more awesome and
exciting gadgets that might just be
making their way into our lives over the
coming months.

PlayStation 4
Sony just stopped short of unveiling their next-
gen console last month. But at least the new
controller was some consolation. Powered by
an x86 AMD processor and using 8GB if GDDR5
RAM and support for 4K resolution, this is one
beast of a machine.

No console? Heres the

controller instead
The new controller
features a touch-screen
and a share button
alongwith an LED.
The PlayStation Eye
controller is Sonys
answer to the kinect

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsungs SIII was a powerful phone. It almost single-handedly
changed Samsungs (and Apples) fortunes and propelled Samsung into
the big league. The Galaxy S4 is the successor to a titan and it needs to
live upto expectations. To that end, Samsung is rumoured to have included
a 1080p capable 5 inch screen, an 8-core Exynos SoC and at least 2GB of
RAM, not to mention the possibility of a 13MP camera and up to 64GB of
onbaord storage.

10 dgt | March 2013


Google X Phone
If there is one thing that Google has done well then it
has to be the fact that theyve made geeks cool. With
the Nexus series theyve managed to turn the geekiest
OS on the planet into the coolest OS on the planet. The
rumoured X phone, a possible successor to the current
Nexus 4 is expected to be the first phone made entirely
by Google (more likely the recently purchased Motorola
division). Speculation and specifications abound but the
only thing we know for sure is that its coming. Maybe
even this year. We cant wait to see what Google has in
store for us and we hope its as good as we hope it is.

Honda Urban SUV Concept

The immensely popular Honda CR-V might get a sibling in the form of the
Honda Urban SUV Concept, acknowledged by Honda as a new B-segment CUV
(Crossover Utility Vehicle). Designed as a small SUV its powered by Hondas
Earth Dream technology that reduces CO2 emissions, Honda will release a
model based on this concept design at the end of this year.

March 2013 | dgt 11


NVIDIA Project Shield

own Tegra 4 processor,
Project Shield promises
to bring console-level
iPhone 6
The iPhone has been the graphics to handheld
definitive smartphone since devices. Featuring a
the time it was launched but 5-inch 720p display with
times have changed now. mutli-touch, a 33 Wh
Rumours are floating around battery and a claimed 24
that a 5 inch iPhone 6 will be hours of video playback,
launched by year end, iteratively thinner and the Shield is also capable
lighter of course. of wirelessly streaming
4K video. To top it off,
Xi3 Piston any PC with at least an
Announced at CES 2013, NVIDIA GTX 650 can
this was thought to be stream directly to the
Valves fabled Steambox. device. Who wouldnt
Running on a quad-core want this device?
processor clocked at
3.2GHz and with 384
accompanying graphics cores, this is a very
powerful console in a tiny package. Lets
see where its future lies.

The worlds thinnest watch
is just 0.8mm thick and uses
an e-ink display mounted on

BMW i Pedelec bike

a stainless steel back-plate
to indicate the time. This
Kickstarter-backed project is
expected to ship in September this year. This snazzy little number is the latest bike that is set to
emerge from BMWs stable. Capable of assisting the rider at
speeds of up to 25 km/hr with a range of 40km, this bike is an
Google Glass understated piece of eco-friendly engineering. Were eagerly
Welcome to Google Glass. waiting for the day when we see bikes like this everywhere.
Googles latest attempt to
bring augmented reality to
the masses, but in a way so
seemless as to merge your
real and online lives into one,
seamless experience.

Razer Edge PRO

The only Windows 8 tablet
that a gamer will ever
want, the Razer Edge PRO
is powered by an Intel
Core i5-3317U CPU, 4GB
GT 640M LE. Not bad for a portable
device and with the attached controllers,
definitely among the more capable
gaming tablets.

12 dgt | March 2013


In this section we dissect anything fast,
shiny, powerful and geeky that catches The belly of the beast
A Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC), water
our fancy. cooled motor drives this nimble street
machine, producing peak power of 54 hp @
8,200 rpm.

Unlike traditional internal combustion engine
sportbikes, on one of these, youll have to crank

up your hearing aid to notice any sound while
standing still. While running though it may just
sound like a blender. Oh well, who cares, youll
have one hell of a conversation starter with you.

Empulse R Man and machine

In an industry first for electrics, the Empulse
R brings with it a conventional 6 speed
gearbox, bringing the rider closer to the
From the makers of the Ariel Atom machine. With a hefty $18,995 price tag
comes this electric wonder. Essentially but minimal running costs it might just be a
practical indulgence.
a battery powered gadget, this beast
can do 160 km/h. Whats more, it
finally makes electrics practical with a
driving range of over 195 km.

Tech DNA The battery Regenerative breaking

DDC or Dynamic Data The Brammo Power Under deceleration,
Collection records key BPM15/90 Lithium-Ion energy is returned to the
motorcycle parameters battery pod produces 10.2 battery system to both
at 1Hz (1 sample/second) kWh of environmentally extend driving range and
for analysis and service friendly power. It takes 8 provide familiar rider
support hours to charge feedback

14 dgt | March 2013


Taking toys to the next level
Unlike the earlier iterations in Mindstorm
series, the EV3 will run on a Linux-based
system that wont require you to hook it up
to a PC to program your creations. The set

allows you to build all kinds of interactive
robots from simple line followers to bi-peds
and even creepy crawlies that mimic reptiles
and insects. Price: $349.99.
The programmable brick
Boys will be boys and after the speed extravaganza, The heart and brain of the Mindstorms set,
we now move on to a more geekier pursuit. Legos new it has an ARM9 processor, 16MB of flash
memory and 64MB of RAM, and an SD
Mindstorms Robotics set is something to lust for. expansion slot. It can take inputs from four
sensor bricks.

Touch me plenty
What you see on the
shoulder here is one
of the many sensors
available for input. This
one is the touch sensor

Sensors ahoy!
Theres an app for that Apart from standard
The brick can now be infrared sensors, the
controlled via an Android EV3 supports ultrasonic,
and iOS app. Even 3D infrared, colour, and gyro
building instructions can sensors. All of these
be seen on a Tablet. can be used in countless
interesting ways.

Servo motors
Powerful motors can
help you build robots that
not just roll, but also grip
and lift objects

Grab stuff EV3RSTORM

Coupled with an This rolling biped design
infrared sensor you is supposed to be the
could program a robots centrepiece of the
arm to grab things predefined designs. It
autonomously has some sort of rotating
blade and can shoot balls

Strikes at incredible cobra-like speed with its
fearsome fangs.

One of the 5 pre-designed characters, this
six-legged creature with a lightning tail, turns
sharply and snaps with its crushing claws.

March 2013 | dgt 15


We take a look at some sexy products that
graced the Digit Test Labs this month

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Why Yoga?

It can handle various
The keypad
The IdeaPad Yoga 13s
The Yoga 13 has a rather enthralling design, mostly because of the dexterous positions that most keypads key size and
ultrabooks cannot even design is pretty much
design. It remains very thin as an ultrabook, and the ability to sustain
dream of. And yes, the the same as what we
various Yoga positions makes it useful in various usage scenarios otherwise display does not come see on the U-series
unimagined till now. Ever thought your ultrabook could sit with you on the off like on converibles ultrabooks
counter, displaying the recipe while you cook? Exactly
the point. Excellent battery life makes it even more of
a value for money proposition. The keyboard is quite
disappointing though, not in terms of the key response Specifications
and consistency, but for the dip when you type. All Processor: Intel Core i5-3317U| RAM: 4 GB| Display size:
things considered, the Yoga 13 is a slightly better deal 13.3-inch| Panel: IPS| Resolution: 1600x900| SSD: 128GB|
than the Dell XPS 12 convertible. OS: Windows 8 Single Language
For video review scan QR Code Price: `84,290

The Butterfly takes it all to the next step. Why you should consider

86 buying this phone is for the brilliant 1080p HD display, the excellent
build quality and the blazing fast performance. Equally, do consider
that the battery life will just about get you
100 through a day under medium usage load
conditions. We were surprised to find the
Butterflys camera was inferior to the very good
clicker on the One X+. But this phone will have
a flaunt value that surely no other Android
smartphone can currently boast of.
For video review scan the QR Code

HTC Sense UI The materials used Specifications
The HTC Sense version are extremely good SoC: Qualcomm
on the Butterfly has to feel and use, and Snapdragon S4| RAM:
been given a refresh, there seems to have 2 GB | Screen: 5-inch
with a newer bunch of been a certain amount S-LCD3| Resolution:
widgets and themes of thought spent on 1920x1080| Camera:
making it comfortable 8MP| OS: Android 4.1
to use Jelly Bean
Price: `45,990

16 dgt | March 2013


The build USB ports

The body is made The USB port on the
of magnesium alloy Latitude 10 allows
thereby adding a bit you to connect your
of sturdiness to the keyboard or mouse
tablet. The rear side has and use it as a regular
a lovely rubbery feel laptop/desktop. We
which helps to grip the connected a Bluetooth
Latitude well keyboard and mouse to

it and it worked fine

Powershot G15
The Canon PowerShot G15 the newest addition to the G
series of Canon, is an advanced point and shoot camera that
is just full of surprises. It improves on many things when
compared to the G12, at least on paper and we wonder if
that actually translates into any real world performance.
Despite a small sensor, it manages to squeeze out every bit 100
of performance from a tiny, non-BSI sensor. However, the
G15 is not a very pocketable camera and must be carried
around in a separate case or hung around the neck using the
supplied strap. For `34,995, the Sony
DSC-RX100 stands out as a serious

competitor, with slightly different
benefits. If youre a brand loyalist or
just prefer the sturdy ergonomics of
Canon, then the PowerShot G15 is the
camera for you.
For video review scan QR Code Latitude 10
Dell Latitude 10 makes perfect sense for business
users. But the tablet is also great for someone
Specifications who wants a device for media consumption as
Sensor: 12.1MP 1/1.7-inch CMOS | Focal Length: 28- well as to do work. We personally found this useful
140mm| Aperture Range: f/1.8-2.8 | Optical Zoom: 5x| only in the desktop mode as the modern UI and
ISO Range: 80-12800| Video Resolution: 1920x1080 |
the apps on Windows 8 are no match for the UI on
Price: `34,995
Apple and Android tablets. The USB port makes
things hassle-free. This is probably the only time
that we did not bother using the micro-USB port
on the tablet, as all copy-pasting work was done
directly via the USB port. It is a boon for those
who dread and downright hate the hurdles Apple
iTunes or for that matter
Windows Zune interface
makes you go through. With
the Latitude it is simple plug
and play. Nothing can get
any simpler.
For video review scan the

QR Code

100 Specifications
Display: 10.1-inch| Processor: Intel Atom Z2760| RAM:
2 GB DDR2| SSD: 64 GB| OS: Windows 8 Pro|
Price: `42,000

Redesigned top G15 optics

The entire top of the G15 has As far as the optics go, the
been reworked, replacing the G15 manages to make quite an
dual-stacked dials on the G12 impression with its 28-140mm
with a single mode dial. Canon f/1.8-2.8 lens, especially when
also added a horizontal dial compared to its predecessor the
to change aperture or shutter PowerShot G12, which had an
speed placed comfortably on aperture range of a disappointing
the back where the thumb can f/2.8-4.5 along the same focal
easily reach it lengths
March 2013 | dgt 17

In this section, we put stuff through the
grinder and closely examine what comes
out; everything except gadgets, because
theres more to life than just that.

Does the underwear still t long last, it looks like the Superman
go on the outside? franchise might just be getting a movie
Yes it does. But the movie
is about much more than
it deserves. The latest movie, Man of
just that. Steel has been handed over to Zak Snyder and
MOVIE Christopher Nolan who are almost guaranteed

Man of Steel
to bring incredible visuals and stunning set-
pieces to the fore, regardless of how good or bad
the story might end up.
Most American comics tend to add a more
Witness the rebirth of the Man of Steel human touch to any superhero, illustrating
this June. With awesome posters such as the upbringing, the trials and tribulations
this, hopefully, this movie will live up to faced by the hero during its childhood, etc.
The reaction of the world, the psychological
our expectations impact of being a superhero, all these facets are
closely examined and the evolution of the
hero analysed.
In this regard, Man of Steel doesnt seem to
be that different. Being a reboot of the franchise,
it looks like the upcoming movie will follow the
tale of Clark Kent all the way from his childhood
as a small-town farm boy to his transformation
into a superhero. The movie takes a look at the
trials that Clark had to face as a child, the sti-
fling nature of his existence on a planet that is,
to be frank, too small for a person who can span
the globe in a matter of minutes. The movie will
encompass Clarks journey from his childhood
days to his self-actualization as an all-powerful
superhero with the weight and responsibility of
the Earth on his shoulders.
Backstory aside, Superman will face off
against one of his greatest enemies, General Zod
(played by Michael Shannon). Zod is a Kryp-
tonian himself and wants to use the powers
granted to him by the yellow sun to take
over the Earth. Being a fellow Kryptonian as
powerful (if not more) as Superman and a gen-
eral to boot, this should be one of the greatest
challenges that Superman will face and we can
expect some truly awesome, superhuman fight
scenes from Zack Snyder.
Considering the reputation of the team, this
is one movie we are just dying to see.

18 dgt | March 2013

critique temptation


Game of Thrones BOOK

Game of Thrones Season 3 comes out this March.

Seven kingdoms, five kings, when will Westeros finally
So good they
find its true ruler?
cant ignore you
t long last, the third season of the critically acclaimed

Game of Thrones series has finally been announced. f you want to be the next Steve Jobs, dont follow
This season is set to follow the events set in the third your passion. As strange as that might sound,
and fourth books of the series (A song of ice and fire) and will thats exactly what Cal Newport tries to tell
continue the tale of the five kings and their epic struggle for the you in his new book. After a recent Google Talk
kingdom of Westeros. Robb Stark has suffered severe losses, the video, this book quickly rocketed to the top of our
wildlings are restless, Winterfell is lost, the White Walkers have reading list for good reason. Backed by some hard
begun their march and the dragons grow strong. facts and research, the author tries to dispel modern
The series is known for its sudden twists and startling revela- day pop culture adages such as Do what you love
tions. Who can forget the tale of Ned Stark? The series managed and Follow your passion. Remember Steve Jobs
to capture the harsh realities of war, the brutality of man and the famous Stanford graduation speech? Well Newport
sheer awe-inspiring spectacle of the Wall in the north. takes that bull by the horns and says that if you had
This is an epic tale of war and politics, of desire, of greed and met a young Steve Jobs in the years leading up to
of courage, of magic and dragons, which has been brought to life his founding of Apple Computer, you wouldnt have
in exquisite detail in the first two seasons. If the trailers are any- pegged him as someone who was passionate about
thing to go by, we are in for a visual treat. Were a big fan of this starting a technology company. He was a hippy for
series and its return is awaited with much anticipation. the lack of a better word. How did he do it then? Well
maybe the title of the book has a clue.


A good day to die hard Lincoln Zero Dark Thirty

A touching father and Starring Daniel Day Lewis The worlds most wanted
son tale involving guns, as Abraham Lincoln and terrorist is brought down
helicopters, the CIA Sally Field as his wife, this in a top secret operation
and nuclear weapons. critically acclaimed, Steven spanning more than a
Ridiculous and over-the-top Spielberg directed flick is a decade of hard work. The
action, not to mention John historical drama depicting movie recreates the events
McClanes witty wise cracks the life (and death) of that led up to the discovery,
are what you can expect. A one of Americas greatest and ultimate execution of
must-watch. presidents. Osama Bin Laden.

March 2013 | dgt 19


A section devoted to those times
when geeks go off the beaten path. Solar Charger
Expect to find travelogues, amazing geek Voltaic Fuse 4W Solar Charger is
the ideal companion to strap on
destinations and off beat events in
to your backpack when you are
this section out trekking. As you are trekking,
the 3000 mAh battery contained
within this pack will store power
to charge your phones, camera
battery, MP3 player and so on. One
hour in the sun equates to three
hours of talktime.
Price: `7,000

Geek vs. Wild I

will lift up mine eyes upto the hills,
from whence cometh my help, read
the memorial of the British student
botanist, Joan Margaret Legge, who while col-
Agent 001 took a walk down the wild side lecting some flora samples lost her life after a
recently, when he ventured to the foothills fatal slip back in 1939. With this unfortunate
of the Himalayas. But of course 001 is no little tidbit in my mind, I wasnt taking any
ordinary trekker. With these tools at his chances before embarking on this sojourn to
disposal, even nature was no match this heavenly (forgive the pun) place, the

A slice of heaven
The Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is one of
those places where time seems to stop and all
you can think of is submitting yourself completely
to nature. Get a load of visual and olfactory
overload in this land of countless flowers

20 dgt | March 2013

FEATURE temptation

DSLR Armour Storm Headlamp Woodland Boots GoPro Hero 3

How many times have you packed Flashlights are good, but a Never compromise on your This is THE camera for adventure-
up your DSLR the moment it headlamp is better simply because trekking shoes, as it can make or junkies. Strap it on your body
started to drizzle? With the right it keeps your hands free. Black break your experience. Make sure or on your bike and record your
camera armour for your DSLR Diamond Storm Headlamp is your break into your boots before adventures as you are enjoying
body, you can ensure ample a 100 lumens LED lamp with using them on treks to acquaint them. Its capable of recording
protection while you shoot. The upto 125 hour battery life and yourself with the fit. You can 1080p video at 30fps or take 5MP
elastomeric silicone fits your covering a 70 metre range on its never go wrong with Woodland still at 3 fps. It comes in a rugged,
DSLR body like a glove and TriplePower LED. It works on four Boots, which are water-resistant, waterproof housing and has a
protects it from dust, impact, AAA batteries. have a thick sole which comes built-in Wi-Fi adapter.
mild rains without affecting the Price: `2,720 with warranty. Price: `10,800
camera functionality. ( Price: `3,295 (
Price: `1,030 - `1900 (

Valley of Flowers. Call me paranoid, but I know why I need the 3000 mAh solar charger
loaded up on all my geek gear and even my strapped to my haversack. Getting a steady net-
trusty Swiss Champ for good measure. work connection is a hit and miss affair.
Located within the Nanda Devi Biosphere The flowers were growing in the wild, but it
Reserve in the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand, seemed like a curated garden. Guess nature had a
the Valley of Flowers is a national park where over method to the flowery madness for sure. Intermit-
500 species of flowers, are the main attraction. It tent mild showers and winds sometimes made it
is open to the public from July to October, when a task to get a good macro shot. But in a place like
most of the flowers come into bloom. The trek up this, you are bound to go nuts with your camera.
to the Valley of Flowers starts from its base point Swiss Champ Thankfully my DSLR Armour came through. So
Victorinox Swiss Army
a small hamlet known as Ghangria - which seems knives are synonymous with
engrossed was I with this stimulation to the visual
to have more mules and horses than humans. pocketable multi-utility tools. and olfactory senses, that I found myself alone
Even though it was just a 3km uphill trek, In the Swiss Champ you as the evening descended rapidly. I had to hurry
have the cutter, the graber,
I was taking my own sweet time. Halfway flathead screw-driver, the
as after going back to the base camp Ghangria,
through, the route went right through a glacier. chisel, corkscrew, the high I had to trek downhill for 13 more kilometres to
I wont lie, I did slip a couple of times on the icy chrome blade, the scissor, reach Govindghat to retire for the night. Trekking
the zinger and so on and so
surface, but I can only imagine what wouldve forth. When outdoors, you
downhill may sound simple, but its not so when
happened without the Woodlands. never know which tool might you have already trekked a good 7 plus km during
Clouds can be real mood-killers here, come in handy. It is an ideal the day. I started the downhill trek at 5.30pm and
accessory if you are planning
covering a majority of the high-rising black- to go camping.
before I could realise, it was dark and I still had 6
coloured snow-peppered mountains. Not only Price: `4,530 km to go for Govindghat.
did they spoil the view, but the solar charger ( The torch battery died out within the first
mounted on my backpack wasnt getting its kilometer and in a way it was fine, as I had my
much needed life-force. headlamp with me. The headlamp has got to be
After a couple of hours of negotiating var- the most thoughtful gift I got from my cousin,
ious patches, slippery muddy and icy roads, I as not only was it much brighter, but my hands
was finally greeted by a vast expanse of colours. were free to tackle some tricky patches.
Ahh the valley, I thought to myself. A botanist I have been on countless treks, but no
I am not, so I didnt really know the scientific or other place has been as remote as the Valley of
for that matter even the common names of most Flowers, as away from humanity, as visually
of the flowers. Till then my flower knowledge brilliant! Where the only sound you can hear
extended to the omnipresent rose and the is of a waterfall cascading down from some
daffodil - which Id come across years ago in a mountain nearby, where the fragrance from the
rather wonderful poem. But here I was greeted earth and the flowers around you is so over-
by the Blue Poppy, Himalayan balsam, Brahma powering you will hardly miss your creature
kamal, Edelweiss; and these are just some comforts. I tried to capture as much of it as I
names I am able to remember. I fired up Google could on the GoPro Hero 3, but hey nothing
Goggles at every opportunity I got. Now you beats the real deal.

March 2013 | dgt 21


Gamings not just for nerds anymore.
If you have opposable thumbs and can Mark of the Ninja Worm Run
A stealth game, this game puts This game began as a Kickstarter
handle a controller, youll be right at you in the shoes of a ninja on a project late last year. In its
home. Just kick back, relax, and dont quest to do his masters bidding. own words, Worm Run calls
forget to grab that slice of pizza. Heres the With innovative tactics at your itself a procedurally generated
disposal, taking out enemies is platformer for iOS, where you
latest skinny on the world of gaming. both challenging and exciting at have to swipe to evade and survive
the same time. Play it once, youll a giant, hungry worm. Enjoy
be hooked. playing this endless game.
Price: `800 approx. Price: `54 approx.

Return of the
Side-scrollers I
n the dead of night, when the world sleeps
and all you hear is the wind howling
through every nook and cranny, a security
Yesteryear game formats are witnessing a personnel starts pacing within a dimly lit com-
steady revival to enrich modern gaming pound. An unleashed guard dog on his side sniffs
the air curiously, sensing a disturbance in the air.
Suddenly, a lamppost in front goes dark, its bulb
smashes with a shrill noise that pierces through
the darkness. Taken aback and alerted, the guard
tenses and points a gun at the lamppost, with
a bark the dog trots forward to investigate. A
shadow swoops down attacking the approaching
dog. And before the guard knows any better, a
dart strikes him, piercing his throat. He tries to
scream, hoping to alert his comrades nearby;
nothing but bloods gushes out of the wound. He
drops down helpless, writhing in uncontrollable
pain. The shadow washes over him in the form
of a hooded figure. It stands still, watching the
dying guard for a few moments, before striking
with menace once again. Having put an end to the
enemys misery, without mercy or remorse the
ninja proceeds like a cat, dissolving into the night
from whence it came. To what end? Not even the
wise can guess.
This isnt the beginning of a cheesy East-
meets-West script at the height of Hollywoods
Italian plumber extraordinaire love affair with Oriental Cinema back in the
No commentary on side-scrolling 70s through late 80s, but a very popular Indie
games is complete without a hat-
tip to Super Mario Bros. arguably game released last year. It doesnt boast of cut-
the most popular of all side- ting edge graphics, no celebrity endorsements
scrollers in the history of video (from either Hollywood or the world of tech), no
games. Evviva!
excessive glitter. Draped in the warm blanket
of simplicity, Mark of the Ninja is a brilliant

22 dgt | March 2013

SKOAR! temptation

quick view
GoW: Judgement
leaks online
Gears of War Judgement:
The most anticipated Xbox
360 game of the year has
leaked to torrent sites a
Terraria Braid whole month before release.
With over two million copies sold Predominantly a 2D, side-scrolling
as of January this year, Terraria puzzle game, Braid is very
is still going strong two years well designed and has plenty
after its release. Its an action- of features (like various types Indiagames 200 mn downloads on
adventure Indie game with RPG of time manipulation) to keep Nokia Store
elements. Too much to fathom? you thoroughly engrossed in its Cricket, Bollywood, Casual
Imagine playing it in a 2D format! gameplay, The game looks visually and Action were the top four
Should be fun. exquisite, which is an added bonus. genres, with games being
Price: `545 approx. Price: `545 approx. downloaded from around the

Next-gen Xbox 360 to have 500GB

storage, Kinect
The next-gen Microsoft
console will need an always-
on Kinect, and a no non-
500GB storage option,
according to an online leak.
culmination of a game mechanic that got lost in the sands of time,
but is now being steadily revived in the world of mainstream gaming:
2D side-scrolling. Its what we loved and adored playing Super Mario Steam: PC gamers prefer Intel,
Bros. back when we were kids, right? There was nothing better to do NVIDIA products
than spend hours at the SNES, traversing a 2D landscape filled with Most PC gamers (using
pipes, enemies, and tons of fun. Steam) have Windows 7
(64-bit), Intel processors
Look at most games released in the past decade: In our quest
and NVIDIAs GeForce GPUs,
towards achieving photorealism in every virtual character designed in according to a Valve survey.
any game worth its salt, we have somewhere forgotten and lost the
charm of retro console games we used to play back in the day. That
era of low-tech, side-scrolling arcade games has an addictive quaint NVIDIA launches TITAN GPU
It isnt just a GPU, its literally
allure that modern-day, complex, intense story-driven entertainment
the mother of all graphics
rollercoasters fundamentally lack. Obviously, we are in no way sug- cards, in terms of performance
gesting that the progress achieved in 3D graphics and other techni- firepower! Youll probably have
calities of designing and creating a video game is bad. And the notion to beg, borrow or steal, as it
that were better off without these improvements isnt only juvenile but aint cheap. No sir!
highly offensive to the talented men and women employed in the game
development sector. But just as responsible adults look back upon
Gamers most targeted by cyber
their carefree childhood days in fond memory, so do gamers regard a criminals
throwback to retro games as joyful nostalgia. Kaspersky Labs claims that
While grownups can seldom revisit their childhood days, grownup there are about 7,000 daily
gamers can most certainly get a taste of retro, side-scrolling games attempts to infect gamers
worldwide. Russia, China and
which are slowly coming back into popular imagination.
India are main targets.
Not only are old classics getting a new lease of life by being
branded and re-imagined as gaming apps in Apples App Store or
Googles Play Store for iOS and Android devices, respectively, Indie Violent video games dont cause
developers are leading the charge in popularising simple, addictive violence, says FBI
side-scrolling games in 2D mode. The idea is to create the next Angry An FBI profiler stated that
only 12% of violent criminals
Birds, not just for handheld devices like smartphones and tablets in the US were interested in
alone, but also for mainstream PC and seasoned console gamers. games, while 37% wrote and
A casual platformer is the new it game to make as far as developers expressed violent thoughts.
are concerned, because the demand for these games is just increasing
by leaps and bounds as audiences continue to lap it all up. And it isnt
any particular age group thats making this lost genre of gaming a hit

March 2013 | dgt 23

temptation SKOAR!

quick view
Sony hasnt yet decided PS4 design
Even Sony Computer
Entertainment Japans
President, Hiroshi Kawano,
hasnt seen the final design of
the console yet, he let slip in
an interview. Yikes! Runner 2 Vector
This is a sequel to the highly If you wanted one of the best
popular BIT.TRIP Runner. The 2D, side-scrolling parkour game,
objective of this beautiful little look no further. Vector is all
Next Assassins Creed teaser out game is to run through the course, about freerunning across various
A revealing poster leaked complete the various objectives, landscapes. But the focus is
last month hinted at the next and enjoy the rhythmic tunes on speed, as youre perpetually
Assassins Creed adventure emanating from the games chased by a Big Brother to
to involve pirates. Oh, and its soundtrack. Bliss! capture and bring you back.
seemingly known as... Black Price: `810 approx. Price: Free
Flag! Excited? You should be.

Zynga shuts down three offices

The social gaming giants
woes refuse to go away in a
hurry. In an effort to boost
long-term profitability, Zynga
has decided to close offices in
Baltimore and Texas.
among the masses, as everyone from the tiniest toddler to elderly
seniors are enjoying playing side-scrolling 2D games more than ever
Xbox 720 to be revealed in April before. Thats just incredible.
Multiple reports confirm that Theres another factor helping the advent of casual, side-scrolling
Microsoft will hold a press games. Because of improved mobile hardware, the experience on
event sometime in April to
modern retro revivals is often richer, better than the original game
announce the Xbox 720, the
companys next-gen gaming from the early years of the video game industry. Touch-screen as an
console. Can barely wait. interactive medium has been a revolution far beyond our comprehen-
sion, taking human machine interface to a whole new level -- modern
video games have leveraged this technological advancement greatly
Inner Vision: Not your typical game to their benefit. Lastly, lets not be under any impression that casual,
Not exactly a fun game this,
2D side-scrollers are only popular as apps downloaded through the
you try and talk three different
characters (with different sets various app stores. Oh, no sir!
of problems) out of commiting Consoles and PC developers are also appreciating the merits of
suicide. Thats your mission. the lost art of keeping games short and simple. An extensive survey of
Simple, isnt it? Give it a try. gamers and game consumption habits revealed that most non-casual
games are never completely finished by people who play them both
on consoles or PCs. With unfinished campaigns and reduced comple-
Strictly for gaming: Sennheiser PC
363D headset tion rates, studios are reciprocating in turn by keeping future games of
Showcased at CES 2013, the shorter length. Why should they waste time, money, and resources in
363D boasting 7.1 surround developing a longer, more complex game if their audience wont take
sound, USB 2.0, mic is the trouble to complete it? Makes sense, doesnt it?
available for purchase at US
While we still await the next-gen gaming consoles from Microsoft
$370 or just over `19,000.
and Sony, the console gaming market isnt growing as developers
adopt a wait-and-watch policy. In such a climate of uncertainty, it is
Meet the Razer Ouroboros mouse no wonder that small and medium game development studios are
Coveted by many, owned by a concentrating on flooding the various app stores with tons of bite-sized
few. The Razer Ouroboros is
casual games. Theres a good chance that a considerable amount of
in a class of its own! Besides
being ambidexterous, and these games will be good old 2D side-scrollers.
sporting a gazillion features, it If youve been ignoring the recent spew of retro, 2D platformers
looks as cool as a Bat Mobile. being churned out in the past year or so, solely because theyre too
basic and childish, give them a try again. Weve mentioned a few gems
at the top of this story which are worth checking out. Rest assured,
youll be hooked on to them in a jiffy. Happy gaming.

24 dgt | March 2013